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    Gary Oldman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show this evening and he brought along a dialogue scene.

    The clip features a older and worn down Commissioner Gordon chatting with young idealistic police officer John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


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    i know some people hate walking posts but i love them, idk why. third time's a charm!

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  • 07/10/12--23:08: New Teen Wolf Promo for 2x08

  • Source

    Longer promo this time with some new footage featuring everyone's favourite cray cray parent - Mama Argent!  Shall we speculate as to what nefarious misdeeds she'll be up to next...and their possible repercussions?
    And is it just me or is the Internet light on news and spoilers for this show this season?

    Attempt #3: Sorry, mods. Clearly I'm failstastic tonight.

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    Lindsay Lohan leaving Georgio Baldi restaurant in Malibu on June 8, 2012.


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    Ashley Greene for Cosmopolitan USA August 2012

    Dakota Fanning filming Very Good Girls in NYC

    Christian Serratos showing her new blonde hair on Twitter + pics from some party

    Nikki Reed running in LA with her hubby

    Bryce Dallas Howard visiting pilates studio with her hubby and son

    Kristen Stewart looking pretty for Balenciaga's Florabotanica

    Mia Maestro presenting her Lux Body Foam's "Bewitch" campaign

    Rachelle Lefevre and her hair-porn unf

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    excited for the last Comic Con in Twilight history. bring it on!

    oh and TayTay REALLY wanted to be in this post but he's busy filming GrownUps2

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  • 07/11/12--10:15: Rose Byrne on Jimmy Fallon
  • Interview:

    Fallon & Byrne:


    Love her. So excited for the return of Damages tonight!

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    Tweet From Ron Howard Offers Photographic Proof that Arrested Development is Definitely Coming Back

    Even though Arrested Development's fourth season was officially confirmed earlier this year by multiple sources directly involved in the production process, the beloved series' return still seems like a wonderful daydream to its ever-expanding fan base.

    Attempting to emphasize the actuality of AD's ongoing revival, executive producer Ron Howard last night tweeted a photo of someone resembling showrunner Mitch Hurwitz standing inside the writer's room surrounded by notecards.

    "Arrested Development for Netflix. IT'S ALIVE," Howard exclaimed.

    Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, most fans, burned by past rumors, will likely remain incredulous until the show's premiere, excepted to occur in early 2013 exclusively on Netflix.

    UPDATE: In separate tweet, AD star Jason Bateman says, "All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!" Woo indeed.

    [IFC via Uproxx, photo via @RealRonHoward]


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  • 07/11/12--10:19: Well, Hello...
  • NBA Tries to Block Porn Stars Free BJs for Heat Fans Event

    So, remember those two local porn stars who are planning on giving Heat fans free blow jobs in a big, messy, double mouthed gang bang? Yeah, well, apparently the NBA is none too pleased. Who would have thought?

    Because the two porn stars (well, OK, let's be honest, porn actresses) are using the term "TeamBJNBA" to promote the stunt, the NBA is demanding they turn over both and the Twitter handle @TeamBJNBA.

    The whole stunt started on Twitter when porn actresses Sara Jay and Angelina Castro made a bet with two Oklahoma City porn stars during the finals. The winner got the honor of offering free blow jobs to their team's fans (which, apparently, is considered a prize in the porn world).

    According to XBIZ, the women have now received a cease and desist letter form the NBA:

    "It has come to our attention that [you] are using NBA Intellectual Property without authorization, including on the website and Twitter page!/teambjnba (collectively the "Websites"), to promote an event by including references to the Miami Heat and its players. The Websites incorporate the 'NBA' trademark in the domain name and account name and prominently feature NBA Intellectual Property -- including the Heat team logo.

    "Furthermore, NBAP has confirmed [you are] using a photograph depicting the likeness of Heat players Chris Bosh, Lebron James, and Dwyane Wade without their authorization and in violation of their rights. [Your] unauthorized use of NBA Intellectual Property is an attempt to capitalize on the fame and goodwill of NBA Intellectual Property and tarnishes the reputation of the NBA and the Heat. NBAP has not authorized [You] to use NBA Intellectual Property in any way and [Your] unauthorized use; therefore, constitutes among other things, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false association, and unfair competition."

