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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 02/08/16--16:26: New Vikings S4 Teaser Clip

  • Discuss.


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    Some of the songs on the playlist include "Watch Out" by 2 Chainz, "Say It" by Tory Lanez, "Jersey" by Future" and "Pipe it Up" by Migos. The full list at the link below.

    Hot Sauce (SWAG!) Playlist

    ONTD, are you buying tickets for the "Formation" World Tour?

    Ripple coined by the good sis arielazul_22.

    Sources: 1 | 2

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    Sources: 1&2


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    How will the boiled Russet potato deal with everything tonight?

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    Forward to 8:35 to get a glimpse of Bey, Mark Ronson, & Bruno Mars

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    Diplo's Snapchat story was lit last night.

    Mods: The photographer Danny Mahoney doesn't have an official site, he posted the pics only on Twitter & I have embedded the tweets.

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    - Netflix has acquired the rights to roll out the film "Look Who's Back" on April 9th in regions outside of Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Taiwan.
    - The film is based on a novel of the same name by author Timur Vermes
    - The premise is Hitler waking up in modern day Germany where he becomes a successful comedian due to people not understanding he's actually the real Hitler
    - The film takes a Borat-esque approach where the scripted scenes are interspersed with unscripted scenes where the actor playing Hitler interacts with German civilians in character.


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    I originally disputed the claims of Zayn or Harry being the next Justin Timberlake and instead said Zayn was closer to Ariana Grande. However, Zayn has shown some similarities to Timberlake since both are RCA artists and scored a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100... Zayn has furthered these comparisons saying that he would like to collaborate with JT (and others including Chris Brown, Usher, and Miley Cyrus) and posting a picture captioned "Zimbaland." Many believe that this means that Zayn may be working with former hit maker Timbaland, who has worked a lot with Justin.

    Zayn's friend Ned also posted a picture of them celebrating Zayn's #1. Who knew? Zayn actually has friends.

    Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2

    Remember the last time Zayn shipped himself with a producer?

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    -Jazmine Sullivan is nominated for 3 GRAMMY awards for her third album Reality Show, which came out last year.

    -Although she is glad people are recognizing her musical talent, Jazmine says that there is an "injustice in how black soul artists are received" in comparison to white soul artists.

    -Jazmine says that she doesn't try to focus on this, because she appreciates the fact that there are people out there who are buying her albums and selling out her shows.


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    In this interview, the girls talk female empowerment, what they each bring vocally in the new album, judgement, their dating pool and more!

    What are each of you bringing to this new album?
    Lauren: This time around, you get to experience each girl in a way that you haven't really heard them before. I got to sing a lot more on this one --- it was bad before. A lot of people thought I was limited to the low range, but I can do other stuff.
    Normani: I've been doing all the high harmonies and getting the opportunity to do ad libs. It's so much fun.
    Ally: I'm so excited because I sang mostly high, belty parts and before our audience wasn't able to hear the different tones I can bring to the table.
    Dinah: Vocally, I'm learning to be a bit more versatile. I have a powerful voice, and I'm learning to do more of a sweet voice.
    Camila: I like any opportunity to do something different, whether it's adding harmonies or a background melody.

    How do you define power and what makes a woman powerful?
    Power for me is knowledge. Educating yourself, being aware of the world arround you, and being aware of yourself is the one priority if you want to be a functionning human in the worls.
    Normani:(To Lauren) That was nice. I feel like a powerful woman is someone who knows exactly who she is and doesn't look for validation from anybody else. But she's also able to congraculate another woman and see the beauty in her. She can be great. Two powerful women together, three --- that makes it even better.
    Lauren: Or five!
    Camila: Power comes from learning from situations that have happened or things that may have gone wrong. It's like, Okay, I overcame it, and now I can walk with the confidence that whatever life throws at me I can handle, because I handled it last time.
    Ally: There's power in carrying on no matter what life hands you.
    Dinah: Power for me is someone who came from struggle and used that struggle as fuel.
    Lauren: A self-made woman.
    Dinah: Another part of being powerful is being comfortable in your own skin. We tend to compare ourselves a lot to other women. And like Normani said, there's room for both of us. It's fine to cheer each other on.

    What was the most challenging thing that you had to overcome?
    Ally: For me it would be following my heart. When certain situations came my way, I got really scared and didn't know what to do. I was brave enough to go outside of my comfort zone, and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.
    Dinah: I'm still trying to be brave and overcome being afraid. I get afraid when I get attention. When camera gets on me, or when everyone's focused on me, or when I'm in the spotlight, I litteraly shy away.
    Lauren: Girl, you cute!
    Normani: I've 100 percent realized my purpose is beyond just me. A lot of the time I am judged on my skin color, which is so stupid, especially in this day and age.
    Ally: That's sad.
    Normani: I fell like I am in this position to helpother darker complected girls and boys realize that it doesn't really matter where you come from or what shade your skin color is.

