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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It's Friday the 13th, hockey's most damnable holiday. According to legends I heard second-hand, on a previous occurrence of this high unholy day, Jason Bacashihua escaped from a Plymouth Whalers practice and, still wearing his mask, wandered into the woods and proceeded to terrorize everybody at a nearby campground.

    They made a movie about it.

    And now, on this very same accursed day comes Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, and if it wasn't already eerie enough, the night will mark Henrik Lundqvist's 666th game, the moon will rise, full, outside of the Staples Center, and puck drop is at the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month.

    (I, like many hockey writers, think the Stanley Cup Final should begin and end well before the month of Smarch.)

    Spooky things are already happening. After Friday morning's practice, Darryl Sutter spoke in unfamiliar tongues in response to a question about the importance of a good start:

    "How important is a good start? Well, that's why they put time on the clock always, that's when it starts. Then you get 30, 40 seconds of it, then somebody else gets to go. It's not just the start. I mean, what does 'start' mean? Does that mean shift, period, till the first time out, O zone, neutral zone, D zone, faceoff? What does it mean?"

    Yes. What does it mean? What does any of it mean?

    We should have known that this series would reach Game 5. It's really only fitting that a Final that's got us all talking about luck, the hockey gods, and the unexplainable forces that govern the game would continue on into a day known precisely for its unknowable hocus pocus.

    Hell, those gods, typically invisible, practically crossed over into our dimension in Game 4, stopping two pucks on the goal line to keep the Kings from the Cup in what was, arguably, their best game of the season.

    Granted, some chalked it up to the Iluminati:

    But I think we all know it was a deeper, more ancient magic, and it goes without saying that that magic will be all over Game 5. Something unexpected and rare is bound to happen. So what will it be?

    Returning to the mysterious, it's worth noting that the Rangers are sitting on an eerie 13 playoff wins. And that's where they'll stay, on unlucky 13, without another huge effort from their skaters and their goaltender -- not to mention a little help from the hockey gods -- in Game 5


    let's go rangers!!!
    happy birthday mcdonagh!!!
    viewing post!!!

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    Keith Allen has revealed that he may be joining the cast of Game of Thrones.

    The actor and musician recently auditioned for the role of a slave who leads a rebellion "like Spartacus" (Who? No one comes to mind.), and if successful will join his son Alfie Allen on the HBO fantasy drama.

    Speaking to The Times, he said: "Every scene is a bloodbath. Frankly I think I'm cut out for that."

    Meanwhile, Keith also revealed that he had previously auditioned to play the on-screen father of Alfie's character Theon Greyjoy.

    However, he claimed that he deliberately "did a rubbish audition" because he found the offer "a bit cheesy" and "a bit obvious".

    Lily Allen recently suggested that she turned down an incestuous cameo in the series, in which she would have portrayed Theon's sister Yara. However, her brother later refuted her claims.


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    Past Drake Shirtless Pics:(via Google, of course)

    Yes, the horrible Media Fake Out tags are removed

    Where are the nudes though?

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    Madonna has beaten the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Mary Mother of Jesus to be crowned the most influential female figure in history.

    The head of the Commonwealth nations and the Mother of Christ, could not match the Queen of pop for clout according to a new analysis of online information database Wikipedia.

    Whitney Houston came in at number 11 and Beyonce Knowles was 12.
    Meanwhile Princess Diana came in at number 17 and Marilyn Monroe was ranked 19.
    The study, which examined Wikipedia links, was conducted by Young Ho Eom at the University of Toulouse in France.
    He applied Google PageRank algorithm which is used to determine how important webpages are and applied that to people, using Wikipedia to produce a list of history’s most influential.</b>

    The analysis, which counts both incoming and outgoing links connected to the person online, spat out an overall list which was topped by Adolf Hitler, Michael Jackson and Madonna as the most influential people worldwide.

    Jesus Christ came in at number 4 followed by musical maestros Beethoven and Mozart at 6 and 7 respectively.The top ten was rounded up by Pope Benedict XVI, Alexander the Great and Charles Darwin.
    Irishmen Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce made an appearance on the global list but no Irish females ranked.
    As Wikipedia is constantly evolving, the lists change ever so often. In 2010 when a similar analysis was conducted, Jesus came up on top followed by Napoleon and William Shakespeare.



    2. Queen Elizabeth II


    3. Mary Mother of Jesus


    4. Queen Victoria


    5. Agatha Christie

    See the top 10 at the source


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    ONTD, what's your sex face like?
    or SEX POST. Has Joe Wright ever told you to wank someone off??

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    This Fall, FOX launches “Gotham,” a brand new take on the origin of Batman that focuses on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), the man who will eventually become the mustachioed pillar of justice known as Commissioner Gordon, instead of the Dark Knight.

    And though the series, which already has a full season order, doesn’t premiere for a few months, we were lucky enough to check out a screening of the show with members of the cast and crew late last night (June 12).

    With that in mind, here’s every (spoiler-free) thing you need to know about whether you should visit “Gotham” City:

    1. This Should Be Called “Penguin: Origins”

    By far the best thing about the pilot is Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepott, the man who will later become one of Batman’s greatest enemies: the Penguin. Taylor is superb and transfixing in the role, down to his yellow teeth, creepy laugh and weird, freckled face.

    In real life, the actor is adorable and charming, but on screen he conveys joy, menace and has one of the best bits of hand acting we’ve ever seen. There are a lot of things to like about the show, but Taylor makes it a must watch.

    2. It’s Iconic

    This isn’t too much of a spoiler for anyone who knows Batman lore, or has ever seen any Batman movie, ever, but: probably the most iconic moment in the character’s history is repeated here, where young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) watches his parents killed in front of him. In fact, this mystery is the focal point of the pilot, and — it seems — much of the series going forward.

    But a moment like that you don’t want to get wrong, and the team on “Gotham” nails it, down to framing things just like in the comics.

