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Missy Elliot Dismisses Rumors of her Sudden Death


Missy Elliot has squashed on line rumor that indicated that the singer had meet an untimely death through her twitter account. The rumors emerged from the same fake news website that recently reported that Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, and Akon had met their ends.

The ‘Under Construction’ creator indicated that the rumors had done little but anger her, writing in response to fan who asked about the gossip, “Yea Sadly sum1 was that miserable to make up such a cruel rumor! It Makes me work harder make em mad!” The singer replied to another of her twitter followers, “I’m done addressing the foolishness! IM ALIVE! God will deal with those who play about things like that!”

Missy Elliot announced in June that while she had been diagnosed with Graves disease, an autoimmune disease that often results in hyperthyroidism, her work had not been impeded and encouraged fans to remain positive. In fact, the singer is currently at work on her seventh studio album which will be titled ‘Block Party’ and has a planned release date for later this year or in the first few months of 2012.----->

Just last week rumors circulated on the internet that Tiger Woods had been found dead in a vacation rental while visiting the Dominican Republic which caused many to take to twitter to clarify the facts about the golf player’s well being. The rumors, which were generated by a website which allows anyone to create a hoax, turned out to be false as Woods was in Australia competing in the Australian Open Golf tournament.


Missy should get a tag tbh :(

SONS OF ANARCHY 4.13 - "To Be..." Season Finale, Part 1



FUCK. YES. That's all. Ryan Hurst, bb,
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Tabloid Cover Wednesday

Victoria’s Secret Angels Take Over Herald Square


Kicking off the week with a promotional appearance, the Victoria’s Secret Angels were spotted at Herald Square in New York City today (November 21).

Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Lindsay Ellingson, and Chanel Iman all worked their magic for the cameras as paparazzi and fans looked on.

PLUS, Adriana and Donna Karan in Haiti:

AND MORE:Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 BACKSTAGE Exclusive: Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima | FashionTV


Alessandra Ambrosio and Chanel Iman Interview for What's The Buzz

Linnethia Leakes: "I Chose Fame Over Friendship"!!!


NeNe has lost many friends along the way, but plans to continue making her dreams come true -- at whatever cost.

Nene tells Life&Style she's launching her own wine label called Miss Moscato, is working on a shoe line and aspires to be the next Oprah with her own talk show.

"It's very difficult," NeNe laments. "You can't trust a lot of people. Your girlfriends all change, and your family is now against you. There's definitely a cost that comes with fame."

Nene is sought after for lucrative product endorsements and is looking at multimillion-dollar estates.

"I have never experienced so much hate, so much negativity,". NeNe confided to Life & Style after watching the dramatic Nov. 13 episode, in which the other women bashed her behind her back for her exploding ego, inflated bank account -- and even her teeth!

NeNe is quick to blame her co-stars, claiming that they're envious of her rising stardom, particularly her stint on Celebrity Apprentice. "I've got a lot of shine and had things happen for me, and they're definitely jealous," NeNe asserts.

Boasting that she's had more success than any of the other Atlanta Housewives (including Grammy winner Kandi), NeNe advises her former pals to get to work and stop tearing her down.

"They can go out and make it happen for themselves, but don't try to take it from me!"

Kelsey Grammer To Camille: Send Me My Trophies!

Kelsey Grammer is one of the funniest sitcom actors to ever appear on our TV screens, and he has five Emmys to prove it.

The Frazier star apparently considers the awards among his most prized possessions, but when he divorced ex-wife Camille Grammer, he reportedly left the awards in her possession.

RumorFix has confirmed that Kelsey missed the trophies so much that he asked Camille, who stars in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to send them to him. And she did.

For those trivia buffs, Kelsey won four Emmys for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series” for Frasier and one for “Outstanding Voice Over Performance” for The Simpsons.

Kelsey also has two Golden Globes, no word on whether he’s asked for those.

Peter Thomas Speaks Out Again!