    As of this posting, the sNSFW site is still up, and still features the photo of the Heat's Big Three. The Twitter profile is likewise still live.

    "This was all supposed to be fun. I supported the Heat and sent them tons of followers during the season. Can't they let us fans like us have a little fun? The NBA's slogan is 'Where Amazing Happens'... if offering 300,000 followers free oral sex isn't amazing, I don't know what is," Jay told XBIZ.

    "Does NBA stand for 'No BJ's Allowed?'" asks Castro.

    As of right now the event is still on for August 2 at the swingers club Miami Velvet, and the NBA may be able to stop the girls from using its trademarks, but it can't stop them form using their mouths.


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  • 07/11/12--10:22: THIS IS A FRANK OCEAN POST
  • Oceanography: A Frank Ocean FAQ

    In the past seven days, Frank Ocean has gone from an underground hero with a handful of great songs and some very famous friends to somebody you absolutely need to stay informed about to keep up with the national discussion. He might have gotten to that level anyway with the upcoming release of his first commercially released album, Channel Orange, but that process was expedited by an open letter he published on his blog sharing secrets about himself that few artists in his position have ever risked revealing. A TV performance and a digital release later, he’s now the guy that every one of your friends is talking about.

    So if you weren’t on the Frank Ocean bandwagon from Day One—we probably got there around Day 11 or 12 ourselves—you could be forgiven for wondering: What’s the deal? Well, that’s what you’ve got us for, silly! Sit back and let us answer your Oceanic questions without you even having to ask them.

    So who is this guy, basically?

    Well, he’s a mature-beyond-his-years R&B singer—if mature-beyond-their-years R&B singers were allowed to hang out with skate-rat hip-hop crews, sing over Coldplay and MGMT records, and have wicked senses of humor. What makes Ocean such a special artist at this point in his career is his ability to experiment and integrate sounds and feels from nearly every major musical world outside of his own—and still absolutely slay with his falsetto or low-down croon when called on to do so. Immensely talented as a performer and songwriter as well, Frank’s also still young (24 until October) and good-looking in an unassuming way—the complete package allowing for an almost impossibly high ceiling when assessing the heights he might reach, artistically or commercially.

    Did he use to go by a different name for some reason?

    Yeah—Lonny Breaux, his birth name. (Well, closer to, anyway—he was born Chirstopher Breaux.) Under his given last name, Ocean wrote songs for the mainstream pop likes of the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber, as well as recording countless demos on his own, 63 of which were eventually released in the Lonny Breaux Collection mixtape. Ocean got his name legally changed to Christopher Francis Ocean in 2010. “It just felt cool,” he told Complex Magazine. “None of us are our names. If you don’t like your name then change your name.”

    He’s part of Odd Future, right?

    Yep; he’s associated with the California alterna-rap collective, about whom you can read 100,000 words on the Internet if you so choose. Ocean is considered the singer of the group, though he’s not the only one; fellow OFWGKTA member Syd da Kid’s done some singing herself. (They’ve got one other major thing in common now, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) He’s particularly close to group let’s-call-it-lieutenant Tyler, the Creator; he guested on Tyler’s Goblin on “She,” and Tyler’s referred to him as his “big brother.”

    What’s the deal with Nostalgia, Ultra.?

    Well, if you’re asking about the stylized punctuation in the title we can’t help you out, but the deal with the album is that it was a self-released LP—fine, a mixtape, if you insist—that Frank put out early last year. It features Frank performing a number of artistic reinterpretations—a mix of cover, remix, and karaoke performance that they haven’t quite invented a word for yet, where Ocean sings different lyrics over the original backing tracks—of songs by Coldplay, MGMT and The Eagles, as well as a number of originals—including “Novacane,” one of our favorite songs of last year and his only Hot 100 solo hit to date. Rather than a tossed-together mismash, Nostalgia sounded like a coherent artistic statement, and deservedly made a number of critics’ year-end lists, helping to build up the buzz surrounding Ocean.

