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  • 07/25/12--11:39: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    The 74-year-old mother of Hall of Fame infielder Cal Ripken was safe Wednesday, a day after an armed man abducted her from her home northeast of Baltimore, police said.

    Vi Ripken was kidnapped between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Tuesday by a man who forced her into her car, according to Aberdeen police. She was found about 6:15 a.m. Wednesday unharmed in her car near her home in Aberdeen, some 25 miles from Baltimore.

    Ripken earned the nickname "Iron Man" for playing in 2,632 consecutive games during his 21-year career with the Baltimore Orioles and is a hero to many baseball fans. His brother, Bill, also played second base in the major leagues. The two were managed for a time on the Orioles by their father, Cal Ripken Sr., who died in 1999.

    Vi Ripken described her abductor as a tall, thin white man with glasses, but police spokesman Lt. Fred Budnick had no other details.

    The FBI and Maryland State Police were also involved in the investigation.

    FBI spokesman Rich Wolf said authorities don't know whether the abductor knew the Ripken family or what, if any, demands might have been made.

    "Maybe they can come up with a motivation based on the actions of the guy," Wolf said.

    "This has been a very trying time for our family, but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us, safe and healthy," the Ripken family said in a statement. "We want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly."

    The family said that it could not comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

    How cowardly of that kidnapper to go after her.  I hope he's found soon.


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    If you're suffering from a case of the mid-week blues, then you're in luck: For 75 glorious seconds, you can watch Nick Offerman, his wife Megan Mullally and Alison Brie blaze up. After all, they do have something to celebrate.

    Tribeca Films announced on Wednesday that it had acquired the rights to Bob Byington’s detached indie comedy "Somebody Up There Likes Me," starring Offerman alongside Keith Poulson and Jess Weixler. No, Brie is not in the movie, but does that even matter? The "Community" star was obviously on hand to help Offerman, who also produced the film, celebrate his good fortune. We hope this is how all NBC stars relax behind the scenes.

    "Somebody Up There Likes Me" premiered to rave reviews at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin earlier this year. "Somebody Up There Likes Me" will be in theaters and VOD in March 2013.

    Huffington Post

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    Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights will bring to life the torments that haunt the legendary shock rocker in an intense haunted house, Alice Cooper – “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

    Check out the video Alice Cooper created just for our Universal Orlando HHN fans.


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  • 07/25/12--12:25: KimYe marriage?
  • Is Kanye West counting down the days until he can make Kim Kardashian his wife?

    Sources told RadarOnline Tuesday that the 35-year-old rapper is planning to pop the question to Kim Kardashian as soon as her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries is finalized. According to the site, West has already asked his personal jeweler to design an engagement ring for the 31-year-old reality star.

    Still, don't expect to hear wedding bells any time soon; depositions in Kardashian and Humphries' divorce proceedings are ongoing and a trial date has not yet been set.


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  • 07/25/12--12:44: Carly Rae Jepsen Post

  • TCAS 2012


    Carly Rae Jepsen seems to be super busy sky-rocketing to the top of the charts right now with her hit, Call Me Maybe, but we assure you she’s still taking time to finish her new album.

    The singer told reporters last night at the Teen Choice Awards that she is currently in the home stretch of recording the new album and that she will be in Sweden soon, working with superstar producer, Max Martin. She also reveals that the album will be surprising to fans as it surprised even herself. Why? Because it’s dancier than she had expected.

    Although songs on the record will be similar in sound to her single, she also adds, “We went a little dancier than I ever intended to go, and I had a lot of fun doing it.”


    She's not the best performer ever but she's cute.

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    Here's the tumblr video for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the UK

    1 2
    IDGAF, I like it. It's simple and focuses on each girl. I think it's really cute how each girl stands behind her symbol. Crossing my fingers that they open for 1D's tour!

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    Will Arnett took over "Smart Girls at the Party" for a minute and tells us what it's like being a guy like him in this segment of "Boy's Minute".


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    We think we can take the Gisele Bundchen pregnancy out of the rumor category and file it under confirmed. Because here’s Mrs. Tom Brady on the beach in Costa Rica with 2-year-old Benjamin sporting an unmistakable baby bump!

