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    Rosie Rivera, sister of the late singer, confirmed that Jenni’s daughter Chiquis is interested in playing her mother in the upcoming film of her life.

    “That’s our plan, that’s our dream. But, you know, in situations like a movie as big as this and with producers and big companies, these decisions have to be made as a team,” said Rosie to Primer Impacto at the presentation of Jenni Rivera’s tequila La Gran Señora and the release of her brother Juan Rivera’s new album, La Oveja Negra.

    “We as the Rivera family will present Chiquis and hope they accept her,” she added. If Chiquis lands the part, it would be her film debut.

    “We’re definitely planning to do a movie,” says Juan. “I’m a little selfish though, I would love to see Chiquis play Jenni.”

    In February, Rosie Rivera announced plans for a Jenni Rivera movie as a way to share Jenni’s life with all of her fans.

    On El Gordo y La Flaca, Francsico Joel Mendoza, the film’s director, suggested Jennifer Lopez and Angelica Vale as possible actresses for the role of Jenni.

    The TV personality recently co-hosted The View, and aside from eyeing the role of Jenni, she’s interested in having her own talk show. “I would love to host a TV show,” divulges Chiquis. “I’m very strong in my opinion, so hosting or being part of a panel on a talk show would be great. My mom taught me to be open and to be yourself. If you put your foot in your mouth, you can apologize later. I like to talk about everything – nothing is off limits.”

    Chiquis has also been taking singing lessons – a more than strong and obvious indication that she would be releasing her own music and picking up where her mom left off.


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    Phoebe Strole set to guest star on Glee

    Confirmation via Entertainment Weekly:

    Theater fans may be more excited for the announcement about Phoebe Strole. The Broadway vet was in the original cast of Spring Awakening with Michele. She also was in the cult fav Hamlet 2 as well as played a pregnant teen in one episode of 30 Rock.

    I haven't watched this show in years, but I am def watching whatever ep(s) Phoebe Strole is in. Hopefully this gives her more exposure and she gets more roles since she's perf. I really wanted her to guest star on the show back when it was actually good, so I'm glad it's finally happening.

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    Note: This article has been translated with Google Translator, you are welcome.

    SANTO DOMINGO. "Orange Is The New Black" is the new success of Netflix, a drama in which a privileged jailer and naive Piper Chapman [Taylor Schilling] falls prey to one year for a drug crime he committed 10 years ago, and in prison knows the characters fully enrich the world behind bars.
    The series, created by Jenji Kohan [architect also of the series "Weeds"], is inspired by the memoirs of Piper Kerman under the same name. Orange Is The New Black is about the experiences of the same Piper Kerman [Chapman in the series] while serving 15 months in prison for a drug trafficking offense.

    In the early episodes of the show, the audience will know the main stereotypes: Russian matriarch a hippie, an ex-drug addict, a junkie now lover of Jesus ... but as the series progresses the audience will get to know much more of these characters, who are taking deep, and will become more in the eyes of the "narrator".

    Not surprisingly Orange Is The New Black has generated more followers and hours watched during its first week than other premium original Netflix series like House of Cards and Arrested Development. With the second season on the set, the first is composed of 13 chapters of 55 minutes in which the drama is mixed with intelligent humor that has made this series one of the most brilliant female characters. Within the walls of Orange Is The New Black know the characters Dayanara Garcia [Dascha Polanco], Maria Ruiz [Jessica Pimentel], Gloria Mendoza [Selenis Leyva], the Skinny "La Flaca" [Jackie Cruz] and Blanca Flores [Laura Gomez]. A group of Latinas who are next to Piper in prison and have their own story.

    Five talented Dominicans who are currently filming the second season of "Orange Is The New Black" and that how it ended the first, it is possible that Latino characters have greater relevance and depth.

    Dascha Polanco: "My character and I always walked with the heart"

    "Since I was fascinated chiquitica novels [of Daniela Romo] or imitated Charitin and Iris Chacon, always studied and now I'm here," Dascha reveals the fact that acting was always in his plans. Dayanara's character became one of the most important in the first season of the series. "I think I have in common Daya and not hold grudges, always walked with the heart."

    Dascha, a woman who planned to be a nurse, she enrolled in a study of performance thanks to a gift from her fiance were born there and the opportunities that led to a production like "Orange Is The New Black". "It still feels like a dream, sometimes I pinch myself because it's something I never expected and I am super excited, especially because I started shooting the second season." The Dominican actress highlights the support he has had from his parents, Janet and Ruben Dario Polanco Polanco in the realization of their dreams. His mother is his role to follow and emphasizes that to work in the area in which she stressed is very necessary the support of those around you.

    Daya Garcia [his character] is harassed by other prisoners for not knowing how to speak Latin Spanish, but in real life, Dascha understand it is a privilege to learn a second language. "I love knowing my Spanish while not perfect, but I write and I read as much as I can. Yeah I understand it's difficult to learn their language Latinos living in the United States, but I think that is a problem. "Daya is one of the crucial characters of the first season.

    Furthermore, Polanco has in the pipeline the premiere of the drama "Gimme Shelter" by Ron Kraus, this year, and reveals his interest in fashion and music, but expected to follow action ahead.

    Jessica Pimentel: "I feel fortunate to work with so many talented actresses Dominican"

    Maria Ruiz is a woman about to become a mother in prison, played by Jessica Pimentel, who reveals that he has been very fortunate to have an amazing mother who showed him what is the sacrifice for a son. It also noted her cousins ​​and friends watching their children grow. "Motherhood has changed for the good and I use what I see in them to develop my role."

    Pride is something very important to Jessica Pimentel is the first word that comes to mind when you have achieved your role in the series is Netflix. "I feel very fortunate and blessed to be working with so many beautiful and talented actresses Dominican. Had not been able to work with many Latinos and less with many Dominicans."

    Pimentel also used the respect their elders offered to develop the role of Maria Ruiz. "Both show respect when deserved and earned. Both can seem tough on the outside but are sweet and sensitive when needed". Jessica points out that his own experience with his family [near and far] was vital to develop the role of Mary. "We both know that the family comes first." The actress understands that his character is convinced that everything he did was for the good of his family and his relationship with fellow family demonstrates the vision you have. "I think Mary is a bit overprotective of Daya and even jealousy she has.'s Something you can define as you watch the show." Mary comes to be the voice of reason in the tumultuous relationship between Daya and his mother Aleida.

    Jessica reveals quite enjoying the series production. "The work is similar to the TV, but it is rolled together. Adore each of these art forms [film, television] and hope to continue working on them."

    Selenis Leyva: "I am a proud Latina, loyal and strong"

    Gloria is responsible for Daya express that to "whitey" [Piper Chapman] can speak a little Spanish. Selenis itself considered to be a problem for Latino youth do not speak Spanish. "It saddens me because I understand that it is important to know where you come from and be proud of your roots."
    "We are both proud Latina, Gloria is strong, a good friend and quite funny. I consider myself loyal and strong, I have said that I tend to be fun too." Daya may have been a central part of the first season, but the evolution of the role of Gloria Mendoza will leave as one of the most interesting characters for the second season. Leyva, who has worked various roles on such series as "Law & Order," "The Good Wife" or "The Following" is grateful to have a character that he has developed. "The best compliment for the shoot was to get the writers would write to me. Gloria was not a character I had thought of developing both, but in the end I say" forced us to write for Glory "is the best news I received" .

    The second season of "Orange Is The New Black" can come with enough Latin flavor and will thank Selenis character because Gloria is the best work of the prison. "For me it's a great way to end the season and I'm sure it will be exciting for the audience also the beginning of the second". One of the things that characterizes the series was to show the life of some of the areas before entering prison. Outside Daya Maria Ruiz and García, no Latino had a similar space. For the new season last of interesting characters like Gloria, Blanca y la Flaca sure to be explored.

    Jackie Cruz: "La Flaca has a lot to give yet"

    The Skinny is one of those characters that seem to be there as a counterpart, but their speeches are so interesting that you, as an audience, regrets not having had the time to learn more about his character. But Jackie Cruz is the same which is more interested in knowing about the skinny. "A la Flaca not afraid to talk, I think she has much to give, more than what people think. Hopefully we will know more about it and why you are in prison in the second season."

    Jackie Cruz considers that a service like Netflix is a kind of entertainment the future and we feel fortunate to work in a series produced by the webcast service that over has been hailed by critics and audience. "See how people have taken me love for this series is old, and to have health to do is a blessing."

    "La Flaca" reveals not to have felt more at home working with Latino and Dominican colleagues. "Sometimes I did not feel it was working because we were always entertaining."

    Like her, his 4 companions displayed in this interview his desire to work in a local production. Jackie Cruz to work on a local project would be a dream come true. Cruz was born in the U.S. but "can not wait" to work in their country of ancestry.

    For its part Dascha says nothing found with the opportunity to work on a project in the Dominican Republic as Selenis, who has not had the opportunity to work in a local bill production, either in the diaspora or country . Jessica leaves us with the expectation, unable to tell what the future holds off shooting the second season of Orange Is The New Black. Only Laura Gomez has plans to roll into the country in the future.

    Laura Gomez: "The presence of my character is brief but notorious"

    And speaking of White Flowers, at first glance it seems that it would only be a comic relief of the series. Laura Gomez told the hearing that they looked very pretty for the role. A day later they called and offered him the role of "the crazy talking to the devil by the phone." "That's the great thing about these writers, the characters in this series stand out in one way or another, and White is one of those characters that leave a mark because its presence is brief but notorious".

    The creators Laura informed him that the relationship was unusual White's character has with her ​​boyfriend "Diablo" these are to much. Laura recognizes that personified roles in which a woman is trying to overcome what was a difficult relationship [the shorts "Spikes and Reels" and "To Kill a Roach," the latter directed by her] but in the case of White love the transformation. "For me this role was mostly physical, I think White is rough and obviously nothing vain. But not a monster, she genuinely loves her partner so that there is a human side to explore delicate and well. But I do not think have nothing in common. "

    Laura, besides being involucrad in the second season of the series is in pre-production on his second film "Hallelujah" and plans to work again with Freddy Vargas [director of "Spikes and Reels"].

    src (in Spanish)

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    These two are the cutest.

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    It’s no secret that personal blogs–once thought to be the purview of online diarists and hobbyists–are serious businesses now. Bloggers not only command huge readerships–they’ve also become celebrities in their own right, publishing books, starring in ads, collaborating on collections, and even hosting TV shows. Thanks to affiliate link programs, they’re also making bank on all the products and brands they recommend on their site. The Internet might have scoffed at Scott Schuman when he recently said he makes “seven figures” off his blog–but actually, that’s not that hard to believe.

    So just how much money are bloggers making right now? We did a little digging to find out, and the short answer is: A sh*t ton.

