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    BRITNEY Spears almost makes a white idiot of herself as she stumbles surrounded by hundreds of fans.

    Good trip? ... Britney Spears loses her footing

    The pop star lost her footing in high heels after getting out of her chauffeur-driven car at the US X Factor auditions in Kansas City.

    But just when she appeared to be heading for an embarrassing fall, Britney managed to regain her balance and steady herself.She was quick to laugh off the near-miss, smiling as she posed for snappers and greeted fans in her white frock.

    The singer, 30, was sporting an unusual white patch on her leg that appeared to be cream applied to an area of dry, cracked skin.Still, the chart-topper was on glowing form in the sunlight outside the auditions venue.

    Like her ability to walk on pavements, Simon Cowell’s new recruit has also struggled to find her feet as a judge on the talent show.

    Fearing the worst ... Britney Spears

    Just one day into her new job, Britney stormed off after a pop hopeful butchered her 2011 hit Hold It Against Me.

    She did her best to brush off the 30-minute walk-out – missing four more acts in the process – by telling fans: “LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the best time.”

    Show bosses denied she’d been upset by the botched version of her song.

    Meanwhile, it’s also been claimed that Simon is growing increasingly tired of her backstage demands.

    A source told a British mag: “Simon's worked with a few big characters in his time, but he's bemused by how demanding Britney can be.

    “Her team have a lot of opinions about everything from her food and wardrobe to who's allowed to talk to her.

    “And she's so unpredictable - sometimes she just wanders off because she needs ‘some down time’.”

    Louis Walsh yesterday joined Britney, Demi Lovato and LA Reid on the judging panel to stand in for Simon, who’s off sick with bronchitis.


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    Four years since voicing the role of Gloria the Hippo in the sequel to Dreamworks' animated comedy "Madagascar," Jada Pinkett-Smith returns for the series' third installment, titled "Europe's Most Wanted." The film revisits the all-star cast of animated animals -- played by Pinkett-Smith, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer -- as they attempt to navigate Europe, in the guise of a traveling circus, in an effort to return home to New York City.

    We recently caught up with the multitalented actress, who opened up on her latest role, producing the remake of "Annie," recording music with daughter Willow, and the idea of the Smith family starring together in a film.

    In preparing for the voice of Gloria, did you do anything differently [from the previous two films] for "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted"?

    Well it's kind of like putting on an old pair of slippers, like something you know already [Laughs]. It didn't take a lot of prepping. This is our third go-round, so it was pretty much an easy go.

    With the film's release just two weeks after the opening weekend of "Men In Black 3," have you and Will discussed the possibility of "Madagascar" topping "Men In Black" at the box office?

    Oh no, never. You have to understand what it takes for us to exist as a family. It's like every success belongs to every single family member, because of what we do as a family to help one another and to support one another. So we're never in competition. "Men In Black" did really fantastically well, and that's what the summer's about. There's room for everybody.

    As a family, are there any future plans for you all to star in a film?

    We actually are. Will and I are trying to figure that out, right now. We're talking about us all starring in a film together. Will and I are definitely planning on working together in the next year. And of course, we're working on the "Annie" project with Willow. But we're just producing that. And then Jaden is finishing up a film with his dad now. But, as always, there's tons of creativity happening in the Smith family household. We're artists to the core.

    Where are you all at with the work on "Annie"?

    Right now we're still in the "getting the script together" process. It takes a little more time when you take a classic and try to recreate it. It's like what we did with "The Karate Kid." That took a lot of work. When you take a classic, you have to be very, very careful.

    With Jay-Z producing the film's soundtrack, can fans expect you and Willow to do a track?

    Willow and I definitely talked about doing something, but not for "Annie." My music is like my freedom space. But Willow and I definitely talked about doing a collaboration. She really loves rock music, so she wants to come on and get crazy with me on a track. Which I would love, because she has a fantastic voice. But she has new music that's coming out this summer and she'll be jumping back on tour. So you can expect some new tracks coming from Willow and Jaden. And I think they're doing a tour this summer as well.

    Are the forthcoming tracks off of her debut album or just singles?

    Just singles. She definitely wants to put an album out, but we're trying to give her space to grow as an artist. Which is another reason why I adore Jay-Z, because he really understands that process. He's so artist friendly, and he has so much love and respect for Willow. And he's doing such a fantastic job being in partnership with us, in regards to her career and really helping her develop as an artist.

    Following the series finale of "Hawthorne" last year, can fans expect you to return to television with any projects, such as "Red Table Talks"?

    I'll be producing Queen Latifah's daytime talk show, "Latifah," with Shakim [of Flavor Unit] and Overbrook Entertainment. I'm also in talks of creating "Red Table Talks" into a television show and a web situation as well.

    For the future episodes of "Red Table Talks," are you planning on featuring other guests?

    Yes, there will be other people involved. I think the only other one that I will be featured in is the one that Will and I are talking about doing. I just did a thing on my Facebook page where I asked people to request people that they would like to see on the show, such as Afeni [Shakur], Mary J. Blige, Michelle Obama and her two daughters, and Beyonce with her mother and sister. So we'll see how it goes!


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    Don't crown Solange Knowles the queen of the natural hair movement just yet.

    "My hair is not very important to I don’t encourage it to be important to you," wrote the singer in a series of tweets about natural hair.

    Solange says she brought up the issue after someone noticed the "constant hair comments" on her Instagram photos and pointed her to an article on the topic. She continued: "I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very different reasons….I only reiterate this because this is nothing new for me...This 4th time did not define me, just as it had not the previous 3 times."

    The article in question points out that when it comes to natural hair, there is a bias towards celebrating curly hair types like Tracee Ellis Ross's more than the tightly coiled coifs of the Solange's of the world. "Why are not more tightly coiled naturals regarded as hair idols?" writes blogger Moderne Meid.

    Solange added that she'd never painted herself as "a team natural vice president," before ending with the tweet: "i don't want to talk about no damn hair, no mo."

    The songstress recently told ESSENCE that she was surprised by how people reacted to her going natural. "I honestly was just tired of the energy surrounding my hair," she said. "So when I cut it, I didn't think about what anyone else would think."


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  • 06/09/12--14:51: 'Shadow Dancer' Trailer

  • Set in 1990s Belfast, an active member of the IRA becomes an informant for MI5 in order to protect her son's welfare.


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     - after retailers told her 'black women don’t buy liquid foundations'

    Iman has proven beauty retailers wrong with her successful make-up line, after they told her that 'black women don’t buy liquid foundation'.

    Focusing on difficult-to-find shades for ethnic women, he supermodel's namesake cosmetic company has become a $25million business.

    However, during yesterday's WWD Beauty CEO Summit, the 56-year-old revealed that skeptical retailers have made it far from easy.

    After nearly two-decades modelling, and mixing foundation formulations for make-up artists to use on her, Iman launched her line at JCPenney in 1994.To take Iman Cosmetics to the mass market, she signed a deal with Procter & Gamble in 2004, but distributors like Walgreens and Target responded to it with caution.

    Model make-up: After nearly two-decades modelling, and mixing foundation formulations for make-up artists, Iman launched her beauty line in 1994

    'I didn’t understand that it was if they have 1,000 doors, only 200 are for women of color,' she said.

    Retailers then tried to place her products at the back of their stores, which they see as the 'ethnic section'."It was a no-go. They wanted me to be placed at the back, which they considered, like it is, for the ethnic section, which I was totally against."

    And despite her soaring sales, she admitted that trying to secure distribution has been a challenge for both brick-and-mortar and online stores.

