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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    March 7, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Bloody Sunday march from Selma, Alabama where civil rights activists were brutally attacked and beaten as they attempted to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge to protest the voting rights laws. To commemorate this historic march, President Obama, along with former President George W. Bush and over 100 members of Congress made the trip down to Selma, where they marched across the bridge, joined by some of the men and women who were present for the original march 50 years ago. President Obama gave a speech at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on Saturday morning.

    (view the full speech here)

    Rep. John Lewis tweeted a recreation of the march on his Twitter, which you can read in full here or on his Twitter page.

    source / obama's speech / twitter

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    Critics and audiences called the film "One of the worst movies ever made"

    Sort of an ONTD Original

    Tank Girl: Based on the British cult comic-strip, our tank-riding anti-heroine fights a mega-corporation, which controls the world's water supply.

    Unfortunately, the world just wasn't ready for Tank Girl just yet.  Lot's of studio interferance and misunderstandings of what the film should be led to a very limited release, box office bomb, and eventual cult following.

    Lori Petty put it best when she said that the studio was afraid of this film because it was about a female character who loves sex, is vulgar, drinks, smokes, and saves the day.  So fuck them.


    Also, they didn't understand why she would be cooking hotdogs on top of a tank during a 'car' chase scene.  Because reasons.  Duh.

    Fun Facts about the film:

    Lori Petty knew she was going to be Tank Girl.

    Although Emily Lloyd (best known for A River Runs Through It? Idk)  was originally cast in the title role, but turned it down after refusing to shave her head for the part.  Our lovely ladies Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls tried out for the role of Tank Girl.

    Sadly Naomi Watts is ashamed of this film :( Embrace it bb girl.  Just embrace it.
    She was also very shy on the set and would hide from the camera.

    Malcolm Mcdowell doesn't mind
    everybody had a crush on him.  Those ~blue eyes

    Here is the Clockwork Orange shoutout

    In case you didn't know, this is Ice-T
    Ice-T recalled one interview on a hip-hop show where the host made fun of him for doing Tank Girl. He replied "I was paid $800,000 for that movie". The host moved on.

    And this is Iggy Pop

    Lori Petty would always see him in the hotel and he would always be eating a peanut butter sandwich.  Because he likes peanut butter sandwiches.

    Director Rachel Talalay had fallen in love with the comic after receiving an issue for Christmas one year from her stepdaughter, and set out to make "the ultimate grrrrl movie." Although the resulting film has a small cult following along with the far more widely acclaimed comics, Talalay has complained that the studio interfered significantly in the story, screenplay and feel of the film. In the comics the Rippers are mutated kangaroos capable of speech, though they were changed to a new race of genetically-modified supersoldiers with spliced kangaroo DNA in the film. The makeup effects were created by Stan Winston's studio, who reportedly loved the project so much that they cut their usual prices in half. The animation for the film's hallucination sequence was directed by Steve Evangelatos.

    Ms Talalay approached both Speilberg and James Cameron with this film.  Speilberg wasn't really hft but it was really because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle it and Cameron's people turned her down because they already had a female led film in the works.
    Talalay was most upset with Cameron's people because of what he did for women in films.  She just sort of gave a shocked laugh and thanked them for their time.
    Shame on you Cameron's people.  Shame on you.


    Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight fame was Production Designer for the film.  She gets praised a lot on the dvd commentary.

    Why yes, there was going to be a prostetic kangaroo penis for a post coital sex scene.  MGM thought it might be a bad idea.  Too bad the dick was already made.  Waste of $5000.

    Stan Winston is actually very proud of the work he did on the film and kept a Ripper costume on display in a museum. Also worked for very little pay, not caring because he knew how fun it would be.

    Courtney loved wanted to work on this film so much that she assembled the soundtrack for it.
    Youtube link because playlist won't embed

    Let's Do It~
    Original: Cole Porter
    Butchered Lovingly in Tank Girl

    Now you may be asking why there was a musical number in this film.  Because why the fuck not?

    Thanks to the studio, there are a shit load of cuts to it tho :(

    Theatrical Trailer

    deleted scenes and extra lines of dialogue;

    • One of the Rippers crashes through the window of Water & Power flyer and kills the pilot.

    • Kesslee saying "Talented, isn't she?" to Sargent Small while they are watching Rebecca and Jet talking inside the tank.