    6. The Comics Connection

    Johns, besides writing DC Comics, is also Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, and the man responsible for helping usher “Gotham” to television. Happily, his hands are all over the show, as we found out talking to cast-members after the premiere. Johns hasn’t met them all, but he has spoken to them on the phone to offer tips and words of encouragement.

    Possibly an even bigger influence, for those worried “Gotham” might ignore the books the show is based on? I was told that the writers room is chock full of books. And in particular, the currently running Riddler storyline in DC’s “Batman” comic titled “Zero Year” is a huge influence on where that character is going.

    7. Riddle Me This

    “Zero Year,” for those who aren’t up on their comic book reading, tells the story of a young Batman fighting his first big villain after The Riddler takes over Gotham City, cutting it off from the outside world until someone (read: Batman) can beat him in a riddle contest.

    Will we see this storyline play out during season one? Actually, the cast has no idea, as they don’t start filming for another two weeks. But Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma, wants to put it off for as long as possible. He’s currently a forensic scientist and amateur riddle aficionado for the Gotham City Police Department when we meet him, and as he told us, “I just keep telling the writers, let me be good for a little while!”

    Also probably not happening anytime soon? Green spandex with question marks all over. Whew.

    9. Gotham Central

    Another book connection, Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen — two characters who anchored the police-centric comic series “Gotham Central” — are front and center in the pilot, played by Victoria Cartegena and Andrew Stewart-Jones respectively.

    And they’re both incredibly faithful to their four-color origins.Incredibly faithful. Like, if you’ve read any comics involving Renee Montoya, they are very faithful, and in an extremely surprising way that ties her to one of the other characters — something that will be a bit of a shock to long-time fans of the comics.

    “Gotham” premieres on FOX this Fall.

    summary of the other six: gordon and bullock are awesome, shot on location in gotham new york, alfred is based on alfred in batman: earth one, joker might be in pilot, arrow easter egg, fish mooney.

    other 6 @ source

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    Season 1 of SundanceTV’s superlative drama series Rectify ended with Daniel Holder (Aden Young) — a former death row inmate released after 17 years, thanks to a legal technicality that secured his freedom — being beaten nearly to death by a group of men in a cemetery.

    Daniel’s attack — carried out on the instructions of the brother of Daniel’s teenage girlfriend Hanna, whom he was found guilty of raping and murdering — was an act of harsh brutality, one that was at odds with the grace and beauty that Rectify managed to capture so effortlessly, the sensation of feathers falling onto bare skin or of the awesome sight of a sunrise or a grove of trees or a statue.

    In its first season, the Ray McKinnon-created show depicted good and evil in a small Southern town, using Daniel’s release as a rubric for exploring crime and punishment, innocence and guilt, and the way that Daniel’s family — and the town of Paulie, Ga. — moved on without him or didn’t. In just six episodes, the first season of Rectify precisely and gorgeously captured the sense of Daniel being trapped in amber, of existing outside of time, of coming home and realizing that you don’t recognize anything or anyone, least of all yourself.

    On June 19, the 10-episode second season of Rectify (the first 12 minutes of which can be seen below) picks up those threads immediately after Daniel’s vicious beating at Hanna’s grave, offering a look inside Daniel’s subconscious mind as he returns to a prison of sorts. But it’s the scenes in the hospital between the women in Daniel’s life — Abigail Spencer’s ferocious crusader Amantha, J. Smith-Cameron’s tremulous Janet, and Adelaide Clemens’ soulful Tawney — that crackle with electricity here. What’s said and unsaid carries enormous weight and power in these brief scenes and speaks toward a lifetime of pain and confusion…and sets up what promises to be another intense season of Rectify.

    Season 2 of Rectify begins Thursday, June 19, at 9 p.m. on SundanceTV.

    can't embed - watch at the source


    The best show nobody is watching tbqh

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  • 06/13/14--19:16: Dorothy Wang Interview
  • image

    If you're a betch with basic cable then you know who Dorothy Wang is. She's one of the starring cast members of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills which automatically declares her a betch. I mean, her life consists of #36 not doing work and #77 shopping, with an occaisonal #171 philanthropy event. So we talked via instagram comments and decided that we wanted to learn more about Dorothy Wang's life aka what every betch should strive for. She wouldn't give us any deets about Cooper though, ugh.

    First of all, how’d you hear of Betches Love This?

    Actually Jonny told me about it! It's so funny and entertaining, THIS betch definitely loves it!

    What’s your biggest social media pet peeve?

    Oh wow, it might come as a surprise but I'm VERY OPINIONATED and have a lot of pet peeves. I guess the ultimate one for social media is when people purchase their followers. Who cares if you don't have that many followers, at least they are real people and you didn't spend money trying to look "cool." I think that's honestly the definition of being fake and lame. #tryingtoohard

    How close are you with the cast in real real life?

    VERY. We've all known each other for 8 or 9 years- so we basically all grew up together. We've been through the good, the bad, the FRESHMAN 15 CHUNK, and everything in between. With any long standing relationship, there have been fights and rifts in the past, but I think that just makes us all stronger and yes... more dramatic.

    Do you ever have buyer’s remorse? And if it was like one time, what’d you buy?

    I actually have a huge fear of buyer's remorse and OVER THINK EVERY PURCHASE to an agonizing degree - so no I've never gotten buyer's remorse... I guess you can say i have PRE-PURCHASE ANXIETY.

    What’s the most annoying part about filming a reality show?

    Honestly, having to go to the bathroom if you have a mic-pack on. it's a daily issue with all of us! I always joke with producers that I'm going to revise my contact so it says "Dorothy cannot be mic'd until she's had her morning bowel movement." Sorry if that grosses you out, the entire cast - we're all creepily very open and talk about it all the time.

    What’s your FAVE...

