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    Continuing on with the Noah press tour, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Darren Aronofsky premiered Noah in Berlin today (13th March), joined by other cast members Emma Watson and Ray Winstone. Other premieres in Moscow, Madrid, New York and London await.

    Who do you think won in the style stakes - Jennifer or Emma?

     photo NoahGermanyPremieretagfvsv1KUix_zps33949beb.jpg
     photo NoahGermanyPremiereChcKF3jt8yTx_zps3f9a9bcb.jpg
     photo NoahGermanyPremiereIYOBo5-ZSQ-x_zpsfdbeb852.jpg
     photo NoahGermanyPremiereow4vrROT3Jfx_zps01bce582.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyNoahPremieresBerlinbrfIZvrVXaGx_zps4d2089cb.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyNoahPremieresBerlinvHzMieE96qKx_zpsb439e5a1.jpg
     photo 1_zps6a991b69.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyNoahPremieresBerlinqaXSGdHQ9-tx_zps91818f0f.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyNoahPremieresBerlinPm3s5aDyG_dx_zps65f74e2c.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyNoahPremieresBerlin4RXwvyNAWTfx_zpsc068251e.jpg


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    In an exclusive statement to Digest and her fans, Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) confirms reports that she is leaving the soap she first joined in 2008.

    Here, in her own words, she reveals the reasons behind her life-altering decision: "You may have heard the rumor that I am leaving Y&R…and it is with a grateful heart that I wanted to tell you personally, my unbelievable fans, that the rumor is true. What does one say after a decade of the most amazing relationship? Let me start by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for standing by me and all of my characters in daytime over the many years. A big special thanks to the BAMers, Chilly's, Clonan's and Clovin fans. Your love and dedication has been unwavering. Even the most beautiful relationships need to go through changes in order for them to grow and evolve. This is where I find myself.

    I need to stretch my wings and fly into the unknown. The one thing that remains true and what I will hold close to my heart as I embark on this new adventure is that I will ALWAYS have you. If it weren't for all of your love, support and faith in me as an actress I wouldn't be able to make this bold move. Please know, this is not goodbye forever. This was a very amicable parting of ways. I will be working for a few more weeks and airing well into May.

    Y&R and especially Jill Farren Phelps made it very clear they did not want to see me go and plan to leave the door open for Chloe. I am beyond thankful for my career in daytime, the friends I have made along the way and especially for all of you. I hope to see you all soon. Lets keep in touch. Maybe in another medium or simply another time slot. Regardless. I'll miss you.

    Love Lizzie."


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    The mystery has been solved -- the untitled Marvel Studios tentpole that Warner Bros.' Batman-Superman movie will go up against on May 6, 2016, is Captain America 3, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

    That's the plan, anyway, creating the biggest superhero box office showdown in history (Marvel Studios and parent company Disney staked out the date first). Shooting schedules and post-production could always impact the current blueprint, however. Also, Marvel and Disney have a second untitled movie set to open that summer on July 8, so there is wiggle room.

    Marvel films have all but owned the first weekend of summer for the past decade to enormous success, so all of Hollywood was surprised when Warner Bros. announced in January that it would open Batman-Superman movie on May 6, 2016 as well.

    Batman-Superman stars Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill once again as Superman. It was originally supposed to hit theaters in summer 2015, but its release was pushed back nearly a year. There's no doubt but that Warners is hoping to replicate the blockbuster returns Marvel has enjoyed with its multi-hero Avengers universe.

    This week, when promoting the upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige threw down the gauntlet, saying he had no plans to move off of the May 6 date. He still wouldn't reveal the identity of the film; however, insiders confirm it will indeed be Captain America 3. The world premiere of Winter Soldier is Thursday in Hollywood.

    Warners may have been waiting to see what the Marvel title was before considering a date change for Batman-Superman, if the studio indeed blinks. There are still weekends available that summer, including the first two after Captain America 3 and Batman-Superman are set to open. Zack Snyder begins shooting Batman-Superman in the coming weeks.
    Veteran box office observers doubt that the two films will ultimately open opposite each other.

    Marvel and Disney are incredibly high on Captain America 2, which opens in north America on April 4 and is garnering huge interest, according to pre-release tracking. They believe Winter Soldier, returning Chris Evans in the title role, will benefit from the same halo effect from The Avengers that Iron Man 3 and sequel Thor: The Dark World enjoyed, as well as firmly establishing Captain America as a standalone franchise.

    Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo directed Winter Soldier, and are in talks to return for Captain America 3. The first Captain America: The First Avenger took in $371 million worldwide, compared to $668 million for Man of Steel. However, Winter Soldier has a shot at matching the $641 million grossed worldwide by fellow Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World late last year.


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    Over the past few years, Syfy has found mainstream success with broad hits like Warehouse 13, Eureka and the recent social media juggernaut Sharknado. But Syfy’s president is apparently looking to the network’s sci-fi-heavy past as inspiration for a new direction — and that could be good news for genre fans who took issue with the channel's change of direction half a decade ago.

    Syfy president Dave Howe chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the network’s beefed-up slate of space-set sci-fi series and harder sci-fi projects, and said they’re trying to reclaim some ground that has been claimed by breakout hits like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Basically: If you like new shows like Defiance and Ron Moore’s Helix, that’s only the beginning:

    "We want to be the best science-fiction channel that we possibly can, and in some respects, that means going back to the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy that fans often say they feel we've exited. We’re going to occupy that space in a way we haven't for the past few years.

    That's the way to send a message in a big way that we're back and we care about sci-fi. There is enormous pressure to get that back, because we used to own it. And we're going to own it again.”

    The network is also looking for a new space opera or two in the vein of critical darling Battlestar Galactica and the recently canceled Stargate Universe, plus some high-profile miniseries that could have potential to grow into regular series. If they're looking for inspiration, please look back to Farscape. The world needs more weird, awesome space operas.

    The network will also be eyeing more international co-productions, a la the stellar Continuum, Lost Girl and new addition Bitten. This approach seems like a nice move, picking up exclusive U.S. rights to international sci-fi fare. They've found a few hits already, and considering how so many shows can work in different markets now, it can hopefully give good shows a shot at a bigger audience.

    It also sounds like the long-running tradition of producing sci-fi B-movies will be scaled down soon, though there will still be a place on the schedule for some campy mashups and future Sharknado sequels. Off-network re-runs are also being largely phased out, after what Howe calls “a disaster” of trying to program Lost reruns a few years ago. In a world of streaming and DVR, reruns just don't carry much weight.

    Can the network reestablish itself as a home for great sci-fi, or has that starship sailed? What shows would you like to see?

    I love all my SyFy shows but Bitten sucks. What would you like to see on SyFy ONTD? Personally I think they should go back to respelling the channel SciFi imo if this is the direction they plan on taking


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    American Horror Story is only in the pre-production stage of its fourth season set for fall 2014, and fans are left wondering which cast members will return or join the show.

    Five cast members have appeared in all three seasons of American Horror Story: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Frances Conroy. Of these five cast members, only Lange and Paulson have confirmed that they are returning for season 4. Meanwhile, Peters has said that he would like to be a part of the season 4 cast, though nothing has been arranged quite yet.

    Unfortunately for fans of Rabe, the actress is set to star in a new ABC drama called The Visitors, which may prevent her from also starring in American Horror Story in 2014. As for Conroy, the actress has not publicly discussed her potential involvement in season 4.

    Taissa Farmiga, who has starred in season 1 of American Horror Story in addition to season 3 (Coven), is set to film a horror-comedy movie this year called The Final Girls, which may or may not conflict with AHS season 4.

    Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett were two of the most significant additions in Coven, and both actresses are hoping to return to play new characters in season 4.

    Other actors who have appeared on previous seasons have not addressed the possibility of returning for season 4, such as Emma Roberts, Denis O'Hare or Zachary Quinto.

    One actress who is hoping to join the cast of American Horror Story is Lea Michele. The Glee actress has a good working relationship with Ryan Murphy, who is in charge of both Glee and American Horror Story.

    American Horror Story season 4 premieres in fall 2014 on FX.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    After it was revealed earlier this week that former New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein was to be arraigned on charges of child pornography and lewd conduct with a minor, the band has released a response to the shocking allegations against its ex-comrade on their Facebook page:

    “Upon our return from Warped Tour Australia, Steve made us aware of possible allegations that might be made against him. At that point, not knowing all the details, we made the decision to part ways in order for him to deal with these personal issues. Us 4 members of New Found Glory have given our entire lives to this band and will continue to do so. We’ve been able to play all over the world for the most amazing fans. We can’t wait to get in the studio to make a new album and we can’t wait to get back on the road! Just coming off the Parahoy cruise and a surprise show in our hometown we are more inspired than ever! Thank you so much to everyone around the globe for always sticking by us. The future is bright.”

