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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    So excited for this ep! Mark Hamill is amazing.

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    THE WIZ!

    -Will air on Thursday, December 3
    -Will be produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the team behind The Sound of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live!
    -NBC previously had announced The Music Man as their live musical for this year, but recently had purchased the rights to The Wiz and decided to make a switch

    SOURCE 2

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    Following the success of Cinderella and other retellings, Disney is seeking to develop a live action version of Mulan.


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    While on the press tour for his upcoming movie, "The Longest Ride," Scott Eastwood confirmed that he has joined the cast of the upcoming DC Comics adaptation "Suicide Squad" alongside Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and more. When asked what role he would be playing, Eastwood remained coy, but Latino Review seems to have discovered what iconic character he will be bringing to life.

    For those not in the know, Steve Trevor is considered the Lois Lane to Wonder Woman's Superman. In DC's New 52 continuity, Trevor was Wonder Woman's handler when she first came to "Man's World" and became the United Nations' liason to the Justice League, but he left the position when his romantic feelings towards her were not reciprocated. He now is a member of A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Super-Humans), which is headed by Amanda Waller (who will be portrayed by Viola Davis in "Suicide Squad"). Latino Review says that Trevor's role in "Squad" is just a cameo, but with Warner Bros. developing an interconnected DC Comics film universe and a proposed Wonder Woman solo outing on the horizon, there's a good chance Eastwood will appear in more movies down the line.


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  • 03/31/15--10:20: Taylor Swift Walking Post
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    i cant believe i had to use tinypic. rip imgur.

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    Here It Is! The Jackie Album Cover! Creative Directed By @Francasozzani1. Shot By @francescocarrozzini.
    Styled By @robzangardi and @marielwashere
    Makeup @1marryphillips
    Hair @cesar4styles.
    My Favorite Lp Artwork To Date! #Jackie

    Sources: Twitter + Instagram

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    The tweet speaks for itself, no need for me to butter this bb up
    ONTD, are you on Tidal? Do you think Spotify can sue?

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    1) Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money"
    The song is not streaming on Spotify nor Beats but is streaming on Tidal

    2) Daft Punk's Electroma Film
    Daft Punk's 2006 self-directed movie about 2 robots who are on a quest to be human hasn't been available online until now. Its on Tidal with outtakes and bonus footage

    3) Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift albums are on Tidal except her latest 1989

    4) Coldplay' "Songs That Formed The Band" Playlist
    Coldplay picked 10 songs that include TLC's 'Waterfalls', Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android', Verve's 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' that "have made a clear and meaningful contribution to their own stadium-filling sound."

    rest of the list is @ the source

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  • 03/31/15--10:37: ONTD Roundup
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    There was a lot of buzz about Hilary's recent, scantily clad Instagram post, and she told Ellen all about it. Hilary also talks about her new series 'Younger' which premieres tonight at 10PM on TV Land.

    Hilary explains she's never done anything like this for her hair, and she was in Cabo looking at the ocean and wanted it on her head.
    She says Luca is very particular how he likes his her hair, no buns no ponytails. She says If I have a ponytail he will be like "Hair down mum hair down please"
    She says when Luca first saw her hair, he asked "its its your hair green mom?" She explains that's right it's green, and he says "Wow". Now he goes through his rost of colors he knows and says "Your Hair's purple" She says no it's green and he goes "Nah, it's blue"
    She goes on to explain she posted her bikini selfie, cause she felt great about herself and body, felt strong and powerful and wanted to inspire other women.
    She explains she has 12 tattoos then goes through them all and shows her new one to Ellen.


    I don't like this outfit with the hair it clashes bad.

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  • 03/31/15--11:30: Remembering Selena
  • -Passed twenty years ago
    -Was 23 at the time of her passing
    -Yolanda is still serving in prison (there was a rumor she was going to be released)
    -Telemundo and Univision have been having Selena weeks where they profile her + those that have performed her music
    -Her family does not celebrate her death, or any festivities as they're Jehovah's Witnesses.
    -Does support the Festival de la Flor, in which her brother, A.B. and widowed/former husband Chris Perez, will perform with Los Lobos and Kumbia King Allstarz
    -Numerous cities are hosting events in memory of Selena - Bidi Bidi Fun Run, etc.

    In a Telemundo interview with JLo:
    -Believes she's still rememebred twenty years after her death because of how she managed her life. With humor, love, grace, etc.
    -Also the fact that she was young and things were just starting out for her
    -Realized the importance of what she was doing (in an interview from the 00's I saw on Spanish tv, she also mentioned the Latin@'s needed that representation as there isn't anything in Hollywood)
    -The concert in the film was real, and she had this to say about it:
    "It was a real concert; Between 30,000 and 40,000 people showed up, only for her, for that scene, to recreate it. Then her mother came hugged me and cried. It was very emotional. Touched the family lot. For me, this time as an actress to learn how to really become an interpreter and giving everything I had to the audience. That really freed me, and it was a very powerful moment."
    -Filming Selena had a lot to do with her becoming a singer
    -Also said this when asked about a few Latin stars becoming on Selena's level since her death:
    "It has always bothered me that people try to think that there is a "next Selena." It's like saying that there is another James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. People like that do not come along every day. It will never be another Selena [...] It's a special thing that Selena had. That's why we're still talking about his 20 years later.."