    The Brazilian supermodel, baby Benji, their dog Lua and other family members were snapped by the paps as they frolicked on the shore near Gi’s vacation home. Brady was not part of the beach party, which is not surprising considering he is due to report for duty down in Foxboro today for the New England Patriots 2012 training camp.

    No. 12 has been cute when asked if he and the missus are expecting baby No. 2, telling Sports Illustrated that “I like working on it.” But according to the tabloids, the leggy glamazon, who has said she wants a big family, is about four months along.


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    Chick-fil-A, home of chicken-loving bigots, is in the middle of a PR nightmare. After Chick-fil-A's COO admitted to being anti-gay, the Jim Henson Company (bless their heart) pulled their toys from Chick-fil-A's kids meals. Only Chick-fil-A claimed the toys were pulled because of a "possible safety issue". That, of course, is a complete lie. A lie that the company may be propagating with fake Facebook accounts of Chick-fil-a sympathists.

    Yep, Chick-fil-A is still stuck in its own reality and is doubling down on its lie. Instead of owning up to the fact that The Jim Henson Company stopped doing business with them because they're overrun with bigots, the chicken sandwich company appears to have made fake Facebook accounts to defend its honor on the social network. How do we know the accounts are fake? Just check out this back and forth on Chick-fil-A's Facebook page between real, breathing people and "Abby Farle", a Facebook account that was made 8 hours ago by a chicken PR flack with a stock image of a teenage girl as her profile picture:

    It's a dirty, awful trick that is completely embarrassing and just shows how sleazy a company backed up against a wall can be. Especially a company that doesn't believe in treating all humans equally. Of course, there's a chance that this could all be a stunt to shame Chick-fil-A—or an overzealous supporter—but that company hardly needs more shaming. Chick-fil-A is being rightfully pummeled to the ground by anyone who believes in equality, its delicious chicken sandwiches be damned.



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    + TW Ratings Update / BTS with Holland Roden & the Show's Costume Designer

    If there were an actor I could vacation in, Being John Malkovich-style, it very well might be Bianca Lawson. I mean, her resume reads like the Favorite TV Shows category on my Facebook page. My So-Called Life, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars and now, Teen Wolf.

