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    Charles asks Jake to be the best man at his wedding, a role that requires Jake to be supportive in important wedding decisions, ranging from cake tasting to floral arrangements. Meanwhile, Terry, Amy and Gina support each other as they start a new extreme diet and Holt helps Rosa make a sincere apology in the all-new "Fancy Brugdom" episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, March 11


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    Glee star Jacob Artist has told Digital Spy that he wants Beyoncé to guest star on the show.

    Artist, who plays bad boy Jake Puckerman, said that he is sure bosses could 'figure out' a way to get the 'Drunk in Love' singer to visit the Fox musical comedy.

    "I would love if she did it," he commented on the We Day red carpet at Wembley Arena this morning (March 7). "She's the number one performer right now. We should approach her... we'll figure it out."

    Artist also spoke about how the Glee cast have been coping with the death of Cory Monteith seven months on.

    "Of course it affected all of us differently, but I think just being all together and being in an environment that he loved has made the whole healing process a lot easier," he said. "It's been good."

    Artist reserved extra praise for Monteith's girlfriend Lea Michele, who is about to release her debut album, saying: "She's so incredibly strong. She's doing great."

    Artist is one of the speakers at the UK's first ever We Day, where celebrities and inspirational figures including Prince Harry, Sir Richard Branson and Ellie Goulding empower 12,000 student leaders to take action on local and global causes they care about.


    Maybe in the first season when this show was still good

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  • 03/08/14--18:29: Joey Walks in on Lance Bass

  • Lance Bass is happily engaged to fiancé Michael Turchin, but slightly over a decade ago, the former *NSYNC singer was still in the closet.

    “I came out to my family around 21, 22. It was hard, but once I ripped the Band-Aid off, it was incredible,” Lance told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday’s Access Hollywood Live. “Everyone was so supportive – my family loves me just [the way] I am.

    The 34-year-old also kept his sexuality from his *NSYNC bandmates – but Joey Fatone found out by accident.

    “Joey walked in on me with the guy I was
    dating just kind of sitting on my lap. Straight guys don’t do that,” Lance laughed. “He was like, ‘Dude, I don’t care.’ I’m like, ‘Surprise!’ Joey was just like, ‘Dude, I don’t care. I have so many gay friends – I don’t care.’

    “It was a few months after that before I told the [rest of] the guys… I don’ t think anyone was surprised,” he added.

    Lance is now executive producing Lifetime’s “Celebrity Home Raiders” (which will be co-hosted by Access’ Kit Hoover), where stars will donate items from their homes to be auctioned off in support of charities.

    “I started this eight years ago,” Lance said, explaining how the idea for the show came about. “I was cleaning out the *NSYNC warehouses and I was like, what are we going to do with all this stuff? I was like, I should start a website where celebrities put their stuff on there and all the money raised goes to their charity.”


    Like I really could care less about him. Talking about YWZ List Celeb. EW

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    What you are about to read is based entirely in hearsay. However, it is also about Star Wars. I think we’re all willing to allow hearsay where Star Wars is concerned.

    Follow me, here: Carrie Fisher will be appearing in an episode of the FXX comedy series Legit. The star of that show, Jim Jefferies, was a guest on Sirius XM’s Opie and Anthony Show. There, he told the show’s hosts what Fisher had told him about her upcoming filming schedule.

    As quoted by Slashfilm:

    She’s a funny lady, man. She’ll be smoking cigarettes outside and as soon as she gets inside, she’s straight on to the vapor. She’s had some f***ing hard partying in her life, I tell ya….She said to me, she goes ‘I’m going off to London for six months to film the new Star Wars movie,’ right?

    And there you have it! Carrie Fisher, in London, for six months. That certainly suggests more than a cameo. Now, granted, that’s far from an official source, but the story adds up with other hints we’ve gotten so far. Earlier this year, TV Guide confirmed that Fisher had been cast, and that filming would begin during the spring. And last year, Deadline reported that Star Wars VII will be shot (at least partially) at Pinewood Studios in London. Put it all together, and it sounds like it might be a thing.

    Unsurprisingly, casting news for Star Wars: Episode VII has been sketchy at best. Adam Driver is almost definitely on board to play the villain, and Fisher herself told TV Guide that Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are coming back as well. I believe I speak for all of us here at The Mary Sue when I say that an announcement from an official source would be most welcome. You guys should see my browser tabs right now.


    lord this will be a mess

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    Shailene Woodley opens up about advice from Jennifer Lawrence, her fears over privacy, and why she turned down the chance to audition for Fifty Shades of Grey in a new interview with The Daily Beast.

