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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    -Rachel McAdams threw up on set shooting last episode's final shootout scene where she had to run 200 yards a couple times
    -She was drinking Emergen-C to keep her energy up


    that scene was pretty good but mcconaissance still did it better last year.
    have you puked from this season of True Detective ontd?

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    -Lil Wayne's tour bus was shot up in April. Thankfully, he wasn't in it.
    -Birdman and Young Thug and another unnamed individual are mentioned in the indictment as the culprits who ordered the hit in an attempt to have Wayne killed.
    -No charges have been brought against any of the parties.
    -Police are looking into Birdman & Young Thug's gang affiliations.
    -A few days ago, Wayne performed at LIV nightclub and Birdman (or one of his boys) threw drinks at him while he was performing.
    -All this comes after Lil' Wayne sued Birdman and Cash Money Records to get off the label and for control over Drake and Nicki Minaj's contract, among others.


    People always fucked around saying Birdman would off Wayne if he fucked with his money but the fact that it's ACTUALLY happening and we're watching it play out is crazy. I hope Wayne stays safe.

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    Are you watching the show of the summer ONTD?


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    *click here* for a better and bigger img

    Bonus Tweet!

    Source: @ColliderNews 1 / 2

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  • 07/16/15--18:01: The 100 Comic-Con Panel

  • I just realized this was never posted.


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    i can really only name one wilco song but i love free shit so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Congratulations: 24 nominations for β€œGame of Thrones,” including a nomination for yourself in Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. Where were you when you found out?

    -She was at the doctor's office and had to try to contain her excitement.

    Did you contact Lena Headey [also nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series] and say congratulations as well? Have you two spoken?

    We’ve not spoken, but we’ve been using the telecommunications to congratulate one another for sure.

    Are you excited to be going directly against Lena for the nomination? How will you guys have fun with that? Have you already started teasing?

    I definitely think we’re going to have a lot of fun with that. I admire her so much. I think that the work that she does on our show is absolutely exceptional. And I think that she’s so brave. With every season, it gets more messy with her, and with her character in this brilliant way. And then last season saw her being torn down from her high place, all powerful position. And then you get to see this really guttural, visceral performance; it just broke my heart.

    And Peter Dinklage also has a nomination, and this season was the first time you got to work with him on set. What was that like?

    He’s so funny and charming and gorgeous and talented. Every now and again, you meet actors who just literally make days brighter, and Peter is exactly that person.

    Could you give hints for Dany in Season 6?

    I’ve read the script....and its really exciting. There's very little setup next season. It’s just go, go, go, go. Shocking moment to shocking moment. Epic moment to epic moment. It’s mental; it’s epic. And definitely Dany’s a part of it.

    Read full interview at

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    Sept. 15 – Indianapolis, IN – Murat Theatre
    Sept. 16 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
    Sept. 17 – St. Louis, MO – Fabulous Fox Theatre
    Sept. 18 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theater
    Sept. 19 – Baltimore, MD – Pier Six Pavilion
    Sept. 20 – Washington, DC – DAR Constitution Hall
    Sept. 24 – Philadelphia, PA – The Mann Center for Performing Arts
    Sept. 25 – Cleveland,OH – Hard Rock Live
    Sept. 26 – New York, NY – Best Buy Theatre
    Sept. 27 – Boston, MA – House of Blues
    Sept. 30 – Richmond, VA – Carpenter Center
    Oct. 1 – Portsmouth, VA – nTelos Wireless Pavilion
    Oct. 2 – Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre
    Oct. 3 – Louisville, KY – Palace Theatre
    Oct. 5 – Nashville, TN – Schermerhorn Symphony Center
    Oct. 9 – Houston, TX – Bayou Music Center
    Oct. 10 – Dallas, TX – Verizon Theatre @ Grand Prairie
    Oct. 12 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
    Oct. 14* – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater (*K. Michelle performing only)
    Oct. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater

    Tickets go on sale tomorrow at!


    Will you be attending the tour of the fall? I'll be at the Chicago date!

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    - Djokovic likes to tear off his shirts but couldn't rip this Uniqlo polo during the Wimbledon final

    - A video of a couple banging in the changing room of the Beijing Uniqlo went viral
    - The Chinese govt. wants to punish the social media sites that allowed this to happen
    - Sex talk included: "Say we'll be together," and "Call me husband."
    - Sales have gone up since the video, Uniqlo denies being a part of it


    I love uniqlo! do you think they bought denim leggings?

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    During a performance for 'Despierta America', the singer opened her legs and allowed what appears to be a sanitary pad fall down onto the floor.

    Will this stop you from using pads, ONTD? What has been your most embarrassing period experience?

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    I'm seeing this on Tuesday... can't wait.

