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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    wherein Lance Bass dances better than he ever did in NSYNC, Aubrey O'Day is not unbearably annoying, Janice Dickinson has finally found the perfect role, William Belli and Shangela are fierce,Glozell is...Glozell, and some dude from American Idol is a pretty damn good singer....all in support of legalizing gay marriage. Seriously, a good music mix and very adorable video.

    Missing C-Lister Christina Aguilera tbh

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    In the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 episode entitled “Stolen Kisses,” Aria will find herself coming face to face with Ezra’s super stunning and sexy classy mom Dianne Fitzgerald, and some startling truths about her main squeeze will be revealed. Plus, Hanna’s going to do something very nice for Mona and Emily will reconnect with Paige. Sneak a peek at PLL episode 3.08 in the episode stills and synopsis below!


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    Madonna at a ceremony to mark the start of construction of the Raising Malawi Girls' Academy in Chinkhota in 2010. It never got built. 

    When Madonna came here to cut a ribbon and plant a tree at a groundbreaking ceremony in 2009, hopes were high for her $15m (£9.4m) elite academy for girls. Three years later, the site looks like a quarried mine, with little activity beyond footballers kicking a ball around.

    Madonna's plan was scrapped last year without a brick being laid. NowMalawi has come up with an alternative plan for the eyesore. It will build a monument to national heroes on the spot where the singer once promised to change hundreds of young lives.

    Daniel Liwimbi, the country's tourism minister, said: "It was a cabinet decision to construct the heroes' acre at this site."

    Unlike countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi has no heroes' acre. The first president, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who died three years after losing the country's first democratic poll, is buried in an expensive mausoleum in Lilongwe.

    The third president, Bingu wa Mutharika, who died in office in April, was buried at the family mausoleum near his home village in southern Malawi.

    The project is likely to cost the struggling southern African nation millions of pounds. Liwimbi said: "Malawians deemed to have done a heroic endeavour of national importance, and selected by committee, which will scrutinise whatever they did, will be buried there."

    Madonna has adopted two children from Malawi. After announcing that plans for the girls' academy had been scrapped, her charity, Raising Malawi, said it was teaming up with the non-profit group buildOn to set up 10 schools instead.

    This provoked criticism from Malawian education officials over a lack of consultation. Raising Malawi's website said the third of these schools was completed last month. The charity also claimed it would support scholarships for 10 girls to attend four years of secondary school.

    Malawi's president, Joyce Banda, expressed reservations about Madonna's ventures during an interview in April. "Madonna came to Malawi and Madonna came to build a school, an academy like the one Oprah [Winfrey] built [in South Africa], but she changed her mind so I have a problem with a lot of things around the adoption of the children and the changing of the mind and then coming back to build community schools," she said.

    Madonna's Malawi charity 'squandered millions

    The managers of Madonna's charity in Malawi have been ousted after they squandered $3.8m (£2.4m) on a school that will never be built, it has been reported.

    The damning audit came as Raising Malawi confirmed that it has scrapped plans for a $15m elite academy for girls.

    The charity's executive director, Philippe van den Bossche, the partner of Madonna's former personal trainer, left in October after criticism of his management style and spending at the school, according to the New York Times.

    "These included what auditors described as outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, office space and golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school's director," the paper said.

    In a shakeup at the charity, the board of directors has been removed and replaced by a caretaker board that includes the 52-year-old singer and her manager, it added.

    The abandonment of the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls – backed by prominent Hollywood figures and Madonna's associates in Kabbalah – was announced in January. This caught the Malawian government by surprise and caused anger among villagers who had surrendered their homes to make way for a 117-acre construction site near the capital, Lilongwe.

    When the project began to turn sour, Madonna, who has reportedly invested $11m, turned to the Global Philanthropy Group for help. In its report on Raising Malawi's work, seen by the New York Times, it was critical of the way Bossche oversaw both the building plans and the curriculum.

    "Philippe's level of mismanagement and lack of oversight was extreme in both aspects of the project and the lack of success of the players on the ground is in large part a result of his inability to effectively manage project plans, people and finances," it was quoted as saying.