    The Divergent actress is asked whether the rumor that she passed on auditioning to be Anastasia Steele is accurate.

    “It actually is true. I didn’t want to audition for it,” she says. “It’s because I had already done Divergent and I knew there was no way I wanted to do multiple franchises at the same time, because that’s crazy, so I didn’t see the point in it.”

    With Divergent about to come out, the spotlight on Woodley is about to get even more intense, and the rising star wrote a letter to The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence asking for advice.

    “She was like, ‘Small things will change, but if you stay who you are, nothing will change. The big picture won’t change. It’s only going to make your life greater and you’ll be so grateful for it. Don’t be stupid, don’t make a sex tape, don’t do drugs, don’t go to Whole Foods the day the movie opens, and you’ll be fine!’” recalls Woodley.

    She adds, “I thought, ‘I’m gonna love this chick when I meet her.’”

    Except they haven’t yet crossed paths in person.

    “It’s still not happened! I’ll meet her one of these days,” Woodley tells the outlet.

    The actress had a hand in casting her male co-star, Theo James, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the choice.

    “Isn’t he so good in it?” she asks. “We auditioned a lot of guys, and a lot of these actors were playing male, masculine leaders. Even if they were good, they were still acting it. Theo walked in and just demanded it with his presence.”

    Woodley continues, “Theo is smart as a whip — he majored in philosophy and traveled the world before he even became an actor — so he’s had a full life before the industry, and he didn’t feel like he had to prove his masculinity.”

    Among the many themes examined in Divergent is the threat to personal freedom, something the star says she notices in our own society.

    “There’s no privacy anymore! There are cameras everywhere, there’s technology everywhere, everything’s out in the Internet,” explains Woodley. “It’s like 1984. It’s a weird time to be alive. It’s a beautiful time to be alive, but it’s different from the past because technology is so advanced today, so there’s really no precedent when it comes to our privacy.”

    Is she concerned about her own specific privacy as she gets more famous?

    “Not really,” says Woodley. “The thing with privacy is I’m just going to make sure that whatever I hold sacred stays sacred. What I hold dear to my heart is nobody’s business in the same way whatever you hold dear to your heart is nobody’s business, unless you’re willing to share that.”


    shailene just tell the truth and say u didn't want to be in a horrible film

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    Julian Assange beamed in remotely for his SXSW interview. Photograph: Stuart Dredge/The Guardian

    The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Saturday told an audience in Texas that people power is the key to rolling back the power of the National Security Agency and other surveillance agencies.

    “We have to do something about it. All of us have to do something about it,” he said, in an interview at the SXSW conference in Austin. “How can individuals do something about it? Well, we’ve got no choice.”

    Assange was speaking in a “virtual” conversation conducted by video from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been confined since June 2012. The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald will appear in similar sessions over the coming days.

    Interviewed by Benjamin Palmer of the marketing agency the Barbarian Group, Assange discussed issues including government surveillance, online democracy and the future of the internet.

    On life within the embassy, he said: “It is a bit like prison. Arguably prison is far worse in relation to restrictions on visitors, for example, and the level of bureaucracy involved.” Noting that at any given point there are about a dozen police officers stationed outside, he said: “The UK government has admitted to spending $8m so far just on the police surveillance of the embassy.”

    Asked for his views on what governments should be doing, after the NSA revelations, about the way surveillance agencies interact with people, Assange said: “The NSA has grown to be a rogue agency. It has grown to be unfettered … the ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there, and arguably will be there within a few years. And that’s led to a huge transfer of power from the people who are surveilled upon, to those who control the surveillance complex.”

    Assange talked about a historical “PR campaign based on not existing” for the NSA, which he said had been swept away by the revelations prompted by Snowden’s leaking of thousands of documents to media outlets including the Guardian.

    “That let everyone see that somehow this was an important element of power, and it had been developed unnoticed to people,” he said. “How had it come to this? How is it that the internet that everyone looked upon as perhaps the greatest tool of human emancipation there had ever been, had been co-opted and was now involved in the most aggressive form of state surveillance ever seen?”

    Assange said the NSA’s traditional practice of not responding to press reports – “to give no oxygen” – would have to be replaced, although he suggested the Pentagon rather than the NSA would guide any new strategy.

    “The internet four years ago was a politically apathetic space,” he said, noting that exceptions included the Anonymous group, albeit on an “amateur” basis. Assange suggested that publicity around some of his own organisation’s bigger revelations had opened the eyes of more internet users.

    “Many people developed a sense that this space that they had enjoyed, the place where people communicated ideas [was] where all their friends were; [it was] their community’s interface with the regular power community of what we might call the geriatric quo: the old men with guns who control all the money.

