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    Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says that President Obama is using Miley Cyrus and other celebrities to distract the American people as he assumes dictatorial powers.

    The musician was asked about the group’s new “Spike In My Veins” music video, which jumps between footage of sensational tabloid stories and issues including NSA surveillance and government intrusion on privacy.

    “I think that our government uses [celebrities] to distract from what’s really going on,” explained Davis.

    Then he got more specific.

    Referring to Cyrus’ infamous VMAs appearance and the subsequent media storm, Davis offered this theory: “When that went down, Barack Obama passed a law that made him basically a dictator… he can imprison whoever he wants.”


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    The TV game show Jeopardy! has been around so long that riffs on its nerdish quality are a Saturday Night Livestaple and jokes about its answer-with-a-question format are commonplace.

    So, it didn't take long for online commenters to weigh in on the Feb. 17 episode in which three white college students, including Texas A&M junior Tucker Pope, appeared to avoid the "African-American History" category.

    Screen shots of the game board in the final minutes of the Double Jeopardy round showed African-American history still untouched after every other question had been asked, on topics as arcane as "Kiwi fauna."



    What that might mean is open to interpretation but some commenters didn't hesitate to call it a lack of familiarity with the category.

    "In other words, these kids were more confident in their knowledge of weird animals in New Zealand than black human beings in America," stated the website

    But Pope, a 20-year-old from Lubbock, said he and his two opponents shared a preference for working their way through the board, left to right.

    "It happened in the first round, as well," he said. "The last category we came to, we had left it untouched. We felt most comfortable picking one category and going all the way through, rather than jumping around the board."

    While some viewers have attributed the sequence of events to racism, Pope said he would "wholeheartedly disagree."

    "When you're actually up there, it goes by so fast, you don't have time to think about it," he said. "You just find a category, find a clue and call it out."

    At the end of the Double Jeopardy, or second round, the candidates had correctly answered three of the five questions on black history. Pope's two opponents were Whitney Thompson, a junior at the University of Oklahoma, and Laurie Beckoff, a sophomore at the University of Chicago.

    Pope, who won the semi-final round, correctly answered two of the five questions. In a Twitter message Wednesday he said, "It's annoying and disconcerting how much people seem to want to read into the way we went through the board."

    He was replying to a previous Jeopardy! champion, Alexander Chu, whose Tweet advised Pope, "Be glad you didn't get a Daily Double in African-American History and go 'Five bucks! I dunno!' "

    Pope appears in the final round of the quiz show's collegiate competition, to be broadcast Feb. 20 and 21.

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    Amidst Mixed Reviews, Many Miley Cyrus Tickets Selling Below Faceprice

