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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    • She's on the British competitive reality series I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

    • Television presenter and model Melanie Sykes asked her if she was "obligated to have sex with him" and Kendra said that at first she didn't know “sex was involved,” but after a few weeks she realized it was part of the deal and basically just rolled with it. Wtf...


    Too early for a sex post? Would you have sex with Hefner in exchange of living in the Playboy Mansion?

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    The film, which was filmed from June-August 2013, has had trouble finding distribution but was finally purchased for 7-figures in September 2014 by newcomer Saban Films and should be released in 2015 sometime. Hopefully.


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    “Evita”, Pablo Aguero’s film about the true 25-year journey of the corpse of former Argentine First Lady Evita Peron, will start principal photography January 2015.

    Gael Garcia Bernal, Denis Lavant, Daniel Fanego, and Nahuel P. Biscayart will start in the flick. Imanol Arias will play the doctor who embalms Evita Peron's body.

    The role of Evita has yet to be cast since Mia Maestro dropped out earlier due to scheduling conflicts.


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    Today, FIFA announced their shortlist for FIFPro World XI. The full 55-man shortlist will be announced on Dec 1.

    FIFPro is decided by thousands of professional players around the world. The players vote for one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards.

    The goalkeeper shortlist is: (home country, club):

    Manuel Neuer (Germany / FC Bayern München)

    Claudio Bravo (Chile / FC Barcelona)

    Thibaut Courtois (Belgium / Chelsea FC)

    Iker Casillas (Spain / Real Madrid CF)

    Gianluigi Buffon (Italy / Juventus FC)


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  • 11/25/14--10:06: Pan (2015) official trailer

  • src

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  • 11/25/14--10:21: ONTD Roundup
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    “Tell the fanboys it’s still a rumor,” he told us.

    lol @ "fanboys", also thank you Benedict Cumberbatch name generator for the name!

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    You might remember last week when Don Lemon got into some hot water when he asked a Bill Cosby accuser some rather odd questions. Well, this time, he's covering the grand jury decision for Darren Wilson. Lets put it this way, he's not making things any better with his coverage of the situation.

    Right after the indictment decision, people in Ferguson showed their frustrations throughout the streets. Lemon, covering the decision along with CNN cameramen on the scene, filled viewers in on what they were seeing and apparently smelling. For some odd reason, Lemon decided to share this to the world.

    “We’re watching people. They’re on top of the roofs of cars, and um, there’s obviously the smell of marijuana in the air as well.”

    Soon after, ‘Don Lemon’ was trending on Twitter and people were mad.  Some tweets below:

    “At what instance is the stench of marijuana being in the air pertinent information don lemon sheesh smh”

    “CNN’d Don Lemon said “obviously the smell of marijuana in the crowd”. This from the guy who blamed Cosby rape victim for her assault. #idiot”

    “Don Lemon: “Obviously there’s the smell of marijuana in the air…” Cant, for the life of me, understand what makes this ‘obvious’ tho. Smh.”

    “Don Lemon is a disgrace.”

    “Yes because people are obviously mad because they are on drugs as opposed to the fact a cop who shot an unarmed teenager six times got away with it?”

    “Boy, of all the things to describe at the scene, Don picked that to describe. What a dumba**.”

    Lemon was also blasted online for taking the time out to imitate the accent of people in St. Louis and for being in a gas mask at one point (he did come in contact with tear gas though).


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    doctor who

    Don't get too excited by that title, ONTD. It doesn't mean that Steven Moffat is signing off as show runner, or that he's finally realized that his Christmas specials are so bad he might as well retire them once and for all. Instead, most intrepid bloggers assume this is Clara Oswald's final curtain call as the Doctor's "bossy, tight-skirted" companion. What a legacy.

    While the irl Disney Princess refuses to state whether or not she's definitely leaving the show, she has promised fans a "big surprise." Given that this is Moffat, I assume "big surprise" means that she's pregnant with Danny's boring, personality-free baby and Clara can finally settle down and stop having fun like all good Moffat women should.

