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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 11/15/15--18:10: Rainbow Bear Says Larry OK!

  • The Rainbow Bear, a well known figure to any self respecting One Direction fan, recently liked a tweet from a fan saying "larry ok". What is notable is the fact that this is the very first tweet the bear has ever liked! For those unaware, the Rainbow Bear is a stuffed toy found at One Direction shows often dressed up in different costumes. Some One Direction fans view it as a symbol of Larry's love and their resistance against management.

    The hashtag #LarryOk quickly started trending as the news spread.

    Do you think Larry is OK, ONTD? Don't forget to #BuyMITAMoniTunes!


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    - he was 59
    - died of liver and kidney failure


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    Was that Glenn, y'all?

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    A photo of Chris Pine filming Wonder Woman has emerged, does it spoil the movies time period setting?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Thoughts on tonight's episode?
    Edit: Oh my god whaaaaaat


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    - tournament is scheduled to take place in 10 cities across France next year,

    - 'wondering if euro 2016 should be cancelled is playing the game of terrorists'.


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    Vania Schlogel, the company's chief investment officer who also doubled as their PR person, recently announced that she quit over the summer. While she was publicly active in the company earlier this year, she was a no-show at two industry conferences in June & October. That makes two top executives in the last six months that have left TIDAL and three in less than a year.


    At this rate they might actually have to put Beyonce, Madonna & Rihanna in executive positions. ONTD, have you ever quit a job? Do you want to quit your job?

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    IBT: What went wrong with Secret, and how can future entrepreneurs avoid having to shut down a project?

    Byttow: Secret became a posterchild of a Silicon Valley startup. It just was on stage at all times. It was impossible not to fail publicly if we were going to fail. The goal, I say, is to not take [funding]. The longer you hold out the more value you can come away with.

    And don’t grow too fast. It’s all about a controlled voice. Find the one thing that you think you can do well, and don’t focus on going broader with expanding to multiple countries or adding features.


    IBT: Amidst all the crazy growth and valuations in Silicon Valley, is there a particular startup that you think is doing it right?

    Byttow: I love Snapchat. They ease into things. They try things. They experiment. They don’t go crazy. They’re just doing cool stuff, and I like that. They’re a great model to follow. They don’t talk much. They just kill it on features and are building things that people want, but not going crazy with the product and throwing darts at the wall, especially with their advertising product.

    full article at source


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    Meghan Trainor joined Seth MacFarlane on stage at The Grove last night, where they performed the Christmas classic "Little Jack Frost Get Lost." Afterward, Meghan performed Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe" on her ukulele.

    skip to 15:50

    Sources: Instagram 123 + YouTube 12

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    When the series first started in 2007, neither Kim nor Kourtney were moms, we weren't talking about high fashun model Kendall or pussy lippin King Kylie or her abuser and we weren't talking about problematic trans icon Caitlyn. We were basking in the new cheetah print attention whoring family of sex tape fame.

    What do you think of their transformation now?


    Did you watch Season 11 today ONTD?

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    Alright ONTD, everyone was confused in the other post so let’s do this. As we all know gay rumours have accompanied 1D for years, with Larry shippers (Louis + Harry) being the most popular and passionate ship. What adds fuel to their fire? Rainbow teddy bears in drag at their concerts? Let’s have a look.

    It all started when a fan threw a rainbow stuffed teddy bear on stage during their tour last year sometime idk:

    The bears became sort of like a mascot for the tour and were put in some cheeky outfits, involving bondage bear, 70s pornstaches, and a smaller bear joining the original bear. This gave them the name “Rainbow Bondage Bear” (RBB) and SBB (Sugar baby bear, Small bondage bear?? idk)

    When the north american On the Road Again tour kicked off this summer, the outfits started to get more and more gay. Examples:

    ...with a kd lang biography in Vancouver famous drag queen Divine in Baltimore. werq those eyebrows disco queens/wonder woman in Columbus

    Larry fans went into overdrive with their first London show, with a wedding dress and a framed pic of Larry Grayson lol (spoiler alert Larry Grayson was gay). Some believe that Louis and Harry are married or engaged.

    Lots of other queer(?) examples of the bears dressed in costume, posing with books/photos etc at the source. At one point they had an iPhone facing outwards with a cell number written on it and fans at the concert could text it and see their messages showing up lol

    In addition to all this , a mysterious “official" RBB twitter @rbbsbbofficial has been set up, with 100K+ followers, and some #exclusive pics of the bears.

