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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jennifer Hudson and TSlaymar Braxton have similar taste in shoes, but who rocked their Versace stilettos better?

    Although Tamar loves a pair of Louboutins, she decided to step into a pair of White Versace Ankle Cuff Pumps for her most recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live earlier this month. They were the contrast piece for her black leather ensemble.

    Jennifer Hudson wore the exact same stilettos to accent her summery luxe shorts look at the Do Something Awards back in July.
    Both ladies looked lovely, but who really worked this shoe? You tell us!


    I mean Tamar wins obviously, SINCE HER ALBUM, LOVE AND WAR IS OUT IN STORES TODAY!

    You can also purchase Love and War on Amazon for 7.99 right here

    Also, according to her Twitter, you can catch her at GMA tomorrow at 8am.

    I'll see you #Tamartians tomorrow BRIGHT and EARLY! GOODNIGHT <3

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    THE TEAM THAT GAVE THE WORLD classic Capcom game Mega Man has reunited and is appearing on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website proposing to create the nascent game Mighty No.9.
    Mighty No.9 is a side scrolling action game with a very strong Japanese flavour. It is the work of the developers behind some of the 50 or so Mega Man games. The title has an "all star" development team, according to the information on Kickstarter, and counts Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune among its personnel.

    Also working on the title are Naoya Tomita, a long term Mega Man level designer, and Shinsuke Komaki, who takes the role of art director. It has a Mega Man look and feel to it.

    The project has a $900,000 funding goal. It started two days ago and is already only a little more than $100,000 short of its target. The funding exercise runs until the start of October. Investors are offered a range of lures, including digital copies of the game, hard copies, plushies and artwork.
    The highest priced $10,000 or more investment will get you dinner with Inafune in Tokyo. Nine of these are offered and one has been bought already. The cheapest option is $5 and gives investors forum access, backer-only events access and contributors' acknowledgements.

    Should you take up one of the options that gives you access to the game you will find yourself playing as Beck, who is ninth in a line of powerful robots. Your eight peers are infected by a virus and you must mash your way through at least six stages and challenge evil wherever it appears.
    Over the course of the game you can run, blast, jump and transform into a range of attack positions including a claw and a massive hammer. This could change though, as the game is still in development and the developers say that they will listen to investor and fan feedback.
    The initial plan is to release the game for the PC but stretch goals could see it launch on Mac and Linux systems. Release is projected for April 2015.


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    Ethan Hawke has said that he does not envy the media scrutiny faced by his Getaway co-star Selena Gomez.

    The actor explained to Reuters that he feels very lucky that he did not rise to fame in the era of gossip blogs and overzealous paparazzi.

    "It's a very difficult landscape she's trying to navigate right now. I think it's much more difficult today to be a young person and grow up," Hawke said.

    He continued: "The constant buzz and pressure and noise and static of the internet, and the way it makes young people feel, makes it difficult to grow up and develop the way one might want to.

    "I'm very grateful that when I was first going through this in the early '90s, it was much easier, but that said, the basic facts of it have always been dangerous."

    Hawke added that he is interested to see what choices Gomez makes about her career as she continues to grow up.

    "I'll be curious to see, she's at a really interesting moment in her life. Is she going to continue to be a musician?" the actor wondered.

    "Is she going to develop as an actress, is she [going to] continue to do both? It's so hard for every young person, trying to figure out the adult you want to be."

    Gomez recently scored her first US number one album with Stars Dance.


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    Katy Perry, who looks like a homely potato, dresses in a cute bright outfit while attending her Labor Day House Party on Monday afternoon (September 2) in Hollywood.

    The 28-year-old "singer" was joined by her BFF Shannon Woodward, Ellen Page, Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James, and other guests including Khloe Kardashian, Jesse Metcalfe and fiancee Cara Santana, and Julianne Hough.

    Katy recently revealed that the music video for her hit new single “Roar” will be debuting on Thursday (September 5). We can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve!





    Hard to take her constant liberal + feminist grandstanding seriously when she seems content to reward willful ignorance with friendship.

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    The Venice Film Festival is well underway and while the Beat Generation drama "Kill Your Darlings" isn't in competition, it is screening at the festival before it takes a trip to Toronto, and ends up in theaters this fall. If you can't wait for that, you can get an early peek at the movie right now.