    The main reason bloggers’–particularly personal style bloggers’–incomes have sky-rocketed is the development and growth of affiliate link programs. Affiliate links, for those of you who don’t know, allow bloggers to make a commission off the products they recommend or feature. Here’s how it works: When you click on an affiliate link (which, for the most part, looks just like a normal product link), the program drops a cookie on your computer. If you purchase anything from that site–even if it’s not the same product that the blogger was originally featuring–the referrer (aka the blogger) will make money off of it. And thanks to affiliate link companies like RewardStyle, which have partnered with nearly every major retailer (ShopBop, Nordstrom, Barneys, etc.,), bloggers can find pretty much any product they could possibly want to feature on the program. The idea is that they’d be featuring the products anyway; now they’re just making money off of it. (Full disclosure: We also use an affiliate link program in our market stories, as do, WhoWhatWear, Into the Gloss, and many other major fashion sites.)

    Unsurprisingly, for personal style bloggers who recommend up to 30 products a day, affiliate links can bring in serious money.

    Chelsea Cain, an account consultant at RewardStyle, told us: “In Q4, we expect our top style bloggers to earn upwards of $50k/month with rewardStyle.” Though she added, “like the larger retail industry, there are seasonal fluctuations in performance.”

    Cain declined to say what percentage of her clients fell into that “top style blogger” category, but considering RewardStyle works with 10,000 publishers globally, we can assume that even a small percentage could mean hundreds of bloggers.

    Tina Craig of Snob Essentials (Bag Snob, Jewel Snob, Shoe Snob etc.,) told us that affiliate links still make up the bulk of her income. “Because it’s constant, [whereas brand partnerships are usually a one-off],” she said. And, even better, making money off of affiliate links doesn’t actually require any extra work, provided you already have an audience in place. “There was a sale recently that came in the middle of the night from the Middle East–someone bought a $46,000 handbag,” says Craig. “So I was making money while I was sleeping!”

    Craig and her peers can expect the cash to continue to flow. According to Cain, RewardStyle’s sales will have increased threefold by the end of this year.

    “We expect to drive over $175 million in sales to our fashion, lifestyle, and beauty retail partners this year, our second full calendar year of operation,” Cain said in an email. “This will be a significant increase over 2012 retail numbers of approximately $60M.”

    In July 2013 alone RewardStyle drove more than $14 million in retail sales for bloggers. That’s over triple what they did in July 2012, when sales were approximately $4 million.

    And that’s just what bloggers are making on affiliate links. Then there are brand partnerships, event-hosting, spokesperson gigs and collaborations.

    (Long article, rest at the source if you're so inclined...)

    THE QUEEN tyfytm


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    On Monday, we ran an interview with Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s ex-boy toy. He discussed his impending Fashion Week sashay down the runway and his plans to get his extreme sports business off the ground. Nick also served us some whoppers, like the fact that he’s straight, but believes in love; he never planned on writing a tell-all book about the designer; and despite his recent fights and tantrums, he’s “a great, loving, caring person.” Well, the phone just rang, and it happened to be John Luciano, the 49-year-old man whom Nick had told us he never dated. John had some lovely things to say about that—and everything else, too.

    Michael Musto gets the latest deets on the story that just keeps going and going and going...

    Hello, John.

    Whatever crap Nick was smoking when he gave you that interview, I had to laugh. I had to set a couple things straight. We dated for nine months and we’re still friends. I was having lunch with him in Beverly Hills the day the article came out. Number two, despite his denying it in your interview, he was completely doing a book. I see humor in everything because he’s such an idiot.

    And you’re friends with an idiot?

    I’m friends with everyone. I’m not sure what he’s trying to do—modeling, whatever, that’s great. But why lie? You told everyone and their sister you were doing a book. And everyone knew we were dating. Page Six came out to my family’s house and did a whole spread on it. Can I tell you the riddle about Nick? He’s straight. He had a very fucked up, abusive childhood— horrific, practically worse than a cattle dog—and most women are not going to take care of him, so he turns to the company of gay men for support, paternal love, mentoring, and all those things. At the end of the day, if he can choose between sleeping with Zac Efron and Betty White, he’s going to choose Betty White, because that’s the way he is. When he went back with Calvin, Calvin should have just let him sleep with women, and he would have been fine. He’s gay for pay, and that’s what it is.

    How did you meet Nick?

    Once in a while, I’ll step in an AA meeting, and that’s where we met. Once a year I’ll get the urge to have an 8 ball and have a little fun. Then I’ll go to a meeting. He was there for a court-appointed thing.

    When he dated you, was it gay for pay?

    Are you smoking crack? Of course! No, I‘m so special! Of course it was. I’m not gonna fool myself. The only person you should never lie to is yourself.

    That photo of you kissing while he’s holding bags…

    I bought him Ralph Lauren and Barneys. And Calvin was very generous with him. The problem is Calvin is very possessive. Nick was in love with the lifestyle, the Bentley, and the private jet, and I understand that, but if Calvin had loosened the leash, they would have still been together.

    But Nick says it was true love.

    There are enough lies! Come on now! Yeah, it was true love. Calvin was in love with his body and Nick was in love with the wallet. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I date younger guys, and as long as it’s legal, it’s OK, but I don’t fool myself.

    What is your profession?

    I’m certainly not a Hollywood animator. I don’t know where that came from. I’m animated. I used to freelance for all the magazines for years. My family is in real estate.

    And though you’re related to Lucky Luciano, I know you’re not mob-related.

    I’m as far from any Mafia as you can get. You can’t help who you’re related to. I’m not ashamed of that, but I’m certainly not proud of that. I was born in ‘64, and he died in ‘62. Aside from having a cousin on Mob Wives, that’s about it. She’s the one who lived with Nick for a while. He said she tried to kill him with a screwdriver. He made that up to get her to leave.

    Did he cheat on you?

    It wasn’t that type of relationship. I fixed him up with girls. I didn’t care who he slept with. The kid’s straight, and I know that sounds crazy, but he’s straight. He’d choose any female over the hottest male.

    I know, like Betty White. Does he have any idea what he’s doing when he’s in bed with a guy?

    The worst lover I’ve ever had! I like Nick and am friends with him and still try to help him, and I’m the one who encouraged him to get back with Calvin, but our relationship was very open. Have you ever slept with a woman?

    I tried.

    I never have. It’s just not in me. I couldn’t imagine if I had to do that to survive, what that would be like. Someone like Nick, he has to sleep with the men to survive, and that has to do some sort of damage. Most of our relationship had nothing to do with sex. He provided constant hours of entertainment. You can only imagine.

    What do you think of his proposed extreme sports business?

    You’re gonna jump out of a plane with him??? You’d have to be nuts!!! Crazy!!!

    *BONUS UPDATE courtesy of Queerty*
    Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s ex-kept boy and a former gay porn actor — star is perhaps being too generous — attended Fire Island’s Ascension Party over the weekend where he felt the need to loudly proclaim his heterosexuality and act, in general, like a giant tool. That is when Michael Lucas, current gay porn auteur and activist, had the 22-year-old human dumpster removed from the premises.

    Nick, being a good boy from a good family, or at least having a halfway decent publicist, sent an apology to Michael:

    Dear Michael Lucas:

    I am sorry that we had a misunderstanding this past weekend at Fire Island. I did not really understand how a big party like that worked, and when I was asked to leave your part of the party, I definitely overreacted. Please accept my apologies.

    I came with my friends Hal Rubenstein and his partner David Nichol, who work on the charity arm of the party (Fund In The Sun), but I didn’t understand that people had paid for separate areas. Their fund has donated $750,000 to charities and is an important not-for-profit so I think it’s great that you supported them by buying a private area of your own. I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s day. It was a fun and unique party and I was glad to be there.

    I hope next time we meet we can have a coffee and I can apologize in person.

    Nick Gruber

    Way to go sneaking in that dollar amount, girlfriend. Color someone impressed. Not Michael Lucas, but someone. Michael, for his part, took Nick’s apology in stride, but informed the young man that he kind of missed the entire point of this Lucas Lesson:

    Dear Nick—

    Thank you for your apology. However, I fear that you have misunderstood why I was offended . The problem was not that you had mistakenly come to the wrong area of the party (and it doesn’t matter to me at all who you came with or how much they donated). Many people knew just as little as you did about how the party was set up, but somehow no one else got into a big argument about it.

    The problem was that your behavior was boorish and loudly homophobic. Screaming that you are straight and that you don’t want gay men to touch you would be unacceptable in any social situation, much less a crowded gay party. If you are so defensively straight that you truly can’t bear the idea of gay people touching you, then maybe a crowded gay party might not be the best place for you. Please feel free to write “I am straight” on your forehead and stay home. No one will bother you there, and you won’t bother anyone back.

    Michael Lucas

    Well, Mike’s certainly got a point. A gay party, rather, THE gay party is no place to exercise one’s repressed homosexuality-cum-homophobia. That’s what church and football games are for. No word yet on what Gruber’s (read: his publicist’s) response to any of this will be, but let’s all just remember what matters most here. Nick Gruber is as straight as an arrow. You know, one of those gag arrows that you can wear as a hat that, much like Gruber’s sexuality, no one actually buys.


    Everyone involved in this story...

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    john singleton has directed masterpieces like: Boyz n the Hood, Rosewood, and Abduction

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    I was first introduced to Doctor Who when I was in high school — wanting to procrastinate from an array of calculus equations and Renaissance art history write-ups, I searched the television for a worthy distraction. Punching random numbers into the clicker, I stumbled upon a previously unknown television station: BBC America.

    Currently occupying the screen is a lanky gentleman in a long brown coat. He is handsome. He has a beautiful blonde companion. He has sexy hair. He is negotiating with what appears to be a plunger toting silver-studded robot on why not to blow up Earth. He is getting annoyed with the constant echoes of EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!!, but maintains his obvious swag. This. Is. AMAZING!!! I refuse to blink in fear of missing something. My heart is racing. My cat Purrrfessor, frustrated, leaves when he realizes I have replaced petting him with groveling in front of television.

    Of course, the actor was David Tennant and his companion was Billie Piper, both of whom ended up being the heroes of my remaining high school years. Doctor Who has progressed much since then – Matt Smith became the quirky eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan charmed the world with her ginger feistiness, and Stephen Moffat (aka the man who makes millions of fangirls cry) became the show’s widely praised frontrunner – among many other noteworthy things. To this day, I’m still a hardcore Whovian (much to the chagrin of some of my friends) and here’s a list to see if you are, too:

    9. You mourned the day Stephen Moffat left Twitter.

    17. You’re getting increasingly suspicious that iPhones are the real world parallel to ATMOS. WAS STEVE JOBS A SONTARAN? (Really?)

    23. You admit that Love & Monsters was a really shitty episode and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    29. You wish Mark Gatiss was your sassy gay best friend.

    32. You feel you have advanced knowledge of every historical figure that has appeared on the show (Madame de Pompadour, Vincent van Gogh, Agatha Christie, etc.).


    (Seriously tho, I laughed reading this whole list, since all of it is about the revival. EDIT: I get it people, this is shite, but we have so many articles which harken to the classic series that having one just about the new one isn't bad, it's a wider perspective.)

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jeremy Renner is breathing a sigh of relief after the safe return of his beloved pup, Hemi.

    The Bourne Legacy star has been on tenterhooks ever since the one-year-old French Bulldog got loose from his home near popular hiking trail Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California.