Cynthia Bailey’s other half Peter Thomas isn’t known to hold his tongue.

On clashing with Apollo:

What people see is what it is. I don’t really know Apollo. Apollo felt like he was defending his wife [regarding] the UPTOWN article that I did.

The article was about how I felt about what my wife said and what people were saying about UPTOWN Restaurant and that she gave me money to do it and I wanted to set the record straight by saying yes she made a contribution but I didn’t take her wallet to do it.

The real problem with Sheree:

She talks about everybody f****ed up all the time, especially my wife. She said my wife is spineless. She said my wife has no backbone. She said my wife follows around NeNe like some little puppy. She says a lot of really f****ed up things and my wife is too much of a classy chick to even go in on that so, when they ask me what I think, because me and my wife is one, I’m gone say how I feel. She thinks she’s cute but I don’t think she’s cute. It’s like when I watched [the show Sunday] night and she said ‘well, I know I’m cute’ and my answer was ‘really.’ It didn’t change how I feel.

About NeNe and her mouth:

When I say NeNe is loud, it’s because NeNe got a big ass mouth but I love her. I love her to death. I love her. She’s cool as hell. She’s the realest as far as I’m concerned.

About Kim and her mouth:

When I say Kim is crazy as hell, it’s because her mouth is so reckless. All kinds of s**t come out of her mouth. I don’t think they have ever shot Kim without beeping, without beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, because she talks crazy. That’s how she talks.

Why UPTOWN Restaurant and Lounge failed:

UPTOWN only failed for the fact that everything in America failed. Every banking institution failed. Okay. Every mortgage company failed. There wasn’t even no dancing in Atlanta during those months so people wasn’t coming out of their house. Everybody was scared. And guess what? The first Black man ever to run for president and won was running that year. We’re in the South. It is what it is. We’re in the South. This ain’t New York. This ain’t Connecticut. This ain’t Philly. This ain’t Boston. This ain’t D.C. We’re in Atlanta, Georgia. It is what it is.

On whether any of his kids will be on RHOA:

My son just moved here from California. I have to find out first if he’s comfortable with it and, if he is and his mother is okay with it, then 100 percent, he will be on next season but that’s not my choice. I just don’t want to push something on him. If he doesn’t want to do it, I would never force him to do it.

Adrienne and Paul Say 'Jury's Still Out' on Kim's New Beau!

You can add Adrienne and her husband Paul to the list of people who aren't fans of Kim's new boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld.

"Kim is a fantastic lady and Adrienne and I adore her. When I met Kim's new boyfriend, I had mixed feelings." Dr. Paul told Us Magazine, falling in line with other sources that have described Ken as "controlling."

"When I initially met him, since I've known Kim for a while, I used a term of endearment like 'darling' or 'dear' and he got upset at me and at that point I was taken aback, like, 'are you serious?'"

Dr. Paul elaborated. "But then at other times when I would talk with him there would be times where he would endear himself to me so I think the jury is still out on Kim's new boyfriend, Ken."

"I have to tell you he got a little defensive when she was talking to me about something private," Adrienne told Wendy Williams on her show, and saying that the argument is on an episode in the future. "It's kind of new and if she's happy then I'm happy for her."

Kyle Richards talks new episode, co-stars!

According to a new blog entry, Kyle discussed a lot including the fact that Brandi wanted to put the past behind her and tried to talk to Kim. Kyle also wrote about the fact that Adrienne was upset about Lisa having her daughter's bachelorette party at a different casino.

Kyle wrote of Brandi saying hello to Kim at Taylor's daughter's birthday party: "Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without some drama! Brandi tried to talk to my sister Kim who would not even acknowledge her. I feel bad that this is dragging out so long.

Kim can be stubborn and hold a grudge. I would like to see her own up to her part of the fight, apologize, accept Brandi's apology, and move on. I'm not holding my breath. May I suggest the same to you?"