    The compelling true story of a crime, a friendship, and the nexus that spawned a cultural movement, "Kill Your Darlings" is directed by John Krokidas and features a cavalcade of young and established talent including Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg, Dane DeHaan as Lucien Carr, Ben Foster as William Burroughs, Jack Huston as Jack Kerouac plus appearances by Elizabeth Olsen, Michael C. Hall, David Cross, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kyra Sedgwick and David Rasche. The movie centers on a young Allen Ginsberg and how he and the members of the Beat Generation are transformed when they meet the older, alluring poet Lucien Carr. Here's the long form synopsis:

    While he is attending Columbia University in 1944, the young Allen Ginsberg’s life is turned upside down when he sets eyes on Lucien Carr, an impossibly cool and boyishly handsome classmate. Carr opens Ginsberg up to a bohemian world and introduces him to William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Repelled by rules and conformity in both life and literature, the four agree to tear down tradition and make something new, ultimately formulating the tenets of and giving birth to what became the Beat movement. On the outside, looking in, is David Kammerer, a man in his thirties desperately in love with Carr. When Kammerer is found dead, and Kerouac, Burroughs, and Carr are arrested in conjunction with the murder, the nascent artists’ lives change forever.

    We've actually already seen it so you can read our review from Sundance here, but for stateside audiences, "Kill Your Darlings" arrives in theaters on October 18 via Sony Pictures Classics. A new clip and new photos below.


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    Taylor Swift has been offered a role in a spy movie. A source told British's Mirror that the 23-year-old country star is joining Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, David Beckham and Michael Caine as cast member in Matthew Vaughn's huge budget film called "The Secret Service".

    The film will feature Taylor as a girl who escapes after being kidnapped by a villain, set to be played by Jackson. A production source said that the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer would have to "have martial arts training in order to convincingly kick Samuel L. Jackson's butt."

    "It will be Taylor's biggest challenge to date but she cannot wait," the source continued. Another thing that Swift cannot wait is to work with Beckham. The source added, "She is also looking forward to working with David Beckham whom she thinks is amazing looking, but taken."

    Of why Swift was chosen to join the project, the source explained, "Matthew looked at a number of actresses to play the part before settling on Taylor, apparently she was a natural on the big screen. She's also someone fresh and unseen in Hollywood terms which was massively appealing."

    Jane Goldman is on board to pen the screenplay of the film, which has been described as a 21st century 007. Based on the Mark Millar comic books, "The Secret Service" is expected to be released in November 2014.

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    Jenny From the Block can now add more 'rocks' to her collection.MailOnline has learned Jennifer Lopez, 44, is being paid an astounding $17.5m to return to her post as judge on American Idol next season.

    "There was a lot of back-and-forth negotiating on her salary, but now it's finally been settled that Jennifer will earn $17.5-m to go back to Idol next season," a source told MailOnline exclusively.

    "It's a major coup for her to land a huge payday like that and I believe she is thrilled with that number. It's a lot more than the $15-m Britney Spears was paid to do The X Factor."

    In mid-August there were rumours that Jennifer, the mother of five-year-old twins Max and Emme, was getting a $15-m salary for her third season of Idol, but the figure is actually higher.

    The $17.5-m salary is a big leap from the $12-m paycheque J-Lo was handed for her first season of Idol in 2011. For her second season she was given a $3-m raise to $15-m.

    It was reported last year that when Jennifer asked for another $2-m raise to come back for her third season the Idol producers refused and she walked.

    Steven Tyler made his exit, too, although it's not clear if that had to do with salary negotiations.

    Steven and J-Lo were replaced by Mariah Carey, who was paid a reported $18-m, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. Keith is returning next season with former judge Randy Jackson serving as a mentor.


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    Lupe Fiasco is in cahoots with a convicted drug kingpin -- hiding millions of dollars from the drug lord's estranged wife to screw her in the divorce ... this according to a new lawsuit.

    Fiasco is a big-time rapper ... who's being sued by the estranged wife of convicted drug kingpin Charles Patton, who's currently serving a 44-year prison sentence for running a heroin enterprise.