    The charges against Klein came down late last month, just hours after the band unexpectedly announced it was parting ways with the guitarist.

    Klein’s lawyer, Debra White, has issued a statement on Klein’s behalf, via Alternative Press, reminding press and public that allegations are just allegations, innocent until proven guilty, and dampening the language surrounding the charges of “child pornography”.

    “It is a difficult challenge to defend oneself in the media when there is a pending criminal case. This is because people are quick to assume that if a person is charged with a crime, they are also guilty as charged. And it is especially difficult because criminal defense attorneys insist that their clients not talk about the case to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. Furthermore, attorneys are limited by law as to what can and cannot be said about a case to the public.

    In the matter of Steve Klein, since his case has now been brought into issue by the media, I am permitted to make a few statements. To that effect, I offer you the following indisputable facts about the accusations:

    1. Steve Klein is not accused of having any lewd actual physical contact with any minor.

    2. ALL charges against Steve are derived solely from online consensual video chats between Steve and some female strangers he met on an adult website. Steve believed the females were over the age of 18.

    3. The females alleged to be “minors” in this case are not known females. This means that no one, not the prosecution, not the police, and not the defense, actually know who the females are and no one knows their true age.

    4. The possession of child pornography charge is based solely on Steve allegedly “possessing” the videos of chats with the female strangers from the adult website.

    This is about all I am permitted to disclose at this time. But I can tell you, from my many years of experience in this specialty area of criminal defense, I wholeheartedly believe that Steve Klein is innocent of all of these charges.

    Steve is devastated by these accusations. He has lost his band, his livelihood, and his ex-wife continues to push for full custody of his children using this case as her pawn while he literally fights for his life. Despite this heavy hand, Steve remains strong and hopeful that he will be vindicated.
    New Found Glory (who will not be replacing Klein, instead moving forward as a four-piece) is set to perform at this year’s Groezrock festival (May 2-3) in Belgium alongside such acts as the Offspring, NOFX and the Hives.


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    In an interview on the Fox Business channel on Thursday, former reality TV show star Kristin Cavallari said that she and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, won’t vaccinate their children over fears that vaccines may cause autism.

    Cavallari, who is pregnant with her second child, told host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery that she and Cutler hadn’t vaccinated their first son and would not vaccinate their second one once he is born. When Montgomery challenged her by arguing that there is no real evidence showing that vaccines are harmful, Cavallari responded that she had “read too many books about autism” and cited the fact that one in 88 boys are diagnosed with autism today.

    Cavallari also said that contemporary vaccines have higher levels of mercury than those in the past did — a common talking point among vaccine truthers — and that one anti-vaccine organization whose members refuse to vaccinate children had seen zero instances of an autism diagnosis.

    Cavallari and Cutler have revealed themselves to be part of a burgeoning anti-vaccine movement that is terrifying public health officials. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warn that misinformation about vaccines’ safety is leading to an unprecedented resurgence in contagious diseases that were once practically eradicated in the United States, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough.

    CDC officials point out that in America, 80 percent of measles cases in 2013 presented among people who were never vaccinated, and 80 percent of those people cited “philosophical differences” for forgoing vaccination. Most recently, California health officials had to issue a public warning to Bay-area residents after just one unvaccinated man potentially exposed thousands of commuters to measles that he had contracted in Asia.

    Every major global public health organization has repeatedly refuted the notion that vaccinations have any link to autism. But that message isn’t getting through to every parent. Even though childhood vaccine exemptions have a direct relationship to infectious disease outbreaks, more than six percent of kindergartners in some states hadn’t received their shots last year — forcing officials in states with high rates of unvaccinated children, such as Oregon and Washington, to pass laws making it harder for parents who send their kids to public school to refuse vaccinations.


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    The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary project will open its animation page on Friday with a countdown to releasing content. The countdown page, which depicts the words "eight days left..." with a waxing moon, is currently visible, but the countdown does not begin until tomorrow.

    The new Sailor Moon anime will begin streaming worldwide on the Niconico service in July. Producer Atsutoshi Umezawa (Precurefranchise) said that it "is not remaking the previous anime, but adapting the original manga and starting from scratch again."