    Ms. Morell, Beacon High's guidance counselor, is the latest mysterious woman Bianca has brought to television over the last 15 years, and I caught up with her yesterday to talk all about her killer career, what's to come on Teen Wolf, the power of "Emaya" and whether the ageless star has actually located The Fountain of Youth! What attracted you to Teen Wolf?
    Bianca Lawson: I think it's a really great show. I love the supernatural aspect and the darkness. Morell's got a lot of layers and a great mystery about her that will slowly reveal. One of the things I loved about her is that while she gets to interact with lots of people, but her approach and her energy is different with every person. In that way, it brings up a lot of questions about her: Is she an ally? An enemy? A frenemy? What's her motive? You ride that fine line and until you get to the ultimate answer of who she is. And that’s fun to play and fun to watch. And that ultimate answer comes this season?
    Bianca: It's not fully explained, but by the season finale certain elements of her will be resolved. There's a lot of answers coming – but those open up a lot more questions. After I shot my last episode of the season, Jeff [Davis, creator] was like, "This is what I've been hiding from you the whole time!" I was excited. This is not the first mysterious character you've played -- I mean, we didn't know for a long time what Maya's true intentions with Emily were. Do you enjoy that or is it frustrating to not have access to answers?
    Bianca: I love it, actually. I feel like you get to add things as an actor that might not be on the page when you don't know everything. It's like life. You meet someone and think one thing, but the longer you're with them, the more you learn and your opinion can change. You're constantly discovering new things about people – which can be exciting or disappointing, and I like that mysteriousness of finding out the truth of someone. How did you approach Maya then?
    Bianca: I always took Maya at face value. When I would get the scripts, I played it like she saw this kindred spirit and fell in love with Emily. Obviously there was a lot of character work I did as an actress to decide how she got to this place. How she became so confident in who she is and how that helped her identify so much, so quickly in Emily. When Maya came back from camp, she was different and I had to take what I knew about Maya previously and re-frame it in light of these new revelations. That can be fun, but also tough because you have to justify their actions within what you have decided the character would be. Obviously things change, I think that experience at camp did have a great effect on her psychically. The fan reaction to Emily and Maya, or Emaya as they've come to be called, has been extraordinary. Is it safe to say this is the first time you've professionally experienced an outpouring of support like this?
    Bianca: That would be very fair to say. Social media didn't exist when Buffy was going on, but I can only imagine. But it's on the street too. I was at the mall and this little girl, she had to have been four years old, was in line next to me and she looks up at me, her eyes get really big and she turned to her family and goes, "It's Maya!!!!!!" She started crying because Maya had died. So yes, in terms of people really personalizing and identifying and having so much love flowing to me, this was an extraordinary experience. You go to work, you do your job and put so much of yourself into these roles, but you never know if it's going to mean anything to anyone else. So it's been really touching and inspiring to see how people responded to Maya. What does it mean to you to have been part of such a beloved, and revolutionary, TV couple?
    Bianca: I am super honored. I didn't even grasp the gravity of this super special storyline until people started telling me how much it meant to them. I've had several girls, who are black and lesbian, come up to me and talk about what this show has done for them. When you see someone who looks like you and sounds like you on TV, it lets you know that you’re not alone and your feelings are OK and other people feel the same as you. I feel like images are so powerful and seeing something portrayed in a way where it's genuinely about love and could easily be a heterosexual couple, but just happens to be between two girls of color, is amazing in and of itself. A moment ago you said "because Maya had died." Does that mean she's 100 percent dead? Or has Marlene [King, PLL creator] hinted at a possible return?
    Bianca: I feel like anything is possible in Rosewood [laughs]. Personally, I don't know anything for sure, so I'm right there with the viewers waiting to find out. You played a teenager on Buffy in 1997 and a teenager on PLL in 2012 -- clearly you look ageless, but is it strange to still be playing high schoolers more than 15 years later?
    Bianca: It's interesting. I have played adults, but the things that end up getting the most publicity, or become the most popular, are when I'm playing a teenager. It's a blessing for sure, but when you're up for other jobs, you can be perceived as too young – even though I'm an adult [laughs]. Obviously it allows you to have a very long career, so I see it as a blessing that allows me to play more characters. I mean, Emily on Vampire Diaries was over 100 years old and Kendra was young but she led the life of a slayer, so she had a different experience which gave her an ageless quality too. It's flattering but can be frustrating if there's a part I really want but [casting directors] perceive me as being young because of my roles. For me, I've always seen myself as a character actor, so whether they're 15 or 50, I think I can play it. So you're officially shooting down rumors you made a deal with the devil or found the Fountain of Youth?
    Bianca: [laughs] I wish I found the Fountain of Youth – I really do. But, yes, I am officially denying, on the record, that I've made a deal with the devil. You mentioned Emily, do you think we might see her again on The Vampire Diaries?
    Bianca: You never know! You never know! It's another one of those shows where there are all these great characters who come in and out, and their stories never finish. Lastly, I am a huge fan of every show you've been a part of -- so how much have my personal preferences played into your career choices?
    Bianca: [laughs] A lot. You don't know, but I've secretly been stalking you trying to choose roles that you would love. I've been following you – I'm your "A!" [laughs]

    Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV and Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

    Teen Wolf - 2.09 Ratings

    JULY 23, TEEN WOLF, MTV, 10 PM: 1.64 million viewers. Adult 18-49 Rating: 0.6.

    2.01 - Omega: 2.11 million viewers / Demo: 0.8
    2.02 - Shape Shifted: 1.75 million viewers / Demo: 0.6
    2.03 - Ice Pick: 1.76 million viewers / Demo: 0.7
    2.04 - Abomination: 1.69 million viewers / Demo: 0.7
    2.05 - Venomous: 1.65 million viewers / Demo: 0.7
    2.06 - Frenemy: 1.64 million viewers / Demo: 0.6
    2.07 - Restraint: 1.71 million viewers / Demo: 0.7
    2.08 - Raving: 1.32 million viewers / Demo: 0.5
    2.09 - Party Guessed: 1.64 million viewers / Demo: 0.6

    Holland Roden Sorts Through Teen Wolf Style with the Series' Costume Designer

    Warning: 2.09 spoiler in text below.

