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    About Ben Folds Five, the new album.

    I'm writing this on a plane. I tweeted that I wanted to blog and most responses were - blog about the new album. Fine, I'll start there. I won't correct grammar or spelling so hopefully we'll all deal. I'm typing as fast as I can... and I type damn fast if I do say so myself. I just screw up a lot....

    The album started in January. We just started playing and recorded shitloads of stuff.
    A way that I often wrote for us was to just sit and imagine what kind of sound, song, sentiment, arrangement I'd like to hear us do. It's easy to imagine because we have a very distinct style of playing together that was pretty much writ in stone from our first rehearsal on. There were a couple of breakthroughs back in the day... Eddie Walker was one. We figured out some tonal stuff - the floor tom ride with lots of AAAHS and fuzz bass on the chorus was a defining technique for instance.

    On the new album we've discovered quite a few new things like that. We're tonally a few steps into the future. I remember when bands all had a 'sound'. I know that sounds like a total old man thing to say, but hey if the orthopedic shoe fits... You know, a band that just set up their shit, played in the corner and just had a fresh sound. I'm not saying there's no style today, just that plugging in and working with what you have makes you work hard to find a sound... okay. I'm rambling but that's what I promised to do in the blog.

    So we played hours of stuff on tape and it was inspired. Quite insane. I got little sleep for weeks as I had idea after idea on how to make these sounds into songs. I'd spend the mornings at the piano and then the guys would come in. It was a burst. We began on Pro Tools with the idea of moving off when we started recording 'for real' but we saw no advantage of moving over as we were only using the Tools as a tape deck anyway and were enjoying the freedom of being able to record more than a fifteen minutes of music at a time.

    We set up in my studio in the same room with a little baffling, but without the interest in separation. In other words, for engineers, we welcomed bleed.

    Lyrically it began to take shape quickly and we were much richer in ideas and material than any of the albums we did together. We were supporting each other, trying each idea instead of poo poo-ing each other's creativity. It was a pretty amazing experience. UNTIL...

    We ran out of time because I had stuff to do, Darren had a Hotel Lights tour and Robert's son is too young to leave for too long. So we stopped and that's where we are.

    The lyric stuff. Loss of ego. That emerged as a theme. Ways to lose the ego. Funny thing is that I didn't realize that each of those ego losing songs would be failures. I mean, each character who aspired to do so only succeeds for a short time and then the ego comes back. I guess that's the way it works in real life. Anyway... for instance.... Being Frank. That's a song on the album. It's kind of historical fiction in a way. Certainly when Frank Sinatra died, he had a tour manager and let's say that tour manager was with him his whole career. Decades. When Frank passed the tour manager might have realized that he'd spent most of his adult life setting the thermostat for someone else, eating his leftovers, essentially trying to think like Frank to anticipate his needs. Frank's death would have been a crisis but an exciting one. How to be yourself when someone you're attached to is gone. What kind of coffee do you like, who are you really? But then I started to realize that that tour manager would have wanted to take some credit for Frank's career. He suggested THAT lyric or that TV show etc. Frank was really being HIM. Loss of ego, failure.

    Other songs titles... Erase Me. Do It Anyway. The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (that's Nick Hornby's lyric and my music). Sky High (beautifully written Darren song). We really spent quite a bit of production time on Sky High. It warranted it. You know that 10cc trick where they looped vocals, unison AHHHs and assigned each note to a fader on the console? Then they play the console like it's a keyboard using the faders. We did that. Nobody does that and they should. It's not "copying" 10cc... it's recognizing that they invented an instrument. We play that instrument on Sky High. I'll put up video of that. It's kinda interesting.

    What else... I've had a chorus that goes "If you can't draw a crowd, draw dicks on the wall" for quite a while. Since Reinhold era. It had different melodies, but I always liked the idea. When someone wants attention and they don't get it, often we do something really stupid or even destructive. The song is Draw A Crowd. It's partially silly and partially deep. Many will latch on to the silly part and give me shit for it and maybe when they grow up they're get the other part. If not, oh well. It's okay. I like Kesha songs and some people don't.

    We'll get back together in June. We kinda fucked up. We meant to finish the album and then do gigs. But we're doing a few festivals and will be paddling ferociously between those gigs to finish our album. That's alright. Deadlines are good.

    I suppose the album should come out in September and we do not want to release it traditionally at all. I'm all into traditional record releases but for this one... I want to avoid ass kissing. It's not healthy. I think we're going to pass on radio promo and on most advance press. No sending it out for reviews etc. We'll just let you know through Twitter and Facebook that it's coming out. That's the idea, and we'll see how that goes. Maybe we'll adjust our thinking. Just seems like such a musical experience I hate to be in the position of selling it to people who don't care. I'd rather spend my time telling people who DO care and save the money and time. Sell fewer records probably to those who want it. That leaves more time to make new records and tour. Less ass kissing, more music and life. A good theory... we'll see... lemme know what you think of that theory.

    What else can I tell you. If you're a Robert fan, you'll shit. He's better than ever and we've grown into knowing how to put him up front and letting him do what he does. Darren is playing lyrically as ever, like a fine jazz drummer - cymbals are gorgeous and he doesn't give a damn so every once in a while he just makes a mockery of every drum fill you've ever heard but does it twice as crazy and makes it mean something. It's quite damn amazing. Look out for what he does on a song called Michael Praytor. That song comes from a 'rock this bitch' partially. I'd always liked the melody but it comes to life with Robert and Darren in a way I never expected. Its a song about how some people just come back and back into your life whether you like it or not. You don't choose them, they just show up.

    There you go. I'll do another blog now. The record pops out of the speakers and I'm finding myself wondering if we should tone it down. Nope. I think it'll be just fine.


    I can't wait for their new album!  What is your favorite Ben Folds Five song?

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    Kim Kardashian swears that she is not the naked woman cooking eggs in a photo currently circulating around the Internet.

    "It's not her," her rep said referring to an image posted to and late yesterday, the New York Post reports. "You can totally tell. It looks nothing like her."

    The photo shows a tanned, dark-haired woman in a kitchen, cracking an egg into a pan. 

    The woman is completely nude, her breasts in full view while a well-placed leg keeps the viewer from seeing much more. 

    While the body certainly could be Kardashian's -- the woman pictured is gifted in the posterior, much like Kardashian -- her face is in profile making it difficult to tell if she is indeed the reality TV star or a look-alike. 

    The woman's long hair is swept into a half-ponytail, a style Kardashian often sports.

    "It's An OLD PIC ... Before She Got Her BOOBS DONE!!!" Media Takeout claims in a headline. (LOL IRL)


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    Daisy Lowe in XOXO Magazine May 2012.
    Dreaming of Daisy - Carlos Lumiere shoots Daisy Lowe for XOXO The Mag - May 2012 in some retro 70s style looks.

    Daisy Lowe in LOVE Magazine #7.
    As introduced, “a warm human body meets cold, hard rocks.” Daisy Lowe showcases precious stones by some of the world’s most well known brands, shot by Toby McFarlan Pond.


    sources: 1 2

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    Her role as the Mother of Dragons has made her famous, but Emilia Clarke sounds relieved that she hasn't really had to deal with the pitfalls of fame since the debut of HBO's "Game of Thrones" (Sundays at 9 p.m. ET).

    "I'm really oblivious to it, because I look so different," said Clarke, whose natural brunette hair color makes her look quite dissimilar from her character, the white-haired, royal exile Daenerys Targaryen. Still, people do occasionally recognize her: A woman in a department store in Los Angeles was too stunned to get on the elevator when she saw that Clarke was in it. "Khaleesi?" the fan asked.

    "And then the doors closed, and the lift kept going up," Clarke said with a laugh. "Stuff like that happens, and there's also, 'You kind of look like that girl from "Game of Thrones."'"

    Given that she prefers a low-key lifestyle, it's perhaps good that the film role she just finished also has the actress wearing things that make it unlikely that fans will recognize her. In "Spike Island," Clarke plays one of a group of early '90s Stone Roses fans, and wears baggy overalls and that era's puffy, fluffy hair.

    She's a huge fan of the band, but as she noted, "The '90s were really just bad for fashion and hair." It is known, Khaleesi.

    That movie, which doesn't have a release date yet, just wrapped a couple of weeks ago, and at the end of 2011, Clarke finished filming her "Game of Thrones" scenes, which were mostly shot in Croatia. Once again, she typically worked far away from the rest of the cast -- this season, Dany is across the Narrow Sea, trying to keep her Khalasar (her Dothraki tribe) alive and ultimately trying to get back to Westeros, the land that the Targaryens used to rule. In last week's episode of "Game of Thrones," Dany and her followers finally found refuge in the mysterious city of Qarth, which is far from the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms.

    Back in the real world, the London-based actress sees the rest of the cast whenever she can. "All of the boys, I see regularly because we're all in London together, so that's really nice," she said. "A special bond was made with the whole of the cast from the beginning, when we were all a bit more together, and I don't think that's really going to go away."

    But as we discussed in our conversation, being away from home and all her friends and family is a situation her character Dany is quite familiar with -- though of course the khaleesi's situation is more extreme. She's not only trying to keep her people safe and retake the Iron Throne, she's also mourning the deaths of her husband, Khal Drogo, and her baby, and trying to nurture the three young dragons that hatched at the end of Season 1.

    Clarke and I began by talking about the parallels between the actress herself and the young exile.

    When we first spoke a year ago, we talked about how your journey kind of mirrored Daenerys', because she was coming into this new, really challenging situation, as you were when you joined "Game of Thrones." Do you still feel as though you're on a similar path to her, in terms of finding your way?
    Yes, weirdly, I do still feel the same. I feel like it's going to continue. Well, sort of being vaguely aware of where she ends up, I'd love for [my journey] to continue to mirror hers. But yes, it definitely does. I found myself in Season 2 feeling in a similar territory to her. Hugely with Season 1, because [I was] sort of coming from nothing and coming from a similar naïve place to her, and now [in Season 2], feeling much more experienced, but kind of still being unsure of everything.

