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Mary Magdalan launches new website


Alt-rock singer/songwriter Mary Magdalan launched her revamped website, which details her hiatus and reasons for returning to music.

Mary started out in a 3-piece band on Myspace back in 2006 (14 years ago!!) and went on to release 3 full-length records, a mixtape, and a behind-the-scenes DVD within a 7-year span.

From Mary's website: It has been real a musical journey for me. When I started I was filled with so much rage. The only release I found was this music. Pity Girl was extremely healing for me. It felt so good to share my experiences with people who felt the same way. As I kept making music I began to feel as tho weights were being lifted from my shoulders and I realized the pain and rage were gone. So I stepped away.


Lena Waithe Developing Open-Marriage Drama at Amazon (Exclusive)


The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Lena Waithe is creating an new drama series about open relationships for Amazon.

Waithe just finished the pilot script and the working title for the series is “Open.”

"I’ve never been in an open marriage, but it’s fascinating to me," Waithe tells THR. "We live in a world where, if I told you I cheated on my wife, you would be like, “Yeah, that’s the way it goes.” But if I told you that I’m in an open marriage, it would be as if I told you I’m joining the Church of Scientology."

Waithe also goes on to say that society had a conservative view of marriage and that we should “reevaluate what marriage looks like for us as a country.”

Waithe signed a deal with Amazon in 2019. Waithe and her production company, Hillman Grad Productions, are currently working on the horror anthology, Them: Covenant.


Prince Harry pal ‘punished’ over Meghan Markle romance doubts


In the new book Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie reveals that one of Harry's best friends, Tom "Skippy" Inskip, told Harry to take things slower with Meghan, and that advice didn't go over well.

Tom told Harry that he and Meghan should live together for a while before "doing anything more serious."

Omid insists that Tom's advice "came from a good place," but Harry "didn’t totally see it that way."

Harry said that "It really hurt him that someone he was so close to would not trust his judgment," a source close to Harry explained for the book.

That’s when Harry decided to “punish” Skippy and his wife, Lara Hughes-Young, by making sure they didn’t receive an invitation to Harry and Meghan’s private wedding party at Frogmore House.

Skippy’s wedding in Jamaica in 2017 was one of Meghan’s first appearances with the prince.


Ricky Gervais discusses ‘cancel culture’


Ricky Gervais has shared his thoughts on ‘cancel culture’

“If it is choosing not to watch a comedian because you don’t like them, that’s everyone’s right. But when people are trying to get someone fired because they don’t like their opinion about something that’s nothing to do with their job, that’s what I call cancel culture and that’s not cool."

“You turning off your own TV isn’t censorship. You trying to get other people to turn off their TV, because you don’t like something they’re watching, that’s different.”

“Everyone’s allowed to call you an arsehole, everyone’s allowed to stop watching your stuff, everyone’s allowed to burn your DVDs, but you shouldn’t have to go to court for saying a joke that someone didn’t like."

“And that’s what we get dangerously close to. If you don’t agree to someone’s right to say something you don’t agree with, you don’t agree with freedom of speech.”

“You are allowed to have things in common with bad people as long it’s not the bad things. I’m a vegetarian and I love dogs, like Hitler. But the only thing I have in common with Hitler are the good bits!”


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Burnt Bridges and Bitter Truths

Hello 90 Day Hamily! This week, we get a look at the age old debate of what will cause more family conflicts--booze or cash. Let's find out!

Paul and Karine

Just getting these two out of the way, as I still feel weird writing about them. Paul climbs into in a giant black garbage bag and roots around, but instead of putting himself out with the trash like he should be doing, he's looking for the set of baby nail clippers. JFC Paul, go look for some second hand or cheap furniture so your family doesn't have to store their stuff in garbage bags. Also, he still hasn't gotten curtains. He whines to the camera that Karine doesn't appreciate everything he's doing, like securing them this one room home so close to the train tracks that the entire house rattles and shakes when a train goes by, which is probably super excellent when you have a napping baby. Karine isn't happy about this and tells him in Brazil, there was no train next to their house making this kind of racket. He says no, they just had shootings and screaming and yelling outside their home in Brazil. Paul, look around. You live in a trailer park in Kentucky. I guarantee you'll be hearing shootings (or at least fireworks), screaming, and yelling outside there too.