    When you're transfixed by Mrs. Argent plunging a blade into her own heart, it's hard to completely appreciate the shirt that's torn in the process. Yet while the majority of us tune into "Teen Wolf" each week mainly for the blood, guts and mystery, that doesn't mean we should overlook all the snappy outfits the Beacon Hills gals sport while narrowly avoiding death by jock-turned-lizard-mutant.

    Costume designer Barbara Vasquez and Holland Roden give viewers a glimpse into Lydia's, Erica's and Allison's fashion senses in the video clip below. Now that Erica has taken over the role of sexy vixen and Allison is proudly representing the boho crowd, Lydia's got a noticeably different aesthetic. "It allows a little bit of a sweeter avenue for Lydia to take," Holland says, adding that her character is a bit more feminine in Season 2 and would never sacrifice a solid pair of heels just to dodge an encroaching beast.

    Source: 1, 2, 3

    Teen Wolf/Buffy post? Y/Y?

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    idk why this image already existed on the internet

    This was either the best or worst day to run this news depending on how you look at it, but either way, Kristen Stewart probably wishes it were tomorrow already. With tabloids catching her in the act of canoodling with her "Snow White And The Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, the actress and helmer both issued personal statements to the press apologizing for their indiscretion. How the fabled KStew/RPatz relationship will sustain remains to be seen -- devotees on either sides tend to be fairly extreme -- but business must continue as usual it seems, as the actress' next project keeps rolling.

    Variety reports that "Magic Mike" badboy Alex Pettyfer has joined indie flick "Cali" with Stewart. Penned by Michael Diliberti ("30 Minutes or Less"), the story finds Stewart playing Mya, who pairs up with her boyfriend Chris (Pettyfer) to make a fake snuff film which they sell for a wad of cash before beating it out of the San Fernando Valley. Years later, she's forced to head back to save her younger sister, but to do so she will have to face a bunch of oddball characters -- angry former business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vet techs, an unstoppable killing machine who wears a cowboy hat -- as well as keep a handle on her relationship with Chris. Zany!

    Nick Cassavetes ("John Q," "The Notebook") is directing so at the very least it will be....workmanlike. Production is aiming for a late summer start, and we can only imagine the papparazzi will be keeping an even closer eye on KStew as she moves on from this incident.


    What are your life choices, Kristen?

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    Carly Rae Jepsen has told police ... she's the latest victim of a perverted hacker -- who stole XXX photos of the singer from her computer and tried to sell them to various media outlets.

    No, we're not talking about the FAKE Jepsen pics floating around the Internet ... sources tell us the photos in question are the real deal and have not seen the light of day ... and the Canadian-born singer is desperately trying to keep it that way.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jepsen's camp received an anonymous tip about the pics back in March ... and immediately called the Vancouver Police Department to report the cyber crime.

    Cops jumped on the case ... and confirmed the tip was legit, Jepsen HAD been hacked.

    A rep for the Vancouver PD tells us an active investigation is underway "in regards to a theft of electronic property belonging to Jepsen."

    In fact, we're told cops already have a potential suspect lined up.

    Sources tell us ... whoever hacked the pics stands to face some serious charges, including criminal harassment and unauthorized access of a computer ... and could spend some serious time in prison.

    We reached out to Jepsen's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.


    First the sex tape, now this. Girl can't catch a break.

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    Just on the heels of Kristen Stewart‘s unfortunate indiscretion with Rupert Sanders and subsequent apology, Celebuzz uncovered footage of the director’s wife Liberty Ross praising the choice of the Twilight actress for the lead role in Snow White and the Huntsman.

    “[Kristen] was my number one choice,” Ross told Celebuzz at the film’s London premiere in May, “I think there is no better Snow White in my opinion. She is great.”