    According to the suit, Patton's estranged wife believes Fiasco conspired with the drug kingpin to move more than NINE MILLION DOLLARS into various bank accounts in an effort to block her from making a play on the cash in their ongoing divorce.

    It's pretty complicated stuff -- but Patton's wife believes she's uncovered the money trail ... and it went through Lupe. Now, she's suing to get what she claims is rightfully hers.

    Lupe's lawyer tells TMZ ... Inita's allegations are baseless and will be proven false at trial. Adding, "There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions."

    Keyser Soze realness

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    CU L8R Alligator

    Sources 1, 2


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    James Franco has made a career out of being simultaneously enviable and laughable, but he’s an odd (if calculated) choice for a Comedy Central roast—a bit suave, a bit debonair, and way, way too good-looking. Comedy Central and the hip, young comedians that Franco hangs out with are wooing each other in this 90-minute special, in which Seth Rogen corrals several different comedians at varying stages of mastery to do their worst against Franco. Franco has obliged us all by building up a life story doing many things that sound really dumb—and therefore make good insults.

    Roasts are not the most pleasant viewing experiences. They’re not for the faint of heart, anyway. They get vicious, fast; and because the comedy world is so small, there’s an insular subtext underneath the insults that looks something like narcissism and flattery. It’s also a specific, barbed kind of humor, one that makes no attempt to be anything but personal. There are so many fat jokes, slut jokes, and homophobic jokes in tonight’s roast that at first it’s an assault of political incorrectness and by the end it’s so obvious as to be boring. A roast is savage and mean-spirited, and the best comedians know how to make people laugh at your expense better than anyone else.
    But this is all fine if it manages to be funny.

    The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco is only funny sometimes; the rest is a little too glad-handy to be comedic. Seth Rogen is fine hosting it and most of the comedians are fine as roasters, with a few notable exceptions. But this particular generation of comedians feels a little too polished for the post-empire decadence of a roast. There isn’t that same bloody minded savagery, borne of whatever comedians have to go through to become the slightly brittle funny people they are. There isn’t desperation.

    The comedians who do stand out are either the ones that opt out of the format entirely—Andy Samberg pulls a Norm MacDonald by acting so awkward and self-effacing that no actual roasting takes place—or the ones who seem to be a little more connected to the dog-eat-dog mentality of comedy. Sarah Silverman is her typical unexpectedly vulgar self; Natasha Leggero is quick and cutting; and Jeff Ross has a few jokes he’s practiced that land rather well. But the rest of the cast—all beloved comedians, like Chris Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari, and Bill Hader—are just a little too nice to really come down hard on Franco. The material repeats over and over again—Franco squints; he phoned-in his Oscars gig; he does a lot of things that are “artsy” and “boring.” Oh, and Jonah Hill is fat, and many of our comedians are Jewish, and Silverman and Leggero are female, and Ansari is Indian, in case you forgot. It’s all a little too easy. Ansari and Hill in particular seem to be checked out of the proceedings, perhaps because they couldn’t think of anything all that mean to say about Franco. What’s there to say, that couldn’t be easily said about them?

    Weirdly, it feels more like the comedians are all there to roast Hill instead of Franco—Hill easily bears the brunt of a quarter of the insults all on his own, and almost all are about his weight. Maybe they feel more comfortable making fun of him than they do of Franco—who brought his younger brother and grandmother to the event, to listen to Sarah Silverman explaining exactly how Natasha Leggero got so much Mexican spermatozoa in her vagina.

    Look, it’s a fine roast. It’s not bad, and the Samberg and Hader bits are classic. Kroll makes a good showing, too. But maybe our generation, or this generation of actors, just isn’t much into roasts anymore. Franco says something intriguing in his closing remarks, as he tries to respond to the many insults directed against him—“This isn’t a roast. This is my greatest art installation yet.” And then he turns to the dais and signs his name on it, with spray paint. “James Franco, bitches.” He’s grinning as he does it, but you know what? He believes it. In these final moments, Franco is a little defensive, trying to retain his dignity by telling us—as is always the case with his work!—that he might look stupid, but the joke is truly on us.
    And that’s just it. It’s not art, James Franco! It’s not art, and it’s not about you, it’s about the art of terrible, awful, excoriating humor that rips apart any shred of sensitivity you’ve ever had and throws it into the faces of a million viewers watching live. But there are almost no comedians on that stage who are really there for the joke, for the pure joy of the coldblooded insult. Most of the comedians on the stage just aren’t bloodthirsty enough. Which is why, rather than battle waged through humor, The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco feels more like a talent show.