Paul promises Karine their living situation is just temporary, but she says until he gets a job they can't get a new place. He assures her he's out there hustling, and networking looking for work. Networking? Wasn't this guy's last job in the US--which he was thisclose to being fired from, BTW--shoveling cow shit? Didn't know that required networking. Is it on LinkedIn? Anyway, Karine uses her phone translator app and gives him a completely reasonable timeline--get a job in two months, or she and Baby Pierre are going home to Brazil. Paul assures her he will get a job because he doesn't want to break up their family. Karine and I don't believe him.

Syngin and Tania

Syngin and Tania get up to have breakfast with his family, and then decide to head out to visit Syngin's brother. Syngin reves the engine of the car up and the car lurches forward as he's getting used to driving a stick shift again. This causes Tania to freak out and burst into tears, saying her accident causes her to have panic attacks when she's the passenger in a car. Even though we've seen her as the passenger in plenty of ubers this season with no ill effects. Syngin laughs, then apologizes when he sees Tania is really upset, saying he doesn't want to be that guy. They visit Brother Syngin, who had an accident where his knee basically fell apart, leaving him with a gnarly scar from the surgery and then he got a post surgery blood clot that almost killed him. I wait for Tania to compare this to her devastating broken toe. She talks a little about her recovery, but keeps it low key so that's good. Brother Syngin comments on Syngin's 20lb weight gain, and we find out it's because Syngin loves a good deal--he's constantly getting the 2 for $20 large pizza special because he thinks it's such a good deal they need to get both pizzas. Wait until the reunion special when Paul lets him know about the Five for $5 at Krogers!!

Brother Syngin asks about life in America, and Syngin lets him know it hasn't been 100. He's not made connections with anyone to form a group of friends, and he's lonely. I can see that--Syngin seems to be a very gregarious social guy, so having his social group whittled down to Tania and her mom has to be very hard on him. He says it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows in America, and Tania is upset. She tells the camera that Syngin has been complaining about the US since he got there. Well gee, IDK why he'd not find it to be amazing to leave everything he's ever known in his entire life and arrive in America to find out he'll be living in a hoarder's shed that he has to clean out, and then the person he's left his entire life behind for is taking off for a month to go to an essential oils class in another country where she refuses to contact him, leaving him alone to spend his days playing glorified landscaping company to a woman who won't even freely share her Jack Daniels and Costco tiramisu with him. The nerve of Syngin! Anyway, Tania says to the camera she knows America has problems but it's not *that* bad. She sits next to Syngin and pouts, missing that he's telling his brother that although it's been hard, eventually better days will come. And never once did he say he regretted coming to the US, or he regrets Tania, so I don't know what she's in a snit about.

Later, Syngin makes plans to go out with some friends, while Tania worries he'll get drunk. Let the man have some fun, he's on vacation! Meanwhile, Tania makes plans for a girls day shopping at a local outdoor market with Mother Syngin and Sister Syngin. Mother Syngin drives them around (and Tania has no problems being the passenger here) and they arrive at the market. While shopping, Mother Syngin asks how things are going in the US. "Great!" Tania chirps, telling a completely different story about her relationship with Syngin. She does admit to Mother Syngin that she feels that Syngin might think settling down means giving up having fun. Tania says she gets wanting to party hard, she did lots of that last year during her 30 day essential oil vacation in Costa Rica in her 20's, but now she's older so she doesn't get wanting to still do that. She doesn't want to squash Syngin's fun loving side, just rein it in a little. Mother Syngin says trying to change Syngin only won't work, they both need to compromise. Sister Syngin sagely tells the camera that Syngin stuggles with commitment and Tania has control issues, so they both have things in the relationship they need to work on.

Michael and Angela

Michael and Angela head to the pier to try again to take the ill fated boat ride from her last visit so let's hope no new pictures of Michael with random female strangers in the background don't pop up on the way there. They argue instead about if Angela will be smoking (in front of his family, I think) and Michael should know by now that Angela will smoke anytime, anywhere. She pretty much tells him this. On the boat, they discuss if they can proceed with the wedding even though Angela might not be able to tote a baby. Angela declares it's time to shit or get off the pot. She wants to make sure Michael understands this isn't just a matter of sticking an egg in her lady bits, and runs through the list of things she would need to do to help their chances of toting a successful baby--lose weight, get her heart checked, quit smoking (said while smoking.) Angela says her fear is they get married, she does everything possible to tote a baby but it doesn't work, and Michael ends up leaving her. Michael tells Angela he loves her, he'll stick with her even if she can't give him a baby. Mother Michael on the other hand might not feel the same. Angela is upset that they have to keep worrying about what everyone else thinks, but like the Mandelorian, Michael tells her this is the way.

