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    Candice Martello's (a.k.a Hemming) music video for her first single "Hard On Myself" premiered on "Speakers In Code" today. According the the article accompanying the video, Linda Perry's Custard Records have her full-length debut album scheduled for a Spring 2015 release. Starting on October 2, 2014, Hemming will be embarking on a U.S. tour opening for Rachael Yamagata.

    Click Here For Tour Dates

    What are your thoughts on the first video from one of the co-winners of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project?

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    SOURCE 3

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    On Compuserv, earlier this afternoon, Diana Gabaldon (author of Outlander book series) revealed that most of the voiceovers in the second half of season one will be Jamie’s. Rather than just Claire’s inner monologue, as we have been privy to so far, we will also get to hear things from Jamie’s perspective. The first book is entirely from Claire’s point of view, so it’ll be interesting how they stretch the second half of the show to incorporate Jamie’s voice, as well. Rather than being concerned about the liberties the writers are starting to take from the source material, Diana seems pleased with how everything is going so far, or at least leaves her comments vague enough that any sign of displeasure is vacant. She has seen the footage through the end of the first season already, so she has a good idea of the creative choices being made and where they will be leaving off the story to carry into the next season.

    Diana Gabaldon's text from the forum:

    “Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell you details or content of the second half, but I will tell you that most of the voiceovers are Jamie’s.

    As in — there will be _two_ viewpoints going. Now that Jamie has a wife (and what a wife…) to take care of, he has reason to step out of the shadows.

    (I’ve seen the completed episodes through 10, but I’ve seen the footage for all the episodes, and know what happens in them and how.)


    lordt i can't wait almost 200 days. f u starz.

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    Forget Where's Wally? The question music fans have been asking for the past 18 months is... where's Adele?

    Well, the good news, we can reveal that she is working on new music.

    A recording studio we visited this week were only too happy to boast about their latest client.

    If not yet ready to record them, RAK Studios based in north west London, confirmed that the 26-year-old was writing new songs.

    RAK Studios is where Adele recorded most of her debut album, 19.

    Diane Warren, who according to the document attended the studios with Adele, has also written songs for Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.

    Full article

    Every other gal in the biz better hide

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    Lee will direct an adaptation of Ben Fountain’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk."

    The material takes Lee back to wartime drama, which he explored in 2007’s “Lust, Caution,” set in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong and Shanghai during World War II. But "Billy Lynn" is a far different story. And it’s hardly a conventional war picture.

    Written by “Slumdog Millionaire” scribe Simon Beaufoy, “Lynn” will tell of its title character, a 19-year-old who leads a group of troops on a mission in Iraq. The squad, known as the Bravos, survives the sortie, and when a news crew captures it on film, its principals become heroes.

    The story is set at a Thanksgiving Day football game in Texas, where Lynn and his squad are being celebrated (a release doesn’t say it’s the annual Cowboys contest, as it is in the book; we’ll see if the production makes a deal with the NFL). The battle scenes are told in flashbacks.

    Narrated by its main character, “Lynn’s” story is hardly one of unmitigated heroism. As the group is feted at the game — throwing back drinks, awaiting a Destiny’s Child concert — they both revel in and wonder deeply about the hoopla, as they prepare to be shipped back to Iraq. The release described the planned film as “funny and heartbreaking.”

    Ang Lee's Ali/Frazier Biopic may not happen.

    Budget reasons and delays are why Lee might choose to work on a smaller project instead of the sports drama. Ironically, Lee is partially to blame for the delay because he only wanted to make the 3D boxing film when the technology was just right.

    Producer James Schamus told Screen Daily that Lee is "pushing the technology toward the absolute future of cinema, and pushing it even further than what you saw in Life Of Pi." He then explained that Lee wants to put the audience "in the ring with these guys," while also incorporating 3D technology that is able to enhance "horizontal fast motion [and] the close-ups"

    source: latimes, cinemablend

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    Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown of MTV’s “The Challenge” have shared an epic love story spanning over eight years, and regardless of whether they’re “on” or “off,” their deep affection for one another knows no bounds. Recently, Diem was diagnosed with colon cancer after beating ovarian cancer twice before, and this photo of CT lying at her hospital bedside, hand intertwined with hers, is all the evidence you need of their extraordinary bond.

