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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    "Funky little monkey, she's a twisted trickster / Everybody wants to be the sister's mister / Coca-Cola rollercoaster," Chad Kroeger sings in Nickelback's new single "She Keeps Me Up."  The music video was released on Wednesday and it's pretty silly.  Everybody in the band is wearing sunglasses and playing instruments with disco ball mirror tiles on them, which I guess was done because the song is about cocaine.

    Music critics are unsurprisingly unimpressed, but many of Nickelback's own fans are also voicing their disapproval for their new sound (fickle bitches!).  Watch and judge for yourself!

    SOURCE, 2

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    "Find out in my new... kidding. I'M KIDDING. #NotAPrequel"

    BTW, McGonagall: Working with Dumbledore 2 was 'hair raising'

    Dame Maggie Smith told The Sunday Times: "It was about time [Michael Gambon] admitted it, because it was hair-raising doing things with him. Mind you, I defy anyone to learn Harry Potter-speak. It'd probably be easier for him to learn Shakespeare."

    Source + more HP cosplay at @jk_trolling

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    So Fistopher finally broke his silence on Royalty, his alleged baby girl on instagram...

    Lol, nice. Mom Breezy (of Micheal-Jackson-died-so-Chris-Brown-can-live!!! fame) also commented on twitter, saying she couldn't speak on it. Welp. You know Chris would've denied this rumor immediately if it wasn't true, so I'll take it that bb girl is probably his...poor thing.


    do you think chris will finally clean his act up and be a good dad, ontd?

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    Dakota arrived in Paris this week to attend some events for Fashion Week. Here are some of her best looks at different events and at the airport.

    At the airport arriving in Paris

    Leaving a Balmain Party

    At the Dior Show

    JustJared | JustJared2 | DJD

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    The good sis Gabrielle Solis aka Eva Longoria recently received the Artist of the Year award from Harvard University. She talked about how education is important and how she was once considered an underachiever when she was earning millions during the heyday of DH.

    Accepting the award, Eva said: “When I was on Desperate Housewives, it was the number-one show in the world, and I was ranked really high [on the] Forbes list, I said to my mom, ‘Look,’ and she said ‘Right, when are you getting your Master’s?’”


    Are you an underachiever, ONTD? Cry your heart out tonight tbh.

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    - it's coming back on September 27th [probably]
    - also there was "tremendous debate" about Carrie/Quinn hooking up (and they didn't quite say whether they're still together in the new season)
    - Dar Adal offered Saul the videotape of himself as a prisoner and Saul made a "hard decision" about it in the final scene in the backyard
    - they tried to kill off Brody "many many times" before they actually did (lol)
    - (they also discuss the super-intensity of the Haqqani/Saul scenes, etc)

    Ugh, NOT happy about those two big aspects. That seems lazy to me. (why the fuck did this need "a picture or something"; it's a few brief-ass pieces of info)
    source: @paleycenter

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    AKA the flop known as Serena that's been sitting on a shelf for a few years

    Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as newlyweds in the Depression era hits the Google Play Store before its theater run. You can currently rent it for $9.99 in SD or $10.99 in HD. It's set be released in US theaters on a limited basis on March 27 (it has already been released in theaters across Europe).

    It's directed by the award winning Susanne Bier.


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    I've never seen him so happy and he's surrounded by so many people trying to get selfies with him. His smile/facial expression is cracking me up.


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  • 03/07/15--15:01: Mini HP Reunion!
  • hp2

    • Tom Felton posted this photo to his instagram

    • "Outnumbered by 3 Weasleys. Ugh."

    • I guess Fred is dead irl too because he's MIA for some reason

    Favorite HP character, ONTD?

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    sex post


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  • 03/07/15--15:02: Community Season 6 Trailer

  • source

    Anyone going to watch this mess?

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    If you could look like one of the Klan, which would you choose?

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    Katy Perry's on again, off again boyfriend John Mayer sat down with Ronan Farrow for an in depth chat. Watch below:

    - Talks about his self imposed disappearance from the spotlight
    - Says not a womanizer, misunderstood
    - Claims he's a "recovered ego addict", got too obsessed with the high of getting validation & attention
    - Because of this had to retreat from social media, couldn't stay long at the Grammy's
    - Found a new home in Montana

    Are you addicted to anything, ontd? food, sex, cigarettes, internet, validation?