    Didn’t that piss off some old people?

    In March 2012 The Eagles threatened to take legal action if Ocean played his “American Wedding”—which liberally samples, and some (including the band) would argue lifts the backing track in its entirety—in full during any upcoming shows, the biggest of which being the Coachella Festival in April. Ocean went on to playfully respond, writing on his Tumblr that getting bullied by The Eagles was “fuckin’ awesome” and would cost him a “couple hundred racks” should he be sued. (Seriously, why sue the new guy?) When the time came, he did perform “American Wedding” for those gathered in Indio, only with an entirely different backing track. Not quite as triumphant as some thrill-seekers may have hoped, but still a smartly played act of rebellion that served to comment on the diverging approaches to production and put a stamp on his own introduction to the larger musical community.

    Who has he worked with?

    Aside from his samples and aside from his intra-OFWGKTA collaborations, Ocean’s worked with Andre 3000 and John Mayer, both of whom appear on Channel Orange, and has opened for Coldplay on their Mylo Xyloto tour. He also has a professional fan in Pharrell, who co-produced his “Sweet Life” and went so far as to call him the “black James Taylor” of today, while Justin Bieber—a recipient of Ocean’s songwriting in the form of “Bigger,” off his 2009 debut, My World—covered “Thinkin Bout You” during his late 2011 radio promo tour to prove his hip-hop potential. Then there’s his work with a certain hip-hop royal family. You know the one.

    What’s his connection to Beyonce and The Throne?

    Credit Beyoncé and Jay-Z as two of Ocean’s earliest fans, with the former taking note of his “tone and his arrangements” before deciding she desperately needed to work with him. Ocean went on to write “I Miss You” off Beyoncé’s 4, and Bey has since maintained her support for him as both an artist and a person, listing “Novacane” as one of her favorite tracks of 2011 and praising Ocean’s bravery openness in regard to his sexuality.

    A little over a month after 4 was released, Ocean’s vocals appeared on two songs off Watch The Throne: “Made in America” and “No Church in the Wild.” Ocean’s WTT tracks have had a healthy shelf life, with “No Church in the Wild” booming through trailers for Safe House and the upcoming Baz Luhrmann spectacle, The Great Gatsby and Made in America becoming the name of Hov’s upcoming festival in Philadelphia. This (we hope) is an invitation for Ocean to perform alongside Hov, Odd Future and anyone he damn pleases during the two-day event.

    And he came out recently?

    That’s not the phrase Ocean used, but more or less. On the Fourth of July, Ocean posted the above letter, part of the liner notes to Channel Orange to his blog. In the letter, he recalled meeting someone a few summers ago, falling in love, having his heart broken and never quite recovering. It’s more vulnerable than liner notes often get, but it’s not unheard-of–save one detail: the person Ocean fell in love with was a man. There were hints before this–hints not including the generally pointless exercise of rummaging through his old lyrics. During a Channel Orange listening party, one reporter noted his use of male pronouns on the record, something you wonder how every other reporter missed. Needless to say, though, the rumor mill could never have produced something so overt, so unprecedented or so moving. (For the record, Ocean’s said he’s OK with being called “bisexual”.)

    What was the reaction to his “coming out” letter”?

    Almost uniformly positive. Shortly after Ocean’s post, Def Jam’s Russell Simmons posted a letter to Global Grind praising him for “changing the game.” He was followed by seemingly everyone who’d ever interacted with or merely heard Ocean–including Beyoncé, who bestowed her blessing on Ocean via public letter. Then there’s Tyler, the Creator, who’d been widely and arguably rightly accused of homophobia but whose reaction to his friend’s statement was at once the most quintessentially Tyler tweet ever and, bizarrely, touching:

    Is Channel Orange worth checking out?