    When Miley Cyrus famously twerked her way into America’s living rooms, she certainly got into America’s collective head, if not their hearts. In the weeks after her VMA performance it seemed that America could not stop talking about or debating the meaning of Miley. Was this the real Miley, or just an act to break out the Hannah Montana mold? Was she a marketing genius, or all that is wrong with our modern publicity machine? Regardless of what side of the debate you came in on, the one undeniable outcome was that it got people talking…. a lot. The discussion continued with the release of her Bangerz album and the accompanying number one position on the Billboard hot 100.  Demand for Miley Cyrus tickets for her Bangerz tour, however, have softened after that peak in popularity, resulting in lots of empty seats and dropping prices in the secondary market.
    According to Google trends, searches for ‘Miley Cyrus’ peaked the week of August 25th, immediately after her appearance on the VMAs. Riding the wave of popular chatter and news cycle ubiquity, prices for the Bangerz tour were set aggressively high for a singer with a catalog of hits that you could count on one hand. By the time tickets actually went on sale for her 38-city Bangerz tour, ‘Miley Cyrus’ searches has dropped by 80%, to the same level it had been at over a year ago. The average secondary market price for Miley’s Bangerz tour is now $182, which is down from over $225 just two months ago.
    This decline in prices is in stark contrast to another popular culture phenomena, One Direction. One Direction tickets have been hot from the minute they went on sale, and far from empty seats and prices below face value, tickets for the tour this summer are well above face price and the hottest boy band on earth have been adding more concerts. Since the original on sale, nine shows have been added, a move that will send One Direction further up the list of all-time list of top grossing tours. While One Direction has been doing their best to cross over from boy band to legitimate artists, Miley seems to be reveling in gimmicks and shock value as opposed to her talent. Whether she’s twerking with a monkey on her back, smoking pot publicly or posing nude, she continues to generate notoriety from things other than the one thing that will sell tickets: her music. Reviews of the tour so far have been mixed, admiring the show’s spectacle, but not paying much respect to her talent.
    One review summed it up as follows:
    “In spite of all the shock-and-horror (not) of seeing Miley ride an oversized hot dog while clad in a feathery mustard yellow costume, Cyrus’ Disney roots are still showing. The spectacle of the Bangerz tour is essentially a bad trip version of the Disney experience, a seedy underbelly vision of what Disney really sells children.”
    Despite other negative reviews, Rolling Stone was more complementary, saying:
    “Miley’s music was front and center for much of the night, and from beginning to end – roughly 100 minutes long – she nailed her vocals throughout the entertaining evening.”
    Given the ascendancy of Country music across all of America, Miley Cyrus, with her country roots, has an opportunity to ride the wave as Country’s pop ambassador. That said, Country music is doing fine without her and doesn’t seem to need much help crossing over into the mainstream. Luke Bryan’s first headline concert at Madison Square Garden sold out in five minutes and Jason Aldean tickets in cities like Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia are going for average prices of over $250. Recognizing the trend,  Live Nation even launched Country Megaticket this summer which features tickets to six country music shows all in one.  The Megaticket includes shows for Aldean, Bryan as as well as Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum tickets. Luke Bryan tickets for his September show at MSG have a current average price for $421. The closest Cyrus will get to the Worlds Most Famous Arena is the decidedly second-tier Nassau Coliseum, where her average price is considerably less than Bryan’s Garden show.
    In addition to the mimicking oral sex on a man in a Bill Clinton mask and lighting life-sized joints, one of moments from the tour that almost all reviews mentioned was her cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’.  It’s the one song where reviewers consistently cite her vocal talents. Just over a year ago, Cyrus posted a You Tube video of a Jolene cover from her ‘backyard sessions’. The video now has 26 million views and the Miley Cyrus in it seems wholly different than the one currently on tour. The backyard sessions videos, set in a rustic backyard, feature Miley on the microphone accompanied by a stand-up bass, keyboard, two guitars and drummer. It’s simple, clean and hard to ignore the magnificence of her voice as well as her link to country greats of past. If she were to ever put her tongue away, focus on the music and exploit her country connection, it’s unlikely that she’d have any problems filling stadiums or have prices on the secondary market below face price.
    No one wants it.

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    Kim Kardashian has tweeted a response to articles this week claiming she has had butt injections rather than implants.


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    A bust of the Green Goblin from Amazing Spider-Man 2 was revealed at ToyFair this weekend, and it gives us a very, very good look at this iteration of the character. The big change: he's not wearing a mask. The bust shows a Harry Osborn who has been transformed into a monster, as opposed to a Harry Osborn wearing some kind of get-up. This seems to follow from the Ultimate universe, where the Goblin transforms into a hulking monster instead of just being a guy in a mask.

    The weirdest thing: he's not green. He's quite yellowish, in fact. Maybe he's just called the Goblin? Or maybe he's actually Hobgoblin?

    Here's a video look at the bust:


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    HONG KONG – Specialty North American distributor Kino Lorber has picked up distribution rights to the Palisades Tartan library, which includes the iconic “Asian Extreme” movie collection.

    Ownership of the 90-title collection remains with Palisades Tartan, giving Kino Lorber U.S. home entertainment rights including packaged media, digital and repertory theatrical rights. The deal also includes rights to some titles in Canada.

    Company principal Richard Lorber said that Kino Lorber will now take certain titles out on limited theatrical release. Others will be issued on Blu-Ray (under the Palisades Tartan label) for the first time in North America.

    While some of the titles have previously been represented by Vivendi and eOne, these deals have now expired. Kino Lorber plans new digital releases since many of the titles have not been widely available on the most current new media and digital platforms.
    The Asia Extreme label was assembled and pioneered by the U.K.’s Tartan Films before it expanded into the U.S. in the early 2000s and filed for bankruptcy in June 2008. It notably includes Park Chan-Wook’s “Oldboy,” and the other instalments of Park’s ‘revenge trilogy’ “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” and “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance;” Johnnie To’s “Election,” and “Triad Election;” Yoji Yamada’s samurai epic “The Hidden Blade;” and Shinya Tsukamoto’s cult classic “Tetsuo The Iron Man;” Kim Jee-woon’s “A Tale of Two Sisters” (pictured); Thai horror “Shutter,” as well as early films by Kim Ki Duk “Samaritan Girl,” “The Coast Guard,” “The Bow” and “Breath.”