    Insta filter: VALENCIA - very natural, only better
    Trend for the summer: floral and printed match sets
    Accessory you own: 41mm gold rolex- Rick Ross and I have the same one ha
    Song at the moment: PROBLEM- Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea
    Character on Sex and the City: Hmm I think I like parts of all the SATC characters - I like Carrie's style and how she reflects and over analyzes everything (I'm guilty of that!), I like Samantha for her confidence and I don't give a fuck personality, I like Charlotte because she's such a classy little princess, and I like Miranda because I think she is the most level headed and realistic of them all.
    Vacation spot: BALI, but it's soooo far. It's about 22 hours from LA.
    Body part (on yourself): I have delicate hands and feet and thin ankles and wrists.

    What’s your LEAST fave...

    Insta filter: KELVIN- so irrelevant and at the end of the list I don't think anyone even makes it there. and who wants to be that orange???
    Food: I've been thinking about this for 10 minutes! I honestly think i like all types of food (as long as it is prepared well!). I'm definitely a foodie and love to cook and bake too.
    Character on Sex and the City: Miranda... I know that's so typical to say, but I like Steve and Brady!
    Type of person (can be literally about anything/anyone): People that are fake, flaky, or ALL TALK. I just think everyone should be who they are and not pretend otherwise!

    And final question, have you ever been to an outlet mall? If so, how did it make you feel?
    No comment


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk are proud parents to a new little bundle of joy!

    E! News has exclusively learned that The Office star and her director husband have welcomed a precious baby girl into their growing family. As for her name? Well, it's just as adorable as we'd anticipated.

    "We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Marie Kirk," the happy couple tells E! News. "Born May 25, 2014. The family is doing great. We are happy, healthy and sleepy."

    The duo also shared a sweet snapshot of their baby girl, getting some shut-eye while wrapped up in a polka-dot onesie. How cute is she?!

    Fischer and Kirk, who tied the knot in 2010, are also parents to 2-old son Weston.


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    Namco Bandai Games America streamed an E3 trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 3 game Dynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn (Shin Gundam Musou) on Wednesday. The game will debut in the Americas via digital download on July 1. Those who pre-order the game will receive the "Trial of Crimson and Red" scenario and the Beargguy mobile suit.

    The game has over 120 playable mecha — the most ever in this game series.

    Namco Bandai Games announced plans for the game's release in the Americas in February. Shin Gundam Musou shipped in Japan on December 19 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

    Source | YT Source

    I need this in my life.

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  • 06/13/14--19:38: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!!

  • Kathy Griffin Will Host The 2014 Daytime Emmy Online-Awards!

    The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced today that the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards will be hosted by comedian and two-time Emmy® Award winner Kathy Griffin. The program will be presented live to a national and global audience from the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, June 22.

    When reached for comment Griffin said, “I am beyond thrilled to be hosting what I'm told is the most important television event of the year. Knowing that over 100 million people from every corner of the planet will be watching, I will try to keep my nerves at bay and deliver a great show. I can only hope that at the end of the evening, critics and fans alike will compare it to the experience they once had watching Neil Armstrong take man's first step on the moon. My only regret is knowing that this epic evening will distract millions of viewers from enjoying this year's World Cup. I apologize to FIFA.”

    In January Kathy Griffin won the Grammy-Award for Best Comedy Album. She is also a two-time Emmy® Award winner, 8-time Emmy® Award nominee, a NY Times bestselling author, and was recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for her unprecedented 20 televised stand-up comedy specials.

    “We are very excited to have Kathy leading our ceremony this year,” said Malachy G. Wienges, Chairman of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. “She is a beloved figure in the community and we know that she will have audiences laughing the night away as we honor the brightest stars in our industry on a global stage.”

    Daytime Emmy Awards Preview!

    Fans have lots of questions now that it's been announced that the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are going to be broadcast not on a network or cable outlet, but rather streamed via the Internet at beginning at 5:00 p.m. PST on Sunday, June 22.

    Soaps In Depth spoke to David Michaels, Senior Executive Director, Daytime Emmy Awards for The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences, about what viewers can expect on the big day!

    Soaps In Depth: Will the format be different? Will the show have a time limit?
    David Michaels: As I understand it, the plan is for the show to go straight through — there will be no commercial breaks. We're treating it like a live show. It'll run for two hours.

    In Depth: There tend to be fewer rules on the Internet about what people can do. Might we see more of a party atmosphere for this show?
    Michaels: I'm not sure. It's the same setting room and people, the same party. I don't know if people will feel that they can take advantage of the "no-holds-barred" rules of the Internet or not.

    In Depth: What are the advantages to having no commercial breaks?
    Michaels: We're doing 24 categories now. That's substantially more than we'd do on a [regular] broadcast. All the [regular] soap categories will be there. The new category for Web soaps will be there. So will the Special Class Special category. One of the nominees for that is the Jeanne Cooper (ex-Katherine) tribute episode that THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS did. It was amazing.

    In Depth: Any word on who's going to host the show?
    Michaels: I know there are offers out, but I don't believe anyone is signed yet.

    In Depth: Will the show being on the Web allow for clips to be shown more easily?
    Michaels: I made it clear that everyone wants to see clips. [The production company that's doing the show] has had our office send out a call for video to everybody. I know you're going to see a lot more video than you saw last year. I'm pushing hard to get the actor clips in there.

    In Depth: So we might see more clips than we have in past years?
    Michaels: Yes. Two hours is a lot of time without commercials. It's two hours!

    Sebastian Rulli & Angelique Boyer Team Up for Stage Production of Los Derechos de la Mujer!

    Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer's on-screen chemistry is off the charts, but will it translate into the theater?

    Reportedly, the director paid a lot of money to get the two because of their chemistry, according to Terra.

    The two will play the main characters in "Los Derechos de la Mujer." There will be a battle of the sexes theme surrounding the comedy.

    "It's an important classic," said producer Ruben Lara. "It's Alfonso Paso, a famous Spanish author. The pair is very important. It's a great comedy. I think it's great because people will be able to see who is shining and who are good actors."