    Well, yeah, sure. It’s not a perfect album by any means—some of the interludes feel unnecessary, a couple of the more free-form tracks could really use some editing and tightening of the songwriting, and “Forrest Gump” could certainly stand to be a little less literal in its involvement of the titular movie. But the album is simply on another level artistically—gorgeously played and produced, thoughtfully written and structured, and performed with a heartfelt honesty that we hadn’t quite heard before, even on Nostalgia, Ultra. Mainstream acceptance and a crossover smash or two would now appear to be all that remains in Ocean realizing his destiny as the Kanye West of 21st-century R&B. (You can buy the album on iTunes, or listen to it streaming over on his Tumblr.)


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    The price took awhile to agree on. At first our C list actress who used to be almost an A list movie actress was just paid by the night. That got to be too burdensome though because she always needed money but didn't always have the time to spend the night or do what he wanted for the money. He wants a lot of things. So, they went from $25,000 a night to a flat $2M. Sure there are some other perks she gets too, but she likes to keep it all quiet and pretend she is actually earning the money through side ventures. She isn't. He keeps those propped up for her too, but writes it off on his taxes. The guy has a vivid imagination and our actress has been photographed and taped in so many compromising positions and with such a combination of people that she could literally start her own adult DVD collection. Our actress is allowed to sleep with and be with whoever she wants but so is her benefactor. In fact he tapes those too and makes our actress watch and talk to him while she is watching. He pays for her cell phone so is aware of everyone she speaks to and texts. Her cell phone bills sometimes reach $50,000 a month and he pays. That is in addition to the $2M a year. She racks up so much in charges because she calls all over the world and tries to spend as much as she can. When she buys clothes she uses his credit card. She has no money. It has all gone to other things. Her salaries for her upcoming projects have all been signed over. He is her lifeline. She does whatever he wants. He is counting down the days for what he really wants. A family member of our actress. He wants both of them and has made it very clear he will pay whatever it takes. He just wants to make sure the family member is legal first although that has not stopped him from inviting her on vacations and watching her undress. The family member is ready for it and knows it is coming. In fact, she is looking to take the place of our actress and has been dropping hints to the benefactor about just that.


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    u scared? haters have a flip phone tbh


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    Should you be unable to attend the upcoming Firefly reunion panel at this year's Comic-Con—which you can probably determine by answering the question, "Am I already in line right now?"—you'll soon have another way to experience it, besides shitty videos on YouTube. The Entertainment Weekly-moderated Q&A will be filmed as part of the one-hour Science Channel special Browncoats Unite, which will air on Nov. 11 and promises to delve into "burning fan questions" about Firefly—questions such as "Where's Firefly?" and others that mean things to people besides A.V. Club commenters. As previously reported, the panel will include appearances from Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Tim Minear, and writer Jose Molina, who will also participate in a post-panel roundtable to be filmed exclusively for the special that "promises to unearth defining memories and first-person accounts of making the show from both sides of the camera," plus behind-the-scenes stories such as the time Nathan Fillion hired Adam Baldwin as his bodyguard to defend him against Matt Dillon, until Baldwin showed Fillion that he only needed the courage to defend himself.


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    The speedy end to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ five-year marriage has prompted new intrigue: Just how will the past two turbulent weeks impact the actors’ careers? According to scores of insiders surveyed by The Hollywood Reporter, they might be pleased with their prospects.

    Agent and manager sources believe Holmes’career could receive a small boost while Cruise’s could be hurt in the short term -- especially by recent media coverage of Scientology -- but eventually would be repaired as it has following his past personal troubles. Ultimately, say insiders, it comes down to the choices Cruise and Holmes make in the next few months, from which acting jobs they pick to the way they discuss the divorce in the media.

    “Tom is a force of nature -- I don’t think this is going to do him any harm at all,” says crisis PR consultant Howard Bragman. As for Holmes? “This is going to bring significant attention to her first choices out of the box. And I think this actually helps her,” he adds.

    Holmes, 33, already has a handful of projects lined up, including the recently completed independent drama The Seagull, which is based on the Anton Chekhov play and co-stars William Hurtand Allison Janney. She also is set to begin production onMolly, an indie film she co-wrote and is co-producing that revolves around -- perhaps beneficially -- a single mother and her daughter.

