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    Despite the extraordinary successes of her first two full-length albums — 1990′s self-titled debut and 1991’s Emotions — young star Mariah Carey had yet to embark on a world tour of any sort, restricting her live performances to television and awards shows. Though Carey defended her actions in the press in these early stages of her career, citing the vocal strain of back-to-back gigs and her then unshakable stage fright, some were unconvinced. According to her detractors, Carey’s distinctive voice was a manufactured gimmick designed to sell albums.

    Yes, even in those pre-Britney days of the early ’90s pop’s reigning princess had to face accusations of studio trickery. How could Carey’s team take the heat off their most valuable rising star? Enter MTV’s live acoustic concert series, Unplugged.

    Filmed on March 16, 1992, Unplugged was to be Carey’s response to her critics, her chance to prove to the world the full prowess of her powerful pipes. And prove them she did: The then 22-year-old singer’s performance became one of the series’ most-aired episodes to date, prompting Columbia Records to release it as an EP on June 2, 1992. The record sold over three million copies in the United States alone, but despite considerable sales overseas, didn’t break past the #3 spot on the Billboard 100. Chart performance aside, Unplugged helped propel Carey to superstardom, securing her place alongside pop’s reigning divas for the remainder of the decade.

    Although the melismatic style of singing made popular by Carey seems passe by today’s Auto-Tuned, vocal fry-heavy standards, there’s a certain timelessness embodied in her Unplugged set.This is early ’90s pop-infused R&B at its absolute finest — pure, precise and oozing with charismatic innocence. From jazzy torch songs (“If It’s Over”) to light R&B dance hits (“Make it Happen”), Carey adapts her voice to an impressively wide range of styles over the course of the career-changing EP’s seven tracks.

    Looking much like the long lost sister of Elaine Benes (albeit a much more glamorous version), Carey’s initial on-stage awkwardness is palpable as she sidesteps through the smooth jazz swagger of “Emotions.” Halfway through the song, she loosens up; the anxiety quickly vanishes from her face and, more importantly, from her voice. As Carey reaches the end of the second verse, she lets out a powerful, glass-shattering note from her whistle register — one of those characteristically Carey high notes so many of her critics claimed to be a hoax. Hold on world, this girl is the real deal.

    Mariah Carey, “Emotions” (MTV Unplugged)

    The original recording of Carey’s first single, “Vision of Love,” suffers from a synthesizer infatuation left over from the previous decade; the track overflows with distracting and dated glassy leads and drums. But her Unplugged reworking is something of a marvel, replacing the canned effects with lush strings, jaunty piano riffs and Gospel-tinged doo-wop backing vocals that service Carey’s voice rather than blemish it.

    Mariah Carey, “Vision Of Love” (MTV Unplugged)

    By far the most famous track from Carey’s Unplugged is her cover of The Jackson 5’s 1970 chart-topping hit “I’ll Be There.” A last-minute addition to the show’s set, Carey’s rendition — performed as a duet with her longtime collaborator Trey Lorenz — went on to be the singer’s sixth #1 single, garnering two Grammy Awards nominations and reaffirming Carey’s ability to be a hitmaker for Columbia. Neatly arranged and far more intricate than the Jackson 5 version, Carey’s “I’ll Be There” retains much of the same emotional sincerity of the original while giving the song much-needed new life. The single was hard to escape in 1992 (I recall it being on both sides of a mixtape my mother often played), and still shows no signs of vanishing from pop’s ever-evolving lexicon.

    Mariah Carey, “I’ll Be There” (MTV Unplugged)

    “You know I’m not used to doing this,” Carey quipped before launching into the impromptu closer, “Can’t Let Go,” referring directly to the many criticisms that initially prompted her Unplugged stint. Yet, early jitters aside, as the EP progresses Carey transforms from a nervous twentysomething into a natural stage presence, a musical force to be reckoned with. If Carey still felt anxious by the performance’s conclusion, there’s absolutely no way to tell.

    Mariah Carey, “Can’t Let Go” (MTV Unplugged)

    Peep the power in that hair flip at the beginning.


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    HOLY MAKEOVERS!! Porn is doing wonders for Octomom -- 'cause the mother of 14 is fully glammed up in this photo from the set of her self pleasure video.

    The gold and black bikini snapshot of Octo, aka Nadya Suleman, was leaked by another porn star ... Jessica Drake, who "coached" Octo through her performance.

    The porn studio behind the video -- Wicked Pictures -- just issued a press release, in which Nadya says, Drake "opened up my eyes to a whole world of self-pleasure that I could never have imagined." Drake says, "I am honored to have helped [Octo] explore her sexuality."

    According to the release, the video will show Octomom in a "variety of erotic scenarios" focused on solo masturbation -- all poking fun at her public persona.

    Octomom calls the experience "the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

    Compare the above pic to Octo's topless spread earlier this year, and it's easy to see the improvements in her appearance.


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    Writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has found his ideal Lily Munster for his darkly comic Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane. There's just one problem — she's already under contract to Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry for his pilot, Devious Maids.