    The shows will start on July 31 in Tlaxcala. There are already 30 to 40 dates announced.
    This means that Boyer and Rulli are particularly busy these days.

    The rest of the cast includes Ana Bertha Espin, Fernanda Castillo, Alejandro Avila, Juan Carlos Barreto and Aida Pierce.

    "You know everything is expensive," Lara said. "The truth, right now there is nothing cheap. But these are people that I have previously worked with. Sebastián made his debut in 'Posdata: tu Gato ha Muerto,' with Angelique we did 'Ausencia de Dios' four years ago... Well, we have a great tea and there's great harmony."

    Angelique Boyer recently explained why she is willing to continue working with Rulli, saying that the two are good friends. "You won't get tired of saying it, and you will continue seeing us together because there's a friendship," she said.

    Billy Miller To Join General Hospital?

    There have been rumors circulating for some time that Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, and a nominee this year for Outstanding Lead Actor, Billy Miller might be heading to General Hospital!

    The beloved former star of The Young and the Restless who exited the CBS soap opera in December in the role of Billy Abbott has been thought for some time to possibly heading to Port Charles as a recast for the role of Jason Quartermaine (last played by Steve Burton).

    Earlier this evening to add some fuel to the fire TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan tweeted, “Billy Miller. General Hospital. Done deal? This is what I’m hearing.”

    The question remains if this does come true, who will Miller play? A new character? Jason? Someone who hasn’t been on the canvas in awhile like Dillon Quartermaine?

    Y&R’s Jessica Collins Talks Playing Avery, Strange Fan Encounter, Love Scene Ritual!

    The mutli-talented Jessica Collins (Avery) of The Young and the Restless was a guest today on the Hallmark Channel’s morning series, Home & Family with hosts Christina Ferrare and Mark Steines.

    During the first part of her segment, Jessica revealed that she is coming up in her third anniversary playing Avery on the number one soap, commented on a clip of an intimate on-screen moment between Avery and Dylan (Steve Burton), and admitted she likes working with Steve Burton very much. However, there have been times in her career when she was not comfortable playing opposite a few of her leading men.

    Later during the cooking segment, Jessica whips up her recipe for a tasty Blueberry Cobbler, and while doing so reveals a strange fan encounter that ensued that involved her and her mother. Apparently, the fan talked to Jessica’s mom as if Jessica was really Avery! Collins also chatted on her infamous love scene ritual where she always shake hands with her scene partner when they finish their hot steamy love scenes.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Wins Golden Nymph Award For Best Telenovela/Soap Opera!

    In ceremonies held at the Grimaldi Forum, B&B’s executive Producer and head writer Brad Bell and members of his cast were on hand to celebrate the soaps victory at the 54th Annual Golden Nymph Awards.

    For the ninth year in a row The Bold and the Beautiful received the Monte Carlo Television Festival’s International TV Audience Awards in the Telenovela/Soap Opera category! The Bold and the Beautiful continues to be the most watched television series in the world!

    Posing for this picture shortly after their victory and posted on the Golden Nymph Twitter page are series stars: Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Kim Matula (Hope), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge)!

    Is The Search For An Actor To Play The Role Of Y&R’s Adam Newman Back On?

    Fans of The Young and the Restless who have been hoping that the recent “sighting” at CBS studios reported by Soap Opera Digest may have meant that fan favorite Michael Muhney is definitely returning to the role ofAdam Newman … may have to “hold their horses!”

    Now comes word via Nelson Branco that a casting breakdown has gone out again that looks to be a search for Muhney’s successor in the pivotal role of the black sheep of the Newman clan.

    According to the breakdown: The show is looking to cast the role of Aaron. It’s a contract role, with the length of contract negotiable. Starts late July 2014.

    The casting notice goes on to say, “Caucasian Male. Mid 30′S to Very Early 40′S. A LEADING MAN who is SEXY, Appealing and VERY charming. He is smart! A businessman who can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor MUST be AT LEAST 5’10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. MAJOR CHARACTER. MUST CONSIDER ACTORS WITH STRONG CREDITS.”

    Alison Sweeney Talks Her Emotional Final Tape Day At DAYS!

    Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS) was a guest on Access Hollywood Live today promoting her new novel in stores now Scared Scriptless! While speaking with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, the subject of Sweeney’s departure after nearly 22 years from Days of our Lives was discussed.

    In an emotional moment as Alison was recounting what went down on her final tape day at DAYS, Kit asked her if she was scared or nervous about moving on with her career which did not include playing Sami to which Sweeney answered: “I’m not scared. I’m sad, but I know that I will miss Sami. And I will miss my friends and the family that I have at the DAYS set… They’re my family and I’ve been doing it for almost 22 years.”

    As to how the show will be writing off Sami, Alison confirmed again that the door will be left open for a possible return down the line should she want to at some point return to the soap opera: “Yes, the door is open. There’s potential. And I hope I come back — I would love to.”

    Knots Landing Reunion Set for Next OPRAH!

    The compelling update series "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" tracks down the "Oprah" show guests who made you laugh... and made you cry with a glimpse inside the lives of the biggest newsmakers and most memorable celebrities of all time. In an all-new episode, "Oprah:Where Are They Now?" features Candy Spelling, a reunion with the battling blondes of "Knots Landing," and Antonio Sabato, Jr., airing this Sunday, June 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

    "Knots Landing" battling blondes, Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills, reunite to reveal the truth about their enduring off-camera friendship with an inside look at how they live their lives today.

    The all-new episode includes updates with Candy Spelling, the family matriarch famous for her 38-year marriage to legendary producer Aaron Spelling, and who recently made headlines for her public feuds with daughter Tori. From her penthouse condo overlooking Los Angeles, Candy talks about daughter Tori's marital troubles and their complex mother-daughter relationship.