    The Palisades Tartan-branded titles included Carlos Reygadas’ “Battle In Heaven;” Michael Winterbottom’s “9 Songs;” Ulrich Seidel’s “Import Export;” and Feng Xiaogang’s “A World Without Thieves.”

    “We are exultant to be able to bring the gems of the Palisades Tartan library back to market on all home entertainment physical and digital platforms. It’s why we exist as a company—these films define our mission,” said Lorber.

    With the Tartan titles expanding its library to nearly 900 titles Kino Lorber is one of the key indie art house distributors in North America. It releases some 25 films per year theatrically. Some 70 titles a year go to home entertainment via its own DVD brands and direct digital distributor deals with the major platforms including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

    Source: Variety

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    Source 1& 2& 3& 4 & 5

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    "Redefining Realness" author Janet Mock expands on her heated interview with Piers Morgan and the challenges facing the transgender community.

    Sources: 12

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    Posted by Chris Beveridge

    Even though Big Hero 6 is slated for a November 7th, 2014 release, we haven’t heard all that much about it. We had gotten word early on that Don Hall was directing the feature and then Chris Williams stepped in some time along the way to co-direct it. Now we’ve got a little more of the puzzle out there in how the film is going to be handled since it’s a cross-unit piece within the sprawling Disney empire. The Disney Animation Studios general manager and executive vice president, Andrew Millstein, was involved in a discussion about Frozen and how that’s reinvigorated the unit and given them a lot more to work with. Frozen saw some amazing numbers but the upcoming Big Hero 6 is a different kettle of fish since it’s loosely based off of the Marvel Comics series of the same name.

    Your next film is Big Hero 6, which comes out in November and is based on a Marvel comic series. How involved is Marvel?

    It’s a Disney Animation Studios project. We have friends at Marvel. We like to share where we are. But it’s more from the perspective of, “Share your wisdom with us, what’s working, what’s not.” But it really lives within Disney Animation Studios.

    It comes from the Marvel library, but it’s not a Marvel property that people are familiar with. Will you present it as Marvel-based?

    We’re going to have to fine-tune the language of the presentation. But it’s not a secret we are trying to hide. We will highlight that in the right way.

    FYI this is the concept art that leaked on tumblr and judging by Wasabi's design the rumors regarding this film are true so far

    Source 12

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  • 02/19/14--17:16: PSH's request in Will

  • Among Philip Seymour Hoffman's final wishes, one stands out: the actor did not want his son, Cooper, to grow up in Hollywood.

    In his will, signed in October 2004 and submitted into Manhattan's Surrogate Court on Wednesday, the late Oscar winner asked that Cooper (his only child at the time the document was written) be "raised and reside in" Manhattan, Chicago, or San Francisco.

    "If my guardian cannot reside in any of such cities, then it is my strong desire, and not direction, that my son, Cooper Hoffman, visit these cities at least twice per year throughout such guardianship," Hoffman wrote in the 13-page document. "The purpose of this request is so that my son will be exposed to the culture, arts and architecture that such cities offer."

    Noticeably absent from the list is Los Angeles, where Hoffman spent much of his working life.

    When the will was signed in 2004, Cooper — now 10 — was only 1 at the time and was Hoffman's only child. The actor went on to have two daughters, Tallulah, 7, and Willa, 5.

    Hoffman left most of his fortune to the mother of his three children, Marianne "Mimi" O'Donnell. He also set up a trust for Cooper to be used for "education, support, health and maintenance."

    According to the document, Cooper will get half of the trust when he's 25, and the rest when he's 30.

    The "Catching Fire" actor was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose in his New York City apartment on Feb. 2. He was 46.

    source :

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    Shit-stirring beauty Cynthia Bailey may have told JET magazine that her husband, converted rice box model Peter Thomas, "doesn't have anything to do with a [Apollo Nida's] bank fraud scandal" but according to an unnamed source, she and Peter have retained a "high powered attorney."

    This has left some wondering if Thomas, who once owned a popular Miami Beach music conference that closed amid allegations of fraud and embezzelment, might have had shady business dealings with his bestie Apollo before the feds moved in.