    "I approached the players - Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens - and everybody knew about the brand and how successful it was, so everybody said yes to it," she began."But then there was this, "Oh we’ll test it." Like I had just started, like there was no customer base for it."

    Iman Cosmetics: Focusing on difficult-to-find shades for ethnic women, the supermodel's company has become a $25million business, despite skeptical retailers

    Since retailers would not agree to put her products with the rest of their makeup, most of Iman's business is now conducted online. However because women like to look at makeup, and test it before they buy it,having an e-commerce-based sales model for any cosmetics brand will stunt growth.

    Iman says she knows this, and would like it to be different, because "customers need to be serviced," she said. If only the retailers understood it. "I have customers from all over the world that look for the products, but I also have customers in the U.S. that can’t find the product in a store near them."

    While Iman Cosmetics sells products any woman can use, such as lipstick, mascara and eyeliner, her foundation, a challenging category for many women of color, accounts for 75 percent of her overall sales.

    Despite discouragement from retailers who thought no one would buy it, three months after the line was launched, the foundation was the number-one product in her brand.

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  • 06/09/12--15:28: Blind Items....
  • 1. What pop star – she’s currently on a world tour – crossed the line when she physically ass*ulted her new female choreographer? The pro hoofer had the gall to approach the entertainer during rehearsals, so the singer palmed the woman’s face and pushed her back! The choreographer quit on the spot.
    Popular Guesses: Madonna or Lady Gaga

    2. This Academy Award-winning actress – she’s the widow of an iconic screen legend and Oscar winner – is sadly showing signs of dem*ntia. Friends are concerned because the 80-something star has started telling tales about her handsome husband’s many indiscretions and how she was a fool to be so devoted all those years! Who are they?
    Popular Guess: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

    3. What married-with-kids A-list movie star has his faithful assistant help him find dates with men on a gay s*x website that caters to guys who like Latino and African- American gangster-types? The actor, who has long been rumored to swing both ways, has a k*nky penchant for prison thugs!
    Popular Guesses: Big Willie Style or Tommy Boy

    4.  Which super-famous reality star’s popular perfume is a huge seller, but her new beau can’t stand the scent? The musician boyfriend didn’t want to create a stink and hurt his lady’s feelings because she loves wearing it 24/7, so he LIED and told her he was allergic to ALL perfume!
    Popular Guess: Kimmy K. and Ye

    5. This Grammy-winning musician gets such a kick out of impersonating a certain a-list star that he actually poses for photos with the actor’s fans and signs his autograph! The sleazy singer likes to be a bigger jerk than usual when people mistake him for “Mr. Movie Star” – and even undertips on restaurant and bar bills in the hope that the media will pick up the story!
    Popular Guess: Ruling World's Greatest Douchebag John Mayer impersonating Johnny Depp


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    All four "X-Factor" judges just pulled a Britney and high-tailed it off set, TMZ has learned, after witnessing the worst audition in the history of auditioning.

    Sources at the taping in Kansas City tell TMZ ... Britney, Demi, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell's stand-in, Louis Walsh, couldn't stomach one more second of a certain wannabe superstar's "singing" and were so disgusted by it ... they walked out mid-audition.

    We're told it all went down because the guy auditioning walked on stage, claimed to be "better than Chris Brown," and then turned his back to the judges to sing with his eyes closed. After a few bars of melodic torture, the audience started booing and the judges peaced out.

    The judges all eventually returned, we're told, but Britney need a little extra time to get over what just went down.


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    Who would want to see Madonna's dry boob? I guarantee if she didn't have that bra supporting the bottom that it would have fell to the floor and bounced back like a yo-yo. The elderly performer decided to pull out her tit purposely while performing in Istanbul as part of the MDNA tour.

    For her to have talked so much smack about Janet Jackson doing it she sure has the nerve.

    Peep the clip below. (FF to 2:58)

    welp the other video was deleted :( @ 0.48


    4 your viewing pleasure </3

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    1. Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman: Both actresses are petite brunette women known for their amazing performances and humanitarianism. When you think of top notch actresses, both Hepburn and Portman come to mind. Hepburn and Portman are Oscar-winning actresses who have proved their mettle in drama and comedy alike. 


    2. Humphrey Bogart and Bruce Willis: Both actors are known as cultural icons who could deliver time and time again. Though both men have made a multitude of successful movies, they are still known mostly for being typecast (Bogart as a gangster and Willis as an action star) and will forever be attached to some of their most famous and impressing characters (Bogart as Rick Blaine and Willis as John McClane).

    3. Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie: Both actresses have been called exotic, beautiful and crazy. They share the same sexy light-eyed stare and the same fiery temperament that comes through in many of their movie roles. Both actresses have also been involved in marital scandals. These two women are more than famous; they’re infamous.

    4. Clark Gable and George Clooney: Both actors’ names have gone down in Hollywood lore. While Gable was once known as “The King of Hollywood” Clooney has been called the “Sexiest Man Alive.” With the same sexy smirk, both men are swooned over by women and have been considered box-office gold.

    5. Grace Kelly and Diane Kruger: Both actresses are blonde and beautiful but more importantly, both women are known for their impeccable fashion sense. As Kelly was in the 1950’s, Kruger is one of today’s most trendsetting fashionistas.

    6. James Dean and Jude Law: Both blondes, these actors are known for being the troublemaker with the good heart than all the girls swoon over. Whether playing cads in film or in the tabloids, both Dean and Law could do no wrong in the eyes of women, despite being labeled “bay boys.”

    7. Katherine Hepburn and Rachel McAdams: Both actresses are known for playing strong female characters with spunk and witty dialogue. Neither could ever be called a damsel in distress. Both McAdams and Hepburn prove that being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to be a weak female lead. From comedy to drama, Hepburn and McAdams are top notch.

    8. Jimmy Stewart and Robert Downey Jr.: Both men have something about them that makes them stand out from other actors and are universally loved. Handsome and quick-witted, both Stewart and Downey Jr. are loved by women and men alike. Their unique and loveable personas set them apart from the rest and makes them some of the most memorable personalities on and off-screen.

    9. Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson: Both actresses are most known for their voluptuous figures, blonde hair, and sexualized image. While maybe not considered the very best in their profession, there is no doubt that both Monroe and Johansson are among the most famous, beloved, and lusted after. Both remain sex symbols to this day.

    10. Tyrone Power and Orlando Bloom: Both Power and Bloom are most well-known for their stunning good looks and ability to make women fawn over them. Because of their pretty faces, both were typecast into large, adventurous roles. Power eventually was given the chance to prove how good of an actor he was and hopefully Bloom will be given that chance as well.

    11. Rita Hayworth and Catherine Zeta-Jones: Both actresses are stunningly beautiful with a figure to die for and a very large male (and female) fan base. While both are known as sex symbols of their time, neither Hayworth or Zeta-Jones is just a pretty face; both are trained dancers.

    ava gardner
    12. Ava Gardner and Kate Beckinsale: Both brunette actresses are stunning beauties. Kate even played Ava in The Aviator. Both actresses made multiple films in various genres, include epic tales such as Pearl Harbor (Beckinsale) and Mogambo (Gardner).

    13. Carey Grant and Brad Pitt: Both actors are known for being debonair leading men. Both impeccably handsome, these two actors have managed to prove that they’re more than just a pretty face with an impressive resume of films in all genres, including award-winning pictures. 

    14. Judy Garland and Amy Adams: Both actresses are known for being pretty and cute and being able to sing as well as they can act. Garland in The Wizard of Oz and Adams in Enchanted cemented both actresses in the hall of fame of performers.