    A power outage at the actor's home caused the front gate to open, allowing the little fella to wander out on July 19.

    Desperate to locate his gorgeous tan-coloured missing pooch, the 42-year-old went so far as to create a Facebook page for Hemi, who requires daily medication for a hip condition.

    He even offered a $5000 reward with no questions asked.

    On Thursday, the father-of-one - who welcomed daughter Ava in March with Canadian model girlfriend Sonni Pacheco - was relieved to get a call from a woman who found the Frenchie with her son a mere 189 miles from his home, in Visalia, California.

    A rep for the Hollywood star confirmed the happy development to E! News on Thursday.

    'Hemi is back home. He was found yesterday... in Visalia,' they said. 'Jeremy is so happy to have his dog back home.'

    The star took to Facebook to announce the dog's safe return and thank everybody for keeping a vigil.

    'Thank you so much to all of our wonderful fans and followers. Your tireless work, support, faith, and positive messages helped to bring Hemi home.

    'Because of everyone here - and because of everyone YOU shared with - Hemi is safe and sound, and we are all totally elated. We could NOT have done this without you, and for that, you will have our gratitude forever.

    'We are touched by the generosity and love you all have shown to a dog you don't even know. Thank you for caring so much. Hemi and Family.'

    Hemi is said to be 'in good general health' despite his ordeal and recovering at home with his family after getting the once over by the vet.

    And just to make sure it doesn't happen again, the rep confirms, 'He has gotten new collars and ID tags, and even a GPS unit for his collar!'


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    Disney Channel
    made a splash last month with its tentpole telepic “Teen Beach Movie,” following in the fancy footsteps of “High School Musical” as a popcorn hit for the cabler. But the Mouse’s flagship kidvid outlet is coming out of the summer with another strong prospect that has the potential to be an even bigger franchise player for a conglom that prizes its multiplatform properties.

    The animated series “Gravity Falls” is an unusual toon animal. It blends broad comedy with mythology-driven storytelling that is provoking “Lost”-like online discussions of clues and cryptograms woven into each episode as part of an unfolding mystery.

    The half-hour show revolves around teenage twin brother and sister Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) and Mabel (Kristen Schaal) who are sent to spend the summer with their cantankerous great-uncle Stan (aka “Grunkle Stan”) in the Oregon hamlet of Gravity Falls, where he runs a roadside attraction dubbed the Mystery Shack.

    The conceit is tailor-made for layering in the kind of solve-the-puzzle elements that fuel the conspiracy-theory genre pioneered by “Lost” and “The X-Files.” Putting that kind of storytelling into an animated skein was a stroke of inspiration from “Gravity Falls” creator Alex Hirsch, who was Dipper’s age when “X-Files” was at its peak.
    But because it is a Disney Channel show, “Gravity Falls” still needs to be broad comedy at its core, and not so serialized so as to be inaccessible to casual, pint-size viewers. “We had to be careful to make sure we didn’t become a slave to the mythology,” said Eric Coleman, senior veep of original series for Disney Television Animation.
    To that end, Dipper and Mabel encounter all manner of over-the-top characters, including a maniacal TV star named L’il Gideon, who takes his hairstyling cues from Jimmy Swaggart.
    The anecdotal evidence indicates that “Gravity Falls” is building fast, with an older kid aud that leans toward boys (OP:...)
    The first dozen segs of the show’s initial 20-episode order premiered in summer 2012. It picked up steam on air and online when the remaining eight started airing in February (though the finale seg, with a big plot twist at the end, didn’t run until Aug. 2).
    Based on the response to the show at Comic-Con, Mouse execs are assured they’re hitting the bull’s-eye of the fantasy-drama demo — another departure for Disney Channel.
    “It’s incredible to see this tremendous response bubble up (in social media), with people debating theories and Tumblr pages devoted to the show’s secrets and all the characters,” Coleman said. “There’s so much to it that the more you watch and re-watch, you find more puzzles to solve and symbols to decode.”
    All of this, of course, lends itself to ancillary opportunities. A “Mystery Shack” app was released this month, and a fresh batch of “Gravity Falls” shorts bows Oct. 14 to help keep up momentum, starting with a “Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained” series.
    The intricate nature of the mythology requires an extra layer of advance planning on the part of Hirsch and his team — it’s hard to course-correct once animation production is under way. But Hirsch, who provides the voices of several of the show’s characters, including Grunkle Stan, has had a clear vision from the get-go about where the show is going, Coleman stressed. The building mystery in “Gravity Falls” was as organic to the series as the musical numbers in “Phineas and Ferb” were to the garage-band sensibilities of that show’s creators, Jeff “Swampy” Marsh and Dan Povenmire.
    While the nature of “Gravity Falls” makes it a social media magnet, it wasn’t engineered that way, Coleman said. “We focused on getting the TV show right — building great characters in a fun, specific world. Once you get people to love the characters and the world, then you get them to engage in other ways,” he said.


    Can't wait for the one year hiatus before Season 2. Korra fans, you know how to do it.

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     photo tony-jaa-slice_zps6ccb6b9d.jpg

    The latest casting addition to James Wan’s Fast and Furious 7 comes by way of Thailand in the form of ass-kicking martial artist Tony Jaa (Ong-bak). The franchise picture will be Jaa’s English-language film debut and his first studio picture. Personally, I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that Jaa would make the transition stateside for a well-deserved shot at a broader viewing audience. Jaa’s role has yet to be revealed as Chris Morgan is still working on the script, but it’s safe to say he’ll mix it up in a fight or two. Will it be against newcomer Ronda Rousey (likely not, since any new faces have a good chance of ending up on the antagonizing side), or one of the heavyweights in Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson? Perhaps (poor) Paul Walker or Tyrese Gibson will have to take him on instead? We’ll have to wait until the film’s scheduled release date of July 11, 2014 to find out. Hit the jump for more.

     photo ong-bak-3-image-tony-jaa-image-01_zps85dbcdad.jpg

    Heat Vision reports that Jaa will indeed be joining Fast and Furious 7. Jaa had the following to say:

    “I have been a big fan of the Fast and Furious franchise. The films are fast paced, fun and keep the audience involved. There is a great mix of humor and action, something I really appreciate. There is no better film to be involved in for a first U.S. studio production.”

    When asked about who he might fight in the film and who the eventual winner would be, he sidestepped, saying:

    “Having a chance to work with Vin Diesel and The Rock already makes me a winner.”

    Fast and Furious 7 starts shooting next month.


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    But Lady Gaga, for one, is being coy about her show-opening moment for Sunday's show.

    The 2013 Video Music Awards are now only three days away, and it's safe to say we've lined up one of the most impressive performer lineups in VMA history: Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and more. If we only had a glimpse at those rehearsals... Luckily, there are little things called Instagram and Twitter.

    For the most part, our roster of VMA performers has been pretty hush-hush when it comes to sharing behind-the-scenes pics, but a few musicians have been getting decidedly snap-happy. Check out a few rehearsal pics from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Austin Mahone below.

    Just Bein' Miley Backstage
    Miley Cyrus is slated to perform on Sunday at the Video Music Awards, having been nominated for Best Song of the Summer, Best Pop Video and Best Female Video for "We Can't Stop."

    Austin Mahone Counts Down
    Austin Mahone appears beyond pumped for his VMA pre-show appearance on Sunday — the Artist To Watch has been counting down the days. Publicly. On Instagram. Check out gleeful grams — and more — below.

    This is looking INSANE!!! 😜 can't wait for you guys to see #VMArehearsals

    He gets cryptic with this tweet. What looks insane, Austin? Care to share?

    Gonna buy some suits today for the VMAs! So excited! :)

    Source: MTV

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    Will to be recast... *UPDATE* The character has already been recast, and will start filming immediately! Fear of advitisers backing out of a gay couple are no longer part of the show = PROGRESS!

    Exclusive: US soap star Chandler Massey done with gay role on Days of Our Lives

    Two-time Emmy winner wraps three months early, show will recast role of Will Horton

    Chandler Massey officially finished with the role of Will Horton on NBC's Days of Our Lives today (23 August).

    The 22-year-old actor tells Gay Star News that NBC has agreed to let him out of his four-year contract more than three months early so he can focus on school and pursue some other acting opportunities.

    The role of Will is going to be recast, Massey said. He will continue to appear in episodes of the show through the end of December because it is filmed several months ahead.

    'I'm done. It's bittersweet,' said Massey who won his second Emmy for the role in June. 'These four years have been so amazing I've built a family here. I'm so grateful to NBC and everyone for these amazing four years It's been my privilege and honor to work there.'

    The actor added:'I'm appreciative for Days and NBC for letting me out of my contract early so I can go and pursue these opportunities that I have not been able to pursue before.'

    It was after his second Emmy win that Massey first indicated that he would not be staying on the show beyond his current four-year contract which ended in December 2013.

    Days of Our Lives producers had initially said the role would not be recast. But the coupling of Will Horton and Sonny Kirakis (Freddie Smith) has proven popular with fans and managed to avoid backlash from advertisers.

    'I think it's a good move (to recast),' Massey said.'I'm biased because I fell in love with Will and Sonny and I want Will and Sonny to be together.'

    The character of Will had a dramatic coming out story that saw him learn to accept himself then come out to his family and then to the entire small town of Salem where the show is set.

    Will then fell in love with Sonny but early on, the couple had to weather the fact that Will's ex-girlfriend, Gabi, had become pregnant with his child. In current episodes, Will, Sonny and Gabi are sharing an apartment and raising the child together.
    Massey said he is thankful to the show's fans for making Will and Sonny such a popular pair.

    'We would not have a show without them and it is their love and support that keeps us afloat,' he said. 'I feel incredibly blessed to have received that love.'

    A certain mmm57002222 has put Chandler and Wilson fangurls/bois on alert by threatening to go to one of two fan events scheduled for this weekend (Chandler's expected to appear) and publicly out him...

    Sources: Gay Star News, Twitter (1,2), Eat Blog And Die

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  • 08/23/13--19:27: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!

  • Eric Braeden Sounds Off About the Writer Shake-up at The Young and the Restless!

    He didn't mean to throw the Twitterverse into a tizzy. Many fans of The Young and the Restless were thrilled when head writer Josh Griffith had exited the show. One fan on asked Eric Braeden his opinion of Griffith's departure and Braeden tweeted back: "I'm very pissed off!!! Enough said!!!"

    That stunned a lot of folks who assumed the Emmy-winning actor — currently on the back burner like a lot of Y&R vets — would be doing cartwheels at the prospect of a change. TV Guide sat down with Braeden to find out what he's really thinking!

    TV Guide: Here's your chance to clarify why you're unhappy with a writer change that has a lot of Y&R fans pretty damn pleased.
    Braeden: What I really wanted to say is that I don't like change. We had just gotten used to this new regime at Y&R and suddenly there's another change, and I don't like it all! It's unsettling. So, yes, it pissed me off, though I was only responding to a fan. I had no idea my tweet would stir things up.

    TV Guide: Had you developed a personal relationship with Griffith? Did that factor in?

