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    LAS VEGAS, Nev. - There's a reason why Bruno Mars is set to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

    The pop crooner was in perfect form at the iHeartRadio music festival Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. He wowed with his slick moves and energetic vibe.

    Bruno Mars led the pack of men who entertained the crowd of thousands at the iHeartRadio festival. The singer was smooth as ever: He kicked off his set with fun, upbeat numbers "Locked Out of Heaven" and "Treasure," but transitioned to a soulful and passionate performance of "If I Was Your Man." He earned whistles from the audience.

    Mars reached epic heights when he sang "Runaway Baby"— he was funky and even imitated James Brown's signature dance moves. The legend would be proud. The singer-songwriter-producer finished with a smoky, steamy rendition of his latest single, "Gorilla."

    Justin Timberlake also held his own with the night's closing performance. Floyd Mayweather, who's dominating win over Canelo Alvarez last week in Las Vegas was the richest fight ever, introduced Timberlake as "the heavyweight champion of music." His set included "Cry Me a River,"''Take Back the Night" and "Like I Love You."

    Drake got concertgoers out of their seats when he performed "HYFR" and "Started from the Bottom."

    "I'm here to party," he told the crowd.

    Miguel was in a similar mood: After performing "Adorn" and "#Beautiful," he urged the crowd to "have a good night and make some bad decisions."


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    In anticipation of this sunday's Emmy Awards, Variety put together a special breakfast/live panel with some of the showrunners nominated for the big prize - you can watch videos of the conversations they tried having over a room of people eating breakfast, and read a few quotes from the event, after the cut.

    Emmy Elite Showrunners Breakfast Drama Panel

    featuring Julian Fellowes of “Downton Abbey,” Vince Gilligan of “Breaking Bad,” Matthew Weiner of “Mad Men” and Beau Willimon of “House of Cards.”

    Fellowes:“I think people always obsessed (over TV). The different thing is they didn’t have an outlet for it. … They say, ‘He would never done that,’ and I’m, ‘I invented him – he does what I say.’”

    Gilligan:“It is more emotionally wise for me to steer clear from the admittedly amazingly wonderful reactions (online) … because it seems to me to be human nature is that you can have a thousand good things said about you, but all you remember are the one or two or 10 bad things.”

    Weiner:“You want them to be obsessed. I personally have sworn off it – I’m a former addict, but it was personally destructive for me. … If they see something they like, they will ask for (more) of it, but if you give them more, they’ll say it’s boring.”

    Willimon:“It’s the old Woody Allen quote, though he probably stole it from someone. ‘When it’s bad, it hurts, and when it’s good, it’s never good enough.’”

    Emmy Elite Showrunners Breakfast Comedy Panel

    Our panelists: exec producers Judd Apatow of “Girls,” Steve Molaro of “The Big Bang Theory,” Armando Iannucci of “Veep,” Jack Burditt of “30 Rock,” Danny Zuker of “Modern Family” and Blair Breard of “Louie.”

    Iannucci:“We’re kind of cursed by the fact that we feel obliged that we’ve got to be funny. The trick, the challenge is just because we’re trying to be funny, we’re not belittling anything, and so we can perhaps take on bigger subjects in our comedy.”

    Apatow:“I think what’s happened is the dramas are all funny, but they get to be funny when they want to be.”

    Breard:“The form has changed. We’re allowed to do more creative things and go deeper. … In our first season of ‘Louie,’ we were doing very classic Louis sketch comedies. (Later), we were doing arcs and there was more depth and opportunity to explore themes under the banner of comedy.”

    Zuker:“There was a visceral thrill (in multicam, when something goes wrong) and then the writers huddle. We did an episode my first season on “Modern Family” and we were out on location and we had an emotional scene where nothing was working. We built a campfire and took a legal pad and found a new scene.”

    Molaro:“Those moments when you are huddled up are the closest to sports we get. Rewriting a whole scene while huddled up – it’s terrifying.”

    .Videos: Drama, Comedy
    Quotes: Drama, Comedy

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    A lot of movies these days use 3D as an easy novelty that jacks up ticket prices. A new featurette for Gravity assures us that Alfonso Cuaron's latest is the other kind of contemporary 3D feature.

    You know, the altogether rarer kind of 3D movie, the kind that uses the extra dimension to more effectively tell the story and sell the jeopardy faced by the characters.

