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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Listen to the Juicy J version at this alternate source

    Jason this is nice & all, but if you're going to be part of a single with a latin@, you should just make "Try Me ft. JLo" a single!!!

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    Reba and Barbara Jean reunion!!!

    Quick recap:
    -Barbara Jean's Bonnie's best friend, Reba Charlotte, comes to town for Bonnie's wedding and it turns out she is trying to ruin it because she thought Bonnie slept with her fiance.
    -Ben tried to get over Danny and Riley being in love with each other, but he kept getting in the middle of things, in the end he helped them get together in the same minute he was supposed to marry Bonnie and Brad, and Danny proposed to Riley.

    The writers talk about this at the source:
    At some point they thought Ben might be good for Riley, but they changed their mind again, and said that Riley and Danny are meant to be together so the triangle is officially over.
    Ben will be getting over it next season and growing up.
    They will show Danny and Riley mid-relationship next season, because they did not want to repeat the storylines she had with Ben.


    Did you like the finale, ONTD? Were you excited about Barbara Jean and Reba's reunion? Did you watch 'Reba'? Let's talk about both shows tbh

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Follow up to THIS& THIS post

    After exposing his ass in an Esquire Interview, and defending himself for it no less, the girls at Cosmopolitan now come to Miles' defense. According to them, it's much more cuter if Miles is a totally jackass because that makes him funny and quirky and not boring like all the other celebrities who are grateful for where they are and totally not fun at all!

    The reasoning behind the writer's ideas? Miles Teller has always been a dick!

    "Miles Teller is on the cover of Esquire's September issue, and the actor, who's promoting his upcoming movie Fantastic Four, is getting backlash for acting like a "dick" in the accompanying interview. But Miles Teller is not acting like a dick. Miles Teller is acting like Miles Teller.
    Read any other interview with the actor, and you'll see that he's always come off as slightly arrogant, bro-y, and hungover."

    So there you have it, ONTD. It doesn't matter if he made a rape joke that his stans are willing to bend themselves backwards for because "it isn't really a rape joke is it??" Miles Teller is funny, bro-y and quirky and he shouldn't be faulted for that because at least he's being true and honest to himself and not boring us to tears!

    Plus, Kate and Jamie take to twitter to affirm Esquire how totally wrong they are.

    source, Kate Mara's twitter, Jaime Bell's twitter.

    y i k e s.

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    After mercilessly teasing her fans for the past 9 years, it looks like JOJO is finally gearing up to release new music upon the world!!!!!!!!

    This week, JOJO released an updated logo (above), some images from a new photoshoot (rumored to be for the new album), a new official website launched, and last night at the IHeartMedia Music Summit in LA...SHE PERFORMED NEW MUSIC in front of industry sheeple.

    Welcome back, JOJO!

    SOURCE 2
    SOURCE 3

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    I know he turned out to be a bit of a problematic fave, but he's leaving so you can be sad or rejoice today.

    From the article:

    Jon Stewart stopped by "The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart" for an exit interview about food? The 26-minute chat is available to stream at the Daily Show website.

    "I remember after 9/11, Jen (Flanz) saying, 'Everything has changed. We should have Thursday lunch from restaurants just to boost the spirits. Because, if not – and I remember this clearly in a meeting, Jen stood up and said, 'The terrorists win.'"

    Give her all the awards!


    What were your moments of Zen, ONTD? How did food and/or Jon change your life, ONTD?

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    New Rita Ora single feat. Chris Brown, Body on Me out tomorrow on itunes.


    I thought it was weak at first but then those hay-oh-ohs get stuck in your head.


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    Rupert Penry-Jones says that he was thought to originally play a much larger role but because some big wigs at the network "freaked out" over his gay romance with Flint, they scaled back the story.

    "I knew that it would be a big deal," he said. "Can you imagine… the lead character in a show about pirates - with a famous character like Flint, and you're going to basically say that he's gay - that's kind of massive!"

    "I was certainly led to believe [Hamilton] was a more major character than he ended up being, so I think what happened was, they started seeing [the storyline] and what a major effect it was having and it freaked a few people out, like: 'No no no, we can have lesbian pirates but not gay ones!'"