    15. Lauren Bacall and Keira Knightley: Both actresses are tall, stunningly beautiful and blessed with a voice to make men melt. Bacall and Knightley both exploded on the scene as young adults and proved that they were there to stay opposite already famous male leads. Bacall and Knightley are pretty faces that can pull off big performances.

    16. Natalie Wood and Anne Hathaway: Both big-eyed brunettes are hard-working actresses who became famous before their mid-twenties and have been nominated for various distinguished awards and are fresh-faced examples of Hollywood talent who started with more childish roles and quickly adapted into strong adult roles.

    17. Rock Hudson and Neil Patrick Harris: Both Hudson and Harris are very gay but play some of the most handsome, debonair lady-killers of their time. Hudson’s sexuality was a secret during his time, but now fans know and embrace Harris for who he is, even while accepting him as the rogue Barney Stinson. 

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  • 06/09/12--16:28: Kaiju Big Battle?
  • First look at Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim:

    Looks like Prometheus won't be the only ship Idris Elba helms in the coming year. Slated for a July 2013 release, Pacific Rim tells the story of an alternate future in which large creatures (alien?) rise from the depths of the oceans and threaten mankind. Humanity fights back of course, in the form of giant manned robots called Jaegers.

    Also starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons Of Anarchy), Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy, The Ledge) and Rinko Kikuchi (Norwegian Wood), del Toro calls Pacific Rim "a beautiful poem to giant monsters".

    Here's a Toronto news clip on the transformation of Toronto into a "little Tokyo":

    So what do you guys think? Yay? Nay? Getting tired of giant monster/robot movies or need more in your life NOW?


    Latino Review


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    The Only Devon Sawa Interview You Will Ever Need

    If you were a movie-watching child of the '90s (or, shall we say, an adolescent girl with a pulse) you knew Devon Sawa as a teen idol golden boy of the decade. But after a little more than a dozen years as an actor — during which time he graduated from kiddie fare (Little Giants, Casper, Now & Then) to Tiger Beat bait (Wild America) to what he calls his “edgy” phase (SLC Punk, Idle Hands, Final Destination, Slackers, and Eminem’s “Stan” video), Sawa departed Hollywood to reassess his career, not knowing if he’d return to acting.

    During his self-imposed exile from the spotlight — and the party culture and poor career choices that he admits marked his mid-aughts — Sawa spent time in Southeast Asia. He trained in muy thai. He restored a heritage building in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. By the time a script serendipitously found its way to his mailbox, enticing him back into the acting game after his years-long absence, Sawa was ready to start fresh. A celebrated guest turn as reformed assassin Owen Elliot on The CW’s sleeper hit Nikita followed, along with turns in the Toronto Film Festival thriller 388 Arletta Avenue, the indie horror pic The Sibling, and this week’s After Dark Action slate offering, The Philly Kid.

    Movieline met with Sawa to discuss (OK, obsess over) his beloved '90s films and the disparate fan followings they inspired, the unexpected similarities between directors Steven Spielberg and Dr. Dre, how he spent his four years away from acting, and why it’s always OK to give your phone number to the Coen brothers.
    What brought you to The Philly Kid in the first place? You aren’t playing the hero here, but rather a more vulnerable character, which I thought was a more interesting choice.
    First of all, when I read the script the lead was already cast with Wes [Chatham] and he couldn’t have done a better job, but this was appealing to me because he’s kind of the guy who doesn’t care anymore; he’s got the slouch, and he drinks, and he’s got a gambling problem. It’s a character I’ve never played before and I wanted to be that character that doesn’t worry so much about the way he looks, you know what I mean?

    You play the friend who sucks Wes's Dillon back into fighting, part Paulie from Rocky and part Worm from Rounders…
    The thing about Jake is that he’s a likeable guy, he’s a loveable guy, and that’s what makes Dillon want to help him out. He doesn’t ever mean to do anything wrong, he’s just got no filter and he makes the wrong decisions… a lot. But he means well.

    Given your sports training, have you considered taking the action hero route? Or do you have a different path in mind?
    Acting first. I want to do action, but I don’t want to be the guy who does just action. I’ve been working a lot on character, and I want to be able to do what Pacino and Hoffman do. But I still love doing action, so I’m trying to do both.

    You’ve done a number of indie movies as well as Nikita in the last few years — where did this project fit in?
    It came at the right time. It was the end of season one of Nikita so I knew for sure I wasn’t working on that. My agent called and said there was this MMA script, and I was like, "Oh, let me read it!" Baton Rouge was a big part of it because I love the South, and being from Canada it’s like the polar opposite — the food, the feel... I just love it down there. So it just fell in place.

    Obviously many of us have been watching your career from the start, but audiences really caught up with you in recent years thanks to your recurring role on Nikita.
    I took a break at the age of 25 just to step away from the business and figure things out — figure out if I wanted to do this anymore because I’d been working straight from the age of 11. And when I came back after four or five years, it was kind of like starting fresh again. People hadn’t seen me in a while, the last things they saw me in were some indie horror movies that I’m not really proud of, and the Nikita people were the first to step up and take a shot at me — "OK, let’s see him." I went in and read with them and it went great, and that opened up a whole bunch of new doors. That’s why I love them so much. A lot of people were like, "Eh, Devon, we haven’t seen him in a while — what’s he been doing?" And Nikita was like, "Sure, this could work." It was supposed to be for two episodes, but I got on there and it’s still going.

    It must be curious to have the experience of being famous as a child actor, and getting all the way to age 25 then stepping away and coming back. Between your early work, your Nikita work, and your newfound Twitter fame, what do you think has helped you most get back in the game?
    Nikita, for sure. I love Twitter. [Laughs] I don’t know if it’s really helped, but it’s a lot of fun. I have friends that are on The Vampire Diaries now that I met through Twitter. It’s a great thing, but I don’t know whether it’s helped or not.

    In ways you’re more candid on Twitter than most actors, which is part of why I think folks like to follow you.
    It’s not doing anything wrong, that’s for sure. No one’s told me to stop. I dread the call from my manager saying, ‘Did you really say this on Twitter?’ But you never know.

    Let’s go back to the beginning. You began acting at a young age, which is when you first made a name for yourself. Tell me about your childhood…
    I had a great childhood! I started doing Nerf commercials — I was the national Nerf spokeskid, which was my first kind of big thing.

    Did you know then that you wanted to act for a living?
    Yeah, I was a very energetic kid in grade 5 and started doing theater, traveling with this group doing all the elementary schools. I just loved it, I loved being on stage. Then I auditioned for the Nerf thing and got that, loved that — I ran around shooting Nerf guns.

    How can any kid complain about that?
    Exactly. And at the end of every commercial they’d give me a big box of these Nerf guns that the prop guy would put different springs in to make them shoot farther! So it was great. And then Casper came along. As a kid I was doing school with Christina Ricci and then Jonathan Taylor Thomas, going to Savannah, so it was all great. Then after Wild America when I was 17 I stepped away for two years, and came back, and I was going through that phase where I didn’t want to be in those teen magazines anymore. I was really against those things.

    That seems like the toughest transition for a child actor to make, out of adolescence and teen years into young adulthood.
    It really was. I wanted to do edgy, weird stuff, like SLC Punk and Idle Hands and the “Stan” video. That’s when I was in my weird phase. I guess it worked out.

    I admit I was enamored of Little Giants and Now & Then, but I have a friend who’s obsessed with Slackers. Like a number of your films, it has quite the cult following.
    There were a certain couple of years in college when I think that was a big movie! My agent’s assistant was like, "I love Slackers!" And he started reciting a scene that I don’t even remember. I’m like, "OK, dude!" I guess people like that. And I was really, really proud that Idle Hands made it to the New Beverly Cinema last year. That’s when you know you’re in a cult hit.