    So much of Dany's story, certainly so far, has been about the fact that other people want to use her as a pawn or a prop for their own purposes. Is that a difficult thing to play, or does it give you a through line for the character, in that she's always got something to fight against?
    What it really does is it just clarifies her ultimate goal even more, because it's continually being tested. I think that the biggest thing that it does is, it just hones in for Dany what she wants and where she needs to go. It again highlights the harsh realities of what she needs to do to get to where she needs to go. The trials and tribulations she stood up against in Season 2, it just fundamentally ended up honing where she wants to go.

    I've seen up through Episode 4 at this point, and one thing that struck me is that Arya and Dany are off in their own stories, but there's a real unity in terms of what they're going through. They're both being tested and storing up everything that's going to help them survive this and ultimately have their revenge on other people.
    Well, that's exactly it. I think the both of them as characters are intelligent, and because they're women, they're forward-thinking. [Dany] is planning and she's aware. She comes from a line of leaders. She comes from a really, really powerful, strong family. It's in her blood, and I think she's, without realizing it, incredibly aware of what she needs to do and what it takes to be a leader, which is what her destiny is, fundamentally.

    She knows what she needs to do for her people, and to do that, she needs to make her mistakes when they don't matter so much. She needs to kind of figure out what it's all about, because ultimately she is still a kid. There have been a huge amount of experiences that she's gone through in the few years that she's been around, but she's still not an adult. She is still not where you'd normally find someone who has to deal with that much responsibility.

    What I loved about the scene at the gates of Qarth is that Ser Jorah [Mormont] is like, "Don't piss them off!" But she turns on the Thirteen and says she's not going to just take their treatment of her. Is it one of those situations where she's more reliant on herself and more trusting of her own instincts?
    Definitely, definitely. I think the lioness in her comes out, and it's not only that she feels incredibly maternal towards her dragons, which are ultimately her children, it's also her people. So when it comes down to the wire, when it comes down to the fact that their survival is in her hands, then she does everything that she needs to do to make sure that they survive. She's also realizing that it's less about how it reflects on her as an individual, and it's more about what she needs to be for everybody else.

    There is something really interesting going on with the female characters in this show. The show and the books are unflinching about showing that usually, the women have fewer choices and they have less overt power. So I feel like, as a result, they have to be less sentimental and really strong and intelligent. Do you feel like that's a theme through the show?
    Yes, I do. I suppose it's because it's ultimately against probably their natural instincts as well. I'm not in any way, shape or form saying that just because they're women, they're sensitive. That's not the case, but there is a maternal side that you can't ignore, that women do have. I think with that in mind, and with the fact that they have fewer choices, they're forced to be even stronger than any man would be, because they need to make more of what they're born with. There's also the fact that they're not going to be taken seriously, so they need to fight that much harder to be able to show that they should be taken seriously and that they're actually 10 times more dangerous than any man.

    I know that you all get warned about spoilers and that's not what I'm asking about, but for the rest of the season, emotionally and intellectually, what's the journey for Dany? Last time we talked, you were talking about how you mark up the novel with all your own notes and reminders. What sort of things were you writing in your copy of "A Clash of Kings"? What were you thinking about during production?
    During Season 2, the big thing for her is trust. If you see her in Season 1, there are a lot of physical extremes that she's up against, and it's a huge emotional journey that she goes on as well, but a lot of it is kind of physical circumstances that force her to make decisions. In Season 2, in the beginning, it starts with something quite physically desperate, but as the season progresses, it feels more as kind of a political drama that she's in, and that's a whole new ballpark for her. That's something that she's never had to deal with until now. So it brings into play trust more than anything else -- who she can genuinely trust and who she can turn to?

    I think Season 2, for her, is kind of a blueprint for the rest of her life, because it's dealing with stuff that she hasn't come up against yet.

    And she has to be good at these political situations in order to survive.
    Exactly. It's like she's sharpening her weapons. She's tooling up. She's working out exactly what she needs. With Dany, in every single thing that she does, she's trying to learn from everyone and everything, either from their mistakes or from their successes. She gets tested so much in Season 2, and when she may think that she is learning from someone's success, she is actually learning from their failure.

    The biggest thing is trust, because it's an incredibly lonely place that you see her in. [Up to and including Episode 4,] you can see that, but it gets even worse, because you are just reminded of the fact she has no one aside from her khalasar and Ser Jorah and her dragons, but there is no family there at all. There is no husband, and she is still mourning the loss of her child. It's quite a dark place, really.

    I was watching the episode where she's at the gates of Qarth and you have to really believe in that moment that she will come back and destroy them. You have to believe that she could and would, yet here is this person with nothing. She literally doesn't even have a scrap of food and you have to believe in that moment that she has or could get that power and would use it. And thanks to your performance, I did believe that.
    Oh, thank you. That was one of the fun things to do from Season 2.

    But it's interesting, because in that moment, you have to show that she's an incredibly vulnerable child threatening this revenge -- I mean, it could be comical, but it can't be, because she truly believes this.
    Completely, completely. She's completely and utterly desperate and she doesn't accept failure in anything. I think that she will die trying to do what she believes is right. That [belief is] tested, but it pays off, because they can see in her that she believes completely in what she's saying.

    You talked so eloquently when we spoke before about just feeling like you instantly got this character. Was it more challenging for you this season, or was that the same?
    With every season I feel like I kind of grow another skin of Dany, if you see what I mean. You get to a point where you feel like you start to question yourself, because there are times when I think it should be harder work. It should feel harder than it is and often [it isn't hard] because Dany and I are on the same page, and I do continue to still understand her. So the only thing as far as Season 2 is concerned, in comparison to Season 1, is that my trust in myself was tested.

    Why was that?
    It's like the second album syndrome. You're just worried that if you show them [what you can do] again, then they're going to go, "Oh no, now we can see all the flaws." But [the sympathy with the character] is still something that I can't get away from. I get her, and it continues to feel right and a complete fit. The vulnerability and the strength is just kind of taken up a level. I left Season 1 thinking it couldn't get kind of more real, it couldn't get more intense, and then, Season 2 comes around and it does, and then being aware of what will happen in Season 3, you're kind of like, right, [it's even more intense].

    You talked last year about your first day of filming on "Game of Thrones," about how there were hundreds of extras and you were on top of a horse and Ian Glen [who plays Ser Jorah Mormont] was kind of talking you down because you were nervous. Was there anything like that this season where you just looked around you and were like, "This is just insane"?
    I think actually it was probably all the stuff in the Red Wastes. You look around and you're like "Huh, yeah, we're in the Red Wastes, I'm under my little umbrella. Can I have some more water, please?" That was probably the Season 2 moment for me -- looking around the canyon and going "I can't see anything for miles. Oh my goodness, there are no cars or nothing. I genuinely feel like we're kind of stranded."

    At least you're not like those actors in the green-screen productions where they're told, "OK, imagine you're in this forbidding desert..."
    Yeah, the only times that ever happened was with my dragons when [the director said,] "Can we cut -- so, Emilia remember that the dragons actually have weight, so you need to [remember] that," And you're like, "Shit, okay, yeah, sorry, I know what I'm doing. How heavy is a dragon? How heavy is a dragon?!"

    That's kind of funny -- that for your performance, you have to guess how much a baby dragon should weigh.
    That's exactly it! I'm on set, looking at my shoulder intently and everyone around me is cracking up, and I'm like "No, no, no, no, I need to see it, I need to see him." And people are sort of looking at it like, "Oh, such an actor."

    But was that really challenging this season, making the dragon relationship feel real?
    Well, they have these amazing life-scale models that we used for camera rehearsals for the sake of the CGI [computer-generated imagery] people, and I got very attached to them. They genuinely helped me and I kind of got very maternal towards these -- fundamentally [they're] dolls, I suppose. But it was nice to have something physical that I could really picture in my mind. The dragons are what got me through Season 1 and they're such a huge part of Dany, so it wasn't difficult, because I already have a relationship with them. But when you're getting into the physicality of holding them and of moving them, that's when it gets tricky, because you don't want it to look not real. You don't want, for one moment, for the audience to go, "Wait a second, where is she looking? That doesn't make sense."

    Just going back to the bigger picture, I spoke with ["Game of Thrones" executive producer D.B. Weiss] recently, and he was talking about the demands of this huge story, with new characters coming in and so much going on. The show needs to tell the story, but the audience also has to feel for the character's situations. Is that ever hard? Do you ever think, "I wish we had more time to tell Dany's story," or "I hope that this reads the right way, because there is a lot of other stuff going on"?
    Yes, I think that does happen. The biggest thing with Dany that I always hope that people get is the backstory -- where she's come from and her family, now her lack of [family]. That's always kind of my worry -- maybe that doesn't show, and how can you make that show in an hourlong episode, when you've got as many other characters that need all of their stories told also? Dan [Weiss] and [executive producer David Benioff] are absolute geniuses, and I think that they do it brilliantly. It's just the actor side of you starts to go, "Please say that the words that they've given me to tell the story mixed with my acting is showing you what needs to be seen."

    I was just thinking about what you said: She has lost a child. She has lost a husband, and he was her first love. We talk about this as an epic story, but for a human being, those are the most epic emotions you can feel.
    And she's an orphan as well now. Every member of her family has died, ultimately. She knows there is no one, and she has this absolutely glorious image of her father. You completely see this in the books: There is this man that she looks up to and she's desperate to hear about. Her brother, Viserys, didn't tell her how it was, about the the history of the world, let alone the history of their family. But I think she enjoyed hearing the stories about her family, because there is no one else around her. To have got that so wrong ... that's what sort of gets me with Dany, I think.