    Bill Hader and Aziz were everything, the rest ... eh

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    To kick off the promo of the re-release of their album "Don't Panic," now called "Don't Panic: It's Longer Now," All Time Low has released their new single, "A Love Like War" which features Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil. You can preorder the new album on iTunes here or get a physical preorder here. The album will be released on September 30th.


    FUCKING YES THIS IS AMAZING. All ya'll should go pick up the preorder now (on iTunes, it's only 7.99!!!).

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    On Nov. 5, Celine Dion will reward her loyal fans with a new album, Loved Me Back to Life, her first English-speaking album in six years.

    For the album she recruited an exhaustive list of talent, including Ne-Yo, Stevie Wonder and Sia. She'll perform her single, Loved Me Back to Life on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, and on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Sept. 11.

    Fans can expect 11 new songs:

    1. Loved Me Back To Life
    2. Somebody Loves Somebody
    3. Incredible (duet with Ne-Yo)
    4. Water And A Flame
    5. Breakaway
    6. Save Your Soul
    7. Didn't Know Love
    8. Thank You
    9. Overjoyed (duet with Stevie Wonder)
    10. Thankful
    11. At Seventeen
    12. Always Be Your Girl
    13. Unfinished Songs


    stan your original #mother! how many times have you listened to #lovemeback2life

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    Former Disney star Lee Thompson Young died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head ... this according to the actor's official death certificate obtained by TMZ.

    We broke the story ... Young's body was discovered at his North Hollywood apartment on August 19th, after he failed to show up to the set of his TNT drama "Rizzoli and Isles."

    According to the death certificate, Young used a handgun to take his own life.

    Young -- who rocketed to stardom back in 1998 as the title character in the Disney show "The Famous Jett Jackson" -- didn't leave a suicide note.

    Young's friends and family are still struggling to understand why the actor shot himself -- though some of his family members told law enforcement he suffered from "depression issues."

    Young was 29.

    ( source )

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    THE Clarke family of Kempsey has found a way to combine a love of restoration and horses with the thrill of competition. Sharon and Bill Clarke returned last month from the Hunter Valley, where they competed at the St Heliers Heavy Horse Field Days. The two-day yearly event has been running since 1996 and is open to all heavy horse breeds. It features lead, ridden, slide, long rein, ploughing and carriage events as well as novelty events.

    Sharon competed with her home-bred Percheron mare Paris Hilton and a sulky, which was restored by her husband Bill. They won the prestigious driving excellence trophy, a new award introduced at this year’s event.

    “The trophy was awarded to the driver of a vehicle that the judges believe has displayed the best driving technique and skill during the two and four wheeled vehicle classes,” Sharon said. “Competitors travelled from Queensland to the Victorian border over the two days of competition.

    "Most of them had been in the Sydney and Melbourne royals. This has topped off a successful year for Paris and I. We were very successful earlier in the year at Queensland shows and will be competing next at a driving championship to be held at Bathurst in the coming months.”

    Sharon dresses up in period costume for the heavy horse events and uses as much memorabilia from the era of the sulky or carriage as possible.

    Judges look at finer details such as if you have money from the particular era, or other personal items such as bibles. The unique competition is the perfect combination for the Clarke family, who live on the outskirts of Kempsey.

    “I have the horses and he builds the stuff,” Sharon said. “It has always been a passion of ours. We have eight horse drawn vehicles at the moment and are currently restoring a four-wheel wagon.

    “The horses we show we breed. We have 10 horses by our stallion.”

    Earlier this year Sharon competed in a heavy horse show in Queensland, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and placed in every event.

    “It’s the 'royal' for draughthorses,” she said.

    The Clarkes are aiming to qualify for the royal shows in 2014.

