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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Gina MarieVanessa


    Johnny Mac the Rockstar Pawn


    John won the veto (after throwing another competition)

    Jeff was the replacement nominee.

    By a vote of 7 to 4, Jeff was evicted from the Big Brother house.

    Source: My TV

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    With over 30,000 signatures, Toronto residents are outraged and want Kanye replaced by a Canadian artist. The petition states “Why was a local artist or group not chosen and supported, just as our local athletes are throughout the games?” Pitbull and Serena Ryder are the other acts set to close the show.

    Two days ago the Toronto mayor spoke about the controversy surrounding Kanye West and said "I wish it would have been a Canadian artist. I also wish I'd known he wasn't Canadian. But you can't know everything."

    Toronto mayor quotes “All I can focus on with Kanye West is who he is married to,” the mayor said. “I only know who his wife is, that’s all I know about him and now I know he’s an American, so there we go.”

    When he was asked what he knows about Kim, he quotes “Just that she is part of that very colourful, interesting family and that she seems to pose in pictures that show off her ample posterior on a regular basis.”

    Some reactions to Kanye performing

    After saying he wished it was a Canadian performing, he apologized and posted this video to youtube. Which features the Mayor of Toronto John Tory listening to Kanye West and riding the subway

    Source1Source 2Source 3

    I can't see this ending well

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    Obviously Mac&Me meets AntMan!

    Antman discussion post?

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    @millajovovich: Well the moment so many of you have been waiting for is finally here where I can tell you that it's zombie killing season for the Jovovich-Anderson clan! Here I am getting my face cast made for "resident evil: the final chapter"!! I leave to South Africa tomorrow to start prepping for the movie! #residentevilmovie #ladiary

    Milla's husband Paul W.S. Anderson is returning for the fourth time as the writer and director of the franchise along with Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield. (ok but what about Ali Larter???)


    Are you excited for the final chapter, (we'll see about that when the box office numbers come in) ONTD or are you ready for it to be shot in the head? What is your favorite film in the franchise? I'd say the original and Apocalypse are the best. Afterlife and Retribution feel like completely different franchises tbh.

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    Yesterday, seemingly for no reason, Miley posted this photo of a faceswapped Taylor and Justin Bieber on instagram:

    Also seemingly for no reason, Taylor chose to respond to it with what seems like a passive aggressive comment:

    #tbt to when they were sort of friends with each other:

    Source 1 / 2

    Do you randomly leave comments on old friends' instagrams, ontd?

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    btw, i need a canadian uploader to share the latest hannibal episode pls kkthanks

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    The man who murdered 12 people during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, was found guilty on 165 counts of murder today. The jury did not accept his plea of insanity and will now decide whether he will receive the death penalty.

    source that has done an excellent job covering this topic

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    This panel was hilarious and you should watch it.


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    • During a visit in Australia, Rap Mon "joked" about the first thing he noticed on his fellow groupmates: “Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So…yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.”

    • Fan takes things to the next level by tweeting about killing him.

    • Event in NYC gets cancelled. Fans are pissed off.


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    - hired an £80-an-hour personal trainer to help her fight off the signs of ageing on her face.

    - training at a specialist gym where clients are put through punishing regimes that act like a ''natural Botox'' to fight off ageing.


    Ontd, would you pay £80-an-hour for a natural botox?

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    • Designed by British architect, Zaha Hadid, the 80000-seat stadium was meant to be the venue for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. Construction was supposed to begin this fall.

    • The original budget was¥130 billion ($1 billion), but the cost increased to¥300 billion ($2.4 billion, which is also more expensive than the past three summer Olympic stadiums combined) which was eventually downsized to ¥252 billion.

    • On Friday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that plans to use Zaha Hadid's design have been scrapped and they will be starting over from scratch. He's confident that the construction of the stadium will be in time for the 2020 Olympics.

    • The project was awarded to Hadid in late 2012 through a competition that included several Japanese architects. Her design was criticized by many leading Japanese architects, who complained that the design was out of scale with its surroundings. One architect compared Hadid's design to "a turtle waiting for Japan to sink so that it can swim away."