    Ross, interestingly, played Stewart’s mother in Snow White.

    And her praise of Stewart didn’t stop there.

    “I mean, I’ve never watched a ‘Twilight’ movie, so i don’t really know, but I loved her in Sean Penn’s film just for that moment that she’s in it,”
    Ross, who has two children with Sanders, raved of Into the Wild. “Ever since then — she’s got something very transfixing about her. We needed a modern, edgy, cool girl.”

    In her statement, Stewart said:

    I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.

    Source with video

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  • 07/25/12--14:00: #SticksAndStonesSept18!!!

  • The Wait is Over! The U.S. Debut of Teen Sensation’s Sticks + Stones Album Set for Sept. 18th; Single “Want U Back” Already Certified Gold!

    Brit sensation Cher Lloyd, of the irresistibly bold summer smash “Want U Back,” releases her full-length American debut, Sticks + Stones, on September 18th via Syco Entertainment/Epic Records. Album pre-orders are available starting Wednesday, July 25th at and Since “Want U Back”—which tells the story of a girl’s jealousy about her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend—rocketed into the Top 5 on iTunes, American fans have been clamoring for more. And Cher’s giving it to them: Album preorders will be up at Amazon and starting July 25th, the same day as her U.S. television debut on America’s Got Talent.

    The North American version of the album will vary slightly from the 2011 U.K. album release, which debuted at #4 in the U.K. The album will feature new, never-before-heard songs as well as some surprise guests including a bonus track of “Want U Back” featuring Snoop Dogg. Commenting on Sticks + Stones Cher explains, “It’s like a jukebox! Lots of different sounds and no two songs sound the same. I’ve put a lot into the album and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the songs in full.”

    Initially, Cher, who comes from the small town of Malvern, U.K., was concerned her talent and UK star power might not be as appreciated in America, saying, “It’s exciting to know that my fans in the U.S. are as passionate as my UK fans. This means so much to me and I want to make them love all of my songs as much my first single. With the USA, I’m not going to run before I can walk.”

    Humble words, however, the contagious talent of Cher Lloyd has been undeniable. U.S. radio loves Cher, landing “Want U Back” in the Top 15 at Top 40 radio! The venerable New York Times raved about Cher, calling her “…the future!” while The Mirror swooned, “…she’s one of the few British artists with a genuine buzz about her…this lady has genuine talent. Most importantly, she has a bucket full of integrity and can cut it live.” The high-energy X Factor UK darling, who competed alongside One Direction in 2010, is clearly poised to have similar success to her boy-band pals, who shot to international superstardom within two years of their X Factor UK stint.

    But if anyone can handle success, it’s the indomitable Cher. Her stunning debut, Sticks + Stones, recorded in Europe and America, features the touch of some of music’s most illustrious producers and writers. Max Martin (Britney, Katy Perry, Usher), Red One (Lady Gaga, J-Lo), Shellback (Pink, Maroon 5), Savan Kotecha (Britney, Usher), and Kevin Rudolph (Lil Wayne) all collaborated with Cher to create a collection of contemporary, street-wise pop treasures, with the lady herself co-writing a number of the songs.

    In addition to the anticipated debut of Sticks + Stones, Cher is thrilling her ever-growing multitudes American “Brats” (aka fans!) thanks her digital campaign: “America Wants Cher Lloyd Back West Coast Edition” a specially designed Brat bus will be heading to Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, and San Jose. #It’sAnEpicBratAttack! Cher was mobbed by rabid fans the first round of her “America Wants Cher Lloyd Back” campaign, and she the singer can hardly wait to meet even more of her beloved Brats!

    July 25th is poised to be a day to remember in music, as the U.S. embraces Cher and “Want U Back” on national TV thanks to America’s Got Talent, and snaps up the eagerly awaited aural accomplishment that is Sticks + Stones. All in all, not a bad Stateside start for an 18-year-old!

    cannot wait for the new tracks!!!

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    Francia Raisa keeps it cute in a navy printed dress while out for lunch with a friend at Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (July 23).

    The 23-year-old Secret Life of the American Teenager was spotted out at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards over the weekend.

