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    NEW YORK (AP) — A new shade of grey? A sexy, self-published romance novel that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies has been acquired by an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

    Atria Books announced Tuesday that it had signed up Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster," to be released immediately as an e-book. A paperback will follow in August.

    The story of a young woman trying to choose between two men is currently No. 106 on's best-seller list and has received more than 1,000 customer reviews.

    McGuire's literary agency, Valarie Hoskins Associates, also represents "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James.

    "Walking Disaster," a sequel to "Beautiful Disaster," is scheduled to be published by Atria next year.


    Basically posted so that certain people would rage with me. You know who you are. Actually, she probably hates me from when I said this had to be coming a few weeks ago. Ugh. Nice to know McGuire's method of getting people to hear about her works. And that we need more abusive relationships depicted as love stories out there. Atria, I'm so disappointed. I wonder how they're going to classify the book . . .

    Also, can they PLEASE stop mentioning that fanfic in every book article now? It's beyond old.

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    Wynter Gordon Review and EP for free!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A good week and a half ago we announced that American singer songwriter Wynter Gordon would be self releasing four free EP’s throughout the rest of 2012 despite still being signed to current labelAtlantic/Big Beat. The ‘Dirty Talk’ singer, who has written for big stars like Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige and Estelle revealed the main reason for self-releasing these EP’s is a way of being creative and experimenting with different styles of music which are rather distant from her current dance direction.

    Revealing those four EP’s under the collective ‘ Human Condition’ Wynter explains all four EP’s deal with a particular emotion people are familiar with; The first in line is ‘Doleo’, latin for pain, which consists of no less than 8 very different tracks:

    One of those highlights is without a doubt the first single taken from the free EP, ‘Stimela’ which has been aired a few weeks ago.The track was inspired by Hugh Masekala’s anti-apartheid song of the same name and features a chorus sung in Zulu and African-pop production reminiscent of early-80s Genesis and solo Phil Collins.

    ‘Doleo’ in itself is a varied bundle of eight interesting, creative tracks where Wynter not only deals with the emotion of pain, but gives her listeners a way to overcome pain, and mesmerize everybody by coming up with an original style no one expected from her in the first place.

    Wynter Gordon’s EP ‘Doleo’ can be downloaded below


    Wynter tag mods? She's flawless!

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    More controversy surrounds the release of Frank Ocean's debut album Channel Orange as last night Frank Ocean released his album a week early exclusively on iTunes. This has upset Target enough to decide they won't sell the physical copy when it drops next Tuesday July 17th. Target is saying it will not carry the album because of the early release, but Christian Clancy who represents Frank Ocean and his Odd Future group mates is implying it is for another reason. Read the tweet above and I'm sure you can figure out the other reason, this all comes to light after the singer had released his coming out letter last week telling the world he had once loved another man. Not to beat a dead horse, but it shouldn't matter what someones sexuality is regarding whether you sell/listen to their music. This spells potential trouble for Target if true.

    fuck target.

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    Demi Lovato
     took a page out of Simon Cowell's playbook ... kicking a pair of 'X Factor' contestants off stage today for rapping about smoking bath salts ... TMZ has learned.

    Sources on set for 'XF' auditions in Greensboro, NC ... tell us the two guys laid down a rap that included the line, "I'm high on bath salts." 

    Apparently most of the crowd didn't hear the lyrics, but Demi did -- and as soon as the duo finished she furiously scolded them, saying ... "It's really inappropriate to rap about drugs in front of kids."

    Demi did a stint in rehab in 2011, and has admitted to using drugs and booze when she was underage -- so, it's no wonder she went off on the clowns.

    We're told the audience agreed with Demi, and booed the contestants off stage ... and they were not judged for the competition.

    There's a new sheriff in town ...


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    Thunderstorm warning for Nickelback concert
    Environment Canada says concert attendees should take precautions

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Environment Canada is warning Nickelback fans to stay away from the stage during Saturday night's outdoor concert if there is thunder and lightning.

    The Canadian rock band will be playing at the Magnetic Hill concert site on Saturday but the weather forecast is suggesting concertgoers may find themselves in a rain storm.

    Claude Côté, a meteorologist, said the air is going to warm up Saturday afternoon and evening, the most likely moment for lightning to strike.