    The audit also gave a withering verdict on Anjimile Oponyo, who was supposed to head the school. "Her charisma masks a lack of substantive knowledge of the practical application of educational development, and her weak management skills are a major contributor to the current financial and programmatic chaos."

    Trevor Neilson, a founder of the group, said $3.8m had been spent on the unbuilt school, much of it on architects, salaries and two cars for employees who had not yet been appointed.

    "Despite [this outlay], the project has not broken ground, there was no title to the land and there was, overall, a startling lack of accountability on the part of the management team in Malawi and the management team in the United States," he was quoted as saying.

    Construction of the academy was also delayed over a dispute between Raising Malawi and villagers who claimed they were not adequately compensated for land. The building had been due for completion in December this year.

    Michael Berg, a co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and co-founder of Raising Malawi, accepted defeat this week. He wrote to the centre's contributors: "A thoughtful decision has been made to discontinue plans for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, as it was originally conceived."

    But Madonna, who has adopted a boy and a girl from Malawi, insisted the charity will continue to work in the country. "There's a real education crisis in Malawi," she said. "Sixty-seven per cent of girls don't go to secondary school, and this is simply unacceptable. Our team is going to work hard to address this in every way we can."

    Some 200 people were removed from Chinkhota village, on the outskirts of the capital, Lilongwe, to make way for the Raising Malawi Girls Academy.

    Most of the villagers were born here and thought the land belonged to their ancestors. They threatened to block the project until Madonna dipped into her pockets to compensate them with $500,000 (£312,800). The Malawian government, which has often defended Madonna's charitable work, helped evict the villagers, claiming it was state land meant for development projects.

    Chinkhota became a building site – but without a building. Construction of the academy was delayed over a dispute between the Raising Malawicharity and villagers who claimed they were not adequately compensated for land.

    The building was due to be completed in December this year. However, the earth-moving machines that had been landscaping the area have disappeared. Villagers feel betrayed and accuse Madonna of breaking her promise. Maxwell Matewere, Malawi's leading children's rights activist, said Madonna should not "dump" the project.

    Matewere, director of Eye of the Child, led two unsuccessful attempts to prevent Madonna adopting two children – David, five, and four-year-old Mercy – from Malawi after their mothers died.

    He said the pop star was trying to "run away from long-term obligations" and she should go ahead with the academy because "you educate a few to educate others. She must borrow a leaf from others like Oprah [Winfrey] who have done it in South Africa."

    Madonna is funding several charities in Malawi, including homes for children with Aids. She has built a multi-purpose community centre 30 miles from Lilongwe which looks after more than 8,000 orphans. "In a country where only 33% of Malawian girls attend secondary school, I realise that the plans we had in place for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls simply would not serve enough children. My original vision is now on a much bigger scale."

    She said she was in the process of implementing several changes and additions to the management of Raising Malawi in the US and Malawi.

    Madonna said she had teamed up with Trevor Neilson and his team at Global Philanthropy Group to "shift the strategies so that we can accomplish our goals with more efficiency as we continue to consult our government partners in Malawi".

    She said Raising Malawi was focused on an approach which includes building schools within communities across the country. A pilot school is on the cards that will "address the barriers keeping girls from secondary education".

    Neilson said the new community-based approach by Raising Malawi "will provide the opportunity for many more girls to receive a quality education".

    Madonna's spokeswoman did not comment today but said she would seek further information from the singer's management.

    Thanks to kapuki234 for giving me links to more articles about it


    shameful tbh

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  • 07/24/12--19:33: guess who!

  • Guess who I met...


    Yesterday my friend and I were walking about in West Hollywood and happened to notice a few fans anxiously waiting outside of the Chateau Marmont.... we decided to wait and see what they knew. Around 15 minutes later, Lady Gaga's entourage comes driving out! She kindly rolled her window down, signed some autographs, and posed for a few photos before driving off. I didn't get to talk to her much, pretty much all I said was "I love you!" and she told me "I love you too." She was so gracious and nice, it's wonderful to see a superstar who still has time for their fans. Love her so much!

    source: me

    don't look below tags will ruin!

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    The Jim Henson Company and Chick-fil-A battle is raging on.