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    “She can open my blush, put the brush in and put it on her cheek. Today, she was opening my lipstick,” Kim said. “She puts it up to her lips like she know what she's doing!”

    Remember when we were wondering during those fashion week posts if North had lipgloss on? And she seems to wear eyeshadow as well.

    At what time did you start wearing makeup, ONTD? Would you put it on a child?


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    Naya Rivera was photographed leaving an office building in Hollywood yesterday, March 6, and we also got a glimpse of her baby bump for the first time.

    She was also photographed with her husband Ryan Dorsey on thursday, March 5, while they were leaving Cedars-Sinai after a check up.

    sources: uno, dos, tres, cuatro

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    It seems like Madonna has finally named the successor to her title of The Queen Of Pop. Surprisingly, it's no one else but Kanye West.

    “Kanye is the new Madonna,” she says. “Kanye is the black Madonna.”

    Madonna and Kanye West worked together on 3 songs for her album Rebel Heart which is out in two days.

    She says they both love pushing other peoples buttons.“We know, and recognize, that we have that in common. We’re comrades in the envelope-pushing genre.”


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    I did manage to track down a "next time on" preview -- finally -- even though it's a fan upload. So enjoy. I'm more excited than Milady's heaving breasts for next week. Well, next week for Americans who will get 5 minutes (as always) trimmed from the final cut, while UK fans have to wait an extra week because of Red Nose Day festivities which is, at least, a better excuse than sports.


    Den of Geek's review continues to be at odds with my impression/experience of the show. In general, they tend to privilege action over character development, and they're sort of generally annoyed with romance. On the one hand, I -- like most people -- am bored of Constagnan, and am increasingly suspicious of D'Artagnan's assholish qualities when it comes to Constance making perfectly good points, or needing some emotional breathing room. But I will agree that it was nice to see their obstacles come to an end and to have the two of them just content with each other. Boring and happy is always better than boring and angsty. Even though it came about through a particularly frustrating Anne/Aramis moment where Anne burdens her lady in waiting with a confession of treason, so now poor Constance can't be ignorant and will definitely be implicated somehow in the Pretty-But-Stupid affair of the century.

    But on to the best ship: I'm an unabashed Athos and Milady fan (both separate and together), and so I know this comes from a place of heavy bias, but their scenes together are so much more compelling and heart-breaking than the other romances, even though Athos and Milady are rarely in a room together. That said, I think Athos gets an Asshole Award this week, too, because "I gave you everything" is fairly rich given he also, you know, hanged her. And, on top of that, he was more than willing to give her all the money he had in the world when it was a "gift" last week, but if she wants to be paid for providing him with valuable information, suddenly she should "do her duty to France"? Dude, fuck that -- and fuck you. You don't Musketeer for free, last time I checked.

    But Milady, sis, Athos is a hard man to find? Look in a bar. It's not that tough.

    The real focus, however, was on Porthos's story and unlike DoG I was very much looking forward to him finally having some character development. While I expected Porthos's Dad to be a dick, I'm still not sure what to think of the sex slavery auction house happening simultaneously. I feel in some ways like it distracted from the much more human issue at the center of the story -- though it did give Tom Burke a chance to use his other volume setting again.

    I also think this episode would've worked better as a two-parter, because Porthos handing over his uniform (is the uniform just the arm band, btw?) to Treville felt toothless, and there was no point at which we really believed that Porthos's Dad was a tragic hero and Treville was a monster. But Howard Charles still did a great job, and I do hope that the implications of this episode -- and his renewed trust in both Treville and Aramis -- goes forward from here.

    Moreover, we really, really need to return to the bromance of last series. I do actually like this series much more as time goes on, and on a story telling level I think it's a lot stronger, but the guys ribbing each other and enjoying each other's company was one of the main highlights last year. It was nice to see Aramis standing up for his boo this episode, or the other three trying to casually peep at Constagnan while drinking celebratory wine, but these quick moments highlighted how little of those interactions we've seen this year by comparison.

    Finally, I slightly agree with DoG with the fact that the final 5 minutes were almost too starkly action-packed compared with the rest of the episode, but Queen Anne stabbing Rochefort in the eye was great, so who cares?
    Who gets your Asshole Award this week, ONTD?

    Source 1.
    ource 2.

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    Taking a break from her charity and film duties, Angelina was seen on a late night shopping spree at exclusive Saint Laurent boutique in Beverly Hills, California.


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