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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    The Mob Wives Reunion aired last night and despite it being the ladies last sit down with one another, Drita decided to end on a high note by attacking Karen.

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    Watching Drita this last season has been sad. RIP Big Ang.

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    History Channel has released a new clip from tonight's Vikings episode of Ragnar and Bjorn discussing the latter's gap year:


    How glad are you that Bjorn is done with his "Into the Wild" phase, ONTD?


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    - Shonda Rhimes & producers sat down recently for an interview about the making of Crossroads
    - Anson Mount was hesitant but took the role on Robert Deniro's advice he was a big Britney fan
    - the film had a small 10 mil budget and grossed 60 mil
    - Spears contract technically called for trailers & trainers. Britney's only demands? Tuna Lunchables and edamame.
    - Justin Timberlake was a constant fixture on set. They had a very supportive & lovely relationship according to a producer. Britney used to scribble Justin's name and curlicues on a notebook prop used in the film.
    - Producer was unsure about casting Spears but changed her mind after meeting & watching her take command.
    - She went on to describe Britney as a polite southern woman with manners but also as really funny with a take charge attitude
    - Rhimes wanted to make sure Spears' character was 3 dimensional because of how the misogynistic media was portraying her & the gp thought of her at the time
    - The idea of a sequel has been kicked around but all of the stars involved are busy & different stages of their lives

    If interested you can read the full original piece from broadly

    1 source / 2 source

    What's your favorite teen flick, ontd?

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    - Will explain in the finale why he is so ride-or-die for Annalise
    - Who he would like to be paired off with in the future: "Everyone is so talented on the show, and I feel like I've gotten a little one-on-one time with most everybody. I would love to get my hands on Jack Falahee [Connor]"
    - Does he think Flaurel is done?: "The sad truth is that in a world of love, Frank might be damaged beyond repair. I think she was very truthful when she broke up with him. There's something that felt very finite about that."

    HTGAWM Season 2 finale
    Viewing/Discussion post

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    Are you ready ONTD?

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    Sources: 12

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    - Charlie says Matt/Daredevil in the Civil War comic was "standing around grumpy a lot of the time"
    - So, he doesn't think the tone of the show would impede his entry into The Avengers
    - Still thirsting for Daredevil/Black Widow


    Remember to put your spoilers behind a cut

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    "We hired a hot teenage babysitter, and my husband slept with her."

    Actress Lauren Weedman

    Highlights from the article:
    • Former husband is an unnamed actor
    • She did not know about the affair when they divorced - they remained on good terms and the nanny still watched their son
    • Found out about the affair when she found a naughty video on his laptop that was filmed before they even got married
    • She fired the nanny but her ex is still in a relationship with her
    • She says, "Men think that they want to have all of that pressure off of them, but once it’s lifted, it can be emasculating to be less successful than your wife."DAMN lmao

    Full article at the source

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    - Conflicting reports on what exactly happened. He may have fallen off a set piece or was hurt from a stunt with a car.
    - He was rushed to the hospital and most outlets are reporting "severe" injuries involving broken bones
    - Production has been shut down until he recovers

    UPDATE from the author of the Maze Runner series:


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    *Remake of a 2014 Norwegian series, Maniac revolves around a man in a mental institution who lives out vivid heroic and romantic fantasies in his head. (progressive. innovative. amazing)

    * Produced by Paramount tv

    source1source 2    

    op's reaction:

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  • 03/18/16--13:42: LUKE CAGE teaser trailer!!!

  • source
    if anyone can find a better quality rip, link me and i'll edit the post. just a short tease but ahhhhhhhhh THE HYPE IS REAL

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    “I Am Not Waiting Anymore” – Jackson learns about April’s pregnancy, while Alex and the team of doctors handles an hours-long triple-organ transplant surgery. Meredith considers dating again, and Andrew insists on not receiving special treatment after he and Maggie go public, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MARCH 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

    Source 1, Source 2

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    - based on the book by Caleb Carr, which is about the search for a serial killer by a doctor, reporter, and the one and only Theodore Roosevelt

    - Paramount TV is adapting it with screenwriter Hossein Amini for TNT which is looking to overhaul their dramatic stuff

    - seems like it's just whisperings so far that they want Hedlund in it, but if he's being offered it it'd be a smart move to take it


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    After being dropped by Paramount for unknown reasons one week away from its US release (it was supposed to premiere today), The Little Prince is picked up by Netflix.

    There are no plans for a theatrical release. They haven't informed when, but it should be available for streaming sometime this year.

    English voice cast includes Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams and Paul Rudd.

    it's such a cute movie, can't believe Paramount just dropped it

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    how do you feel knowing you played a part in her suicidal thoughts, ONTD?