    “That spread out in different places in different ways, not just because of our [Wikileaks’] efforts, but through others as well. Through the Arab Spring, though Occupy … and the internet became a political space.”

    Asked about the motivation behind Wikileaks, Assange talked about the importance of revealing information that had hitherto been kept secret.

    “It became clear to me that one of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice. And you can be simplistic about it, which some people are. It’s not that when you expose something automatically there is justice,” he said. Instead, he said: “There’s always a really decent chance that they’re not going to get away with it, and the people affected can take some kind of action. And there’s no confidence in the power being deployed. No confidence in the injustice.”

    Assange was asked about whether, thanks to the NSA revelations, the web was under threat. He pointed to comments made this week by a US military figure about a bill being put to Congress to try to “stop publication of material about the National Security Agency”, backed by new cyberterrorism legislation.

    “There is a really serious attempt to try and stop these revelations and others, and introduce a new international regime of censorship,” he said, pointing to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as a particular threat.

    “Now that the internet has merged with human society … the laws that apply to the internet apply to human society. This penetration of the internet by the NSA and [British spy agency] GCHQ is the penetration of our human society. It means there has been a militarisation of our civilian space. A military occupation of our civilian space … is a very serious matter.”

    Assange attacked what he sees as the powerlessness of even the most theoretically powerful politicians, and asked what would happen if President Barack Obama said tomorrow he was immediately disbanding the NSA, or even the CIA. “On paper he has that power, but we all know that this is simply impossible,” he said. “People would come up with lots of dirt attacking him in some manner … the National Security Agency has dirt on everyone.

    “We have to do something about it. All of us have to do something about it … How can individuals do something about it? Well, we’ve got no choice. It’s not the case any more that you can hide from the state, and keep your head down, and hope that by sucking up or by being innocuous you can be spared.

    “We are now all involved in this. We are all involved in what we traditionally called the state, whether we like it or not. So we have no choice but to try to manage the behaviour of the state that we have been forced to be part of.”

    Assange also described what he sees as an “unprecedented theft of wealth from the majority of the population to those people who already have a lot of power … doing that in part by stealing information from all of us. Knowledge is power, and as a result they’re getting more power.”

    He portrayed Wikileaks’ mission as “going after” organisations that accumulate knowledge and “putting it back into our common intellectual record, our common history … and that empowers us”.

    Assange also suggested that 20-year-olds now are “much more worldly” than 20-year-olds were 10 years ago, as a result of this transfer of knowledge, which he thinks Wikileaks takes some of the credit for. He talked about future plans for Wikileaks, saying that it is preparing an “important” new release of material, but warned that he prefers not to give “the alleged perpetrator the heads up before the alleged victims … they simply prepare to counterspin”.

    Assange was asked about The Intercept, the new online publication founded by Greenwald and funded by billionaire tech investor Pierre Omidyar.

    “Pierre Omidyar has seen that there is not even liberty for people who have $8bn any more,” he said. “Omidyar is a symptom of a new elite in the United States that feels it is genuinely threatened by what is going on with the National Security Agency, and that is important.”

    Assange also talked about his future targets, suggesting that there is a need for many more “grand disclosures”, both from Wikileaks and other sources.

    “We are actually living in a world that we don’t understand,” he said. “Before all this material came out, CableGate or what we did with the Iraq war, or Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, we were going about our business in what we thought was the world. But we weren’t living in the world: we were living in some fictitious representation of what we thought was the world. And we are still living in this fictitious representation.

    “We are walking around constantly in this fog where we can’t even see the ground. We think we can see the ground, but we’re wrong. And every so often a clearing in the fog happens when there is one of these grand disclosures. And we see the ground, and we are surprised.”

    video here

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    According to the Official Charts Company’s sales data, Adele’s Rolling In The Deep and Rihanna’s Diamonds have now both sold over a million copies in the UK.

    Rolling In The Deep and Diamonds have become only the 144th and 145th singles to reach this sales milestone, respectively, since the Official Singles Chart began in 1952. The news comes just a week after Pharrell Williams scored his third million-selling single in less than twelve months with Happy.

    Originally released in January 2011, Rolling In The Deep is Adele’s second million seller (following Someone Like You). Rolling In The Deep was the lead single from the London-born star’s mega-selling second album, 21. The track peaked at Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart, while 21 has gone on to become the UK’s fourth biggest selling album of all-time with sales in excess of 4.6 million copies.