    Did you go?
    I didn’t. But the next one…

    How often do you go to the New Beverly? Because I swear I saw you there once, which is when I became aware that you were a fan of the theater and a huge movie nerd.
    You did. I am. I used to go all the time, but now I’m in Woodland Hills. I go to the Aero theater more, but I love them both. I really am a movie nerd. I love going to see the old films on the big screen. I just saw a new print of West Side Story at the Aero theater and that was great, I went to see back to back Indiana Joneses, back to back Godfathers… it’s the only way to see them.

    So, back to this edgy phase. Slackers, Idle Hands — those films came right before your self-imposed break from Hollywood. What prompted that?
    That was the point when the fame, or whatever — what club or what party I was going to — became more important. Then I started doing some movies that I wasn’t so proud of. They were kind of straight-to-DVD horror movies and whatnot.

    Why do you think you were doing those movies?
    They threw a little money at you, and you want to work, and you think they’re going to do better — it sounds good on paper — and then it comes out and somewhere down the line, something didn’t work out. And I wasn’t really proud of them, so I stepped away.

    Where did you go during that time?
    I went to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, for months at a time. I started muay thai in Thailand. I fixed up an old heritage building in Vancouver — I bought a heritage building that was kind of run down and went from apartment to apartment…

    Are you a house-flipper?
    No! That was the first and last time I’ll ever do that. It was an experience, but it was a great experience. I wouldn’t do it for a living, it’s definitely hard work. But I learned so much. It’s kind of a life experience.

    When you took this break, not knowing if you’d return to acting, what did you think you might do instead?
    I thought I was going to do something in the real estate business, maybe this flipping…

    And what was it that brought you back to acting?
    An accident. Acting wasn’t even on my radar, but I got a script through the regular mail for Max Payne. Mark Wahlberg was already in it, and this script arrived in my mailbox with a cover sheet. It was from an agent who obviously didn’t get the memo, but there were audition sides and the script. Ludacris’s role — that’s the part I auditioned for. But anyway, my audition tape made it to my new manager’s office somehow and they were like, "Hey, come down and meet with us!" I came down and met with them, but it was a very slow process. I got a furnished apartment in Marina del Rey for a month, and then met with some people and went back home. I eventually moved by that little yellow building by the Santa Monica Pier, and I lived there for a year. Anyway, it didn’t work out, I didn’t get the part, but I got a new manager, and the rest is history.

    If you had any of it to do over again, would you do anything differently?
    I don’t think I would do it over again. I like where I am now. I think taking the break… I didn’t even know whether I was coming back after the break, and I think it was the best thing for me. I stepped back a little bit and I’m kind of trying to get back to the same place, but I’m happier now. I’m good where I am right now, and I’m in no rush this time. If I don’t work for a couple of months, then so be it. I don’t need to jump on a horror movie about aliens in space fighting zombies or something like that.

    Unless it’s the right one…
    [Laughs] That actually sounds not bad!

    Now that you’re back in the game, do you have a set path that you want to follow?
    I always said I was going to be more selective, pick and choose. It took a lot of time for them to convince me to open my mind to TV, because I was always so against it.

    As a child of the '90s, I love that the '90s are the new '80s, but it still freaks me out that the '90s are now retro.
    Yeah. When I hear people go, "We’re having a '90s party!" I’m like, am I still doing '90s?

    Molly Ringwald recently talked about going to an '80s party herself, not really needing a costume.
    Wow. I guess if you’re having an '80s party and Molly Ringwald shows up, you have the '80s party. [Pauses] God, I hope I don’t make a '90s party.

    But that would be awesome!
    That’s true.
    Speaking of the '90s, let’s talk about my early favorite films of yours: Casper, Now & Then, and Little Giants. Two in a row with Christina Ricci! What do you remember of those years?
    Me and Christina Ricci hung out a lot on Now & Then. It was my first time in Savannah, Georgia, which was cool — a Canadian kid being in the South for the first time. The reason Casper was so cool was because they did this whole nationwide search for Casper — tapes were coming in from everywhere. I sent my tape down and a week later my agent calls and says, "They want you to go down and meet Spielberg. Tomorrow." My parents were out of town on vacation somewhere, so me and my little old grandmother flew down to Los Angeles, and we’re on the set of Universal Studios, there’s this man sitting on the stairs: "Hi, I’m Steven Spielberg." My grandmother could care less! It was wild. After we did the meeting we snuck into the park and rode the rides. I was 13.

    What was Spielberg like, in your 13-year-old eyes?
    He was great. I did Little Giants back-to-back with that and they were both his movies. He came and worked the camera a lot on Little Giants. Just down to earth and really cool. But, you know – everyone’s staring at the guy. He’s Steven Spielberg! This is the time of Jaws and E.T. and Back to the Future.

    So, Little Giants: I was a tomboy, and I was obsessed with it. I always wanted to throw a roll of toilet paper in a perfect spiral…
    Down an aisle? You should do it! Just bring your cart in, wheel it down.

    When crazy people like me come up to you with all these nostalgic memories of your movies tied to our own childhoods, is it strange or are you totally cool with it?
    Yeah — I don’t know why, but I really am. I’m proud of my resume. I’m proud that I was able to make different jumps at different points. And it’s always a different crowd for different movies. There’s the typical Idle Hands pot smoker; I don’t know how many times someone’s said, "Hey, man, you wanna smoke a joint?" I get a lot of different people who loved the "Stan" video. That was one of the highlights of my career, that video. Working with Dr. Dre who directed it — that was the same feeling as Spielberg but in a different way, these guys are ahead of the game at what they do and they’re so smart and they get it.

    Have you ever performed “Stan” at karaoke? Because it exists. Karaoke joints have it.
    They do? I remember doing that video, and they told me when I got on set that I was going to lip-synch it. The first take, Dre came in and, no joke — his first direction was, ‘That was good! This time, I want you to try it with a little rhythm…’ [Laughs] I was like, that’s the first direction? That’s how this video’s going to go?

    So, thanks to your Tweets we know you share your life with your dog and have a "smoking" habit. What’s life like for you now?
    Mellow and chill. I came back and I moved to Marina del Rey, then I moved to the beach, moved to Beverly Hills, and now I’m in Woodland Hills. I love Calabasas. I come out here all the time, but then I go back into suburba-land. It wouldn’t surprise me to be home on a Friday night, midnight, bed. DVR. Greatest thing ever.

    What are you working up next?
    I don’t know. I worked really hard in the last couple of years, with Nikita and the three movies. Went on some stuff in pilot season that didn’t go, but we’re trying to be selective. My fingers are crossed on Nikita. Who knows? I’d like to go back and finish the Owen character, because he’s kind of in limbo now.

    You’ve also said you’d love to work with Scorsese. Are you working at making that happen, lobbying for roles in films with directors of that caliber?
    I have a list of people that I want to work with. I met with the Coen brothers, and I’ve never actually talked about this but it was one of the greatest days of my life. I was doing a Nikita episode and there was a Coen brothers movie casting and they were only seeing people on tape. I took the train somewhere in Toronto, put myself on tape, came back, sent it to my managers, watched it again and said, no — I want to do it again. Took the train again all the way back, redid it, sent it in, and a week later they called and said, "The Coen brothers want your cell phone number, they want to call you — we want permission to give your number to the Coen brothers." Uh, yeah! So I waited a couple days and then I get another call saying, "They would like you just to come meet with them in New York." So I flew to New York, met and read with them. I remember at one point while doing a scene I came out of it for a second and they were laughing, and I thought, "Holy shit, the Coen brothers are laughing where they’re supposed to be laughing." It was an amazing thing. It was between me and another guy and it went the other way, but you know, we’re getting into those places.