    In Gravity, there are only two onscreen characters, Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalsky, played respectively by Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Stone, a medical engineer, is on his first NASA mission into Earth's orbit, while seasoned astronaut Kowalsky is taking his last shuttle trip before retiring from the space exploration game. They duo are conducting ordinary repairs during a spacewalk when debris from a damaged satellite leaves them scrambling to survive against the infinity of space as their oxygen supply dwindles.

    Cuaron has delivered a space adventure that communicates the nauseating physics of zero gravity and the primal scariness of space. Essential to Gravity's evocation of the void is 3D. "From the minute you start watching this film, you can't breathe," says Bullock in the featurette. "We're in zero gravity, so you have this weird slow motion, you can't control things as things are ripping by you. So with that 3D aspect of it, it's as though you're in the same peril they are."

    It's difficult to convey the immersive qualities of 3D via a tiny 2D window on your computer, but this featurette does a solid job of suggesting the possibilities presented by Gravity's added dimension.

    Cuaron co-wrote the screenplay with his son, Jonas Cuaron.

    The Mexican helmer hasn't directed a feature since 2006's masterful Children of Men, largely because he has spent the last several years attempting to get Gravity off the ground. During that time, a long list of big-name actresses were approach for or associated with the role of Ryan Stone, including Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Marion Cotillard. Interestingly, Robert Downey Jr. was set to play Kowalsky for a time, as well.

    Back on topic. Gravity earned some pretty effusive praise at the Toronto International Film Festival, and we'll soon have the opportunity to see why. The film hits in 2D, 3D, and even IMAX 3D on October 4th.

    Source + video source

    I keep checking for showtimes in my town for next week and all I get are 7 PM screenings of Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable. :'(

    Also, I know that ONTD has predictably started to turn against this movie because of the hype, but critics are still loving it and I've yet to be disappointed by Cuarón. By the way, for those other Cuarón stans out there: read this super long but amazingly insightful profile. Keep snatching them wigs, padre Charolastra

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    When RuPaul's Drag Race sashayed into our lives in February 2009, it didn't instantly snatch wigs. In fact, it's taken six seasons (including one All-Stars edition) for the show to permeate the mainstream, earn inclusion in nearly every "Snubbed By Emmy" story and be considered Must See TV.

    But loyal fans have known since day one that RuPaul was on to something special with this eleganza extravaganza, and now Logo's giving Johnny-come-lately's the chance to come correct and -- finally -- experience the first edition of Drag Race! The 9-episode season, which has not been re-aired or available on DVD due to legal issues, premieres tonight and includes never-before-seen footage, new cast interviews and "peek-a-Ru" pop-up commentary!

    ETonline caught up with the H.B.I.C. to talk about revisiting the first season, the show's ultimate legacy and why drag -- and Drag Race -- still has a long way to go to truly be considered "popular culture."

    What made you decide to give the fans another look at season one?
    It was truly by popular demand. The fact we shoot the show once a year, we wanted to fill the gap and satiate the appetite of our loyal fans because a lot of people came on board later. I mean, people are still now just discovering the show.

    What was it like going back and rewatching the first season given how much the show has changed?
    Obviously the first season didn't have the budget to be as glossy and shiny as it is today. We had just enough money for that jar of Vaseline for the lens. But it's funny to see how certain ideas, which are huge components of the show now, have their origins in that season. There are glimpses of what the show has become in the first season, and it's interesting to see how they were peeking their heads out from day one.

    Such as?
    Well, the first season really established that something organic always happens we couldn't have counted on, like Ongina revealing her HIV status. There are so many wonderful facets of these courageous creatures' personalities that come out and there's no way, in conceptualizing the show, we could have anticipated that. Now, I'm always looking for that one defining moment for every season, and we've had them every year. It was a galvanizing revelation; not only for the girls but for the nation. Everybody understands that behind the pain and the powder, there are real, courageous human beings who should be admired and celebrated.

    The collective perspective of drag has really been transformed since the show began; now you have your girls on network television, taking over YouTube and starring in Lady Gaga's Applause video. What does it mean to you to see them having such success?
    It's the greatest part of my whole career. I've been doing this for 31 years and it's absolutely the thing I've been placed here to do. It feels absolutely amazing and great and I couldn't be more proud because beyond the fame, beyond the money, it really gets down to taking inspiration and love and inspiring people to get up and be themselves. To see them flourish and to present themselves to the world in a way that everybody can enjoy is indescribable.