    • In 2014, Hadid responded to her critics, stating that "they don’t want a foreigner to build in Tokyo for a national stadium."

    Initial design

    After design modifications

    Twitter had to turn Hadid's design into a meme of course.

    SOURCE: The Verge | Kotaku

    special shoutout to ontd's architecture students/architects (if there are any)

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    -Lou Lumenick of recapped the Anne Helen Petersen Buzzfeed piece and stated that though he’s not gonna say he doesn’t believe that Loretta Young was raped by Gable, he questions why Young’s official biographer never mentioned the rape and what were 85-year-old Young’s MOTIVES for speaking about the rape after she spent sixty years trying to cover it up. (Erm . . . maybe because she was still haunted by it and that shit rarely leaves you ???)
    -Lumenick interviewed a few film historian friends and Gable biographer Robert Matzen was all, “So this sophisticated woman has to ask for the definition of date rape? This new story makes her sound sort of like an idiot. Loretta was no idiot. She was a Hollywood survivor capable of engineering the whole adoption thing, and she also steadfastly denied Gable’s paternity through the course of her like." (A woman is an idiot for not knowing the definition of date rape even though most people don’t understand consent?)
    - Matzen also believes that Young said Gable raped her because she was concerned about her legacy. (WTF)
    - Another film historian and “Girl 27” writer David Stenn was all, “It’s entirely conceivable that Loretta Young’s version is true. It’s also possible that her Catholic guilt caused her to reframe the narrative decades later. It speaks to the tragic and unjust attitudes of the era. Not only did Loretta have the shame of premarital sex, but [she] had the burden of pregnancy. Judy told me her mother told her, “’You are my mortal sin.’”(These historians are pointing fingers at everything except for Gable. “Gable couldn’t possibly be a rapist! Young was just too Catholic!”)
    - Stenn was also all Gable raping Young was acceptable back in the 1930s. And: “If the story is true, there’s something deeply poignant about her only understanding what happened many decades later. It shines a light on an ugly period of Hollywood and its treatment of women.”
    - Lumenick then quotes Young describing the gentle and tender way Gable treated women, then questions whether or not Young was putting on a show for the cameras. After allowing his film historian friends to do the dirty work, Lumenick ends with, “Or, more important, was Young still in denial about an ugly reality in her distant past? We’ll never know for sure.”

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    Camila Cabello's band, No Harmony, have been on their way to global domination! They recently performed the Spanglish version of "Worth It" at the iconic Latin award show Premios Juventud, where they finally allowed Lauren to do a bit more than breath on a mic! Also, their singles "Sledgehammer" and "Worth It" have recently reached platinum certifications in the USA.


    But do they have the same impact in the UK? Let's take a look!

    X Factor USA 2012 third-placed act Fifth Harmony's introductory album, Reflection debuts at number 18 (3,354 sales).

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Meanwhile, "Worth It" (feat. Kid Ink) dives 3-10 (41,182 sales). With collection of streaming data back to normal, every song in the Top 10 aside from Fifth Harmony's Worth It increased notional sales.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic.


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    Follows the lives two co-dependent sisters who work as hotel maids in Fresno.


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    Nobody's fav Michael Cera, of annoying fame, has been cast to voice Robin in the upcoming Lego Batman feature film. Cera's uncle on Arrested Development, Will Arnett, of creeper fame, will voice fake-superhero Batman!

    Paraphrased from @JustJared.

    No one asked for this. [3,000]

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    Liam Payne's backup dancer, Louis Tomlinson, of pitchy fame, has broken his silence for the first time since the world discovered his pregnancy. The scribbled one took to his Twitter to thank his fans, for the first time since the news broke:

    Paraphrased from @JustJared and @Louis_Tomlinson.

    Did you even try? 4D stays avoiding the real issues slaying.

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  • 07/17/15--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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    -other than being formulaic, seemingly rushed, and generic, critics have started to come for antman's use of racial stereotypes
    -rudd's character has two fellow crook friends who are the POC of the film (TI and michael pena) and they provide comic relief for the film
    VF review states "at times it seems that the only thing funny about them is that they’re not white."
    -says there's an "ugly current of racial humor" throughout the film because of these two

    some select tweets by viewers:


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