    If she didn't believe that she was from this magnificent heritage, she'd be just bereft. She'd have so little to fall back on.
    Exactly, which is why she puts so much into her dragons and her people and her destiny, which is something that she can't fight against -- for better or worse, it's there. It's something that she can't control and that's the magical element of Dany -- this sort of path and this destiny that she's on that she can't change.

    How far have you read in the books? You said you were just going to read each book before the relevant season began.
    I know, and then I kind of got impatient. [Laughs.] Basically, I read Book 2 ["A Clash of Kings"] and it wasn't enough, so we were filming Season 2 and I started reading Book 3 ["A Storm of Swords"] and then I started reading Book 4 ["A Feast for Crows"] and now I've stopped because it's getting silly. For my performance I need to stick [with the book of that season.]

    What's your feeling about the next season? Is it "I can't wait to get going"? Are you nervous, scared or just kind of like, "Bring it"?
    Genuinely, I've looked forward to doing Season 3 for since I read Book 3. I really can't wait. I love it. I just ridiculously still love everything about the show and Dany, so any excuse to get back and play her is pretty wonderful.

    Is "A Storm of Swords" your favorite book, of the ones you've read?
    Out of the ones that I've read, yes. Book 1 is truly incredible and like page to page, front to back, it's just the most perfect book, but then ["A Storm of Swords"] happens and you're like, "Right, it stepped up."

    Does it ever freak you out that this might be a commitment for more than a decade of your life, if they keep going with the entire saga? Or do you not get ahead of yourself like that?
    Well, there is always that possibility, but with Dany if she keeps doing what [she has been] doing, every season is different, and it feels you're playing a different character every time. The world keeps changing so fast and there are so many characters, so many people. It's not like you feel like you're stuck in something that's not going anywhere. It feels like a new job every time. It feels like a new character every time. So I never get that fear. I'm a fan, so [the thought of] doing that many seasons just makes me really happy. I get excited by it.

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    Deadline reports that things have progressed and MGM has made a formal offer for Julianne Moore to take the role of Margaret.

    Orginally published 04/16/12: With a release date slated last week, the wheels are now firmly in motion on the Kimberly Peirce's "Carrie" remake starring Chloe Moretz. With the lead actress now locked in, the task is now on hand to find someone to play the poor girl's deranged mother, and a name that has already been bandied about seems to be taking a more firm shape.

    Bloody Disgusting reported that Columbia Pictures is "speaking closely" with Julianne Moore to take on the role of Margaret White, the abusive, fundamentalist Mom of Carrie. Moore's name is one that has been knocking around since last month (Jodie Foster was also mentioned) but it seems things are perhaps getting a bit more formal. There is no doubt Moore could pull this off -- she can pretty much do anything -- and it would give her the rare opportunity to do horror, a genre she hasn't dabbled in all that often (there was "Shelter" but the less said about that the better). Not only that, but with Peirce at the helm, it's the kind of quality director that Moore generally looks toward.

    So we'll see how this pans out, but Moretz and Moore? Sounds good to us. "Carrie" opens on March 15, 2013.

    Roger Birnbaum, CEO of MGM, recently gave talks at the University of Denver and he dropped some nuggets of info about a few remakes in the MGM pipeline. Furthest along is the redo of Carrie. Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) is set to direct and Chloe Moretz is officially onboard in the lead role, first played by Sissy Spacek in the 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel. During the talk at the University of Denver, Birnbaum revealed that some of the film may be done in the found footage style.

    The updates on the project come from a Reddit recap of the event (via, and Birnbaum apparently let slip that Carrie will be, at least partially, found footage. points out that King’s original novel is interspersed with “official” documents recounting the events of Carrie’s prom night.

    We had heard that Peirce planned to return to the source material for this adaptation, so this found footage aspect would actually be keeping in step with how King’s novel is laid out.
    This is the kind of found footage that I think actually works well when done right, so hopefully we’ll just be given bits and pieces of the technique throughout the film (or possibly as an opening sequence?). [via]


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    Plus shots of her signing autographs (since she's important and shit), a zoom in on her ass, and Wiz Khalifa

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sam Raimi is boarding MGM’s Poltergeist as a producer.

    The filmmaker, who got his start with the Evil Dead horror movies, will produce the remake of the 1982 film with Nathan Kahane and Roy Lee.

    Despite some reports, Raimi is not directing the remake, but will help oversee the search for a helmer.

    David Lindsay-Abaire, who worked on Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful for Raimi, is working on the script, which focuses on a family whose house was built on a holy site and whose daughter is taken by ghosts.

    What the fuck? STOP DOING THIS.

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    "Snow White and the Huntsman" star Kristen Stewart is set to topline "Cali," a gritty action pic set in Los Angeles that will be produced by Voltage Productions and New School Media.

    Michael Diliberti ("30 Minutes or Less") wrote the script, which follows Mya (Stewart) and Chris, a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds with a penchant for bad choices and dangerous behavior. After selling a fake snuff film featuring Mya, they ride off into the sunset with a bundle of cash. Years later, Mya must "return from the dead" to save the younger sister she left behind in Cali, where the young couple contends with angry former business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vet techs, an unstoppable killing machine in a cowboy hat and their own contentious relationship.

    Craig J. Flores ("300") and Zev Foreman ("Killer Joe") will produce for Voltage, while Diliberti will also produce. His manager, Brian Levy of New School Media, will exec produce with Voltage topper Nicolas Chartier ("The Hurt Locker") and Stewart, who will pick up her first producing credit on the project.

    Diliberti developed the script on spec before it was acquired by Voltage, which attached Stewart. Producers are currently out to directors and they're anticipating a late summer start date.

    "Kristen is a talented and dynamic actor, with a proven box office draw," said Flores. "Her role in 'Cali' will be edgy and sexy. It will no doubt push the envelope on the public's view of Kristen's wide-ranging abilities. Voltage is thrilled to have her as a partner on this fantastic film."

    "Cali" marks a return to indie fare for Stewart, who has balanced the "Twilight" franchise pics like "Welcome to the Rileys," "The Runaways" and Walter Salles' upcoming adaptation of "On the Road." Thesp next stars in Universal's "Snow White and the Huntsman" and the final installment in "The Twilight Saga," which Summit will release on Nov. 16.

    Diliberti is coming off the seven-figure spec sale to GK Films of comedy "Little White Corvette," which has Emma Stone attached to star. Scribe is also writing a Fox 2000 project for "Crazy, Stupid, Love" helmers John Requa and Glenn Ficarra that Simon Kinberg is producing, a Sony pic for Seth Gordon that Matt Tolmach is producing and a Warner Bros. movie for Todd Phillips with his Green Hat Films banner producing.

    Voltage, which produced Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar winner "The Hurt Locker," is currently in pre-production on Shia LaBeouf-starrer "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" and post-production on Robert Redford's political action-thriller "The Company You Keep," which also stars LaBeouf.

    Stewart is repped by Gersh and McKuin, Frankel and Whitehead, while WME and New School Media reps Diliberti.


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    It's Tyrion Lannister's (Peter Dinklage) King's Landing—and we're all just living in it on Game of Thrones! awk they spelled Sansa Stark wrong...

    For Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon), truer words have never been spoken as he has now become a very important pawn in the intense battle of wits and power between the fan favorite Lannister and his sister Cersei (Lena Headey). But the sibling's personal battle isn't the only battle Lancel will be taking part of this season.

    We chatted with Eugene Simon about Lancel's role in the Lannister family feud, his relationship with Cersei (Lena Headey), his cousin/lover (ew!), and why fans shouldn't be worried about the epic battle scenes in the highly-anticipated episode "Blackwater"...

    Now that Lancel is working with Tyrion, what are we going to see from those two moving forward?
    Obviously, Tyrion has Lancel courted, if you like, and I think that given the type of world that these two live in there is absolutely no hesitation in taking advantage of his weakness, of the position that Lancel has put himself in. Over the course of the series, you'll see how Lancel struggles to deal with what he has done. And even though he has a huge infatuation with Cersei, I always got the impression with Lancel that there is always this sense of anxiety, always this sense of nerves and even a touch of guilt to what he has done. You're not only going to see how Tyrion takes advantage of him, but you'll see how uncomfortable Lancel becomes with that. I think that is very important considering how Lancel progresses over the course of the next few seasons. His guilt is fundamental towards his transformation.

    What can we expect to see from Cersei and Lancel's "relationship" moving forward?
    Lancel and Cersei's relationship is they will obviously be lovers, but I think you'll start to see just how fundamentally flawed this relationship, if you can even call it that, is. And particularly toward the end of the series you'll come to see Lancel's understanding of just how unrequited his love for her is and all will be revealed, really. So it's not going to be a love affair or at least a fake love affair for the rest of the series. There is going to be a turning point, I'm not going to say what that is or how it occurs, but I think it's going to be very important to see Lancel's reaction to seeing the true Cersei as the season progresses.

    We haven't seen much of Lancel, so how do you view him as a character?
    Lancel is still very much a boy and the reason I say that is he always has these very emotional intentions. He's not going out really in the pursuit of wealth; he is in pursuit of following his family successfully, but I think that he is one of the few characters that I've encountered who is just completely taken advantage of. His intentions are emotionally motivated, and the moment that he is kind of seen as this impressionable young man it's only a matter of time really before the people who are closest to him start taking advantage of him. To me he's a very beautiful figure, but he's also a very tragic figure. I enjoy the story really because I can sort of relate to that young infatuation that I think a lot of people around his age can get sucked into, young love as they call it.