    Meanwhile, Diamonds, which topped the Official Singles Chart in October, 2012, has become the fourth track Rihanna has featured on to sell over a million copies in the UK. This puts the Barbadian superstar second only to the members of The Beatles for the most million-selling singles on our shores. Her previous million-sellers include We Found Love FT Calvin Harris (2011), Love The Way You Lie with Eminem (2010) and Only Girl In The World (2010).

    “In securing their second and fourth million sellers respectively, Adele and Rihanna join an elevated group of artists – it is a tribute to their massive popularity that they have achieved such accolades,” comments the Official Charts Company’s Chief Executive, Martin Talbot. “Few artists from any era have achieved ONE million seller in the UK, let alone multiple ones. It is also particularly apt, that they have done so in the days leading up to International Women’s Day.“

    Sir Elton John’s 1997 double A-Side Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind ’97 remains the UK’s biggest-selling single of all-time with more than 4.9 million sales. The original 1984 version of Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? is in second place with 3.7 million sales, while Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (2.4 million sales) is third.

    Read the full list at the Source (Adele, Rihanna)

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  • 03/08/14--18:58: "My Day With Leo" meme
  • 1

    Someone Is Taking Hilarious Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio Cutouts Around NYC for a Photo Series Called "My Day With Leo"

    "My Day With Leo" is similar to the adventures of Flat Stanley. Except with Leonardo DiCaprio instead of that rando Stanley. Some anonymous photographer is taking pictures of "Leo" doing various things around New York City and posting them to Instagram.

    And it all started with a picture of Leo and a Swan at Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop.

    "Coffee & the mornin paper #mydaywithleo"

    The swan picture was a popular picture at first:


    Then the pictures got fancier.

    Whoever's behind "My Day With Leo" describes it as "a continuing art project that parodies 90s Leo mania by physically placing cutouts of 90s Leo in everyday settings and photographing the results." Whatever, it's Flat Stanley but with Leonardo DiCaprio. That said, things with Leonardo DiCaprio are always better than things without Leonardo DiCaprio.
    "Did someone say falafels? I love falafels #mydaywithleo"

    "A New York man should have a nice stoop #mydaywithleo"

    "apples and oranges #mydaywithleo"

    "Ahhhhhh finally some peace and quiet #mydaywithleo"

    "Untitled #mydaywithleo"

    "I'd kill for a donut #mydaywithleo"

    "Maybe it was just the lighting but suddenly I was begging her to stay #mydaywithleo"

    "#throwbackthursday Haha oh man this pic taken so long ago #mydaywithleo"

    "Wonder why "Gimme a big blue sky or gimme death" isn't a thing people say, because man that's how I feel sometimes. #mydaywithleo #poughkeepsie"


    E! Online


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    Releaser of very good pop music Florrie has debuted the music video for her song Seashells. Seashells is the first song released from her upcoming Sirens EP, which is now available to pre-order and will be out on April 25. The Seashells mv, directed by Ferry Gouw, is the first of 3 music videos that will be come out leading up to the release of the Sirens EP.

    Sirens EP tracklist
    Free Falling
    Wanna Control Myself
    Little White Lies (Shadow Child Dub Mix)
    Seashells (Preditah Remix)

    pre-order Sirens EP

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    Philadelphia Style writes:
    “When I first met Nicole, I didn’t know what to expect,” says British supermodel and Transformers: Dark of the Moon actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “I grew up knowing Nicole from watching The Simple Life, so when I first met her, I was completely blown away. She’s just so put together, she runs all of these businesses, and she’s so dedicated to her husband and kids. She amazes me.”

    “Amazing” is one word to describe the life of Nicole Richie, the scion of an ’80s pop legend, who in the past 10 years has gone from wisecracking reality-TV sidekick to magnate of her own high-fashion empire. Sitting pretty atop her decidedly laid-back LA throne, this designer, style icon, New York Times best-selling author, TV personality, Fashion Star mentor, wife of rocker Joel Madden, cofounder of the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation, and mom to Harlow and Sparrow has become a darling of fashion critics and an inspiration to style-seeking women around the globe. And since the 2009 debut of her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line, Richie has joined a growing cadre of celebrity designers in bringing her signature Southern California style to the masses through her eponymous line sold via West Chester’s own QVC.

    Richie and Huntington-Whiteley were introduced just last year through their mutual stylist but have become fast friends, sharing the kind of rapport that usually comes only with years of friendship. (“I fell in love right away,” says Huntington-Whiteley with a laugh. “I fell in love, too,” Richie chimes in.) Here the Burberry model digs in to learn more about her high-styling, business-savvy friend—and to discuss their obsession with all things fashion.

    ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY: Let’s talk about something we both love: fashion. Describe your style for me.
    NICOLE RICHIE: I’ve always been someone who’s extremely relaxed in my everyday life. I’m not the girl who can wear awful seven-inch heels all night. I keep it simple—I consider myself to be a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl who just accessorizes a lot. But I try to focus less on the actual items and more on the way they make me feel. I like color around my face because it does something to me emotionally. I don’t like to wear black because it brings me down.

    RHW: You have such an amazing innate style. Vogue even said that you exemplify the LA vintage/SoCal look. Who did you get your sense of style from?
    NR: My mom. She had this huge bathtub, and I’d sit in it and watch her get her hair and makeup done. There were just shelves of Chanel bags and vintage Azzedine Alaïa skirts and the craziest outfits, because she was going out with my dad every night. And I’d just watch her and I’d think to myself, That’s what I want to look like when I’m older.

    RHW: How did you initially get into fashion?
    NR: Back in the ’80s, my dad had a costume designer named Edna, and she would make me matching tour outfits out of his excess fabric. We’re talking jewels and sequins, very flashy. She’d let me come to work with her in downtown LA, and she showed me how she makes all these costumes. When I started competitively figure skating when I was 9, she and I designed all of my costumes together, and I just knew that it was something I wanted to do.

    RHW: Having children has changed your life in many ways, but has it changed how you dress?
    NR: I’m still wearing the same stuff, the same jeans, the peasant tops. I’ve always been someone who’s extremely relaxed in my everyday life, and then when I go out, I like dressing up.

    RHW: That’s good; I’m glad to hear that. I’m always wondering if it’s going to change and if I’m going to end up looking really mumsy.
    NR: Um, no, you’re never going to look really mumsy! You could be bald and you’d still be the most gorgeous mother ever.

    RHW: What about your daughter, Harlow? Is she into fashion?
    NR: She’s more of an artist. She’s into playing with makeup; she loves doing her hair and putting outfits together. She’s just so feminine—and way more girlie than me.

    RHW: What else inspires you?
    NR: I’m hugely inspired by the ’60s and the ’70s. I just love the music of that time and the overall freedom of that era. I love that the idea of clashing didn’t really exist. You could mix prints on prints, you could mix fabrics and colors—and it was more about the way you felt than about the label and trends. That’s something that I’ve always gravitated toward, and that’s something I’ve always tried to bring to House of Harlow and my QVC line.

    RHW: That’s so fab. Speaking of your fashion lines, let’s get into how you got your start as a designer.
    NR: Once I really started understanding my own style, I realized how much I loved costume jewelry. I’m talking the Gucci and YSLs from the ’70s, pieces I relate to and love wearing. So I met with my now-partner Pasquale, and in 2009 we started House of Harlow 1960. He really let me have the freedom to take the reigns with the jewelry, which came naturally to me. Since I obviously didn’t go to design school, I wanted to start small and get to know the business before I expanded it. I then found my other partner, launched a ready-to-wear footwear line, and expanded again. I’ve been going very slowly.

    RHW: But now you’re taking a pretty big leap with the upcoming House of Harlow apparel launch.
    NR: Doing apparel under the House of Harlow brand is something I’ve wanted to do forever. I’m just really excited about this collection. It’s easy to wear, it’s feminine, it’s free-spirited, and it’s all under $300. The launch is in the spring, and it’ll be online in March on and

    RHW: What about your collection with QVC?
    NR: QVC is nuts. It’s so big that every time I go to the headquarters in West Chester, I think it’s like Jurassic Park, only without the dinosaurs. QVC is just so in tune with its customers, and it’s something totally different than House of Harlow in that respect. When you go in there as a designer, you have to focus on who their customer is. Things like what their needs are, what fabrics they’re drawn to, their likes and dislikes, down to what’s their climate. It’s just a totally different world for me.

    RHW: As you know, I do my own little line in the UK with Marks & Spencer. It’s a great way to learn about what real women want, isn’t it?
    NR: It’s also great to work with people who study women. When I’m doing my own House of Harlow collection, it’s really up to me to get to know my customers. So we’re talking about a completely new introduction, and then it takes a while to figure out who that person is. When you’re partnering with QVC, they know, and they continue to study. It’s really informative, whether you’re a designer or not, because you can understand where different women around the country are coming from.

    Which celeb would you be blown away to meet?


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    Sky Ferreira covers Miss Vogue issue two

    Styled by Stevie Dance and photographed by Christian MacDonald in New York, Sky Ferreira covers the second print issue of Miss Vogue.

    one / two

    Sky Ferreira covers American Salon's March 2014 issue for Redken

    one / two

    with Stevie Nicks

    one / two

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    One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were in the recording studio yesterday with Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte and according to the GC guitarist, it looks like they were possibly working on material for 1D's next album.