    Just one day after the Jim Henson Co. announced that it did "not wish to partner with them on any future endeavors" due to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's admission that he was "guilty as charged" when it comes to his Christian stance on the definition of marriage, the fast-food company announced a "voluntary recall" of all Jim Henson Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys.


    A Chick-fil-A spokesperson to Business Insider, "Chick-fil-A voluntarily withdrew the Jim Henson kids meal toys nationwide because of a potential safety concern. This is unrelated to the Jim Henson announcement."

    The recall sign (emphasis is our own) reads:

    "We apologize for any inconvenience but as of 7/19/2012 Chick-fil-A has voluntarily recalled all of the Jim Henson's Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys due to a possible safety issue. Please be advised that there have not been any cases in which a child has actually been injured, however there have been some reports of children getting their fingers stuck in the holes of the puppets. We are offering a substitution of a complimentary kids Icedream cone in its place until a replacement toy is available. Thank you."

    The picture is at the top of Reddit under the heading, "Apparently Chick-Fil-A thinks lying is a Christian value."

    A Florida location confirmed that they had been asked to pull all of the toys from the stores.

    "Apparently they got three calls about hey, there's a complaint that kids are getting their fingers stuck in a hole in the toys," an employee explained. "We are erring on the side of being extra, extra cautious."

    Although Chick-fil-A is not asking parents to return the toy.

    SAUCE (not polynesian, bitches)

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Sherman Hemsley has died at age 74. You probably best know him as George Jefferson from The Jeffersons (or maybe Deacon Frye on Amen). What you probably didn't know is that Sherman was a huge fan of bug-out prog rock. How big of a fan? He danced to this Gentle Giant song on the Dinah! show in the 70s:

    Yes, George Jefferson was a head. 

    He wasn't just a fan of prog music - he actually cut an album with YES founder Jon Anderson. Called Festival of Dreams, it has never been released.

    Hemsley was pretty evangelical about his prog obsessions. Besides dancing onDinah! (if someone has that video, please share!), he wore a shirt for the band Nektar while doing press. And he pulled every string he could to hang out with Daevid Allen of the band Gong. Allen later gave an interview to Magnet Magazine where he talked about the bizarre experience of visiting the short TV star and discovering the guy had an acid lab in his basement (which means if you were taking acid in LA in the 70s it may well have been coming from George Jefferson himself:

    “It was 1978 or 1979, and Sherman Hemsley kept ringing me up. I didn’t know him from a bar of soap because we didn’t have television in Spain (where I was living). He called me from Hollywood saying, ‘I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m going to fly you here and put flying teapots all up and down the Sunset Strip.’ I thought, ‘This guy is a lunatic.’ He kept it up so I said, ‘Listen, can you get us tickets to L.A. via Jamaica? I want to go there to make a reggae track and have a honeymoon with my new girlfriend.’ He said, ‘Sure! I’ll get you two tickets.’

    I thought, ‘Well, even if he’s a nut case at least he’s coming up with the goodies.’ The tickets arrived and we had this great honeymoon in Jamaica. Then we caught the plane across to L.A. We had heard Sherman was a big star, but we didn’t know the details. Coming down the corridor from the plane, I see this black guy with a whole bunch of people running after him trying to get autographs. Anyway, we get into this stretch limousine with Sherman and immediately there’s a big joint being passed around. I say, ‘Sorry man, I don’t smoke.’ Sherman says, ‘You don’t smoke and you’re from Gong?’

    Inside the front door of Sherman’s house was a sign saying, ‘Don’t answer the door because it might be the man.’ There were two Puerto Ricans that had a LSD laboratory in his basement, so they were really paranoid. They also had little crack/freebase depots on every floor. Then Sherman says, ‘Come on upstairs and I’ll show you the Flying Teapot room.’ Sherman was very sweet but was surrounded by these really crazy people.

    We went up to the top floor and there was this big room with darkened windows and “Flying Teapot” is playing on a tape loop over and over again. There were also three really dumb-looking, very voluptuous Southern gals stoned and wobbling around naked. They were obviously there for the guys to play around with.

    [My girlfriend] Maggie and I were really tired and went to our room to go to bed. The room had one mattress with an electric blanket and that was it. No bed covering, no pillow, nothing. The next day we came down and Sherman showed us a couple of [The Jeffersons] episodes.