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    A former Power Ranger will soon be eating brains for The CW. Power Rangers R.P.M.'s Rose McIver has been cast in the lead role in iZombie, the new pilot based on the DC Comics / Vertigo comic of the same name, reports TVLine. McIver is coming off of a recurring role on Once Upon a Time as Tinker Bell and was also seen in a guest role on Masters of Sex this past season.

    On iZombie, McIver will play Liv, a med student who also happens to be a zombie - something Liv has managed to keep a secret, taking a job at a coroner's office, where she is able to feed on the brains she needs to survive. The amusingly bizarre procedural setup has Liv reading the memories of the corpses whose brains she consumes, leading her to investigating the murders she comes across.

    iZombie comes from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, who is teaming with another Veronica alum, Diane Ruggiero, to write the pilot.

    David Anders (Alias, The Vampire Diaries), Malcolm Goodwin (Breakout Kings), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Nora Dunn (Saturday Night Live) and Alexandra Krosney (Last Man Standing) also star in iZombie.

    In the comics, the lead character is named Gwen, not Liv, and she works as a gravedigger. Without revealing it was McIver, iZombie co-creator Mike Allred tweeted his big approval of McIver's casting early this week.

    iZOMBIE lead has been cast & she's incredibly talented and stunningly perfect. Very VERY happy. Haircut & makeup using my drawings. NEAT-O!

    — Michael Allred (@AllredMD) March 10, 2014

    iZombie is one of a number of DC Comics-based TV projects in the works, with The Flash pilot now in production at The CW (already the home to Arrow), a Constantine pilot at NBC about to go into production and Gotham given a straight-to-series order at FOX. The CW also had Hourman in development this year, though it doesn't look like that's getting a pilot - at least during this spring's usual pilot season.

    I can't believe we don't have a DC tag, need to remember that for the next time we have a post suggestion post


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    this is the original image

    sourcesource 2

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    Things are way closer than they used to be on Wednesday nights. CBS'"Survivor: Cagayan" spent a rare week ahead of "American Idol" in all measures and helped CBS claim overall victory for the night. "Survivor: Cagayan" started primetime in first for CBS with 9.86 million viewers and a 2.5 rating among adults 18-49. FOX's "American Idol" was second with 9.57 million viewers and with a 2.3 key demo rating.

    Source: 1 | 2

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    FUNimation Entertainment announced the fourth round of cast members for its English dub of Attack on Titan on Thursday:

    Mikasa - Trina Nishimura
    Hugo - Tyson Rinehart
    Ian - Scott Freeman
    Milieus - Joel McDonald
    Mina - Alexis Tipton
    Mitabi - Kyle Hebert
    Mobb - Matthew Ham

    The first three rounds of cast announcements included:

    Jean – Mike McFarland
    Sasha – Ashly Burch
    Conny – Clifford Chapin
    Anka – Jamie Marchi
    Hanna – Tia Ballard
    Gustav – Keith Kubal
    Christa – Bryn Apprill
    Ymir – Elizabeth Maxwell
    Keith - Patrick Seitz
    Moses - Jeff Johnson
    Erwin - J Michael Tatum
    Marco - Austin Tindle
    Carla - Jessica Cavanagh
    Grisha - Chris Hury
    Hannes - David Wald
    Levi - Matthew Mercer
    Petra - Caitlin Glass
    Hange - Jessica Calvello
    Daz - Brad Venable
    Bertholdt - David Matranga
    Franz - James Chandler
    Rico - Morgan Garrett
    Pyxis - R Bruce Elliott
    Nack - Will Short

    The first 13 episodes of the anime will get a standard edition Blu-ray and DVD combo pack, a Limited Edition, and a Collector's Edition.

    The Collector's Edition will retail for US$128.98 and include 104 minutes of on-disc extras, a 3D lenticular art card, 24-page "Notes From Beyond the Wall: Part 1" booklet, four military emblem pins (Military Police Regiment, Scout Regiment, Garrison Regiment, and Cadet Corps), a replica of Eren's key necklace, and a sword necklace "featuring the Titan flesh paring blades." The Limited Edition will retail for US$89.98 and contain the on-disc extras, the 3D lenticular art card, and the booklet. All versions will ship on June 3.


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    Louie is back!

