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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Are you going to watch a show/film tonight after dinner?

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    Kylie 35, was offered a spread in Vogue magazine, Kendall, 20, lost it!

    Thinks she has worked very hard to actually gain some respect/prove herself in the industry. Modeling is "kendalls thing" and doesn't want Kylie just swooping in copying her or have it turn into another kardashian/jenner circus.

    Kylie is now getting tons of offers. Has hired a walking coach. Adjusting her life goals. Still wants to act. Always thought only Kendal had what it takes, positive feedback she is receiving has left her really considering it as a career possibility.


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    On Justin Bieber: Bieber wanted to tour for 'Journals', but Scooter didn't let him because he thought he could die. When Bieber decided to change, Braun started planning his comeback. An intern suggested the Comedy Central Roast because her generation didn't really care for sit-down interviews. Apparently Bieber's struggles were worse than people know.
    On Carly Rae Jepsen's E•MO•TION flop: "I think that I tried everything, and it falls on me. I didn’t get it done for her." "Maybe I didn’t push hard enough when I thought I was. Maybe I didn’t get her the right TV look at the right time. Maybe I picked the wrong single.(Run Away With Me should've been the first single smh) The bottom line is, I don’t think this album is done, by any means. There are a lot of great albums that take a year to connect. And I am going to continue being incredibly proud of this album and pushing it every which way I can. Trust me, it’s been a huge fight. If it didn’t do what it was supposed to do, it’s on me." (He better put in #work)
    On Ariana Grande's Doughnut Scandal: "Let’s talk about some real stuff. Why are we discussing that when we have real significant issues in the world? Like, gun control. And the fact that a presidential candidate is saying things that I find to be anti-American. These are the things we should be angry and frustrated about." (Nice swerve, but I agree ppl need to let it go anyway)
    On If Psy Has Another Chance in America: "It’s such a ridiculous question, and I’ll tell you why. When I signed “Gangnam Style,” it had 60,000 views. And I told Psy I wanted to keep it in Korean, and he thought I was crazy. It went No. 1 [on the sales chart] for 11 weeks. You do that, and then people ask you that question: Can you do it again? I think that we achieved what we wanted to achieve and so much more. If Psy wants to go give it another run, that’s my dude."

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  • 12/24/15--14:11: The best movie pairs of 2015
  • .


    - Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) and Tony (Emory Cohen): Brooklyn
    - Brooke (Greta Gerwig) and Tracy (Lola Kirke): Mistress America
    - Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) and Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne): Spy
    - Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor): Tangerine
    - Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac): Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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  • 12/24/15--14:11: Arrow "Revenge" Promo
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    Esteemed American newspaper The New York Times recently published a lengthy analysis of the magic that is Mariah Carey's Christmas success. The author examines how Carey has cemented herself as a pop culture icon solely through one song that she wrote at age 23, "All I Want for Christmas is You." Here are the main points from the author's Mimi manifesto:

    • Mariah dominates the stage, the TV, and of course every holiday music station around this time of year: "She's become to Christmas what the pumpkin spice latte is to fall: nutmeg, foam and caffeine. Meanwhile, her determination to be mandatorily anti-blues makes her a human flu shot."

    • As oposed to other Christmas stars like Nat King Cole and Brenda Lee, Mariah is "trying to be something more with this holiday version of herself: transcendent, ludicrous, fun." Yet suggests Mariah's "A Christmas Melody" (the most watched cable show of the day with nearly 4 million viewers) was maybe too campy, even for Mariah

    • Directs us to Carey's 2012 performance of "All I Want for Christmas is You" with Jimmy Fallon and kids, which has been viewed over 17 million times on Youtube, as evidence of her long-lasting appeal

    • Concludes by reminding us what made her the queen of Christmas: "Ms. Carey didn't need the Beacon Theater or a droopy Hallmark movie to stake her claim. She wrote an unkillable song, and no matter what the charts eventually say, that will always be our baby."

    1996 vs. 2013?
    tumblr mlxt2v HSDg1sn1rnso1 1280

    1998 vs. 2014?
    tumblr n52b2ixx3 K1rayi6uo1 540

    2005 vs. 2015?
    Bn KQ2 MFIUAEFipz

    New York Times

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    Queen of Vocals JoJo has released a music video for “Right on Time,” a track off her 2015 mixtape #LoveJo2. The four track EP was released on Dec. 18, two days before the singer’s 25th birthday, as a Christmas present to her long-suffering fans.

    The video for the dance-pop tune is a mixture of JoJo performing on stage with behind-the-scenes footage from her sold out I Am JoJo Tour.

    Source, 2

    This song is so good though.

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    New photoshoot for Dior

    Jennifer Lawrence poses for ‘ELLE’ Malaysia

    Jennifer and Edgar singing "something stupid"

    Sources: 123456

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    17. "The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold

    "It's an attempt to create a Christmas special that will double as a special for another holiday (St. Patrick's Day), and it's trying to build up an elaborate mythology around holiday trappings that probably don't need one. (In this case, those most Christmas-centric of sprites, leprechauns.)"

    14. Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July

    This movie, which saw very brief theatrical release, is the longest Christmas special Rankin/Bass ever produced. The only thing is, as you'll note from the title, this is really more of an Independence Day special, centered on Rudolph and Frosty trying to save a circus, while Santa fights off the evil wizard Winterbolt, who can only be stopped by the magic of Rudolph's nose (seriously).

    10. Rudolph's Shiny New Year

    In its best moments, Shiny New Year lives up to the howling madness at the center of all Rankin/Bass. There are sequences here, where Rudolph searches the past for Baby New Year, that are essentially the True Detective "time is a flat circle" monologue re-imagined as a stop-motion children's musical.