    “Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day. @diembrown could definitely use a few… Please go to her support page"

    Brown was hospitalized on Thursday (September 25) in New York City following the discovery of a tumor causing blockage in her kidneys.

    “They told me there I had complete blockage of my left kidney and 75 percent blockage of my right because of swelling and tumors,” she explained to People, “so they had to do a surgery and put in stents so things could flow normally again.”

    “I didn’t realize that all the back pain was because of my kidneys,” she said.

    Brown had recently been working on putting on weight following her last surgery in mid-August in order to begin chemotherapy.

    “I was supposed to get my ‘chemo cocktail,’” on Tuesday of last week, she explained, “but after they did the blood draw they saw a spike in my kidney levels, so they were only able to give me one of the two chemos.” Those tests ultimately led to an ultrasound the next day, which led to the discovery of the tumor.

    Thankfully, Brown has a strong support system in her best friends who are constantly by her side.

    So sad. Hope she beats this yet again :(

    source 1
    source 2

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    kind of a follow up to this post

    Tyler Hoechlin (above) is going to be in it and this is what he'll look like in the movie:

    [That's What I'm Talking About] is set in 1980, and a college freshman moves into the baseball house at his college and experiences a fraternity like lifestyle with his hard partying teammates.

    ontd, do you like moustaches?


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    Full interview at the SOURCE

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    Wow, what a night! There were highs -- two couples received the first perfect scores of the season -- and lows -- one more celeb and pro partner was sent home. Tonight was "Movie Night" and the celebs and their pros danced to music that was prominently featured in one of their favorite movies. Head judge Len Goodman was "across the pond" this week, so Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Julianne Hough were joined by actor/comedian Kevin Hart, who showed he has some dance moves in his intro, as well as a "hand jive" number with Josh Gad and the DWTS Troupe coming out of a break.

    The final couple to dance was Bethany Mota and Derek Hough, and they did a jazz routine to "Singing in the Rain," a personal favorite of Derek's. After getting permission to use the music from Gene Kelly's widow, Patricia, the pair was stunned to have her visit their rehearsal. Julianne told Bethany that she didn't miss a step and Carrie Ann only said, "Mission impossible? Mission accomplished."

    "It's amazing when you pay homage to someone you admire," Hart said, while Julianne told the teen video queen, "Tonight you really became a woman in my eyes." But Tonioli may have given the sweetest critique of all: "Gene Kelly's smiling on you, kid," he said.

    For the second time during the show, all four judges gave scores of 10, for another perfect 40! In Week 3? Where do they go from here?

    Source: 12

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    For the record, the Canadian convention will go down in the history of the Summer Glau fandom as the place where we learned Summer Glau was pregnant and that she and Val are expecting a girl, due in January 2015. And while there has been no official announcement, since she has no presence online, Summer did not shy away from speaking about her pregnancy with her fans (her baby bump was clearly showing anyway), who later reported it.

    We cannot resist reproducing here @birdkittyme's excitement as she mentioned Summer's pregnancy on Twitter:

    Pic with Summer Glau and baby bump it's a girl, taken by Summer's fiancé. And they are both so excited for baby, due in January. Fangirl feels over the way Summer's fiancé looked as he said it's a girl at maximum capacity!

    Summer's next appearance at a fan convention will be this week at Wizard World Austin Comic Con.


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    Either J.J. Abrams has just raised his mystery box tactics to a whole new level, or people are terrible. You decide.

    For the past five months, Abrams has been all over the world filming Star Wars Episode VII with a near-unprecedented level of curiosity surrounding the production. Paparazzi have been clamoring for set photos. Images of the actors simply walking on the streets are news. Recently, drones captured set images Abrams was surely not happy to see. That’s not even counting the online leaks about plot points, characters and more.

    The whole time, the two safest and most exciting sources of Star Wars news were Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. The young actors, likely the two leads of the film, had been carefully documenting the process on social media. Both loved to tweet their thoughts about the process, posting funny videos and photos on Instagram, all the while never revealing anything.