    The Philly Kid is one of five films opening under the After Dark Action banner, in theaters and On Demand today.

    The (Sorta) Live-Action American 'Sailor Moon' Show That Never Was

    If you're a casual fan of Sailor Moon, then you probably already know about the live-action series that aired in Japan from 2003 to 2004. What you may not be aware of, however, is that before the anime made it to America, there were plans for another live-action series, produced in America as a... let's just be charitable and call it a "loose" adaptation.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your love of pop culture trainwrecks), the American live-action series was deemed to be prohibitively expensive compared to just dubbing the anime, so it never happened. But that didn't stop Toon Makers from producing a two-minute video showing Live-Action Sailor Moon and her American Animated Counterpart. And even though the copy that ended up on YouTube is actually a video of a TV screen playing a VHS tape, it's still something you need to see.

    The idea behind the show seems to be that Serena and her Burger King Kids Club-Approved gang of school-chums would be filmed in live action as they got up to highly coordinated line-dances and Mayim Bialik cosplay, but when they actually transformed into their super-heroic alter-egos, the show would switch it up into animated action. As much as that sort of defeats the purpose of doing a live-action show, it is a pretty interesting take on things -- especially considering what the plan was for the action.
    The single best part of this entire video is unquestionably the scenes where the Sailor Scouts are windsurfing through space, presumably so that there could be something in this show that had a sail to justify the title. This may actually be the only improvement that Toon Makers made over the original, because -- as CA's Caleb Goellner put it -- "those girls could be a Kirby creation and fly alongside Black Racer and Silver Surfer in space." The only bad thing about that is that now I want to see Jack Kirby's Sailor Moon.

    It's also worth noting that the theme song -- or at least, what you can make out of it over the snickering of the crowd -- is also pretty great, for certain values of "great." It's certainly no worse than the song they ended up with for the American release of the anime, especially since it sums up Sailor Moon's entire deal pretty handily:

    At times she's a fun-loving sixteen year-old girl
    Sailor! Sailor Moon!
    But at times she's a super-hero for the world
    Sailor! Sailor Moon!
    She can get dressed up and look so sweet
    In the [Moon something something?] that can't be beat!

    In addition the music video, there was also apparently a 17-minute proof-of-concept pilot produced, and if you've got a copy of it, please let us know. This is something we have got to see.

    '90s TV Stars We'd Rather See Strip Than Joey Lawrence
    It's official. The world has just jumped the shark. In an effort to remain relevant (?), Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame will be taking it all off for Chippendales at the Rio in Las Vegas. The actor will swing his thing around from June 7 through June 24, if you want to book a flight right now.

    You may now file this under useless information that you didn't need to know anything about. Lawrence was always something of a ladies' man, even with the bad mullet. As of late, there have been pictures of him surfacing across the Internet looking shirtless and buff. He certainly has the right to be proud of his figure. That being said, stripping? Really, Joey Lawrence, don't you have better career moves to be making? Why not try and resurrect your singing career instead?

    There are so many other washed-up '90s television heartthrobs that could use the work and need those dollar bills shoved into their G-strings.

    Here are our top eight '90s TV stars we would rather see stripping than Joey Lawrence.

    8. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    JTT, where are you? JTT was a huge hit with the tween crowd during his tenure at Home Improvement. Girls were just gaga over him, like dirty-talk-at-slumber-parties gaga. As of late, he hasn't been up to a whole heck of a lot, although there have been murmurs of a triumphant comeback. We say, give stripping a try! Show the world that there is so much more to you than just those baby blues.

    7. Kevin Sorbo

    Sorbo starred as the heroically sexy Hercules in the '90s television show of the same title. Sorbo was so hot he had his own action figure. Strippers always seem to come ready with a costume and character, which already gives Sorbo a leg up on the competition. He can just wear leftover costumes from the Hercules show that he most definitely still keeps in his closet. Plus, ladies who go to strip clubs tend to dig dudes with long, flowing hair.

    6. Corin Nemec

    Corin Nemec keeps trying to make a go at it in the biz, but he will never be able to shake his career-defining role as the wily, patterned shirt-wearing, "not a problem"-saying Parker Lewis. His stripper costume practically writes itself, nothing but a synchronized Swatch watch and whatever the good Lord gave him.

    5. Ben Savage

    Ben Savage may have had a wildly successful '90s sitcom, Boy Meets World, but he will forever be the younger brother of his more famous sibling Fred. Fred started acting and little bro Ben joined in. Fred played a neurotic teen on television, Ben played a neurotic teen on television. Guess what, Ben, there's something that your big brother never did: Strip for Chippendales. Get out of his shadow and into a thong.

    4. Brian Austin Green
    He may be white, but he's not vanilla.

    Brian Austin Green played the lovable nerd-turned-DJ-turned-rapper-turned-hip-hop-musician-turned-DJ David Silver on the '90s teen soap Beverly Hills 90210. Green hasn't done much careerwise, but has stayed in the current culture due to his unexplainable marriage to hottie Megan Fox. His and Fox's unmatched union is the reason we want to see him swinging around the stripper pole. We need to know what is going under his clothing that Fox finds so fetching.

    3. Scott Wolf

    Wolf played the troubled middle child Bailey Salinger on the melodramatic '90s show Party of Five. At the time of the show, Wolf was the cute, baby-faced brother to his older, bearded sibling Matthew Fox. Those dimples did nothing for Wolf's career; Fox went on to star in the ridiculously popular TV show Lost. Meanwhile, Wolf has done small parts in TV shows that you have no need to rewatch on Blu-ray. Wolf needs a break, and that break might as well be stripping for money.

    2. Wil Wheaton


    Wheaton is best known for his role as Wesley on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wheaton has had a very colorful career as an actor, writer, gamer, political activist and blogger. He's also a self-proclaimed geek who has embraced his Star Trek past. Can't you just picture him stripping out of that tight red Star Fleet uniform? You are welcome for that mental image.

    1. Chuck Norris

    Does Chuck Norris have any reason to take up stripping? No. Not only does he have plenty of money, but he remains as relevant today as he was during his days as Walker, Texas Ranger. Don't you just want to see Norris as the next Chippendales dancer, just because why not? We do too.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - 'Seasons 1-7: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy' Announced: Date, Cost, Action Figure!

    Now available to pre-order directly from Time Life; ships the week of August 6th

    Your favorite childhood show has morphenomenal action, adventure, and meaningful lessons for both original and young fans. Now you can relive these action-packed adventures and share them with the next generation when we unleash the ORIGINAL POWER RANGERS on DVD for the very first time! Plus, you'll get exclusive in-depth bonus content, including a retrospective featurette on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers phenomenon, brand new interviews with the cast and creative teams, and much, much more!

    Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, fitness, responsibility and helping others, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers follows the thrilling and humorous adventures of ordinary teens who "morph" into extraordinary superheroes over the course of three seasons. The adventures continue with Power Rangers Zeo, as the team takes on a new member, new zords, and meets new challenges and enemies. Then shift into Power Rangers Turbo, with the fastest team yet! Next, "Let's Rocket!" as we blast off for Power Rangers In Space; then we'll "Go Galactic!" as we join a new team in unexplored territory with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Order your own incredible POWER RANGERS box set today!

    A few hours ago today, began accepting pre-orders for their 40-DVD collection of Power Rangers - Seasons 1-7: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy. You'll get 338 episodes which aired from 1993 to 1999, plus tons of bonus material including 2 DVDs completely dedicated to extras.