    5. Little Drummer Boy

    We're getting into the very small portion of the list that consists of genuine recommendations, beginning with this one. This doesn't get shown as much on TV anymore, probably due to some borderline racist caricatures on the film's sidelines, but there's something very moving about its climax, in which the drummer boy drums right in the baby Jesus' face and has his lamb healed as reward.

    1. Santa Claus is Comin' To Town

    Everything Rankin/Bass did works perfectly here.

    favorite christmas specials, ontd?

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    Angie is going to appear in 2.9 in a black & white and song & dance dream sequence when Peggy and Jarvis get knocked out.


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  • 12/24/15--17:01: Twelve Days of ONTD: Day 2

  • Every day until Christmas, we'll be randomly giving away LiveJournal paid account time!

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as much as you'd like, which increases your chances of winning.


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    This is my sad Christmas song
    I've had it stuck in my head all day long
    I wrote it in the car on my ride home
    'Cause I knew I'd walk in the door and I'd be alone

    Why'd I even put up that fucking tree
    If there's no one here that's gonna see
    Just how pretty she looks on Christmas Eve
    'Cause there's no one here next to me

    This is my sad Christmas song
    I light another bong
    I turn on the radio
    I binge-watch our favorite shows
    This year feels kind of lame
    The last one was the same
    "'Cause your holiday spirit" they say
    "it's taking off on a plane"
    This is my sad Christmas song

    I always thought Santa was kinda cute
    There's something about his beard, big belly, and boots
    I left Santa more than cookies this year
    I thought he might appreciate a few beers

    I asked why I'm always on the naughty list
    He said 'cause when I get drunk,
    I'm always showing my tits
    He leaned in for a kiss, and he got real near
    I had to stop Santa and say
    "my true love ain't here"

    This is my sad Christmas song
    So I rip another bong
    I never been good at making plans
    Next year, I gotta be with my man
    My little sister says I'm the Grinch
    But my Mom thinks I'm just a bitch
    Why did you have to go?
    We were under the mistletoe

    This is my sad Christmas song

    Missing you on fucking Christmas
    Why'd you have to go?
    Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Know I miss you so
    Missing you on fucking Christmas
    Why'd you have to go?
    Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Know I miss you so

    Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Wishing you a merry Christmas

    sources: 1 / 2

    More than likely about Liam Hemsworth, tbh. Most of her love songs are about him.

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    Read Brandi's text and her response after the cut:

    The text read, "Merry Christmas vanderC*** and yes i am having my moment :) AND it's amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Time to swtich the new Queen,

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    On Cap's relationship with the Winter Soldier: "People can interpret the relationship however they want to interpret it. For us, we’ve always interpreted the relationship as two brothers... So, you have a character who is searching for the only thing that he has left from his past and that’s Bucky. And people have interpreted that relationship all kinds of ways, and it’s great to see people argue about it what that relationship means to them. We will never define it as filmmakers, explicitly, but however people want to interpret it."
    On Cap's relationship with Black Widow: "It was very important to us in Captain America: Winter Soldier, that relationship be platonic ... But they do care very deeply for each other. I think, as much as any two characters in Avengers do. And I think you'll see that again in Civil War. His relationship with Natasha is pivotal to the movie. I think two of the most endearing scenes in the film are between Steve and Natasha. And of course, that relationship will carry forward into Infinity War."
    - The Russos also talk about high stakes in both 'Civil War' and 'Infinity War': "There will be a price to pay in Civil War. There will be characters who suffer in that movie and who come out and won't be the same again -- emotionally or physically. In Infinity War, the stakes will be raised to a whole new level. People should expect to be shocked when they see these movies."


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    Mya Taylor in Tangerine

    Caitlyn Jenner is set to host a screening of Tangerine for the members of the Academy on Jan 4. The goal? To get a Oscar best supporting actress nomination for breakout star Mya Taylor (any other Oscar nominations for the film would also be welcome). The event also includes Sean Baker, the director of the movie, and Mya Taylor herself, in what would presumably be a Q&A session. Sure, it's a bit of a long shot. But you never know! If the Academy does nominate Mya, she will be the first openly trans actress to score an Oscar nomination!

    In the comedy Tangerine, Mya plays Alexandra, the best friend of Sin-Dee, who was just released from prison. And together they try to get to the bottom of some cheating rumors about Sin-Dee's boyfriend! The movie was shot entirely on iPhones, is highly acclaimed (85 on Metacritic, 96% on RottenTomatoes) and has already been nominated for and won a slew of awards.

    Such screening events are common during Oscar season. And they're often hosted by someone who isn't directly connected to the film originally (such as a movie critic, another director, or just some famous person). The point of having a high profile host is to draw more attention and more Academy members to the event. This is especially helpful when the people involved in the film are not that entrenched in the industry.

    Real fish at the source

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    -Band has been disbanded for 5 years
    -released new song on iTunes, unfortunately it's not free but it can be heard on Youtube

    Source // Source

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  • 12/25/15--00:07: PSY covers EXID in drag

  • Source 1 2

    When will your fav?

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    + Its worldwide box-office haul so far is $765 million.
    + It’s possible that “The Force Awakens” could pass the 1 billion milestone on Friday (for its second weekend is expected to take in between $180 million and $200 million).
    + TFA will easily break the record set this summer by “Jurassic World,” which hit the $1 billion mark at the global box office in 13 days (Friday would be seven days for “The Force Awakens,” Saturday would be eight.)
    + Aditionally, TFA is on pace to supplant “Avatar” as the top-grossing movie of all-time globally.


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