    When we spoke with George R.R. Martin last year, he told us he was nervous about the funding for "Blackwater," the episode he wrote which features a highly-anticipated battle…
    When you say that to me and you say that they were worried about the finance, and that it wouldn't be big enough, that kind of scares me because from what I saw I had never been on a set with such perfect attention to detail. The truth is that obviously I would have loved to have seen what they could have produced had they had every penny they required available to them, but from what I saw the castle walls were a good 30 feet high and we had men with fire, hurling rocks down at the enemy below. I actually caught a rock to the head as I was running out. So they really, really decided to use every bit of finance they had available to them. I think it would be wrong for the fans to assume that they are not going to get the battle scenes that they want because what they have done has been fantastically well organized and perfectly, perfectly put together. It would be wrong to dream of a bigger and better world than the one we already have.

    Are you excited to see how that episode turns out?
    Oh, of course! I'm kind of a bit worried though because I think I'm a bit more excited than the fans because being there you see it in the flesh, but you wonder what kind of magic the camera can do towards the scenes, so actually I am looking forward to it. It's going to be quite thrilling.

    A lot of fans have said they want books three and four to be split into separate seasons. Is that something you'd like to see?
    This is something that I've been wanting, but I think what fans would like and perhaps what might be an idea is to have book three and four written in a timeline next to each other in a storyline. I would be an idea for season three to account for both of those books, but in a way that allows us to have Daenerys, and have Tyrion and have Jon Snow and all of them at the same time because they're all so wonderful. I think our fanbase would sort of mourn the loss even for one season of their favorite characters and how fantastically unique and exciting and ambitious they are.

    What has the reaction been like from your family and friends who watch the show?
    Well, a lot of them have been congratulating me for having the guts to go onscreen, but given the fact that there are certain scenes that require a little bit more nudity I shouldn't really be given much credit! There are a lot more scenes in the show that are a lot more demanding, but they've been nothing but supportive and I'm very grateful to them for that.


    bow to his acting in this scene

    0 0

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Daniel Radcliffe looked thoroughly spellbound sitting in the front row of Radio City Music Hall last night for the NFL Draft. The "Harry Potter" star put away his quidditch gear to attend the event, as he has become a football fanatic. The actor, who has starred in two Broadway plays in the past two years and recently wrapped principal photography in the city on the beat generation film "Kill Your Darlings," says that he roots for the Giants.

    When Nylon magazine asked Radcliffe earlier this year what he did in the average non-working day, he said, "I read, I play Madden on Xbox, I check and revise my fantasy football team as well as doing a lot of the search about the NFL. I love the NFL. I’m obsessed."

    He later explained, "When I was doing 'Equus,' I got into football. Boomer, who was one of the crew, basically christened me a Giants fan. Then somebody started a fantasy league and that was it. I fucking love it. It's a great sport."

    Radcliffe waited patiently last night until the end of Round 1 before the Giants claimed running back David Wilson of Virginia Tech with the 32nd pick. But the star no doubt took careful note of the previous picks, as well, to boost his fantasy league prospects next season.

    sherlock Pictures, Images and Photos
    Just when you thought he couldn't be more adorable!


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  • 04/27/12--18:50: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!
  • Sami and Lucas Have Sex!

    Kate observes Lucas and Sami's tender kiss and is not happy. "The last thing Kate wants is for Sami and Lucas to be together again," sighs Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas). Angered by the couple's display of affection, Kate joins forces with Madison to bring down Sami.

    Meanwhile, EJ also disapproves of Sami's growing bond with her ex, claiming it isn't good for the children to have yet another man in the mother's life.

    Lucas and Sami then have a heart to heart. "Sami says that she had a wonderful time with Lucas and that the kiss was a result of spending time together with the kids," explains Dattilo. Lucas, however, suspects that there is more going on between them -- and he's right.

    "They get closer and closer and end up making love," reveals Dattilo. They don't realize that the door is ajar and Kate sees them together.

    Later, Kate confronts Sami and says that she is not legally entitled to use the name Countess Wilhelmina. "Lucas doesn't like seeing his mom manipulate the situation in her favor," explains Dattilo. "He has experience in business matters overseas and finds a loophole in the contract.

    Kate gets a little disappointed in Lucas when he sides with Sami against her."

    EJ learns the truth about Stefano!

    EJ is shaken to the core when finds Stefano document stating that they are not father and son.

    "Stefano has been acting like somebody who is not related to him and has slowly been working behind EJ's back to dismantle everything that is either importance or value to his life," observes James Scott. "Perhaps this is a piece of a puzzel that fits and explains everything."

    EJ confronts Stefano, seeking further insight. A devasated Stefano says he didn't want it to be true. The Phoenix then reveals that Alice Horton saved EJ's life when he was a baby and stumbled upon the fact that they could not be father and son. Stefano insists that he doesn't know the identity of Elvis' biological dad. A shaken EJ realizes that the mansion is no longer his home and has to leave. He hopes Stefano will ask him to stay, but Stefano will only say not to tell anyone the truth yet. The emotional encounter leaves EJ feeling like Stefano has abandoned him. "Stefano seems very resolved in his decision to cut EJ out of the family," acknowledges Scott.

    Later, Lexie informs Chad about her brain tumor. EJ, who is still trying to sort out his discussion with Stefano, is hit hard when Chad talks about rallying the family together in Lexie's time of crisis. It occurs to EJ that Chad will replace him as Stefano's trusted son.

    "Everything in EJ's life that he knew to be true has been an illusion," shares Scott. "The lack of identity and understanding of who he is has a tremendous impact on him. There is pain and rejection that leads itself to anger. The anger is just a manifestation of pain."

    In the time of confusion, how certain can EJ be that the document is authentic? "It's not certain," states Scott, "but this is the information that EJ has been given. The letter, in and of itself, is fairly scant and flimsy evidence. [Salem] is a library of forged and faked documents. The note itself isn't the evidence. The evidence is Stefano's behavior."

    As The World Turns Vet Grayson McCouch to Play Sexy Doc on Hollywood Heights!

    Soap Opera Digest is reporting As The World Turns' Grayson McCouch has signed on to Jill Farren Phelps' upcoming Nick-at-Nite's soap Hollywood Heights. McCouch will play ladykiller Dr. Don. Masters. Said McCouch:

    I get to be a surgeon and he's a player so I’m right in my element! This project is special; it's the first of its kind! My first day was around the 24th [of March] and it was spectacular. It's [taped in] the old ALL MY CHILDREN studio!

    McCouch joins One Life To Live alum Brittany Underwood, former Days of Our Lives star Cody Longo and high profile General Hospital guest star James Franco in the cast of the groundbreaking sudser. Hollywood Heights premieres in June.

    Ricki Lake Mounts Aggressive Social Media Campaign Ahead of New Talk Show!

    The producers behind Ricki Lake's upcoming return to syndicated daytime talk aren't relying simply on traditional forms of social media to get the word out. According to a new article in Broadcasting & Cable, Twentieth Television, producer and syndicator of The Ricki Lake Show, are working to create an online "groundswell" by engaging and cultivating "friends of Ricki". One way they're trying to accomplish this is by broadcasting live production meetings for the talker once a month via Facebook and UStream.

    “People always want to see behind the scenes,” says Lisa Kridos, The Ricki Lake Show’s executive producer. “This is not like airing the show and then asking people afterwards what they thought. Every show says they use social media, but we not only say it, we actually do it and are listening to what people have to say.”

    Reportedly, after the first installment of Lake's behind-the-scenes vignettes aired in March, "likes" on her show's Facebook page went from 10,000 to 70,000. Next up is a digital magazine which can be accessed through iPhone apps, iPads and Android devices.

    Amber Tamblyn Returns to House For Series Finale!

    Former General Hospital star Amber Tamblyn will soon be putting her scrubs back on. According to TV Line, the actress is reprising the role of Martha Masterson on House. Look for Tamblyn to return for the series finale of the Fox medical drama on May 21.

    Alicia Minshew and Haley Pullos Attend Band From TV’s 2nd Annual Block Party on Wisteria Lane!

    Former All My Children star Alicia Minshew (pictured above with husband Richie Herschenfeld and daughter Willow), General Hospital’s Haley Pullos and former soap star Eddie Matos, were among the celebrities who attended Band From TV’s 2nd Annual Block Party on Wisteria Lane on April 21. James Denton and Bob Guiney’s Band From TV performed at the event, which took place at Universal Studios Backlot.

    Young and Restless Star Blake Hood on TV Dad: "Peter's The Best"!

    Starting this week, there's a new -- and older -- Kyle Jenkins Abbott on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Daytime newcomer Blake Hood debuts on Friday, April 27, as the son of Jack and the late Diane. Watch for Kyle to be less than pleased that his father is re-developing a relationship with his ex-wife Nikki, who killed his mother in self-defense.

    "Peter's the best," Hood says of his TV dad, Peter Bergman (Jack). "He cares so much about being good - not just himself, but collectively. He's been here for 20 plus years, but he still comes in every day and asks, 'How can I make this the best it can be?'"

    What's Kyle's agenda when he returns home? "He's come back to be close to his dad and move on with his life," Hood says. "He wants to live a happy full life and he just happens to have stepped into this situation where the woman who killed his mother is still here."

    Hood's previous credits include a recurring role as Mark Driscoll on the 90210 reboot, Easy A, and a February appearance on the CBS sitcom 2 BROKE GIRLS. Unlike Kevin Schmidt (Noah), Hood says he won't be coming and going from the show in order to do other projects. "I'm here," he insists. "I've been here every day this week. I'm busy here. There's not much time for anything else."

    General Hospital's Frank Valentini on FALSE Brandon Barash Rumors: "Not Happening!"!

    Jamey tried to tell y'all... General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini is encouraging viewers not to believe the online hype about Brandon Barash (Johnny) being fired from the show. Valentini tweeted:

    Days of Our Lives' Molly Burnett to Guest on CSI: New York!

    What exactly has Molly Burnett taking a trip away from fair Salem to the Big Apple? The Days of Our Lives starlet will guest star in an upcoming episode of CSI New York. She will play Molly, an Irish lassie who is caught up in her father's murder. Burnett's episode is slated to air April 27.

    CSI New York airs Fridays at 9 PM EST on CBS.

