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    Lupita Nyong'o was just nominated for an Oscar, which means that we'll have over a month more of her flawless red carpet appearances, magazine spreads, and interviews. Apparently, we'll also get some skin lightening fuckery, thanks to Vanity Fair.

    The magazine is featuring the actress in its Vanities section, and has posted a preview photo of Nyong'o from the accompanying shoot. Unfortunately, the image shows Nyong'o's skin color as being lighter than it actually is.

    See for yourself:

    Could this be a trick of light? Previous Vanities shoots feature lighting that washes out their subjects. Photo shoot lighting and red carpet lighting is probably different. Still, at official event photos, Nyong'o's skin looks much darker even though she is also under a lot of bright lights in those situations.


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  • 01/16/14--14:28: Star Crossed "Human" Trailer

  • Source

    It's like Alien Nation, but in set in high school... and stupid.

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    Josh Hartnett and Eva Green take the stage for the Penny Dreadful panel during the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association Tour held at Langham Hotel on Thursday afternoon (January 16) in Pasadena, Calif.

    The duo were joined on stage by executive producer John Logan.

    “I started thinking about themes and why almost 200 years after [Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"] was written, we’re still reading Frankenstein,” John said about the monster-driven series. “I think it’s because the monsters break my heart. Growing up as a gay man before it was socially acceptable, I knew what it was to feel different, alienated and not like everyone else.”

    Check out Penny Dreadful on Sunday (May 11) on Showtime!



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    Every awards season is crammed with stories based on real life, but this year we seem to be blessed with real people who are even more colorful than the famous actors playing them. From the charming con man with the combover who gave Christian Bale advice on how to play him, to the world-famous leader who inspired millions, here are the real people behind some of the year's best performances, presented side-by-side with the actors playing them on-screen. Who looks the most like their real-life counterpart? Which characters are basically made up entirely? Click through for the true story behind "based on a true story."

    Though he’s playing a character named Irving Rosenfeld, Bale met several times with Weinberg, the real-life inspiration for his character, before production began on American Hustle. The actor ultimately improvised lines based on what he learned from the convicted con artist.

    McConaughey lost 50 pounds to play H.I.V. patient Woodroof, who started a “buyers club” to smuggle AIDS treatment medication across the border from Mexico. Embodying Woodroof’s Texas charm, meanwhile, came naturally.

    Lawrence’s character Rosalyn may be American Hustle’s biggest departure from reality—the real Melvin Weinberg’s wife was much closer to his age, and eventually committed suicide years after the events shown in the film.

    The real Jordan Belfort puts in a cameo at the end of The Wolf of Wall Street, highlighting just how physically different he is from Leonardo DiCaprio (though the hair, we admit, is spot-on).

    Oscar Grant III became nationally famous after his death at the hands of San Francisco transit police in 2009. Jordan, a veteran child actor, had just the right combination of experience and anonymity to slip seamlessly into the role.

    + 16 more at Vanity Fair (It's a slideshow, but not an annoying one)

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    In a much-hyped ratings showdown, "Duck Dynasty" and "American Idol" both lost.

    Last night's season premieres for both shows were down double-digits from the previous year: "Dynasty" attracted 8.5 million viewers, a steep drop from the 11.8 million that tuned in last August, and "Idol" notched its lowest-rated premiere since Season 1 with just (just?) 15 million viewers.

    Many expected "Duck Dynasty's" numbers to be goosed (or ducked?) by all the controversy surrounding the show, following dad Phil Robertson's comments about gays and African Americans to GQ last month. (A&E briefly suspended Robertson from filming following protests by advocacy groups, then reinstated him just nine days later.)

    Despite the media firestorm, advertisers still lined up to buy airtime on "Dynasty," and conservative groups rallied to Phil's defense. But all the hubbub didn't translate into record-setting numbers for A&E, which took a lot of heat for suspending Phil. (Maybe viewers are punishing the network, and not the Robertsons?) It's also worth noting that ratings for "Dynasty" declined all of last season, with 8.9 million tuning in for December's Christmas special, so maybe the Robertsons' down-home charm is just wearing thin.

    Meanwhile, the sad song continues for "Idol," where a feud-free new judging panel of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. didn't help reverse a worrying trend for Fox. Last night's Season 13 premiere makes it seven straight seasons that "Idol's" premiere ratings have declined (from a monstrous 37.4 million viewers in 2007).

    Of course, 15 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at these days: "Idol" still dominated the night in total viewers and the key adults 18-to-49 demo. But this is the first time that "Idol" has fallen short of chief rival "The Voice" in that key demo, and NBC might be able to claim singing-competition supremacy if it scores big numbers when "The Voice" returns next month. So don't blame Fox and A&E if they're singing the blues today.