    After ABC failed to pick up Devious to series, it seemed actress Mariana Klaveno would be freed from her role as the self-centered actress wife of Grant Show's daytime soap actor character. But now that Lifetime has expressed interest in Devious (a decision is expected to be reached by week's end before the actors' contracts expire later this month), it's up to Cherry whether or not to release Mariana from the role so she can play the much larger and high-profile part of ageless vampire beauty Lily, who magically materializes from a mass of spiders in Bryan's new version for NBC.

    Lily would be Mariana's second vampire role. While the 32-year-old actress has had parts on Dexter and Hawaii Five-0, it was her devilishly delicious turn as Bill's blood-sucking maker Lorena Krasiki on HBO's True Blood that led to her now being caught in a tug of war between Mockingbird Lane and Devious Maids. Should Mariana join Mockingbird, she'll reside in the family's haunted house alongside Jerry O'Connell as Herman, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa and Mason Cook as Eddie.


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    Nicki Minaj called in to Hot 97 tonight to speak with Funkmaster Flex about yesterday's Summer Jam controversy, including Peter Rosenberg's comment about "Starships," why she didn't perform last night, and Flex's comments about her on stage.

    Flex tried to get to the bottom of why Rosenberg's diss of "Starships" led to her backing out of her performance, and the sequence of events that took place in the five hours between his comment and her scheduled performance time, including what happened when Lil' Wayne got on the phone with Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden.

    Bombs were dropped, album sales were broken down, and it was agreed that Rosenberg's comment was made at a bad time, but in the end, not much was accomplished. That said, it certainly was entertaining. Listen to the full interview below.


    flex should've interviewed wayne tbh. i don't like nicki's dusty ass but wayne was def the one to blame here

    ETA yea yea,it's an hour long but you can listen to it in parts at the source or read the transcript here

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    Reality-show subject Amber Portwood, whose legal troubles began on MTV's "Teen Mom" show, will be in an Indiana prison for the next two years or more.

    Madison County, Indiana, Circuit Judge David Happe ruled Tuesday that Portwood must serve the prison time he imposed earlier this year when she pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge. She had avoided prison with a plea deal that included drug rehab, but she dropped out of the program last month.

    Portwood, 22, was arrested on May 24 for violating her drug court probation requirements by failing a urine test and then lying about it, Prosecuting Attorney Rodney Cummings said.

    That violation may not have caused probation to be revoked, since probationers are given two or three opportunities, "but she just opted out," Cummings said. "I just don't think she knew opting out meant five years in prison."

    Portwood will likely spend two-and-a-half years in prison before being released on parole for the remainder of the five years, Cummings said. Inmates get a day reduced from their prison time for each day successfully served. It is possible she could get another 30-ay reduction for completing a drug rehab program while in prison, he said.

    The report that Portwood definitely will be placed in a prison drug rehab program is not accurate, since that can only be decided once she is in the Indiana prison system, he said.

    It probably will take two weeks before the commitment order is signed by the judge and Portwood is transferred from the Madison County jail to state corrections department custody, he said.

    Portwood was first arrested on felony domestic violence charges in November 2010 because of incidents seen on her reality TV show -- where she was shown shoving, punching, slapping and choking her boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

    She was rearrested last December when a probation search found "a fairly sufficient amount of several different prescription pills" that were not prescribed to her, Cummings said.

    She spent more than a month in jail before reaching a plea deal on a felony drug charge that included the drug rehab program, he said.

    Her 3-year-old daughter is in the custody of Shirley, the father.


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    MILO VENTIMIGLIA, still looking fine as hale



    SANDLER with wife JACKIE

















    I was originally just going to post the Milo pictures, but I felt bad for leaving the rest out.

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    Variety adds that Paul Giamatti and Sarah Paulson have also joined the film. Giamatti will play Freeman who "takes possession of the slaves upon their arrival in New Orleans" while Paulson will be Michael Fassbender's jealous wife.

    There are few actors in Hollywood with the clout of Brad Pitt to ensure they line up with top talent for each outing, and if you're able to impress the actor and producer, all the better. That seems to be the case of the excellent character actor Garret Dillahunt, who first starred opposite Pitt as the dim Ed Miller in "The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford." He recently landed a small part in Andrew Dominik's furious "Killing Them Softly" and while he didn't make the final cut, Pitt wants his talent yet again.

    Dillahunt is the latest to join Steve McQueen's "Twelve Years A Slave," which Pitt is producing and will have a small role in. He joins a pretty great cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Adepero Oduye, Scoot McNairy, Ruth Negga and Taran Killam in the true story of Solomon Northup, a freed slave who is tricked back into slavery, and has to go court to reclaim his status. Dillahunt will play Armsby, a field hand who winds up working alongside Solomon.


    Anyone else think it's weird that only three black actors have been cast so far?

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    Game of Thrones season two exceeded our already high expectations and defied our fears. As George R.R. Martin's source material becomes more and more challenging to adapt, the TV show managed to stick remarkably close to Martin's storylines while making some elegant adjustments. Now that the second season is over, we can see just how well it paid off.

    So here are 10 excellent liberties the TV show made with Martin's A Clash of Kings.