    Next, former Calvin Klein model, actor and soap opera hunk Antonio Sabato, Jr. opens up about his Italian heritage and what it was like moving to the United States at the age of 13 to live out his American dream; plus, his latest passion - teaching children to act.

    Adam Newman Recast As Cameron Mathison?

    Actor Cameron Mathison may soon join the cast of The Young and the Restless, according to new reports. The former All My Children star reportedly visited the CBS studios and is possibly taking the role of Adam Newman, who was recently involved in a tragic car accident. While it was initially assumed that Adam was killed, recent episodes prove that the character is still alive.

    Last week, a fan even tweeted Mathison urging him to take the role of Adam Newman on the hit soap opera. Yet, Mathison didn't confirm any casting news.

    Instead, he responded: "haha! Very sweet. It would be great.It's a tough recast(if that's what they are doing). Hope they find someone the fans accept."

    Que Pobres Tan Ricos Bans Gay Kiss!

    Que Pobres Tan Ricos is one of Televisa's highly-rated telenovelas starring Jaime Camil and Zuria Vega. One of the subplots of this soap has Eugenio Derbez's son José Eduardo Derbez in a same-sex relationship with actor Diego de Erice. During the finale they both allegedly share a kiss to close off their storyline that didn't sit well with Televisa executives and ordered producer Rosy Ocampo to cut the scene.

    "The relationship between these two characters, obviously a homosexual relation, has been done with all the possible precaution," Rosy Ocampo said during an interview with Javier Poza. "We have made intensive research and every week we have a panel through the Institute of Social Research. The only thing we wanted to propose in the telenovela is respect for diversity. I have the seal of having positive messages in telenovelas and that's what it is, respect for diversity. The relationship between them will continue and we will never see anything that can possible be offensive to the Mexican family." As production of the radio show tweeted out her response, Mexican film director, Manolo Caro replied posing the question, "A homosexual kiss is offensive?" The message from No Sé Si Cortarme Las Venas O Dejármelas Largas director was soon deleted from his timeline.

    Meet B&B's Ivy!

    Former Australian soap star Ashleigh Brewer will debut on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL in July as Eric's neice, Ivy Forrester, the daughter of the designer's younger brother John, who has been living in Sydney. Soaps In Depth caught up with Brewer following her first few days of taping to find out how she's settling into the role.

    "My first day at work was last Friday, and it was a whirlwind day," says the Queensland-born actress, whose previous acting role was a five-year stint on the Australian soap NEIGHBORS.

    "I was lucky in that a lot of my scenes were group scenes, so there were eight or nine of us on set. I got to meet a big handful of the B&B cast all at once."

    Brewer admits her life has been a whirlwind since her casting was announced, and she's even been invited to join B&B's retinue in Monte Carlo at the annual International Television Festival in June.

    "I feel like I'm not even deserving of it yet, because I've only worked a few days — like I'm cheating the system," she jokes. "I've gotten all of these incredible perks before I even officially started airing. It's as if I'm dreaming all of this a little bit!"

    The Week In The Year 2013!

    After spending a night alone at her loft, Steffy decided that Hope could give Liam what Steffy couldn't. Steffy planned to go to Paris for good and asked Hope to take care of Liam. Liam was confused when Steffy cryptically ended their marriage, and as Steffy boarded a plane, Hope told Liam that things were working out as they'd been intended to. Brooke fainted before she could tell Katie and Bill about the baby. Upon learning that she'd had a miscarriage, Brooke decided to keep silent about the baby and affair with Bill. Refusing to be Bill's pawn, Maya told Rick the truth about why she'd broken things off. The couple reunited, and Rick finally ended things with Caroline.

    John admitted to a stunned Marlena that he still had unresolved feelings for Kristen. John said that he was remorseful about his dark plan to break up Kristen and Brady, but Marlena told him that they were through. Kristen and Nicole fought over their feelings for Brady. Sami shot Detective Bernardi to save Rafe's life, but E.J. was there for her when she needed him. Sami felt guilty and was sad for Bernardi's wife and son, but she stuck to her story and told Hope and Roman that Bernardi had tried to kill Rafe. Hope arrested Sami when the police did not find the weapon to verify her story. Kristen vowed to get her revenge against Marlena. Sonny surprised Will and suggested to him that Gabi and Arianna should move in with them. Later, Gabi decided to move in with Will and Sonny. Kristen told John that she was free of him forever. Jennifer believed J.J. when he told her that he had not vandalized Daniel's car and that he was sorry about what had happened with Parker. Daniel told Jennifer that he still had his doubts about J.J., and that led to an argument between them. Daniel tried to explain his position, but Jennifer walked out on him. Kristen met with a mysterious man as part of her plot to get back at Marlena. Stefano left town.

    Patrick and Sabrina made love. Britt managed to stay a step ahead of Felix and Sabrina, who were determined to get a sample of Britt's blood to prove that Britt wasn't sick. Sonny postponed the hit on Franco because he didn't want to put innocent people at risk. Carly arranged for Shawn to shoot Franco on Metro Court Restaurant's terrace. Olivia had a vision of Sonny covered in blood, so she ran out to the terrace, thinking that Franco intended to kill Sonny. Shawn's sniper bullet struck Olivia as Olivia threw herself between Sonny and Franco. Sonny threatened to kill Carly if Olivia died. Alexis caught Shawn in a lie. Franco knew that Carly had arranged the hit on him, but he promised to keep quiet because he was determined to make amends for his past. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed that Danny had leukemia. Diane was shocked when Silas refused to postpone the custody hearing so that Sam could focus on Danny. Silas explained that he would be doing Sam a favor by taking Rafe off of her hands. Rafe was stunned when the judge ruled in Silas' favor. Taylor was disappointed when the prom was cancelled because of the shooting at Metro Court, but she persuaded T.J. to take her out on a date, so they could still enjoy their evening. Kiki was upset after a talk with Franco, so she went to the apartment to talk to Morgan but found Michael home alone. Morgan used Michael's credit card to gamble online. Luke called to make an appointment to get the results of his tests.