    • Kesslee saying "What's it like, knowing you're about to die?" to Rebecca during their final fight and she responds by saying "You tell me!" while swinging at him.

    According to director Rachel Talalay, there was approximately about an hour of footage that was cut out of the movie. Some of the scenes which were deleted are;

    • Original opening scene showing comet crashing into the Earth and Rebecca as a young girl who survives by hiding inside the trailer but her parents die in crash.

    • Another deleted scene from original opening showing old lady sand hermit digging up a bottle of water, dancing and drinking from it when Water & Power pilot shows up, brutally shoots her dead and takes the water before he is killed by Ripper. Rebecca witnesses all this on her buffalo.

    • Rebecca getting stoned in her room while listening to some music and talking with her first boyfriend Richard.

    • Longer version of Cold Room scene including more dialogue between Kesslee and Rebecca and additional part where Keslee injects Rebecca with cholera. Then after leaving her to be sick for some time, Kesslee (in another deleted scene) returns and asks her will she give up and be a good prisoner. When he also offers her some water, she takes it and spits it in his face which is why he puts her in the pipe.

    • "Let's Do it" singing and dancing scene was disliked by audience during test screenings which is why it kept getting cut shorter and shorter. Originally, it had more parts with Rebecca singing, and also couple parts with Jet and Sam singing.

    • T-Saint goes to Booga's room to wake him up only to find him and Rebecca sleeping together after they had sex.

    • Original ending with Sub Girl showing up in her battle sand-sub and freeing the Water & Power prisoners. Then when everyone are outside it finally starts to rain.

    The reason there are cartoon moments in the film is obvious.  They didn't have the money for the actual scenes

    sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,, 6, imdb, and my collector's bluray commentary

    Honestly, I just really love this movie.  Faults and all idec

    Fave cult movie, ONTD?

    idk what to tag this

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    Popstar, Austin Mahone, instagramed his new hair-do earlier today, sparking two comments from Justin Bieber.

    For years there have been comparisons between the two pop singers, so it isn't clear if Justin Bieber's comment is suggesting that Austin (whose hair is naturally curly) is borrowing his old hairstyle. The two joined forces last summer to record a song together, but has yet to be released.


    ONTD, have you ever had a hair feud?

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  • 03/07/15--20:23: SNL Post: Chris Hemsworth
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    Freddie Highmore (The Bates Motel) said he'd love to play Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the new Marvel/Sony series (who wouldn't at this rate?). Since he plays Norman Bates, he can understand that there will always be comparisons with the original person cast (Anthony Perkins for 'Psycho'), if cast for Spider-Man (compared to Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield).

    Freddie:"Obviously I would love to be considered," the actor said. "That would be fantastic. I guess we'll just see how things go."

    "You always feel like you can identify with him. He's that kind of guy at school who wasn't perhaps in the really cool group, but who was extremely intelligent and managed to find confidence in being Spider-Man - in this other side to his life."


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    she's been looking on point recently, but that dress is ugly af

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    Potty-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay told Jimmy Kimmel recently that his four teenage children don't curse. (Unbelievable, tbh.) "I tried to teach them some side language. I said, 'Look, cursing is not smart, it's an industry language and sometimes Daddy lets it slip – 20 times a day.' So I came up with some really nice sort of alternatives to curse words."

    "So rather than saying the word shit, which you know is not nice, shiitake. Like the mushroom. It's not nice saying the word fuck, so we say the word fructose. When we call someone an ass, asparagus."


    Where did you learn to curse like a sailor, ONTD? Favorite curse words?

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    - Cara visited the set construction and is pretty much excited on her role as Enchantress in DC/WB's Suicide Squad. With Jared Leto going blonde (and will dye his hair green sooner, LBR), we are excited on how Cara will transform for her role.

    sources: 1 | 2

    are you excited, ontd?

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    Rita Ora is shutting down all of those casting couch rumors! The Irish Independent reveals that Rita Ora got her role in Fifty Shades of Grey fair and square. Talking about her role in the movie, Rita Ora said, "I auditioned like everybody else." She continues: "I didn't get any special treatment. I perfected my American accent, one thing led to another, and I got it."

    Much criticism has been directed at Rita for her appearance in the film, as many believe that she did not have enough acting experience to tackle the role of Christian Grey's sister Mia. Rita even admits that she had her lines fed to her through an earpiece because she was so nervous. But Rita Ora received rave reviews for her performance, and she wowed everyone involved in the production of the movie so much that she will be reprising her role in the next two sequels!