    "For a lot of guys, they just can't get their head around it," he said. "But then most of the guys that had cried out against it, by the end of [the storyline], they had come round again."

    Well don't hold back, Rupert!


    i hope the show only gets gayer next year.

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    -pic was taken while BK was in hospice
    -was sold to un-named media outlet for 6 figures
    -the Houstons and the Browns are blaming each other for the leak
    -Another pic of BK in her casket was taken and sold

    i won't post the pic here. please go to the source


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    Viewing details are here.

    Airing on CPAC.

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    This is some pop rock goodness. 'Midnight' is out August 14th.

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  • 08/06/15--17:55: John Mayer Finds New Gig

  • johnmayerI'm deeply excited and energized to be joining some of the Grateful Dead guys in the band@deadandcompany. All I've really wanted to do in life is play deep, real music - and this is some of the deepest and realest there is. It's also some of the most satisfying to play as a musician. It's going to be a challenge and a joy to help make those waves that people can ride wherever they want it to take them. This adventure reminds me a lot of the one I had with the Trio, exactly a decade ago, when I took a break from recording what would be Continuum. Going back to "pure" playing experiences is what keeps the creativity in my own work flowing. I've followed the guitar wherever it pointed, and it's never steered me wrong. I hope you'll ride along with me, because we're going to have some fun. Thanks for always letting me go where the spirit takes me...

    Source 12

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    -According to British tabloid The Sun, the girls are reuniting and going on a world tour (next year)!
    -Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, will not be joining them as "she is far too busy with her family and burgeoning fashion label".
    -They are reuniting as Wannabe turns 20 years old next summer!
    -The door is open for Victoria to join the tour if she so pleases.


    ONTD, what is your favorite Spice Girls song? Also, do you feel fucking old knowing "Wannabe" came out 20 years ago?

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    Paramount has released a couple of RN featurettes:

    In other news: InTouch is coming for Tom again, saying he ALLEGEDLY hasn't seen Suri in two years.

    • .“Katie knew [an NYC reunion] wasn’t going to happen. But Suri, on the other hand, did think she might see her dad [...] Suri wants to see her father, but Tom still isn’t seeing her. It’s not going to happen — and it’s heartbreaking.”

    And finally, Tom ALLEGEDLY tried to get the digits of a reporter from Univision, JessicaCediel, at the NYC premiere of Rogue Nation and succeeded.

    • "The “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” megastar was doing his red-carpet duties promoting the blockbuster Monday night in Times Square when he made a beeline toward a reporter who had caught his eye. [...] Cruise then moved on to the other press, but quickly halted his interviews, pulled an assistant aside and instructed her to fetch Cediel’s number for him.

    Sources: Paramount Pictures YT, InTouch via HollywoodLife, NY Daily News

    If you don't want to watch the mess that's the GOP Debate, come in here for a Rogue Nation or Scientology or why has Suri ALLEGEDLY not seen her daddy discussion post!

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    "A groundbreaking, one-for-the-ages tale of one of America's founding fathers. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s HAMILTON is an amazing, thrillingly multi-layered new musical."

    Read all the amazing reviews here.


    ONTD, do you have tickets yet/have you been lucky enough to see the 2016 Best Musical Tony Winner?

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    King James



    James won the Power of Veto and kept the nominations the same.


    By a unanimous vote (And after asking for the house to keep Shelli instead of him) KKKlay was evicted from the BIg Brother house.

    Source: My TV

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    source 12

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    Josh Trank had a case of the tweets and deletes! He admitted that the Floptastic Flop was supposed to actually be fantastic, which confirms even he thinks it's a mess!

    Also, it is down to 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means it lost 1% since the last FF post.

    Sunday is going to be one hell of a day!


    ONTD, do you think Josh Trank or Fox is the reason this movie is a flop? Also have you seen it yet...Are you still proud to have supported this?

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    "I don't frankly have time for total political correctness and to be honest with you, this country doesn't either."


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