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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    The 14-year-old was spotted leaving London's Chiltern Firehouse on Thursday with his dad Guy Ritchie and Guy’s fiancée Jacqui Ainsley.

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    Rocco Ritchie was the epitome of grunge cool as he stepped out for dinner in London with dad Guy Ritchie and Guy's fiancée Jacqui Ainsley
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    I was at Disneyland Monday-Wednesday, and on Tuesday I had the best day ever because I met a celeb!!!! Which celeb? Find out below...

     photo Scott Edit_zpsmbtibecb.jpg

    IT'S SCOTT CLIFTON!!!!! For those that don't know, he's a soap actor.

    Here's an excerpt of our encounter:

    We're walking around California Screamin', and I bob one way and one of my best friends goes the other. I see this person unclip a short rope that is there for reasons I don't understand... and I look... and it's him. So I say without even pondering 'Hi, Scott Clifton!' He looks at me and is like 'Hi... do we know each other?' I tell him we do not know each other, but I've worshiped him since June 2003 (a slight lie, in retrospect, because I actually disliked Dillon immensely when I started watching, but by the end of that year I was firmly Team Dillon). He asked me for a hug, he asked me for a pic and he said it was, and I quote, 'fucking awesome' to run into such a fan at Disneyland. I reminded him that we'd met before, at Fun in the Sun in Berkeley. He remembered the event, but not our encounter (not bitter, he saw so many people that day, and infinitely more since). He was with his dad, doing some early Father's Day stuff (shout out to Papa Ron for letting me snag his boy's attention on what was supposed to be HIS time with Scott). His wife was working. I told him about how I started watching B&B specifically for him, but also that I couldn't continue to watch because it got too repetitive (he said he understood this. Mi amigo said I shouldn't have said anything, but I wanted to be upfront with him, and I lack filters...), but I did tell him also about how I cried when he finally won that Emmy, because that was also the truth. Scott was just so... genuine and gracious and wonderful... AND THE HAIR... ahhh, the hair... I regret not asking if I could touch it. I tweeted him later, and he replied and he favorited my tweet. Glorious. Glorious. Glorious. He was still at the park on Wednesday, but I did not see him.

    Source: My camera

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    - roles included: Dothraki soldiers, "a band of outlaws", lords with "Northern English accents", and "a very impressive swordsman for the role- the best in Europe" (please be Dayne and the Umbers tbh)

    Read the role descriptions at the SOURCE

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  • 06/19/15--10:08: ONTD Roundup
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    tl;dr: Vince Vaughn is not McConaughey and can't keep up with Pizzolatto's dialogue

    The reviews for season two sound pretty gloomy

    ‘True Detective’ season 2 is the embarrassing television show we deserve

    Some of the performances are heavy-handed, and for those complaining about the sexual content in Game of Thrones, you will get no respite here.

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    Not since 1999 and Skunk Anansie has a female-fronted British band headlined Glastonbury.

    Before that, it was Shakespears Sister in 1992.

    In all of Glastonbury’s 45-year history, you can count the female headline acts – band or solo – on one hand.


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    starts @ 2:10 min in


    - Wendy says Madonna looks pathetic going out of her way to one up Taylor Swift
    - Says nobody is buying Madonna's music these days but she's still the queen so she should act like it
    - Taylor's video looked genuine and effortless because celebs in it are actually her friends
    - Can't see Madonna having a genuine friendship with any of the celebs in her video, they didn't even bother to show up for the shoot

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    During their visit to Brazil, Natasha, Samira and Uzo did some interviews and there is always the asshole who cannot believe women can be pretty and talented at the same time...

    it's kinda painful to watch imo


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    -A rep for Swift's label Big Machine Records has confirmed with Billboard the pop star's hit album will not be available on Apple Music when it launches on June 30.

    -Her back catalog will be available but 1989 will remain available only though paid subscriber services such as Tidal and Rdio.

    -Many independent labels behind artists such as Adele, Alabama Shakes, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, The White Stripes, and The National are considering making their music unavailable on the streaming service.
    -They cite as the major source of conflict the fact that the first 3 months they will receive no royalties and that they were not consulted by Apple when developing this deal structure nd believe it is unfair especially to small labels
    -They emphasize that the 3-month free trial structure is especially bad for indie artists who release between June 30th and October 1st.
    -Larger groups and agencies advocating for indie labels and artists such as Beggars and the American Association of Independent Music have also released statements expressing disapproval of this model.

    SOURCES: 1, 2

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    A contractual agreement from the Sony Leaks in regard to the Spider-Man franchise films was uncovered recently. It outlines the limitations of the character.

    This includes that Peter Parker is the iteration of Spider-Man that must be used in the films, and he is a white heterosexual.

    *any other version would be a breach of contract, which went into effect in 2011, one month after Miles Morales was introduced.

    third time's the charm mods?


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    When were you the most panicked as an actress this season and how did you overcome those fears?

