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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Plus some behind the scene snaps

    Beyonce kicked off the Formation tour last night in Miami with husband and Becky fucker Jay Z in attendance.

    Love is really blind, ONTD! Did the Carters play us with all this Lemonade drama?

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    • Universal also owns the Descpicable Me franchise

    • Katzenberg to remain a consultant, but will leave his leadership position

    The Tweet |  The Article

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    Also has her final say on the "Becky" drama

    What would you do if you were Becky in this situation, ONTD?


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    She says
    - Just because there are yee-haws, harmonicas and mentions of whiskey doesn't mean it's country.
    - It is no more country than Single Ladies.
    - It doesn't sound like a country song because it wasn't recorded in Tennessee and it wasn't written by a group of Nashville writers.


    Cannot wait for her to get that nomination just so I can witness the saltiness.

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    - The film was shot 2ish years ago, is finally being released on July 15th.
    - Synopsis: An artist falls for a young married woman while he's commissioned to paint her portrait during the tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam.
    - Stars: Alicia Vikander, Christoph Waltz, Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Jack O’Connell, Judi Dench, Zach Galifianakis, and Tom Hollander.


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    Bolded are the different lyrics.

    Yeah, you need to get done, done, done, done if you come over
    You got a lot on your shoulders
    Listen to me cause I'm older

    Long distance, I need you
    When I see potential I just gotta see it through
    If you had a twin, I would still choose you
    I don't wanna rush into it, if it's too soon
    But I know you need to get done, done, done, done
    At work come over
    Sorry if I'm way less friendly
    I got niggas tryna end me, oh
    I spilled all my emotions tonight, I’m sorry
    Rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin'
    How many more shots until you're rollin'?
    More blue dye, more champagne
    More good love to heal our pain
    Things haven't been the same
    You need to forward and give me all the...


    Which version do you prefer?

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    We enter the time of 6fNS20df4.gif! Can you believe we're almost done? There are a lot of great Taurean celebrities out there! Tauruses are known for being dependable, persistent, and loyal, but they can also be stubborn, lazy, and materialistic.

    If there are any faves here that we didn't mention, put them in the comments!

    Adele, May 5
    Adele burst onto the music scene with her album 19 in 2008, gained worldwide recognition with album 21, and demolished music records with the release of 25 this past November. In interviews she’s brash and funny and seems genuinely sweet.

    Kelly Clarkson, April 24
    The first and only succesful winner of American Idol, Kelly is probably the most consistent singer the show ever put out. Her music is enjoyable, she’s rather personable, and while her political views can sometimes be stupid, she seems like a lovely person.

    Janet Jackson, May 16
    First things first, let us never forgive Justin Timberlake for ripping her clothes off at the SuperBowl and turning her into a pariah for it. While she’s part of the troubled Jackson clan, no one can deny her singing ability and her dancing and few can match that level of skill. She recently canceled her tour, making die-hard fans very upset. Problematic? idk

    Channing Tatum, April 26
    Clean, rad, and powerful Potato King! He’s a fantastic comedic actor, his body is on point, and can any of us forget that e-mail that was found during the Sony leak?! NEVER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH AHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH AHHAHAHAH! While I’m disappointed that he’s playing Gambit, he’s goodhearted enough that I think I’ll live.

    Dwayne Johnson, May 2
    DO I really have to say more than... he's freaking DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON. He’s pretty, he’s funny, he could probably throw your enemy across the room.

    Rosario Dawson, May 9
    Do I even have to do a write up? Singer, actor, and activist, she is a Trekkie, stumped for Obama and is currently supporting Sanders, got arrested protesting Bush in 2004 and recently arrested during Democracy Spring earlier in April. She supports a ton of great causes.

    Kirsten Dunst, April 30th
    Kiki! I’ve loved her since I first saw her in Jumanji, but I think she’s best loved for Bring it On. She’s been acting since she was a wee kidlet and I’ve always enjoyed her performances (except in the Spiderman movies, but they didn’t give her much to work with). She’s currently starring in Fargo.

    John Oliver, April 23
    Introduced to US audiences as a correspondent with The Daily Show, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight addresses a lot of serious issues that are often ignored. He presents them in a really logical manner and while sometimes his schtick gets old, his sincerity and passion are real. Let us never forget him bringing back Sami and EJ for little Noujain Mustaffa.