    One of our fans came and rescued us, but not before Sherman took us to see these Hollywood PR people. They said, ‘Well, Mr. Hemsley wants us to get the information we need in order to do these Flying Teapot billboards on Sunset Strip.’ I looked at them and thought they were the cheesiest, most nasty people that I had ever seen in my life and I gave them the runaround. I just wanted out of there. I liked Sherman a lot. He was a very personable, charming guy. I just had a lot of trouble with the people around him.”

    Here's the Gong song Flying Teapot, to which Hemsley dedicated a whole room in his home:

    RIP, Sherman. You never get strung out in heaven. 

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    src1, src2

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    We know that Madonna is the queen. Who is the heir to the Throne of Pop? You decide with your vote!

    I hope this post is as good as the boyband battle post lol.


    are you bowing?
    what's your fave song by the pop princess?

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    Why stick with one when many will do?

    Jane Lynch adopted an Australian shepherd mix in December, shortly after losing her cat, Greta, and has officially settled on at least six names for him.

    "Francis Willoughby is his full name," Lynch tells PEOPLE, but that's not the only one he goes by.

    "We call him Bannis, I don't know why. Instead of Francis, I call him Bannis or Ban Ban. Franny, Francisco, Francois … We have tons of nicknames for him."

    The multi-monikered puppy joined a big family that includes two other dogs and a cat.

    "He's doing great," Lynch says, "but my 12-year-old Lhasa Olivia is not too pleased with him. They're not getting along great, but they'll be OK."

    "He's mellowing out already, but he's sweet and he's funny."


    ONTDers, share your cute pet photos!

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    Now that the news that Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross is enduring the biggest betrayal, will she make her husband and mistress’s life a living hell? I’m just wondering if this is the first that Ross has heard that her husband and Snow White and the Huntsman director had an affair with Kristen Stewart. More details on that here. My guess is she already knows. Now I’m just speculating, but the following tweet could definitely prove that she is well aware of what could be going on behind her back while she cares for her man’s children.

    Even though the Snow White movie was a memorable experience for Ross as she shared via her official website, “We have lived and breathed this project every day now for 2 years so releasing it to the world was extremely exciting. I remember a couple of summers ago looking at a script, lying on our bed in Malibu that had “SNOW WHITE” written down the side of it. I immediately thought “wow, that would be incredible”. When Rupert -my husband and the director of the film- told me quite seriously that “he really liked this script” I just knew it was going to happen. And it did. Quickly. Like a rare and exquisite masterpiece the stars -Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart- aligned and Snow White began it’s incredible journey. The combination of one of the worlds most renowned producer Mr. Joe Roth-Universal Studios and an amazingly talented cast, the wheels started turning and the magic started to happen, my husbands first feature film.

    We moved to L.A almost 7 years ago to start our family and concentrate on his career. Last year we moved back to London for 6 months with our 2 children and to finally start filming at Pinewood. We are so happy and excited today to share this with you and we really hope you enjoy the movie.”
    I’m thinking her thoughts about a certain cast mate has changed.

    A source close to the situation told WHO magazine that Kristen may have cheated on Robert Pattinson but she does feel remorseful. So does that make her “lapse in judgment” any less destructive? The source said, “Kristen is absolutely devastated.” The source went on to add, “She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.” Oh, is that what they call it these days? If you could see me right now, I’m rolling my eyes. This has me wondering…how does Liberty Ross feel? Sanders is her husband AND the father of her two children.

    So what do we know about Liberty Ross? Well if you saw the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, you may recognize her as Stewart’s on screen mother. Not only is she an actress and model, she is Rupert Sanders’ wife.

    With that being said, what do you think will happen? Will Kristen Stewart beg and plead for Robert Pattinson’s forgiveness? Will she break up Sanders’ marriage for good?

    Update: Liberty has deleted her twitter account.


    Ugh I legit feel bad for her rn. Especially considering her husband is cheating on her with a woman who can't make more than one facial expression....