    Francia will be celebrating her 24th birthday TOMORROW! Be sure to send her tons of birthday wishes on Twitter @TheRealFrancia.

    My Marilyn Monroe moment at the teen choice awards

    On my way to teen choice awards

    Happy birthday Lil sis!! I love you so much and am so grateful to have u in my life and call you my best friend!! Here's to you and our love for Hott wings!

    Out with my bros tonight!!

    Livin at greystone with @darnellappling

    Had a great photo shoot with Tyler Posey and Gina Rodriguez.

    Gettin ready for the weekend.

    Sources:1 - 2

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    Yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of watching Oprah’s Next Chapter: India on TLC. The name of the programme is pretty self-explanatory. And I’d already heard of her series, Oprah’s Next Chapter in the US where she “steps outside of the studio for enlightening conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families”. I’ve never been a great fan of Oprah’s – and the fact that she truly follows and believes everything that Deepak Chopra and Dr Phil say has nothing to do with it. I do think though, that she’s a good interviewer, she’s well-informed, an easy conversationalist and is well-travelled. But all that has changed after watching Oprah’s Next Chapter: India.

    Myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche. This was Middle America at its best worst.

    Oprah’s India show was myopic at its best. Reuters.
    Two episodes make up the India episodes. The first being the one I saw and which I think was shot during her visit to the Jaipur Literature Festival this year. This was Oprah’s first visit to India. Now whenever an American or a British TV show host visits India, he or she is always accompanied on his travels through our very exotic land by someone living in India, a sort of cultural friend, philosopher and guide.

    So was Oprah. She was taken on a guided tour through a slum in Bombay by the prince of poverty tourism – Gregory David Roberts. He of Shantaram and deplorable sentence construction fame. Who has anointed him tour guide to the slums of India? Oprah seemed quite happy to have one of her ilk show her around through the by-lanes of the slum. And the slum is where Oprah’s “oh-my-god-how wonderfully-pathetically-quaint-to-be-so-poor” avatar stepped out in full glory.

    So Oprah trooped into one of our vintage slums to meet a family – parents and three children – who live in a 10×10 feet room. Now I’m not surprised that Oprah was surprised to see an entire family living in such tiny quarters. Although I’m sure she could find cramped ghettos in the States. What surprised me was the amazing lack of sensitivity to the children’s feelings or the feelings of the parents who’d opened up their home to her. All the children go to school, and were extremely well-mannered and seemed happy and quite carefree like children their age are meant to be. They didn’t seem to realise that their home was smaller than the homes of others. Or that their father didn’t earn as much as he could.

    But not for long. Once Oprah got through with them, they must have committed seppuku.

    She asked the children how they could live in such a “tiny” room and actually wanted to know, “Don’t you feel it’s too cramped?” She also asked the six-year-olds whether they were happy. Which must have made them wonder why they shouldn’t be. She then interrogated the father about whether he was happy and satisfied. He got teary-eyed and said that he wished he could earn more and provide for a more comfortable life for his children. After making him weep in front of his family, Oprah said that she knows how awful it is for children to see their father weep.

    She did look for a shower head in the toilet and seem amazed to hear they bathed with a bucket. And she marveled at how all their clothes fit onto a small shelf. She pointedly avoided any mention of the massive LCD TV which adorned their wall. That would have killed the sob story. When their older daughter told Oprah that she’d like to go to London to study further, Oprah also played her role as American ambassador to the hilt and said, “No. Come to America, it’s a lovely country. It’s the best”.

    After visiting the strange exotic “slum people” who seemed to live on top of some magic faraway tree, she immediately proceeded to the home of one of Bombay’s richie-rich families. And then displayed her ignorance there as well.

    The joint family which was dressed in full Indian regalia served her a meal on silver thalis and katoris. She looked at the food and then made her best statement of the entire episode – “So I hear some people in India STILL eat with their hands”. I don’t know what people in America are eating their hot dogs, pizzas and tacos with but perhaps Oprah’s home has evolved cutlery for all that. Then she told her viewers that ALL women in India live with their mothers-in-law and extended family.