    Additionally, with this title you'll also get a rare Bandai-made action figure of Morphin Red Ranger (Jason) wearing the "Dragon Shield" (which, in case you've forgotten, is the golden shoulder pad/chestpiece assembly) usually seen on the Morphin Green Ranger (Tommy). You can see a high-res image of this action figure at the bottom, complete with accessory sword and blaster. This toy was once available for collectors, but not for a long time; it is currently available exclusively from Time Life with the purchase of this title. And don't think this combination of Red and Green Ranger uniforms is simply out-of-the-blue; it is taken directly from two Mighty Morphin: Season 1 episodes: "Birds of a Feather" and "Clean-Up Club"...both of which you can watch on these discs!

    Note that there is NOT any overall "slipcase" packaging for this title: these are the same sets that Shout! Factory will be selling individually, and Time Life will take the separate disc cases and the action figure, and wrap them in bubble wrap and send them to you in a regular shipping carton. The price is $219.95 SRP, which may sound like a lot at first, but at 40 discs it breaks down to just $5.49 per DVD. Or, putting bonus stuff aside, it's just 65¢ per episode...$31.42 per season. And standard shipping is available for free. It's a great value, any way you look at it. And if you cannot afford the entire $219.95 cost at once, you can break it down into 5 easy installments of $43.99 per payment. Sounds good to us!

    The current planned ship date is August 6th, just a week later than what we originally reported. Time Life, Shout! Factory and Saban are working on getting a full press release to us soon; stay tuned for that!

    * previously posted by[info]browniebag *

    "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation" Coming to DVD on August 21, 2012

    AUGUST 21, 2012

    BURBANK, CA (May 23, 2012) – It’s summer vacation madness at its best with Babs and Buster Bunny, and all their pals from Acme Looniversity as they ditch the classroom for zany escapades and fun on Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, available in stores August 21, 2012. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, this full-length animated film is available on DVD for the first time from Warner Home Video (WHV) and will retail for $19.97 SRP.

    No more pencils, no more books! It’s the last day of class at Acme Looniversity and the Tiny Toons gang is ready for some summer hi-jinks and fun. Babs and Buster Bunny’s water pistol fight gets a little out of control and turns into a wild and exciting white-water rafting trip. Plucky Duck and Hampton Pig share the most impossibly awful road trip imaginable on their way to HappyWorldLand. Elmyra Duff becomes irritable after losing her cat and wanders off on her own in a wild animal park in search of “cute little kitties to hug and squeeze.” In the meantime, Fifi Le Fume meets film actor Johnny Pew who turns out to be a “skunknophobic” nightmare. It’s a loony summer vacation our Tiny Toons pals won’t soon forget!

    Produced by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation was executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

    “Whether you’re a Tiny Toons fan or an admirer of classic Looney Tunes cartoons, this film is a must have if you love animation,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing and Partner Brands. She added, “Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation combines animation with clever and imaginative writing, resulting in a delightful film the whole family can enjoy.”

    Tiny Toon Adventures focuses on the new generation of Looney Tunes characters who study at Acme Looniversity. The series was produced by Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Animation.

    The Credits

    About Warner Bros. Animation
    Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is one of the leading producers of animation in the entertainment industry, with an innovative and talent-rich roster boasting some of the most accomplished writers, producers and artists working today. The studio is on the cutting edge of animation technology and has both CG and traditionally animated projects in current production and development. For TV, WBA produces series such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series, The Looney Tunes Show, MAD , Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, ThunderCats and Young Justice, for Cartoon Network. WBA will also produce series and additional original content for Cartoon Network’s multiplatform branded DC Nation programming block, which debuts in 2012. In addition to TV series, WBA produces theatrically released CG cartoon shorts featuring iconic Looney Tunes characters, rendered in stereoscopic 3D. The first three shorts premiered in 2010, the most recent short — I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat — was released in November 2011, and two additional cartoons will debut in 2012. WBA also creates the highly successful series of DC Universe Original Animated Movies for DVD . Producing for multiple platforms including TV, digital and home entertainment both domestically and internationally, WBA is highly respected for its creative and technical excellence, as well as for maintaining the Studio’s rich cartoon heritage. It is also the home of the iconic animated characters from the DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Looney Tunes libraries. One of the most-honored animation studios in history, WBA has been honored with six Academy Awards®, 35 Emmy® Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, an Environmental Media Award, a Parents’ Choice Award, the HUMANITAS Prize, two Prism Awards and 20 Annie Awards (honoring excellence in animation).

    About Warner Home Video
    With operations in 90 international territories, Warner Home Video, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc., commands the largest home entertainment distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Video and New Line Cinema.

    About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group
    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment's home video, digital distribution, interactive entertainment/videogames, direct-to- DVD production, technical operations and anti-piracy businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. WBHEG is responsible for the global distribution of content through DVD, electronic sell-through and VOD , and delivery of theatrical content to wireless and online channels, and is also a significant worldwide publisher for both internal and third party videogame titles.

    Exclusive: Toy Story 4, 5 Planned for 2013 and 2014 (But It's Not What You Think)

    Pixar is developing two original, 22-minute television specials starring the characters of Toy Story. They will air (presumably on either ABC or the Disney Channel) in October 2013 and Spring 2014.

    As if that weren't enough, "three new Toy Story Toons are in development", all this according to a book industry e-catalogue from Disney Publishing Worldwide.

    These specials are the ones Pixar president Ed Catmull suggested Pixar Canada could do back when the satellite studio opened in 2010.

    Source 1 2 3 4 5

    Happy Saturday ONTD!!!
    I hope you all are having a great weekend so far ^__^

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    Gale Harold, who played bad boy Brian Kinney on Showtime's Queer as Folk, is missing the cast's first official reunion since the show ended its run in 2005.

    But he wants his fans and his former co-stars to know that he very much wanted to be with them in Cologne, Germany, this week for Rise n' Shine 2012, where the reunion is currently taking place.

    'I’d love to be there to celebrate with you,' he says in a lengthy statement. 'Obviously QAF changed all of our lives. And that fact is more than just the echo of a well-worn phrase. In the years since the series completed, one thing has become very clear to me; there were many lifelong transformations that I, and I think my cast-mates went through while living through our characters.'

    The series followed the lives and loves of a group of gay friends living in Pittsburgh and Harold was in the cast for the entire five-year run of the show.

    'I had been greatly looking forward to attending the convention, reuniting with all my old cast-mates and meeting all of you,' he added. 'A wonderful work opportunity has only recently come my way and unfortunately the scheduling of that project does not allow me the time to come to Cologne and join you. This disappoints me just as much as I fear it will disappoint many of you. I hope you will all understand and forgive my absence.'

    Harold, who has gone on the have a recurring role on ABC's Desperate Housewives and starring roles on NBC's Vanished and in The CW shows Hellcats and The Secret Circle, reflected in his statement about the impact of the series.

    'I can remember when we started to hear the stories from those first watching the show,' he said. 'I will never forget being told by some of my brothers and sisters in the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community that they were hearing their own voices and seeing themselves, some for the first time, on screen.'

    'Not everyone in the community saw, or even liked the work we did,'
    he added. 'But there were many who found hope and solidarity in the stories we tried to tell. I’ve heard that directly from many of those who did. That is undoubtedly what I treasure most. The best we can do as story tellers is tell the truth and find someone to listen to us and respond; however it affects them and however we get there. We told the truth.'

    Meanwhile, at the reunion in Cologne, Randy Harrison was interviewed:

    Since QAF ended you only worked on theater. Is there a reason for?