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    Be DOB4m CEAAs1 G4 jpg large


    milfriah strikes again

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  • 01/16/14--14:53: Miley Cyrus Puppy Post!

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    pet post??

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    Shia LaBeouf was conciliatory and remorseful after he headbutted a guy in a London pub, claiming he's just like the next guy with faults and all, adding, "I'm super normal."

    LaBeouf got into a nuclear argument with the other bar patron Thursday night in the London pub, Hobgoblin.

    After the fight, LaBeouf reiterates the fight was over his girl's mom. You hear him say he gets angry when "people s**t on my girl's mom."

    LaBeouf, who appears drunk, rambles on about himself with a woman in the pub -- saying how "normal" he is.

    It's the new normal.


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    We'll totally let you call us stalkers on this occasion - although, in our defence, we were just out buying our lunch.
    Once we'd filled our basket, we strolled over to the self-service check outs when BAM! Who's in front of us looking all fine and stuff in a blue plaid shirt, white tee, brand new Timberland boots and stone washed skinny jeans?
    Only bloomin' Liam Payne. That's who.
    The lone boy bander, who was also carrying a JD Sports bag with two shoe boxes in (greedy), was scanning his items, which included steak, whole black peppercorns, and spinach FYI.
    Sounds like a very cosy Friday night in to us.
    Apart from us and our beady eyes, not a single sole looked like they had a clue who he was. Which is probably very nice for him.
    Not like yesterday when all eyes were on him and his stunning girlfriend Sophia Smith as they sat courtside at London's O2 Arena to watch an NBA match.
    The pair looked super cute in their courtside seats - take that all other stars relegated to the second row - and matching all-black outfits as they snuggled up together to watch the game.

    gimme a cheerful happy ontd 1D stans post.

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    Justin Bieber has an saboteur in his camp ... a guy who claims he has text messages that the singer sent to Selena Gomez and others ... complete with pictures of his junk -- but TMZ has learned the texts and pictures are bogus.

    The guy is trying to sell the texts to various media outlets through an intermediary.  The alleged texts include an argument with Selena Gomez in which Bieber supposedly tells her to f off, and rejects her plea for him to go to rehab.

    In another text there are supposed conversations that Justin's inner circle would stage an intervention at 11:30 last night.  That didn't happen, because the text is bogus.

    As for the penis photo, it was supposedly sent to Selena.

    The photo appears to taunt her --  "Come on, don't tell me you don't miss this."

    The response is: "Stop it.  You need to listen to Scooter and go to rehab. u r sick."

    Justin texts back:  "F**k you. F**k scooter. F**k all y'all I AM DONE!"  He also says, "Can't hear you over my cash, babe!" You're only famous cuz of me."

    Sources who are privy to the situation tell TMZ ... these texts are all phony and someone who is actually in Bieber's world has turned on him.

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    Kristen Stewart kicked off a big weekend with her Camp X-Ray premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT, on Friday. She looked laid back in multiple layers and rocked wavy hair as she made her way into the screening. Kristen was all smiles while surrounded by the cast and crew on the red carpet, striking a few different fun poses. Her new film is one of her most dramatic and emotional yet, as she plays a young woman who escapes her small town to join the military and ends up as a guard at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay.


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    Evangeline Lilly looks smart and chic in this new shot from her feature for DuJour magazine‘s January 2014 issue, on newsstands now!

    Here is what the 34-year-old The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug actress had to share with the mag:

    On people approaching her:“Once I became a public figure, that ended. Men stopped talking to me. Because they think, ‘Why would she want to date me?’ But the irony of it is, that’s exactly why you’d want to date them—everyone needs something to ground them in their life, and often for public figures, that’s their partner.”

    On where she was in life before Lost:
    “When I got the job on Lost, I was a broke university student living in the crappiest part of town, with a duct-taped back window on a broken-down car. I existed on peanut butter and tea. When somebody said, ‘I will pay you a lot of money to come and do this,’ it was worth it to make the sacrifice for a certain amount of time in order to have the flexibility that comes from having more financial freedom.”’

    On playing a non-Tolkien character in The Hobbit: “There are a lot of forums online where fans are furious. They’re venting that anger and expressing themselves, and I just feel like, more power to you—get out there and express your opinions… I’ve had people who have seen the film who have daughters thank me for being part of it, because otherwise their daughters would have had hours of cinema without a single female character onscreen. In 2013, that’s unacceptable.”



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    LMAO at him trying weed for the first time the day of his audition. Can't wait for SNL!