    What do you look for in someone you're going to date?
    Camila: You can't really choose who you like and who you end up falling for.
    Ally: A-men.
    Camila: If you meet somebody who you really like and they're in the entertainment industry, you wouldn't be like, Oh, well, this might not turn out well. The thing is, artist boys are crazy.
    Lauren: I think everybody's crazy.
    Camila: Everybody's insane.
    Lauren: Straight up!
    Camila: So when you have two people together, it's hurricane. It's intense. It's just these violent delights and violent ends (I see you quoting some Shakespeare gurl. You ain't fooling no one). For me, I've learned if I want a very stable, normal relationship where I'll be like, Okay, this is nice, I know what's going to happen in a month, it's probably better to date outside the industry. But you can't help who you fall for. It's our dating pool.
    Lauren: I look for honesty. If I'm down to be serious, it's definitely because I trust you. And I look for someone who's mentally stimulating --- obviously physically stimulating but more so mentally stimulating.
    Dinah: Someone you can grow with.
    Normani: I was just going to say that --- I should have gone first!

    Get the 2016 March issue of Seventeen Magazine for the rest of the interview!

    Yes! And right now they are filiming their new music video! Seems like it will be directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and will give us some 'Mad Max' vibes... Curious and excited! Even more since we still haven't heard any snippet of the song. #BudgetHarmony2016

    source: 5hphotos x my reading skills

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    -slade wilson/deathstroke unlikely to return to arrow due to an unspecified involvement in another DC project

    -it seems like felicity has had an easy time despite her paralysis fans will "feel the weight of it" in upcoming eps
    -she and oliver make a big decision at the end of this week's episode that sets up a special journey for her in 4x14 and 4x15

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    marc tumblr + michael a +

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    Lionsgate is moving forward with a new Saw sequel titled Saw: Legacy.  Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, who wrote Sorority Row, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD are set to write. James Wan and Leigh Whannell will serve as executive producers. This will be the eighth film in the series.


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    so now that the series has only two eps remaining (keep in mind the last one is written by cc, so hmmmmm), how are you feeling about it? imo last week's and this week's eps have been the best.

    this episode CRUSHED ME. SCULLY, BABY. :( o m g. WILLIAM'S HERE + the cancer flashback oh my god i was not prepared for any of this. no one told me i was gonna have to feel the feelings i was feeling during this episode. fuck bill tho at least he wasn't there <3
    “does he doubt himself because we left him? what questions does he have for me? and i want to believe. i need to believe that we didn’t treat him like trash.”

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    While promoting Ride Along 2 in Australia on the TODAY Show, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were introduced to a blue tongued lizard and a python.
    For those of you who can't see it, although I recommend it, Kevin freaks the fuck out, stands 50 feet behind Cube at all times, and is just overall terrified while Cube doesn't give a solitary fuck.

    ONTD, are you afraid of snakes? what are your phobias?
    how does ali lohan have a tag but not ice cube? how sway

    source: Today Show

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    "My father just passed away. My daughter is named after him: James," the Deadpool actor, producer, and Blake Lively's husband said in a interview with Good Morning Britain.

    "In the spectrum of weird celebrity baby names, I feel like we’re not really breaking any new ground here. I mean, I didn't call her Summersquash Meadowlark or something."

    "I also thought of just going with all the letters being silent in her name and it would just be pronounced [watch the video]. Brought to you by the department of Giving Dumb Celebrities Ideas."

    Source 1 + 2

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    tumblr o295q1k6c S1r1yxowo1 540

    kyliejenner I have the perfect Valentines suggestion for you guys! @PureLeef products have worked for me and I have a busy schedule but I do take my jar everywhere I go. It's not a process that happens overnight, I have been using consistently for a while now to maintain my results. @Pureleef's natural butt and breast enhancement products are effective with no negative side effects. What a perfect gift this Valentines Day! My discount code for 15% off is starting now for 24 hours only ( KingKylie ) Go to 👉

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    tumblr o21qd1 R8 Yx1t75baio1 500

    tumblr o291mlzcq01qfm2kmo1 540

    Gets an asymmetrical bob.

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    Let me have this, ya'll. He looks cutsie af and i'm parched

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