    Spoiler alert: We're assuming you've seen all of season two, and read A Clash of Kings. No knowledge of the later books is needed, and we'll do our best to keep the comments free of spoilers for A Storm of Swords and beyond.

    Not all of the changes in season two were excellent — the Daenerys storyline was nicely streamlined but the stuff in Qarth became way too incoherent. And Tyrion's tactical genius was way more in evidence in the book, both before and during the Battle of Blackwater. And so on — there were a few other changes that made us a bit sad.

    10. No Big Walder and Little Walder
    Winterfell was a lot more crowded in the book, in general — and there were a lot more meetings in which Bran tried to be the Stark in Winterfell. The TV show wisely trimmed a lot of that stuff out, and also deleted the two Frey boys who are visiting Winterfell. On the one hand, Big Walder and Little Walder are colorful characters, and Little Walder's sudden change of allegiance when Theon takes the castle is pretty horrible. But still, they don't add all that much to the story, and they distract from Bran's main arc this time around: trying to be a Lord, and then losing everything. (More debatable is whether the show should have kept Jojen and Meera this time around, or simply added them in season three, which is apparently what's going to happen.)

    9. No Ser Cortnay
    In the book, Stannis doesn't head straight for King's Landing after the death of his brother/rival Renly. Instead, Stannis is putting siege to Storm's End, a castle held by Ser Cortnay Penrose. (He's already besieging Storm's End when he has his fateful encounter with Renly, but the siege goes on a long time after that.) Stannis is laying siege to Storm's End because Melisandre, the Red Priestess, has foreseen that Stannis needs to have Edric Storm (one of King Robert's bastards) to win the war. Ser Cortnay won't hand Edric over, and eventually Melisandre kills Ser Cortnay with another one of her shadow monsters. This is sort of redundant, since she already kills Renly that way. And it saps a lot of the urgency out of Stannis' story to have him hang around a minor castle instead of attacking King's Landing, once he has the troops. Also, there were some really nice moments here and there for Ser Davos Seaworth that weren't in the books, at least not in the same way.

    8. The Odyssey of Ros
    Actually, I have profoundly mixed feelings about this one — a lot of the brutality that befalls random women in the book all winds up falling on Ros, the sex worker who moved to King's Landing from the North early on in season one. She's pretty much a new character in the TV show, and we see her witnessing a baby's murder, getting threatened with unspeakable abuse by Littlefinger, participating in Joffrey's sadistic games, and then getting beaten to a pulp by Cersei's men. It's a lot of torture happening to one woman — but the notion that she's going to become Lord Varys' spy, as introduced in the season finale, holds a lot of promise. And for a show that features so much insane brutality towards women and sex work, having one woman who's a focal point for that theme — and (hopefully) gets to strike back, could be a major plus. In any case, at least with Ros in the mix, these things form an arc, rather than just a series of isolated nasty incidents.

    7. Cersei's Realization
    Cersei has a pretty neat storyline in the book, including scheming to spread rumors that Stannis' daughter is actually the illegitimate spawn of his court fool Patchface. But her arc on television is even more fascinating in a lot of ways — she dares to slap Joffrey early on in one episode, and he threatens her with death. And after she witnesses some of his crazy recklessness, like ordering the deaths of all of King Robert's bastards, she obviously starts to have misgivings about her own son. This leads to a couple of scenes, especially between her and Tyrion, where she basically admits that Joffrey is insane as a result of her incest, and a terrible King. But she still loves him, because — as she tells Sansa — you have no choice but to love your children. Her scenes with Sansa have this amazing mixture of sadism and pity. Cersei has a few extra layers on television, at least partly thanks to Lena Headey's amazing performance.

    6. No Reek Switcheroo
    The business with Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton's bastard, and his obnoxious servant Reek, is really complicated and would have been a nightmare to do justice to on screen. In the book, Ramsay hardly appears, but he's talked about a lot — he kidnaps Lady Donella Hornwood, forces her to marry him, and then imprisons her. And when Ser Rodrik Cassel shows up to deal with him, he changes clothes with his servant Reek, so as to escape. Later, still pretending to be the servant Reek, Ramsay Snow joins up with Theon, and it's "Reek" who comes up with the plan to kill the miller's sons and pass them off as Bran and Rickon. Eventually, Theon sends "Reek" to get help, and Ramsay returns with a small army. He pretends to join forces with Ser Rodrik, then betrays him. And later, once he's rejoined Theon, he betrays Theon as well. It's a very complicated story that's mostly told second hand, and the notion of having a character we've never met in disguise as another character we've never met could have been impossible to portray on screen. Given that Ramsay is mentioned often but not seen in season two, there's no doubt we'll meet him in season three.

    5. More for Jaime to do
    Of all the characters who are sidelined the most in Clash of Kings, Jaime Lannister may suffer the most — this man of action is kept prisoner for the entire book, with almost nothing to do. Season two of Game of Thrones makes a few clever tweaks to keep Jaime front and center — for one thing, Robb Stark brings Jaime along instead of leaving him locked up at Riverrun castle. That means some more great Robb-Jaime interactions. And then there's the fantastically weird scene where Jaime bonds with and then murders his cousin Alton, before mounting an escape attempt. And finally, moving a big chunk of Brienne escorting Jaime from book three to season two is a great move — it gives Brienne a chance to shine, but also lets us see more of Jaime being a total assbag as he taunts his escort over and over.