Angela and Michael have decided to try and swindle cool Aunt Lydia and Michael's sister with cake, and are headed to meet up with them to taste wedding cakes. Cool Aunt Lydia says she was very happy to hear that Angela agreed to a Nigerian wedding, but Michael breaks the news that while the wedding will be *in* Nigeria, it will be a 100% American wedding, complete with a white wedding dress and tuxes. Aunt Lydia is a little less cool with this, but Angela explains this is non negotiable. She says they had Nigerian engagement party, so she feels she should get to have the American wedding. They explain they want the wedding to be large, which is expensive, but having a large wedding will show they have the support of Michael's family in Nigeria which will help with the spousal visa process. But they hope to have some financial help from Michael's family with wedding expenses. Aunt Lydia hems and haws, but agrees, then brings up how soon the family can expect a baby. Angela explains the myth of her one deceased egg, and that while she might be able to tote a baby, there are risks and she's not sure if they can. Aunt Lydia is very insistent that a baby is non negotiable, and Michael's sister says they'll just need to get a surrogate. Angela hell nos that idea, saying she's not putting up with side chicks or second wives, and that Michael shouldn't have to have a baby to appease his family. But, as Michael tells the camera, he wants a baby, not just because his family does. But he also wants to be with Angela, so he's feeling very caught in the middle.

Oh, and Angela about climaxed at the table over the cake samples. She was quite delighted with it, and says Nigeria has the best frosting. In fact, I think she only ate frosting, I'm not sure.

Andrei and Elizabeth

This whole segment can be recapped as "Fuck you buddy!""No, fuck you, guy!" *begin shoving*

Basically Andrei and Brother Libby don't come to blows, but Brother Libby blowhards around like he could totally take Andrei any time any place, as if Andrei wouldn't rain blows upon him that would cripple the man. Andrei basically tells them they can both pack their bags and GTFO. Father Libby is all "Umm, we don't treat guests in America like this!" which is pretty rich coming from a probable Trumper. He also complains that if Brother Libby had gotten hurt they'd have to go to the ER, and Andrei's friends shouldn't support that. Libby does stand up to her family a little bit, in that they were instigating this, but backs down pretty quick. Andrei's family and friends remain calm though it all, which makes me think either Modolva is a very zen place, or they've been through all this before with Andrei. Brother Andrei says the two men are very similar and that's why they fight. The consensus of Team Andrei (to the cameras) is Family Libby kept asking the same questions over and over trying to get an answer, and they really should have shut up.

Brother Andrei suggests perhaps Libby and Andrei can head home, and they will sort out the rest. Father Libby assures everyone else at the table that he will not hold Andrei's behavior against Moldova as a whole, but I don't think Andrei's friends were worried about what he thinks of Moldova. Outside, it's hard to make heads or tails of what's happening, because every other word is bleeped out. Andrei tries to storm back in, and when Brother Andrei comes out, he demands that Brother Andrei go inside and kick Libby's family out. Libby is crying and yelling and wanting to know what Andrei is hiding if he gets so upset about dumb questions. Brother Andrei says he's just trying to smooth things over and keep both sides happy, and Andrei accuses him of siding with Family Libby, stomps off, and yells at Libby to a)come along, b)start speaking up to defend him, and c)get in the damn Uber already. Libby basically looks shell shocked and doesn't even want to go forward with the wedding at this point.

Colt and Larissa

Back at Chez Carmen, the doorbell ringer was just Amazon, not the cops. Carmen tells Larissa risking the police coming and getting deported all over an old ass iPhone is stupid, so give the phone back. Larissa heads home, but she's forgotten her keys and the house is locked. She walks around the house and I'm assuming Eric came out into the back yard to see what the commotion was, and doesn't just generally stand in the back yard brushing his teeth. They go inside, and start fighting again. David tries to get involved, but Larissa threatens to have him kicked out of the house. Umm...I'm guessing he's on the lease and pays rent unlike Larissa, so good luck with that. Eric and Larissa go into his bedroom and resume their argument from earlier, where he is upset she's dragging up past girlfriends and she's upset that...either he told strangers (and Colt) about their sex life, or he didn't like sex with her. She keeps switching. Eric tries to tell her that what he said at the time was probably because he was mad/hurt, and why can't she understand that. It doesn't mean he feels that way now. She tells him she wants to know everything he said to everyone, and he says he can't remember without the phone, which he wants back so he can at least log out of his Apple ID. She says the phone is under her bed, and goes to get it. Eric tries to apologize, but she doesn't want that, she wants details of what was said. She tells the camera that she's not very sexually experienced and so hearing that Eric thought she was bad at sex hurts her. She starts crying to the camera. But doesn't tell that to Eric. He says her stuff is still all packed up, so she has to decide if she's moving in or moving on. She chooses to move on.