    Who do you think has done the best with the platform? Shangela? Willam? Detox?
    Absolutely. Also, Manilla and Latrice and Sharon and Alaska; they're all over the place. They're everywhere. Some girls have the hunger more than others. But the idea is to give them an opportunity to go as far as they want, and some are taking that opportunity to the umpteenth degree. The venues for us to perform in have generally been nightclubs -- and they come and go. Now, with the internet, the audience is so much smaller, so it had to transfer into television and other venues. There's not a long career span because you can't really make money doing drag for very long the way the system was set up for so many years. People have fans all over the world now, which allows them to travel -- these girls are no longer just a local phenomenon.

    Has the success of the show changed the caliber of queen who auditions?
    On paper you'd think that would be the case, but by bringing someone young to the front of the line with your guidance, it doesn't necessarily make them better, faster. There's a certain trajectory and certain timeline that a person absolutely has to go through to get to that place of perfection. It's almost like Malcolm Gladwell's theory of the 10,000 hours. There's really no way to fast-track someone because the rate that their brain is able to interpret the information they're getting is on pace with life. It's like the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy says, "Why didn't you tell me all I had to do was click my heels three times?" It's because she had to go all that way to claim ownership. In terms of quality, some people just have it and others don't. But I do not think the show is capable of fast-tracking someone to the front of the line.

    Is that why you felt strongly about bringing Shangela back?
    Absolutely. Absolutely. There's a certain rate of information assessment and absorption that you have to let happen naturally. There are microwaves, but in an oven, it takes the right amount of time for a certain item to be ready. Some girls simply aren't cooked yet.

    Speaking of Shangela, she was one of the Drag Race alums in Lady Gaga's Applause lyric video. Afterwards, Gaga said she wants to be a judge on the show. Any chance that'll happen this season?
    Oh, we have tried to get Lady Gaga every season [laughs]. I mean, from season one we tried to get her. I wish people truly knew how hard it is to book talent on this show. It's like how everyone thinks all famous people know each other. Booking talent for the judges panel is a freakin' nightmare of scheduling. It's not as easy as saying, "Come on down!" It's a long f*cking day, and people who run businesses aren't coming down for that [laughs].

    What's the status of season six?
    We've filmed the entire season and, oh my God, it's fabulous. It's one of the strongest seasons ever because the girls have very equal skillsets. It's the tightest competition ever. If I had my way, there would always be a new season of Drag Race airing, but it's not in my control. Although, honestly, if there was enough public demand for it, it would be happening. The basic fact is we still are a niche audience -- even in the gay community there are still people who think drag is the bastard child of the gay movement. When the truth is, it was a queen who threw the first motherf*cking brick -- and people forget that sh*t because it's convenient for them to forget sometimes. If you read Animal Farm, you know that humans traditionally forget the reason we have revolutions in the first place. Am I going to change it? No. Am I going to live with it? Sure! And I'm going to have fun every single day with it.

    RuPaul's Drag Race: The Lost Season Ru-Vealed premieres September 30 at 9 p.m. on Logo.

    In case anyone is wondering the legal issues with season one apparently involve the rights to some of the music (including a song they used to lip sync for your life) which is why it's never been on Netflix / DVD. If you haven't watched before I suggest you take a viewing and even if you have there are new features in it for everyone :)

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    Speaking at the CleanUp 2013 conference in Melbourne, Australia, Professor Ming Wong, director of the Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University, described the growing problem of e-waste as a "timebomb."

    "[It] is the world's fastest growing waste stream, rising by 3 to 5% every year," said Wong.

    The Phonebloks concept aims to decrease e-waste by offering consumers the opportunity to replace individual components of their phone, while retaining the device's basic frame.

    Once constructed, Hakkens hopes that the Phonebloks handset will be built from components that can be 'clicked' together like Legos. Each component will have its own function e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, or camera. When a component stops working or needs to be upgraded, it can be quickly replaced with a new 'blok'.

    In theory, Hakkens believes that choosing separate components could enable users to personalize their cell phone to their own specifications, adding an improved camera, increased storage or a larger battery.

    "The idea is to set up a platform which, if used correctly, can reduce the amount of waste significantly," Hakkens says.

    At present, Phonebloks is still a long way from reaching the market -- indeed its inventor hasn't even asked for any money to begin developing it. For now, Hakkers has simply been gathering support for the concept through the "crowd-speaking" platform Thunderclap.

    At the time of writing, the Phonebloks concept video has received more than 12 million views on YouTube and been shared on social networks more than 650,000 times. The project has also received support from the actor Elijah Wood and television correspondent Jessica Northey.

    The Phonebloks concept is not without its critics. Some argue that making a device that can more easily be upgraded will increase e-waste rather than reducing it. Others suggest that it would be impossible to build a functional smartphone in a modular way.