    Phyllis found Summer's birth control pills and warned her daughter against making a mistake. Kyle planned a special evening to celebrate Summer's graduation, and Summer suggested that they get a hotel room, but she eventually opted to spend the evening with her friends. Phyllis decided to move back in with Jack. Nick was devastated to learn that his DNA was not a match with Summer's, and Phyllis blasted him for playing God. Fen partied with fellow "losers" after graduation. Michael and Lauren started marriage counseling. Victor presented Nikki with a honeymoon trip to Italy, and he set up a test for Adam in his absence. Adam informed someone that Victor would be out of town. Chelsea was horrified when she blurted that she loved Dylan, but she was thrilled when he later returned the sentiment. Anita threatened to tell Adam the truth about Chelsea's baby's paternity. Avery and Leslie started their own law firm. Leslie sought access to Gus's safe deposit box. An excerpt about Devon from Neil's journal appeared online. Cane hired Hilary Curtis as his new assistant. Noah and Sharon commiserated over not knowing what to do with their lives. Sharon turned to a stranger at a bar for attention. Chloe realized that Kevin had stolen again, and she left him. Victoria suspected that Billy was having an affair, and she caught Billy and Chloe in an innocent hug.


    Monday, June 16
    Sami asks Abigail for a big favor; Rafe opens up to Kate; John accuses Brady of using again; Theresa threatens to sabotage J.J. and Paige's relationship.

    Tuesday, June 17
    Nicole and Sami fight; Kate sees Jordan and Ben together; Jennifer tries to fix things with Daniel; Will and Sonny try to adjust to a Gabi-free life.

    Wednesday, June 18
    E.J. and Abigail risk Sami finding them in a compromising position; Marlena confronts Nicole; Daniel's new patient is a former Salem resident; Aiden impresses Hope with his plan to save the gala.

    Thursday, June 19
    The DiMera mansion hosts a major confrontation; Victor lets Kate go; Nicole must make a decision about Eric's future; Jennifer remembers the past.

    Friday, June 20
    J.J. looks for Paige; Paige is told to avoid Theresa; Jennifer gets comfort from Hope; Brady finds Theresa with Aiden.

    Monday, June 16
    Silas has news for Sam; a visitor surprises Sabrina; Sonny receives a warning from Anna.

    Tuesday, June 17
    Sonny and Julian talk about the state of the mob; Morgan and Kiki wonder what Ava and Sonny are hiding; Josslyn is apprehensive of Fanco.

    Wednesday, June 18
    Sam's actions take Silas by surprise; Michael makes an announcement about ELQ's latest project; Lulu considers a decision.

    Thursday, June 19
    Alexis defends her relationship with Julian; Anna wants Jordan to accelerate the plan; Tracy comes up with a new scheme.

    Friday, June 20
    The judge is ready to issue a ruling; Jordan seeks information from Julian; Anna thinks Alexis should be careful with Julian.

    Monday, June 16
    Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Katie (Heather Tom) face a frightening reality regarding Ridge (Thorsten Kaye); Liam (Scott Clifton) lends Wyatt (Darin Brooks) a sympathetic ear.

    Tuesday, June 17
    Brooke finds an answer regarding Ridge's fate; Hope (Kim Matula) reunites with her father, Deacon (Sean Kanan).

    Wednesday, June 18
    The group at Forrester Creations gets an update on Ridge; Justin (Aaron D. Spears) worries his actions will come to light.

    Thursday, June 19
    Katie is devastated that her future with Ridge may not go as planned; Deacon gives Quinn (Rena Sofer) important information.

    Friday, June 20
    Friends and family gather; Quinn gives Wyatt good news.

    Monday, June 16
    Jack (Peter Bergman) delivers troubling news to Victoria (Amelia Heinle); Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) remembers her past with Paul (Doug Davidson).

    Tuesday, June 17
    Lauren (Tracey Bregman) pushes Christine (Lauralee Bell) to continue hoping; Nikki and Victor (Eric Braeden) process shocking news about Ian (Ray Wise); Lily's (Christel Khalil) worst nightmare comes true.

    Wednesday, June 18
    Summer (Hunter King) asks Avery (Jessica Collins) to defend Austin (Matthew Atkinson); Stitch (Sean Carrigan) wants to tell Victoria about his past before Billy (David Tom) figures it out.

    Thursday, June 19
    Christine prays for a miracle; Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) butt heads; things grow awkward between Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy (David Tom).

    Friday, June 20
    Nick's (Joshua Morrow) reluctance to trust Mariah worries Sharon (Sharon Case); Devon (Bryton James) opens up to Hilary (Mishael Morgan); the crisis at the hospital takes a turn for the worse.

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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    It's slow going on Universal's Fast & Furious 7, and sources say it's not just because of the technical demands of re-creating late star Paul Walker. According to sources, star Vin Diesel has been so difficult that some on set have fantasized about using the facial-replacement technology being deployed to put Walker in the film as a sub for Diesel as well.

    "Vin spent a whole day in his trailer one day," says one insider. "The next day, they waited four hours for him. He called a meeting [May 28] of studio execs to his trailer for two-and-a-half hours to say, 'What the f— am I doing here?'" The next day, work was done with doubles. Another source confirms that progress has been frustrating, with the crew suffering from "low morale."

    Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley flatly denies trouble: "This production is working through some challenges that are historically unprecedented. The crew and cast, led by Vin, have been nothing but terrific under these circumstances."


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    Now this is how you werk a red carpet!

    It was all about the boob tease, peek-a-boo leg and halter dresses last night as celebrities hit the red carpet of L.A.’s Think Like a Man Too premiere, and the ladies were straight up stunning from head-to-toe. The men like Floyd Mayweather, Terrence J and Michael Ealy cleaned up quite nicely too as they hit the red carpet in their best suits, and couples like Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka, Tank and Zena Foster, Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas and Chris & Jada Paul were out in full force for a romantic comedy night.