    FX has set a May 5 premiere date for the return of Louis C.K.'s acclaimed comedy, and will air back-to-back episodes each Monday at 10 and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT for seven weeks, the network announced Thursday.

    Louie's fourth season follows an extended break for the comedian, who has continued to tour and do other acting work, appearing last year in Oscar nominees American Hustle and Blue Jasmine. The series last aired in September 2012, so its return will mark the end of a 20-month hiatus.

    "Louis said he needed extra time between seasons three and four of his show because – even though Louie was the most critically acclaimed television comedy series in America – he needed to make it even better," said FX chief John Landgraf in a statement. "Based on the first three episodes we've seen, remarkably, he accomplished his goal."


    I'm so excited for this show to finally be back and for him to hosting SNL again on the 29th.

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    Matilda star Mara Wilson has taken a serious Twitter-swipe at sleazy photographer Terry Richardson.

    This comes only days after 24-year-old model Charlotte Waters, took to Reddit to detail her unwanted sexual encounter with the controversial snapper.

    Although initially an anonymous post, Charlotte has now taken her story public to Vocativ magazine, claiming "she was always hesitant about reporting Richardson because he always seems to get off the hook."


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    Vanessa Hudgens dancing to "Yonce" by Beyoncé with some of her friends.


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    Ethiopian-American singer Kelela lands her first ever magazine cover.

    Kelela in Interview Magazine.

    The Ethiopian-American singer channels a late-80s and early-90s classic tomboy femme look in a crisp white Maison Martin Margiela shirt, baggy Celine pants and patent vintage Comme des Garcon buckle shoes.

    Listen: Kelela 'The High'

    "My lips are creeping up your neck / You shiver and try to pull back." So begins LA-based R&B singer and internet game changer Kelela, on her new track 'The High' — and 'high' is exactly how you feel upon listening to the five-minute, 808-heavy slow burn.

    Last year, the London producer Bok Bok worked on “Guns & Synths,” the opening track from the L.A. future-soul singer Kelela’s wonderful Cut 4 Me mixtape. Last week, Kelela returned the favor, singing on Bok Bok’s new glitch&B single “Melba’s Call.” Kelela is also in the song’s brand-new video, beaming her image into a futuristic recording studio that’s otherwise cold and deserted. Watch the video below.


    SZA Announces ‘Z’ EP: Watch Her “Babylon” Video

    Somehow SZA‘s new song/video “Babylon” has been around for almost a week and we haven’t talked about it yet, so we’re going to rectify that right quick. The track is off her just-announced Z EP (out April 8), her first release as a part of TDE. Her ethereal coos are paired with a brain-melting beat care of DJ Dahi, and right now, it’s this one vs. Bok Bok‘s “Melba’s Call” for trippiest R&B beat of 2014, as far as I’m concerned.


    Jhené Aiko Covers Complex, Talks Debut, Drake & More

    R&B singer Jhené Aiko recently took fans a bit deeper into her personal life by dishing out her marital status and addressing connections to ex-boyfriend Donald Glover and music soulmate Drake.

    When asked about where she stands with Drizzy, Aiko said they connect on a level deeper than music.

    "I look up to Drake," Jhené says. "Everything in his whole career is commendable. He can act, he can rap, he can sing. I can relate to him. He's mixed; I'm mixed. Everything he does, I take note because I feel like he's doing a really good job of being, like, well-rounded. And not only that, he's really talented. I'm always asking him for advice with stuff and trying to figure out how he deals with being such a big celebrity." (Complex)

    Aiko also ended speculation on whether or not she has a man by her side.

    "I'm about to give you...not a bulls**t answer. There is, but I'm single. Not by choice. Only because I found now that when I talk to guys, they're wary because they know about Donald, they know I've worked with Drake. They're always side-eyed, suspicious. But I'm loyal in relationships. If I'm your girlfriend, that's it. I'm practicing to be your wife at that point because I treat it seriously. I feel like I was born to be a mom and a wife and totally domesticated. I'm not going to spend my time trying to prove that I am really who I say I am." (Complex)


    Dawn Richard Doesn't Mind Being R&B's Coolest Outcast

    The singer discusses why she returned to Danity Kane, her 'medieval' album trilogy and making music that Joan Of Arc would listen to.