    Hakkens says that at the very least his campaign has shown that there is an appetite for an environmentally friendly cell phone and that even though the concept was only officially launched a week ago "we are already having conversations with some serious players."

    Tom Dowdall, a Climate and Energy spokesperson for Greenpeace, says that the interest in Phonebloks may be useful in underlining the growing prooblem of e-waste: "Hopefully the popularity of the Phonebloks concept will spark more action from the major manufacturers. It should not be beyond the innovative phone companies to make products that are upgradable and designed to last."

    Would you ditch your iPhone or current smartphone if the Phonebloks concept becomes reality, ONTD? NGL, I would.

    Read the rest of the article at the ( SOURCE )

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    Olivia Newton-John enlisted the services of a priest to perform an exorcism at her Jupiter, Florida home following the suicide of 41-year-old contractor Christopher Pariseletti on the property last month, has learned.

    The 64-year-old Grease beauty, who was with her husband and a pair of friends during the ritual, watched as prayers were recited and holy water was distributed around the 5,500 sq. foot abode, the UK Express reported.

    As we previously reported, the man was found by the pool of the lavish home last month with a self-inflicted shotgun blast to his head.

    While Rosie O’Donnell was reportedly in line to buy it, the suicide on the property gave her cold feet, and she withdrew her offer.


    Creepy post

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    Mexican actor Diego Luna has never been shy about speaking up about immigration policy. Luna, who just finished directing a biopic about U.S. civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, recently said the U.S. can strengthen its border with Mexico, but it cannot eliminate people’s need to survive.

    Fox News Latino reports that the Mexican actor and filmmaker spoke about the issue at a Times Talk meeting organized by The New York Times at Madrid’s Teatro Español.

    “I’ve come across that border many times, my son was born in the United States - he is also a Mexican-American with the two passports,” Luna said, “So with this movie, I want to bring that community and its neighbors closer together.”

    The 33-year-old actor recently took a stand for immigrants when he dedicated his Hispanic Heritage Award to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. Now, the actor-turned-director is turning his sights to the big screen to spread the word.

    He said that he feels the need to tell a story that the U.S. has long ignored, which is why he chose to direct a narrative of Chavez, who led the migrant farmworkers’ struggler in California.

    “California is one of the strongest states with one of the solidest economies, but at the same time ignores the reality of its farmworkers,” Luna said.

    The upcoming film about the migrant worker's movement will star Michael Peña as Cesar Chavez, Rosario Dawson as Dolores Huerta, America Ferrera as Chavez's wife, Helen.


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    "It's like a positive fight," says the EDM whiz backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

    Along with scoring hits like "Clarity" and the recently released single "Stay The Night" under his own name, electronic maestro Zedd has been tapped to handle a fair amount of production work on Lady Gaga's highly anticipated new album, "ARTPOP." Before Zedd's performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday night (Sept. 20), the producer caught up with Billboard backstage about the push-pull experience of collaborating with the pop superstar.

    "It was very interesting to have someone say, 'I think we should change this and that,' because I usually don't get that," says the EDM star. "So it's like a positive fight -- you try to make the best for a song, and … you learn to compromise and find new ways, and I think that ultimately the songs get to a point that I would never be able to get to myself."

    On Tuesday (Sept. 24), Zedd will release "Clarity - Deluxe Edition," a new version of last year's "Clarity" album that features "Stay The Night." According to Zedd, the collaboration with Paramore singer Hayley Williams stood out so much that he didn't want to wait until his next album was finished to release the track as a single.

    "I love Hayley and I love Paramore," says Zedd, "and when I had the chance to work with her, that was the right decision."

    Applause is #1 on the Dance chart. Offc a flop.

    Won't embed. Watch @ the Source

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    Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has an eye for athletic sperm.  You may recall she had a baby with NFL QB Matt Leinart.  Well guess whose baby she just had ... that would be Clippers superstar Blake Griffin!

    TMZ has learned ... Brynn and Blake are now the proud parents of Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, who was born August 1st.  The birth certificate lists Brynn as the mother and Blake Austin Griffin as the daddy.

    As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we're told she's getting a boatload of child support -- we know she was getting $15k a month.

    Brynn and Blake were dating, and apparently it went well for a while -- or for at least one night.  And, we just found out ... Brynn and Blake are NO LONGER TOGETHER.

    Let's just say ... in the baby daddy sweepstakes, Brynn is a Hall of Famer.