Richards then went on to write of Adrienne and Lisa: "Then there was Adrienne, upset with Lisa for having Pandora's party at her competition's hotel. I was thinking 'Please, no. Not again.' I really don't want to be in the middle anymore, between Kim and Brandi, Lisa and Taylor, or Lisa and Adrienne.

I suggested that maybe Lisa was uncomfortable asking Adrienne to have it at her hotel, The Palms. Well, stay tuned for this one. . ."

Caroline Manzo and New Times Make Amends!

Last week, we got the call to cover Ocean Drive's event for the Miami debut of blk. water, which we thought sounded interesting.

Then we remembered that Albie and Chris, represented the product.

Let us remind you that in October 2010, we interviewed former Jersey housewife, Danielle Staub.

In our Q&A, she said some pretty harsh things about the Manzo family.

And immediately after the story came out, Caroline Manzo called us up and informed us she was not only going after Danielle, but Miami New Times too.

So when we arrived at the Hotel Breakwater for the event, we heard that Jersey's fiery redhead was there. We got on the carpet and moments later, she was in front of us.

New Times: Caroline, we are from Miami New Times. I actually wrote the article last year with Danielle Staub that mentioned your family.

Caroline Manzo: Oh yeah, I remember that. (A scowl reaches her face.)

NT: I am so sorry about that. Please know we are obsessed with you. It's our job, you know?

CM: Yeah, I understand. That came out at a time where she was talking just a bunch of... shit. I mean, that is the only word I can think of. People can talk about me all day, but my family, especially my husband's deceased father, was just so out of line. You were just doing your job. Don't worry-- all is forgiven.

And we ended it with a hug. And with this new found friendship, she gave us an interview. Watch it here:

Life&Style, RumorFix, Uptown, US, Examiner, MiamiNewTimes



Source the video also features his wife Paula Patton, so sexy. I love the two of them. Hope third time is a charm mods :)

2 Brilliantly Gifted Vocalists Come Together for a Special Performance!!!

Taylor Swift invited BFF Selena Gomez to join her onstage to sing "Who Says"!!

"One of my best friends, she is such an amazing singer, and we, in the 4 years that we've been best friends have never sung on stage together and I think that is just such a shame. So it just so happens, Selena is here tonight!" - Taylor Swift


She's Jenny from the Block...but is that block in L.A.?


As part of a new multimillion-dollar endorsement deal with Fiat, Jennifer Lopez has shot several TV commercials for the Italian automaker, placed the Fiat 500 in her latest music video, and even put the vehicle center stage during her performance Sunday night at the American Music Awards.

But while the brand building and cross-promotion campaign is both lucrative and far-reaching, the star does have her collaborative limits. Specifically, the 42-year-old actress will not visit the Bronx in service of shilling the subcompact car.

While Lopez, Fiat, the automotive firm’s PR people, and its Detroit ad agency would have consumers believe that the star deigned to return home to film a low-speed pilgrimage through the gritty streets of her hometown, she actually never set foot in the Bronx during the filming of the Fiat spots.

Instead, the role of “Jenny from the Block” was played by a body double, according to two sources familiar with the commercial production. While the Lopez lookalike was actually behind the wheel in the Bronx, Lopez herself was in Los Angeles, where she was filmed inside a Fiat 500.

The shots of the actress were artfully merged to make it appear that she was tooling around New York City’s poorest borough. Big Block, a Los Angeles digital production studio, was hired to merge live action footage with computer-generated imagery to make it appear as if Lopez was in the Bronx.

The ruse tricked scores of media outlets--from The Wall Street Journal to automotive blogs--who reported that a centerpiece of the Lopez/Fiat partnership was the production of a 60-second commercial titled “My World,” which Fiat began running last month on network and cable TV outlets.