    But what unfair fate awaits Clara exactly? Will Moffat displace her in time, just for fun? Or blow a leaf in some dude's face who will agree to be her hen-pecked second-string babydaddy? Will there be a plot involving her desperately trying to keep her robe on because she's not wearing much underneath? Will we see her family again? Maybe, probably, definitely, definitely not.

    Also Nick Frost's Santa holding an orange and Peter Capaldi looks hot as hell (admit it).

    Adding this Q&A video from yesterday:

    The lack of cheering for Moffat at 0:18 is everything.

    Source.(slightly paraphrased)

    Diagnose my daddy issues, ONTD, and tell BBC's photoshop guy how you feel about this year's masterpiece.

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    Halle took baby daddy Aubry to court for bleaching and straightening their daugther's hair and accused him of potentially causing psychological damage to their child by forcing her to deny her Afrian-American heritage

    The judge ruled yesterday that neither Aubry nor Halle are allowed to change Nahla's hair

    Court records "obtained" by MailOnline show Aubry's shocking racist remarks against Halle

    The note from Judge Mark Juhas reads:

    'The racial epithet made by Petitioner was and is completely and totally unacceptable.

    'Nahla is a child of both of these parents, making this sort of comment about Respondent affect the very core and being of Nahla.

    'And when Petitioner attacked Respondent for what she is and who she is, he was attacking Nahla because Nahla is part Respondent. And Nahla is part Petitioner. So when Petitioner did those things, that does serious damage to Nahla because he is attacking her core being, who she is.'

    A "source" close to Halle says that Aubry has called her the 'N' word and that Halle is a great mom who wants to keep Nahla on an even keel.

    Apparently the change to Nahla's hair was gradual and Aubry kept denying it until Halle had the hair tested.

    Read a detailed account at the source

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    “That has never happened, ever,” she says. “I would see rumours of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened. Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean... so far.”


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  • 11/25/14--12:06: #R8 News Is Coming, Y'all

  • So, according to this guy:
    - #R8 ain't being released until 2015
    - There's a song called "Where I Belong" on the album


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    Elsa Pataky, the castle-owning wife of Thunderbae aka Chris Hemsworth, took to Instagram to annouce a new addition to the Hemsworth family: a puppy!

    "who could've say no! Our new family member," Pataky posted. The puppy's name has not yet been revealed. Loki? Thor?


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    Original Version

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

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    he also set the la liga record 2 days ago at barca vs sevilla. slay a bit!

    seethe, ONTD madridistas!!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      According to the Daily Mail, which is citing TMZ, golden-voiced Queen of Pop Ariana Grande is stunned that 98-year-old Bette Midler has called her a "whore" for wearing sexy stage garb, especially given Bette's antics in the 1970s. Go to the source to read more and see the Daily Mail confuse  Ari with Iggy and/ or Rita Ora and call her the "Black Widow hitmaker"....


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     photo 878t9r0ei4_zps698f4aab.jpg

    Bruce Jenner went to the play Kinky Boots this week with rumored paramour Ronda Kamihira

    Kinky Boots
    Kinky Boots is a 2005 British-American comedy-drama... [snip]. Based on a true story, the movie tells of a struggling British shoe factory's young, straitlaced owner, Charlie, who forms an unlikely partnership with Lola, a drag queen, to save the business. Charlie develops a plan to produce custom footwear for drag queens, rather than the men's dress shoes that his firm is known for, and in the process, he and Lola discover that they are not so different after all.

    - is that an iphone 6 or an iphone 6+
    - do you have an iphone 6/6+ what's the 411
    - platonic hug is platonic

     photo 7t8r9ei4_zps16b513e7.jpg

    Kinky Boots

     photo 7ytr9r8_zps9o9muxsn.gif

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    Bill Cosby is a horrible human being — even when he isn’t allegedly drugging and raping women — according to detractors.

    - According to the article, back in 1989 the National Enquirer was going to publish a story about Cosby and Sammy Davis Jr. partying in Vegas

    - When he was contacted for a comment, in order to prevent them from publishing the article, Cosby himself gave them a story about his daughter Erinn's drug problems to run instead

    - In the story that was eventually published, Cosby was quoted as saying "Deep down inside, she knows we love her".

    More at the source

    Mods, I went back through all the entries of the past few days and I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted

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