    Can this chick teach a course at the Learning Annex on how to land multiple athletes? I wanna be polygamous with Tim Tebow & Andrew Luck.

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    Nothing like the Emmy Awards red carpet to give us an acute case mani mania!

    We loved the manis on this year's red carpet and have already noted a few distinct trends: classic nudes, cherry-reds and funky greens are the nail colors of choice on some of our favorite celebs.

    Like Girls' Allison Williams, who showcased a pale nude mani on the cam. The actress offset her soft nail color with a bold Fred Leighton cocktail ring.

    "I just liked the colors," she said, before showing off the violet-hued bauble on the mani cam's red carpet.

    Meanwhile, Williams' co-star Zosia Mamet─wearing a printed Honor gown─went for a bold teal polish with a navy crescent moon top strip.

    "It's a little wacky nail situation," she quipped.

    Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss showcased a coral-red mani (that stood out nicely against her black-and-white Andrew Gn gown). The Best Supporting Actress nominee wore Neil Lane vintage jewels to complement her warm nail color.

    Modern Family actress and COVERGIRL spokesperson Sofía Vergara wore the brand's Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in "Always Naked"─the same hue as Giuliana Rancic. The ladies bonded over their shared nail color, letting their fab fingers take to the mani cam stage in tandem.

    "It's a nude color that I always like because, you know, I need continuity for Modern Family," Vergara explained.

    We love a classic red nail, and it looks like Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery does too!

    The Emmy-nominated actress took to the red carpet at the 2013 Emmy Awards in a two-tone Prada halter dress, showcasing a sanguine red Deborah Lippmann mani in a shade called Lady Is a Tramp. Her short, rounded nails were prepped with Ridge Filler Base Coat to create a smooth canvas and topped with Gel Lab Top Coat for a high-shine finish.

    Also prominent on the red carpet: Never-fail nude nail polish. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nominee Emilia Clarke is sporting a nearly nude shade called Fashion (also by Deborah Lippmann), a taupe crème color, on her fingers and toes.

    Which red carpet mani was your favorite? Sound off in the comments.

    E! 1& 2

    Emilia's make her look sick tbh

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    This is a preview for Haylie Duff's cooking show that she has on ORA TV. No idea wtf that is but it's owned by Larry King or something like that so good for her.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I have the best fans/friends how sweet is my bday gift from @hilaryduffitaly I am loving this!!!! ❤

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Some recording happening tomorrow🎤🎤🎤

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    YEA! What my #shirt says Have a happy Saturday❤

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A Millie a Millie a Millie a Millie !!!!!!!!!!!! 🎶🎶🎶

    I thought it was really nice of her to actually use a birthday present that some of her fans gave her!


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    ( SOURCE )

    JFC my ruined prostate right now... GDI Hiddles you perfect sex-voiced motherfucker!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  • 09/23/13--20:51: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!

  • It's a week of surprises, shockers, and sister rivalry on The Bold and The Beautiful!

    9/23, Bill and Liam exchange father-son advice and discuss the newest member of their family, Wyatt; Quinn concocts a scheme to thwart Liam and Hope's immediate plans.

    9/24, Liam makes a heartfelt confession to Brooke and asks her for a huge favor; Wyatt puts Quinn's plan into action and introduces a creative idea to the group at Forrester Creations.

    9/25, Wyatt and Hope set off on an international adventure; Katie makes an unannounced return to town at a very inopportune time for Bill and Brooke.

    9/26, Brooke and Katie exchange a war of words when Katie learns of Bill and Brooke's living situation; Hope and Wyatt meet with a wealthy businessman who has a prized possession.

    9/27, Katie makes a powerful decision about her future; Wyatt and Hope learn a mysterious secret about Ricardo's item.

    Get ready for some good old fashion from the days when Forrester was cranking out gowns from yester year. If I didn't know better I would say Sally is back but these new designs are fantastic and Hope will be modeling one at least.

    It's still Brooke and Bill for awhile regardless what Katie thinks. She does lighten up somewhat and allows Bill to see his son, but her feelings for Brooke have not changed.

    Rick proposes to Caroline much to the disappointment of Maya, but hey she is engaged to Carter so what's the problem? Oh yea she still loves Rick. But that doesn't stop Carter from doing something for Maya and Rick to prove how much he really loves her.

    Brooke and Bill fly to Italy for a wedding, but who's? I can say it is not any couple currently engaged.

    Quinn is one woman not be reckoned with when she stands face to face with Donna and Pam after they see she's making a play for the elder handsome Forrester patriarch. Quinn decides she's going to do anything necessary to secure her family in the Forrester family.