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    abraham glee

    This week's theme: Tenacity
    Guest Mentor: Amber Riley
    Homework Song: Survivor by Destiny's Child
    Challenge Winner: Ali
    Group Song: Eye of the Tiger done in a single shot

    Bottom Three:
    Michael: Brick
    Abraham: Man in the Mirror
    Lily: I'm the Greatest Star

    Source: Oxygen

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    DreamWorks Animation has revealed the first artwork for Me and My Shadow, the March 14, 2014 release voiced by Josh Gad, Bill Hader and Kate Hudson. 

    When recently asked about traditional hand drawn animation, DreamWorks Animation Chief Creative Officer Bill Damaschke spoke about the hybrid animation in "Me and My Shadow".

    He stated, "Me and My Shadow, which is out in spring of 2014, is a combination of CG and traditional hand drawn animation. There is a reason to tell the story in that fashion. It's about what would happen if your shadow, that has been following you around and basically just follows what you do your whole life, just stood up and took over. The shadows will be animated hand drawn, and the other characters will be CG animated. There is a reason to do it [hand drawn animation] that felt creatively interesting."

    Me and My Shadow reveals the once secret world of shadows and their human counterparts. Stan, our hero's shadow, yearns for a more exciting life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, a timid guy with an extreme aversion to adventure. When a crime in the shadow world puts both of their lives in danger, Stan is forced to take control of Stanley. They go on a madcap adventure to investigate the crime and stop the shadow villain from leading a rebellion where shadows take over the human world. During this adventure, Stan empowers Stanley to let go of his fears and embrace life. Through their adventure, they both learn that one cannot be whole without a true friend.


    Looks and sounds like a cute movie. I used to be so fascinated with my shadow as a kid and seeing this movie would be fun! What are your thoughts, ONTD?

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    can't wait for this jake plot. apparently the episode is up on much music already. NO SPOILERS.

    whisperhug sucks. zori was cute at the end, they're going to be that high school relationship that lasts even though it makes no sense that they do.

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  • 07/24/12--20:32: Sel Gomez MegaPost


    tyfyt :)

    love her :)
    Source 2 3 4 5

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon may have boasted that "American Idol" couldn't afford to hire his superstar wife, but apparently he spoke too soon: Monday morning at Fox's Television Critics Association presentation, it was announced that "Idol's" new judge is in fact Mrs. Cannon, aka the one and only Mariah Carey. Call it the Idolization of Mimi, if you will.

    Mariah, being the diva that she is, of course didn't appear personally at the TCAs, but Fox Broadcasting Company President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly called her live from Fox's presentation and put her on speakerphone for everyone to hear.

    "I really can't confirm anything except for one thing," he began, "which is we do in fact have one judge whose deal closed very, very recently. I think it's the biggest recording artist that any of these shows have ever had. It's an artist that many contestants have tried to emulate, have tried to have sung the songs, have tried to have hit the notes, and because it really was concluded only hours ago, our new judge cannot be with us."

    He then dialed a phone--and Mariah answered.

    "I'm so excited to be joining 'Idol,'" Mariah declared over the line. "First of all, I wanted to be there today. I wish I was there myself to tell you, but it all happened real quickly. I can't wait to get started in a few months. Everyone have a great TCAs, and I'll see you in January. Bye, everybody!" reports that Mariah will earn a $17 million salary--which may not be the $100 million that Nick (presumably jokingly) claimed his missus deserved, but it's $2 million more than the judge Mariah will presumably replace, Jennifer Lopez, earned. (Nigel Lythoge still seems to think there's a "one percent" chance that J.Lo will come back, but she seems to have at least one Louboutin out the door.) Mariah's reported $17 mill is also $2 million more than another A-list pop star, Britney Spears, will pocket for her first season on "The X Factor." (UPDATE: TMZ reports that Mariah will actually earn $18 million.)

    I still strongly advocate that "Idol" producers consider filling at least one open position on the Season 12 judging panel with a seasoned industry expert (like Jimmy Iovine, Quincy Jones...or, for some extra television drama, how about Mariah's ex-husband, music-biz big-wig Tommy Mottola?).(lmao no)

    And I'm not sure if Mariah, or ANY judge, is really worth $17 or $18 million (sorry, Nick). However, after giving it some thought, I do think that Mariah, who was a pretty decent mentor back in Season 7, could be a valuable addition to the "Idol" cast. Here are five reasons why:

    She's one tough broad - Something tells me Mimi won't play nice on "Idol." This is a GOOD thing. After two seasons of J.Lo and Steven Tyler coddling every contestant, telling them they're "beautiful, just beautiful" and breaking out in "goosies" every 30 seconds, it's time for some tough talk on "Idol"--and I can totally imagine Mimi delivering it in her brazen New Yawk accent. I even think Mariah has it in her to be an Omarosa-esque TV villainess, someone who can make Jimmy Iovine look like Ellen DeGeneres...and I say, bring it on.