    According to Sandra Rose*:

    My source, who may or may not work at the courthouse, revealed that the federal indictments will be “unsealed soon” and become part of the public record. She said she will then be able to spill the juicy contents without fear of losing her job — since no one is supposed to know what’s in there. According to my source, “Apollo will not be going to prison alone.”

    Source 1&2
    Photo Source

    *Yeah, I know...

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    The fantastic first trailer for Marvel's latest, Guardians of the Galaxy, is out, prompting the question: is Chris Pratt primed for movie stardom?

    The trailer makes us very excited for the movie, which represents a branching out for Marvel, which has been churning out sequels to their Avengers lead-up properties as of late. Guardians is obviously an odd property, but the trailer smartly spells out who these guys are while showing that James Gunn's effort isn't taking itself too seriously. How could it be when "Hooked on a Feeling" is being used on the soundtrack?

    The release of the trailer also marks the start of Chris Pratt's movie-star career. Pratt is not only starring as Star Lord here, but he'll then lead the Jurassic Park reboot headed to theaters in 2015. Both movies, it's worth noting, are not exactly riding on the caliber of their stars. Audiences will go to a Jurassic Park movie no matter who's in it, and, though Guardians is untested, Marvel has a habit of taking more obscure superheroes and turning them in to phenomenons. See: Iron Man.

    Aside from Robert Downey Jr.—who wasn't an obvious choice to play a superhero from the beginning, but still had name value—Marvel's other stars haven't exactly proven themselves as box office draws even as their superhero movies rake in the cash.Rush's weak box office can't entirely be blamed on Thor star Chris Hemsworth—it was, after all, a movie about Formula One—but it also showed that audiences weren't necessarily willing to follow his gorgeous blond locks anywhere.

    Still, there's something far more interesting about Pratt than about Hemsworth or Chris Evans, who at first glance could be seemingly pulled out of a pail of hot guys. (Though Hemsworth did bring an unexpected spark to Thor, and is slowly proving that he's more than simply an Adonis.) Initially a charismatic cog in teen dramas like The O.C. and Everwood, Pratt is best known as the lovable dope Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. And while he provides the voice of the main character in The Lego Movie and has had supporting turns in Her, Zero Dark Thirty, and Moneyball, he's not the first person you'd think of when someone says big-screen leading man.

    But Pratt's best quality—no matter the state of his abs—is his joyousness, something that's clearly on full display in the Guardians trailer. We should remember, we would watch this man simply recite the plots of action movies and be entertained.


    You can click the Chris Pratt pic for hi-res, you thirsty hoes

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    Season four of Mob Wives wraps up Thursday night with a finale that sees tempers flare between the women of Staten Island. The fight is, according to the ladies themselves, the real deal — but they're not so sure they'd say that about the battles they've seen between housewives elsewhere on TV.

    "The Real Housewives fights are not fights to me," Drita D'Avanzo said during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "To me, that's just the way we talk on the phone. Nobody's bleeding, and there's no lenses that are broken. It's kind of like, that's not a fight."

    As for the big fight to come on "Mob Wives," it was fueled by genuine anger ... and lots of libations.

    "Yeah, there was a lot of wine involved," Renee Graziano admitted. "There was some Johnny Walker Black, some tequila, Tito's. There was a lot of things involved there."

    But while she was filled with booze during the brawl that viewers have yet to see, she wasn't filled with satisfaction. "That was my fault," she said of the fight. "And I'm not very proud of that moment."

    There's someone else who isn't exactly proud of what happens on the show — D'Avanzo's mother.

    "My mother makes like she doesn't know me," D'Avanzo explained. "She's like, 'Today, in the doctor's office, everyone talks 'Mob Wives."' And I go, 'Did you tell them (I'm your daughter)?''Nah, I just say I feel bad for their mothers.'"


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    Quick, quiet confirmation! Former O.C. star Adam Brody surprised photographers when he gave them a speedy confirmation of his secret marriage to Gossip Girl lead Leighton Meester. Us Weekly broke the news of the couple's nuptials on Feb. 18.

    In a TooFab video, a photographer taking picture of Brody, 34, in a parking lot asked the actor, "Hey man, is it true you really got married?"

    Brody, who played the famed Seth Cohen on The O.C., replied with a simple, "Yeah."

    After the photographers congratulated him, he thanked them before flashing a thumbs up when asked, "How's the new wife?"