    4. Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister
    This was one of the all-time great pairings on this show — every scene between Maisie Williams and Charles Dance is a marvel, as Arya becomes Tywin Lannister's cup-bearer. He figures out pretty quickly that she's not whom she appears, but never realizes she's a Stark — and they form a pretty intense bond, even as she contemplates killing him once or twice. Tywin opens up to her and shares a lot of stuff about his childhood, and it's a weird counterpart to the scenes of Cersei giving advice to Arya's sister Sansa. Also: Sansa gets Shae as her handmaiden, which doesn't happen in Clash of Kings, and this leads to some great Sansa/Shae scenes, including Shae telling Sansa to flee Maegor's Holdfast in episode nine.

    3. Margaery Tyrell, pragmatist in a low-cut dress
    Margaery Tyrell is sort of a cipher in Clash of Kings, even after she's set up to marry Joffrey. Her brother is the Knight of Flowers, and she's briefly married to Renly Baratheon, but we see remarkably little of her. In the TV version, though, Renly becomes a semi-open gay man and Margaery's brother is his lover — which sets up one of the more fascinating love triangles on the show. Margaery is a total pragmatist who doesn't care if her husband loves her or desires her — but she knows she has to get pregnant with Renly's baby, or it's all over. She even offers to have a threesome with Renly and her brother, to get the job done. And Renly's corpse is still warm when she starts plotting to marry Joffrey, because she just wants to be Queen. Now that Margaery is in King's Landing, things are going to get very interesting indeed.

    2. Robb Stark's love story
    Robb Stark is another character who sort of vanishes during Clash of Kings — even though some important stuff is going on with him. The TV show gives him a brand new love interest, Talisa, and shows Robb struggling with the decision over whether to break his betrothal to Lord Walder Frey's daughter. It's pretty easy to see why Robb loves Talisa, since she's fiery and smart and challenges him — and she reminds him of his mother, who deeply disapproves of the whole thing. Seeing Robb actually struggle with breaking his honor and making Ned Stark roll over in his grave is way better than just being told that it happened, and Talisa makes a huge improvement. Plus the "foot amputation as meet-cute" thing is kind of amazing.

    1. Theon Greyjoy's inner turmoil

    No question — Theon Greyjoy benefits the most of anybody from the TV show's changes. He has roughly the same arc as in the books — Robb Stark foolishly sends his "brother" home to Pyke, to enlist the aid of Lord Balon Greyjoy, only to learn the hard way that Theon is going to need to prove he's a Greyjoy, not a Stark. The difference is the TV show goes out of its way to make Theon seem more sympathetic — and more pathetic, really — by showing how he struggles with his situation. He actually calls out his father on the fact that his dad chose to give him away to Ned Stark, and his father did actually bend the knee to the Starks — so it's not fair to put it all on Theon now. Theon actually writes a letter to warn Robb Stark about his family's plans, but then burns it. And later, Theon is constantly balking at doing things like killing Ser Rodrik Cassel, only to be goaded into more and more atrocities by his right-hand man Dagmer Cleftjaw. (The loss of "Reek" in this season means that Dagmer, not Reek, is goading Theon into being more evil — which ties in with Theon's need to prove he's a real Ironborn. It actually makes more sense on some level than Theon being manipulated by a random "servant.")

    All in all, there were some flaws in season two — and definitely there were bits of the book that we were sad to lose — but it's pretty amazing how some characters benefited from a greatly increased or transformed role. And it seems pretty likely that season two's beefed-up roles for Margaery, Theon, Robb, Ros, Tywin and others will pay off massively in season three.


    Side-eyeing some of these choices right now.

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  • 06/05/12--13:21: Esthero News + New Music
  • Esthero++2011

    Facebook update from May 23rd
    "Ugh, i'm so excited to start putting shit out. And I can't wait for you to see the new website we're building...and the artwork, and the video....eeeeeeeeee!"

    New single: Never Gonna Let You Go (explicit)


    Source: Official Website and Facebook

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    LA Kings Fans Taunt NJ Devils with 'Jersey Shore' Cast

    It was a real "puck you" to the New Jersey Devils Monday night, as L.A. Kings fans taunted their rivals with blown up images of an even famous-er N.J. franchise -- the cast of "Jersey Shore."

    Devils players may not have gotten the joke, since 18 are not even American, but fans sure did.

    In the end, Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D and Jwoww may have been L.A.'s secret weapon, because the Kings won 4 zip, which puts them 1 game away from their first Stanley Cup.

    Finally, Snooki and Sitch did something useful.

    this was EPIC trolling and it was great! Im praying to the Hockey Gods that the Kings win tomorrow!

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    The Radiohead singer teased an upcoming collaboration with the former White Stripes frontman at the end of their triumphant Bonnaroo set.

    Near the end of Radiohead's triumphant headlining set at the 2012 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, frontman Thom Yorke gave a special shout-out to Jack White, and hinted at an upcoming collaboration between the two alt-rock veterans.