    There is a near consensus inside Hollywood  that Holmes’ personal reputation has improved because she has been portrayed as a heroine who, with the help of her father, attorney Martin Holmes, masterfully handled the divorce while fighting strongest for (and winning) custody of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri. That perception could aid Holmes should she consider branching out with a lifestyle company or another endeavor that would play up her motherhood.

    Holmes already has a toehold in the fashion world via the label Holmes & Yang, which she shares with stylist Jeanne Yang. Holmes could chart a path similar to that of Jessica Alba, whose Honest Co. is an eco-friendly online retailer that targets mothers, or Gwyneth Paltrow, whose lifestyle company offers everything from recipes to clothing. Holmes filmed an appearance on Lifetime’sProject Runway: All Stars just days after filing for divorce June 29.

    “The divorce makes her look like a very protective mother,” says a top manager, adding that Holmes could capitalize on that image. “Whether that is her producing something in the mother space or creating a clothing line, I think she looks like she is doing what is best for her child.”

    For Cruise, 50, the outlook is a bit cloudier, according to sources. There is a view that in the near term there could be fallout -- similar to the career dip the actor experienced in the mid-2000s after he made controversial comments about  anti-depressants on NBC’s Today and famously jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch. In 2006, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone essentially booted Cruise and his production company off the Paramount lot, citing in part the actor’s behavior. But a string of strong creative choices -- from playing a broad comic role in a fat suit in Tropic Thunder to re-establishing his action chops in Knight and Day -- helped lead to the global success in December of Paramount’sMission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol, which grossed $694.7 million worldwide, best in the series.

    “If he can bounce back from the prior shitshow -- the couch -- he can bounce back from this,” says one talent manager. “Despite all the crazy stuff about him, people still want to see his movies. But I think how he handles [questions about the divorce] will be telling. If he responds in a defensive way, I think it could make things worse.”

    Cruise is certainly not invulnerable. His most recent film, Rock of Ages, has grossed a disappointing $48.6 million worldwide. And his next project, Paramount’s Jack Reacher, is a bit of a risk: a gritty, violent action pic based on a 2005 novel by Lee Child that is set for release Dec. 21. That project is important for Cruise because if successful, it could lead to an action franchise that could carry the actor into his 60s. Paramount released the first trailer for the film July 3, at the height of media frenzy over the divorce, and, as of now, the studio will not alter its marketing campaign in the wake of the divorce or media coverage of Cruise’s devotion to Scientology. He’s shooting Oblivion for Universal, and Cruise attorney Bert Fields (who handled the divorce settlement with Dennis Wasser) says the actor is “deciding which of three projects will be next.” Fields adds, "Tom is sad about the divorce but his career couldn't be better."

    So far, Cruise and Holmes, both represented by CAA, have said nothing beyond a joint statement July 9 announcing a quick divorce settlement and expressing respect “for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs” and their support for “each other’s roles as parents.” As far as Bragman is concerned, this was the appropriate route. “I don’t expect a catharsis interview,” he says, adding that both Cruise and Holmes should focus on their work.

    With the divorce settled, media coverage of Scientology likely will die down as well, much as it did when Cruise moved on from his marriage to Nicole Kidman in 2001. In the meantime, several sources say Cruise should just focus on what he does best: being a movie star. Since the Jack Reachertrailer debuted, fans of the novels have begun griping that the 5-foot-8 Cruise is too short to play a character written as 6-foot-5.

    Says Bragman: “If the controversy is whether he’s tall enough to play a character, that’s good for him. That’s a controversy he would embrace.”


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    On September 25, the "Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled" hits stores, and now we've got your first look at some of its contents!

    First get a look at the set itself, featuring the Tesseract housed within its S.H.I.E.L.D. containment case, along with some top-secret dossiers we can't tell you about just yet.

    Then, created exclusively for this collection, artist Matthew Ferguson distills each film to its most iconic elements in six brand-new pieces of art that will adorn the sleeves holding the Blu-ray discs themselves.