    [snippets from interview]

    Keri Russell
    The Americans (FX)

    "The first thing I think of is that scene when we have to tell our daughter, Paige [Holly Taylor], this incredible truth that's going to change her life forever: We're spies. It felt like such a big moment in the story. My favorite thing about our show is when the spy stuff falls back and it becomes a family or marriage drama. I had to watch this teenager who's in so much pain and realize that, as parents, we're a cause of that because of all these lies. It was complicated on many levels. Holly's a sensitive, graceful creature, so watching her cry, instantly I'm crying and trying to stuff it in. You just want to make sure she's OK. And also, I was a kid actor, which I think is Creep City anyway. It's a complicated way to grow up, and it's not something I think I'd ever let my kids do. So there was that part of me watching her on this tightrope, and my heart was going out to her. As painful as it was, it became easy to shoot because you're just reacting in a human way. The character of Elizabeth can be perceived as a not-great mom, but I feel like in that moment, she was trying to be there for her daughter."

    Vera Farmiga
    Bates Motel (A&E)

    "When was I not panicked? I learned Rachmaninoff's 'Prelude in C-Sharp Minor' on the piano when I was 13, and that was infinitely easier than the torture to my soul that was season three. If I had to pick, it's a tie between two scenes where Norma spills her beans. They're these pivotal truth-telling scenes, the first one with Sheriff Romero [Nestor Carbonell], who confronts Norma about her deceptive behavior. He corners her and she comes out swinging like she's in a bona fide MMA match. The other one was with James [Joshua Leonard]. Norma divulges that her son killed her husband. I always know when my salivary glands stop working that I'm nervous, that there's a big task at hand. That scene left me completely busted. Acting's such an elusive sport. I always start from a personal place and just consider my own children. And music is huge for me. For the James scene, I listened to something — I don't want to say cheesy, because I really like this song, but it was something I'd seen on The Voice. I can't believe I'm going to divulge this. It was Taylor John Williams singing 'Mad World.' For whatever reason, the solemn quality of his voice was really instrumental in that scene. Whatever works, right?"

    Amy Landecker
    Transparent (Amazon)

    "We call it 'Dildo Day.' We got our scripts at the beginning of the year, and I came upon my second love scene with Tammy [Melora Hardin] where I say, 'Get the dick, get the dick, get the dick!' You realize you're going to be saying that out loud over and over again on camera. Then you realize this dick is actually going to be some sort of plastic member because, of course, you're in a lesbian love scene. I'm a pretty experienced human being, but I had no relationship to dildos before this. I remember the prop person coming to set — literally, this is one of the funniest moments of my life — asking me to pick out the dildo that I'd like to have used. I'm laughing, going, 'I don't know!' Like, they always offer, 'What wedding ring do you want? What would you like to drink? What would you like in your coffee?' Now it was like, 'What dildo would you like?' Of course, the one that I pick, to add to the comedy, was already taken by Gaby Hoffmann's character. Like, 'No, that's the giant sparkly one for her scene later in the season.' So I settled on a purple thing I thought might add to the humor of the scene. That's a moment I'll remember the rest of my career. And now people call out to me, 'Get the dick!' That's my catchphrase."

    Kerry Washington
    Scandal (ABC)

    "I felt a little bit out to sea with the kidnapping episode. I had to ask myself: Who is Olivia without all the things that normally define her? None of our usual actors were in the episode. I didn't have my usual wardrobe or office. I didn't have any of the armor that helps me be Olivia. Our writing is so great that you just have to lean into it. I thought, 'Whatever I'm fearing in terms of being in unknown territory, she's experiencing something similar.' It was almost as if Shonda [Rhimes] had dropped in this little feature for me in the middle of a season where I got to be in an entirely different world, yet I was playing someone I have grown to love. Another big moment for me last season was the Ferguson-inspired episode. Olivia went from being a hired fixer for the police to crossing the picket line and being part of the protest. I think in the beginning it was very important for us not to talk a lot about race on the show. Everybody had to be able to identify with Olivia. But we've had a coming-of-age. It was no longer necessary to have Olivia be the everywoman. She could simultaneously be everywoman and a black woman. There's something really special about that."

    Read the rest of the answers at the Source (The Hollywood Reporter). Actresses not quoted here are tagged anyway (those who have tags).

    I love Vera and Keri so much. <333 I don't watch Transparent but I felt I had to include Amy Landecker's answer purely for the dildo mention.

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    AMC has released the first promo for The Walking Dead spin off Fear The Walking Dead. This promo centers on Nick who appears to have been caught mid trick. The show drops in August.

    Region Free

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    According to reports she was headed to Louisiana.

    Check out the packaging of Britney's newest scent Intimate Fantasy

    Hilary Duff on her aspirations of becoming a pop star thanks to B.Spears:

    It's telling how so many of these younger pop stars list her as an inspiration for their careers. #impact

    Precious/Empire Actress Gabby Sidibe longing for that Britney/Xtina collab that never was

    I would have preferred a Britney/Beyonce, Britney/Lady Gaga, Britney/Rihanna collab (a real one) instead tbh.

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    - in the wake of yesterday's shooting, many people, including janelle monae, are rightfully angry that the confederate flag is still flying at full staff at various SC government buildings
    - she calls for it to be taken down, immediately.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    WILDHEART will be out 6/29 via RCA. Pre-order it here.


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    - caracal will be out on september 25.
    - will also feature collabs with Nao, Lion Babe, and Kwabs.

    🙌 🙌 🙌

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    Sources say she was jumped and attacked by three men on Monday evening. The sources say that those men were previously following her. She didn't confirm these claims.


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    Tim McGraw was released June 19th 2006, and went to No. 40 with a bullet on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 6 on the Hot Country Songs.

    Fave tswift songs from her debut, ontd?


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