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    Picked up straight to series, the single-camera comedy will premiere in 2017 and hails from writer Victor Fresco (Better Off Ted). The comedy centers on married couple Joel (Olyphant) and Sheila (Barrymore), realtors leading a vaguely discontented lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita — until Sheila goes through a dramatic change that sends both of their lives down a road of death and destruction … but in a good way.


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  • 03/18/16--15:41: MAC x Tinashe short film

  • MAC just released a short film for their collaboration with Tinashe. She is putting out a palette for the brand.


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    PJ Harvey shared "The Community Of Hope" off her new album The Hope VI Demolition Project named after a controversial plan to revitalize the worst public housing projects in the US into mixed-income developments. The single was written while Polly was given a tour of DC's poor and working-class neighborhoods by a local reporter who didn't know who she was, and whose words inspired some of the song's lyrics.

    The song has attracted criticism from D.C. politicians. “I will not dignify this inane composition with a response”, said former mayor Vince Gray. A campaign treasurer for Gray said, "PJ Harvey is to music what Piers Morgan is to cable news." The leaders of Community of Hope, a District nonprofit responded with a letter saying they have “been tackling some of the challenges you named in your song”, but added that she is reducing people's dignities because her “picture is incomplete.”

    Kudos to PJ for igniting this debate on gentrification and shining light on the issues politicians don't want you to see (especially with Washington Council elections coming up). Ward 7 and some of the SE DC areas she highlights are still riddled with poverty, lack of proper education and health care, lack of restaurants and grocery stores, unemployment and heavy drug use. Polly previously released The Wheel which was born out of her trips to Kosovo between 2011 and 2015. The new album is due out April 15th and it will be interesting to see what other discussions it sparks.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3.

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  • 03/18/16--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Hrithik Roshan send (Ex) Kangana Ranaut legal notice for referring to him as a "silly ex".

    He claims she stalked him on email; that she has Asperger's Syndrome, and is very vexed that she called him her 'silly ex'.

    She claims he hacked into her email to delete their private correspondence; that he is narcissistic, and labels his allegations 'dim-witted'

    Timeline of the mess:
    "It started out as a friendship between two people who were both going through a rough patch, during the shooting of Kites in 2009. His marriage was in trouble and his relationship with his Kites co-star, Mexican model-actress Barbara Mori, wasn't working out. Kangana was going through troubles of her own and they found solace in each other's company and became good friends."

    Proposed to Kangana in Jan 2014 and the started ignoring her: "...Upon confronting him about it, he asked her if anybody knew about their engagement. Ranaut told him she'd told her family about it, to which he reportedly said "she had misunderstood his intentions". The relationship was over, and Ranaut decided it was time to move on."

    A month later, after she won the National Award for her performance in Vikas Bahl's Queen (2014), he called her and supposedly begged her to take him back.

    He grew insecure overtime. In May 2014, at a party hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar, he confronted her (Kangana) about setting up "a date" with the younger actor. She was stunned as to how he'd known about the meeting and wondered if he'd managed to hack into her email account. Some of her emails, she later found, had disappeared. When she met the young star again, he asked her out, and it transpired that he had no knowledge of the developments with Roshan. She called up his father, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, and threatened to file a cyber-crime complaint. He basically was accessing her email account.

    Soon, however, things were smoothened out and the two were back together. Ranaut's friend, however, describes this time as a "downward spiral", revealing that Roshan asked for her email password (which she provided him with), continued to not acknowledge their relationship even after his divorce by projecting a "Casanova image", and not even tweeting about her releases in 2015, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Katti Batti. He also stationed a man outside her apartment who would keep track of her movements, whom she was interacting with, and where she was going.

    Started spreading rumors about Kangane: Talk of Ranaut sending him erotic texts and asking his co-stars to stay away from him are only partially true, says Ranaut's friend. "Sure they exchanged intimate texts like any normal couple does, but she never texted his co-stars. We never imagined that he would stoop so low to tarnish her reputation."

    Ranaut was approached by filmmaker Reema Kagti for her upcoming film Mr Challu for a role in which she'd be playing an Asperger's sufferer. In the film, this prevents her character from lying. "Hrithik visited her that night and she told him about Reema's script. He responded by pointing out that she also had the same problem and couldn't lie about their relationship. After that he often provoked her by mentioning the syndrome, even bringing it up in the notice, despite knowing that it is not a bipolar, medical condition and only reflects a rare straightforwardness," Ranaut's friend told MM.

    In short, he was in a relationship with her but didn't want to acknowledge it. They broke up. She referred to him as her silly ex who had her thrown out of a movie. He got pissed, ranted on twitter and then sent her a legal notice.

    I cannot believe I was a fan of him at any time. I should have known he was an idiot considering how he types on twitter.


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    DId you like GRRM parody?


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