    ABC Daytime and SOAPnet Marketing Veep, Last of Frons' Minions, OUT!!

    Say buh-bye to Adam Rockmore, former senior vice-president of marketing for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet. He is no longer employed by the Mouse House. According to my sources, Rockmore is telling people he quit the gig — much like his ex-boss Brian Frons quit.

    For those who didn't know, Rockmore was the dude who came up with the disastrous "Real Greenlee" campaign for the return of Rebecca Budig to All My Children in 2008.

    Rockmore, who allegedly told anyone who would listen he wasn't a "big soap fan" (So why was he ever hired to market a channel dedicated to them?), had a background in lifestyle and foodie programming. He oversaw all marketng efforts to transition ABC Daytime away from soaps, and into a hub for shows like The Chew and The Revolution.

    Tika Sumpter Nabs Series Regular Gig in BET's Being Mary Jane!!

    Tika Sumpter just might be the hardest working sistah in Hollywood! Since leaving ABC Daytime's One Life to Live she's had series-long arcs on hit shows such as The Game and Gossip Girl, sexed up music videos for R&B stars like Jason Derulo, appeared in the No. 1 movie Think Like a Man and now she's been cast in BET's high-profile primetime drama project Being Mary Jane!

    From husband and wife entertainment power duo Salim and Mara Brock Akil, Being Mary Jane stars Gabrielle Union in the titular role of Mary Jane, a "successful African-American career woman, who has achieved a decorated career as the host of a fast-paced 24-hour national cable news network."

    Sumpter joins Union, The Bold and the Beautiful's Aaron D. Spears, Omari Hardwick (For Colored Girls,The A-Team), Richard Roundtree (Shaft) and Margaret Avery (The Color Purple) in the ensemble cast.

    Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty to Guest on Days of Our Lives!

    Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty is taking a trip from Rosewood to Salem. The actor, who plays Noel on ABC Family’s hit series, tweeted the news he is taping a guest arc on Days of Our Lives.

    According to Soap Opera Digest, Daugherty’s DAYS character will be involved in Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) storyline.

    Aaron Lustig Back to Being 'Young and Restless'!

    Just when things seem to be looking up in Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) personal life, a blast from her past returns to Genoa City. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Aaron Lustig is returning to The Young and the Restless as Dr. Tim Reid!

    Fans remember Dr. Reid was Phyllis' court-appointed counselor. He wound up in bed with Red and their escapade was caught on tape, courtesy of the vixen herself! Phyllis then proceeded to do what she does best — blackmail the good doc into testifying for her in court.

    According to Logan, Y&R is going to re-examine Cricket's (Lauralee Bell) hit-and-run case. Look for Dr. Reid to be brought back to town by Ricky (Peter Porte) in his quest to nail Phyllis. Lustig's first airdate will be May 30.

    Genie Francis in Hallmark's 'Notes From The Heart Healer' May 12!

    Below is a preview for the latest Genie Francis Hallmark movie, Notes From the Heart Healer, which premieres on Saturday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

    Hallmark Channel Original Movie
    ‘Countdown To Mother’s Day’ Weekend Special Event
    Saturday, May 12 @ 8p/7C And 10p/9C
    Sunday, May 13 @ 8p/7C And 8p/7C

    It’s good to know that if your heart is broken and requires immediate healing, there is somebody out there who can do the job. That lesson is at the heart (so to speak) of Notes From the Heart Healer, the Hallmark Channel Original Movie and much-anticipated third installment in Hallmark’s highly-rated movie franchise The Note. Emmy®-winning Genie Francis (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Ted McGinley (DYNASTY) reprise their roles as Peyton MacGruder (Francis) and her husband, King (McGinley).

    As Notes From the Heart Healer opens, journalist Peyton, who married King a year ago, has written her first book based on her popular advice column The Heart Healer. Here is how great this woman’s life is: First, her publisher sent her out on tour to promote the book, which almost never happens anymore. Second, King shows up unexpectedly after planning a special weekend at a romantic cottage to celebrate their first anniversary. This lady truly has the life. But right about then, things start to take a turn. They unexpectedly find a baby abandoned on their doorstep complete with an anonymous note begging them to take care of the child. Peyton quickly locates the baby’s mother, Violet (newcomer Laci Mailey), and finds a young woman panicked and down on her luck. But the real surprise comes for Peyton when she’s consumed by her maternal instinct. You see, Peyton gave up a baby for adoption herself years before and has regretted it ever since. Now she finds herself questioning whether she can relinquish custody of this child.

    To be sure, Notes From the Heart Healer will leave your own heart feeling restored as it powerfully delivers its message of hope, faith and courage.

    Kalup Linzy: My Epic Love Affair With The Soap Opera!

    My obsession with the soap opera was in full blossom by the time I entered junior high school. When I wasn't interested in cartoons or escaping into the woods with my cousins in my hometown Stuckey, Florida, I would sit with my grandmother and watch the stories. By the time I got to high school, I had been bitten by the acting bug. I was always artistically inclined as a child, but the soap opera is what nurtured my acting (or dare I say... dramatic aspirations). In 1994, at the age of 16, I created my first soap opera for my Environmental Science class.

    I continued creating my soap opera videos throughout high school and college. In 2000, I had decided I would pursue a career in entertainment. I partnered with another student and we created an independent soap opera called "The Winding Road."

    That same year I was accepted into graduate school at the University of South Florida where I received my BA and MFA, the work changed dramatically.

    It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized my 2000 effort "The Winding Road" had a direct connection to my 2010 appearance on "General Hospital" other than the obvious.

    I know the summer of 2010 is the summer I experienced perfect peace. I knew I was in alignment with my dream and a higher power was at work. After surfing the web, it came to my attention that my first big write up on "The Winding Road" was printed on April 19, 2000.

    The first write-up was printed on James Franco's birthday and the final was printed on mine. I was excited the "General Hospital Soap at MoCA" episode aired on my 33rd birthday and thought it was a nice coincidence to be able to watch myself on TV and celebrate a dream come true. I knew I had been blessed. But who wouldn't see it as a blessing? Looking back at the dates on these two write ups, it seems this project that felt organic, may have indeed been orchestrated by the gods in heaven. It is a blessing I will never take for granted and whenever I begin to lose faith...this is an experience that reminds me...the impossible can happen. James (Franco) and I had no idea the other existed in 2000. He was starring in Freaks and Geeks and I decided to apply to graduate school, after realizing I wasn't quite ready for the big time. We were worlds apart.

    When James Franco invited me to appear of "General Hospital," he was already exploring performance art through a character given his name (Franco) and I was using the soap opera format to create my own video and performance art in the context of the art world. I dreamt of being on a daytime soap opera, but never really thought it would happen, until it did.

    Random, coincidence or not? I know what I experienced in my life was a miracle. Miracles often happen when we get out of the way and allow things to naturally align and fall into place. When we try to control things too much, they tend to fall apart.

    It feels much better living in my destiny, which is why I hesitate to try and analyze the experience too much.'s to my epic love affair with the soap opera!!! The season finale of "Melody Set Me Free" 2012!!!!

    Godfrey and Hapka complete line-up for The Julep.!

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL star Linsey Godfrey, a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and her long-time boyfriend DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Mark Hapka now complete the celebrity line-up for The Julep, benefiting the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

    An estimated 1,000 people will attend THE JULEP which will be held on May 4 at The Galt House. Glasscock owner Mary F and her husband Ed Glasscock are serving as Honorary Chairmen of the event, along with U of L football coach Charlie Strong and his wife, Victoria.

    Previously announced celebrity guests include fashion designer Christian Siriano, GLEE star Max Adler, HOME IMPROVEMENT star Zachary Ty Bryan, MSNBC news commentator Star Jones, DANCING WITH THE STARS David Arquette, GREENBAY PACKERS quarterback AJ Hawke, comedian Fred Willard, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star Doris Roberts, Angie Johnson from THE VOICE, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS quarterback Brady Quinn, Grammy Award winning Rodney Adkins, and Jonathon Kite from TWO BROKE GIRLS.

    BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL star Linsey Godfrey, a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and her long-time boyfriend DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE star Mark Hapka now complete the celebrity line up for THE JULEP.

    Marvel's The Avenger on GENERAL HOSPITAL April 25!

    In the Wednesday, April 25 episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) attends a movie screening with Matt (Jason Cook) and Cameron (Braeden Walkes).

    The trio goes to see the newest Marvel hit, Marvel's The Avengers, while contemplating his theory who killed Dr. Lisa Niles.

    Marvel crossed over with a soap opera before during a 2006 promotion with GUIDING LIGHT. In the episode, “She’s a Marvel,” Beth Ehlers, as Harley Davidson Cooper, had an accident that gave her superpowers. To commemorate the occasion, Marvel produced an eight-page comic.

    James Franco Tells His Side of the "General Hospital" Story!

    “Francophenia, or Don’t Kill Me: I Know Where the Baby Is” is a documentary about Oscar nominated actor James Franco’s odd foray into the soap opera “General Hospital.” Director Ian Olds took Franco’s film crew’s footage of the filming of a “GH” episode that never aired, and turned it into a kind of funny meditation on fame and the absurdity of soap operas without really explaining why the episode –filmed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles over a long night–never aired. The documentary played to a packed house last evening at the Tribeca Film Festival.

    We see some of the soap actors from the show, and get a brief glimpse of a real life villain–Jill Farren Phelps, since fired from “GH” as executive producer, killer of many shows and not a fan favorite. Otherwise, it’s mostly James Franco we see, playing Franco the artist, who is also a serial killer on the show. I think–I’m not sure–his brother Dave Franco, a real actor–does the narration for his inner thoughts. James Franco–the real one–has sort of become a young John Cassavetes, filming everything, turning what he sees upside down. Sometimes it’s obtuse. This time, it works on a bunch of levels. Theatrical release? I don’t know. But a major TV or cable event, for sure.