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    When American Evan Lysacek won figure-skating gold at the 2010 Vancouver Games, some hailed it as a victory for artistry over acrobatics. Others shrieked in protest, arguing that crowning an Olympic champion who hadn't performed the sport's most difficult element – the quadruple jump – over a skater who had, Russia's Yevgeny Plushenko, set figure skating's evolution back decades. In an essay objecting to the judging, former Canadian champion Elvis Stojko proclaimed it The Night They Killed Figure Skating.

    Sadly, the highly anticipated reprise between Vancouver's gold and silver medalists that was to unfold at the 2014 Sochi Games – which open on 7 February – won't come to pass. Lysacek, 28, announced in December that injury had forced him to abandon defence of his Olympic title, while Plushenko, 31, appears to have been edged out by a younger rival in his quest for Russia's lone men's Olympic berth.

    But the debate over the quad endures. And it's expected to define the men's competition in Sochi, where no credible medal contender dare step on the ice without a quad in his repertoire.

    "Really, the men's competition is quite a jump-fest now," said three-time US champion Johnny Weir. "Looking at the top 15 in men's skating, there are men down to 10th and 11th place who are able to land one or more quads in competition. There's a whole new level of technical ability that the men are showing just in the four years since Vancouver."

    Added coach Audrey Weisiger, whose pupils include former US champion Michael Weiss: "It's now a requirement. You can't be Olympic champion without a quad – in the long and the short."

    Whether the clamour for quads will produce an Olympic champion who truly marries athletic daring with artistic perfection is unclear. But it's a virtual certainty that plenty of men will tumble in their attempt to pull off not just one but multiple quads in their gold-medal quest.

    The quadruple jump, in which a skater performs four revolutions in the air, isn't exactly revolutionary. It has been around since 1988, when Kurt Browning first executed one and has become a staple of medal-winning performances since.

    But its significance has fluctuated according to the way judges have scored figure-skating over the years. Today, the decision about whether to include a quad or multiple quads boils down to a cold calculation more than artistic statement: how many additional points a skater earns for attempting the difficult skill weighed against how many fractions of a point he loses for failing to fully rotate it, botching the landing or falling in an ungainly heap.

    Heading into Sochi, the quad stands to eclipse all other storylines in men's figure skating for reasons both practical and philosophical.

    Weisiger laments the fact that even the most sophisticated TV production can't fully convey the physical and mental demands of the quad – or the physics that underpins it. So she takes a stab with words.

    "Picture you're on a tight-wire, and you're going at speeds of up to [30km/h] on that tight-wire on a thin blade," Weisiger said. "And then you have to throw your body up in the air and successfully turn around four times and land back on that tight-wire, on that razor-thin blade. That's what we're talking about; that's how hard it is."

    But because the best skaters make the impossible look effortless, the quad's difficulty isn't easily grasped or fully appreciated.

    Tactically, executing the four-revolution jump amounts to hitting a points-jackpot. It's one way a terrific jumper who lacks artistic refinement can catapult himself into medal contention. Converted ice hockey player Max Aaron is a case in point, landing three quadruple jumps to win the 2013 US Championships.

    On a deeper level, the quad represents the outer limit of what's physically possible in terms of figure-skating jumps. Unless the greatest skaters compete at their limits and continue to push beyond them, the sport runs the risk of becoming a quaint anachronism.

    As Plushenko famously brayed at the 2010 Games:"Without a quad, it's not men's figure skating."

    Regardless of the sport – whether figure-skating or snowboarding, freestyle skiing or ski jumping – it's the athlete's quest to outdo past champions, rather than simply replicate their feats, that makes the Olympics so compelling.

    But too much emphasis on executing quadruple jumps, or any combination of high-scoring jumps, can undercut the lyricism of a four-minute, 40-second free skate– particularly if those difficult elements are jammed into the end of a programme, irrespective of the music, to cash in on bonus points awarded for late-stage rigour.

    And if a jump-fest turns into a crash-fest, it can be painful to watch.

    That was part of the calculus Lysacek weighed in crafting his programme for the 2010 Vancouver Games.

    "When I watch skating, I like to see a clean programme," Lysacek said last fall, asked about the risks and rewards of the sport's most difficult jump. "I like to see an athlete that has trained, is in control and executes one element after another. When I see people falling – making three, four, five mistakes in a programme – it's very hard for me to watch that."

    That's partly why Aaron decided, after finishing seventh with his quad-laden long programme at an international competition in November, to scale back to two quads, hoping to compensate for the points he'll give up with better spins and artistic marks.

    Back in 2010, Lysacek's calculus paid off.