    1 | 2
    Dedicated tojazoelmarden

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  • 03/08/14--20:25: SNL Post: Lena Dunham
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    Chelsea Handler stops by Sway in the Morning and brings early morning laughs to the radio show. The team ask Chelsea about her recent relationships with black men, and how many black men has she dated. Handler also talks about her Oscar tweets and whether or not she thought they were appropriate or offensive to anyone. Heather B and Sway ask Chelsea about some excerpts from her new book, Uganda Be Killing Me.

    Watch the full interview with Chelsea Handler above.

    which one of u heffas get her humor?

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    Bryan Cranston has finally spoken out about all the rumors that had been circulating concerning him playing the role of Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. On this morning’s Howard Stern show, Cranston said that he would have welcomed the role, but that it was never offered to him.

    “I was not involved in any of that whatsoever,” Cranston said, in response to Stern asking him about the rumors. When Stern commented that playing Luthor would have been a great role for Cranston, he replied, “Oh, oh, I would have welcomed it.” When Robin Quivers asked Cranston if the job would’ve have been “a 20″ (an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity), Cranston said, “That would’ve been a 20; I think so!”

    Cranston said that, as far he knows, he was never even considered for the role of Lex Luthor. “In the minds of fans, it’s true,” Cranston said. “In the minds of the hierarchy of Warner Brothers, it’s not true.” The role, of course, ended up going to Jesse Eisenberg, whose age lines up more closely with that of Henry Cavill, who plays Superman.


    Bryan Cranston won rave reviews for his performance in All The Way after its opening night on Broadway on Thursday. The Breaking Bad actor impressed critics with his portrayal of America's 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson, in the Bill Rauch directed play about the struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Cranston's performance was hailed as "effortlessly captivating" by theatre critic Mark Kennedy at Associated Press, while Joe Dziemianowicz at the New York Daily News called him "a force to be reckoned with".

    USA Today's Elysa Gardner writes, "Strutting gut-first and affecting a gruff Southern drawl, the leading man delivers the emphatic, crowd-pleasing performance that the play, and Bill Rauch's vigorous direction, require, while also making Johnson affecting as a flesh-and-blood human being."

    Hermione Hoby at Britain's Daily Telegraph writes, "The play might be a star vehicle but its star delivers. It's thrilling to watch Cranston go from his default, comic stance of forward-thrust hips and slumped shoulders, to fearsome, chest-puffed, confrontation."

    Bryan Cranston hits the red carpet at the opening night performance of his Broadway play All the Way on Thursday (March 6) at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City. The 57-year-old actor, who is receiving some rave reviews for his work in the play, got support from his Breaking Bad co-star Jonathan Banks that night.


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    The boys went to the Marvel Comics office last year and they showed Zayn a character based on him. Mark Paniccia is a Marvel editor who came up with the idea of a new Ghost Rider and this e-mail was sent to him by illustrator and creator Felipe Smith.

    “The guy from that boyband One Direction’s name is Zayn Malik. If you look him up on google you can find a bunch of images of him. I was picturing Robbie as a beefier version of him. Physically strong, with a quiet, troubled expression, […] kind of boyish. Just my initial idea. Opinions and suggestions greatly welcome, as always. I’ll send you the arc breakdowns in my next e-mail.”

    You can see it around 0:20 here:

    It’s hard to improve on a classic. But comic creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore aimed to do just that when they went about redesigning the Spirit of Vengeance for the upcoming All-New Ghost Rider comic series from Marvel. Where previous versions portrayed Ghost Rider as the rider of a flame-wheeled bike (or before that, a horse), the titular star of All-New Ghost Rider debuting in March, Robbie Reyes, calls a muscle car his chief ride. And with that comes a revised look for old flame-head, turning the long-time biker into a gearhead…. literally.

    “Editor Mark Paniccia approached me with the idea of creating an All-New Ghost Rider. It was suggested that this new character be younger than Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch and that, instead of the traditional motorcycle, he drive a car,” says series writer Felipe Smith, who also draws comics. “Some might have been shocked (or even outraged) by the latter suggestion, but, as much as I am a fan of the original Ghost Rider, I was 100% in agreement with it.”

    All-New Ghost Rider isn’t replacing the other Ghost Riders already burning up the streets of the Marvel U, but rather adding a new one to the fold. Smith says that’s important, and that decision allowed he and Moore to innovate on this new Ghost Rider..