    Though the clip is short, it marks Brody's first official confirmation of the exclusive scoop Us Weekly (LOL SHUT UP) revealed on Feb. 18 of the couple's top-secret wedding.

    This comes as no surprise after Brody was spotted sporting what appeared to be a wedding band while leaving the gym in Los Angeles on Feb. 18.



    CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THIS IS THE ENDING PEOPLE WHO PERSEVERED GOSSIP GIRL DESERVES? #JUSTICE4DAIR GG/O.C. fandoms are now a family - minus Chair shippers aka the Gretchen Weiners of Schwartz universe.

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    Gwendoline Christie at Elle Style Awards and LFW

    Sibel Kekilli at the Top Shop Unique show at LFW

    Some social media stuff

    Sophie Turner posted this qt pic of some of the cast in NYC last year. If you look really closely and use your imagination, it looks like Kit is smizing.

    Sibel Kekilli posted this photo of her and Conleth Hill on her Facebook for Valentine's Day. <3

    Maisie Williams at some LFW event (I think?)

    And here is Sophie singing the chorus of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" while hanging out on the set of Alone, which she's filming in NYC rn. Future Grammy winner, tbh.

    GRRM mentions a red carpet premiere for GoT Season 4
    As part of a larger blog post about an advanced screening of the premiere at his Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, GRRM mentioned that HBO has a big media roll-out planned leading up to the season 4 premiere (similar to last year, which means lots of party posts):

    Our Santa Fe event will not be THE Premiere for season four. One of those is in the works, for a city considerably larger than Santa Fe and a theatre considerably larger than the Jean Cocteau, but I will leave it for HBO to make that announcement when the time is ripe.

    Our Santa Fe screenings will follow the big red carpet premiere, the way San Francisco and Seattle followed LA last year. We expect to have a red carpet too, though I make no promises about who might show up to walk on it... besides myself, of course. I'll be there, for sure.

    I hope they have some sort of event again in NYC this year. They were far too West Coast friendly in their promo last year, lol.

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    Fourteen albums in, Tori Amos is still finding inspiration wherever she looks.

    The prolific singer-songwriter is set to release her next studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines, on May 13th on Mercury Classics as well as support the record with a lengthy international tour. The album is an appreciative portrayal of the singer's experiences with visual art, Amos tells Rolling Stone – and, fittingly, she unveils its vibrant new cover art exclusively here.

    "I've always been inspired by visual artists of all mediums because, as with music, art is not a job you can go to and leave from, but it is something that defines who and what you are," Amos tells Rolling Stone. "Visual artists shake up our brains and force us to look at everything, from objects we don't normally think twice about to people we might not have cared about. In one image, they can remind us of nature's power to enchant, as well as humankind's fruitless attempt to overpower her or simply second-guess her. Through the visual artist's application of tone, shape, pattern and pigment, I not only begin to see, but I can honestly say I begin to hear."

    Amos' adulation of visual art shouldn't come as a surprise to diligent fans who have followed her piecemeal teasing of the album cover on her Tumblr over the past week, or who recall the singer discussing seeing her songs "three-dimensionally" with Rolling Stone two years ago. Unrepentant Geraldines marks the piano maven's return to her premier instrument and also to thoughtful contemporary pop; its fine art emphasis also nods to the highbrow proclivities of her last album, Gold Dust, on which she reworked past songs with classical orchestration courtesy of the Netherlands' Metropole Orchestra.

    Today, Amos also unveiled the North American leg of her Unrepentant Geraldines tour, which launches July 16th at the Orpheum in Vancouver, Canada and crosses the United States before wrapping on August 24th at Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami, Florida. (See full dates below.) It follows her previously announced, far-flung international dates, which kick off May 5th in Cork Ireland and include stops in France, Belgium, Italy and Russia before culminating in Bucharest, Romania on June 19th.

    Amos' album and tour announcements come amid new acclaim for her musical The Light Princess, a fanciful production currently running in South London. Cowritten with Australian playwright Samuel Adamson, the fable about a lovestruck prince and princess recently earned six prestigious WhatsOnStage nominations, an especially triumphant outcome considering the production languished in indefinite postponement in 2011 before being revived.