    Latina Magazine exclusive- Family and more remember Selena
    -From Suzette (sister): they would cuddle up in her (Suzette's) bunk and talk about relationships and their kids, and how they were going to raise them
    -JLo: A lot of things about Selena will stay with her to this day
    -Chris Perez (former husband): Mentioned that he'd watch interviews of her and her personality shined through -- that you're seeing someone real
    -Abraham (father): Teases technology for Como la Flor festival -possibly bringing Selena back for a night through a hologram similar to Tupac (I'm going to cry if he ain't shitting us)

    mods: I know there was a post about her memory, but this one has recent interviews from JLo, family, etc and information about festivals and other things in her honor. I took out the music videos since the other post had just those.

    USA Today + ABC 7 Chicago + Telemundo + Latina Magazine

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    Photoshoot for The Hollywood Reporter

    About the secrecy surrounding Tomorrowland: I didn't get to read the whole script until the very end of the audition process. And then once I got the part, they didn't release the script to me until I got to Vancouver. It's a really cool, innovative movie, and I think they just wanted to keep it all on lockdown.

    On growing up in the south being a Nicholas Sparks fan: They're a huge deal there. A Walk to Remember was a huge movie for me. I thought Mandy Moore was the coolest thing that ever happened. And Shane West β€” man, did I have a crush on him.

    Also, she raps and would be a housekeeper if she wasn't acting. (lmao)

    You can read the full interview HERE.

    March 28: With co-stars Oona Chaplin and Scott Eastwood at a fan screening in New York

    March 29

    Since LJ is an asshole about vidembedsyou can watch an interview with Britt and Scott HERE. They talk about their chemistry, upcoming projects, Britt not being able to handle pranks and whether or not Scott's daddy Clint will be watching this movie.

    March 30

    Another interview HERE with Britt, Scott and Nicholas Sparks.

    Sources: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

    Pint-sized JLaw thanks you for your time

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  • 03/31/15--12:00: "los 33" official trailer
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    EDIT:John Cho is joining the show (as a guest star only unfortunately)

    But im afraid they won't be picking up TMP! don't do this fox.


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    Hilary arriving at AOL Build event in NYC March 30th

    Hilary arriving at the MTV Studios in NYC March 30th

    Hilary arriving for The Chew taping at ABC studios in NYC March 31st

    New Instagrams:


    I'm actually really loving the blue hair now, she is working it in these outfits.

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    Things between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner could be getting a little intense! It all started on Instagram when Blac Chyna posted a watch that Tyga had given her:

    Kylie then felt the need to instagram the watch Tyga gave her and captioned it "Currently"
    Blac Chyna got the last word though. When paparazzi caught up with her last night, they asked her if she still had the watch, and she didn't say a word - Β just stuck her hand out of her car window, and was on her way.
    Lol @ her smile. Idg how she's being so nice about all of this..

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    In anticipation of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion that's happening tonight, I did some investigative journalism that will hopefully shed some light on them before it airs.

    1. Neither of the Hilton sisters were there when their father died. Ken Richards died of cancer, years after divorcing Big Kathy, asked Little Kathy (Paris Hilton's mother) for money to treat his illness. Kim was an alcoholic mess at the time, and tried to visit her father while falling down drunk.

    2. Mauricio's first job was under Rick Hilton (Kathy's husband, Paris's father)'s real estate firm

    3. Kim and Monty broke up because she cheated on him. Monty believed she was being pressured by Big Kathy into seeing other, richer men.

    4. Big Kathy's controlling hold over her three daughters is discussed over a full 18 pages of the book. She pit the daughters against each other based on how much money they brought into the family unit.

    5. Big Kathy bought the house in Palm Desert and Kyle says she bought it with her own money as Kim's manager, not as a stage mom who stole her daughter's money. (The house was bought with the fact that rich men retired to that area in mind... Big Kathy was always shopping for a new money machine.) The house was later massively renovated with money from Big Kathy husband #4.

    6. Kyle was the executor of Big Kathy's will and witnessed the marriage to the above mentioned husband #4.

    7. Kim and Kyle caught their mother cheating on their father at least once.

    8. The way the book describes it makes it seem like Kyle could a bastard child conceived from an affair. Though the book mentions nothing of the sort, Big Kathy's pregnancy is described as having happened because of ~one night during months of celibacy, and that she was angry about her pregnancy. Sounds like a possible stray sperm to me....

    9. Kim was described as being particularly controlled by Big Kathy/Under Big Kathy's thumb. Big Kathy is described as abusive, and as an alcoholic.

    10. Kim's bridesmaids when she married Monty were Kyle and Frank Zappa's daughter Moon Unite.

    11. The Story of "You Stole My Goddamn House" Big Kathy bought the house in Palm Desert with money she had made from selling the house she had with Kim & Kyle's dad, Ken Richards. She had been paying bills for the house with Kim's money, but Kim and Kyle were both earning when she bought the Palm Desert house. It was later renovated by her fouth husband (Bob Fenton) for $250,000, but the house was in Kathy's name. When Big Kathy died, the house was left to all three of her daughers. Bob Fenton lived in the house after Big Kathy died, but Kim would come by to check up on him.

    12. Kim used to have a photographic memory-- a contrast with her inability to keep her stories straight on RHOBH.

    13. Big Kathy's outlandish behaviour, big mouth, and rudeness sounds a lot like Brandi's.

    14. Most of Kim's co-stars and many of her friends died from drug or alcohol overdose

    15. Kim briefly dated Donald Trump

    Source: House of Hiltons by Jerry Oppenheimer + My writeup

    Do you know any dysfunctional families that could fuel a reality tv show???

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    FX has renewed the show for a fourth season consisting of thirteen episodes, set to premiere in 2016.


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