    9/23, Nikki determines to face the truth about her past, while Chelsea's confession leads to a heated confrontation with Adam.

    9/24, Abby and Tyler's relationship heats up, while Jack and Adam prepare to take on Victor.

    9/25, Neil's apology prompts Hilary to take action, while Billy's surprise troubles Chloe.

    9/26, Lauren and Michael learn shocking news about Carmine, while Sharon and Avery face off over Nick.

    9/27, Summer confronts Avery, while Paul makes an important discovery as he looks for answers to help Nikki.

    Nikki continues on her quest to find her long lost son with Paul's help. These two are clearly just friends and nothing more, at least for now, one never knows. Paul insists that Nikki tell Victor but she disagrees. Nikki feels if Victor knew she had a child with another man he would go insane. Nikki doesn't want to take a chance of having to deal with Victor's possible negative attitude at this time. Nikki does have 2nd thoughts about finding her son knowing full well what kind of impact this will have on other members of her family and friends. Next stop church where Sister Clare remembers that a single woman named Penelope adopted Nikki's baby. Father Martin offers to check the records now that he has a name. The Priest makes a shocking discovery and it is really big news.

    Adam and Jack are pleased as punch that they pulled the wool over Victor's eye. Adam motto "paybacks are a bitch or in this case a bastard". The 3 meet up and let Victor know his time is over. Unfortunately Adam's mind is on his newborn son and Jack tells him to get a grip. Adam assures Jack that Connor is the reason he will be fighting so hard to bring Victor down. Newman Enterprises is Connor's legacy.

    Monday ("Hypnosis")
    Eric reluctantly allows Marlena to hynotize him; Brady and Nicole continue to clash over her affections for Eric.

    Tuesday ("Eric's Theories")
    Eric confides in Father Matt about his radical theories; J.J. and his friends live the good life in Daniel's apartment.

    Wednesday ("Stefano's Orders")
    Stefano forces E.J. to obey him; Cameron struggles to accept that Abigail and Chad are together.

    Thursday ("Vowing Revenge")
    Theresa vows to exact revenge against Jennifer; Will is taken aback when he finds Gabi and Nick in a compromising situation.

    Friday ("Special Gift")
    Chad gives Abigail a special gift involving Jack; Nicole is tempted by a job offer; Sonny plays matchmaker for Gabi and Cameron.

    Kristen decides to get rid of her copy of the video but another threat looms, in the form of Marlena. Kristen realizes that her foe is quite formidable.

    Kayla accidentally reveals something she shouldn't have while talking with JJ about his dad.

    Nicole decides to quit her job.

    Sami is bristling under Stefano's rules which leads to a big fight between her and EJ.

    Anne offers her services to Theresa for her revenge plans.

    Rafe realizes that his progress is not as he had hoped.

    After the release of the schedule for the Winter Olympics, Days is only looking at one pre-emption for the moment.

    Monday (Sonny loses control at the Party)
    The party is crashed by a raging Sonny; Shawn wants to tell Sonny who caused the explosion, despite Olivia's advice.

    Tuesday (Carly confronts Sonny)
    Sonny's behavior in light of Connie's death causes concern in Carly, who confronts him about his downward spiral

    Wednesday (Shawn is Uneasy)
    A flirtatious encounter between Alexis and Derek eats away at Shawn; Patrick questions Sabrina about her ex-boyfriend.

    Thursday (Dante is out with the Baby)
    Dante encounters Spinelli while out with the baby; Patrick catches Sabrina with her shirtless ex-boyfriend

    Friday (On the Day of Connie's Christening)
    Maxie prays for strength to make it through the christening; Luke's condition worsens, and he encounters a demon from his past.

    Evil is coming to Port Charles in many shapes, forms and so many different people. Get ready for the big baddies to start appearing on your screen. Faison, Dr. O and Jerry come together to create havoc like you've never seen. But the newest baddie is already right in Port Charles and he goes by Julian Jerome. Does Julian have anything to do with the 3 others? Could Julian be the leader of the pack and is calling all the shots?

    Michael and Kiki face life in the wake of Sonny’s revelation and the end of her marriage to Morgan. Michael is eager to explore a relationship with Kiki, they come to an agreement and decide to take the plunge into a relationship.

    Nicolas talks Britt into coming and staying at Wyndermere, Britt and Ben settle in at Wyndemere. Nikolas continues to win Britt over with his concern over Brad and Obrecht’s involvement with her son’s life. While Nikolas is attending little Connie's christening, Britt receives a visit from her mother. What does Dr. Obrecht have up her sleeve and what does baby Ben have to do with her plans?