    Braeden: Not at all. I never have personal relationships with anyone in this business because I've seen too many people come and go.

    TV Guide: So you did not feel a writer change was warranted?
    Braeden: No! Our ratings are up! I know there are those who feel the veterans are not getting enough attention but that happens every summer, doesn't it? I've been at Y&R for 33 years and each summer I see them make the same egregious mistake of emphasizing storylines that are supposed to lure the mythical young demographic.

    TV Guide: How are things with you and Y&R exec producer Jill Phelps?
    Braeden: I'm getting along with her. She deals well with actors. She likes actors. As far as I can see she is very involved, very hands-on, which I like.

    TV Guide: Do you think the next head writer should come from the current writing team?
    Braeden: I don't give a goddamn where they come from, as long as you hire people who understand the characters and know the history of Y&R. It's that simple. We've got to keep this show No. 1.

    TV Guide: You're working on your memoirs with author Lindsay Harrison, how's that going?
    Braeden: To be honest with you, it's rough. Not because of Lindsay. I love working with her and she is an excellent writer. But I still feel like I'm putting my toes in the water. [Laughs] Right in the middle of a session with Lindsay, I'll ask myself, "Why the fuck am I doing this?" There is so much to cover, so much to wade through. I came from Germany to Hollywood where I was told by Universal Studios chief Lew Wasserman to drop my real name [Hans Gudegast] because no one with a German name can be a star in America, and I battled with that legacy for so long, so I think there's a story there.

    Kimberly McCullough Finally Returning To General Hospital This Fall!

    Two-time Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough will return to General Hospital this fall as Robin Scorpio Drake, according to Soap Opera Digest.

    According to GH executive producer Frank Valentini, and it won't be a blink-and-you-miss it visit, he assures; the actress has inked a contract.

    McCullough left GH to pursue her career development goals as a director. The character of Robin supposedly died in February 2012 but viewers learned a month later the beloved character was very much alive.

    McCullough has made appearances on the soap where Robin was being held prisoner in a hospital bed, until Dr. Obrecht took her away to parts unknown.

    Since Robin "died" last year, her husband, Patrick, has been busy falling for Sabrina and impregnating Britt, at least he thinks he's the father of her baby. Robin's daughter, Emma, has also grown close to Sabrina, but hates "The Britch" with a passion because the beautiful doctor has been mean to her. She even (accidentally) threw her baby doll on the grill at the Fourth of July cookout.

    "Robin is such an important part of the history of General Hospital," Valentini told Digest. "It will be so wonderful to see her come back and what that effect will have on the canvas."

    Susan Seaforth Hayes Heartfelt Speech To Suzanne Rogers On Her 40th Anniversary With DAYS!

    This afternoon, Days of our Lives marked the official 40th anniversary of it’s long time series star Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton), with a surprise on set celebration for the Daytime Emmy winner and Salem favorite!

    On-Air On-Soaps was at the festivities, and even had a hand at Suzanne getting shall we say,”punk’d”! While the cast and crew and media were gathering themselves on the NBC sound stage to honor Suzanne, we were sitting with her in her dressing room conducting a “40th anniversary interview”, to allow them time to congregate! Next, the cue over the PA system came that, “Everyone needed to be summoned to the stage … now!” With that, we had to tell Suzanne our “interview” was concluded for now, and we would continue it later! We next followed Suzanne to the sound stage with her having not a clue of the celebration that was awaiting her! Needless to say, she was overwhelmed!

    After DAYS executive producer, Ken Corday made a speech in Suzanne’s honor, Suzanne then made a very touching speech in her own right to the crowd that had gathered. Her mom was also on set at the celebration. Next, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), the long time cast member of Rogers, asked for everyone’s attention and delivered a beautiful, often times emotional tribute to her co-star and friend. And for those who have followed DAYS and Suzanne’s career, you know of the ups and the downs and references made in Seaforth Hayes words below!

    Susan Seaforth Hayes: “I’d like to say something from the cast about my friend Suzanne. We all knew when she came on the show she was a Broadway baby. So when she came on, she was not ignorant on how to behave, or how to be a professional. I would like to thank her for always being on time. I would like to thank her for always knowing her lines and having written down her blocking. And, for having mentored dozens of young performers and yes, she showed many of them how to do it. However, most of those kids are gone, and Suzanne is still here. On behalf of the wardrobe department, I would like to thank Suzanne for not changing sizes for 40 years! And Susan maintained her beauty and her health, perhaps at the cost of her private life. Suzanne has truly been married to this show. Her work has come first, and no time for other things. When regimes have gone by, she has sat in the outfields of the show for years at a time, and she never came to work with an attitude. She always came to work with a smile, and with grace. Suzanne is one of four actresses of Days of our Lives to have won an Emmy and that’s a big deal! I am not the only one who loves her. I know that America loves her and thinks of her as their sweetheart, because she stayed true and beautiful. I don’t want to steal Suzanne’s glory. I just want her to know, there are hundreds of people who adore you, and are so proud of you. ”

    Fan Faves Return to The Young and the Restless for Kay's Memorial!

    We knew this day would come. Last May, the soap community mourned the death of 84-year-old Jeanne Cooper, the great Emmy-winning star of The Young and the Restless. Now it's time to say goodbye to her character, Katherine Chancellor. In episodes airing Sept. 3 and 4, the citizens of Genoa City — past and present — will gather at Chancellor Park, a sprawling new set for the CBS soap, where they will pay their final respects to "the Duchess."

    Among the stars returning for the flashback-packed tribute are Lauralee Bell (Christine), Tricia Cast (Nina), Patty Weaver (Gina), Adrienne Frantz (Amber), Beau Kazer (Brock) and '80s rock sensation Michael Damian (Danny) who will perform, "That's When I'll Stop Loving You." The ceremony will be conducted by Father Todd Williams, the recurring character played by Cooper's real-life son Corbin Bernsen.

    "Katherine knew she was dying and made it clear she didn't want a sad event where everyone wore black and was miserable. She wanted a celebration and that's exactly what she's getting," executive producer Jill Farren Phelps tells TV Guide Magazine. "And Katherine being Katherine, she will continue to orchestrate things from on high — just as she always did on earth."

    Letters from Mrs. C. to several top characters, including Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Jill (Jess Walton), Victor (Eric Braeden) and Paul (Doug Davidson) will arrive soon after the news of her death. The contents of those letters, and the reading of Katherine's will a bit later in September, will "shake up the show in dramatic, drastic ways that will change it forever," Phelps says. "There's no greater tribute we can pay to Katherine, or to Jeanne, than to make sure their presence on Y&R will always be felt."

    Phelps says Nikki's letter will trigger a major plot for Thomas Scott, "one that will haunt her character and pull in many players as we go into the fall. It's a real front-and-center story, the kind the fans have been asking for. Jill's letter sets up a mystery that will, at first, drive her absolutely crazy. Paul's letter from Katherine tells him to 'Follow his heart.' Christine also gets a letter but I can't talk about that one just yet." Victor's letter is also a big secret — but that's because he's not going to share it with anyone.

    Chancellor Park will remain prominent in the scripts. "Our characters will go there a lot, sometimes talking to Katherine's plaque as if they're actually speaking to her," Phelps says. "It's another way we can keep her legacy alive." Having Bernsen take part in the memorial "helped us feel like we had a piece of Jeanne there with us," Phelps continues. "After the filming of his last scene, Corbin made the most beautiful, heart-wrenching speech to the cast and crew about how much Y&R meant to his mother, and how she had worked there for 40 years and filled up that big soundstage in much the same way our new Chancellor Park now fills it up. There wasn't a dry eye anywhere."

    B&B Casting News!

    B&B is seeking an actress to play the contract role of Alexandra Forrester. She will be a Caucasian female, age 19-21 and is described as "Beautiful. Well Bred. Very Upscale and comes from money."

    N.Y. Daily News on Prospect Park’s First Season Of Moving OLTL & AMC To The Web!

    The pioneering first online seasons of the soaps “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” are wrapping up, with the producers saying that, as expected, they learned some lessons.

    The season’s last original episode of “One Life to Live” airs Monday, with the season’s last original “All My Children” on Sept. 2.

    The Prospect Park production company’s The Online Network (TOLN) says both will return at an unspecified date for a second season. The network says both have been successful enough for to justify continuing.

    “We have tackled more business, creative and logistical challenges than most shows experience in a lifetime of production,” said Prospect Park co-founder Jeffrey Kwatinetz.

    Reviving two canceled soaps with most of the casts intact was unprecedented — as was the gamble in producing them only for the Internet.

    Kwatinetz and his partner Rich Frank said they expected to make adjustments on the fly, and the biggest one came a couple of weeks into the season, when the number of shows per week for each program was cut from four to two.

    Since the shows run a half hour, this means only an hour a week of new programming.

    In a statement, Frank and Kwatinetz said that’s all that most of the online audience had time to watch.

    “We are finding that asking most people to regularly watch more than a half hour per day online seems to be too much,” they said.

    They promised next season will have extra content and more interactivity.

    As for this season’s wrapups, “One Life to Live” ends with the whole town of Llanville attending the Man of the Year dinner. “All My Children,” the producers say, will end by “wrapping up many of the season’s burning questions.”

    Robert Gant On Y&R!

    Robert Gant, who is best known as Ben on QUEER AS FOLK, has been cast as David Sherman, the son of Katherine's lawyer, Mitchell Sherman.

    He will air on September 11. David, like his father, is a lawyer and will gather Kay's friends and family together to discuss very important matters.

    Young & the Restless Actress Lawsuit: Talent Agency Fires Back!

    The talent agency representing "Young & the Restless" star Christel Khalil has countered her breach of contract suit with allegations of its own.

    Responding exclusively to TheWrap, Mavrick Artists Agency's attorney, Max Sprecher, said that the actress's complaint is "all blue smoke and mirrors" and suggested that she does not want to pay the agency monies owed.

    Earlier this month, TheWrap first reported about Khalil's breach of contract against her agents at Mavrick Artists Agency.

    In her suit, she accused the agency of stealing funds and not sending her out on a satisfactory number of auditions. She says they even humilated her by sending the actress (left) out for a spot on her own soap opera, where she has worked for the past decade, even winning a Daytime Emmy for the role of Lily Winters Ashby.

    Sprecher estimated that the actress owes the agency "in the ballpark of $20,000 in additional commission," and said she "doesn't want to pay it."

    Mavrick's attorney pointed out that the dollar amount itself was not identified in the suit.

    Sprecher said that Mavrick, which is topped by CEO Brad Diffley and President Erick Negri (right), only even received checks from two of Khalil's gigs -- the rest went directly to her manager. Of those checks, the talent agency contends they only took their legally-alotted 10 percent fee, aside from $290 that they kept to offset a separate payment.

    He also refuted her allegation about being sent to a "Y&R" audition.

    "There's no way in hell that she went out on an audition," Sprecher said. "That just couldn’t have happened. Do you think 'Young & the Restless' is so stupid that their casting office would have scheduled such an audition? It wasn't an audition -- it was a submission."