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    RPattz recently revealed that he was actually doing the deed during his masturbation scene in 2008’s Little Ashes.“I pleasured myself in front of the camera,” he said.

    In Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson plays eccentric artist Salvador Dalí in the ’20s.

    The film is about the artist’s close friendship with poet Federico García Lorca, which turns into a love affair.

    It’s not a great movie, but there’s a lot of eye candy.

    Including some man-on-man action, as well as Pattinson’s Dalí masturbating to the thought of man-on-man action. Neat!

    Here’s the thing about that masturbation scene: He was ACTUALLY MASTURBATING.

    According to an interview with a German magazine, Pattinson full on pleasured himself to completion in the scene, because faking it “just doesn’t work.” Who knew he was such a method actor?

    And here he is doing the deed.

    “My hand job face is recorded for eternity,” Pattinson said. Indeed it is. In GIF form.

    Well done, RPattz. Way to commit.


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    Ariel Castro, sentenced to life in prison for the abduction, rape and torture of three Cleveland women he held captive for years in his house, was found dead in his Ohio prison cell late on Tuesday, a state corrections official said.
    Castro, 53, a former school bus driver, was under protective custody in isolation from other inmates at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio. Prison staff found him hanged in his cell during their rounds at the facility, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said.

    Castro was transferred to an area hospital and pronounced dead about 90 minutes later, she said.

    Castro was sentenced Aug. 1 to life in prison plus 1,000 years after holding Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight captive for nearly a decade before they were rescued by neighbors.

    article, STRONG trigger warning, 1, 2, 3

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    The Sugababes had instant success as one of Britain's most turbulent girl groups. Now Mutya, Keisha and Siobhán are back as MKS. Is it really all peace and love?
    By: Tom Lamont

    They don't like it when I call them the original Sugababes. "I hate that word, 'original'," says Mutya Buena.

    "Hate it!" says Siobhán Donaghy, pulling in her shoulders.

    "It makes us feel," says Keisha Buchanan, "150 years old."

    What else to call them? Back in 2000 this trio debuted as the Sugababes with a bristling single, "Overload", that established them as one of the most interesting acts in millennial pop – teenagers, scowlers, minimalist dancers. The band began a piecemeal breakup almost immediately, Siobhán quitting within a year and Mutya departing in 2005. Substitutes were brought in around Keisha, who was herself replaced in 2009. A group called the Sugababes still exists, made up of new-Siobhán (Heidi Range), new-Mutya (Amelle Berrabah) and new-Keisha (Jade Ewan); an album from them is due next year. Meanwhile, the founding three have reunited to make an album of their own. A first single, "Flatline", comes out this month. They call themselves Mutya Keisha Siobhan – or MKS – now.

    Well it's clearer than the alternatives I was going to suggest – the Sugadults, Splendababes, Sugababes 5.0. Or would that be a legal infringement?

    "It doesn't matter who owns the name now," says Siobhán. "That's paperwork." (I take this to mean their rivals have formal rights.)

    "Our music speaks for us," says Mutya.

    Siobhán: "Only the three of us can write and sing the way we do."

    Mutya: "Unfortunately they [the other Sugababes] don't have our vocals. Well, fortunately, actually."

    Keisha: "Why are we even talking about them?"

    "Everyone calls us the Sugababes anyway," says Mutya.

    "Like last night on Old Compton Street," says Siobhán.

    "Well, there you go."

    They draw attention when they go out, Mutya Keisha Siobhan. Pop allows no definitive endings (Ginger Spice rejoined and Gary and Robbie made up; Backstreet, just this year, came back), but even so – this lot? Pals again? We meet for lunch in a London restaurant and strangers keep looming up from nearby tables to take pictures on cameraphones. I can almost hear the O, the M, the G being tapped in for Twitter dispersal. It's the original Sugababes! And I thought they couldn't stand each other…

    Consider the she-said-she-said, at least as it played out in the press. Keisha once told Touch magazine that Siobhán had ditched the band, back in 2001, by going to the loo and never coming back. "After three hours we thought she's been in there a bit long," Keisha was quoted as saying, and this repeatable bit of fiction tailed Siobhán for a decade. Siobhán, for her part, once admitted: "We just didn't get on." When Mutya left the band Keisha said: "There was love there but no friendship". Siobhán, in 2004: "It was all hate, hate, hate."