    We haven't seen the last of Heather. Franco is in serious financial trouble and Heather is the only one who can help him.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Sky Ferreira's new single "You're Not The One" is now available to purchase on iTunes! You can stream the full song here. Don't forget to preorder Night Time, My Time on Amazon.


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  • 09/23/13--21:06: The Blacklist 1x02 promo
  • The Freelancer


    idk idk it has potential.  hopefully we'll get at least 13 episodes to wrap it up. really only here for the superior Beckett brother tbh

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    O-M-G! Taylor Swift's cat Meredith is a total diva. M had the chance to hang out with Taylor's tourmate Ed Sheeran and guess what Ed had to say? He totally called out Taylor's cat Meredith for being a brat!

    "Meredith doesn't like anyone," Ed exclusively dishes to M. "There's moments when she doesn't even like Taylor. She's just a very ungrateful cat."

    Meredith is totally living the life with Taylor as her mommy. She gets to go on tour, live in a big house, and of course, listen to Taylor when she's writing a new song. So what about Meredith is so ungrateful? "She just expects it to come to her and if it doesn't then she'll just glare at you."

    So would Ed classify Meredith as a diva? "Yeah, but I think [because] Taylor isn't a diva, I think someone in that camp needs to be a diva," Ed says. "So Meredith fits that quite well."

    Click through the gallery below to see pics of Meredith Swift being acting like the queen of everything!


    Pet Post!? Is your pet also a Diva?

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    Bruno Mars, are you listening?
    Pop singer Katy Perry stopped to chat with E! News while at the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas and shared with us that she'd love to work with the "Treasure" singer on a track someday.

    "I've always said I'd wanna collaborate with Rihanna, but I'd love to collaborate with Bruno Mars. I always say, 'When I grow up, I wanna be the female version of Bruno Mars,' cause he's so wildly talented in showing everybody that he has so much diversity in him," Perry tells us.

    The "Roar" singer also explained how excited she was to perform in front of a different audience than her usual fan base.

    "There's so many different people in the audience that's what I love. There's probably so many people I've never played to, because maybe I don't play to the same audience as Keith Urban but I'm so excited to get in front of those people tonight."

    Meanwhile, Katy shared that her next release "Walking on Air" off her upcoming album Prism (out Oct. 22) will hit iTunes on Sept. 30, and says, "I'm very proud of this record. It's very exciting. It's gonna make you dance, just like the last one but it's a lot more self-reflective."

    Would you like to hear Katy Perry and Bruno Mars on a song together? Sound off in the comments!


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    For decades, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter was a little boy lost. A troubled childhood in a dysfunctional family, coupled with the pressures and temptations of fame created the perfect environment for his downward spiral into a life of drug and alcohol abuse. Now, clean and serene at last, Nick has written a new memoir that reveals the full extent of the dark and tragic struggles he hid from fans for years: starting with his first drink, at age 2.

    In Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, Nick writes that his first home was an apartment located above a bar and sometime strip club, The Yankee Rebel in Jamestown, New York. It was owned and operated by his parents and grandmother, and from Nick’s earliest days, the temptation of alcohol beckoned.

    “Family legend has it that when I was two years old, I crawled into one of the Yankee Rebel’s liquor storage rooms where I was caught drinking for the first time,” he reveals. “My parents always laughed at that. I laughed too, for a while, and then I didn’t laugh at it any more.”

    Indeed, alcohol was a constant presence in his home growing up. “My parents …always stressed about money, which is another reason they turned to alcohol so much,” he explains. “I’m shocked to see home movies taken when I was nine and ten; in them, I’m pretending to be drinking. Clearly, I’m mimicking my parents.”

    “In one home movie, my cousin and I are acting as if we were going out to a bar like two adults,” he writes. “We danced and feigned we were partying. Looking back at how alcohol was part of our playtime, I realize just how deeply my parents’ drinking affected me. It was as if I was programmed to drink.”

    And before long, he did, with all of his energy, even as he found success with the Backstreet Boys at age 13.

    “I began drinking heavily in my teens,” Nick writes, “and then moved on to drugs at eighteen or nineteen, starting with marijuana and moving up to cocaine, Ecstasy, and prescription painkillers among other substances.”

    “Kevin [Richardson]and the other BSB members saw me drinking and getting into trouble and all they could do was shake their heads,” he says. “…They told me that I had the potential to be a better person and make more of my talents. They knew I had a good heart and soul and wasn’t using my head. The guys warned me many times that my partying was out of control and that I was headed for serious trouble.”