    "This one is a little bit tricky and it's not black and white, it falls into this grey area. The air mass is unsettled and we're going to see showers and thunderstorms, but it's very difficult to say exactly where in southeast New Brunswick," said Côté.

    Côté said the 35,000 expected concert attendees should take precautions, like staying away from the stage and other tall objects, if they see thunder clouds.

    "There will be some higher structures around so you don't want to be too close to these structures," he said.

    Côté said fans should leave the stands if they hear thunder.

    Environment Canada said up to 10 people die and another 160 are injured from lightning strikes each year.

    The federal department is promoting a motto Nickelback fans probably don't want to hear:

    "If it roars, stay indoors."

    This isn't the first time Moncton concertgoers have had to deal with wet weather.

    It also rained off and on during last year's U2 concert at Magnetic Hill.

    basically the gods of music are giving Nickelback a sign that they should gtfo.
    p.s CREED is going to play at my local fair this year on Dollar Day... im DYING

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    The inevitable has finally happened, folks. Kanye West made his first appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend last night.

    And just as we suspected, Kanye has been lending his fashionable eye to Kim since the very start. In the clip, she’s having some doubts about her choice of handbag. “Don’t you think this clutch is too busy for this?” she inquires.

    “Nah, it’s cool. It’s alright,” replies Kanye. Ok, well fashion may break his heart, but luckily Kim seems to have the power to put it right back together again.

    At the time this episode was filmed, the two were “just hanging out” according to Kim, however obviously their relationship has since blossomed to become the paparazzi magnet we all know (however reluctantly) as Kimye.


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    We already knew Louis Tomlinson was the cutest of the boy banders in One Direction, but thanks to band-mate Niall Horan's bathroom tweet today, now we also know Louis has the cutest booty. The bum-baring tweet has since been taken down, but you can still see Louis in all his shower glory after the jump... NSFW, obvi.



    I want a side view, tbh.

    Side note: my first post on ONTD ever! Yay! I hope I did this right...


    EDIT: it's fake :( Sorry, ONTD! But we can still have a 1D part, y/y?

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    Charlie FINALLY

    This week's theme: Fearlessness
    Guest Mentor: Jane Lynch
    Homework Song: Now That We've Found Love by Heavy D & the Boyz
    Challenge Winner: Lily (I just realized I've been spelling her name wrong for weeks)
    Group Song: Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another

    Bottom Three:
    Charlie: It's Not Unusual
    Aylin: Take a Bow
    Nellie: If I Were a Boy

    Source: Oxygen

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    LEAKED: Human Torch Model Sheet (Modern Costume)


    Gamespot gameplay preview (Simplified Purifier mission, Scarlet Witch & Hulk)


    After the cut:
    - New screenshots
    - New preview articles

    New screenshots


    New preview articles

    Read them at your pleasure (or not)

    Remember, the Marvel Heroes demo is playable at the Marvel booth, #2329, in Comic-Con. More details will be revealed at the Marvel Games panel on Saturday, 1345-1445 PST. For more information and to view liveblogs for this and other events visit

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    Oop put a cut now! Sorry mods!

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    Louis C.K. apparently decided that, after Daniel Tosh has been the subject of harsh criticism for saying it would be funny if a feminist heckler got gang raped at his show, Tosh is in need of his support. “Your show makes me laugh every time I watch it,” he tweeted. “And you have pretty eyes.” Given C.K.’s long record of comedy that’s self-reflective about privilege and smart about gender—though I do think he’s fallen down both comedically and politically in his attacks on Sarah Palin, and his episode of Louie where he goes after a heckler played by Megan Hilty can be jarring—this is particularly disappointing. Given the reaction I, and other folks, have gotten from comedians today, and a rash of unfortunate attempts at humor that have devolved into bashing women, I kind of think women who care about comedy need C.K.’s championing them more than Daniel Tosh does. And I’m feeling less disappointed by not pulling the trigger on tickets to see him live on this tour.


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    Lea Michele's Candie's Commercial

    Here for her legs, tbh. And her lips. And her everything. Goddamn. Oh, and Lea and her cute glasses tyfyt.