    "Well, our mums always got on," Siobhán tells me, over lunch.

    "Even when we didn't," says Keisha.

    Of mean statements in the past, they agree, "It's important we remember we were kids."

    And that toilet thing, says Mutya, "was quite funny."

    Siobhán: "But it kind of gets old after a while."

    Mutya: "Yeah."

    Keisha has always been wonderfully blunt about the pop industry – beneath the sparkle that relentless push for profit. Whenever a Sugababe left and was replaced Keisha would say something like, "That's business." Was it a business decision to reform? "No," she says. "For us it was deeply personal. Let me use the right words: people didn't allow us to enjoy the experience the first time round."

    They've earned enough money, Keisha says, not to have to do this. "I own five houses. Mutya has two properties. Siobhán bought a house a year ago. Making money is amazing, absolutely, but for us the idea of getting back together was more: 'Why don't we try again, and this time enjoy it?'"

    During a recent fortnight in Los Angles, a trip to write and record with the producer Dev Hynes (aka Lightspeed Champion), they made time to visit theme parks. They went clubbing in Koreatown. An experiment with an over-the-counter energy supplement left them aching and hungover and wondering if they'd inadvertently taken speed to hike Runyon Canyon.

    "To be honest we were pissed half the time," admits Siobhán. She is dressed in hugging jeans, boots, a patterned scarf over a vest. Her basic daily uniform, says Siobhán – and a contrast to Keisha's all-over black bodysuit and aviator jacket. At a time when Keisha was still a Sugababe and Mutya was intermittently touring her solo stuff, Siobhán had re-entered civilian life. From 2006 to 2011 she worked as a model booker in London. Sometimes clients would ask: that Siobhán? But mostly "there wasn't enough time. The phone would be ringing. Paris every season. It was a nice job."

    Siobhán has a pleasant, maternal manner – "I miss my girls," she says of the young models she worked with – and it seems obvious to me she's returning to music from a more conventional world. Keisha's different. She arrives at lunch a little flustered, admitting she's not properly familiar, at 28, with public transport. A decade as a Sugababe always meant a driver, but this time the band are "taking control", "no external forces", "organising shoots, preparing our own diary", "girl-powering this shit up". And that sometimes means getting the tube.

    "I'm hands-on with the business side of things," says Keisha. "Siobhán does the creative side. And Mutya…"

    Mutya's the balance, explains Siobhán.

    "What it is," says Mutya, "is there's no point me trying to butt in. I know Siobhán knows her business. I know Keisha knows her business. And I know that eventually they'll tell me about it."

    Mutya is like nobody I've met. She wears a leather jacket studded with metal spikes and is smothered in tattoos including one, in Latin, that she can no longer remember how to translate. She's a tireless boob adjuster, "double-Ds, dropping now." She has a habit of inserting strange punctuation into her speech, so that one sentence might unexpectedly become three.

    "Jesus! I'm about to fall in. The water."

    It is a week after our lunch and the girls have gathered by the River Colne in Hertfordshire for the Observer Magazine's shoot. Wearing white dresses they step off the grassy bank and into the water, wading up to their waists to have dramatic pictures taken. Siobhán is professional about the discomfort and helps to pat beasties from her bandmates' clothes. Keisha, surrounded by the floating tails of her dress, makes an unprintable joke about menstrual cycles. Mutya is struggling – her bra is waterlogged and there's pond-life everywhere. "What is it? I don't even. Fish! Dragonfly! For the love! If I get eaten by the Loch Ness monster I swear. To god."

    After a 40-minute dip the girls change their sodden outfits and take a break in the sun. Siobhán mentions her wedding, earlier in the year, to a sailor, Chris. Keisha's boyfriend, a football agent, ferries in a McDonald's. Mutya talks about her daughter, eight-year-old Tahlia. "Look at them," says Siobhán's sister, Róisin, on hand to do make-up, "married and mums".

    Soon Mutya and Keisha are reminiscing about how this all started. "My parents called me from downstairs," says Keisha. "I was probably about six. They said, 'Look, look!'"