    You can check out all six images below, plus Ferguson's artwork for the box set-exclusive "The Phase One Archives" disc, and stay tuned to for more on "Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled"!

    Pre-selling on Amazon for $152.99 USD to be released on Sept. 25th.  No idea how "limited" the edition is.


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  • 07/11/12--10:23: Jane Pitt Dun Goofed
  • Angelina Jolie "steaming mad" over anti-gay letter sent by partner Brad Pitt's mother

    Wow. Few op-ed pieces in local papers have received as much attention as the one penned by Brad Pitt's mom Jane.

    Mrs. Pitt praise of Mitt Romney and admonishment of President Obama for his marriage equality immediately went viral, making Mrs. Pitt an instant right wing celebrity, Today Show topic and now it's tabloid fodder.

    According to Star magazine source, Angelina Jolie, potentially a future Mrs. Pitt herself, is "steaming mad" over the letter and wants Brad to "educate his mother."

    "If Brad won’t do it, Angelina will have to take matters into her own hands and talk to Jane about how, as the mother of such a prominent celebrity, she shouldn’t be writing letters that clash with her son’s political opinions."

    If this is true — IF — and I were Jane Pitt, I would go with "mama's boy" Brad, because Angelina… she could take almost anyone.


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  • 07/11/12--10:24: ONTD Roundup
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    UPDATED: WEDNESDAY, JULY, 11, 2012 The way Katie Holmes carefully plotted her split from Tom Cruise could easily be a Hollywood thriller. The actress “surprised” her husband with a phone call asking for a divorce while he was thousands of miles away in Iceland, shooting his upcoming sci-fi flick "Oblivion," on June 29, then she managed to wrestle away custody of Suri, 6, from him just 11 days later. A report released on Tuesday details just how she went about her secret plan – she used a disposable cell phone.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, a friend of Holmes provided her with the throwaway device so she could talk to her New York City-based lawyers without Cruise, 50, or his people knowing what she was up to. Now, yet another report, a People magazine story released on Wednesday, divulges further details on how Holmes caught her husband of five years off guard by meticulously plotting her divorce plans ahead of time, even reaching out to her parents for help. According to the report, Tom Cruise was about to start shooting an action-packed scene on the set in Iceland when he answered an unexpected call from Holmes. “He was about to do a stunt and got off his motorcycle to take the call,” a source tells People. It was during that conversation that Holmes broke the news. “He’s been in shock since that day,” the source adds.

    The Los Angeles Times also reports that when Holmes, 33, and Cruise settled their divorce on Monday, she already had three law firms in three different states set up in case she’d have to battle her soon-to-be ex outside of Manhattan, where she filed. The “Mission: Impossible” star initially wanted to hash out their divorce in California, which typically favors divorcing parents to have joint custody of their children (Holmes had requested sole custody of Suri in her filing). It turns out one of the toughest attorneys Holmes had on her side was reportedly her own father. “It’s his way or the highway,” a fellow attorney tells People of Martin Holmes, 67, a top divorce lawyer in Toledo, Ohio, who helped lay out Holmes' strategy for the split. “He’ll look a storm in the eye and make sure he’s standing when it’s over,” adds former mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

    Holmes' dad arrived in New York to be with his daughter around June 26, two days before she made the call to Cruise. (Whether the actor knew the elder Holmes was in New York at the time remains to be seen). Katie's mom, Kathleen, has also since traveled to the Big Apple and was most recently spotted accompanying her daughter and granddaughter on an outing to the Manhattan athletic complex Chelsea Piers on Tuesday.

    As part of the settlement, Holmes will have total control over Suri’s education. And, in a move that is a definite slap in the actor’s face, Holmes – who renounced her Catholic upbringing for Scientology when she married Cruise in 2006 – has registered as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City not far from her Chelsea apartment. That presumably means she'll be taking Suri along with her to mass. “Everyone is thrilled to have Katie join us,” a member of the church's choir told The Huffington Post on Monday. “She has not yet attended a service, but when she does she will be welcomed with open arms.”


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