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    Akira Toriyama, Toei Make Dragon Ball Z Film Next March

    This year's 33rd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Saturday that the upcoming new film adaptation of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga will be released on March 30.

    The film will be directed by Masahiro Hosoda (Dragon Ball Z episode director, Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun) at Toei and written by Yūsuke Watanabe (live-action 20th Century Boys trilogy, Gantz, Bloody Monday, Future Diary), with Tadayoshi Yamamuro (Dragon Ball Movie 4: The Path to Power, Beet the Vandel Buster) acting as the lead animation director.

    The announcement also features the URL, which currently redirects to a blank page on Toei's official website with the URL

    In a comment printed alongside the announcement, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama notes that the adaptation will mark the first time he has been so deeply involved in the production of an anime, in this case as early as the screenwriting stages. Toriyama also says that the film will retain the atmosphere of the original while adding small amounts of "modern flavor."

    The announcement lists Fox International Productions Japan as a member of the film's production committee, alongside Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, Bandai, and Bandai Namco Games.

    The official website for the magazine had already opened a "D" teaser page with a countdown to a "surprise" on Saturday, July 14.

    Update: More film details added.

    Update 2: Details regarding film's production committee added. Thanks to Liam for the tip.

    Senzu Bean Sauce

    I dunno how I feel about this, the last anime that came out was kinda lame
    I hope this one is good
    I dedicate this post to my DBZ fam here on ONTD,
    Dad blazinwolf , my little sis zizm0re, and my lil bro yamcha

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    The Twilight Saga community is mourning the loss of 53-year-old fan Gisella G., who died this morning in anticipation of attending Breaking Dawn: Part 2's celebrity panel at Comic-Con later this week.

    "I'm so sorry to hear the devastating news about Gisella G," tweeted Ashley Greene. "My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends."

    "This is horrible," Nikki Reed writes. "So sad. I'm speechless."

    According to San Diego police, the attendee reportedly tried to run across a crosswalk to secure her place in line when the unidentified driver of a Subaru Outback didn't see her in time. Unconscious and suffering a bleeding head wound, Gisella was taken to the hospital where she later died.

    The film's producers (on behalf of Lionsgate and Summit) released a joint statement shortly after, offering their condolences. "The entire Twilight community [is] saddened by the death of a Comic-Con fan today due to a traffic accident during the hours leading up to this year's convention in San Diego. ”

    In the hours since the fan's tragic death, an online petition has been set up asking for a moment of silence for the deceased fan during the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 panel.

    Comic-Con starts on Thursday, July 12 and runs through Sunday, July 15. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and more of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2's stars are confirmed to attend.


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    Tom Cruise's former personal counselor in Scientology says the religion's leader, David Miscavige is the real problem behind the actor's troubled marriages.


    For the last eight years of my service to corporate Scientology, while carrying out other executive duties, I also served as the personal counselor to Tom Cruise.

    I participated in Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige’s meddling in Cruise’s first two marriages with Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. (Miscavige is Cruise's best friend and was best man at his wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006.)

    I know the players involved, and it’s clear to me that Cruise has capitulated this time around. That’s how I read the joint statement issued Monday by Cruise and Holmes. He’s not trying to have complete control of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri, and her upbringing, though that’s certainly what he wanted.

    It’s a very coded statement, especially when they say they are going to respect each other’s beliefs. That is not allowed in Scientology. He’s prohibited from respecting others’ beliefs if he’s going to raise Suri in Scientology. There’s no neutral ground.

    I think Holmes was in the dominating position, and she got what she wanted in this divorce. I don’t think they would have settled in such short order if that wasn’t the case.

    It happened because of the media’s laser focus on the issue of Scientology Inc. and Cruise's close relationship with Miscavige.

    I personally witnessed how Miscavige inserted himself between Cruise and his first two wives, and there was every indication he had done the same with Holmes.

    A contested divorce proceeding would have shined a spotlight on that and would have irreparably damaged the image of Scientology, Miscavige and Cruise.

    They were called out on Scientology’s child indoctrination practices and harassment tactics over the past several days. With those weapons exposed, there was no other means available for Scientology Inc. to practice its dark arts. They couldn’t intimidate and bully Holmes any longer.