    Also on the scene were Mary J Blige, Regina Hall, Golden Brooks, Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Keke Palmer and Meagan Good.

    Keri Hilson rocked an exposed-bra look as she stepped out with Serge Ibaka. This may be their first red carpet appearance together.

    Terrence J, Will Packer (the film’s producer) and Michael Ealy

    Gabby Union, Mother of the Year, and Mary J. Blige


    i didn't see this posted here yet. also lol at keri hilson having a tag...

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    BTS that is also cut for potential spoilers

    src& src

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    Hiccup, Toothless and the gang are all back, and from the sound of it, critics couldn’t be happier.

    “How To Train Your Dragon 2” follows up the massive success of Dreamworks Animation’s first film, which chronicled the wonderful relationship between peaceful Viking Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and dragon Toothless. The forbidden friendship won over pretty much everyone who saw it, including critics.

    Sequels are a tough business, but if anyone could tame the critics a second time, it’d be this incredible group, which includes Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Craig Ferguson and Kirsten Wiig. Oh, and that’s before even mentioning that the sequel added “Game of Thrones” actor Kit Harrington and the incomparable Cate Blanchett.

    Just how much did Toothless and co. charm the critics this time? Check out some of the reviews for the film.

    You’ll Melt For Toothless (In A Good Way)
    “‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ is brimming with action while remaining mercifully straightforward. The undoing of many a sequel lies in its insistence on introducing multiple enemies to up the ante. There’s none of that here. Meanwhile, the movie manages to tackle themes of growing up and finding independence; coming to terms with one’s heritage; forgiveness; and how to properly care for a pet. Anyone with a cat, dog, ferret or guinea pig will probably melt when Toothless jumps on Hiccup and doles out some big, sloppy kisses.” — Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

    It’s The Sequel The World Needs
    “Most sequels get made for commercial reasons, whether or not the world needs them. ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ is a movie the world needs. Gleeful and smart, funny and serious, this sequel surpasses the endearing original with gorgeous animation—a dragon Eden, a dragon scourge, an infinitude of dragons—and one stirring human encounter after another.” — Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

    Cate Is Great
    “And Blanchett’s vocal performance, grit tempered by grace, ranks with the best in animated-film history … powers the film to a climax that will knock you for a loop.” — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

    It’s Pretty Intense For A Kids’ Film
    “Director Dean DeBlois keeps the story moving efficiently enough, and despite the fact that the film has too many structural arms and legs wiggle-wagging in all the wrong places, there are some finely tuned dramatic moments, including a tragic twist that might be too intense for really little kids. (Heck, it was almost too intense for me.)” — Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice

    “The Mother Of All Animated Sequels”
    “Hiccup comes to discover much about both his past and his destiny in this space. DeBlois could have played the sequence a million different ways, which makes it all the more stunning for him to “let it go” as he does, turning to an original Celtic-style ballad, ‘For the Dancing and the Dreaming,’ sung as an intimate duet between two characters, instead of belted Broadway-style from the rooftops. If necessity is the mother of invention, then DreamWorks’ desire to extend the “Dragon” franchise has propelled the creative team in the most admirable of directions, resulting in what just may be the mother of all animated sequels.” — Peter Debruge, Variety

    Who else has seen the movie? because we need to talk about it now spoilers and all.

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  • 06/13/14--19:53: The Teletubbies are back

  • Preschoolers will be delighted to learn — the Teletubbies is getting a makeover.

    Halifax-based DHX Media Ltd. has announced plans to produce 60 new episodes of the popular British children’s show it acquired last fall.

    Giggly moppets Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po will star, as they do in the 365 existing episodes of the program which launched in 1997, but with fresher visages, said DHX president and COO Steven DeNure.

    “The characters are going to be the same; we may do a little bit more (computer-generated) enhancements to the faces, but it’s going to be pretty subtle.

    “It will be wide screen and HD which is something audiences expect now and we’ll be using some production techniques that were used on big films like the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings series; using blue screen technology to kind of enhance the magic world that the Teletubbies live in; all in an effort to recreate in a modern way what the Teletubbies looked like when it was shot on a real set in a farmer’s field.

    “For us, it’s really about updating the episodes and extending the series and making beautiful new episodes that take advantage of today’s technology. There is an ineffable quality about the Teletubbies that’s just a little hard to put your finger on.”

    The original episodes were filmed outdoors at a farm in England, but after the series wrapped production several years ago, the Teletubbies house was torn down and replaced with a pond.

    “We thought about recreating that, but dismissed it relatively early,” DeNure said.

    Reruns of the BBC show remain a global draw. It’s seen in 120 markets in 45 different languages.
    It was also the first western pre-school property to air on China’s CCTV reaching an audience of 300 million children, according to DHX.

    In the late ‘90s Teletubbies drew the ire of American fundamentalist preacher Rev. Jerry Falwell who cited purple, purse-toting Tinky Winky for “role modelling the gay lifestyle.”

    Falwell’s comments led both the BBC and the show’s production company to issue statements denouncing the suggestions.

    The new shows, which are being produced for BBC’s CBeebies channel, should be ready for air in the UK and elsewhere by the end of 2015. Financial terms of the agreement weren’t released.

    Other changes will update the characters too, though DeNure wouldn’t offer many hints. He said the proliferation of touch-screen technology in homes changes some of the dynamics between the characters.

    The original Teletubbies had TVs in their tummies.

    “For a kid watching that now, it’s no longer a television, it’s a screen you can hold in your hand. We think there are some really interesting creative opportunities on that front as we develop new Teletubbies,” DeNure said.

    When it first aired, Teletubbies was one of the rare live-action children’s television shows that crept into the mainstream consciousness with a line of plush toys, a top-selling series of VHS tapes, and a song that reached Number One on the U.K. Singles Chart.