The commercial shows Lopez “driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio as she travels through the streets of Manhattan to the Bronx where she grew up,” according to a Fiat press release heralding the TV spot. The commercial, produced by Doner, a Michigan-based ad agency, purportedly “explores her personal take on how life in the New York City borough continues to inspire her to be tougher, to stay sharper and to think faster.” Fiat boss Olivier Francois also joins the artifice, claiming, “We watch as she leaves Manhattan and makes her way back to the Bronx, where she grew up and continues to be inspired by.”

Lopez says as much in the spot’s voiceover. She reminds prospective Fiat purchasers that “this is my world. This place inspires me.” She then adds, “They may be just streets to you, but to me they’re a playground." It seems Fiat sought to lease some of Lopez’s street cred in a bid to create a gauzier version of Chrysler’s “Made In Detroit” ad starring the rapper Eminem.

To help perpetuate this fakery and fiction, the commercial is crammed with every stereotypical New York street scene that director Max Malkin could stage. Along with cutaways of Lopez looking glamorous at the wheel, the actress purportedly drives past a teen boy drumming on overturned plastic pails; a guy break dancing on a sidewalk; a black NYPD officer walking the beat; kids cavorting under an open fire hydrant; girls in Catholic school uniforms double-dutching; graffiti artists spray painting the metal gate of a hardware store; black guys shooting hoops in the park; and teenage girls trying out their best curbside hip-hop dance moves.

It is such a breathtaking assemblage of hoary urban clichés, it’s a wonder that Lopez & Co. forgot to include a shot of some grizzled pensioners playing dominoes or a Puerto Rican enjoying some shaved ice.

But the commercial (as seen above) did make sure to include footage of a shabby barber shop and its hardworking proprietor, Eligio Cueto. The 46-year-old owner of the Mott Haven barber shop seen in “My World” told TSG that the spot’s producers recently spent a few hours shooting in and around his East 136th Street business.

Cueto said that as the Fiat 500 drove past his storefront, passers-by were filmed as the vehicle--and its famous driver--purportedly caught their eye. “But it wasn’t her,” Cueto added, “it was a double that looked like her.” Cueto’s disappointment in having to settle for a Lopez stand-in was tempered by the $1800 he was paid by the commercial’s producers.

A new 60-second Fiat spot that debuted last Thursday supposedly shows Lopez (whom Fiat describes as “Actress, entertainer, film, TV and music producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and humanitarian”) purportedly driving a limited edition Fiat 500 through Manhattan. Like “My World,” Lopez was digitally piped into Gotham.

The new commercial, titled “Elegance,” touts a Gucci-branded version of the Fiat 500. Starting at $23,500, the vehicle is sporty and brimming with European flair. And almost small enough to fit in the trunk of Lopez’s Maybach.


First post, please don't hurt me!

Yet Another NBC 'Community' Pop Culture Reference. Can you spot it?


NBC's 'Community' had a "blink and you'll miss it" moment in their recent Halloween episode.

Check out the video above featuring season one's "Communication Studies", season two's "Cooperative Calligraphy", and season three's "Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps" episodes.

Did you see it?

The Effortlessly Beautiful Amber Heard Behind The Scenes of Women's Health


Even with her recent success, Amber shows scars from her childhood. Words build up inside her like a boat taking on water, and she bails them out as a matter of survival. She reads voraciously (she just finished Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children), as if compensating for years of missed education.

Before The Playboy Club began filming, Amber and the show's creator, Chad Hodge, met for dinner. She brought him a 1963 copy of Playboy—a relic of the time they were about to re-create. It was a gift, but also a signal: Amber had studied up. Hell, she just about lapped him in knowledge of the club. He loved it. "People don't behave that way anymore," says Hodge. "She has the class of a person who's lived nine lives."

During filming, Amber kept going. Sexual politics and feminism are topics that might have set hair on fire in Texas—especially with enough hair spray—and she wanted to talk about them. "I wouldn't describe her as someone on a mission to be argumentative," says Hodge. "She's interested in interesting things. And interesting things are often more controversial."