    And even if a submission happened, it was simply an oversight as agents and their assistants are in a mad rush to beat out the competition.

    "Have we all not made computer mistakes?'" the attorney asked. "These things happen and it's not a big deal."

    He suggested that the dispute "should have been a private arbitration under the AFTRA rules that govern the actors and agreement between the actor and the Association of Talent Agents."

    Now that it's public though, the agency says it is forced to address it head on. Its exclusive statement issued to TheWrap is below:

    At Mavrick Artists Agency, we love our clients, and our mission and our passion is to grow their careers and the careers of our agents who represent these clients. We take the allegations in the lawsuit recently filed by former client Christel Khalil extremely seriously. Our policy at the firm has always been to put the welfare of our clients first; thus, we do not relish making any public comment on a dispute involving a present or former client and the agency.

    However, the allegations in Ms. Khalil’s lawsuit have been reported by the media. The allegations constitute a meritless and misguided attack on the reputation of the agency and our dedicated employees. As a result, a response at this time by the leadership of Mavrick Artists Agency is warranted.

    Ms. Khalil’s lawsuit was first reported by the online publication TheWrap on August 7, 2013.

    TheWrap states that Ms. Khalil’s complaint alleges “. . . [Mavrick Artists Agency] essentially stole money from the actress above its 10 per cent commission.” TheWrap also states the allegation that “Khalil accuses the defendants of intentionally not paying her for a guest spot on ‘2 Broke Girls.’”

    In response to the allegations in the lawsuit, Mavrick Artists Agency has never “stolen” a penny above its contractual rates for commissions due from any client. Also, the claim that Mavrick Artists Agency was involved in any intentional withholding of funds due Ms. Khalil for her guest spot on “2 Broke Girls” is not simply false -- it is absurd.

    What is not disclosed in Ms. Khalil’s lawsuit is that the only dispute over commissions -- which arose after Ms. Khalil prematurely terminated the agency's representation -- involves Mavrick Artists Agency’s right to withhold a grand total of $290.00 in outstanding commissions due on another project. Mavrick Artists Agency also notes that during the year it represented Ms. Khalil, Ms. Khalil was paid directly by her employers (or through her management) on all but two isolated occasions when payment was made through Mavrick Artists Agency.

    TheWrap article states that Ms. Khalil claims in her lawsuit that Mavrick Artists Agency (1) did not adequately perform because Ms. Khalil was “only sent on two auditions for series regular roles” during this year’s pilot season (emphasis added), and that Mavrick Artists Agency (2) acted improperly because the agency “sent Khalil out to audition for a role on her own show, ‘Young and the Restless,’ which collectively embarrassed, if not mortified” the actress.

    With regard to the first issue, the number of auditions that Ms. Khalil went out on this pilot season is by no means a reflection of the competency of the employees of Mavrick Artists Agency. More importantly, the allegation is misleading in its limited reference to "series regular roles" and exclusion of the many other auditions scheduled by Mavrick Artists Agency during its representation. Regardless, the charge is absurd. Mavrick Artists Agency only profits by obtaining the best opportunities for its clients and booking the engagements. However, as any actor knows, there are no guarantees.

    With regard to the second issue, Mavrick Artists Agency notes that although an overzealous agent may indeed have made an inadvertent mistake in a submission, our internal investigation revealed that Ms. Khalil was the one who pointed it out at the time it occurred and that she expressed no distress of any nature. To the best of our knowledge, the alleged "emotional distress and mortification" came up only after Ms. Khalil informed the agency that she wanted to leave the agency before the expiration of her signed agency agreements and that she intended to not pay the agency its continuing commissions as required by her June 2012 talent agreements.

    In closing, the following facts should be noted. Ms. Khalil, a talented, Emmy‑award‑winning actress on the daytime drama “The Young and the Restless,” signed representation contracts with Mavrick Artists Agency in June 2012. In March 2013, she expressed a desire to leave the agency. Subsequent to her exit from the agency, she expressed a desire not to pay future commissions owed to the agency pursuant to the representation contracts she signed in June 2012. In order to avoid these commissions, Ms. Khalil engaged counsel and manufactured the spurious claims repeated in her complaint.

    However, Ms. Khalil chose to ignore her obligations under her AFTRA union membership guidelines and the union-approved agency agreement that specifically requires arbitration pursuant to AFTRA’s Regulations Governing Agents (the “Regulations”) in matters such as these. Mavrick Artists Agency believes that Ms. Khalil chose an improper forum to pursue her grievance -- a civil lawsuit in California -- for the purpose of garnering publicity and as a vehicle to publicly embarrass and disparage Mavrick Artists Agency with false, misleading, vague, and conclusory statements.

    The sensationalized and meritless claims in Mr. Khalil’s lawsuit constitute a de facto attack on the reputation of Mavrick Artists Agency, its employees, and its clients. As such, we have no choice but to respond with this statement.

    Signed: Mavrick Artists Agency

    Grant Aleksander Says The Late Paul Rauch Was Working On Reviving Guiding Light!

    Now this comes as a welcome shocker! In Carolyn Hinsey’s latest blog piece for New York City Brand Productions website, the home for now of Tainted Dreams, the upcoming series about the the inner-workings of a soap opera with a twist, Hinsey talks with beloved former Guiding Light star and now part of the “Dreams “cast, Grant Aleksander!

    When speaking about the loss of Guiding Light (where Grant played “Phillip Spaulding”) going off the airwaves, Aleksander related that the shows late great one time producer, Paul Rauch was actually working on resurrecting it!

    Grant acknowleged: ”Oddly enough, Paul was working on getting the show back on the air before he died. He had gotten pretty far with that, he was talking to big network executives. P&G was interested. When you look at what’s going on in Stamford right now (where AMC and OLTL have been filming), I don’t think P&G will just sit on a creative property if there’s a profit to be made.”

    GH’s Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash Newlyweds! Couple Expecting First Child … A Baby Girl!

    In a twist that would be right at home on a soap opera, General Hospital star Kirsten Storms, who plays vixen-with-a-heart-of-gold Maxie Jones on the legendary daytime drama, is married — and about to be a mom.

    The news comes as a shock not only because Storms, 29, has battled endometriosis, but because the baby’s father is Storms’ former costar, Brandon Barash, who played Johnny Zacchara on the soap until last April.

    “We’re having a little girl in January,” the proud dad-to-be — who also reveals that the couple secretly wed in June – tells PEOPLE exclusively. ”It’s been the most amazing couple of months of our lives.”

    “We kept things quiet because of everything that can go wrong during the first trimester,” Barash, 33, explains. “Kirsten did have a rocky [time] and we were in and out of the hospital.”

    It was a rough start to a very welcome surprise for the couple, he adds. “We talked about wanting to have kids and Kirsten was told she could try hormone therapy. It was pretty bleak as far as the probability of her being able to get pregnant … but then we got back from a trip to Amsterdam and discovered we were expecting. We calculated that we conceived the baby in [GH star] Tony Geary‘s guest room!”

    With his wife now in her second trimester, Barash says he and Storms are beginning to prepare their daughter’s nursery as they share their happy news.

    “A couple of weeks ago she wasn’t really showing, but now her curves have just taken over,” the actor says. “It makes me love her even more. It feels like a fairytale — we are so lucky.”

    General Hospital & Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Previews His New Music Video!

    OMG! Fitness guru Richard Simmons, who helped all the gals of the seventh floor nurses station on General Hospital keep those figures lean and mean with aerobics classes back in the 80′s, and who made a return last week to GH, and returned for the Nurses Ball last April in scenes having a meltdown over Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is about to launch … his first music video!

    The song titled, “Hair Do” was teased by Simmons on Twitter yesterday when he related, “My new music video HAIR DO debuts on Friday, but until then ..” and linked to this video on You Tube that has the lyrics and a faux-video game theme of Simmons new tune!

    The lyrics include the chorus: “short, long, straight, or curly, get something cute, get something girly, short, long, straight or curly, get something cute, get something girly.” And one of the verses that goes like, “Oribe cuts hair and gave a blow to Penelope Cruz and sexy J-Lo, Alexandre De Paris brushed the hair of Hepburn and Jackie O with such care …”

    All My Children Alum Finn Wittrock Cast in Angelina Jolie’s New Film!

    Finn Wittrock who played Damon Miller, Tad’s son via Hillary on All My Children is set to star in a Angelica Jolie’s next film feature titled, Unbroken!

    According to, “Universal Pictures is backing the adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s bestselling book about the incredible true story of American track star Louis Zamperini. Jack O’Connell will play Zamperini, who survived a plane crash and a harrowing oceanic ordeal only to become a POW who was tortured in a Japanese prison camp during WWII. Actors Domhnall Gleeson and Wittrock, will play Phil and Mac, both of whom are stranded at sea with Louie on a life raft for 28 days when their plane is gunned down.

    Jolie is producing with Matthew Baer, Erwin Stoff and Clayton Townsend, while Mick Garris will executive produce. Joel and Ethan Coen did the latest pass on the script, earlier drafts of which were written by William Nicholson and Richard LaGravenese. Production starts this fall, as the Zamperini tale runs into theaters on Christmas Day 2014!”

    Wittrock has been quite busy since leaving All My Children! He recently wrapped Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and Akiva Goldsman’s directorial debut Winter’s Tale. Finn will soon be seen in Ryan Murphy’s HBO movie The Normal Heart and Showtime’s Masters of Sex.

    “PARTY ON” With B&B Favorite Jacqueline MacInnes Wood In Her New Series On E!

    E! is traveling the globe in the new eight episode half-hour series Party On, which heads to exclusive resorts and gorgeous beaches around the world to soak up the local party scene!

    Hosted by The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, each episode will focus on one glamorous location where Jacqui will spend 48 hours checking out the incredible vistas, tasting the delectable cocktails and cuisine, and trying out the often extreme activities that make each destination one-of-a-kind. Along the way, Jacqui will meet celebrities, jet-setters and local legends who will join her two-day adventure and keep the party going as she experiences the best of the best of each hotspot. The new weekly series will debut late 2013 only on E!

    “Party On is a bold, fun VIP tour of the most sparkling party destinations on the planet,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Programming & Development, E! “We are excited to take viewers around the globe and behind the velvet ropes for fun in the sun at only the hottest, most elite vacation locales.”

    Each episode will bring viewers a partier’s-eye-view of these sexy VIP vacation hubs filled with swimsuit-clad celebrities, popular local personalities and holiday makers who know these exotic destinations inside and out, and offer an all access pass to the best parties in town. And with Jacqui connecting to fans all over the world via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the party will go global with exciting interactivity that will keep viewers in the middle of the action.

    David Granger, of the production company Monkey Kingdom, said of Wood: “Jacqui is a brilliant host and we all see a wonderful opportunity to produce something very new and different given the high end glamour and sun soaked mischief that Europe has to offer.”

    “Young & Restless” Star Leaves Show to Make YouTube Series with Scientology Pals!