    She can actually sing - Let's face it, Jennifer Lopez was never going to go down in history for her Maria Callas-like belting ability. (The same could be said for Britney, or, come to think of it, original "Idol" judge Paula Abdul.) But Mariah is considered to be one of the greatest voices of her generation, or possibly of all time. So she comes to the panel with some built-in cred.

    She'll have chemistry with at least one other judge - Randy Jackson, who recently insisted on "The View" that he is NOT leaving "Idol," is Mariah's manager. (Kevin Reilly stated at the TCAs that Randy was instrumental in orchestrating Mariah's "Idol" deal.) So hopefully their longtime relationship will automatically make Mariah comfortable on the show, and she'll settle into her judging role straight away, with none of the awkwardness most celebrity judges experience when they're first tossed into the "Idol" mix.

    She's a DIVA - I assume/hope/pray that the outlandish outfits Mimi will wear on every "Idol" episode will make J.Lo's glamazon gowns and Steven Tyler's rock 'n' roll scarves look like Casey Abrams's pulled-from-the-hamper casual wear. Feathers, fun fur, sequins, hotpants, and lots of pink, pink, pink...Mariah's "Idol" wardrobe just might be the glitziest reality-TV wardrobe this side of "RuPaul's Drag Race," and that alone could boost "Idol's" ratings. Not to mention give me some great costume ideas for Halloween 2013!

    She'll fan the reality-war flames - Last year, Mariah was supposed to be a mentor on "The X Factor" at Simon Cowell's house in the south of France, but bad weather caused her flight to be cancelled, and she never showed up. Later, after Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were fired from "The X Factor" after one season, rumors ran rampant that Simon would hire Mariah on a full-time basis, but this too never happened. Now she's been poached by "Idol" instead, and I bet Simon's arch nemesis, "Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, is feeling mighty smug right about now. Will Simon retaliate in some way? I sure hope so. Pass the popcorn, please.

    Pic source

    I hope it wont be nobodies sharing the panel w her. I think Kanye and Anderson Cooper will be good to generate spark for the show and have good pointers for contestants. Given Mariah and her history with Kanye, the chemistry will be unbeatable. Who do you think should be sharing the judging table w Mimi?

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    Come September, Miami is going to be hotter than ever.

    That's because Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami returns September 13 at 10 p.m. for an explosive second season, featuring a few familiar faces -- as well as four new women.

    Lea Black, Adriana de Moura, and Marysol Patton are all returning, while socialite Lisa Hochstein, model Joanna Krupa, lawyer and chef Ana Quincoces and celebrity dentist Karent Sierra join the cast.

    Alexia Echevarria -- who had taken time off to focus on her son Frankie's rehabilitation from a car accident earlier this year -- will also have a recurring role on the upcoming season.

    Orange Crushed!

    Bravo is looking to ax cast members from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” to bring in some fresh — and wealthy — talent. Sources told us Bravo execs are looking to refresh the cast the same way that it revamped the cast of its New York City franchise this season, adding three new women.

    An e-mail sent last week from “Housewives of Orange County” producers Evolution Media said it was looking for “fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes to potentially be on this series.” Once source told us Bravo is looking to dump at least one regular on the program, and said cast mates Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino were the most vulnerable, adding that Bellino is out of favor with producers after leaving filming in Costa Rica early during the last season.

    Sources also said that producers had considered asking Gunvalson’s pregnant 24-year-old daughter Brianna Wolfsmith to join the cast, given that she eloped with her boyfriend last year and is already known to Orange County viewers. Bravo had no comment.

    Alex and Simon to Enter Couples Therapy!

    Alex and husband, Simon van Kempen, are returning to the reality TV genre, joining VH1's "Couples Therapy."