    Carol Burnett, April 26
    A singing, acting, improve LEGEND. Her sketch show is legendary, her work on Broadway and film are fantastic, and her physical comedy rivals Lucille Ball. A genuine joy to watch, Carol Burnett turns 83 this year and is still kicking!

    Bea Arthur, May 13
    CONDOMS, ROSE, CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS! The best Golden Girl in my humble opinion was always Bea Arthur. Never one to shy away from hard work, she was in the US Marine Corps Women’s Reserve in WWII. She was largely a stage actress until she nailed the role of Maude Findlay on All in the Family; her performance earned her a spin off show called Maude in the 1970s which tackled hard subjects like Vietnam War, women’s lib, Nixon, drug use, abortion, menopause, and even gay rights. Funny enough, she was in the Star Wars Holiday Special! She passed away in 2008.

    Honorable mentions: Pierce Brosnan, James McAvoy, Jet Li, Peter Mayhew, Andy Serkis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Domnhall Gleeson, Fred Astaire, Danielle Fishel , Stana Katic, Rami Malek, Dule Hill, Tom Welling, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Natasha Richardson, David Beckham, George Carlin, Louis Theroux, Jane Campion, Stevie Wonder, Andre the Giant, Craig Ferguson, Barbara Streisand

    source: 1

    Happy birthday to all of our ONTD Taureans! Thanks as always to the bard yurasama_love :3

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  • 04/28/16--10:16: ONTD Roundup
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    - Opened in fourteen countries
    - One-day total was $14.9 million
    - Will expand to 63 markets over the weekend
    - Forecasted for a $200-$250 million overseas opening
    - This is minus China, Russia, and the U.S., which will have to wait until May 6 :(

    Source: Forbes

    Talk amongst yourselves because I must STILL WAIT >:c

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    Bündchen is celebrating her career in a new photo book, Gisele, being published in May. (The $700 version sold out last fall; the mass-market edition is $69.99.)

    In an interview with a banned source, Gisele looks back at her early insecurities:

    "I remember some people telling me my nose was too big or my eyes were too small, that I could never be on a magazine cover."

    "I have learned that when you are feeling good in that moment it's the most important thing. The lenses don't lie and usually if you feel good, you will look good. Also, good lighting always helps."


    ONTD, were you popular in school? Are you ugly?

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    He already said once that his character isn't a villain, although he works for the Empire. Also, Jyn has been alone since she was 15 years old. Could it means that he died and will show up in flashbacks?


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    It's sweeps month so shows are trying to pull in extra viewers. Besides the deaths, other twists include:

    -11 characters whose fate is unknown
    -17 characters will be fired/resign/change jobs
    -10 characters will be resurrected
    -3 pregnancies
    Read the other twists at the source.

    who do you think is getting the axe? who is coming back? how many will be poc or lgbt?

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    New hints keep piling up that our ears will be blessed with new Britney music very soon.

    First a "radio dj" tweeted this

    Then her backup dancer tweeted a fansite in response to one of their articles

    He's been hinting for weeks

    Virgin media's account posted this perhaps they will be involved with the release?

    All signs reaffirm Robin Leach's report earlier this month that there is a single release possibly album? scheduled for May.

    Bonus here's a new selfie from the Queen of Vegas


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    Priyanka Chopra attended the Time 100 Gala yesterday and was asked by Us Weekly about fitness and diet.

    When asked if she works out with her castmates from the Baywatch remake:

    “I’m actually not a big fan of working out. I have genetically blessed Indian genes where I don't need to train, but Kelly Rorhbach has been trying to convince me to train with her, and every morning when she tries to get me to go with her, I’m just like, ‘Oh, can I just get a half an hour more sleep?’ Or I say my tummy's hurting and make excuses. But they train like beasts! I just try and hide out with my burger.”

    She also said she does not diet. “It’s bad. I know.”


    Are you genetically blessed?

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    ... and it's hilarious:

    Breakfast 6 God invites you in


    Chillin with the dog in the snow, judging you with pretty girls, pulling lingering looks, doing rich people things in dark places, etc






    more at source

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