    Tori Amos' North American Tour Dates

    7/16 – Vancouver, BC – Orpheum
    7/17 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre
    7/18 – Portland, OR – Oregon Zoo Amphitheatre
    7/21 – Oakland, CA – Paramount Theatre
    7/23 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre
    7/24 – San Diego, CA – Humphrey's
    7/25 – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Arts Center
    7/27 – Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre
    7/29 – Dallas, TX – Winspear Opera House
    7/30 – Austin, TX – Long Center
    8/1 – St. Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House
    8/2 – Kansas City, MO – Midland Theatre
    8/3 – St. Paul, MN – The O'Shaughnessy
    8/5 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
    8/6 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
    8/7 – Cleveland, OH – Cain Park
    8/8 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
    8/10 – Philadelphia, PA – Verizon Hall
    8/12 – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
    8/13 – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
    8/15 – Boston, MA – Opera House
    8/16 – Washington, DC – DAR Constitution Hall
    8/18 – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
    8/19 – Atlanta, GA – Cobb-Energy PAC
    8/20 – Durham, NC – Durham PAC
    8/22 – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
    8/23 – Orlando, FL – Bob Carr PAC
    8/24 – Miami, FL – Fillmore at The Jackie Gleason Theatre


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    IGN - "It looks beautiful, with photography and production design – overseen by Yorick Le Saux and Marco Bittner respectively – combining to create darkly luscious and frequently hypnotic images that bring the strange world of Adam and Eve to life, most notably when the camera is looking down upon them from high during the film's beautiful slow-motion interludes... Swinton and Hiddleston certainly look the part as the strung-out couple, her cheekbones all feline grace, he – dressed head-to-toe in black – every inch the Byronic anti-hero. But where Eve is filled with the joys of the after-life, Adam is a bit of a 'Debbie Downer', his depression allowing Hiddleston to deliver several amusingly deadpan digs..."

    The Scotsman - "Jim Jarmusch’s sepulchral romance seems to have been designed to accommodate both those who love the genre and those who can’t face another bite, by making a movie which acknowledges some of the bloodsuckers’ favourite touchstones whilst pondering what eternal love really means in the undead community... Fans of sharp teeth may be a little disappointed that Jarmusch’s bloodsuckers don’t do much neckbiting in this film. However, unlike the vegetarian vampires of "Twilight", this isn’t because of any great sense of compassion for humans, but because humans are so polluted nowadays that it is safer to bribe a doctor to slip you sachets from a blood bank, or tap Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt) for his supply of "the good stuff"..."


    The Arts Desk - "Unique, dreamy, super cool and splendidly silly, just like its maker Jim Jarmusch, 'Only Lovers Left Alive' is a vampire flick packed full of romanticism, wit and enchanting, fuzzy music. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are perfectly cast as a pair of vampires named Adam and Eve entangled for eternity by the bonds of love. They don't prowl around town searching for victims, instead they live peaceful existences surrounded by the “human zombies” who are slowly ruining their beloved planet... Fans of Jarmusch should be excited as this is one of his best to date, thanks to his spot-on insertion of the hippy zeitgeist into the souls of two wise lovers as they ponder and philosophise regarding their fears and the thrills of the modern world..."


    Digital Spy - "One of cinema's most defiant rebels jumps on the vampire bandwagon, but never fear: he hasn't gone all the way to the dark side. Writer/director Jim Jarmusch casts Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as the bloodsuckers trying to fill their time after so many centuries, like a couple of urban slackers doomed to faff for eternity... Hiddleston is brilliant. He pulls off a delicate balancing act, never tipping too far into sulky self-indulgence and Swinton is a reliable anchor with her no-nonsense approach to immortal life. It seems an unlikely pairing and yet they have a great rapport, both able to tap into an unconventional vein of humour... Adam may continue to ponder the big question, but Jarmusch makes a very strong argument for Eve's philosophy of life. He delivers two hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure; a fiendishly amusing, high-spirited movie that simply bleeds with cool..."


    Move over, Dracula. Vampires don’t have to be just old dudes in capes anymore, or even dudes at all. If there was a glass ceiling in vampiredom, women have definitely bitten through it — as is apparent from the new movie Vampire Academy. Based on Richelle Mead’s young-adult series of horror-fantasy novels, the film is a girl-powered visit to a boarding school for young women who are either vampires or the half-vamp/half-human bodyguards who protect them.

    Of course, female vampires have been part of vampire movie lore for ages, but it’s only recently that they’ve gotten equal time with the guys. Thanks to authors like Mead and Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyer (and Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris before them), the vampire world is largely co-ed now, in books and TV (True Blood, Vampire Diaries) as well as movies.