    Will this documentary be nominated for an Oscar, ONTD?

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    The teams traveled to "Is that in Europe?" Chile.


    Hamilton & Michaelia won 2 express passes and used 1 to skip over a detour that Hamilton was not comfortable with due to it involving nudity (He is trans, if you missed last week.).


    Source: Me

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  • 07/16/15--20:11: Gotham SDCC panel.
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    If you've been in any 1D scandal post on ONTD, you are probably familiar with Larry Stylinson: the ship name for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Since the X Factor days, fans have speculated that these two have been in a secret relationship with each other, forced in the closet by the malevolent #MANAGEMENT (Modest! Management) . Larries (what fans call themselves) are a huge part of the 1D fandom, and are known for their detailed theories of why Larry is true. Moreover, big Larry blogs are also known for claiming to have proof whenever drama comes out to soothe the deluded masses (maybe the good ontd resident larry could confirm??). Β I have conducted a research into Larry culture, and was horrified/entertained by the multitude of batshit theories these people come up with. Without further ado, here are four ridiculous Larry theories.

    1. Eleanor Calder is actually three different girls

    Back when Louie was dating Eleanor Calder, the Larries decided that she looked different in certain photos. This sent them into a tailspin, and they eventually ~uncovered~ that Eleanor Calder had two fraternal sisters (or sometimes just one twin), and that these triplets were hired by #MANAGEMENT to act as beards for him. Eleanor was the "main" beard, but on occasion would be swapped out by her sisters, Gretchen and Tina. Larries thought it was #SUSPECT that Eleanor's friends sometimes called her Tina on Twitter, and one Larry took it upon themselves to allegedly go through Eleanor's university's records and only found a "Christina Calder" enrolled. This coupled with the fact that in some pictures Eleanor was taller than Ratalouis, when in others they'd be the same height (heels???? no. BLACK MAGIC!!!!) (now on itunes) had the Larries convinced that the artist formerly known as Eleanor Calder just another way to force their beloved rat in the closet, away from his troo wuv Harold.

    2. Briana Jungwirth is the Larry surrogate

    This week, Directioners were rocked by the announcement that Lewis is expecting a baby with LA-based stylist Briana Jungwirth. The ratchild, clearly the result of a one night stand, has been met with varying reactions. Some Directioners deny its existence (many do, it seems), some begrudgingly accept it, and some are over the moon. Why? Because they're convinced that this baby is actually the one true LARRY BABY. Certain Larries are convinced that, tired of having to hide their love, Harry and Luis went behind #MANAGEMENTs back and had willing surrogate mother, Briana Jungwirth, impregnated with their seed. No word on who the bio father is, but it doesn't matter, because we're only a short while away from this becoming a reality:

    3. Harry and Louis have multiple matching tattoos

    Larries think that the two have multiple matching tattoos. Because it's totally common in a healthy relationship to get at least 10 matching tattoos??? Larries claim that tattoos are the only outlet Harry and Louse have to show their love since #MANAGEMENT is keeping them apart. There have been posts debunking the Larry tattoos theory but larries don't talk to suppresive people like that. Larries favorite "matching tattoos" are Harry's rose and Lewith's dagger.

    They think that these two tattoos match because of a sketch they found online, paying no mind to the fact that Louise got his dagger tattoo a year later, and that the dagger design has a different matching tattoo RIP. BUT THE DAGGER WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HIS ROSE<3

    4. Larry are engaged/married already

    Despite denials that Larry even exists from the two, as well as from many family members and friends, Larries believe Harry and Luigi are married or engaged. Also, Harry is the wife because of how feminine he is, lol!!! Their proof for this is basically this interview:

    and this tweet by Harry:

    Some Larries believe that tweet was made on the day Larry got engaged, and Harry is declaring his love for Loose CRYPTICALLY. Here's a Larry masterpost on this theory.
    source 1, source two, source three, source four
    what are your fave Larry/other 1D tinhat theories, ONTD? thank you for your time xoxoxo
    bless up @ lestat for givin me the OK <33333

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    -if you're wondering why Gawker is currently trending, it's because people are pissed that they outed the CFO of Conde Nast

    -the Conde Nast CFO was paying for a gay porn star's services

    -the gay porn star sent Gawker screencaps of their text messages

    -the gay porn star told the Conde Nast CFO that he'd contact the press if his demands weren't met

    -this isn't the first time Gawker has gotten into trouble for outing someone


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    Moderated by Retta, who I'll forever love for sneaking in questions about Delphine's fate...


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    I will update this post with the youtube video if/when it is uploaded to vevo... until then, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO BUY THE SONG IF YOU WANT TO LISTEN!

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    hmmmm yt

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