    Franco the character was killed off “General Hospital.” But then a new writer and producer came in, revived the show, and have been mentioning him on air lately. I had to explain this to James Franco (the real one) recently. So he may be back. No one ever dies on soaps unless the actor dies in real life. “Francophenia” doesn’t burn any bridges. But I do think this experiment was one of the funniest in years. One day while “Franco” was in full swing, I switched on “GH” and listened while real Franco as fake Franco was explaining something about art theory to one of the young actresses. She looked like her head was going to explode. It was worth the whole thing.

    Franco–the real guy–pisses a lot of people off because he does so much: many schools and degrees, ten new projects a week. It’s annoying. But there’s something heroic in it, too. It harkens back to when pop artists just tried a lot of stuff, not caring whether it worked out perfectly or not. “Francophenia” kind of sends that up, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

    Tamara Braun proud of her daytime work, would consider another soap role!

    "The storyline I was in with Eden Riegel (who played Bianca Montgomery) was nominated for a GLAAD Award, and I feel very proud of the work that Eden and I did portraying the first same-sex married and parenting couple. We tried to bring honesty and integrity to the story we were given. I was so proud of the show for bringing the issue to the forefront and for being a part of it."

    "Daytime changed my life and taught me to become a better actress. If the right role and situation presented itself, then I would be open to it."

    Sharon's New Man According to Nelson Branco!

    Lord in the morning, heaven in the evening and hell at night! The Black Knight and his slonkey (Slut and Donkey for the uninitiated!) ex-daughter-in-law/ex-wife are about to get romantic. I just threw up a little in my mouth while typing that sentence. Yes kids, the mystery man Sharon will decide to saddle up to next is none other than Victor Newman!

    Look for Nick, Adam and Nikki—not to mention the soap's fans—to be disgusted by this latest turn of events. This romance isn't a joke, or a plot to get back at their respective exes either — it's the real deal! After screwing Nick's brother, his stepfather and his stepfather's brother, Sharon will now take her high school sweetheart's father to bed. Expect this unseemly exchange to play out for some time, with Victor wining and dining Sharon, lavishing her with gifts, etc. So much for Sharon becoming a strong woman again...

    Kyle is Back, and He's All Grown Up; Sony News!

    Kyle is on his way back to Genoa City, all grown up, and "it's fair to say Nikki is not his favorite person," confirmed Blake Hood, who is playing the now-college-age son of Jack Abbott and the late Diane Jenkins.

    Blake, who many know from his recurring role on 90210 (Mark Driscoll), said Kyle has come back to town without an agenda, despite the fact that the woman (Nikki) who killed his mother is still living in Genoa City and has just rekindled a romance with Jack. "Kyle comes back to town to be close to his Dad, to move on with his life. I don't have it in for anyone. I want to live a happy, full life."

    This is Blake's first role on a daytime drama. "I've played a lot of jerks - high school quarterbacks, bullies - even a rapist for a short stint. It's nice to play someone who's not written to be such a troublemaker," he said. Plus, since he's not replacing anyone, there's a freedom to "do whatever I want with the character. I haven't seen these people in 15 years so the relationships can be as new as they are to me because it's been so long."

    Blake noted that he was initially taken aback by Y&R's pace. "One take and let's move on - that was a surprise. You have to learn how to use what little rehearsal time you have."

    Blake's co-stars have helped with the transition to daytime and made him feel welcome. He noted that his onscreen Dad, Peter Bergman (Jack), "is so gracious, cares so much about being good. Not just himself but collectively. Every day he says, 'How can I make this the best it can be?'" Blake said onscreen cousin Marcy Rylan (Abby) "has been a sweetheart," and shared that he had a short scene with Eric Braeden (Victor) on his first day of taping. "Working with Eric is different than working with anyone else," he said. "And it's delightful - he's awesome."

    When last we saw Kyle, he was headed off to boarding/ hockey school. Interestingly, Blake played hockey all through high school in his native Dallas. These days, though, you're more likely to find him on the basketball court, engaging in CrossFit, building furniture or relaxing with friends. It definitely sounds like Blake is enjoying a happy and full life. Stay tuned to see if Kyle is able to do the same!

    Highlight Hollywood's Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to Michelle Stafford and Katherine Kelly Lang; Meddling Moms!

    This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to two sexy, gorgeous actresses, who portray women obsessed with their offspring. Katherine Kelly Lang, who portrays Brooke Logan on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Michelle Stafford, who portrays Phyllis Newman on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” are iconic daytime divas, with beauty, talent and the ability to make us crazy when their characters are meddling mamas. This week Lang went from giddy Brooke, that her daughter Hope finally had the man she loved, to shrew, bitter and furious at her husband, Ridge his ex-wife Taylor. And the unstoppable red-head Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis, was determined to make sure her son ends up with his daughter, Lucy’s custody, only to be hoodwinked by a younger schemer, and we know that’s not going to end up well for Ricky, to say the least.

    When Hope started a relationship with Liam, Brooke felt it was her chance to repay her daughter by supporting this relationship. Despite Brooke’s dislike for brother-in-law Bill Spencer, who is also Liam’s father, Brooke made the choice to stand behind her daughter’s decision to go after Liam, and even when Liam married Steffy, Brooke fought to reunite her daughter Hope with Liam. Finally the two are together, but despite happiness and getting what she always wanted, Hope has deep-seeded issues of abandonment, rejection, and growing up in the spotlight, the daughter of tabloid diva Brooke Logan, known as the sexiest woman in the world, or as her mother-in-law calls her; The whore of Beverly Hills.

    The problem now, is that Hope is popping pills, lying to Liam, and she’s left tigress mama Brooke to fend for her. Brooke though it was all behind her, that Liam and Hope were solid, only to realize on Friday, that Ridge and Taylor still hold out hope that their daughter, Steffy will soon reunite with “her” husband, Liam. Brooke’s outrage is palpable, how could her husband Ridge confide in his ex-wife Taylor, and wish the best for his daughter with Taylor, when Brooke feels that her daughter, Hope has suffered the most and is truly deserving of Liam. That’s what Katherine Kelly Lang plays best. Brooke against the world, Brooke defiant and declaring her own victory, and it made for an exciting week, with next week on the path to being even more exciting!

    Then the other CBS diva, Michelle Stafford plays meddling mom Phyllis, who wants her son, Daniel, to end up with custody of his daughter Lucy, spawned by demonic Daisy, the daughter of Sheila Carter! Look for a gunfight to take center stage next week, but this time, Phyllis will not be the one pitted against Daisy, it’ll be Lauren Fenmore. But before they get there next week, it was this week that found Phyllis swooning over the love she misses, ex-husband Nick, plotting to see granddaughter Lucy, and then ultimately coming to son Daniel’s defense when all of a sudden out of the blue, he loses sight of his toddler, which actually was kidnapped for a short time by Ricky, another man who is in Phyllis’s crosshairs.

    From diva, to doting grandmother, sexy vixen and stunner Michelle Stafford plays it all, with aplomb. The beautiful actress, alongside the greatest writing and storytelling for the past 39 years on “Y&R” is lucky to have her spot on this A-list soap opera. But so is Katherine Kelly Lang, lucky enough to have uber talented, three-time Emmy Award winner Bradley Bell penning exciting and delicious storylines for viewers, and for his main core cast. Brad is the best, simply put, he deserves to be given the Emmy Award for Best Show again this year.

    GH: Huff post article about how Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are doing so far !

    It's been two months since executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati took control of ABC's General Hospital -- long enough by any measure for a creative team to make its mark on a soap opera and make clear what they intend to do with it.

    Anyway, let's begin with some compliments. Valentini and Carlivati have demonstrated a knowledge of and laudable respect for the history of GH (something that many previous producing and writing regimes largely ignored). Port Charles feels like a community again, just as Llanview did on their previous gig, One Life to Live. The return of Finola Hughes as Anna Devane has been a godsend. Similarly, the return of Robin Mattson as moon-bat Heather Webber, a character who was at center stage when I first started watching GH, has been big fun.

    Michael Easton as Lt. John McBain, one of the many characters from One Life to Live that have been brought onto the GH canvas, has left all of the other male actors on GH in the dust His chemistry with Finola Hughes, Jane Elliott and especially Kelly Monaco has been so strong that I challenge anyone to admit that they fast-forward through his scenes with those actresses, even when they are repetitive. I'd like to see him stick around full time, and I wouldn't mind if he brought along his former co-star Melissa Archer as his true love Natalie, a forensic technician. I would rather watch McBain and Natalie take charge of the Port Charles police station than suffer another day with Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer (two characters that could disappear tomorrow and not be missed).

    Unfortunately, this is where the compliments and cheery good thoughts end. In every other way, GH today doesn't play like a show that is fighting for its life. Just because ABC has cancelled The Revolution and extended GH's stay of execution doesn't mean that anyone should assume the show is out of danger. If the upcoming GMA in the Afternoon makes noise, makes news and generates ratings during its two-month run this summer ABC just might decide to keep it going when Katie Couric's syndicated talk show makes its debut.

    In other words, GH should have started kicking major butt several weeks ago. Instead, we've had almost two months in which Valentini and Carlivati have not started a single compelling storyline that is not somehow tied to one of the three main characters that have sent millions of former fans running and rendered those of us who refuse to give up feeling fatally fatigued.

    Finally, the less said about the Kate/Connie weirdness, the better, except to note that watching Connie attack a chocolate cake like it had killed her child was some kind of low point for this show (though I have to admit that I think Kelly Sullivan is making the most of what has become a truly thankless role). Kate is supposed to be the editor of a hugely successful and wildly influential fashion magazine, but I have to wonder how she runs her company without a staff, and while she is so busy running about as crazed Connie.