    A talent show hosted by Michael Barrymore was on TV. "And there was this little Filipino girl, with long hair down her back, singing 'The Greatest Love of All'. I'd never seen anyone as small as me sing like that."
    Not long afterwards Keisha's family, Jamaican northwest Londoners, moved home and Keisha started at a new primary school. "She was the first person I saw, hair on the carpet – the Filipino girl from Barrymore." Mutya became a friend and they belted out "Feed the World" together in the playground.

    Siobhán was another talented child, a champion Irish dancer at five. A manager introduced the young redhead to Mutya and as young teens the pair were taken to sing for label bosses, Siobhán doing the high notes, Mutya the low. When Keisha joined them they almost became "The Q-tees" but one of their managers (this was a growing crowd) suggested a different name. "We ate a lot of junk food and sweets," Keisha recalls, and by the time they were recording together, "we were the Sugar Babes. With an 'r'. I think we had to change that, legally, because Sugar Babes was a porn site or something."

    Sugababes at age 16 and 17, standing against a wall 'When people saw pound signs, everything changed. They took away our teenage years': (from left) Keisha, age 16; Siobhán, 17, and Mutya, 16.

    Keisha still has their old demo CDs. "Adorable, very 90s… I stopped listening to them after a while. I would think: 'Oh, if we were just left to it, we could have done so much.'" A deal with London Records came in 1998 and One Touch, their first album, was released in November 2000. They think back on those years with some fondness and a lot of scepticism. All-night sessions in the studio. Piercings. Snuck cigarettes. "Harmless stuff, really. And there was a lot of shit going on around us," says Siobhán. "We never did any of it." They left school at 14, to be home-tutored. Their retinue grew.

    Keisha: "At one point we had eight managers."

    Siobhán: "We were like: who are these people?"

    Mutya: "One did this, one did that, one picked his nose."

    Keisha: "Our parents were there, but…"

    Mutya: "They got pushed to the side."

    Keisha: "My mum doesn't know what she was thinking, now. I think we will each always have a…"

    Siobhán: "A grudge."

    The girls have discussed it and believe they were manipulated.

    Keisha: "They'd whisper to one of us: 'You should go solo.' And to another of us: 'So-and-so doesn't like you.'"

    Siobhán: "Who would do that to young girls? We thought it was a creative environment and everyone was having fun. When people saw pound signs, everything changed. That was the taking away of our teenage years, for me."

    By the spring of 2001 Siobhán wanted out. She felt isolated by the tutoring ("I was in the year above the other two so I had to take lessons on my own") and depressed – possibly a side effect of taking medication for acne. On tour in Australia she told her managers she was leaving and flew home. A press release went out announcing that Siobhán had a kidney infection ("Disgusting, they didn't even call me") and within a week her replacement, Heidi, had been signed.

    Mutya left in 2005 to spend more time with her daughter. Neither she nor Siobhán have particularly fond memories of trying for solo careers. Siobhán: "I think we both did it out of necessity rather than want. All you've ever known is music. And there's the question of education. What are you going to go and do?"

    Siobhán released two records, the first a No 117 flop but the second, Ghosts, a critical hit ("I won't better it"). Mutya put out an album of her own, Real Girl, in 2007 and Keisha plowed on with the Sugababes. In 2007 there was another UK No 1 single, "About You Now", the Sugababes' sixth, and then in 2009 Keisha tweeted: "It was not my choice to leave."

    She says she's legally constrained from discussing her departure from the Sugababes, although "it was a pack of shite, basically, their reasons for me not being in the group any more. I believe that truth always comes out in the end. And karma…"

    Mutya: "Karma's a bitch."

    Keisha: "That's just a universal rule."

    They might have drifted back together earlier. "I saw you both at a birthday party," remembers Siobhán. "We had a chat, to clear the air, but it was in a nightclub, the timing wasn't right." One day Keisha saw Mutya on TV again; not with Barrymore this time, but Lorraine Kelly. The TV host joked that the original Sugababes should reform. Keisha (at home) and Mutya (on set) thought: Hmm. There were talks that stalled in 2009 and then in 2011 the three of them spent a day in a studio together. "The [vocal] blend was ridiculous. So we continued."