    "This song is for Jack White," Yorke told the crowd, which dutifully erupted, before the band sunk its teeth into new song "Supercollider. "We saw him yesterday. A big thank-you to him, but we can't tell you why. You'll find out."

    And so the speculation begins. White's Third Man Records is based in Nashville, a little over an hour away from Manchester, Tenn., where Radiohead delivered a two-hour set on Friday night. The Third Man studio in Nashville is where Beck recorded his limited edition single for the label, "I Just Started Hating Some People Today," which features the former White Stripes frontman and was released last month.

    Could a similar one-off come out between White and Radiohead, or White and Yorke? Or maybe it's a more extensive collaboration, like Yorke's Atoms For Peace side project with Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco. As Yorke told the crowd, music fans will find out soon enough. The Jack White name-check came at the tail-end of a headlining performance that focused heavily on the band's more recent work and featured an ever-channging arrangement of flat-screen panels showcasing the group.

    Yorke also gave a shout-out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who will rock the same stage on Saturday night, before playing "In Rainbows" highlight "Reckoner."


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    Bieber Fever is "perhaps the most infectious disease of our time" and can only be stopped with negative media attention, a new University of Ottawa study says.

    It spreads through contact with "infected individuals" and media exposure and is more infectious than measles, the researchers said.

    The study by Valerie Tweedle and Robert J. Smith? (the question mark is part of his name) calls Bieber Fever - an obsession with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber - "a novel infectious disease."

    It uses mathematical formulas to show how the "Baby" hitmaker from Stratford's popularity has and could change, while also discussing biological impacts of becoming infected.

    "Bieber Fever has similar properties to other infectious diseases, such as a rapid rate of transmission in large populations, eventual recovery and debilitating scarring (in the form of inappropriate tattoos of Justin Bieber's name/face). Symptoms include uncontrollable crying and/or screaming, excessive purchasing of memorabilia, making poor life choices (e.g. copycat hairstyles) and distraction from everyday life," the study says.

    It notes similar strains have arisen in the past for boy bands, such as New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys.

    "Negative media can rein in oversaturation, but continuous negative media (the Lindsay Lohan effect) is the only way to end Bieber Fever," the study's abstract says, noting media coverage can abruptly turn negative, such was the case for Lohan and pop singer Britney Spears.

    "The only methods to help control the spread of infection are to publish more negative media stories about him than positive, such as involving him in a sex scandal or exploit his bad haircut choices and increasing the number of times those negative stories appear in the media."

    As well, infected individuals can recover from Bieber Fever by losing interest in the singer or "maturing beyond the age of 17," the study says.

    "Eradicating Bieber Fever presents significant challenges, involving both local and media-driven events. It might be unlikely to happen in practice, but never say never," the study says.

    University of Ottawa public relations spokeswoman Caroline Milliard said the school is "confident it is actually a true story" but staff are looking into when it was published.

    The top of the study said it was published by Transworld Research Network.

    Attempts to contact Smith? were not immediately returned.


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    Before Nick Jonas became a pop sensation as the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, the star was singing and dancing on Broadway. He made his debut in “Annie Get Your Gun” in 2001 as Little Jake, which he followed up with roles in “Beauty and the Beast” and “Les Misérables.” After almost a decade away from the Great White Way, Jonas returned in January to play J. Pierrepont Finch in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” a role that was previously played by “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe and “Glee’s” Darren Criss.

    On Monday, Jonas was honored at Inside Broadway’s 2012 Broadway Beacon Awards for his contributions to the theater community, where he surprised the audience with a performance of “I Believe in You” from “How to Succeed.” Back Stage caught up with Jonas before the show to chat about his award, his return to Broadway, and what’s next.

    What was your reaction when you found out that you were being honored tonight?
    Nick Jonas: I’m so thrilled to have had the chance to perform on Broadway, to be around so many talented people, and being honored with an award like this is a privilege. But I think that the award should really go to the people who have worked as hard as these people do every night.

    And how did it feel to return, after recording and working in television for so long?
    Jonas: I’d say that this is the hardest schedule. There’s eight shows a week. Especially in a leading role. But I really enjoy it. I really love it. And I love the lifestyle of it, too. Because it isn’t just when you’re on the stage for the two and a half hours every night — it’s the entire lifestyle you have to have to be able to keep up this schedule. I admire the people who do this all the time.

    What’s next for you? Do you want to do more work in theater?
    Jonas: I hope to do more theater. Right now, the focus is on time off and enjoying that, doing some recording this summer, and then some other things coming up that we’ll talk about soon. But first it’s a nice season of some quiet time. As far as theater projects in the future, we’ll see.

    Any advice you would give to someone trying to make it as an actor?
    Jonas: Enjoy the ride. Every moment is valuable. The moments of success, the moments of working to find success — it’s all part of the journey. It’s all fun.

    Christie Brinkley was the one of the other honorees that night so that's why she's there:


    I hope he does get cast in another show before too long! He really seemed to enjoy being on Broadway and his voice was fantastic in the show.