    Dawn Richard understands why people were confused when she announced that she was returning to Danity Kane. After the R&B-leaning girl group -- which enjoyed considerable success with singles like "Show Stopper" and "Damaged," but never achieved the renown of the Spice Girls or Destiny's Child -- disbanded in 2009, the New Orleans native set forth on a career renaissance, first as one of Diddy's female counterparts in the electro-R&B project Diddy-Dirty Money and then as an unsigned solo artist. A pair of promising EPs, "Armor On" and "Whiteout," were released in 2012, and in January 2013, Richard released a wildly imaginative full-length, "Goldenheart." The album has sold only 9,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan, but was roundly acclaimed by critics -- and, as the first installment of an announced trilogy of full-lengths, signaled the strong step forward for a pop-group survivor.

    In the following months, Richard confirmed that a new Danity Kane comeback would arrive before "Blackheart," her completed next solo effort. For many, Richard's decision to pause her solo career and return to her long-defunct girl group was dubious. For Richard, however, it was ultimately easy to agree to the homecoming when the rest of the group approached her about reuniting last year.

    "This was a decision that wasn't a music decision -- this was a personal decision," Richard tells Billboard."It came out of left field, and it was hard at first, because the momentum was really great and it would have been perfect to drop 'Blackheart,' but I wasn't looking at it for selfish reasons. My girls asked me to come back, and I had to pay homage to the fact that there wouldn't be 'Goldenheart' if there wasn't Danity Kane."

    Richard describes her choice to return to Danity Kane as part of a "noble cause," a theme that's popped up in "Goldenheart" and her preceding EPs. She laughs when asked about the tag "GOT&B" -- or a "Game of Thrones"-influenced style of R&B -- as it relates to her music, which includes lyrics that reference swords and armor, and song titles like "Warfaire," "Wynter" and "Gleaux." Richard tells Billboard that she hopes her music helps listeners "slay every dragon" that they encounter in their lives, that her album becomes "the shield that they carry with them every day, that helps them feel like they could conquer all things." Admittedly, most R&B artists do not use this sort of language in casual conversation -- in the 21st century, at least.

    Dawn Richard Drops A Spooky Electro-R&B ‘Unicorn Remix’ Of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: Listen


    Azealia Banks talks with MTV


    Childish Gambino – "What Kind Of Love" [LISTEN]

    Today, Childish Gambino returned to deliver a track and a message. Titled "What Kind Of Love," the song sounds like a throwaway from his Because The Internet sessions.The guitar Gambino sings over sounds very similar to the one heard on "Flight of the Navigator." Like cuts heard on his LP, the actor/rapper is emotionally candid about love and lost.


    Solange asked about her next projects

    Do you have any future projects coming up aside from this collection?

    I’m finishing my next album as we speak, as well as running my record label, Saint Records, and our new project Saint Heron; playing Coachella and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival soon, and continuing to being mom to my 9-year-old.

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    Starting at 6 p.m Pacific/9 p.m Eastern, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be having a live stream of the Red Carpet premiere. Along with interviews from the stars, you will also be able to see a brand new clip from the film at the end of the live broadcast.

    In addition to the cast, special guest stars expected to attend include James Gunn, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Paul Rudd, Jeremy Renner, and Edgar Wright.

    Chris Evans is back as Captain America, the first Avenger who is still adjusting to life in the modern world. Working with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and S.H.I.E.L.D., he must once again don the patriotic suit to neutralize a global threat. Luckily, he has Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) for support when he faces the Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan). Captain America: The Winter Soldier is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and also stars Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, Georges St-Pierre, and Robert Redford.


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    We’re learning new details each day about the upcoming season of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi‘s first as the Doctor. The show’s guest-star roster is beginning to take shape, and today (March 13), the series announced that they’ve cast Keeley Hawes in a guest role in Season Eight. Hawes will play Ms. Delphox, described as a “powerful out-of-this-world character with a dark secret.” The Twelfth Doctor (Capaldi) and companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) will run into the enigmatic Ms. Delphox when they land on a “strange and puzzling planet.”

    Here’s the first snap of Hawes as Ms. Delphox. Sinister-looking, huh? And get your microscopes out for her bejeweled manicure, which is sure to be a hit with cosplayers.