    “Johnny Blaze, the original flaming skull anti-hero, is still lighting up the freeway, very much active with the Thunderbolts, so there was absolutely no reason to imitate or replace him,” Smith explains. “Our All-New Ghost Rider needed his own signature look and his own signature ride.”

    Series artist Tradd Moore was brought in after the initial idea for All-New Ghost Rider was formed, and said that the character’s history informed what he and Smith did to design the character itself.

    “Robbie Reyes is a young Latin American from East Los Angeles with a passion for electronic music and all things motor vehicle related, so I knew that we were going to be developing a completely different Ghost Rider here, both in story and design,” says Moore. “This new direction and the prospect of working with Felipe were my primary interests with the comic.”

    Smith says after establishing this new Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, age and mode of transportation, he went about elaborating on his human form, appearance as a Ghost Rider, and the transformation between the two.

    “I was pretty sure about what I wanted Robbie to look like in human form, and had some clear ideas about his transformation and Ghost Rider appearance, which would be closely linked to his car and the helmet he raced in,” says the cartoonist. “So I went ahead and sketched out preliminary designs for these.”

    Smith says that Marvel approved the visual design of Robbie Reyes’ human look in short order, and that after that he and Moore started independently sketching ideas for the Ghost Rider form. As you can see here, the head of this new Ghost Rider carries over the automotive aspect of the hero past just his vehicle but into there being a hotrod-style blower on his forehead and vents on the rear of his skull. Although it’s a completely new feature for any Ghost Rider, Smith says it’s all came about naturally.

    “Robbie is an automotive fanatic, a gear head at heart and mechanic by profession. Putting a blower on his forehead and exhaust vents on the back of his head just made sense,” Smith explains. “These elements were based off the vents on a racing helmet both Tradd and I were referencing. We both chose the same style of helmet without prior discussion and had the same type of cars in mind for Robbie as well; a great sign that we were definitely on the same page!”

    According to Moore, the design for the titular star of All-New Ghost Rider was intended to evoke a “sleek, techno vibe” while also being “grim and intimidating. That line of thinking brought about interesting rhetorical questions which spurred Moore in deciding what to draw.

    “In my head I was thinking like, ‘What if Death joined Daft Punk? What if Satan became a Power Ranger? What if Speed Racer went to hell and came back a slasher villain? What would that look like?’” Moore reveals. “So yeah, Felipe and I went back and forth with sketches spitting out whatever was in our heads in attempt to unify a few major concepts for this new Ghost Rider, the primary ingredients being: Robbie, his sleek new vehicle, and a classic, recognizable Ghost Rider.

    According to Smith, the biggest factors that influenced the final design of the head of Ghost Rider is the circumstances of Robbie’s transformation into the character, and the “king of spirit possessing him.”

    “Both vary significantly from those of other Ghost Riders, which is most clearly evidenced by his lack of a normal flaming human skull,” Smith reveals. “There's a reason why Robbie drives a car instead of a motorcycle, and a definite explanation for his transformed physical appearance. While in Ghost Rider form, Robbie is like a well-oiled high performance machine, much like the 69' Dodge Charger he races in. From the white chrome front of his seemingly mechanical skull and blower, to the shiny black finish of the back of his head, All-New Ghost Rider's face mimics the powerful design of an American muscle car.”

    Although the face of this new Ghost Rider is quite different from those who came before, a quick look at what he’s wearing below the neck shows a firm acknowledgement of the legacy of the character. Since Reyes is both a car mechanic and drag racer, Smith thought a jumpsuit was appropriate for his hero form. The addition of the “horseshoe shape” reminiscent of the Mike Ploog design from 1972 was something Moore added to the character as a nod to the past.

    The ride this All-New Ghost Rider will be riding bucks the trend of motorcycles in favorite of automobiles, but it’s far from an new ride: it’s a 1969 Dodge Charger. Moore says that although the decision had been made for this Ghost Rider to drive a car, the specific make and model weren’t set and the decision became something he, Smith and Paniccia batted around for a while.

    “Early on I mentioned that, while I was certainly open to ideas, I personally found 60's and early 70's muscle cars to be the coolest and most visually appealing sports cars, particularly Chargers, Challengers, and Camaros from those years,” Moore explains. “Felipe happened to be thinking the exact same thing! One of his favorite cars is a '69 Charger, so we just went along from there.”

    All of these individual elements add up to form a new cohesive design for a new Ghost Rider in the pantheon of Marvel’s supernatural hero, and helps build a new character in readers’ minds even before they read the actual comic. Moore says that he and Smith were careful in determining the final design and threw out anything “superfluous” to the story and the character.