    Even though Plushenko landed a quadruple toe-loop, triple toe-loop combination in his free skate, in the eyes of Olympic judges, Lysacek out-performed the Russian because his performance was a more elegant artistic statement, with his jumps linked by spins, intricate step sequences and graceful transitions.

    (more artistic?! idts.)

    For Weir, who finished sixth at the Vancouver Games, it took the passage of time before he was able to go back and study the gold- and silver-medal-winning performances on video. At the time, Weir explained, he was too mired in his own disappointment to watch exactly what Lysacek and Plushenko were showing the world.

    A self-described "diehard Plushenko fan", dazzled by the Russian's star power and pizazz, Weir says now that he feels the judges got it right in awarding gold to Lysacek. "On the day of the free programme, the better skater won," Weir said. "Evan performed incredibly well. He was so precise, down to the last detail. Evan was just perfect that day."

    But looking ahead to Sochi, Weir predicts perfection won't be enough.

    "It's going to take the man that can land more than one quad in the free programme – combined with all the triple jumps and artistry and star-power on that day – to win the championship," Weir said. "It's definitely an exciting time for men's figure skating."


    people seem to really love jason brown now because of his riverdance performance. but does he have a shot at winning without a quad in his arsenal?

    who do you think will land on the podium? will the Dark Lord triumph?

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    Actor Jamie Dornan's character Christian Grey presents actress Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele character with a brand new Audi car on the set of '50 Shades of Grey' in Vancouver, Canada on January 16, 2014.

    does anyone care anymore?

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    1. wmyb ♥
    2. soml
    3. bse

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    New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was caught masturbating in a Target parking lot with not one, but TWO jars of vaseline in his car.
    According to the police report obtained by TMZ:

    The 30-year-old former Pro Bowler was arrested on November 19th … after cops in New Jersey received a tip about a man in a Target parking lot “pleasuring himself” in his vehicle.
    According to the report, a 58-year-old white lady had pulled up next to Kellen’s Cadillac Escalade around 5:30pm and noticed Kellen sitting in the driver’s seat with the window open.
    The woman says she tried to make small talk about the weather (it was really cold) and that’s when she saw his erect penis … and called the cops.

    When cops arrived to the scene, they reportedly found two open containers of vaseline in the car … along with synthetic marijuana labelled “Mr. Happy” — and Kellen admitted he smokes the stuff to help him relax.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Have you ever Caught a weirdo wanking off in public? exhibitionists welcomed!!!


    Cops asked Kellen what he was doing in the parking lot and he said he was looking for a Boston Market but got lost. Cops note that K’s penis was not exposed when they arrived.Kellen was eventually arrested and hauled to a nearby station.

    Winslow Jr. was never charged with anything related to alleged public masturbating — but he was hit with drug charges for the synthetic weed
    and last week, pleaded not guilty.Kellen’s rep has since issued a statement claiming the whole thing is a ‘misunderstanding’.“Kellen pulled over to a parking lot to smoke what he thought at the time was a legal substance. He changed his clothes in his vehicle as to not smell like smoke when he returned home.”

    The rep continued, “There was absolutely nothing inappropriate that took place and if there was police would have investigated further and charged Kellen which they did not. This will be the only time we will comment on this unfounded and ridiculous claim.”

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    MTV News rounds up the stuff we can't wait to hear — including Fifth Harmony and Nick Jonas.
    Pop-corn, pop-corn, get your pop-corn here! With 2014 finally here, we're doling out all the music we can't wait for — from Taylor Swift to Austin Mahone to... Nick Jonas? Who knows? Anything can happen!

    Check out our list below to get your salty-sweet taste of what's to come. And don't forget to sound off on your picks via Twitter: Hit us up @MTVNews using the hashtag #mostanticipated.

    Taylor Swift

    Even though Taylor Swift is still touring in support of her 2012 albumRed, the "22" singer has new material on the way. From the sound of "Sweeter Than Fiction," co-written with Fun.'s Jack Antonoff, Swift's fifth LP may head in an even more pop-y route than "I Knew You Were Trouble" or "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

    "I'm so obsessed with where it is right now because I think, for me, the goal is that we start coming upon a sound that's different from everything that we've done before, an identity to a new record," she told Rolling Stone. "Having come upon that so early in the process is just really thrilling,"

    And, as she admitted in a recent Billboardinterview, she's really into collaborations this time around. So who will make the record? She revealed to EW that she's obsessed with Sia, who's penned songs for Rihanna, Katy Perry and so many more of pop's biggest stars.