    You’ve got to hand it to the friends of Xenu: they are a clubby bunch. Earlier this summer Michelle Stafford, a top celeb Scientologist, left her Emmy winning role on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” after 16 years. No one knows why exactly. Stafford told the soap opera press she was “done.” Her role will likely be recast.

    So what did Stafford leave for? To make a YouTube series with her Scientology pals. “The Stafford Project” so far is just two episodes, each around 9 minutes long. The “project” is a reality series in small installments, all about Stafford’s so called real life as a single mom of a baby delivered by surrogate.

    But what “The Stafford Project” hasn’t addressed yet is that everyone involved in it is a Scientologist. No less than two of them actresses named Paige– Goodman and Long. They are all well versed students of L. Ron Hubbard. They write and produce the show with Stafford. Goodman (then called Paige Dorian) was ex-member Lisa Presley’s assistant and minder for eight years according to reports.

    So far all the male actors are members of the cult, too– Sevier Crespo and Robert Filios, as well as actor Eric Matheny.

    And they’re not alone. The composer of music for “The Stafford Project,” Holly Palmer, has a long list of Scientology courses under her own at

    Stafford has been with Scientology since 1990, and has worked her way up to OTVII, which means she may have secret information about desert rendezvous with aliens. Stafford had been married several times on “Y&R,” kidnapped, tried to run enemies down with her car, but never got to play that story out. Maybe she will on “The Stafford Project.”

    Ex-Scientologist and vocal critic Mike Rinder has an interesting take on Stafford’s peculiar exit from “The Young and the Restless.” He says it’s because Stafford would not work on the same show as another ex-cult member, actor Michael Fairman, who plays the recurring character of Murphy.

    Fairman left Scientology in the last couple of years because he didn’t agree with David Miscavige’s controversial leadership. “Y&R” also boasts at least one other Scientologist in its cast– Sharon Case, a milquetoast actress who’s been taking courses since 1986. Her character, also named Sharon, was recently diagonosed with bi-polar disorder in order to explain her sociopathic behavior.

    Also read Tony Ortega’s excellent piece on Fairman who told him, “I kind of dislike [Tom Cruise] for what he has allowed to go on.”

    Former daytime star Brian Gaskill creating indie film, The Speech, raising money on Kickstarter!

    "I have seen many producers and musical performers use the Kickstarter tool to share the experience of producing their project with their friends, family and fans. I can’t afford to finance this all by myself so I thought why not give this a try. I also saw that there was a lot of interest in me getting back out there and acting again via my Facebook page and my wonderful friends on there so I thought this would be a good way for me to get back out there as well. All the people that know my work from my daytime drama acting really want me to get back out there. This is me getting back to work."

    HBO's 'Ali' Film Depicts Thurgood Marshall's Love Of DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

    Famous for both his signature shuffle and verbal sparring, boxer Cassius Clay quickly rose to fame in the '60s, becoming the world's best-known athlete - and eventually its most controversial. After joining the Nation of Islam and adopting the name Muhammad Ali, he was widely denounced for refusing to be drafted into the U.S. military, based on his religious opposition to the Vietnam War. Stripped of his title and banned from the sport, the self-proclaimed "Greatest" lost nearly four years of his boxing prime to legal battles. In 1971, his case for being a conscientious objector eventually reached the United States Supreme Court, rooted by tradition and conservative ideals with Nixon-appointed Chief Justice Warren E. Burger at its helm.

    Upcoming HBO movie Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, premiering October 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, goes behind the closed doors of the United States Supreme Court as its nine justices decide the outcome of Muhammad Ali's landmark appeal.

    There's also a soap opera connection.

    Thurgood Marshall argued “Brown vs. Board of Education” and was appointed to high-level positions by two U.S. Presidents before becoming the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court in 1967.

    Age 62 at the time the case was argued and decided, Justice Marshall was also a big fan of daytime drama DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and his addiction to the show is depicted in Danny Glover's portrayal in the film.

    The most frequently seen DAYS characters in 1971 were Tom, Bill, Laura, Mickey, Linda, Doug, Julie, Susan and Alice.

    Marshall not only watched DAYS in his chambers, but arrived late at meetings because he had to see the end of an episode.

    "He was kind of addicted to the soap opera, the DAYS OF OUR LIVES," Slovo said of Marshall. "He was known for being late. If the conference started before the soap opera ended, he had to wait and see the end. I'm not saying it was a daily occurrence but it is one of the features of his life, at this particular point in his life."

    Is Michael's One-Night Stand Resurfacing?

    Michael's love live is in a bit of turmoil right now on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but it looks like things might get even more complicated in the very near future!

    Remember that nurse, Penny, that Michael had a one-night stand with back in July? Well, portrayer Peyton McCormick posted on Facebook: "Penny is coming back to GH! Can't wait to go back to work!"

    GH's policy is that they never comment on social media posts, so we'll still have to technically file this as a rumor for now.

    Lindsey Morgan Joins THE 100!

    THE 100 is a new sci-fi drama set to premiere mid-season on The CW, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, GENERAL HOSPITAL's ex-Kristina, Lindsey Morgan, has landed the recurring role of Raven in the series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the human survivors living on a spaceship called The Ark send 100 juvenile delinquents down to Earth to see if it's ready to be re-colonized again.

    Morgan's character, Raven, is "smart, skilled and fiercely determined," according to the official character description. "Upon learning about the 100, she is desperate to be reunited with her friends on the ground."

    Watch Colleen Zenk As Libby!

    Libby, the short film that AS THE WORLD TURNS' Colleen Zenk (Barbara) starred in is an official finalist/selection of the Los Angeles International Film Festival LA Shorts Fest. In the wry and touching film, Zenk plays the title character, a woman grasping for one last bit of happiness before undergoing an operation that will change her life. "It's a beautiful little script," Zenk gushes. "And I love the other actor I worked with, whose name is Liam Mitchell. It's just a lovely script by a young filmmaker by the name of Jameson Locasio. He's won all kinds of awards."

    But you don't have to worry about getting a ticket to the LA Shorts Fest (or finding your way to LA on top of that!) — you can watch the entire short film right here!

    GH: Fall Preview 2013!

    Robin’s Return - Many people on the canvas are either related to her or extremely close to her. Her return will be very satisfying. The Britt/Patrick/Sabrina story will explode in a giant way. Sabrina and Britt will have to deal with the real love story of Patrick and Robin.

    Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie/Dante/Lulu -The baby is born and it is one giant mess. Nothing is really spoiled but they say that it will be a journey and they area looking forward to see who the audience will be rooting for.

    Luke/Laura/Tracy/Scotty - Luke is on a quest to find a cure. Tracy is dealing with the fact the person she loves more than anything she has ever loved is dying. Scotty doesn’t take well all the extra time Laura is spending with Luke. Now with Luke being sick, Laura is feeling drawn to him more than ever.

    Connie’s Death - This story will have the most ramifications for everyone on the canvas, but especially Michael, AJ, Olivia, Ava, Sonny, Carly, Sam, Daniel, Derek, and Alexis.

    AJ/Elizabeth/Nikolas - Liz and AJ’s relationship is challenged when AJ becomes a suspect in Connie’s murder. This will open the door for Nikolas.

    Michael/Kiki/Morgan - Michael will remain in their orbit as Sonny, Franco and Ava get more involved.

    Carly - She will be drawn more into the troubles of her sons. She will also be involved more with Sam, Sonny, Olivia, and Franco too. Hints there will be a new man as well.

    Franco - Post surgery Franco is very different and it is a hard adjustment for the citizens of Port Charles.

    Obrecht - Her power will increase and she show she has more tricks up her sleave

    Silas/Sam - Danny’s cancer has brought them closer together. Ava gets involved as she is still very much still in love with Silas.

    Y&R: Fall Preview 2013!

    Sharon plans to stop Nick and Avery's wedding from happening, and she will do it at all cost. Keeping the secret of the true paternity is a struggle for her. Her plan seems to be working for now but Avery is on to Sharon. She thinks that Sharon is taking advantage of Nick. JG says, "Sharon is in over her head and she may end up being her own worst enemy."

    Chelsea becomes stressed out the more Adam is in her orbit. A health situation could lead Adam to finding out the truth about Connor. JG states that we should expect a major showdown once Adam finds out.

    Even though Billy and Victoria are back together, they're still facing obstacles....Victor and Billy's gambling addiction. Also Victoria is still unsettled about how close Billy and Chloe have become while they were separated. The three of them will be thrown into a very troubling situation.

    Will the Winter's be able to stop Hilary from hurting them before it's too late?

    She is determined to bring Adam down, but if she goes too far, her plan can blow up in her face.

    Summer and Kyle's feelings haven't changed despite knowing they are siblings. This frustrates them a great deal. Jack tries to get closer to Summer but she's still confused about the whole situation. She finds herself overwhelmed by Jack's eagerness to develop a relationship with her. JG states that Jack has something up his sleeve that will surprise everyone.

    The couple is off to a good start, but things start to get shaky when one of them wants the relationship to become more serious. The other is not ready to take that next step.

    B&B: Fall Preview 2013!

    Hope and Wyatt team up in business leaving Liam as the odd man out.

    Will Wyatt prove to be his father's son and win Hope's heart??

    Quinn & Katie commiserate over their contempt of Dollar Bill.

    Quinn sets her sights on Eric.

    Quinn and Wyatt heal their relationship.

    Quinn and Forrester Creations enter a business relationship.

    The disapproval for Bill and Brooke's relationship creates a backlash.

    Brooke Makes ANOTHER great attempt to redeem herself.

    Maya finds herself single. Will Carter now have a chance?

    The Week In The Year 2000!

    Alex spotted a familiar face at the airport, but she and Edmund assumed that the person couldn't have possibly been Dimitri. Later, at Wildwind, the maid found a bottle of pills and gave them to Alex, who discovered that they were the same pills that Dimitri had taken. David had a sexual daydream about Dixie. Stuart decided to head to Pine Valley. Hayley told Arlene that she despised Arlene and had never loved her. Ryan and Adrian prepared to go to Chechnya, despite Gillian's pleas to stay in Pine Valley. Leo and Becca entered a swing dance contest at SOS after sharing a romantic evening together. Wade loaned Greenlee the money that she needed for, but Greenlee later regretted her decision to accept the loan. Erica continued her plans for Bianca's party and warned Edmund to steer clear of Alex.

    Holden had Rose arrested for identity theft and informed Lucinda of the switch. Vicky's mother visited Jake and urged him to get on with his life. Hal comforted Carly after she learned of Jack and Julia's engagement. Cooley demanded money from Holden in exchange for revealing Lily's whereabouts. Rose came clean to Molly and asked her for help.

    Morgan confronted Stephanie about what she had tried to do her and told her nothing was going to stop her from having her baby. Stephanie told Ridge that he had to tell Taylor the truth about Morgan. Taylor invited Morgan over for lunch and asked who her baby's father was. Amber went to court, and the judge told her to get a lawyer because she was facing serious charges. After court, Amber met an attorney named Sherman Gale who she let take her case. Kimberly told Bridget that Thorne and Brooke were involved, and Bridget went home and found them together. Brooke and Thorne told Bridget that they loved each other and that they were getting married. Eric told Bridget she could live with him and Stephanie. Bridget gave Brooke an ultimatum: her or Thorne.

