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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    This fall will mark 25 years since the premiere of the primetime hit, Roseanne. The very first Becky, actress Lecy Goranson and her TV brother DJ, actor Michael Fishman opened up about their hit show, the co-star they lost and Roseanne’s personal battles. And Michael and Lecy even credit their TV mom for keeping them out of child star trouble.

    “I had such a great experience. Everybody was so kind," Fisham said. "It was such a family environment and we all just had a good time while making groundbreaking television.”

    “I got a lot of hell when I went back to Chicago," Goranson added. "It’s pretty hard being in those tight pink pants in high school and revisiting your friends, but yeah, adolescence on the screen is an interesting mix."

    And while many child stars succumb to the temptations of Hollywood, these two said the Conner kids stayed grounded.

    “The big part of it is the choices you make and the responsibility you take as an individual and we were lucky. I think we were worked with really supportive people and we had families that were very supportive and very normal and we really adapted to. We never looked at it as we were stars, we looked at it as this is a job that we take a lot of pride in but at the same time, you know, we never wanted to get credit for those things and be the person making the problem,” Fishman explained.


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    The Winner (Prize: $250,000):


    The Killer:




    Ahhh I was SO SURE Melina was the killer for weeks! I wasn't even convinced this week when they found her body, because they didn't check for a pulse or anything. I was so positive she was tricking them all.

    I didn't like Kam, but he deserved to win. He played the game well. But who the hell killed Lindsey? Did Cris hire a hit knight? I MUST KNOW MORE.

    Source: My TV.

    My own thoughts are spoilery and therefore under the cut. What did you think of the finale, ONTD? Was the killer whom you thought he/she would be? I'm so excited for next season - I hope they do another one.

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    New Lena Headey interview

    Lena Headey, 39, was raised in Huddersfield. Spotted by a casting agent, she began her acting career at 17. In the 1990s, she appeared in the film adaptations of Waterland and The Remains Of The Day. She was in Terry Gilliam's 2005 movie The Brothers Grimm and took the lead in the US television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Since 2011 she has played Cersei Lannister in Game Of Thrones. Her latest movie,The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, is out on 21 August.

    When were you happiest?
    At the end of each day when I sit with my son and he's tired and I get to cuddle him. Otherwise, it's impossible. Ninjas and dragon hunters don't sit still that often.

    What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
    Impatience. Distraction.

    What is the trait you most deplore in others?
    Ignorance. Dishonesty.

    Property aside, what's the mostexpensive thing you've bought?

    I just bought a pair of Miu Miu shoes. They are so beautiful, my friend described them as being as perfectly designed as a horse's head.

    Where would you like to live?
    Ibiza would do very nicely. And London.

    What would your super power be?

    Every time I took a sip of coffee, someone would magically get what they needed to make life OK. I drink a lot of coffee. Oh, and I'd like to fly.

    If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose?
    Definitely a T rex, purely for the look on my son's face.

    What is your favourite book?
    When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice For Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön. And When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman.

    What is your guiltiest pleasure?
    I don't think you should feel guilty about pleasure. Defeats the purpose.

    What do you owe your parents?
    About 200 quid.

    What or who is the greatest love of your life?
    My son.

    What was the best kiss of your life?
    I've had a few incredible kisses (not gonna give you names). I intend to have some more.

    Have you ever said "I love you" and not meant it?

    Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
    "Fuck", "titbag", "awesome".

    What is the worst job you've done?
    I worked in Tesco's staff canteen because I fancied a boy on the tills. I served him his lunch in a hairnet and tan tights. Not just that, of course – I had a lovely white onesie.

    What has been your biggest disappointment?
    Realising that people are not always who they claim to be.

    How do you relax?
    Good wine, good pals.

    How often do you have sex?
    Not quite as often as I would like.

    What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
    Less travelling for work, more travelling for adventure.

    What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    I'm still working after 23 years.

    What song would you like played at your funeral?
    Right now, Get Lucky. I'm sure this will change.

    What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
    That it's quick and you have to laugh. That even the shitty bits eventually shift into something gold.


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  • 08/18/13--20:30: WWE Summerslam 2013 Results

  • WWE SummerSlam Results

    The Miz welcomes us to WWE Summerslam and he runs down the two main events, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk and the WWE Championship Match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

    Fandango comes out and the Staples Center is doing the Fandango dance and song. Fandango simply dances with Summer Rae and The Miz once again welcomes us to Summerslam.

    The opening video for Summerslam is shown.

    Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are on commentary.

    Jojo from Total Divas sings an amazing version of America the Beautiful.

    Hellfire and Brimstone comes up from the stage as Kane makes his entrance.

    The arena goes dark as The Wyatt Family makes their way down to the ring.