    Sadly, they were right. Nick was arrested for the first time in 2002 at the Pop City bar in Tampa. “We hit it hard and then things got out of control around closing time,” he remembers. The rest of the night is hazy, but he ended up in the back of a cop car for resisting arrest without violence.

    “Unfortunately, I didn’t learn from it,” Nick says. “I just kept compounding my problems by continuing the same unacceptable behavior and messing up. No internal alarms went off for me, despite what the other guys in Backstreet said. I rolled on, repeating the same self-destructive pattern for quite a while longer.”

    In his early 20s, Nick says he moved from marijuana to Ecstasy and prescription painkillers.

    “I did a lot of Ecstasy over one particular three or four month period,” he reveals, “and I probably regret taking that illegal and dangerous drug more than anything I’ve ever done. I’m afraid the amount I did caused changes in my brain that are responsible for bouts of depression that I now struggle to control.”

    Indeed, alcohol was doing more than enough damage to Nick’s life on its own. After one night of downing shots of 151 rum, he remembers, “When I woke up, I was back in my apartment and scared as hell because I didn’t know how I got there or what had happened during the time in between. Blacking out like that was typical when I was drinking…”

    On another night, “I was doing prescription painkillers on top of drinking alcohol,” he says, “and I remember going back to my condo, getting in bed alone, listening to my heart pound and feeling as if my body was falling apart from the inside out … But despite those fears, I never seemed to learn from my mistakes.”

    And in 2005, he was arrested for DUI. The judge sentenced him to 13 AA meetings, and while Nick says a small part of him awakened to the truth about his problems, he still and a long way to go to sobriety.

    “My life plummeted to an all-time low … ,’” he remembers of that period. “…We’d chug beers and pound down shot after shot until we reached the semi-comatose state where the alcohol made us sleepy and lethargic. Then we’d do a bump of cocaine for an energy boost.”

    “My crowd made partying an extreme sport,” he explains. “We repeated that binge and bump cycle night after night.”

    One night, as Nick made his way home from yet another party that lasted until the morning light, he was horrified by hallucinations that everyone on the streets was a zombie. The city bus driver even refused to let him board because he was so messed up.

    At home, he took a long, hard look in the mirror. “My face looked bloated, the way it would in a carnival fun house mirror,” he writes. “My body was twice its normal width due to the 50 pounds I’d gained from hard drinking, overeating, and a lack of exercise. My skin was ashen gray tending towards translucent. … I had never been in such frightening shape emotionally, mentally, or physically. I was scared for my life. My body seemed to be crashing and my brain was close behind.”

    At that moment, he picked up his phone, called his publicist, and asked to go to rehab.

    Nick made it through doors of Promises Malibu, still drunk and high on cocaine. But after a tour and intake interview, he decided at the last minute to try it on his own. He flew to his home in Cool Springs, Tennessee, for several weeks, where he underwent what he calls “self-rehab.” Unfortunately, that didn’t stick, and six months later he was back drinking and partying harder than ever before. And his body began sending him signs that it couldn’t take it any more.

    After one night of downing at least 20 shots of Sambuca, Nick says, “When I woke up, my first thought was ‘Oh my god. I’m dying.’ My heart was doing a dance routine in my chest. My lungs felt like someone was stomping the air out of them. My gut was swollen. I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed.”

    Nick soon pulled himself together enough to go see a cardiologist who put him through two days of tests. On the night before he was to receive the results, Nick says, “I partied like it was my last night on Earth. … I drank like I was trying to drown the demons inside my body. Then I did enough blow to make up for the six months I’d stayed clean.”

    The next day, his worst fears were realized: He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart that killed the similarly hard-partying singer Andy Gibb and the actor Chris Penn.

    But instead of having an epiphany, Nick hit the bars again. “I drank, did drugs, and partied until I was paralyzed and passed out,” he remembers. “I woke up in a hotel room with my head pounding so hard I couldn’t focus my eyes. … My heart was pounding so loud, I thought someone was at the door. I decided my body was trying to get me to pay attention one last time. … It was change or die.”

    And so he changed. After commiting to a healthier lifestyle, Nick says, “I’m not perfect now. I still slip up when it comes to drinking. But I’m alive and great things have happened for me in the last few years. I would have missed them. I’m glad I didn’t. Take care of yourself so you’ll be present for the great things in your life too.”


    At what age did you have your first drink?

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