    R.H.: “Because I prefer it. (laughing) And also because the ending of QAF wasn’t that good for me in case of my TV experiences. I got a lot of similar offers for other TV shows and movies, while the offers from theater were more different and versatile. And so it was an easy decision. I wanted to develop as an actor and I think that’s easier while working on stage. With every rehearsal and every new co star I learn something new.”

    But you don’t regret your work on QAF, do you?

    R.H.: “Absolutely not! I am really thankful for being a part of a show that still catches up peoples fancy and that people still appreciate the work we did. I guess that’s because before and after there had never been a show like QAF.”

    Do people still recognize you? And if they do, what are they say to “Justin”?

    R.H.: “In NY, where I live, people barely recognize me. And if they do, it’s always nice! Because these people are really lovely and sometimes they tell me how much Justin meant to them and that the show helped them with their lives.”

    While playing Justin, what did you learn about yourself? Would you two like each other?

    R.H.: “I learned how to act in front of a camera. I barely had any kind of experience about that before. Unfortunately I accustomed some really bad things in those five years of QAF. Like to “underact” the lines when I thought Justin wouldn’t talk like that. That’s stupid of course! I should’ve play out every single sexual ambiguity the writers wanted to put into the character! Justin could’ve been a lot more plastic (?) if I would’ve been more gamier with my acting back then. After all Justin wasn’t my idea, it wasn’t my character, it was their doll to play with, so to say. Back then I took everything a little bit too personal and that wasn’t good for my acting. It wouldn’t have been necessary. And no, I don’t think that Justin and I would really like each other. But we also wouldn’t not like each other. I think we wouldn’t really care about each other. His implicit Will to follow hetero normative examples of roles and relationships is not who I am. Bull**** like that bores me.

    Do you regret your openly coming out during the show?

    R.H.: “No. The more actors are openly out, the better.”

    Does QAF shows the real Gay scene?

    R.H.: “The gay scene in QAF is the wishful thinking of the writers and creators. It’s a could be/should be. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t exist, but it’s only a small part of the gay scene. The real gay scene is a lot more versatile.”

    Are you happy to be with your former Co-Stars again?

    R.H.: “Sure! (laughs) We’re all still friends and see each other from time to time. But since I do live on the east coast and all the others live at the west coast I don’t see them as much as they see each other, unfortunately. For example: I haven’t seen Hal [Sparks, playing Michael] since the day we stopped filming QAF. I excited to change that now.”

    You were Justin for 5 years, you know him. Where would he be today?

    R.H.: “I think, he’s still in NY. But he’s not a popular artist. I mean, he made some Photoshop stuff on the computer in Pittsburgh an then printed them on Photo paper to show them to galleries. That only proves that he had no idea what was really going on in the art scene in 2005. And that makes me think that he wasn’t a very curious guy at all. Today he would work in a good position in a graphic design company or maybe he’s doing some advertising work. He’s good with the Computer, with Photoshop and illustration and maybe even with Flash Animation, so I think he would make some good money. He would have a partner who makes a lot more money than he does and who’s a lot older than he is. Justin does totally maintain a father complex. Unfortunately! (laughs) They married as soon as gay marriage was allowed in NY and they live at Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan and they don’t like people who live in Brooklyn. Justin never had been in an Off-Brodway-theather. I could see him and his husband looking out for a surrogate mother for their child. Because of course they are narcissistic and rich enough to reproduce even though there’s an overpopulation in Manhattan. Justin thinks he’s one of the top 1000 gays of New York and he’s really proud about that! Things like that got very important for him lately. If he comes back to Pittsburgh for visiting, he makes his old friends feel bad about themselves – even though that’s not his intention. (laughs) And… do you know that feeling when you are completely drunk and then have sex with someone and the next morning you wake up and think O my god, how could this happen? and then you feel a little sick when you remember all the details of that night? That’s how Justin feels today when he’s back to Pittsburgh for visiting his mother and then accidentally meets Brian. His husband would make fun about their former relationship. And even though Justin would object piously a little bit – in the end he would laugh about it.”


    It's a shame Gale was not able to attend but at least he still appreciates and celebrates working on the series!

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    True Blood Exclusive: Michael McMillian on the Return, Meaning of Steve Newlin

    Michael McMillian sort of saw this coming.

    When filming episodes of True Blood Season 2, the actor says he always thought Reverend Steve Newlin was carrying a torch for Jason Stackhouse, and viewers finally saw this play out in a positively hilarious scene from last Sunday's premiere, Turn, Turn, Turn.

    Shooting that was just fun, McMillian told me over the phone this week.Ryan [Kwanten] and I love working together. He's an actor I can try anything with and vice versa. We spend most of our time trying to crack each other up, and then trying not to laugh as a result.

    But even though the scene was True Bloody in nature - over the top, humorous, full of nudity - McMillian said those involved wanted to make sure Steve was coming from a real place.
    This is really something he's been struggling with, the star said. We never really saw Steve's inner life on Season 2. You were seeing the public figure and wondering what is going on with him. So it's fun and kind of a relief as an actor to play a scene where his soul is coming out.
    McMillian, who co-writes the True Blood comic book, found out near the end of Season 4 that he'd be returning, as creator Alan Ball simply said, We're gonna turn you into a vampire.
    I thought it was great! McMillian laughed. Anyone who plays a human would love to get supernatural powers at some point.

    Now what, though? We know Steve has serious feelings for Jason, but does he also have a larger agenda?
    We really can't trust a lot of what Steve was saying in that moment, the actor said, referring to his speech to Jason about how he was turned. It was a mixed bag of truth and lies… he's definitely in love with Jason. He's coming after him. As for where he falls into the larger vampire picture, you'll see as the season goes along.
    Overall, Steve Newlin deals with some seriously controversial topics (religion, sexuality), but the actor says he has no fear at all tackling them and the character is integral to the satirical theme of the series.
    What interested me was exploring how much of the old Steve still holds water. How much has he changed now? Has he changed his beliefs? Was he always just repressing? The season as a whole takes on the concept of religious beliefs and how God can be used as an excuse for a lot of different behavior. I see Steve as an avatar for that.

    Still buzzing about the re- TURN of Tara? Chat live with True Blood star Rutina Wesley on Monday at 2pm ET to discuss the Season 5 premiere. (Rutina Wesley had a chat on HBO and I'll post the important questions that surrounds Tara Thronton)

    what are some new challenges that Tara will face?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    Dealing with her hatred for vampires and her relationship with Sookie and Lafayette.

    Is there any thing happening to Tara's outfits?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    umm . . you'll have to wait and see but pam is my maker now so . . . ;)

    Whats Tara and Pam relationship going to be like?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    That's going to be the thing to watch. Pam will be Pam and Tara will be Tara. :)

    How do you feel about Pam as your maker?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    Kristin Bauer is a goddess. I love working with her and I LOVE her as my maker. Just wait . . . :)

    What about season 5 are you most excited about?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    Seeing tara deal with the thing she hates the most. Here journey will be interesting this season.

    How will Tara and Lafayette's relationship weather the turn?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    They're relationship is definitely changed. You will have to keep tuning in to find out. She's got a bone to pick with him.

    How upset do you think Tara will be when she finds out she's the creature she hates the most?

    A:Rutina Wesley
    Well, let's just say she ain't happy. Not in the least. It's definitely a game changer.

    So glad my BB Newlin is no longer repressed, I'm so happy for him! <3

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    The pop star made her way to her fave NYC eatery yesterday for dinner with friends--Da Silvano in downtown Manhattan. Decked out in her black sheer buttoned-up blouse, jeans and shades, the 24-year-old "Where Have You Been" singer made her way to her fave spot to wine & dine last night.

    he kicked it with her usual celeb friends and tweeted last night:

    Fun times w/ Neyo, Mo, V, Trey, Maxwell, Selita, Terrence, CP3, A Mandler and ofcourse my hoes

    She also hinted that her LOUD Tour DVD is coming soon. You ready? source 1 2

    Fight? Rihanna don't know nothing 'bout no fight...