Despite her outspokenness—or perhaps because of it—she also won over Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson and, it would seem, her costar Johnny Depp. When some of the cast went out to blow off steam after a day of shooting, she would disappear. And at the end of filming, says Robinson, "I remember Johnny and I saying, 'Jesus, where's Amber?' "

What young actress passes up drinks with a film god like Johnny Depp? One who prefers to make an impression on the job, not off it. But also, one who was in a serious relationship at the time. With a woman.

“I personally run, just because that’s all, for me in time management,
running seems to be the most time-accommodating exercise to do. I have
recently gotten into tennis, and I also do Pilates in LA. It’s funny,
because once you start working to really do an hour, you start feeling
so much better that it becomes something that you make time to do. We as
human beings always make time for the things we really want. I just
feel so much better when I start working out that you just find time to
do it.”

Read her full interview in the December issue of Women's Health on sale Tuesday, November 22!
She's so hot

Lady GaGa at the Terry Richardson Book Launch 11/22


A bout of rainy weather proved no obstacle to Lady Gaga as she tottered along to her book launch tonight in a customary outlandish outfit.

The 25-year-old singer bared her skin in a see-through Dolce & Gabbana lace dress, wearing black underwear underneath, teamed with long leather gloves.

Sheltering under an umbrella - carried by her minder - Gaga walked talk in a pair of vertiginous platforms which could be seen through her sheer ensemble.

Gaga has been busy in New York over the past 24 hours.

Last night she made a surprise appearance at the International Emmys in an long black dress complete with a large hole around the thigh.

She presented American Idol's executive producer Nigel Lythgoe with an International Emmy Founders Award, which among other things honoured him for his work on reality shows.

Hours earlier, the American star turned up for the launch of GAGA'S WORKSHOP at U.S. department store Barneys New York.

Taking over the entire, 5500-square foot, fifth floor of the Madison Avenue Men's store, The Workshop is divided into elaborate structural shops, such as a jewellery shop created out of an oversized Lady Gaga-turned-spider and a boudoir in the shape of a giant wig.

Her little monsters as always awaited her big arrival


Tonight's X Factor (US) Performances



Melanie Amaro is fucking flawless I cannot.

50 cent tweets some insane shit to a chick after she calls him a CB stan

Sharon Tate Jewelry From Grisly Murder Up For Auction


Murdered actress Sharon Tate's engagement ring -- the one she was said to be wearing when she was stabbed to death by the Manson Family -- can now be yours, TMZ has learned ... if you're willing to drop at least $10,000.

According to the auction house hocking the ring, Tate's husband -- director Roman Polanski -- removed it from her finger when he was identifying her body at the morgue. He proposed to her with it in 1967.

For those who forget -- Sharon and her unborn child were brutally murdered in 1969 by followers of Charles Manson. Police were unable to determine a motive.

The ring hits the auction block on November 30th at GottaHaveRockandRoll.com ... along with a ton of other Hollywood and music memorabilia, including one of Madonna's bustiers and Justin Bieber's Super Bowl commercial jacket (below).

UPDATE: There are multiple stories that it was Roman Polanski's agent William Tennant -- and not Roman himself -- who identified Tate's body at the morgue. Roman was not in the country at the time.


Jordin Sparks Launches "Winter In Venice" At The Venetian In Vegas

Alex O'Loughlin - Australia's GQ Actor of the Year Photoshoot

Published November 22, 2011
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How does a battler go from labouring on Canberra’s building sites to living the showbiz dream in Hawaii? Hard work, steely resilience and a very Australian sense of humour.

The sun’s final dance of the day melts into the horizon as Alex O’Loughlin straddles his surfboard at the back of a gentle Hawaiian break, chatting to a surfer who recognises him from Hawaii Five-0, the TV series that delivered him to the archipelago 18 months ago.

It’s been six years since this high-school dropout from Canberra arrived in the City Of Angels. The only surfing back then was from couch to couch, crashing with mates until an eventual call-up.