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    NEW YORK - As someone who was disappointed by Lana Del Rey's infamous "Saturday Night Live" performance yet thoroughly enjoyed every song on her debut alternative pop album, Born to Die, I am so excited to confirm, loud and proud, that Lana Del Rey can sing!

    "How f---in' cool are you?" Lana smiled radiantly at her New York fans after nailing her opening number, "Blue Jeans." It's the same song that did not translate so well on the "SNL" stage that cold winter night. It was Lana who was "f---in' cool" as the screaming fans nearly drowned out her entire first of three sold-out shows at New York City's Irving Plaza Thursday night. She quickly followed with her brand-new, unreleased track "Body Electric," which melded a sad melody with a sensual undercurrent, rightfully declaring to entranced New Yorkers, "I'm on fire, baby, I'm on fire." It was fantastic and sure to be a fan favorite.

    The songstress took the stage with a coy smile before she stuck her tongue out and began her short yet powerful 10-song set. Amid pitch-perfect performances of her hits including "Born to Die" and "Video Games," Lana finally seemed to be at home onstage.

    "Oh, this old thing?" she whispered bashfully into her microphone after a stellar performance of "Carmen," transporting the audience back to an age when people came to shows hear a voice rather than see a spectacle à la Madonna, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. The stage was a spectacle of its own, covered in lush greenery including rose bushes and palm trees. Adorned in a sexy white dress and a bouffant hairstyle, Lana blended into the scene with a blue bird hair adornment on one side and a violet butterfly on the other.

    She capped off the evening with a flawless rendition of her begging-to-be-a-single track "National Anthem," which brought the house into a screaming chorus and left everyone begging for more.

    A job well done, Lana. Keep it coming.

    SAUCE 1 , 2 , 3

    omg so proud of her <3 shes finally no longer nervous and letting out her potentials :D

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    Actress Erin Moran has hit some not so "Happy Days."

    Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham on the hit '70s sitcom and most recently appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2008, is now living in a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana after being evicted from her California home.

    The 51-year-old actress is sharing her new digs with husband Steve Fleischmann, a former furniture mover who is now working at a local Walmart ... and his mother.

    Moran, who got her start on "Happy Days," went on to star in her own spin-off "Joanie Loves Chachi" in the '80s followed by walk-on roles on "The Love Boat" and "Murder, She Wrote."

    Today, Moran is reportedly taking care of her ailing mother-in-law and flashing New Salisbury locals while having a little too much fun in a local bar.

    "Life hasn’t been kind to Erin since the foreclosure of her home," a family friend told The Enquirer. "She and Steve moved in with his ailing mother at the trailer park a few weeks back. Erin is like an angel to her mother-in-law. She cooks and cleans for her and takes care of her personal hygiene. But to look at Erin today you'd never know she was once one of TV's biggest stars. Her peaches-and-cream complexion is a maze of wrinkles and crow’s feet. She’s aged terribly."

    But the nearly broke, former star could be seeing a paycheck soon.

    A judge recently ruled that Moran and a few of her "Happy Days" co-stars will be permitted to go to court in attempts to regain royalties for sales of "Happy Days" DVD sets.

    The group's unpaid royalties are worth roughly $250,000 to $500,000.

    Sources: 1 2

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  • 06/09/12--12:31: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

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    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD?
    &spoiler code!

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    Victor Cruz will never forget the moment.

    President Obama did not break out the “Silk City Salsa” on the South Lawn outside the White House, although he did mention Cruz’s iconic touchdown dance during the ceremony Friday afternoon honoring the Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI championship.

    Yet as the president made his entrance with coach Tom Coughlin at his side, the longtime Chicago Bears fan scoured the crowd of assembled Giants players, coaches and officials before he found Cruz and pointed to him, greeting the Paterson native with a smile.

    That, to a record-setting wide receiver from North Jersey, was another sign — the most memorable yet — of just how far he and this team had come.

    So was the sight of numerous blue No. 80 jerseys spotted in an audience of luminaries.

    “This whole day makes me think about that, how much I’ve grown not only as an athlete but as a person,” said Cruz, who sported a maroon tie as a tribute to the school colors of Paterson Catholic and Massachusetts, his high school and college. “To be here and to shake hands with the president, to be here with a [Super Bowl] ring on at the White House, it ranks up there in my moments, the best I’ve ever had.

    “These are moments in my life that I get to cherish and take with me forever.”

    Cruz and the Giants approached their well-earned visit to the White House and their time in the presence of the president with the same mind-set that produced success last season.

    Following Coughlin’s lead, once again providing plenty of meaning to the two phrases that defined their Super Bowl quest, the Giants went all-in and ultimately finished with a grand finale to a remarkable season to remember.

    The president praised two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning for proving he was an elite quarterback and joked sports writers should never doubt him again. He spoke of Justin Tuck’s resiliency and Big Blue’s ability to get after opposing quarterbacks, gave Cruz a shout-out for his emergence as a star and lauded Mario Manningham for getting both of his feet down in-bounds on the big game’s biggest catch.