    Hawes has been one of the most in-demand actresses in British television in the 21st century: she was an immediate sensation back in 2002, starring in the lusty miniseries Tipping the Velvet and booking the female lead in the spy series MI-5. (It was on MI-5 that she would meet her husband of 10 years, co-star Matthew Macfadyen.) She left MI-5 in 2004, and in 2007, she landed the part of Alex Drake on the ’80s-set detective drama Ashes To Ashes, the follow-up to the ’70s-set Life On Mars starring John Simm. Hawes later starred in the 2010 Upstairs Downstairs revival and the recent second season of BBC2′s popular Line of Duty.

    As for her Who role, Hawes says, “I am delighted to join Doctor Who and to be working with this incredible team. Ms Delphox is a great character and someone I’ve had a lot of fun playing.”

    Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat adds: “Anyone watching Jed Mercurio‘s amazing Line of Duty will know that Keeley Hawes is having one hell of year. And now it’s about to get even better as she achieves the greatest villainy yet attempted on Doctor Who: she plays a banker.”

    Her episode has been written by Steve Thompson, who previously contributed “The Curse of the Black Spot” and “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” for new Who and the Sherlock episodes “The Blind Banker,” “The Reichenbach Fall,” and “The Sign of Three” (alongside Moffat and Mark Gatiss). Douglas Mackinnon will direct.


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    Just 48 hours before Pretty Little Liars airs its mind-blowing, gun-toting season finale, the cast assembled at PaleyFest 2014 on Sunday afternoon to reflect on the series’ past 95 episodes — and, of course, to drop a few major spoilers about Season 5.

    PLL 2.0 |“The dynamic is going to change drastically,” Sasha Pieterse said of Alison joining the other girls in Season 5. “Welcoming her back is not going to be as easy as it should be.” Executive producer Marlene King echoed that, explaining that “Season 5 is shaping up to be, emotionally, the most complex season so far. There are five Pretty Little Liars now.”

    ‘SHOCKING EZRIA TWIST’ | Though King remained tight-lipped about Ezra’s potential “redemption” in Season 5, she did admit there will be a “shocking Ezria twist” in the finale.

    CALEB’S RETURN DATE |“He’s going to come back in our 100th episode,” Marlene revealed of Tyler Blackburn’s return from Ravenswood. And don’t expect any complaints from Tyler’s on-screen ex. “I’m super happy,” Ashley Benson said. “He’s the best.”

    PLL: THE MUSICAL | The possibility of a musical episode of Pretty Little Liars was once again raised during the panel, and this time, most of the stars — especially Lucy Hale — seemed game for it. “The reality is … producing them takes longer,” executive producer Oliver Goldstick explained of musical episodes. “But it’s not impossible.”

    PLL: THE MOVIE |“We talk about it all the time,” King said of the series making the leap to the big screen. “We’d love to make a movie when the show [ends.]“


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    Scarlett Johansson has spoken for the first time about the Woody Allen sexual abuse allegations since being called out in Dylan Farrow’s open letter last month, and she calls the criticism “irresponsible.”

    Johansson was one of many Hollywood figures, along with Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and others, who were addressed by Allen’s estranged daughter in an open letter detailing Farrow’s alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Allen. Johansson has finally spoken out about the controversy in an interview with the Guardian, published Saturday.

    “I think it’s irresponsible to take a bunch of actors that will have a Google alert on and to suddenly throw their name into a situation that none of us could possibly knowingly comment on,” Johansson said. “That just feels irresponsible to me.”

    Johansson has often been seen as a muse for Allen, appearing in his films “Match Point,” “Scoop” and “Vicky Christina Barcelona.” Upon being asked about the backlash to Allen, the thesp said she didn’t think there was one.

    “I’m unaware that there’s been a backlash,” she said.“I think he’ll continue to know what he knows about the situation, and I’m sure the other people involved have their own experience with it. It’s not like this is somebody that’s been prosecuted and found guilty of something, and you can then go, ‘I don’t support this lifestyle or whatever.’ I mean, it’s all guesswork.”

    “I don’t know anything about it,” she went on.“It would be ridiculous for me to make any kind of assumption one way or the other. “

    The two have been open about their mutual admiration for each other in the past. Allen has called her “sexually overwhelming” and commented on her “acting ability to be not just a passing pinup girl but a genuinely meaningful actress.” Johansson responded by saying she would“sew the hems of his pants if he asked me to.”

    Allen was recently nominated for an Academy Award for “Blue Jasmine,” and Blanchett earned one for her starring role in the drama. Johansson can next be seen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which will be in U.S. theaters April 4.


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