    Teletubbies is still wildly popular on YouTube where DHX estimates that episodes and clips of the program received about 40 million views worldwide in May through both its official channel and videos posted by other users.

    “It continues to be something that parents are showing to their kids and kids are asking for,” said DeNure.

    DHX distributes shows through traditional broadcasters, streaming video outlets like Netflix and on its own YouTube channel where the company generates revenue through advertisements delivered by Google.

    DeNure said YouTube gives the company the opportunity to earn revenue from its properties without the limitations of more traditional media.

    “The whole notion of shelf space kind of goes out the window,” he said.

    The company also bought the Family Channel from Bell Media, giving it a platform to create and sell more shows globally, and the Epitome group of companies, producer of the hit Degrassi TV franchise.

    DHX is also producing new Inspector Gadget shows and considering the same for its other properties like Yo Gabba Gabba! and Caillou.


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     photo mila-kunis-660_zpscbd33d21.jpg

    "He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see."

    – Mila Kunis, on her birthing plan with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, to Marie Claire

     photo gabrielle-union-435_zpsc209959b.jpg

    "He really 'Kanye-d' himself and really doubled down – I'm really just along for the ride!"

    – Gabrielle Union, on "groomzilla" fiancé Dwyane Wade taking over wedding planning duties, to PEOPLE

     photo channing-tatum-435_zpsb386f84f.jpg

    "If I wasn't with my wife and Jonah had lady parts, I would probably ask him out."

    – Channing Tatum, on his chemistry with 22 Jump Street costar Jonah Hill, to Entertainment Weekly

     photo keira-knightley-660_zps42dfb838.jpg

    "He did play a d–head very well."

    – Keira Knightley, on costar Adam Levine's big-screen debut in Begin Again, to Glamour

     photo sherri-shepherd-435_zps553651a4.jpg

    "You can't hold me down – I'm a wonderful mama."

    – Sherri Shepherd, speaking out about her ongoing custody battle, to PEOPLE

     photo kit-haringtton-660_zpsdf7d3f2d.jpg

    "It has its own contract, definitely."

    – Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, on the popularity of his luscious locks, on Live! with Kelly and Michael

     photo charlie-white_zps6499fb13.jpg

    "Hashtag she said yes!!!"

    – Olympic ice dancer Charlie White, who popped the question to fellow medalist Tanith Belbin, on Instagram

     photo kate-hudson-435_zps76f7b38a.jpg

    "I mentally cut their heads off."

    – Kate Hudson, on how she deals with the constant swarm of photographers, to InStyle

     photo sandra-bullock-435_zps0f83d6e9.jpg

    "It really should be Decade of Hot Mess."

    – Sandra Bullock, on winning the Decade of Hotness trophy, during Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards

     photo jimmy-fallon-435_zps0c3e3692.jpg

    "My life has never been this cool."

    – Jimmy Fallon, gushing over his TV success and life with daughter Winnie Rose, to PEOPLE


    HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)   xoxoxo

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    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been spending the summer bringing an ancient deity (Horus) to life for Summit Entertainment’s “Gods of Egypt,” but this week, he reacted to some very modern news: “Game of Thrones” has passed “The Sopranos” to become HBO’s most popular show.

    “It’s just amazing,” Nikolaj told Access Hollywood.

    Nikolaj’s scenes with Gwendoline — as Jaime and Brienne – have been deliciously layered, and some of his finest work on the HBO drama, and the actor gave credit to Gwendoline for partnering in making them so strong.

    “I think it’s — as with anything, you’re only as good as the person you’re working with and Gwendoline is a very good actress,” he said. “She understands the character so well and she plays her just perfectly. But, again, it’s just beautiful writing – you spend a lot of time with these two people, and it’s been interesting to watch the reaction to the season because… you felt a real hope in the audience in a way, and almost anticipated, We need these two to get together. For God’s sake, don’t go back to Cersei! This is the woman you should be with,’” he continued. “There’s almost a sense of betrayal with Jaime then, still wanting to be with his sister. Couldn’t he just be with Brienne for god’s sake? But, he can’t and that’s very unfortunate, because it would have been beautiful.

    But, does that mean he was hoping for a romantic relationship between the two characters?

    “No. I think that would have been a very happy ending, but it’s not the way the show works,” he clarified. “They’d probably end up killing each other. They’re both very stubborn, very proud. But they are a lot of fun to watch… first of all, because it’s so well written, but also, they are different in every way and yet, they’re very similar in their core.”

    A similar comparison could be made between Jaime and Tyrion. Outwardly different, at the core, their brotherly bond – revealed in those jail visits — is strong. And after being unable to serve as his brother’s champion, Jaime was left crushed when the man who did, Prince Oberyn Martell, fell to The Mountain. As a result, Tywin sentenced Tyrion to death.

    “It’s heartbreaking for Jaime and it’s horrible to be in this powerless situation where one of the few — maybe the only person you really love, and you feel loves you back — is gonna die for something he hasn’t done, and your own family wants him dead,” Nikolaj said.


    Excited for Sunday.

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    This stalker put on quite the performance.

    On Friday, a man identified as Shawn Caples, 28, was caught sleeping in the laundry room at Sanaa Lathan‘s home by contractors, reports TMZ. Caples claimed to be Lathan’s husband and was sent away, but things escalated when Caples returned later that day and was discovered by Lathan herself.

    The 42-year-old “Best Man Holiday” actress screamed “get the f—k out of here.”

    Caples refused to leave the premises and Lathan immediately called police.

    On Monday, Caples reappeared at a terrified Lathan’s house.

    The crazed fan was arrested and jailed for stalking. Upon his release, Caples will be ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the star.

    Lathan isn’t the only celebrity suffering from a security breach. An obsessed fan has been stalking Wendy Williams, appearing at her Chelsea studio and demanding to see the talk show host, while Sandra Bullock’s house was recently invaded while she was home.

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