    Brandon and Sami learned from Angela that Roberto had not killed Franco. Nicole tried to tape a confession from Lucas that he had killed Franco after she convinced Lucas that he had assaulted her while in a drunken stupor. Lucas caught on just in time to not incriminate himself further. Victor revealed his "drug" plan to keep Sami under control. The Dr. Marlena Showwas a big hit with everyone except Hattie the waitress. Stefano was "interested" in Hattie. Nancy was caught up in "show business." Nicole teased Roman with information about Franco's murder that could win Sami custody of Will, and put Lucas in jail. Nicole learned Victor and Rex had out-scammed her, and was out for revenge. Eric got a dose of the real Nicole, and decided to end their relationship. Broke and in a jam, Nicole begged Greta to help save her marriage to Lucas. Lily decided to help Greta in more ways than one. Belle sought Marlena's advice after she was hurt, confused, and jealous over Chloe's indifference toward her and popularity.

    Chloe fought off Helena's attempt on her life. Jax went to Paris in search of Brenda and discovered her on the street. Alexis was shocked to learn she was the Internet's latest pinup girl. Lucky told a drugged Elizabeth how much he really loved her, knowing she would remember nothing in the morning. Sonny was arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Edward and A.J. both saw Sonny's arrest as an opportunity to get custody of Michael. Alexis told Sonny he needed to marry Carly in order to prevent her from testifying. Jason returned home to Port Charles.

    Reva and Josh clashed over custody of the children when Reva felt Josh's sexual behavior was setting a bad example for Marah and Shane. Josh struck back by reminding Reva of her sordid past -- and that she was afraid Marah would become like her. Billy thought he had Noah where he wanted him until Holly verified Noah's story. Marah took advantage of the situation and decided to make a play for her mom's boyfriend. Harley's family was less than pleased at her reconciliation with Phillip, especially Susan, who felt she wasn't happy with either parent and went to Buzz for support. Blake was devastated that Ross didn't want to marry her, and was rebuffed in her attempt to change his mind. Selena agreed to tell her story to Blake. Maria manipulated Danny and Michelle to her benefit. Rick admitted the truth about his fraudulent past to the hospital board, but later learned he had passed the medical boards and Claire had been lying to him for years. Rick decided she needed help, and made a decision not to implicate her to the board. Richard and Cassie told Dax and Edmund that they could conceive a child and heir. Cassie had a minor accident at the palace that played into part of Edmund's plan.

    Asa had a dream that Max was shot. Daniel arranged a meeting with Rae, Sykes, Kevin, Max, and Skye at Crossroads. Todd threatened Skye to stay away from Max. Sophia thought she was falling in love with Antonio. Kelly was shot and rushed to the hospital. Joey blamed Kevin for Kelly getting hurt. Daniel told Rae that Max was her son. Todd threatened to take custody of Starr away from Blair. Will reached Ireland and sent letters to Sam and Jessica. Kelly opened her eyes. Cris refused to let Will talk to Jessica. Melanie informed Lindsay that Bo was returning home. Todd tried to figure out what to do with Nora. Rae told Max that Daniel said Max was her son.

    Ivy overheard Ethan and Julian plotting to destroy Sam. Sheridan and Luis almost kissed, but Hank interrupted. Sheridan continued to wonder if she was responsible for the death of Luis' father. Tabitha realized she couldn't control Evil Charity, and she and Timmy needed to obey Evil Charity. Evil Charity had Timmy sabotaged Miguel's motorcycle in an attempt to kill him. The angel girl warned Grace that an event in Sam's son's life was about to change her life. Chad pressured Ethan to call off the wedding and expose his true feelings. Eve hypnotized Sheridan. During the hypnosis, Sheridan screamed, "I did it!" Theresa was devastated when she realized that Ethan was serious when he claimed he didn't love her and would still be marrying Gwen. Distraught, she hopped aboard her brother's motorcycle and rode. Sheridan told Eve that she had killed Luis' father.

    Billy surprised Mac with a ring. Brock confronted Jill about her vendetta against Mac. When Dru feared her career was over, Malcolm helped console her by asking her to pose for some photos. Victoria admitted that she was considering meeting with Gary in an attempt to move on with her life. Ashley was crushed when Victor nixed any chance they had at reconciliation.


    Monday ("JJ Eviscerates His Mother")
    JJ lashes out at Jennifer after discovering her in an intimate moment with Daniel.

    Tuesday ("Daniel Questions Kristen")
    Kristen slips up about her secret, earning her an interrogation from Daniel; Sonny and Will receive Gabi's condemnation.

    Sami comes to a decision about the plea bargain; Eric tries to interpret an unsettling dream.

    Thursday ("EJ Fears He May Have Ruined Sami's Case")
    EJ worries how he may have affected the outcome in Sami's case; Brady proposes marriage to Kristen.

    Friday ("EJ Tries to Warn Sami")
    EJ pleads with Sami to change her mind about the plea; Sonny and Gabi make peace, only to find themselves at war once again.

    Monday (Derek start to Remember)
    Derek recovers his memory, shedding light on his past; Sonny finds Connie with a gunshot wound and clinging on to dear life.

    Tuesday (Franco is up on the Roof)
    Ellie finds Franco on the roof, appearing as though he may jump

    Wednesday (AJ is Interrogated)
    Dante and Anna question A.J. in relation to Connie's murder, but he redirects their investigation to Tracy

    Thursday (Derek wants to tell Sam)
    Derek can't shake his desire to confess everything to Sam; nightmares of losing her baby plague Maxie.

    Friday (Dianne tells AJ not to Confess)
    Diane offers counsel to A.J., who's considering making a confession in Connie's murder case; Maxie begins breastfeeding the baby

    Monday (Earth-Shattering Secret)
    Rick learns a devastating secret; Eric chooses which son will lead Forrester Creations.

    Tuesday (Maya Pays the Price)
    Maya's terrible mistakes comes at a great cost; Hope and Liam are swept away by their new-found passion.

    Wednesday (Startling Announcement)
    Brooke and Bill make a startling announcement; Caroline brags about her relationship with Rick.

    Thursday (Wyatt Gets an Earful)
    Wyatt gets an earful about Bill from Katie.

    Friday (Things get Physical)
    Things get physical between Bill and Wyatt; Brooke hopes to repair her relationship with Katie.

    8/26, Jill finds a gift from Katherine; Nikki turns to Paul for help.

    8/27, Lily confronts Cane about the latest blog post; Michael pushes Alex to find Carmine.

    8/28, Kevin and Paul rush to help Michael and Lauren; Faith's rebellion upsets Avery, but encourages Sharon.

    8/29, Victoria assists Avery with wedding preparations; Victor is curious about Adam's mysterious secret investor.

    8/30, Billy tries to comfort Jill as they are mourning the loss of Katherine; Chelsea struggles with shocking news.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    0 0

    Pearl Jam Unleash Explosive 'Mind Your Manners' Video
    First clip from 'Lightning Bolt' takes album's title quite literally

    ByERIN COULEHAN AUGUST 23, 2013 2:20 PM
    Pearl Jam take the title of their October 15th album Lightning Bolt quite literally in their new video for "Mind Your Manners," the LP's first single. The chaotic clip, directed by Danny Clinch, features the band performing before a screen projecting all kind of disasters — lightning bolts, bombs, environmental crises. Some of the animated imagery recalls their 1998 "Do the Evolution" video, though "Mind Your Manners" alludes to tragedies like September 11th, global warming and Hurricane Sandy while Eddie Vedder expresses his frustrations, singing, "Tried my patience/Patience tried."

    Pearl Jam will begin a North American tour in October and will be headlining Voodoo Fest in New Orleans in November.

    Personally, I can't wait for the new album and upcoming tour.They are still one of the best rock bands out there.

    0 0

    "Quality roles in studio films are just not available in great numbers for women, period," Joe Reid succinctly wrote for the Tribeca Film Festival's blog in May.

    Research backs up his claim: while half of all moviegoers are female, 33 percent of all characters and only 11 percent of protagonists in the top 100 domestic grossing films of 2011 were women. A 2012 study commissioned by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media also found that, "females are not only missing from popular media, [but] when they are on screen, they seem to be there merely for decoration -- not to engage in meaningful or prestigious employment.”

    This is bad news for all women who go to see and enjoy watching movies. But it's especially frustrating for actresses looking to play interesting and challenging roles. Because so few roles are available, competition for good parts is fierce. And prospects are even bleaker for actresses who are not thin, white women. As Angela Bassett dryly quipped when asked about future projects in 2012, "I'm a black actress, honey -- what can I tell you but I have no idea what's next for me."

    That's why a growing number of actresses are taking matters into their own hands, and writing the dynamic roles they want to play themselves -- on TV as well as film. Here are eight actresses who did just that:

    5. Emma Thompson

    "There are a lot of highly intelligent women who can act [but] there are not too many roles to fill -- that's the problem. [So] I wrote [a role] and then I bloody well played it.," Emma Thompson told Entertainment Weekly in 1995. In between giving Oscar nominated performances -- and receiving the award for her role in "Howard's End" -- Thompson took on the task of creating an interesting role for herself by writing the screenplay for "Sense and Sensibility," an adaption of Jane Austen's novel of the same name. The film received rave reviews and earned Thompson the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as a nomination for Leading Actress.

    4. Lake Bell

    Lake Bell has been acting since 2002, and is known for her work on series such as "How To Make It In America" and "Children's Hospital," but this summer she's charting new professional territory.

    "In A World" -- a film she wrote, directed and starred in -- was released on August 9th to critical acclaim. But while Bell, who plays a woman trying to break into the male-dominated voiceover industry, was responsible for creating her own dynamic character, she'd prefer to be lauded as a talented performer who created an interesting part, aside from her gender. "I think I'm eager for the moment to arise when the story is less 'What does it feel like to be a female director?'" She told Buzzfeed in a recent interview. "I hope the story soon becomes 'I either liked your movie or I didn't, let's talk about your movie.'"

    3. Tina Fey

    Tina Fey has been credited for paving the way for actors to be taken seriously behind the scenes. Despite her background in performance -- specifically, improv and her unforgettable "SNL" years -- Fey took complete creative control of "30 Rock" as its creator, producer, writer and star. She also created one of the most relatable (and quotable) characters on TV -- the spazzy and wonderful Liz Lemon. And for that, we're all eternally grateful.

    2. Mindy Kaling

    At the age of 34, Kaling has made a name for herself as a succesful actress, author, and sitcom creator -- all as a woman of color in a pretty white-washed industry. While she started out as a writer for "The Office", Kaling wrote a part for herself on the show as the much beloved Kelly Kapoor. She continued to write for herself on her own show, "The Mindy Project," which premiered in 2012.

    But writing her own parts was less a deliberate choice than a necessity for Kaling. "My career has only become what it has out of sheer need, not because I wanted it that way," she told Entertainment Weekly in July. "I knew if I wanted to perform I was going to have to write it myself.”