    Rihanna has put on an album every year since 2005 (forget 2008), so when 2013 came and went without a new LP from Rih Rih, we knew she probably had plans for this year. Though deats are scant, Nicky Romero did tell us in August that he and David Guetta were working with the singer for the Unapologeticfollow-up, saying, "It's gonna be out of the box for me... in a really smooth way."

    Ed Sheeran

    Ed Sheeran says his new album is coming right after awards season (he's hoping his "Hobbit" song will garner an Oscars nomination). And the new album already has Taylor Swift's stamp of approval. As he finishes a song, he sends it to his pal Taylor, who hosted him on Red. "She's heard all the songs and she's a good judge of what's good or not good," he said.

    Demi Lovato

    While she won't be returning for a third season of "X Factor," that doesn't mean Demi Lovato will be relaxing in the coming year. Instead she'll be focused on her true passion: music.

    "I started the show being a singer and a musician, and so I'm going to go back to that," Lovato said after the finale. "It's been really great, but I'm so excited for 2014. I'm going to dedicate it completely and entirely to music — touring and making a new album. Possibly releasing one."

    This would be a quick turnaround for the "Heart Attack" singer, who dropped her fourth studio album Demi in early 2013. Although the status of a new LP is indefinite, there's one thing that's certain: you can see her alongside Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd on the Neon Lights Tour this year.

    Fifth Harmony

    Fifth Harmony confirmed to us in October that their debut album will be out in 2014. Their EP debuted at #2 on the iTunes albums chart. Of the EP, Camila Cabello said "It's like a sneak peek of what's to come on the album." That said, expect a "teenage girl little diary," if you take their word for it. If you think tourmate Demi Lovato may make a cameo on the album, well, you just might be right. "Of course! There's plans to collaborate with them," Demi told us after the "X Factor" finale.

    can't wait for this pop slayage tbh

    rest at the source

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    We're eagerly awaiting the 2014 SAG Awards tomorrow, and know that we'll be in for a real treat when it comes to red carpet fashion looks on our favorite stars.
    After all, celebs always show up to this event looking their best in beautiful designer gowns and show-stopping jewels.
    To get in the spirit of this weekend's exciting SAG Awards, we rounded up our favorite looks from the show over the years.

    A simple pulled back 'do helped draw attention to the ravishing ruffle detail of the star's elegant Giambattista Valli corset gown. The pretty plum color complemented her radiant red hair perfectly.

    The red carpet veteran stood out at the 2009 SAG Awards in a white Azzaro column gown with a beautifully bejeweled neckline and waist.

    At the 2010 SAG Awards, the blond beauty wowed us in a mustard-colored Jason Wu gown with a draped shoulder. Her crimson clutch, drop earrings and eye-catching lips popped perfectly against the unique color of her gorgeous gown.

    At the 2009 SAG Awards, the Slumdog Millionaire star looked as pretty as a princess in a girly Marchesa gown in a pale blue shade.

    The blond beauty stunned in a gorgeous strapless Zac Posen gown in a deep midnight blue that enhanced her curves beautifully at the 2013 awards show. A bold Lorraine Schwartz pendant necklace made for an unexpected accessory on the red carpet.



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    Madonna and Beyonce appear to have their eyes locked on the Grammy stage.

    The pop superstars are expected to be among the big surprise moments during next week’s ceremony, according to two sources with knowledge of the plans.

    Late last year Beyonce pulled off one of the best-kept secrets in recent music history when she stealthily released her self-titled album without as much as a hint.

    The Grammys is where she will make her first televised performance in support of the project — which shattered iTunes records upon its release in December — according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

    Madonna, however, is expected to pop up and lend guest vocals during a performance from one of the night’s nominees, an additional source confirmed.

    Longtime Grammy Awards show producer Ken Ehrlich said he “can’t confirm” an appearance from Beyonce during an interview with Pop & Hiss to preview the show. Ehrlich didn’t confirm or deny Madonna's involvement.

    “Let’s put it this way … we have a really great history that goes back to the early days of Destiny’s Child,” Ehrlich added. “I love working with [Beyonce]. She’s incredible. She is so into what it is that she does and making sure that everybody who sees her walks away saying, ‘wow.’ ”

    “Should she be on the show this year?” he continued. “I would think that the potential is there for that kind of moment.”

    Other Grammy performers include Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr; Daft Punk with Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder; Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons; Lorde; Katy Perry; Pink and Fun’s Nate Ruess; Robin Thicke and Chicago; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Kacey Musgraves; John Legend; Taylor Swift; Keith Urban and Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Blake Shelton.

    Reps for Madonna and Beyonce had yet to return requests for comment.

    The Grammy telecast airs at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time Jan. 26.

    A duet maybe? That would be awesome!

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