    “For a couple of days last week, they were being trailed by a film crew, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cameras were seen loading in and out of their Brooklyn brownstone, and they shot in at least one restaurant. It was just them with no other cast members involved,” a source close to the couple told me.

    The couple says they are just filming a family Christmas video (in July), but TV insiders confirm they will be back on reality TV this year as one of the new couples on the VH1 series, where they will be discussing life after "Housewives," becoming famous.

    Coming Up On Season 5 of The Real Housewives!

    Bravo released an explosive clip of what’s yet to come this season on The Real Housewives of New York City. Just when some thought things were getting a bit boring, they released this scandalous clip, full of upcoming Housewives drama! The clip below features footage of the Housewives’s trip to St. Barthes and a lot of previously unseen footage of conflicts and drama between the women, which People magazine referred to as "Scary Island Redux".

    We see Heather Thompson in more conflict. “Take your ungrateful ass and get out of my face,” Heather tells her shocked co-star, Sonja Morgan.

    US, NY Post, HuffingtonPost, CelebDirtyLaundry

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    Omfg this panel was UHMAZING!!! So what if Penny, or any of the other women in the show weren’t there. Adam Pally, Zachery Knighton, Stephen Guarino, creator Dave Caspe were enough for ME!!!!

    They showed us the kickball episode, which was suppose to be aired last season, but it wasn’t in the US. It aired in the UK, and most of the world, but not us? Whatever. It was hysterical, and ABC will air it this season. Yay! Don’t want to ruin it, but, it’s beyond funny.

    After the episode, all the guys mentioned above sat down, and answered a bunch o’ questions about the show. Along with talking about their characters, their futures, etc. Stephen Guarino lead the Q&A so fabulously!!! A few that caught my attention…

    Why did some episodes in season 1 aired not in chronological order?

    They said that was on ABC. They wanted to capture their audience, and wanted to show some funnier episodes before. They thought if they did this, it would catch more ppl’s attention. They didn’t so it as much for the second season, except for not airing Kickball episode.

    Did you have any problems with ABC re: Max’s same sex kiss in season one, along with any of Max’s relationship in season 2? (Since ABC killed The Ellen Show, and gave Roseanne shit for the lesbian kiss in her show back in the 90’s)

    No problems at all from ABC. ABC has been supportive of Max, and the whole show. They love Happy Endings and they don’t want to cancel it. Completely open to same sex kiss, and relationship, affection.

    Max’s relationship last season was great. But, for Penny and Alex, not so much. Was that intentional?

    Absolutely not. Penny will meet someone this season, and will be in a relationship. Max will get jealous, big time. Alex/Dave will try at it again quickly, and fail miserably. 

    Any guest stars this season?

    Brian Austin Green will be back. That’s all we can say. There will be a Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Holiday episode.

    (Asked to Adam Pally) How did you feel about Max when you read the pilot script? Did you think about how much your character was going to impact/change the LGBT TV community?

    He thought of two things with Max. One, it was a solid acting job. Two, Max’s character is a slob, funny, and making jokes all day. These were things that rang true for him. He knew Max was gay, but, he was excited about it, since it wasn’t a stereotypical gay guy. Stephen Guiarino chimed in and said “Derrick is the 90’s stereotypical gay, and Max is the modern gay man.” Which made the whole audience ROTFL!

    Zachary Knighton pitched an idea to the writers regarding Dave this season. He suggested that Dave should try out to be a police officer, but fails the psychological test. But, they didn’t go with it. Adam Pally thought that would be a great idea for BRAD, since he got laid off last season. Then all started suggestion Brad to become this vigilante in Chicago, or a spin off of Damon Waynes character “Blankman”. Knighton also said that ppl from Chicago like giving them shit, because the show itself is very NOT Chicago. One: Chicago isn’t allowed to have food trucks, two: same sex marriage is illegal in IL. Lmao!!!

    They also started making jokes how The New Girl got nominated for loads of Emmys, and they got snubbed. All their friends calling them, saying they were on loads of TV blogs/sites Emmy 2012 snubbed list.


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    Welcome to TV’s first “musical chairs” series not aimed at the kindergarten set.