    Valentini and Carlivati managed to wrap up the wretched Woman in White storyline in one week's time, but they continue to play with the Lisa Miller, Franco and stripper stories as though anyone cares. Better they should start something new, or address other lingering storylines that could prove to be interesting and possibly entertaining, like the whereabouts of Valentin Cassadine or the identity of the driver of the other car that went speeding by Elizabeth Webber's house the night poor little Jake was run down. I would also like them to figure out a way to bring a few recently deceased characters back from the dead, especially Alan, AJ and Emily Quartermaine and Georgie Jones. Those are stories the audience would like to watch. While the new regime at GH clearly understands the show itself, they have much to learn about its fans.

    Katie Couric Snags Weekly Yahoo Talk Show!

    Katie Couric is one busy woman. The Wrap is reporting the soon-to-be syndicated daytime talk show host has a new, weekly chatfest for Yahoo debuting May 1.

    Katie's Take, which will air exclusively on Yahoo's website, will focus on health, nutrition, parenting and wellness issues. Don't expect Couric to get too caught up in her digital activities to lose focus on her upcoming daytime show, however. From The Wrap:

    The main focus for the former “Today Show” host remains her upcoming syndicated daytime talk show, “Katie,” but this show gives her a digital presence, as well.

    Jury Reaches a Verdict on Swift Justice: CANCELLED!!

    A ruling has been made on the fate of CBS Television Distribution's struggling court show Swift Justice. Broadcasting & Cable is reporting the series won't be returning for a third season.

    Swift Justice was originally a vehicle for bombastic Headline News personality Nancy Grace. When Grace left the program, Las Vegas judge Jackie Glass replaced her.

    Six-Week Test Run Will See If Bethenny Frankel Can Go From Reality 'Housewife' to Daytime Queen!

    She's conquered Reality TV and the celebrity-backed spirits market, but can Bethenny Frankel handle Daytime? We're about to find out. On June 11, a six-week preview of Frankel's syndicated talk show Bethenny begins airing on six Fox-owned stations.

    Bethenny's trial run is slated for Fox markets in Dallas (KDWF at 1 PM), Los Angeles (KTTV 2 PM), Minneapolis (KMSP 10 AM), New York (WNYW 11 AM), Philadelphia, (11 AM) and Phoenix (KSAZ 11 AM). The weekday talk show is set to revolve around advice on healthy eating, pop culture, bargain hunting and relationshiops.

    Ellen DeGeneres is serving as an executive producer, alongside the Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After personality. Should this test drive prove successful, Warner Bros. could launch Bethenny nationally for the 2013-14 TV season.

    B&B: CBS Watch Magazine Photo Shoot !

    In The Year 2000!

    Over a kiss, Gillian admitted to Ryan that she still loved him. Esther continued to keep Stuart in her trailer. Adam escaped from Oak Haven with some help from Arlene. Leo was arrested for Paolo's murder. Jack tried to convince Janet to turn herself in, but Mirror Janet urged Janet to whack Jack to prevent him from telling the police about her part in Sophie's death. Edmund and Alex came to terms with their relationship. The homeless man, who had stolen Stuart's belongings, set up residence at Stuart's Willow Lake cabin. While he slept by the fire, the cabin burned down-and everyone believed that Stuart was the one who'd been killed.

    Emily arranges a prison interview with David Stenbeck. Katie heads to New York with Henry and Holden for some national exposure. Molly doesn't remember the last 6 months, including her affair with Chris and the argument with Abigail that led to her accident. Julia is taken hostage when Curtis helps his friend Freddie rob Al's Diner. Lily flies to Atlantic City (with Simon hot on her heels) and prepares to meet "Redhead" Rose D'Angelo, who's a dead ringer for Lily.

    Thorne stopped by the birthday party, but left his phone behind as he rushed to Macy's A.A. meeting. Macy called Thorne, but was disillusioned when Brooke, who'd found the phone, answered. The next day, Thorne and Macy had a big argument about the time he'd been spending with Brooke. Macy was again tempted by the bottle, but she poured it out and went straight to Ridge to find out what had transpired between him, Thorne, Eric, and Brooke in Venice. Taylor was floored when Morgan set up a surprise meeting for them at a fertility clinic, and she urged the gung-ho Morgan to think things through. Suddenly, the clinic made Morgan flash back to the abortion, and she ran out in a panic. Ridge and Stephanie had it out about Morgan, and he insisted that his mother admit that she'd wronged him and Morgan. Stephanie, however, said she'd do it all over again if she had to. Ridge let it slip that Morgan was living at the beach house and seeking to become pregnant. Stephanie marched straight to the beach house to tell Morgan to pack her bags and stay away from Ridge. Morgan bragged that she'd have a baby, and Taylor and Ridge would support her through it. Stephanie warned Morgan that her plans had better not include Ridge. C.J. decided to take Becky away on a romantic trip, and Eric told Amber that she had to tell C.J. about Becky's illness. Amber found the gleeful C.J. preparing for his trip and said she had something important to reveal about Becky.

    Sami told Brandon that she and Nicole would turn Lucas back into a raging drunk, enabling Sami to get custody of Will. Stefano blew up at Rolf for mugging Lexie in order to get Hope's amnio sample. She then ordered him to find a healthy, pregnant woman whose due date is around the same time as Hope.

    Sonny and Carly grew closer. A guard on Sonny's payroll saved Roy from being killed by fellow inmates. Chloe recognized the music from her dreams. Rae headed back to Llanview. Nikolas asked Helena about Lucky's strange behavior. Liz and Lucky came face to face.

    Reva supports Ruth and bails her out after her arrest and invites her to stay at her home. Claire comes clean to Michelle about her adoption and offers her support. Jesse survives cardiac arrest and he and Drew commit to each other and marriage. Michelle and Drew reconcile. Reva learns that Ruth lied at Michelle's trial and begs her to clear Michelle. In the meantime, Carmen and Edmund get temporary custody of Charlie and threaten Ruth to keep silent. Pilar and Reva team up and set up Carmen to reunite Ruth and Charlie and clear the way so that Ruth can clear Michelle. Josh has a heart to heart with Maura and Shane about his relationship with Olivia and Reva. Claire and Olivia renew their friendship. Shane and Susan help Lizzie deal with some of the disturbing side effects of chemo treatments. Edmund and Carmen rekindle their passion for each other and celebrate their short-lived schemes. Cassie's past becomes a personal and political nightmare and challenge for her and Richard's relationship. Richard and Edmund face off as Richard gives Edmund an ultimatum and is determined to keep his kingdom and Cassie. Cassie prepares to appeal to the people of San Cristobel about her past knowing her entire future is at stake.

    Bo is unable to convince the judge in Will's case to change his mind. Cristian and Jessica get Asa's confession that he set up Will on tape. Blair tells Renee that Max has been faking the brain damage all along. Viki talks to Melanie about her relationship with Ben. Lindsay has a hard time letting Will go. After pressure from Kevin and Ben the judge agrees to release Sam. Bo. John. Will and Nora board the train to Statesville. Roseanne gives her statement in the case against Bo. Jessica and Cris catch the train at a later stop and are disappointed to learn their evidence will not free Will immediately. Max tells Blair he's going to divorce her. Nora is upset because Bo can't forgive her for the past. the train crashes. Rae returns to Llanview. Jess and Cris convince Will to run. Bo tries to free Nora from the train but the train explodes.

    Ivy e-mailed a photo of Julian and Eve to TC. Eve feared for the worst but soon discovered that the faces in the pictures had been blacked-out. Furious, Eve went to the Crane mansion and pointed a gun at Ivy, demanding that she hand over the incriminating pictures. Grace and Sam arrived at the mansion just in time to hear a gunshot ring out from inside. Luis saved Sheridan's life once again. Sheridan refused to go back to Harmony with Luis. Sheridan is chloroformed and dragged off to the airport. Her kidnapper turned out to be Luis, who convinced the airport personnel to let him on the plane with an unconscious Sheridan. Kay was heartbroken when Miguel said he could never love Kay the way he loves Charity. The attraction between Chad and Whitney grew stronger despite Whitney's denials. Tabitha assured Kay she'd eventually win Miguel's love. Tabitha had to explain sex to Timmy.

    Drucilla returned to Paris. Victor assured Neil that his plan to recover Jabot would destroy Jack, but not hurt Ashley or John. Diane was overjoyed that she had become pregnant with Victor's sperm sample.


    Monday April 30:
    Madi has Justin handle her divorce.
    Marlena is held at knife point by Stefano's thug.
    Rafe, Roman and Carrie arrive as John tries to save Marlena.
    Marlena escapes and Roman decides to move Bo, Hope, John and Marlena to a save house to protect them.
    Bo and Hope continue to make love, not realizing someone is watching.
    Stefano orders Agent Harmon to deal with his enemies.
    Kate has an extreme reaction when she spots Lucas and Sami kissing. She and Sami go at it.
    Lucas and Sami continue to grow closer and share yet another kiss.
    Kate and Madi put their differences aside in order to bring Sami down.

    Tuesday May 1:
    Agent Harmon reveals he has explosives rigged to the safe house's alarm system.
    Bo and Hope reconnect at the safe house.
    Rafe again almost tells Carrie the truth. Carrie becomes upset and almost leaves the house.
    EJ observes Sami kissing Lucas and is privately upset. He couches it as a concern for the children's reaction.
    Lucas and Sami have a crisis at CW but Lucas saves the day.
    EJ discovers a document containing life-changing information about his paternity.
    Brady learns Nic's pregnant.

    Wednesday May 2:
    Rafe notices a glitch in the alarm system at the safe house - they realize it's a bomb.
    Kate runs into Roman. Roman heard about Sami's new job and worries about Kate.
    When Roman can't reach the safe house, he heads over there.
    Sami and Lucas speculate on the possibility of getting back together.
    Lucas and Sami make love.
    Kate tells Sami the CW name belongs to her. She can't use it.
    EJ's shattered after learning he's not Stefano's son.
    Stefano reveals he doesn't know EJ's father's identity.
    Stefano asks EJ not to tell anyone the truth yet.