    “Every part of a design should have purpose and say something about a character. All of the elements included in this design are born out of the precise moment when Robbie becomes Ghost Rider.,” Moore says. “Robbie's design, from the shock of blonde in his hair, to his circular earrings, his personality, his demeanor, his fascination with cars, his clothing choices, the jacket he's wearing, the racing helmet, the '69 Charger (the blower, the tail lights, the bumper), and the situation he finds himself in, they can all be seen reflected and unified in the Ghost Rider he becomes.”

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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    Whatever happened to Kimberly Jones? The once indisputable rap vixen, now self-made Latoya Jackson twin, use to be hailed as the "Queen of Hip-Hop" achieving both commercial and critical success. But ever since Biggie died and her addiction to plastic surgery spiraled out of control she's just never been the same. In memoriam of what use to be, lets take a look back at some of the songs that made Kim so special.

    Queen Bitch is probably Kim's best song lyrically most likely do the fact that it was ghost written by Biggie

    Diddy's "It's All About the Benjamins" remix featured Lil Kim outshining the rest of the Bad Boy crew.

    Big Momma Thing starts off Kim's multi-platinum debut with overtly sexual lyrics that were missing from earlier female MCs.

    A Lil Kim classic! How could you not love this song in which Kimmy boasts about counting a milli while having cunnilingus performed on her?

    On this scathing Nicki Minaj diss we see the return of the fierce, hot blooded lyircs that have been missing from Kim's music the last decade or so.

    Lil Kim & Biggie team up again for this laid back song.

    Kimmy raps about not taking any shit from men. She'll use and abuse your ass.

    "Crush on You" is probably considered Kim's signature song despite the fact that she doesn't even appear on the album version.

    Source for the videos

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    Before everyone gets all flustered, let's preface the gallery with this: When you make a film adaptation of anything it's going to have to leave out some major plot points and events. These movies are still good movies that just so happen to have been based on a game that everyone loves.

    One of the better movies based on a game, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within[1], took the intelligent path of making their film an animated one. The level of skill that it took to make this film is unparalleled. It may have came out in 2001 but the graphics are still pretty damned great.

    This Silent Hill adaptation came out in 2006. The cast was amazing and it actually met with some critical praise. The film captured some of the terror that the game mastered, which still makes a pretty damned scary movie.

    Timothy Olyphant, of Justified and Go fame, played Agent 47 in the Hitman adaptation. It's hard to make a film based on such a cumbersome game series, but they did it by not trying to tackle the whole canon at once. The same thing that Marvel did with their universe: Bite sized pieces.

    By the time they made the film version of Resident Evil, the series was already old and had a large following. There was no way that you could make them all happy, but I think that they made most at least a little happier. Once again, instead of biting off more than they could chew they worked on the beginning. They made it episodic, in a way, and that made the story much easier to swallow.

    With the Mortal Kombat movie, the campier the better. They really captured the spirit of the original game. Mortal Kombat wasn't created as an ultra realistic game but a fighting game with as much gore and violence as possible. This film is quite possibly the closest to its videogame predecessor.

    More @ Source

    To some extent this is a late night nostalgia post I guess

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    With a little help from Weight Watchers, mother-of-two Jessica Simpson has reached her goal weight.

    “It’s so much better to have some back up and to do it together because we all face similar challenge,” Jess said of the weight loss program in a new advertisement. “The meetings keep me focused and motivated, and I have a newfound determination that I’m really proud of.”

    Jessica shared a still frame from the video on Instagram. She said, “First time rocking a white dress this year… but not the last!!”

    She posted a selfie a while later, adding, “…AND a white T-shirt!!#goalreached thx @weightwatchers”


    Have you reached your goal weight?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We just recently saw a cool featurette showing Benedict Cumberbatch doing motion-capture work to play the titular dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Now another look behind the scenes has popped up looking at the somewhat silly, but impressive dwarf barrel escape sequence from the sequel that feels almost straight out of a Steven Spielberg film. Peter Jackson pops up on set as this featurette shows a combination of the footage shot and the visual effects that came together to make this fun sequence work on the big screen. It's a short featurette, but it shows just how much went into this small part of the film.

    Here's the featurette on the barrel sequence The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug from Wired:

    the video won't embed :(

    please go to:

    In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit... J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, being directed by Peter Jackson as three separate movies, is set in Middle-Earth 60 years before Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in a trilogy ten years ago. The films, with screenplays by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, were shot consecutively in digital 3D using the latest cameras. The Hobbit follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits Blu-Ray & DVD early this spring on April 8th.


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