Meanwhile, over in Brazil, Jess storms out, and Debbie tries to contain her glee. Colt wants to follow, but he wants to give Jess space to cool off. Debbie starts reminding him of all the times Larissa was jealous, and putting Colt in some kind of PTSD spiral where he feels this is going down the same path as Larissa. She basically uses some Jedi level mind trick where she asks him how this started with Larissa, then keeps inserting Jess's name into the situation so he thinks it's the same. But, once she starts telling Colt he should stay in her room that night, and the couch folds out, Colt snaps out of it a bit and kind of realizes Deb is trying to sabotage his relationship. He says no, he needs to find Jess to talk it out. He leaves Debbie sitting on the bed. "Damn" she says, realizing her plan hasn't yet worked.

While Colt heads up to the room to look for Jess, Jess heads outside with her phone. She's gotten Vanessa's contact info and texts her to see if she's still in contact with Colt. Vanessa confirms they are, and Jess storms back to the room. She is already upset Colt preferred to stay with his mom instead of following her, so this just fuels her fire. She walks into the room, takes off her heels, and flings them at Colt. He's trying to get her to talk, and tries to gaslight her a little by saying he's allowed to have friends, but she won't hear it. She tries to leave, he follows her out into the hall. She comes back in the room, and packs up her stuff. She tells him she's going to stay with her ex tonight. Colt follows her outside where she waits for a cab, and he's practically crying and telling her he was planning to propose, but she doesn't care. In fact, she tells him, she's gonna go sleep with another man tonight. Maybe even her ex. So he needs to just go home and die alone. Or with Debbie. She doesn't care. She gets in the Uber, leaving Colt to wander back into his room to spend his last night in Brazil alone.

Kalani and Asuelu

The next morning, Kalani and Asuelu share ghost stories. They both think the Air BNB is haunted, because Asuelu said he saw the ghost of a little girl when he got up to go poop. I don't know why he thought the story was enhanced by sharing his bathroom business, but he told us so now I'm telling you. Kalani agrees that there is an unfriendly spirit in the house, but this setup for a Long Island Medium crossover is interrupted with Kalani's sister Kolani arrives. Apparently Kalani asked her along to probably help with the kids since she can't count on Asuelu to do it, but Asuelu says she probably just wants to have someone on her side if arguments start. They head out to meet Asuelu's family in Portland at a public square. In the cab, Kalani gives Kolani a run down of who will be there: crazy Mother Asuelu, bully half sister Tammy, and poor half sister Rosa, who is deaf and yet nobody in the family ever bothered to learn sign language to communicate with her. Tammy can speak some sign language, but not a lot. That kind of bothers me. I don't know if Rosa was born deaf, but if she was wouldn't you want to have some way to communicate with your own kid??

Anyway, they meet up and greet each other. Mother Asuelu kisses Asuelu on or near the lips, and from the angle of everyone with eyes, it looks like they are making out. Debbie seethes with jealousy somewhere. Later, Kalani tries to joke with Asuelu about making out with his mom, and he gets mad and storms off. I feel like Kalani has a very dry sense of humor and Auselu just can't grasp it.

They head to a plaza that is filled with food trucks--or maybe food carts? Portland has these things called Food Cart Pods, and it was like that but with an area where you can also sit indoors. Asuelu is stunned by the food trucks and proclaims they must just have them in Portland. He really needs to get out more. Maybe he's afraid if running into ghosts. He offers to get everyone's food, and Kalani goes to help while everyone one else sits inside with the kids. Auselu angles for his own Food Network/Travel Channel food truck show as he wanders up to each one and asks that they just give him "the best of the best" of whatever is on their menus. Loaded down with probably at least $100 if not more of the Best of the Best food truck food, Asuelu carries it inside and urges everyone to eat up.

Asuelu tells the camera he hopes the issue of money won't come up, but as soon as Mother Asuelu asks them to come to her home tomorrow, he starts babbling about the gifts they brought. What about money, Tammy asks. "How much money you bring for me???" Mother Asuelu shouts.