    Ring of Fire Match
    Kane vs Bray Wyatt

    Kane and Bray Wyatt are in the ring and the fire around the ring begins to burn. Kane sends Bray into various turnbuckles and unloads punches onto Bray. Bray goes clotheslined by Kane and the fire goes up. Bray begins to take control but Kane stops and suplexs him. Kane gets sent into the turnbuckle and Bray hits a running body splash and then hits another and Kane is down on the mat. Bray has Kane down and begins to stomp on him. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Bray gets out of it only to be hit with a big boot. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and the flames shoot up.

    Bray motions to Harper and to bring in a Kendo Stick but when he tries to, the stick burns. Rowan gets a Fire Extinguisher and tries to put out the flames, only to fail. Kane hits Bray with a chokeslam but doesn’t go for a cover. Kane hits another one but this time motions for a Tombstone. Harper and Rowan get into the ring by covering the flames with a mat. They begin to attack Kane. Rowan hits Kane with a splash and they pull Bray up. Harper and Rowan pull Kane over to their leader who hits Kane with his spinning STO finisher for the win.

    WINNER: Bray Wyatt

    Roman and Harper put Kane on one half the steel step as Bray sits in his rocking chair. Rowan and Harper slam the other part of the steps onto Kane head. The lights up out and The Wyatt Family make their way to the back, dragging Kane with them.

    A commercial for WWE 2K14 is shown.

    Josh Matthews is with HBK, Booker T, and Vicki Guerrero. They discuss the Ring of Fire match.

    A recap is shown when Paul Heyman announced that Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk is now a NO DQ Match.

    Damien Sandow makes his way down to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring and his mustache is GONE!

    Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes

    Cody puts Damien in the corner and slaps him in the chest. Cody hits Sandow with a back body drop as he bounces off the ropes before hitting a reverse suplex for two. Damien clips the legs of Cody as he is sent to the outside. Back in the ring, Sandow begins to hit Cody with elbows to the back before hitting a suplex. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Damien reserves. Damien hits the Elbow of Disdain for two. Damien locks in the leg submission but Cody gets out of it. Sandow goes up to the middle rope but Cody stops him. Cody hits Damien with a Muscle Buster for 2.

    Cody gets kicked in the gut but is able to fight through and his the Goldust drop down slap. Cody hits an impressive springboard dropkick before positioning Damien on the ropes and kicking him in the midsection. Sandow rolls up Cody for a quick 2 count but Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

    WINNER: Cody Rhodes

    The crowd is on their feet for Cody as he motions that he wants the World Title. Damien clutches the Money in the Bank as Cody celebrates.

    The World Heavyweight Championship match is up next and we go to a hype video for Christian.

    Christian comes out for his World Title match and The Peeps go wild.

    Alberto del Rio comes out with the World Championship around his waist.

    Lillian Garcia is in the ring and she gives the competitors their championship introductions but Alberto del Rio demands that Lillian do his introduction in Spanish.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Alberto del Rio vs Christian

    Alberto del Rio and Christian lock up in the ring and Alberto del Rio kicks Christians leg. Alberto del Rio has Christian in a headlock before taking him down with a tackle. Christian slaps the taste out of Del Rio’s mouth before sending him to the outside. Christian goes up top but leap off as he sees Del Rio coming for him. Christian is nailed with an enziguri by Del Rio as he is seated on the top rope. Del Rio begins to attack Christian’s arm on the outside. Back in the ring, Del Rio gets a two count and then goes for an arm lock. Christian slaps Del Rio again but gets sent down with a Flapjack. Del Rio attack Christian’s shoulder. Christian’s arm is locked up in the ropes and Del Rio attacks it. Del Rio goes for his running dropkick but Christian moves out of the way and is sent to the outside.

    Christian goes to the top rope and leaps onto Del Rio on the outside. They get back into the ring and Del Rio wrenches Christian’s arm, slamming him down to the mat. Del Rio goes to the middle rope and leap off but Christian gets his feet up and hits a missile dropkick. Del Rio goes for the enziguri again but Christian moves and hits a flying body press. Del Rio hits a Backstabber for a 2 count. Del Rio begins to attack Christian’s back, kicking it hard. Christian gets a roll up for 2 but Del Rio hits his enziguri again for two. Del Rio goes for a Senton and misses, Christian hits a reverse elbow from the middle rope. Del Rio backs Christian up into the counter and hits him with several shoulder blocks.

    Christian goes for a sunset flip but Del Rio stops him only for Christian to do an impressive top rope hurricanrana for 2. Christian goes for a Spear but Del Rio hits a dropkick to the face for 2. Del Rio goes for the Armbreaker but Christian rolls through only for Del Rio to kick Christian in the head with a superkick. Del Rio gets a 2 count after the kick and takes down his knee pads. Christian hits the spear but his shoulder is weakened so he can’t make the pin. Del Rio has Christian in the Armbreaker. Christian taps out.

    WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto del Rio

    Alberto del Rio is interviewed in the ring and says that tonight is a great night because he is our champion. Alberto del Rio says that he is representing the Latinos again.

    No Money in the Bank attempt is made.

    Lillian welcomes the members of the National Guard.

    A recap video is shown of WWE AXXESS this afternoon where Natalya and Maria Menounous defeated Brie Bella and Eva Marie.

    In the back, The Miz interviews Maria only for Fandango and Summer Rae to show up and dance. The Miz and Maria show up Team Fandango by dancing off the set.

    A hype video for WWE Total Divas on E! is shown.

    Natalya makes her way down to the ring with Naomi and Cameron.

    Brie Bella comes down to the ring with her sister Nikki and Eva Marie.

    Brie Bella vs Natalya

    Nattie and Brie lock up in the ring and Brie hits Nattie with several knees to the gut before we are forced to see a slap fight between the two. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter but Brie claws her way out of the ring. Nattie is on her knees and Brie stomps on the back of her head and follows up with a legdrop. Brie has Nattie in a arm submission but she gets free. Brie hits Natalya with a clothesline and locks her in the arm submission again. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter but Brie gets out of it and sends Natties head into the turnbuckle. Once again, Brie locks in her arm submission but Nattie fights out. Brie knees Nattie in the skull and goes for a sunset flip. Nattie reverses it into a Sharpshooter and Brie taps out.

    WINNER: Natalya

    A video is shown of Ryback bullying some catering guy in the back and he is wearing a new leather vest. Ryback is now Bully Rayback.

    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar is up next as a hype video for their match is shown.

    Brock Lesnar makes his way out to the ring in new black trunks with Paul Heyman in tow.

    CM Punk makes his way down to the ring to a huge ovation from the L.A. Crowd. It’s Clobbering Time!

    No DQ Match
    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

    CM Punk charges at Brock Lesnar only for Lesnar to send him into the turnbuckle with several shoulder thrusts. Brock Lesnar is dominating CM Punk in the corner, stomping him into the mat. CM Punk begins to hit Lesnar with a couple of kicks to the gut but Lesnar is showing off his power, tossing him to the side. CM Punk hits Lesnar with a high knee and Lesnar falls out of the ring. CM Punk hits a Suicide Dive on the outside and Lesnar is down. CM Punk has the Steel Steps but Lesnar tackles the Steps, sending them into Punk. CM Punk goes up top and hits a Double Axe Handle onto Lesnar. Punk gets ontop of the announce table and hits Lesnar with his clothesline. CM Punk goes for Heyman but Brock Lesnar stops him.

    Lesnar grabs CM Punk by the neck and throws him over the announce table. Brock Lesnar stomps onto the back of CM Punk and follows up with a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Back inside of the ring, CM Punk tries to kick Lesnar in the legs but Lesnar simply pushes him down. In the corner, Lesnar hits Punk with a couple of shoulder tackles before locking in a bear hug. CM Punk hits Lesnar in the nose with elbows to break free only for Lesnar to knee Punk in the gut. Lesnar puts Punk in the bearhug again but Punk breaks out and kicks Lesnar in the gut. CM Punk goes up top and leap only for Lesnar to catch him and throw him away with a Fallaway Slam. Lesnar continues to punish the rib, hitting Punk with several backbreakers, only for Punk to kick out at 2.

    CM Punk is now in a necklock but Lesnar can’t keephim down. Punk bites down on Brock Lesnar’s ear and follows up with several kicks and elbows. Punk goes up top again and hits a high knee from the top rope, Lesnar is down. CM Punk nails his signature high knee and goes for another and then a third only for Lesnar to counter with an F-5 attempt. Punk is about to fight out and he kicks Lesnar in the head. Punk hits the Macho Drop from the top rope and gets a 2. Punk motions for the GTS but Lesnar fights out only to get hit with another high kick. Punk has him up for the GTS but Lesnar counters with a Kimura Lock. Punk reverses into an Armbar and followed up with an Triangle Lock. CM Punk is out MMAing the former UFC Champion.

    Lesnar is about to power out and hits a running powerbomb to break out of the Triangle Lock. Lesnar goes for the cover but he is only about to get 2. Lesnar hits Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigo’s Suplexes but CM Punk kicks out at 2. Brock Lesnar goes to the outside and slowly picks up a steel chair. CM Punk leaps on top of Lesnar on the outside and picks up the Steel Chair. CM Punk begins to wail on Brock Lesnar’s back. Lesnar catches the chair and goes to hit Punk but he gets hit in the balls for his troubles. CM Punk has the chair and he is going up to the top rope. CM Punk hits the Macho Drop on Lesnar, the chair going right into Lesnar’s head. Punk makes the cover but he only gets a 2 count. Punk still has the chair and he continues to hit Lesnar with it.