    Then to totally wash away all that grime of the slum, she got togged out in a Tarun Tahiliani sari to go and visit the home of the “Brad and Angelina of Bollywood”. Which if you didn’t realise, are Abhishek and Ash or as O puts it, Aaaarsh and Abheeeshuk whose child she said was “lit from within” whatever that means. I think it’s a condition that happens to children in Deepak Chopra’s homeland. Then she went to a party thrown in her honour by billionaire socialite Parmeshwar Godrej which was the first accurate description of a person in the entire episode. She did marvel at the paparazzi outside the Bachchan home, which is quite impressive on any given day. And then we got to see her say hello to Piggy Chops, Shiamak Dawar, Anil Kapoor and all the Bollywood glitterati. She interrogated A R Raman – as she calls him – and spoke to him about how even he lives with his mother and whether he loves his wife who he had an arranged marriage with. And after I barfed a little in my mouth, it was the end of her journey to Bombay.

    The second episode will have her visit Taj Mahal – as she and every foreigner must. And I will watch the episode. Maybe she’ll tell some more unsuspecting people how poor and wretched their lives are, and also state how she’s heard that many Indians STILL don’t use toilet paper to wipe their bums. The possibilities are endless.

    You can watch both episodes of Oprah’s Next Chapter on July 22nd from 8-10pm on Discovery Channel & TLC.


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    Before Rupert Sanders was the man at the heart of a cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart, he was known in Hollywood as an up and coming British director.

    Says one insider, "He is a guy people have been clamoring to work with." Riiighttt

    While Sanders's collaboration with Stewart, Snow White and the Huntsman, was his first feature film, chances are you've been watching his work for a long time.

    Sanders, 41, made his name in the entertainment industry by directing elaborate big budget commercials. He's created award-winning advertisements for everything from Halo 3 to

    Prior to the scandal, he was also known as a family man who fawned over his wife, model Liberty Ross, 33, and their two young children.

    Here are five things to know about Sanders:

    He's resourceful: Sanders got his big break with an ad for Sony Walkman. "I had very little money, I made one for Sony Walkman. I had no idea what I was doing but I took it to an agency. A week later, they called and said they'd sold it to Sony," the director told The Guardian.

    • He's romantic: When he first laid eyes on Ross 16 years ago, he fell in love. "We were at a party one night and this beautiful girl walked in the room," Sanders told The Guardian. "I just knew I was going to marry her." I CAN'T. I CAN'T.

    Oscars run in the family: His brother-in-law (who I am certain is thrilled at the prospect of working with him now) is musician Atticus Ross, who worked with Trent Reznor on The Social Network soundtrack that won an Oscar in 2010.

    He's a family man: Sanders cast Ross as Snow White's mother in Snow White and the Huntsman and he also cast their children, Skyla, 7, and Tennyson, 5, as extras in the final scene in the film.

    He loves California: Though he grew up in the Fulham section of London, to now Los Angeles-based Sanders has fully adapted to life on the West Coast. "I actually love California," he told The Guardian. "It's beautiful weather and the kids can run wild and run free. It's like living in the country but the center of the film industry is 30 minutes away."


    I can't believe it, the first real piece we get on this dude and it's trying to spin him in a positive light even as everyone is out for Kristen's blood, holy mother of double standards batman. Disappointed in you People, I thought you were ~better~ than this.

    0 0

    Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain are the protagonists of these new pictures of Lawless, the film directed by John Hillcoat (director of The Road) and presented at the last Cannes Film Festival. The screenplay, written by singer Nick Cave, is inspired by the novel The wettest County in the World by Matt Bondurant ...

    They go on the net six new images of Lawless , the film directed by John Hillcoat (director of The Road ) and starring Shia LaBeouf , Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke in the role of three smugglers who operate in secrecy. As can be seen to complete the cast of the film there are Guy Pearce also Jessica Chastain . Presented no particular outcry last Cannes Film Festival ( HERE our review), Lawless will arrive in theaters Aug. 29. For Italy, however, has not been fixed yet no official release date.

    I can't stay for the post. I have to study :'(

    Party Hardy if you'd like :D


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