Asuelu says they can only afford $100, and not the $1000 Mother Asuelu was demanding. They are all "Not Enough!" and even Rosa gets in on the argument, signing that it isn't enough, and he isn't standing up to care for their family. Asuelu doesn't cave and tells them they can't afford more because kids are expensive. Kalani chimes in to confirm this, telling them that Asuelu right now is only working part time, she has to stay home to take care of the kids, so money is very tight. Mother Asuelu refuses to accept this, saying she needs the money to send home to Samoa and the church. Tammy snits if Asuelu was a real man, he'd get a full time job and take care of them first and then maybe his "little" family if anything is left over. Now I do agree he should get a full time job, but not just to keep Tammy in food cart pod food.

Asuelu says he is looking for work and will get a full time job and he and Kalani will decide how much they can afford to help and still, ya know, keep their kids fed. Mother Asuelu and Tammy insist that Kalani's family can take care of the kids and Kalani. Say what now?? Asuelu says no, that her family already helps them a lot and he doesn't want them to have to do more. Tammy insists that it is the Samoan way to give them money so they can send it home. Kalani (who should have reminded them that she's Samoan too, BTW) is all "Oh really? So you're sending money back home then too, right Tammy?" Tammy glares and tells her that is none of Kalani's business, but Kalani is all "If you're asking me for money to send home, it is my business." Mother Asuelu demands she leave Tammy alone, and blames Kalani for Asuelu not sending her his entire paycheck, telling the camera in Samoa he was a hard worker and her right hand man, then Kalani came and now he's different. "Where is your mind??" she yells at her son. When it becomes clear she's not getting the $1000, she says she will accept that they don't have more, then yells "I'M DONE! I'M DONE!" in true Debbie fashion. Mother Asuelu and the sisters get up and walk away, not looking back, not saying goodbye even to the grandkids, nothing. Kalani and Koloni just look around like "WTF" and Asuelu comes to a realization that maybe Kalani was right and his family only wants his money, nothing else.

Next week: Asuelu cries and tells his greedy ass mother that his kids will die if he gives her all the money she wants but she accuses him of hiding his riches from her; like Debs and Mother Asuelu before her, Angela is "DONE!" and stomps away; Andrei tries to apologize for his alleged drunken anger but Libby isn't buying it was all the booze; Larissa prepares to move out; and Colt claims Jess showed up at his hotel room at 3AM, so he had to leave and get a new room, but he still tries to talk to her before leaving Brazil forever!


Jennifer Lawrence sells her NYC apartment

There are a few perks that come with being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. One of those perks is beautiful homes, and Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to the life of luxury. Four years after the Silver Linings Playbook actress purchased a gorgeous New York penthouse in 2016 on the Upper East Side at the top of The Laurel, she's letting it go. Variety reports Lawrence, 29, has sold the home for $9.9 million.

Jennifer originally purchased the home for $15.6 million before listing it for $15.45 million in July of 2019, and then dropping it $14.25 million. In January, the asking price went down once again to $12 million. No doubt Jennifer wanted a new place before settling down with new husband Cooke Maroney in October.

The home is located in a 30-floor condominium and is 3,000-square-foot with two-floor outdoor terraces. Not to mention bright and airy spaces inside and beautiful outdoor spaces overlooking the city. The place boasts three bedrooms, five baths plus, a full-time doorman, gym, pool, sauna, screening room and, of course, her own private storage.

Who's your fave celebrity home inspo?


How Ads Got "Woke"


Why are so many ads prepackaged with social justice causes these days? And what does it say about us? We have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this, most of which we'll unpack in this Wisecrack Edition: How Ads Got Woke.


How do you feel about "Woke" ads??

New Saved By The Bell reboot trailer


Saved by the Bell is back - to the MAX! Check out this exclusive look at the new series, coming soon to #PeacockTV.

When California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the highest performing schools in the state – including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the over privileged Bayside kids a much needed and hilarious dose of reality in this comedy inspired by the classic late '80s/early '90s sitcom of the same name.


Kanye West is “conveniently mentally ill when it serves his purposes”, says D.L. Hughley!

Billboard Hot 100: Harry Styles'"Watermelon Sugar" tops this week's chart becoming his first #1


It becomes his first #1 and highest charting song since "Sign of the Times" debuted and peaked at No. 4.

In related news, Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion's "WAP" is predicted to debut at #1 next week.

source, 2

op think that Adore You was the better song, but whatever

Zac Efron to Star in 'Three Men and a Baby' Remake for Disney+


The original english version is a remake of a french film and brought together a trio of 1980s stars - Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson - as New York bachelors who find themselves caring, and subsequently, falling for, an infant


Are you here for Zac playing daddy roles already, ONTD?