    That’s why last week I publicly advised Cruise to concede primary custody of Suri to her mother. On Sunday, I published a prediction on my blog,, that Cruise and Miscavige would attempt to quickly settle with Holmes, conceding primary custody of Suri while issuing a statement that would attempt to portray a different outcome.

    It appears Cruise made my prediction come to fruition.

    I will impart one more piece of advice: No matter what else happens, wake up and terminate the abusive, manipulative relationship you have been carrying on with David Miscavige through your three unsuccessful marriages.

    I think that if you look at it objectively, you will find that your problem with marriage has been your unhealthy and unnatural relationship with cult leader Miscavige.

    Many people who have done the bidding of Miscavige over the past three decades, including myself, have blown the whistle on his unlawful and violent behavior during the past three years.

    Let me assure you that the public at large will forgive you at once the moment you make a clean break.

    It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but as the founder of your religion once noted, quinine tastes terrible, but if you have malaria, you sure don’t think twice about drinking it.

    Leave the Kool-Aid, take the quinine.


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    can't fucking wait omg Bitchney is so flawless


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    Viacom networks including MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon went dark for DirecTV subscribers at midnight ET as Viacom and DirecTV squabbled over fees.

    The outage came as a deadline in the dispute passed without a resolution. Both sides said in statements that no deal had been reached.

    Viacom said 20 million customers lost their networks. DirecTV said Viacom is seeking a 30 percent increase -- equaling more than a billion dollars -- in the fees it receives from DirecTV. Those costs would likely be passed on to customers.

    Derek Chang, DirecTV executive vice president of content, strategy and development, said in the company's statement that Viacom was pushing for the fee increase "despite the fact that the ratings for many of their main networks have plummeted and much of Viacom’s programming can be seen for free online.”

    He was referring especially to struggling kids' network Nickelodeon, which began registering significant ratings slides in the fall.

    Viacom, meanwhile, complained in a blog post that DirecTV had "dropped the channels without giving Viacom advanced warning," and that the two sides had not been in direct contact since 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. Viacom said DirecTV dropped the channels just before the midnight deadline.

    "We are deeply disappointed that DirecTV dropped Viacom’s channels before our midnight deadline this evening, severing our connection with its nearly 20 million subscribers nationwide," Viacom said. "We proposed a fair deal that amounted to an increase of only a couple pennies per day, per subscriber, and we remained willing to negotiate that deal right up to this evening’s deadline. However, DirecTV refused to engage in meaningful conversation. We are hopeful that DirecTV will work with us toward a resolution, and stop denying its subscribers access to the networks they watch most.

    In the hours leading up to the blackout, DirecTV subscribers were subjected to on-screen messages from both DirecTV and Viacom, with each claiming the other was to blame.

    "This is f---ing annoying," tweeted DirecTV subscriber Christopher J. Ortiz, who posted the image above. "#Viacom and #DirecTv, you guys are acting like 5th graders. Half my screen is filled."

    Seventeen Viacom networks are affected: Palladia, Centric, Tr3s, CMT, Logo, NickToons, VH1 Classic, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Nick@Nite, Spike, BET, VH1, TV Land, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV.

    Viacom said before the blackout that the two sides had been "negotiating for months" and that it had offered to extend its 7-year-old contract with DirecTV further past its June 30th expiration date. It also said the two sides had made recent progress in negotiations, but that "DirecTV has rejected all of our proposals to renew our agreement."

    DirecTV, meanwhile, contended that Viacom "sent a letter to our executives forcing us to take the channels away in order to gain leverage against us in negotiations."

    Right now there are "extra" channels playing a video from the CEO of Directv explaining the company's side of the situation. It'll be interesting to see how much longer negotiations will go...


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    Presented without further comment. Enjoy, bbs!

    Source: YouTube

    Dedicated to my faraway boo ___radwagon.

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    A Game of Thrones fan favorite will take a break from protecting his Khaleesi and step into the world of Syfy’s Haven.

    Iain Glen (Downton Abbey; Ser Jorah on Thrones) will guest star on the supernatural drama as a man bent on vengeance after being trapped inside his house for 27 years (well, he shouldn’t have taken a job as a TV blogger then!).