    SOURCE:The Irish Independent

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  • 03/07/15--22:12: Rita Ora loves ABBA!

  • Fashion icon, movie and pop star Rita Ora loves ABBA! Stars, they're just like us!

    Rita admitted to Cosmopolitan UK that she loves ABBA and Cyndi Lauper! She always put their music on before going for a night out to party. "Anything disco - ABBA always gets me going. Can you imagine me dancing around my flat to Dancing Queen? My go-to karaoke song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper."


    favorite ABBA song, ONTD? favorite karaoke song?

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    The British musician once had to hide from Courtney Love, since he can't bear the rowdiness of the Hole vocalist.

    "I read an interview with her once and she said, 'I can't fucking believe this. I know everyone in London and I've never fucking met Noel - was he hiding from me?' And the answer is: yes," he says. "I was in a studio in LA and we were in the back recording [2005 Oasis album] 'Don't Believe The Truth'. And reception called us as said 'Just to warn you: Courtney Love's just walked in. I knew Liam was running around in reception and I though, 'Brilliant, that's a fucking meeting of minds right there.' I could hear her shouting, 'Where's Noel? I gotta meet Noel!' So I grabbed a cig, exited out the back door and went straight back to the motel and locked the door. I was like, 'I can;t be dealing with her rowdiness - fucking hell, no way.' But I applaud her."


    Are you afraid of Courtney Love, ONTD? Also, this post is dedicated to oasisfan because there's no Oasis tag :(

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    Caroline Watson, who has styled the band from beginning, says they were supposed to be the "male equivalent to the Spice Girls" (I don't fucking think so, bitch). Says they weren't into ~fashun~ during their X Factor days, but now Harry loves Saint Laurent and Zayn loves APC. Once got into it with Zayn over a gold Alexander Mcqueen belt he refused to wear at the American Music Awards; he then admitted he looked hawt in it. She reveals that:

    "Niall was always going to be my sporty boy"

    "Zayn was always the cool, mysterious one that was quite street but could be quite high fashion at the same time"

    "Harry was bow ties, blazers, that guy that you want to bring home to your mum"

    "Liam was the boy next door. I mean, now, Liam's transitioned and completely grown into this whole new, sexy guy"

    And none for Louis, BYE!


    ONTD, which is your Spice Girl/1D equivalent?

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    It's Derek Theler & Jared Padalecki's lovechild! Asgardian god Chris Hemsworth!


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    "Forget" S05/EP13
    Rick and the group continue to acclimate to their new surroundings.

    Sneak Peek:

    Scott Gimple is answering questions right now! #AskGimple


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    • built in 1964 for singer/actress Dinah Shore

    • 7,022-square-foot main house has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms

    • swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna

    • daily maid service and wifi


    So, who rents this thing during Coachella?

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    Georgia May Shark Teeth Jagger, Cara Delevingne, and Snoopy Peanutshouse for Vogue UK's April Cover

    - the good sis cara has apparently been seen hanging around st vincent shows the last couple days but is in LA at a recording studio


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    In a recent interview Lena responded to a tweeted question referencing Tinder and stated...

    “Tinder scares me. I think it’s a tool for murder.”

    read more at the source!

    ontd, share your Tinder horror stories (which, i hope, don't include murder).

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    Lisa Eldridge who? Meet the celebrities who put makeup artists out of a job.

    Diane Kruger
    "My experience as a model taught me the right tips and tricks to enhance my features, so I prefer to do my own makeup. I want above all to look like myself. Feeling beautiful is a private emotion."

    Kate Hudson
    "Doing makeup is one of those things that I've always done since I was a little girl. I used to make jokes that if I didn't make it as an least that was my back-up."

    Blake Lively
    "I’m luckily through doing photo shoots, I get to work with so many amazing hair and makeup artists. And like, today, with Serge Normant, I get to ask him, 'How do you do that? What did you do?'"

    Janelle Monae
    "I never like to inconvenience anyone I don't have to. I mean, I may not do the best job, but if I can do it, I would just rather it be that way."

    Cheryl Fernandez-Vesini
    "I've lived with this face for 31 years, so I know it better than anybody!"

    Full list @ Elle

    If you were a celeb, would you be a cheapskate or have your own glam squad, ONTD? (Oh, and give me some makeup artists to follow on Instagram :D)

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