Cara Delevingne and Margaret Qualley spark dating rumors after Instagram post


Cara Delevingne (27) shared several photos of herself with Margaret Qualley (25) to her Instagram, captioning the photos "I’m not cute, you are @margaretqualley ❤️" Margaret commented under the post, writing "Being a fool with you is my favorite thing to do. I love you so much Cara. To the moon and back 18 billion times!"

Cara and Margaret have been quarantining together (alongside 18-year old Kaia Gerber) since Cara's breakup from Ashley Benson in March / early April. Rumours quickly emerged that Cara was moving on with Margaret. Fans are taking the Instagram post as confirmation the two are dating and "Instagram official"

Kaia also commented on the post, writing "I feel lucky to know you both"


source: 1, 2, 3

Megan Thee Stallion’s 1st Makeup Tutorial as Revlon Brand Ambassador


Megan posted her 1st makeup tutorial, creating the makeup that she posted for her announcement as Revlon Brand Ambassador (as seen in this ontd post.)

If you’re a Megan fan, it’s a cute video! It’s worth watching for her personality especially.

Source: Megan The Stallion YT Channel

ONTD Original:ONTD Decides - What is the Best Picture of This Century?...So Far. Winner Announcement


There's been 20 Best Picture winners this century, I eliminated 4 with the lowest metacritic scores: A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, Crash, and Green Book. In Round 1 you guys eliminated The Shape of Water, Hurt Locker, Million Dollar Baby, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Slumdog Millionaire, Argo, The Artist, and The Departed. In Round 2, 12 Years a Slave, The Kings Speech, Spotlight, and No Country for Old Men were eliminated. And in Round 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Chicago were eliminated. In the 4th and final round, you chose the winner. With 58.3% of the vote, the winner is...


Sure it won 4 Academy Awards, but I'd say a meaningless ONTD award is more prestigious.

Moonlight is the runner up.

ONTD, are you happy with the winner?

Previous Rounds: 1, 2, 3, 4

Happy birthday, Snoopy! Beloved beagle turns 52*


Charles Schulz's famous cartoon pet is celebrating his 52nd birthday today, although he's been around a lot longer than that. However, a cartoon published on August 10, 1968 made his birthday "official." Not even Snoopy knows how old he is, it seems!


A Conversation with Nick Cannon & Rabbi Noam Marans in a Candid Discussion about Antisemitism


- In an hour long Zoom webinar, Nick Cannon has a candid conversation with Rabbi Noam Marans.
- In the first 35 minutes, they discuss Cannon’s antisemitic remarks & actions, history of oppression in the Jewish & Black communities, Black-Jewish relations, race & racism, and their personal experiences.
- Cannon mentions that he’s pursuing his PhD in Divinity from Howard University.
- Starting around 36 minutes, they answer questions.
- At the 55:50 mark, Cannon talks about reading Bari Weiss’ book. Rabbi Noam Marans also holds up a copy of Weiss' book.


Geoff Johns discusses the Stargirl finale and what's ahead in season two


We'll see more of what the surviving villains wanted in season two (Brainwave is definitely dead but he won't confirm anything about the others). There are more character-related surprises next season. He also wouldn't say anything about Joel McHale's return as Sylvester Pemberton/Starman. Yolanda will have to cope with taking a life while Rick with deal with not doing so.


The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons ever- Jason Mesnick


This season aired in 2009.
Jason was the runner up on DeAnna Pappas' season.
He was the first single parent to be a lead.
OP got back into the franchise due to the extremely hyped ATFR episode.


Popular Comic Strips That Became Flop Movies; ONTD Original

Some of the first comic strips appeared in U.S. newspapers in the late 1800s and for most of the 1900s there were at least 200 comic strips & cartoon panels. During the week these would often be in black & white, with the Sunday comic section, sometimes called the funnies (because the strips were humorous, although some were more like serialized soap operas), usually being in color. Since the 1990s comic strips have been on the decline due to such factors as changing tastes in entertainment & the declining relevance of newspapers in general. However some are making the transition to digital platforms. (The OP recommends checking out the 2014 documentary Stripped which covers this better than she ever could.)

Several comic strips have been turned into movies, the heyday being the 1930s to the 1950s, with the comic strip Blondie inspiring 29 movies alone during this period. This post focuses on the more modern era (1980 to present) where comic strip based movies are few and just not that good.