    The most we knew about Boyega’s character was the actor listened to lots of great Hollywood scores to get pumped for his scenes. Ridley revealed even less, mostly that she was spending a lot of time with Boyega and was genuinely ecstatic about the whole process. All in all, the two exuded passion that was infectious and harmless. If anything, it was helping get fans even more excited for the film.

    Then, over the past few days, both accounts disappeared. Boyega’s Instagram remains (as of press time) and a Lucasfilm representative told /Film they were just as surprised as we were to see the accounts gone. That leads us to ask the question, why did John Boyega and Daisy Ridley leave Twitter?

    Let’s start with the conspiracy theory stuff. Put yourself in J.J. Abrams’ shoes. You have two young actors, both of whom are very skilled at social media, checking their Twitter accounts between takes and when they go home. Though they’ve each signed their lives away promising they won’t reveal anything, that doesn’t stop people from asking. And asking. And maybe even threatening. How many questions do you think Boyega or Ridley got a day about their roles? About what they were shooting? Plus, knowing the Internet, there was almost certainly some hate in there too.

    Non-disclosure agreement or not, that’s gotta be tough to deal with. You want to scream through your phone at the dumb people and tell them to screw off. And you want to geek out with the fans, passing along info and assuring them the movie is going to be great. But you can’t do either. By deleting your Twitter account, any potential to mess that up and say the wrong thing is gone. It also stops the public’s ability to directly spew hate.

    So maybe Abrams was just covering his ass, and protecting his young stars. But after five months, it seems like Boyega and Ridley had built up some trust. It’s those pesky day players he can’t trust; they’re the ones who kept leaking photos.

    The next question is to look at what the latest thing each actor tweeted. Ridley’s account disappeared after a nice goodbye, but Boyega’s still lives on in spirit because of his Instagram. His last two tweet were photos, one of an IMAX camera filming Episode VII and another saying he was doing a voice in a cartoon. If he’d posted that IMAX camera without permission, this wouldn’t be a mystery, but Bad Robot tweeted that photo itself a few months back. The cartoon is a bit more curious. Obviously, your first thought is that it’s for Star Wars Rebels but that doesn’t make sense. Boyega’s Episode VII character wouldn’t be born before Episode IV. Plus, even if he was in Rebels, it would be a big spoiler and isn’t something he’d post. He’s been extra careful about stuff like that.

    Then again, the timing of Boyega’s deletion juxtaposed with the tweet makes us wonder if it was something Star Wars related and this was the result.

    Basically, there are lots of different reasons why Boyega and Ridley might now be off Twitter. Maybe it was J.J. Abrams shutting them down for making a mistake. Maybe it was just a preemptive strike because Abrams is simply that worried about any information getting out about the film. It’s possible. My personal guess, though? Ridley deleted her account first and, according to some Twitter followers, it may have been because of hateful tweets she was getting. If that’s the case, you can’t blame her. And since she and Boyega have become such good friends, maybe he did the same out of solidarity.

    That makes sense to me. That it’s the Internet, and not J.J. Abrams, whose fault is is we can’t have Boyega and Ridley’s passion for Star Wars and life in our Twitter feeds. In the world we live in, J.J. Abrams’ mystery box sucks, but haters suck more.

    i liked their twitters i'm sad. daisy seemed pretty educated on world issues and tweeted about feminism and great british bakeoff so rip their twitters

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Emily Deschanel attends an animal rights events for Farm Sanctuary on September 29, 2014.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    September 30 - Leaving Her Hotel In Stockholm, Sweden


    September 27 - Leaving Her Hotel In Amsterdam


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    Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr

    Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber

    Gigi Hadid, Carine Roitfeld, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian

    Cara Delevingne

    Kim Kardashian photobombed by Justin Bieber

    Kendall Jenner

    Ciara and Kim Kardashian

    the Hilton sisters

    Karl Lagerfeld


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    Posted over the course of the last week on the official Hunger Games Instagram.

    Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)

    Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson)

    Gale Hawthorne (Simple Bae)

    Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin)

    President Snow (Donald Sutherland)

    President Coin (Julianne Moore)

    Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks)

    Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson)

    Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman)RIP

    Beetee (Jeffery Wright)

    Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci)

    Cressida (Natalie Dormer)

    Messalla (Evan Ross)

    Boggs (Mahershala Ali)

    Castor (Wes Chatham)

    Pollux (Elden Henson)

    all images from the offical hunger games instagram

    51 days til MJ1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    brady tears
    The Oakland Raiders fired coach Dennis Allen on Monday night four games into his third season.

    The decision was announced soon after the Raiders (0-4) returned from London, where they lost their 10th straight game dating to last season, 34-14 to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The firing was first reported by Fox Sports.

    Allen was the first head coach hired by Oakland after the death of longtime owner Al Davis. His 8-28 record is the worst for the franchise since before Davis arrived in 1963. His contract was set to run through next season.

    An announcement on the interim coach will come Tuesday, with offensive line coach Tony Sparano and offensive coordinator Greg Olson the most likely options.



    Brady was picked off twice by the opportunistic Chiefs, and Kansas City routed New England 41-14 to hand Bill Belichick one of his worst losses as coach of the Patriots.

    Charles, who missed last week's win in Miami with a sprained ankle, ran for 92 yards and a score. The Pro Bowl running back also caught two short touchdown passes from Alex Smith, who had 248 yards passing and three touchdowns in a sharp performance before a raucous crowd.

    Along with throwing two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown, Brady was strip-sacked by Tamba Hali to step up a field goal. Brady finished 14 of 23 for 159 yards.



    The Bills are making a quarterback change.
    Bills second-year quarterback EJ Manuel was informed that the team will start veteran Kyle Orton in Sunday's matchup against the Lions.

    "Kyle Orton is our starting QB right now. We need more overall production from that position," head coach Doug Marrone said, via the team's Twitter account. "We came in today, looked at the tape, and made a decision that gives us the best opportunity to win"

    RAIDERS source


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    Luke Evans’ star has been on the ascent since his small but memorable role as Apollo in 2010’s Clash Of The Titans.

    Last year saw him taking on the established ensemble in Fast & Furious 6 as the villainous megalomaniac Shaw, before playing Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

    Evans puts on the fangs as Prince Vlad in Dracula Untold, an origins story of sorts about how the world’s most famous vampire came to be.

    “A lot of people were expecting another Dracula story ... but it’s very clearly not another Dracula story and that’s very important,” said Evans. “It’s about the human — the actual historical figure that Dracula was based on — who was as interesting as Dracula.

    Evans said the evil character that everyone associates with Dracula was probably the result of thousands of years of loneliness and starvation and thirst for blood. “I don’t think we should assume he has always been that evil,” said Evans.

    “There’s a transition in Dracula’s life from when he was a human to being a vampire to this very old vampire in the Bram Stoker book. It’s interesting to see that it isn’t black and white. There are flaws to a good guy and to a bad guy, and that’s why I like it.”


    Its been getting negative reviews. Also they replaced Cox with Charles Dance as Caligula during reshoots and cut Samantha Barks as Baba Yaga, so by all means may this movie crash and burn

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    “Correct me if I’m wrong, is this the debutof Ben Affleck’s penis on the screen?” asks an MTV interviewer in a press junket for the upcoming film Gone Girl. (that nasty interviewer betta werk)

    Ben starts off treading a bit of word water:

    “I don’t know, I try to get it in every movie…[Director David Fincher] said to me from the beginning, “this is a ‘warts-and-all’ movie. You can’t have any vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character. It’s got to be, like, in Europe they just don’t give a shit about any of that stuff, and they just play real people, you know? And so that was the spirit of the thing, and we kinda stuck to that.”
    But realizing he’s veering, Ben steers himself back on track like a seasoned pro:

    “The penis is in there! It costs extra — it’s IMAX penis. You’ve gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D — it looks better in 3-D,” adding, “you should know it was a very cold set.”

    Are y'all ready?


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