    “The Giants took a whole bunch of hits this season, but they never went down,” the president said. “From Day One they followed a simple motto: Finish. Finish the play. Finish the game. Finish the season.”

    Coughlin later referenced the president’s hope to finish in November and win re-election.

    “I hope this is not a twice in a lifetime experience,” the coach said. “We both have a goal to get back here next year.”

    The president applauded Coughlin when, in talking about the Giants’ teamwork, the coach joked: “Wouldn’t it be nice if Congress operated the same way?”

    In his second trip to the White House, Manning is getting familiar with the place and its history. He arrived two hours earlier than his teammates and met with Vice President Biden; the two filmed a public service announcement against domestic violence.

    Manning also got a more complete tour, including a stop in the Oval Office.

    “I’m starting to figure it out a little bit. I kinda know, ‘Take a right, take a left,’ ” Manning said. “It’s just special to be here … Just to hear all the stories about paintings, and desks, and chairs. You hear all the president’s chairs are a little elevated in all the meeting rooms, little things like that you’d never know unless you were here and someone told you.”

    As for having the quarterback’s chair elevated in the Giants’ meeting room, Manning joked: “I’m going to start doing that. It’s a good idea.”

    Manning even let the Giants snap a photo of him behind the lectern inside the James S. Brady press briefing room – the one the president speaks behind so often.

    The quarterback insisted it was not taken to foreshadow his future in politics.

    “I sent [the photo] to my buddies and said, ‘A glimpse of the future. FYI,’ ” Manning said with a laugh. “But I was joking. That would be scary, a nightmare.”

    On the heels of a dream season, the Giants turned the page with a promise to return to the White House as champions as quickly as they can.

    “I definitely want to be able to come back to this place and have us talk about another Super Bowl that we won,” Cruz said. “Hopefully that can happen more sooner than later.”

    The players talk about the experience

    David Diehl got to shoot the breeze with someone from his hometown on Friday. They talked about their neighborhoods, the breakfast spot where they’ve enjoyed many meals and their favorite baseball team.

    What made the conversation so cool for Diehl was that it was with the President of the United States.

    Diehl, the Giants’ 10-year offensive lineman, and Barack Obama are both from the South Side of Chicago. After Obama honored the Super Bowl XLVI champions in a White House ceremony, Diehl had an opportunity to speak to Obama as the president shook hands and chatted with the team’s players and coaches.

    “I grew up a little more than a mile away from where he grew up – he grew up in Hyde Park, I grew up in Gage Park,” Diehl said. “It was great to be able to talk and meet him. We went to the same breakfast spot, Valois – they have an Obama special there - that I’ve been going to since I was a kid. It was cool to meet him and talk and meet someone else who’s successful from where you grew up who’s now the president. We also share the same love for the Chicago White Sox. All in all, it’s a great experience but even more so, it’s great to meet someone who has the same roots as you.”

    Not every Giant had a story as personal as Diehl’s, but every one of them were thrilled to meet Obama and enjoyed the visit to the White House.

    This, of course, was the Giants’ second stop at the president’s residence in five years. They were here on April, 30, 2008, soon after their victory over New England in Super Bowl XLII. George W. Bush was then president.

    The Giants defeated the Patriots again on Feb. 3 to earn another opportunity to tour the White House and meet the president.

    “It’s an honor to be here at the White House,” said quarterback, captain and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, who spent several hours in the place because he filmed a public service message about preventing domestic violence with Vice President Joe Biden. “You get to meet a new president, which is always a tremendous honor, to meet President Obama and get to speak with him for a brief second – to shake his hand and offer him a jersey with his name and No. 44 on the back is a special memory and something we’ll always remember.”

    “It was pretty awesome, just the experience of having the honor and privilege of meeting the president and to come to the historic White House,” defensive tackle Chris Canty said. “You see it on television and dream about it, but you never realize you’re going to have an opportunity to do it. To realize that dream today was the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work. It’s a fitting end.”

    Before the ceremony, the Giants toured the White House and met with wounded warriors in the State Dining Room.

    “It was nice seeing all the pictures of former presidents, seeing the different portraits and the families,” said linebacker Michael Boley, who visited the mansion for the first time. “It was a memorable experience. Not many people can say they’ve been there and taken the tour of the White House.”

    Diehl was with the Giants when they visited the White House after the Giants won their last Super Bowl.

    “You have the same excitement – but it’s pretty crazy. You remember the pictures and remember what was in each room,” Diehl said. “That doesn’t happen too often when you’re talking about the White House.”

    Four years ago, coach Tom Coughlin stood behind the podium with the team’s owners, general manager Jerry Reese and players as Bush arrived and strode to the podium. On Friday, Coughlin met privately with Obama before walking out with him to begin the ceremony. The two men were smiling like old friends sharing an inside joke. Who knows, maybe Coughlin has eaten at Valois.