That initial luck fell flat, with his first two shows cancelled. But then came the reboot of an iconic ’70s staple, an updated boys-own adventure that had O’Loughlin taking the baton from Magnum, P.I. in fighting crime — often shirtless — around Honolulu.

We sit down with O’Loughlin back on dry land — with his shirt firmly on.

Is it true you once wanted to fly planes?

Yeah, I was in kindergarten and the teacher asked what we wanted to do when we grew up. I said, “I want to be a fighter pilot.” She stopped in front of my desk and said, “Haven’t you got asthma?”
I said, “Yeah”. She said, “Well, you’ll never be a fighter pilot.”

Wow, that’s harsh.

I was crushed. And I never pursued a career in the skies.

Still, aviation’s loss was acting’s gain. How did you end up going that way?

I did my first play at primary school. I was about 10; I’ll never forget it. When I walked out under the lights and the audience was paying attention, I just got it. But I didn’t really think it was something I could do.

Why not?

I was a working-class kid and I saw acting as a middle-class profession. So I went off and did a lot of other things. I was interested in building, in fact I loved it. I worked on a lot of houses and offices and it was good. It meant I could get my physical thing on and see something emerge. I also worked in hospitality. I once worked for Neil Perry as a barman and a waiter.

So when you decided to try out for NIDA, your main acting experience was from primary school?

I had no technical skills. I didn’t know what I was doing, but when it felt right it came from an instinct and I think people saw that. And passion. If I ever lose that passion I think I’ll change career.

Are you ambitious?
It can be a very ugly word, especially in this business. But I’ve always had a lot of drive. Whether I was working on a building site or auditioning or moving to the US, I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it any other way.

Read the full article in GQ Australia's 2011 Men of the Year issue.


Matt Bomer: I Put On My 'Magic Mike' Thong Wrong!


Matt Bomer chats on his cell phone while walking down the street on Wednesday (November 2) in Beverly Hills.
The 34-year-old actor rocked a pair of shades and orange sneakers!

Matt, who is currently shooting the film Magic Mike, recently told MTV News of some occupational hazards associated with playing a stripper.

“I think most importantly for me, it was figuring out how to put on a thong. The first time I tried it I put it on wrong and my junk didn’t fit in it!” Matt said.

“I had to call a wardrobe person in, ‘Something is wrong with my thong, you guys,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah your legs are in the wrong holes!’” Matt finished.


Harper's Bazaar feat models & musical goddesses Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sky Ferreira!!


Toni Garrn, Rose Smith, David Agbodji, Ian Mellencamp, Arthur Kulkov, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira all in one room: must be another night at the Standard. Harper's Bazaar heads to the hotel’s fabled Boom Boom room for a story that sets out to capture the vibrant energy of Manhattan’s late night scene. With a mix of models, actors, actresses, musicians, a cameo from artist Richard Phillips and even a glimpse of New York’s reigning social fixture Derek Blasberg the story by Alexi Lubomirski gets the feel of rooftop party right.  Brana Wolf's selective styling never fails to impress and here she features a range of looks, from classic chic Dior to offbeat Miu Miu. All in all the story is gorgeous – with one small flaw, David’s handsome face barely makes it into any images! The party could have benefited from a few shots of Mr. Agbodji.

(also some chick from Twilight + Ctrl+Conce's sister)


We need a Charlotte Gainsbourg tag!!!

Olivia Wilde & Jason Bateman: The 'Longest' Kiss!


Olivia Wilde shares a passionate kiss with co-star Jason Bateman on the set of their new movie, The Longest Week, on Monday (November 21) in Brooklyn, New York.

The 27-year-old actress stars in the dramedy, which centers around “Conrad Valmont [who] lives a life of leisure in his parent’s prestigious Manhattan Hotel. In the span of one week, he finds himself evicted, disinherited, and … in love.”

Jenny Slate just joined our movie, The Longest Week, which means I am co-starring with Marcel the M———— Shell!” Olivia recently tweeted about former SNL cast member and Bored to Death star.

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