    Whether this represents a triumph or setback for feminism is a question we’ll leave to academics and Buffy fans. Still, a lot of girls and women had to bite a lot of necks for today’s female vampires to achieve such prominence. Here’s a look back at some of the parasitic pioneers whose big-screen bloodlust blazed a trail for the current crop of fang-bearing femmes.


    Kirsten Dunst became a star at age 12 with her performance in the movie version of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire as Claudia, a little girl saved from the brink of death by vampires Louis (Brad Pitt) and Lestat (Tom Cruise), but also damned to an existence as a vampire. At first, she and her surrogate dads form a perverse parody of a family, one that feeds on the help (Claudia’s casual, ravenous cruelty is played for laughs). But black comedy turns to horror in the sequence where Claudia tries in vain to cut her hair and realizes that she’ll always be stuck in a child’s body

    Even so, as the body count racks up, Claudia remains sympathetic by ultimately siding with the conscience-stricken Louie over the remorseless Lestat. Give credit to Dunst for making her sympathetic enough that it’s actually heartbreaking when she’s forced to meet her sun-charred doom.


    Eli (Lina Leandersson), of the Swedish hit Let the Right One In, is another vampire who gains sympathy just by being a little girl. At first, she even seems like a good friend to a fellow outcast child, the bullied boy Oskar (Kare Hedebrant). But of course, she’s as deadly as any other vampire. Plus, she keeps a mortal, full-grown man, Hakan, in her thrall to serve her bloodthirsty needs, and he’ll go to any self-sacrificing length to do so.

    The bond between Oskar and Eli is both sweet and horrifying. (Watch the scene where she shows Oskar how much she trusts him by demonstrating the gruesome consequences for a vampire who tries to enter a dwelling without permission.) She helps him find strength, but with lethal results that indicate she’s grooming him to become the next Hakan, and probably not the last. Chloe Grace Moretz did a decent job with the same role in the American version, Let Me In, but for a performance of truly deep sorrow and creepiness, stick with the Swedish original.


    There are plenty of female vampires to choose from in the Twilight saga, from the nice gals in the Cullen clan to the nasty ones in the Volturi, the vampire ruling body. But the one to be reckoned with is Victoria, the flame-haired vamp who spends the first three movies hunting down the Cullens and their new human pal Bella (Kristen Stewart). Evading both the vampires of Team Edward and the werewolves of Team Jacob, she sprints and leaps through the forests of the Pacific Northwest with feral, feline grace. She’s also charismatic enough to lead a stampeding army of strong, wild, newly-made vampires.

    We liked Rachelle Lefevre as the initial Victoria, as her ethereal appearance made her look especially otherworldly and beyond human. When a scheduling conflict led producers to replace her with Bryce Dallas Howard in the third film, we were skeptical, but Howard was suitably scary. Maybe not as scary as Howard was in The Help, but then, no one made Victoria eat a pie made of excrement, either.


    After a decade or so of B-list roles, Kate Beckinsale rose to leading lady status with the Underworld series in 2003. Looking sleek in a black leather body suit, her Selene didn’t do a whole lot of biting or bloodsucking, but she did a fair amount of gunslinging, firing fusillades of silver bullets in the wars between vampires and werewolves.

    Okay, she was basically a centuries-old version of Carrie-Anne MossTrinity from The Matrix, but despite the occasional love interest, she was pretty independent, a renegade to both camps. Horror and action fans alike were smitten; so was director Len Wiseman, who married Beckinsale after the first of the four Underworld films.


    Now that’s what a vampire queen is supposed to look like. In the 2002 adaptation of vampire maven Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, R&B star Aaliyah looks thoroughly exotic, dangerous, and depraved. It’s sad to say, but the fact that Aaliyah died (in a plane crash, at the far too young age of 22) a year before the movie’s release only added to her character’s eerie, beyond-the-grave appeal.

    In the film, Akasha is the first vampire, long dormant but awakened twice by the music of the vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend), now frontman of a popular metal band. She and Lestat become lovers, but her seemingly indiscriminate willingness to kill any human or vampire that stands in her way is too much even for Lestat. The whole thing is pretty silly, but there’s no denying Aaliyah’s charismatic screen presence.

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    A friendly reminder that "Only Lovers Left Alive" opens on February 21 in the UK and on April 11 in the US.

    Also, I am Team Eve because of obvious reasons. So who's your favorite female movie vampire, ONTD?

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