    Before a comeback gig in London in January they had to watch old YouTube videos of themselves to relearn their routines. Mutya brought along eight-year-old Tahlia for support. Siobhán's family were there, and Keisha's mum. "They hadn't seen each other for years. It was emotional." At one point Keisha tried to explain the tortured history of the Sugababes to Tahlia. "She was like, 'I don't understand!' I was like, 'Look. There were many, many, many members, yeah?'"

    It's time for more photographs in the river. While the girls clamber back into the chilly water, I listen to their new album. It's polished, very good in parts, a surprising seam of electropop along with the expected, hook-y R&B. One track has this plea: "Let me stay pals again." The line is Mutya's and that funny syntax makes me think she might have written it, too. As a sentiment, anyway, it makes sense.

    The girls told me over lunch they expect this second run together to be a long one. "We definitely want to establish a body of work… It might never end!"Wasn't there a risk of them going through it all again, I asked, only to repeat the same mistakes? Siobhán answered. "Yeah," she said. "But that's sort of life, isn't it?"

    In the murky water Siobhán leads a teetering line of original Sugababes away from the bank. Keisha chats about birthday plans. Siobhán picks pond weed from their dresses. And Mutya maintains a running commentary, talking to the water, to the sky, to anyone who'll listen.

    "Go! Away! Fish!... Oh, shit me... Fish!… Tadpoles!... I'm standing on, like, a cliff?... There are little worms up and down my legs and I've got no knickers on."



    & pictures from Google

    I want them to make it past the first album so bad. Mutya is amazing and candid and I love her for it. Good to see them just enjoying themselves. TAGS??!

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    The worst kept secret in Hollywood came out today — Jennifer Lopez will be back on American Idol for the Fox reality show’s upcoming 13th season. Joined by Harry Connick Jr. and fellow alumni Keith Urban, J. Lo will return to the panel she called home for Seasons 10 and 11… for a mere $17.5 million. But don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. J. Lo’s new salary still pales in comparison to some recent/current reality TV judges, as per the ranking below.

    18. Kelly Rowland: $1 Million For The X Factor (Season 3)

    17. Paulina Rubio: $1.5 Million For The X Factor (Season 3)

    16. Nicole Scherzinger: $1.5 Million For The X Factor (Season 1)

    15. Demi Lovato: $2 Million For The X Factor (Season 3)

    14. Paula Abdul: $2.5 Million For The X Factor (Season 1)

    13. Keith Urban: $5 Million For American Idol (Season 13)

    12. Randy Jackson: $5-$6.5 Million For American Idol (Season 12)

    11. Cee Lo Green: $6 Million For The Voice (Season 3)

    10. Blake Shelton: $6 Million For The Voice (Season 3)

    9. Usher: $7 Million For The Voice (Season 4)

    8. Adam Levine: $10-$12 Million For The Voice (Season 4)

    7. Nicki Minaj: $12 Million For American Idol (Season 12)

    6. Shakira: $12 Million For The Voice (Season 4)

    Top 5 at source


    I thought the ratings for these shows were down, but I guess not enough to skimp on the judges' paychecks.

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    The Postman Pat animated movie, which includes David Tennant among its voice cast, has been pushed back to a 2014 release.

    Both the UK Film Distributors Association website and the cinema advertisers' site DCM have now confirmed the release date as Friday 23rd May 2014. Previously DCM posted a date of 25th December 2013.
    Postman Pat: The Movie – You Know You’re The One brings the classic kids' TV character for the first time to the big screen in a 3D spectacular with an all-star cast as Pat ventures into the world of TV talent shows. It features the voices of Stephen Mangan as Pat and Kate Winslet as Pat’s wife with David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent. Take That star Gary Barlow will provide Pat's singing voice. David stated in a BBC Radio 5 interview last year that his character is a new one, and it is believed that he may play a Simon Cowell-type character, while Rupert Grint is a member of a competing boy band. And, of course, Jess the Cat will be on hand too.
    The film is written by Nicole Dubuc, Kim Fuller and Annika Bluhm and directed by Mike Disa. It is being  animated by Jordan-based company Rubicon, who have said that they are now coming close to completing their work.

    rest @ src

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