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  • 06/16/12--19:15: Overtime with Bill Maher

  • Joseph Stiglitz
    Economist; Author, The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future

    Alan Thicke

    Karen Finney
    Democratic Strategist; Political Analyst, MSNBC; Columnist, The Hill

    David Frum
    Contributing Editor, Newsweek/The Daily Beast; Author, Patriots

    Kristen Soltis
    Republican Pollster; Vice President, The Winston Group

    Bill and his roundtable guests (Susan Burke, Dambisa Moyo, John Waters, E.J. Dionne, Michael Brendan Dougherty

    Classic Politically Incorrect - with RuPaul

    source source source source

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  • 06/16/12--20:29: Cheryl Cole's T4 Special
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    No where is the term "age-appropriate" more malleable than in TV and movies. Check out some of the oldest actors to play teens on the big and small screens.

    1. Stacey Dash in 'Clueless'
    One of the most famous examples of an old teen in a movie, Stacey Dash was 28 when she played 17-year-old Dionne in Clueless. Blessed with youthful good looks, Dash reprised the role for the TV series and continued to play a high schooler until she was 33.

    2. Trevor Donovan in '90210'
    No doubt about it, Trevor Donovan is a stud on 90210, but does it really make sense to bring in a 30-year-old to play high schooler Teddy Montgomery? The actor was just a month shy of his 31st birthday when he made his first appearance on the show in 2009.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Catch Me if You Can'
    When you're watching Catch Me If You Can, it's easy to forget Frank Abagnale was 16 and 17 through the course of the movie. Sure, part of that is his grown-up confidence and the adult nature of his various scams and crimes, but it's also because Leonardo DiCaprio was 28 when the movie came out.

    4. Gabrielle Carteris in 'Beverly Hills: 90210'
    Children of the '90s will remember the original 90210's resident fogey. Gabrielle Carteis was 29 when she played high school newspaper editor Andrea Zuckerman, making her about 32 when she finally graduated.

    5. Taylor Kitsch in 'Friday Night Lights'
    Taylor Kitsch is about 10 years older than his Friday Night Lights counterpart Tim Riggins. He was 27 when the running back graduated from high school, but in the show's first season it was a little weird to have a full-grown hunk playing a 14-year-old.

    6. Minka Kelly in 'Friday Night Lights'
    Minka Kelly is a year older than her Friday Night Lights romantic interest, Taylor Kitsch. She was 26 when the show began, making her 11 years older than her on-screen counterpart.

    7. Barbra Streisand in 'Yentl'
    The age of Yentl's title character is kept vague in the movie, but Barbra Streisand was 41 when she played the teen girl who enters Yeshiva school dressed as a man to follow in her father's footsteps. Even if the character was supposed to be 20, that's still a 21-year age gap.

    8. Charisma Carpenter in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
    Charisma Carpenter was 27 when she started playing Cordelia Chase on the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, making her about 11 years older than her character.

    9. Tom Welling in 'Smallville'
    While it's not crazy to see a 24-year-old play 18, Tom Welling was supposed to be playing a 14-year-old version of Clark Kent when Smallville made its 2001 debut. That first episode becomes particularly absurd when the 6-foot, 3-inch Welling openly worries about starting his freshman year of high school.

    10. Alan Ruck in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
    Alan Ruck is full of brooding pathos in the otherwise hilarious Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While his attitude is convincing as an angry high school kid, he was 30 when the movie was released, six years older than co-star Matthew Broderick.

    11. Kenny Wormald in 'Footloose'
    Kenny Wormald starred in the 2011 remake of Footloose, which stayed remarkably true to the original 1984 film, right down to the ages of the actors. While Wormald (who was born the year the original was released) was 27 playing 17, Kevin Bacon was 26 playing the same part.

    12. Eric Christian Olsen in 'Fired Up!'
    While several of the actors on this list could probably pass for their characters' ages, Eric Christian Olsen looks laughably older than the high school football player he plays in Fired Up!. He was 31, when they filmed the movie.

    13. Stockard Channing in 'Grease'
    Ridiculously big age gaps are nothing new in Hollywood. Stockard Channing was 34 when she played Rydell High School menace and Pink Ladies gang leader Betty Rizzo in Grease.

    14. Henry Winkler in 'Happy Days'
    Henry Winkler built a career on playing Fonzie on Happy Days, but the actor was already 29 when he started playing the high school drop-out. While the Happy Days timeline isn't frozen, it does move slowly, keeping Winkler a teen well into his 30s. He was 39 when the show finally ended in 1984.

    15. Sean Patrick Thomas in 'Save the Last Dance'
    Save the Last Dance was fraught with racial tension between romantic leads Sean Patrick Thomas and Julia Stiles, but maybe instead of focusing on their different skin colors, the movie should have addressed their age gap. While Stiles was 20 when the movie was released, Thomas was 30 and had crow's feet so obvious you can see them in the poster.

    16. Michael J. Fox in 'Back to the Future: Part 3'
    Michael J. Fox was 24 when he started playing 17-year-old Marty McFly in the first Back to the Future movie. But since all three movies take place within a few months of each other, the actor was 29 and still playing 17 when the third movie was released.

    17. Jason Earles in 'Hannah Montana'
    Sure Jason Earles looks younger than his years, but he was 29 when he started playing Miley Cyrus' teenage brother on Hannah Montana. Oddly enough, even at 30 the actor wouldn't have had much trouble passing for 15 on the show.

    18. Cory Monteith in 'Glee'
    Cory Monteith was 27 when the first episode of Glee aired in 2009, and he's 29 in the show's third season. Monteith's age is perhaps the reason show runner Ryan Murphy decided the kids on the show would graduate instead of letting them age on air.

    19. Alison Lohman in 'Flicka'
    Alison Lohman was 27 when Flicka was released, making her 11 years older than her onscreen counterpart. But, really, who would notice? The youthful actress was still baby-faced at 30. Thankfully, though, she wasn't brought back for the completely unrelated Flicka 2, which has the same plot with a different actress.

    20. Tobey Maguire in 'Spider-Man'
    Tobey Maguire was 26 while playing 17-year-old Peter Parker in Spider-Man. Fortunately the next two movies moved forward in time, sparing him the indignity of playing a teenage web-slinger at 32.

    21. Parminder Nagra in 'Bend It Like Beckham'
    Parminder Nagra played a 17-year-old soccer prodigy in Bend It Like Beckham, but at the time she was 27. Not only did it make her 10 years older than her character, it made her 10 years older than co-star Keira Knightley, who was supposed to be about the same age.

    22. Robert Pattinson in the 'Twilight' Movies
    Playing a vampire in a series of movies comes with its own set of problems, not the least of which is the built-in time limit of playing a character who doesn't age. While Robert Pattinson was 22 playing 17 in the first Twilight movie, he'll be 26 playing the part in the final film. Forgive us the pun, but that's getting a little long in the tooth for a teenage vampire.

    23. Paul Wesley in 'Vampire Diaries'
    Paul Wesley is an unfortunate victim of the same circumstances as Robert Pattinson: He keeps getting older, but his vampire character stays the same age. At the start of Vampire Diaries season 3, Paul was 29, 12 years older than his character. Some fans may find it stranger still that Ian Somerhalder (33 playing 24) is 10 years older than real-life girlfriend and co-star on the show, Nina Dobrev.


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