    So that’s the tea ONTD. What do you think? Is Larry real? Is this some next level queer baiting? What does Liam think?

    Plz be kind it’s my first post <3. Mods.. sorry I had to relearn my grade 7 html I hope this is ok

    All pics/info from the source

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  • 11/15/15--22:03: Quantico 1x09 Promo

  • source

    Quantico discussion post?

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    -Pre-sale tickets for Justin Bieber's Purpose tour go on sale tomorrow
    -To get access, you must add a $35 fahlo membership, which will give you the ability to purchase up to 4 tickets and grant you a digital album
    -The VIP packages range from $375-2000, while the meet and greet packages are $925-2000

    -The $925 meet and greet must be in GROUPS of 4-6 people
    -The $2000 meet and greet grants you an indiviual... SELFIE... with Justin
    -All the packages include a digital download of Purpose, so this will count toward's this weeks album sales fight with 1D

    -Along with the discounted $7.99 google play album, 5 arena shows, credit back lyft deal, and fake signed albums I previously reported, Bieber has teamed up with 1-800-FLOWERS FREE to sell his album!
    -Speaking of this signed album scam, it looks like his team noticed because the Facebook post was deleted
    -Thank you Perez for stealing my post, including my comparison photo proof! Bieber's team wouldn't have noticed otherwise, but I wish you were more popular so, he actually got backlash. :)

    UPDATE: #justiceforbrokebeliebers trended

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    -Little Mix's latest album "Get Weird" missed out on a Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 chart.

    -This is their first album to not debut within the Top 10, and also their lowest selling debut week.

    -HITS Daily Double places them at #11 with 27,453 units (sales and streams included).

    -Chris Stapleton spends another week at #1 while Ellie Goulding debuts at #3.

    Sources: Twitter + HITS Daily Double

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    The biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, is not as lazy as we've thought! A video leaked of the band devoting 41 minutes of their precious time rehearsing for their Radio1 Live Lounge performance. They practiced FourFiveSeconds, Infinity, Torn, FourFiveSeconds (again), and Drag Me Down. No rehearsal for Perfect and Story of My Life.

    Harry and Louis do not interact.

    7:20: Narry is real.
    10:21: Louis, while practicing his FourFiveSeconds solo, needs a lyric sheet to get things done.
    11:24: Lirry is real
    17:38: Liam sings: "I don't know that harmony, cos it's quite bloody high for me."
    19:52: The struggle is real for Harry during Infinity.
    23:05: Louis wants more of Niall during the chorus of Infinity.
    24:40: Liam does his best impression of Peter Griffin from Family Guy
    25:11: Niall sings a line from Half A Heart
    28:31: Louis displays self-awareness and wants less of his own vocal during Torn.
    28:58: Harry is sounding rough and he knows it, using his talking app to say: "Nothing's fine, I'm torn."
    29:53: Liam is channeling his best Justin Timberlake impression with Dick in a Box


    ONTD, do you ignore your one true love at work to stay professional? Does this confirm rumors that Harry and Louis hate each other?

    Souces: 1 , 2, 3

    Edit: Video has been deleted due to BBC copyright claims.
    Let's mourn the loss with this gem from Liam:

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  • 11/15/15--23:19: Will "25" be on Spotify?

  • The Verge reports that Adele wants to release the album to paid subscribers only, effectively barring a majority of Spotify users from streaming the album, and is negotiating with Spotify for such a rollout. Of the 75 million users on Spotify, around 20 million are paid subscribers.

    It doesn't matter anyway, Adele is immune to streaming, she's still coming for your faves


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    The song release was delayed due to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Priyanka Chopra is featured doing her graceful classical dance moves, playing Kashibai welcoming the warrior empress Mastani, played by Deepika showcasing an enchanting lavani style dance.
    Have you been watching Quantico ontd? How do you think the song compares to the classic Dola re Dola?

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  • 11/16/15--06:09: The Knick Promo 2x6

  • source

    Sorry this is late! The promo wasn't on the Cinemax youtube channel, so I had to get it from a different source.

    Sad that there was no Opal this episode, but glad that we got to see more of Detective Cornelia!

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  • 11/16/15--06:21: The Good Wife 7x08 promo

  • lmao alicia not giving any fucks anymore at all


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