    Thursday May 3:
    Those in the safe house are trapped inside with no way out.
    Hope tries warning Roman not to set off the bomb.
    Shane Donovan arrives on the scene to take apart the bomb.
    Madi confronts Ian about dragging his feet over the divorce.
    Brady learns Kate's with Ian.
    Ian's mysterious call makes it clear he's not giving up on Madi.
    Lexi tells Chad about the tumor.
    EJ realizes Chad will take his rightful place as Stefano's most trusted son.

    Friday May 4:
    Kate and Madi's computers at MW are attacked.
    Shane realizes the bomb was set so it can't be disarmed by conventional means.
    Those in the safe house face death as the clock counts down.
    Rafe finally tells Carrie the baby isn't his!
    Carrie and Rafe kiss.
    Everyone in the safe house builds a blast wall.
    A huge explosion rocks the safe house.
    Sami notices EJ's a wreck and offers him an evening with the kids.
    When the kids are in bed, Sami and EJ drink and talk and eventually, there's an electric moment that passes between them.
    A mystery man shows up to see Ian and give him a pouch of potent contents.
    Ian invites Brady out for a drink and pours some of the contents into Brady's drink.
    Brady grows agitated

    Monday, April 30
    (Heather's Assumption)
    Heather makes an assumption about Maggie;
    Luke asks Anna to help him.

    Tuesday, May 1
    (Sam and Carly Confide)
    Sam and Carly confide in one another;
    Sonny reaches out to Ewen;
    Connie refuses to play nice in Port Charles.

    Wednesday, May 2
    (Kate's Medical File)
    Sam questions Jason about his feelings for the baby;
    Carly takes a peek at Kate's medical file, and is shocked at what she finds.

    Thursday, May 3
    (Running into Trouble)
    Sam runs into trouble while investigating a motel room;
    Starr vows vengeance on Sonny;
    Dante and McBain work together.

    In Aspen, Hope is stressed by the paparazzi and secretly takes another pill.
    Unaware of what Hope did, Liam takes her skiing, which results in injury to an innocent bystander.
    Brooke comes to understand the seriousness of Hope's prescription-drug reliance, and prepares to tell Ridge the truth.
    Taylor has an uneasy feeling that something bad occurred in Aspen.
    Ridge feels torn when he learns about the events that are taking place with his daughters.
    Taylor and Ridge take a stand against Brooke regarding their children.
    A series of events forces Liam and Steffy to relive their times together, bringing them closer.
    After Hope confesses to Liam that she took more pills, she sets about trying to get her life back on track.
    Steffy makes a huge sacrifice of love regarding Liam.
    Bill tells Alison the real reason why he doesn't like Hope and why Liam shouldn't be with her.
    Caroline is troubled by a family secret.

    Kyle struggles with Jack’s betrayal
    Victor’s failure to make a deal with Michael pushes Lauren to an extreme response
    Ashley discovers that Tucker has been hiding the truth about his past with Genevieve
    Nick and Phyllis look to their future
    Cane is investigated by the SEC

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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    omg alex was FLAWLESS in tonight's episode. only 3 left, so sad :(


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  • 04/27/12--19:17: Supernatural 7x21 preview
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    HQ Version

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    The Wanted continue their US takeover with a performance at The Grove

    With One Direction are back on our side of the Atlantic, The Wanted are working extra hard to try and acquire more chart success.

    The British boyband are putting in some serious work and pulling in some pretty impressive crowds.

    Yesterday, the boys took to the stage at The Grove in Hollywood and treated shoppers to a few tracks off their debut Stateside album entitled The Wanted.

    During their performance the Glad You Came singers pulled several funny faces which probably sent their fans into a gushing frenzy.

    All the boys were dressed really causal in a pair of jeans and trainers but each showed off their individual style with their choice of tops.

    Max donned a plain white T-shirt, Siva looked dapper in a navy blazer, Jay rocked a grey hoodie underneath a black leather jacket, Tom wore a printed T-shirt and Nathan wore a black jacket.

    Showing no signs of slowing down, the boys also took part in a meet and greet session with their fans after the show.

    Happy with the performance Nathan Sykes tweeted, 'Just been at the grove! Did a few tracks and now gonna go sign for everyone! :)'

    Known for their wild ways, in a recent interview the boys explained why they chose not to go down the typical boyband root.

    Tom Parker said, 'When we got put together, we said we weren't going to follow the boy band mold, we want to create something that we like as individuals and we want to go out and perform'.

    He continued, 'We're proud of the fact that we went out there and we were the ones that started the non-dancing, non- very styled and very media trained look, and other bands are following that, which I think is a good thing.'

    Scooter Braun, who is the mastermind behind Justin Bieber and manages The Wanted Stateside, said that the boy's not-so squeaky clean image is what he likes most about them.

    Braun said, 'It's kind of refreshing to see a boy band who don't give a -- put the beep in right there, all of them drink, some of them smoke, all of them love to party, all of them love girls, and they're not afraid to show it.'

    He added, 'I used to be a party promoter the last time boy bands were huge, and I knew a lot of those guys, and they like to party and drink and do all that stuff too, but they always had to hide it'.

    THEY WERE AMAZING YESTERDAY! So CUTE AND AWESOME! I was on the left side so i saw backstage and got to see my other faves Brian, Eric, and beautiful Tucker! Also i saw KTLA interview them and was feet away from them pretty much. Nathan saw me struggling to get a pic of him as some dumb putas kept on getting in our way oh well we had a moment there and I got a thumbs up from Max. all good all good

    yawn im tire and hungry so i'll meet you all at ...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Shoutout to the puta who pretended to be AC Slater's old coworker in hopes of getting to the front of the crowd to see The Wanted yet claiming she dgaf for them.
    Also wassup viejitos who were next to me helping me take pics and showing AC Slater's friend whos boss.

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    Azealia Banks will be featured on an upcoming remix for alternative hip hop artist M.I.A.’s latest single ‘Bad Girls’, confirmed by an insider from Interscope Records.

    The remix collaboration is set to release soon. Until then, watch the official music video for ‘Bad Girls’ after the jump.


    OH MY GOD!

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    Did Christina Aguilera pull a diva act on The Wanted?

    That's what the boy band is saying after they came away from an appearance on The Voice feeling most unwanted by the superstar judge.

    "She's a total bitch," band member Tom Parker tells 92.3 Now radio station in New York. "She just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

    Bandmate Max George called the songstress "a bit scary" and "quite rude."

    But a source who was on set when the band performed last week denies that Aguilera, 31, purposely gave them the cold shoulder.

    "There was no opportunity for interaction at any point during the show or prior to the show," the source says. "The first time Christina saw them was when she was already seated in her coach's chair and they were performing."


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    • Press release for the theater screening:


      New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Concert from O2 London to be Screened to Cinemas Across Europe

      LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

      The April 29th live O2 show featuring two of the biggest pop bands of the last 20 years, New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys is set to make history with a cinema cast live to cinemas across Europe.

      The groundbreaking show will see a Pan-European satellite feed via a high definition live cinema cast, direct from the 02 Arena to fans watching the show in over 300 cinemas in UK & Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This landmark live cinema cast looks set to revolutionise the live experience for music fans and at the same time develop a whole new cinematic experience which will help increase not just the impact for artists of their live shows, but also increase cinema attendances.

      The show will be distributed to cinemas by using HD camera technology from The O2 and state of the art 5.1 surround sound to give the fans watching in cinemas a feeling of event participation as close to being in the venue as is possible with the cutting edge tools at their disposal. are pioneers in the field of digital cinema and to date have been involved in a diverse range of streaming from sports and documentaries to classical music.

      ABC Entertainment and Livebeats are co-producing the event with allowing a truly unique network of distribution which also means that fans can buy tickets direct from the band.

      "It's so exciting to know that even though we weren't able to bring our show to certain places in Europe our fans will still have the opportunity to experience it like they were there. We can't wait for everyone to see the show!" Howie D of the Backstreet Boys

      'Working with New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys' explains Frank Volpe who is coordinating the cinema cast,' is such a perfect opportunity to reach out to markets that already clearly enjoy the cinema experience and will highlight this groundbreaking development as a route all bands and artists will have the opportunity to embrace in the next ten years.

    • Press release about the online stream:

      LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

      NKOTBSB to stream their London show live on Facebook

      The April 29th live O2 show featuring two of the biggest pop bands of the last 20 years, New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys, will set yet another milestone.

      After the announcement of the cinema cast live to cinemas across Europe earlier this month, the bands were inundated with fan inquiries from all over the world, all wondering why the show could not be brought to a theater in their city.

      Overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of their fans, NKOTBSB are proud to announce that their April 29 live show can now be watched by everyone around the globe thanks to an exclusive live stream, which will be made available on the bands' facebook pages. The ticket to watch the live stream costs $4.99.

      Livebeats, the company co-producing the event with ABC Entertainment, will provide the player, which will deliver an uninterrupted HD signal in a quality not seen before. The ticket to watch the show can conveniently be purchased in the player itself.

      The Livebeats player is a unique tool for live music streaming. It has been developed with the intention to provide musicians - 80% of which have never performed in front of an audience - their own virtual stage.

      Livebeats enables musicians, to schedule their show, promote it, invite friends and share the live performance with the world. Although built primarily for the long tail of the music scene, the technology and service are fully scalable so as to match the traffic demand for high profile events like the NKOTBSB show.


    Stream link

    The concert begins in London at 7:45pm ( 2:45pm Eastern Time, 11:45am Pacific Time). Fans meeting the BSB in London when they arrived last week, reported that Kevin was with them, but he returned to the US a few days later. But we can always hope ...

    ... and can anyone recommend any good (and cheap) downloadable software to capture online streams?

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