This is a follow up to the previous posts of Hit TV Shows That Became Flop Movies& Hit Movies That Became Flop TV Shows.

Note; The general rule of thumb is that a movie has to make three times its budget at the box office to be considered a hit.

Technically based on the Broadway musical which was based on the long-running comic strip (1924-2010) about an orphan girl, Annie, & her dog, Sandy, that are taken in by a wealthy man, Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. The comic touched on adult issues such as organized labor, The New Deal & Communism.
The 1982 movie, directed by John Huston, has Annie (Aileen Quinn) & her dog Sandy being taken in by Warbucks (Albert Finny) temporarily to improve his public image. Musical numbers ensue.
The movie made $57 million on a $50 million budget, a TV film sequel Annie: A Royal Adventure! came out in 1995. Disney & Columbia Pictures produced a version for TV in 1999 with Alicia Morton in the title role Victor Garbsr as Warbucks and Columbia produced another flop version, blamed on the infamous Sony leak, with Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie & Jamie Foxx as millionaire Will Stacks in 2014.

Based on Brenda Starr: Reporter (1940-2011) about the adventures and love life of a woman glamorous reporter. Originally written & illustrated by Dalia Messick, under the pseudonym Dale Messick, after she retired the strip was continued under different female writer & illustrator teams.
The 1989 movie has the comic strip drawn by an artist named Mike. One day Brenda (Brook Shields) comes to life, sees that she is underappreciated by Mike & leaves the comic. In order to get her back, & keep his job, Mike draws himself into the comic. The movie made $67,878 on a $16 million budget.

Based on the comic Marmaduke (1954-present) about a messy but lovable Great Dane and his family. The 2010 movie has Marmaduke (voiced by Owen Wilson), his cat friend Carlos (voiced by George Lopez) and their family moving from Kansas to California & dealing with the challenges that come with starting a new life. The movie made $83.8 million on a budget of $50 million.

Based on the long running strip of the same name (1936-present) which follows the adventures of the 21st Phantom (although some story-lines tell a story about a past Phantom), the most recent in a long line of crime-fighters stretching all the way back to 1536. When the father of British sailor Christopher Walker was killed in a pirate attack, Walker swore an oath on the skull of his father’s murder to fight evil & started a tradition that is passed from father to son. Since they all wear the same kind of costume people believe that The Phantom is immortal and can not be killed.
The 1996 movie has Billy Zane in the title role & is more or less based on the comic with added supernatural elements and characters not found in the comic. The movie made $17.3 million on a $50 million budget, but found some success on VHS, DVD & Blu-Ray and has developed a bit of a cult following.

Inspired by the comic which ran daily from 1934-1992, continuing on Sunday until 2003 with reprints still being syndicated. The comic follows Flash Gordon, polo player & Yale graduate, and his companions Dale Arden & Dr. Zarkov. The story starts with the Earth threatened by a collision with the planet Mongo. Zarkov invents a rocket to travel to the planet to stop the disaster. Half-mad he kidnaps Gordon & Arden, they land on the planet, halt the collision, and come in contact with the planet’s evil ruler; Ming the Merciless. A space opera ensues.
The 1980 movie has a bored Ming the Merciless deciding to destroy Earth with natural disasters. One of these, a meteorite, brings down the small plane with New York Jets star Flash Gordon and travel agent Dale Arden. They crash in the greenhouse of Dr, Zarkov who believes that the disasters are being caused by an alien source pushing the moon towards Earth. He has built a rocket to investigate. But his assistant refuses to accompany him, so he tricks Gordon & Arden on board, launches the rocket, which lands on Mongo & the adventure continues from there. The movie made either $27.1 mill. or $15.4 million (conflicting sources) on either a $20 million or a $27 mill. budget (again, conflicting sources). The film has since gained a cult following & is notable for having a soundtrack that was composed, performed & produced by Queen.

Dishonorable mentions;
Popeye (character appeared in Thimble Theater in 1929, the comic was later renamed Popeye & continued until 1994 as a daily, with Sunday strips still being new, but reprints old ones during the week) The 1980 musical with Robin Williams had a budget of $20 million & made $60 mill. Technically a success, although the film was expected to do much better & was considered a disappointment by the studio.

Prince Valiant (1937-present) The 1997 film with Katherine Heigl was a video release, Wikipedia has no info on budget or money brought in & Google keeps confusing it with the 1954 version, but on Rotten Tomatoes it has an audience score of 22%.