    “I didn’t know what to expect,” Coughlin said. “In President Bush’s administration, we kind of stood in one of the gardens and he came hurdling out of the office and he went down and shook hands with all of the owners. And on this one they said, ‘You’re coming with me and we’re going to meet the president.’ That’s pretty cool. Of course, he’s a sports fan and he goes right to it. It didn’t take me long to throw a Victor Cruz comment in there, because that’s his guy. It was a lot of fun. We just talked to him for a couple of minutes and walked in with him. He’s a very charismatic man. I did venture this to him. I said, ‘Mr. President, we take great comfort as coaches when we get a routine – don’t’ change the routine.’ I said, ‘You don’t even have one. You have no routine. You don’t know what’s coming next.' I give him great credit.”

    Coughlin and Diehl weren’t the only Giants who chatted with Obama. Boley had a question ready when Obama came over to shake his hand. 

    “My fiancé is from Chicago,” Boley said. “She made me ask what his favorite pizza place in Chicago is. She loves Italian Fiesta pizza. It’s really good.  He said it’s one of his favorites.”

    Obama is clearly proud of his Chicago roots. After the Giants presented him with a No. 44 jersey (he is the 44th president) defensive captain Justin Tuck told Obama he look good in blue.

    “He was like, ‘You’re right, but I’d rather have that Chicago Bears (jersey) on me,’” Tuck said. “He’s being true to it and he’s not being a politician when it comes to that. That’s something you have to have a lot of respect for him.”

    Diehl was asked what Obama thinks of the White Sox, who are in first place in the American League Central.

    “We were talking that under a new manager, Robin Ventura, we’re actually impressed with the way the players have reacted and responded,” Diehl said. “When you have a manager that’s a former player it adds instant validity. We’re hoping for another run like in 2005 (when the White Sox won the World Series).”

    Even the players who got little more than a handshake and a smile got a memory to last a lifetime.

    “It’s exciting,” guard Chris Snee said. “The guys were all excited this morning. Just to say you were in the White House and shook hands with the president is something you’ll be able to tell your kids and grandkids.”

    “It was a great day,” defensive end Osi Umenyiora said. “It was an honor to meet the president. It was an awesome environment and I was happy to be around all my teammates. It was cool. You see the White House on T.V. all the time. I never had the opportunity to go (he skipped the 2008 trip) and it was an awesome experience.”

    Canty perhaps best summarized the feelings of an organization that savored a very special day and would love to return again.

    “Just to be able to shake the president’s hand and share a few words with him is awesome,” Canty said. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience – hopefully, it’s not a once in a lifetime experience.”

    sources 1 2 3 and various twitpic/instagrams of the players

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    Although Lindsay Lohan walked away from her car accident with only cuts and bruises, the actress is still dealing with some of the repercussions from Friday’s crash.

    According to TMZ, the other driver involved in the crash — who only revealed his first name as James – claims Lohan, 25, tried to bribe him after the collision.

    While driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, the Mean Girls actress reportedly slammed her black Porsche into the back of his 18-wheeler. According to James, he immediately called the police and hopped out of his vehicle to exchange information.

    However, he claims that Lohan and his (his?? wat) male assistant left their car — which was completely totalled — and jumped into a Cadillac Escalade that was tailing the actress instead. The vehicle was supplied by Lifetime, the network behind Lohan’s new movie Liz & Dick, to drive Lohan to set. The actress had declined the ride earlier that day.

    When he confronted the group, James says the SUV driver kept him away from Lohan and offered him money, telling him they could “go to the bank” to withdraw cash.


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    Remember When Fear Factor Forced Contestants To Drink Donkey Semen. If You Want To Watch the End of Civilization, Here is the Fear Factor Donkey Semen Episode, Which Finally Aired in Europe

    Ever wanted to watch human drink donkey semen on national TV? Then Fear Factor is the show for you. After much hand-wringing, the gross-out reality show had contestants drink donkey semen as part of some sort of competition.

    NBC's farmyard bukkake was supposed to air on January 30, 2012, but the network got cold feet and refused to air the donkey episode.

    Recently, the Fear Factor donkey episode aired on TV in Denmark (clearly European audiences are more sophisticated than those of us on this side of the Atlantic). The folks at TMZ got wind of the donkey episode and posted video.

    No doubt, the Fear Factor donkey semen episode will mark a new low in network television, if not humanity.


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    One Direction have already started work on their second album and it seems they took inspiration for their new songs from those close to their hearts.
    Louisa Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are all in steady relationships and in a recent interview Louis confessed that during their song writing sessions, he and the boys had been writing about the ladies in their lives.
    Louis has been dating Eleanor Calder for almost a year, it seems like Liam and Danielle Peazer have been together forever and Zayn has been in a relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards since earlier this year.
    When asked if any of the new songs are dedicated to their girlfriends, Louis told Hollywoodlife:
    “Yeah we did. Well me, Liam and Harry started writing a song and then Zayn came and got involved as well.”
    “We’re writing songs about being away from home, being away from girlfriends, that kind of thing.”

    We can’t wait to hear what they have been up too and we bet the new tracks win them major brownie points with Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie when they get back from America.
    Meanwhile, Danielle has admitted that she is slightly reticent about turning 24 later this week and tweeted her followers saying:
    Not sure how I feel about turning 24 on sunday?! #foreveryoung
    We can’t wait to hear what Liam buys her!
    Are you looking forward to hearing 1D’s second album? Leave your comments below….


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