    1. Rashida Jones

    “I am generally cast as the dependable, affable, loving, friend-wife-girlfriend,” Rashida Jones told the New York Times in 2012. And while "Parks and Recreation" fans love her for adeptly playing designated best friend Ann Perkins, Jones wanted to challenge herself -- and she didn't let a lack of offers stand in her way. Jones co-wrote "Celeste & Jesse Forever" with her friend Will McCormack, which was lauded for being "a rom-com breakup scenario from a female point of view."

    “I felt like this was the only opportunity I had to play this kind of part, a character that’s maybe less than likable,” Jones told the New York Times.


    0 0

    The marriage of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom is in crisis, and TMZ has learned ... the core reason is hardcore drug abuse.

    Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lamar has had a problem for 2 years.  It got so bad, last August Khloe pressured Lamar to go to rehab.  Lamar went to a facility in San Diego, but he was so resistant Khloe hired private investigators to secretly stand guard at the rehab place to make sure he didn't leave.  The P.I.s stood guard 24/7.

    Our sources say Lamar constantly threatened to leave and Khloe made several visits to prevail upon him to stay.  We're told after 3 weeks, Lamar left for good.

    We're told Lamar actually stayed clean once he left rehab and was able to play well for the Clippers this past season.  But when the season was over, sources say Lamar slipped deep back into hardcore recreational drugs.

    As for reports that Lamar was cheating recently, we're told Khloe is convinced it happened, and she feels she's been hit with a double whammy ... but drugs are the main problem.

    As for divorce ... neither Khloe nor Lamar has contacted a lawyer.  As one source put it, "Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar than ending her marriage."

    We're told the situation has become dire.  Sources tell us ... within the last 2 days, the entire family staged an intervention, trying to convince Lamar to go back to rehab, but he wouldn't have any of it.

    In fact, on Wednesday morning, right after the failed intervention, Khloe threw Lamar out of the house and as you see from the pic (above), one of Lamar's friends is loading Lamar's stuff in his car as Lamar watches.

    We attempted to reach Lamar for comment ... so far, no word back.



    0 0

    "The Butler" is on its way to making a tidy profit for the Weinstein Co.

    Starring Forest Whitaker as a White House employee who served eight presidents, "Butler" got off to a robust start last weekend, debuting at No. 1 with $24.6 million. The Lee Daniels-directed picture should secure the top spot again during its second weekend in theaters, collecting at least $12 million, according to those who have seen pre-release audience surveys.

    Meanwhile, the three new films hitting the box office nationwide are not poised to make much of a splash.

    "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," a teen-aimed fantasy flick based on a popular young adult novel, opened Wednesday in an effort to generate positive buzz before the weekend. It doesn't appear that move will pay off, though. The film grossed $3 million on its first day in release and is expected to make a lackluster total of $14 million through Sunday evening.

    That means "Mortal Instruments" will likely gross between $8 million and $10 million between Friday and Sunday -- the same amount the British comedy "The World's End" and the horror film "You're Next" are expected to start off with.

    In other words: It'll be a tight race for the runner-up position.

    If "Mortal Instruments" does not exceed industry projections this weekend, its German financial backer Constantin Film may be particularly disappointed. The company, which spent $60 million to produce the film and another $60 million to market it abroad, is already in pre-production on a sequel set to shoot this fall. Sony Pictures' Screen Gems label, which is distributing the first film in the U.S. this weekend, paid to advertise the movie stateside.

    Written by Cassandra Clare, the five-book "Mortal Instruments" series has sold 24 million copies worldwide. But in the wake of the massive success of the "Twilight" franchise, several movies adapted from young adult novels have failed to connect with moviegoers. Though "The Hunger Games" series is a hit, "Beautiful Creatures" and "The Host" tanked at the box office this year.

    In the first "Mortal Instruments" movie, Lily Collins plays protagonist Clary Fray, a teenager who discovers she is part of a clan of demon chasers. The film has received by far the worst reviews of any of the weekend's new debuts, notching a 16% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, those who saw the movie Wednesday liked it more than critics, assigning the movie an average grade of B-plus, according to market research firm CinemaScore.

    More about You're Next and World's End at the SOURCE
    Dying at the predicted 14 mill for the weekend, I hope it's declared as a flop the way God intended and the plug is pulled on the sequel

    ETA: And in before Why does everyone hate this?

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    Ten years ago, the former teen star altered the course of Disney history by successfully transitioning from TV actress to triple-platinum pop singer. Meet the players who made her sophomore album a certified smash.

    In today’s pop climate, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing a Disney Channel star-turned-pop act. Miley, Demi, Selena, the Jonas Brothers—they’ve all successfully made the jump from TV and film to music, releasing platinum albums, selling out tours and dominating pop culture.
    But none of them would be where they are if it weren’t for Hilary Duff. What some may forget to realize is these mega-stars (and the music label that helped breed them, Hollywood Records) have one bright-eyed blonde to thank for mapping out the blueprint for transitioning from acting to music. And it’s all because of her 2003 sophomore album Metamorphosis.
    The LP, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary on August 26, was in many ways by design: Duff’s team saw potential in the teen star, who made a name for herself as the star of Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. With a fanbase already in place, it only made sense to bring her into the music world. She had already proved capable of holding her own on the mic by contributing songs to a Disney Channel compilation and the Lizzie McGuire TV soundtrack. Her 2002 debut, the Christmas album Santa Claus Lane (Buena Vista), further hinted at double threat status.
    Metamorphosis cemented that. After signing with Hollywood Records, big names were brought onboard to contribute to the album including Kara DioGuardi, the Matrix (arguably the hottest production team at the time), Charlie Midnight and John Shanks—plus her sister Haylie, to name a few.
    A decade later, the major players involved with the album’s creation know that the project wouldn’t have been a success if it weren’t for Hilary. At 15 years old, Hilary was fresh to the music industry but quickly proved to be a natural. Her work ethic, talent and charisma drove the recording process for the album, which debuted at No. 2 on the charts with 203,000 copies, right behind Mary J. Blige. In its second week, it unseated MJB and took the throne, later selling almost four million copies and spawning two major hits, “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean.”
    In honor of the album turning 10 years old, we spoke with the team that helped Metamorphosis make history.

    Hilary Duff: The actress/singer best known for her breakout role on the hit Disney TV show Lizzie McGuire. After amassing a sizable tween/teen fanbase, Hilary transitioned into films such as The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Cheaper By the Dozen, as well as music. Her 2003 sophomore album, Metamorphosis, went triple platinum. The album was followed by 2004’s self-titled effort and 2007’s Dignity. She also had a clothing line, Stuff By Duff, and is now a wife and mother.

    The Beginning:
    Hilary Duff:
    I was working on my show Lizzie McGuire, and the idea of making a full record happened during the first season of filming. I liked the idea of being on stage and enjoyed singing, but it wasn’t totally where my focus was. So I recorded a song for a Disney compilation because I was on the channel and I had a big following. After the show was over was really when we decided to go out and get a full-blown record deal, and Metamorphosis started to come about.

    Hilary Duff: I had a little bit of a relationship with [Hollywood Records]. I was originally with Buena Vista because I had done some songs for Disney compilations. I’d really never been in a studio before except to record these [Disney-released] songs and had to decide if I liked it or if I was any good at it and get a reaction from my fans. My feedback was all really great, and I really enjoyed being in the studio, so when we started shopping for a deal I thought, well, we’ll go with Hollywood Records because they’ve dealt with artists individually instead of soundtracks and stuff. It was an interesting thing because I was with Disney—that’s when my career started, that’s who you know to watch my show and know who Hilary Duff was. It kind of felt like a natural progression to go to Hollywood first.

    The Sessions:
    Hilary Duff:
    I think I was 14. I was really just into top 40 music. I loved pop music and I didn’t know how to make a record. I met with a lot of producers. I would sit down with them and tell them what I liked listening to and sometimes explain something that went on in my personal life, and I feel like I was really connected to the content. I always chose my music, but not really being an artist yet, I wasn’t a big writer. I didn’t have a ton of ideas going into it. I think I was really in touch with the subject matter and content. I would change things here or there. Everybody loves to say they just cranked me out like I was just a product or whatever, but if there was some song that one of the A&R guys loved but I didn’t love it, they didn’t make me record it.

    The Songs:
    Hilary Duff:
    I loved recording “Come Clean.” I really had a good time in the studio with John Shanks. He was really, really, really great about kind of wrapping his arms around me and making me feel comfortable. Kara DioGuardi co-wrote that song with him, and she was someone who really was key throughout the rest of my writing career. She really helped me find my voice.

    [With the song’s placement as the opening theme to MTV’s Laguna Beach in 2004], I don’t even really remember a reality show before Laguna Beach. This was more geared toward my age range, so I really watched it. I had a great relationship with MTV, and I was really excited once it came out, and everyone was singing my song again, and maybe even stretched the demographic of people who listened to my music.

    One of the funny things was, “So Yesterday” wasn’t one of my favorite songs at all. But I knew who The Matrix was, obviously. So meeting with them was very exciting, and they brought me “So Yesterday,” and I was like, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” But I recorded the song, and once the label heard it everybody started sort of freaking out. It definitely grew on me.

    Hilary Duff: “Inner Strength” was an awesome experience. It was the first time Haylie and I really wrote together. It was a specific comfort place for me at the time because my life was changing so fast and so quickly, and it was kind of scary and a lot of times I felt alone or criticized.

    The Outcome:
    Hilary Duff:
    I honestly had a really great relationship with [Hollywood Records] and I think they learned a lot on me. I was kind of the model or the blueprint for other artists who are really great and have taken on wonderful careers in their own way. At the start, I think a lot of the basis started with me and what they learned on me, and yeah there were little disagreements here and there or times where they didn’t want me to wear this or that, but I never remember it being too crazy. In the beginning, I remember there was one video shoot where I wanted to wear this top that had all these holes in it and it, and they were like, “We don’t want to show your belly button, blah blah blah.” And I remember being like, “It doesn’t even show my belly button so I’m wearing it!”

    The Reception:
    Hilary Duff: I think a lot of people think, “Oh, Disney, that’s not cool,” but I think I’ve always been pretty grateful of where I came from because they created so many opportunities for me.
    [Compared to former Disney stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera], the difference was I started at 13 on the Disney Channel and I didn’t go anywhere. When they started on Mickey Mouse Club, they were like nine or 10, and I feel like they kind of went away for a while and then broke again. So they came back with a whole new image and it was sexy and a little more provocative and age-appropriate. Whereas I stayed around and did the transition in public, but I never really tried to be super provocative. I think every transition I went through kind of happened organically. It wasn’t too shocking, I guess.
    I remember being like 15 and moms would come up to me and being like, “Don’t ever change,” and I’d be like, “What the hell is that supposed to mean, don’t ever change?” I think I just tried to take it with a grain of salt and just be who I am and let changes come and accept them, and I never felt the need to just act out.

    More at the source about Hilary breaking down the walls for Disney artists and lots more....

    What is your favorite song from Metamorphosis? How old were you when the album was released?

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