    The actor will appear in the sixth episode of the upcoming third season of Haven, which returns to Syfy on Friday, Sept. 21, at 10 p.m. Haven picks up immediately following the events of the season two finale with Audrey (Emily Rose) having been brutally kidnapped; Nathan (Lucas Bryant) warned against pursuing a romantic relationship with Audrey; and Duke (Eric Balfour) seemingly engaged in a fight to the death with Nathan after he discovers his family lineage is to kill troubled Haven citizens.

    SyFy's "Haven" cast will be hitting San Diego this week for Comic-Con 2012

    It was recently announced that "Haven," including the happy trio: Eric Balfour, Emily Rose, and Lucas Bryant, will be heading to SDCC this week. This news came as a shock to me, as I was not expecting it, but my shock swiftly turned into ecstatic joy when Entertainment One announced that "Haven" will also be throwing an unexpected shin-dig!

    SyFy will have the streets up in smoke with their elaborate and publicized "Defiance" buzz, but it's nice to see that "Haven" will also have a chance to shine and answer to their growing fan-base that may be visiting for the Con. Tickets to the event seem to be hush hush, but as it seems, Syfy is going all out this year for "Defiance," there's no reason to believe that "Haven" hype will be limited at all and eOne's "Haven" cast party is definite proof!

    Entertainment One announced today that the "Haven" party will take place at Sidebar San Diego on Market Street in downtown San Diego this Thursday, July 12th, from 8pm-11pm.

    You can win tickets to the event by visiting the eOne booth at SDCC on Wednesday or Thursday. The cast is said to be at the party and you can bet the party will be "Haven" themed in its entirety!

    No word yet as to whether or not "Haven" Season 2 will be sold prematurely at the Con (release date is not until Sept) but we can all hope for such good things. Also be aware that "Lost Girl" will be having a panel and a signing, which is definitely something to salivate over given the "Lost Girl" Season 2 finale.

    SyFy is going all out this year and SDCC is going to be off-the-chain! Good luck to you all in your troubled "Haven" endeavors!

    Nice to see SyFy is finally throwing some support towards 'Haven
    Haven's finest asses tyfyt


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  • 07/10/12--22:37: Octomom Sued By Strip Club

  • The woman known as "Octomom" is facing a lawsuit after backing out of a deal to strip at a Florida club.

    T's Lounge in West Palm Beach has sued Nadya Suleman, who had agreed to dance topless in eight shows that were to begin Wednesday. The club is seeking an emergency injunction to keep her from appearing at a competing club.

    Suleman has been summoned to appear in court, but no hearing has yet been set. It is unclear whether the matter will be resolved before she's set to take the stage at The Playhouse Gentleman's Club in Hollywood on Friday.

    Phone and email messages left for Gina Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for Suleman, were not returned Tuesday.

    The dispute began almost as soon as Suleman signed a contract June 3 to appear at T's Lounge in what was being billed as her "first feature dance appearance." Two days later, a representative for Suleman sent notice she was cancelling because she was angered by a television interview in which a club bartender called her "crazy."

    "She will not be defamed by the club that was booking her, nor walk into a bad situation," the message said.

    Suleman's contract says she must give 35 days' notice. The lawsuit says she only gave 34. The contract also bars Suleman from appearing at another strip club within 50 miles and 90 days of the scheduled appearances in West Palm Beach.

    A copy of the contract is attached to the court filing, but the amount Suleman was to be paid has been removed.

    T's Lounge is suing for an amount in excess of $15,000. It claims the exact damages stemming from Suleman's cancellation are "unascertainable" and that she caused "irreparable harm."

    Meanwhile, ads cajoling men to "Come See Octomom Take it Off" have appeared in advance of her scheduled appearance Friday in nearby Broward County. Frank Cerabino, a columnist for The Palm Beach Post, has characterized it as "a fight between neighboring South Florida counties for the bragging rights -- or maybe it's sagging rights."

    An attorney for Tease Lounge Inc., which operates T's, did not return a call seeking comment.

    Suleman, who lives in La Habra, California, is the mother of 14 children including octuplets born in 2009. She has struggled financially, recently declaring bankruptcy.

    She previously sold photos of herself and her children to tabloids. She recently appeared in a topless spread in a British magazine.


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