    It’s called “Oh Sit!” and premieres in August on The CW. Co-created by reality vet Phil Gurin (“Shark Tank,” “The Singing Bee”) — and originally titled “Extreme Musical Chairs” — it’s already generating industry buzz with its adult take on the classic kid’s game.

    “Musical chairs has been played for centuries in almost every country on earth . . . but this is not a kid’s game,” says Gurin.

    “It’s definitely musical chairs — but it’s musical chairs on steroids.”

    Gurin, who co-created “Oh Sit!” with Richard Joel and Deena Dill, says there are many elements that differentiate the show from the familiar version of the game, in which kids race to sit in a circle of chairs when the music stops.

    The hour-long show features not only 12 contestants (six men and six women) but three hosts (Jamie Kennedy, former “Extra” correspondent/host Tanika Ray and Jessi Cruickshank) and four referees.

    “It’s kind of like a big circus,” Gurin says. “The contestants race around the circular obstacle course and earn money every time they complete an obstacle . . . and they have to reach ‘Chair Island’ when the music stops.

    Source: NY Post

    Shout out to the person in FFAF for spotting it!

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  • 07/24/12--21:15: Kim K Is A Hypocunt
  • Kim Kardashian may be in denial about her past ventures that made her famous, but the public remembers her infamous sex tape released by Ray J. Kanye West doesn’t want to talk about Kim’s sex tape and he has prohibited his friends from talking about it. But that doesn’t mean Kim herself can’t talk about her tape. Surely, it isn’t something she wants to talk about on a daily basis, but she recently made a comment on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ where she slammed Paris Hilton for making a sex tape. The comment came across as very hypocritical.

    Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were spying on Bruce Jenner after he decided to go golfing with model, Angie Everheart. Her mother makes a comment about using night vision camera and without thinking, Kim Kardashian blurts out “No. That was Paris Hilton.” Of course, Kim is referring to Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape, which was filmed with a night vision camera.

    During the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ episode, it sounds like Kim is bashing Paris Hilton for doing a sex tape. Even though she does make the comment in comparison to herself and her own sex tape, she doesn’t mention her own tape. The comment sounds judgmental, and very hypocritical.


    Dear Kim, Paris Hilton is the reason why you and your family have the career and all of the opportunities you have now. You would still be organising closets if it wasn't for Paris Hilton. Just remember, your ass looks like cottage cheese in a garbage bag. All the surgeries, and styling tips from Kanye will never change that. Where's your billion dollar selling fragrance line?

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  • 07/24/12--21:44: GUESS WHOOOOOO!!!??!!!
  • My sister and I went to see Florence and the Machine last Friday night and guess who we met???

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My sister spotted her, she was walking ahead of us with some dude. My sister sort of crept up behind her and whispered, "Can we take a picture with you?" She was super sweet and nice about it. We were all like, "We love Big Love! Our parents are Mormon!"

    0 0

    We know the news of Kristen Stewart reportedly cheating on Robert Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders caught you by surprise. But what's not so surprising is the fact that Twilight fans aren't taking it very well.

    After scoping the Twittersphere, it seems that many people are in R. Pattz's corner, defending the hunky vampire with tweets like, "CeeDior: Kristen Stewart cheated on my baby -____- #cantstandher."

    Or noting that there is a silver lining to the sad news, "katieplott: yesssssss the day has come where KRISTEN STEWARTCHEATED ON ROB PATTINSON!!!!!!!! MoVe OvEr KsTeW iT'z My TuRn NoW!!!"
    And as you probably already guessed, many fans are voicing their disappointment with the actress for what she did by tweeting, "WilddBrunette: Kristen Stewart, how could you cheat on Robert Pattinson with a married man that has children? So disappointed in you."
    "alaina__marie: If Kristen Stewart rly cheated on her man w that director she really effed up. cheat on Robert Pattinson?! for a married man?! #dumb"

    But not everyone jumped on the K. Stew bashing bandwagon.
    Whether it be denial or devoted loyalty, some Twihards won't accept the news, "niamhyouriot: i love kristen stewart tho and yeah this probably isnt true. ill continue to refuse to believe it because theyre both perfect."
    And then there's the fan who got sad that they weren't the one hooking up with the star, "pierreboobier: sobs why couldn't kristen stewart cheat on rpattz with me"


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