The Spirit (1940-1952 with a few new stories appearing in different publications from the 1960s & 1980s) The 2008 movie with Eva Mendes had a budget of $60 million & made $39 mill.

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Massive layoffs hit DC Comics


As WarnerMedia begins tossing people left and right, Warners property DC Comics has been hit hard.

While not official, sources tell multiple media outlets that roughly a third of the comics editorial group is being let go including Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, Black Label executive editor Mark Doyle, Brian Cunningham and Andy Khouri. While Jim Lee will stay with the company, it's been said that he will no longer serve as Publisher or Chief Creative Officer.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a reduction of monthly titles will happen almost immediately.

A majority of the DC Universe streaming service staff is also being let go, a move that was expected after HBO Max launched and began streaming DCU's programs.

DC Direct, the companies in-house merchandise and collectable manufacturer is also shutting down. Merchanise will most likely be licensed out to other companies.


Trailer for Disney's MAGIC CAMP


The third Disney movie to eschew it's theatrical release and go straight to Disney+ (Though, in fairness, this was pulled from theaters long before COVID-19 or even Disney+ was known to the public bc of Jeffrey Tambor, sir not appearing in this trailer.)

Here's the first and presumably only trailer for something coming out in 4 days.

Andy Tuckerman, at the urging of his former mentor and Magic Camp owner Roy Preston, returns to the camp of his youth hoping to reignite his career. Instead, he finds inspiration in his ragtag bunch of rookie magicians.

Don't watch this on Disney+ on August 14th.

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Carly Rae Jepsen to celebrate E•MO•TION's 5th anniversary with an epic karaoke party!

One of the best pop albums to come out in the last 10 years will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on August 21st, and the Prime Minister of Pop herself will be hosting a karaoke party in honor of it! Carly wants you to dress up and sing along to your favorite songs. Video guidelines and submission link here: click(deadline is midnight on August 13th)

Carly also released a bunch of limited edition anniversary merch including t-shirts, colored vinyls, a beach towel, and a scrunchie. Sorry, no jock straps.

Source: linklink

Anyone thinking of submitting a video? If so, for which song? By the way, I want to get that pink vinyl

Below Deck Med Drama: Malia “reports” Hannah’s Valium prescription to Captain Sandy


Bravo’s underrated gem Below Deck Mediterranean is trending due to the “drug bombshell” tonight. A little background: Kiko, the former Chef, was unfairly fired last week. Malia’s boyfriend (Tom) so happened to conveniently be visiting her on his way to the UK to visit a sick uncle. Captain Sandy wants to meet him and offers him the Chef position because she’s desperate after firing Kiko, and is impressed by Tom’s resume. He accepts (hey, I guess “fuck you” to the “sick uncle” huh). Malia throws a tantrum because she wants to room with her boyfriend, according to her “those are the rules” when you hire a couple. Hannah won’t back down and switch rooms so she can bunk with her boyfriend. Malia runs to Captain Sandy and she then enforces that everyone switch rooms to accommodate the insufferable couple. While they switch rooms, Malia so happens to “find” Hannah’s Valium and takes a photo to text and report to Captain Sandy for having “drugs on board.” The episode ends with Sandy having a meeting with Hannah. Will she be fired? Tune in next week for the bs.

Hannah Ferrier took to Twitter tonight to clarify that it was prescribed and called out Malia for setting her up and her photo “arranging skills.”

Mfte Colin:

Twitter is rightfully calling out Malia:

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Nick Ashe pens beautiful message to boyfriend Justice Smith


+ Actor Nicholas Ashe has written the sweetest “Happy Birthday” message to his boyfriend Justice Smith in a new post on social media.
+ Smith came out last June — via an Instagram post - calling Ashe “my rock and guiding light”.
+ Some cake shenanigans:

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ontd, have you celebrated your birthday during quarantine? :)
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ONTD Original : Videos that were featured on "The N"


-"The N" was a channel that was shared with Noggin beginning April 2002. Noggin was aimed at pre schoolers. "The N" was aimed at teens and would come on at 6pm and end 6am. "The N" presented shows such as "Degrassi: the next generation","Radio free Roscoe","Being Eve" and original shows such as "South of Nowhere" and "Instant Star". "The N" went 24 -7 in 2007 and was than replaced with Teen Nick, which played reruns from Nickelodeon.In lieu of commercials, The N played videos from up and coming artist among other content. Here are just a few favorites.


More under the Spoiler cut


Investigating The-N.com's Disappearance and How I Discovered ...