    Paul Heyman gets the chair away from Punk. Lesnar has CM Punk up for the F5 but Punk is holding onto Heyman. Punk hits Lesnar with the GTS but Paul Heyman breaks it up. CM Punk goes after for Paul Heyman but Lesnar catches him with an F5 only for Punk to reverse into an DDT. Punk has the Anaconda Vice locked in but lets go when Heyman tries to interfere again. Punk punches Heyman and locks in the Anaconda Vice on Heyman. Lesnar hits Punk with the chair and lift Punk up for the F5 onto the chair. Lesnar makes the cover and gets the win.

    WINNER: Brock Lesnar

    The crowd gives CM Punk a standing ovation for the match.

    They show a video of a fan taking a splash from Mark Henry in order to get tickets to Summerslam.

    Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn come out to the ring to Dolph Ziggler’s music.

    Big E. Langston and AJ Lee make their way out to the ring.

    Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E. Langston and AJ Lee

    Ziggler and Langston stand things off in the ring with Ziggler hitting a dropkick onto Langston. Lanston picks up Ziggler and slams him to the mat. Langston picks him up and lock in an Abdominal Stretch. Langston brings Ziggler over to AJ, who slaps him. AJ and Kaitlyn are now in the ring. AJ hits Kaitlyn with a spinning side kick for two and drags her into the turnbuckle and hits a snapmare into a necklock. Kaitlyn gets out of it only to take an elbow for AJ. A two neckbreakers by AJ send Kaitlyn to the mat. AJ leaps onto Kaitlyn back and locks in a sleeperhold. AJ kicks Kaitlyn in the back and screams that she is the champion. Kaitlyn with a shoulder tackle and a tag to Ziggler meaning the men are now legal.

    Ziggler hits a neckbreaker followed up by several his signature 10 elbow drops. Big E. Langston kicks out and nails Ziggler with a backbreaker for two. Kaitlyn breaks up the pin and AJ takes Kaitlyn on the match. Ziggler hits sending Big E. shoulder first into the steel post. Kaitlyn spears AJ on the outside and Langston goes for the Big Ending only for Ziggler to wiggle out and nail the Zig Zig for the win.

    WINNERS: Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler

    A commercial for WWE 2K14 is shown.

    The Miz is in the back and gets interrupted again by Fandango, The Miz clotheslines Fandango.

    The Summerslam Kickoff Panel is shown again and they make their predictions for the WWE Championship Match. They all pick Daniel Bryan to take the championship.

    A hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown. The match is next.

    HHH comes out in his referee shirt to the King of Kings theme.

    Daniel Bryan comes out to a massive ovation of Yes! Chants.

    John Cena comes out with the WWE Championship to a chorus of boos.

    Justin Roberts is in the ring and gives the Champion and Challenger their introductions.

    WWE Championship Match
    Special Guest Referee: HHH
    John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

    The match begins with a Lockup and Daniel Bryan wrenches the elbow before being sent down to the mat by John Cena. The commentators mention that Cena’s elbow is taped up. The fans are on their feet and chant “You Can’t Wrestle” at the champion. Daniel goes for a test of strength and is taken down by John Cena. Daniel Bryan takes Cena down with a Monkey Flip. John Cena goes for a Yes Lock but Cena goes to the outside for a few moments before taking Daniel Bryan down with a headlock toss. John Cena goes for a pin attempt but Daniel reverses with a baseball slide for 2. Daniel Bryan tries to go for the Surfboard but John Cena powers out. Cena with a AA Attempt but Daniel Bryan goes out to the apron. John Cena sends Daniel Bryan out onto the table. Daniel Bryan sends John Cena, elbow first, into the Steel Step. Daniel tries to suplex John off of the Steel Steps but John Cena reveres and suplexes Bryan.

    Back in the ring, John Cena begin to punch Daniel Bryan before sending him careening into the corner. John Cena hits a Batista Bomb on Daniel Bryan for a 2 count and follows up with a necklock. Daniel begins to hits Cena with elbows before bringing Cena into the corner and kicking him several times in the midsection. Daniel Bryan hits his signatures flying clothesline and follows up with his signature kicks to Cena’s chest. Before Daniel could hit the kick to the head, John Cena moves out of the way and hits his Shoulder Tackles and Spin Out Powerbomb. He hits another one and nails the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Daniel is up in the AA but reveserves out of it. He hits a missile dropkick for two. Daniel Bryan begins to kick John Cena’s bad shoulder and hits Cena with an armbreaker. Daniel kicks Cena in the shoulder a few more times but Cena reserves and goes for the STF. Daniel reverses and locks Cena in with his own STF.

    Daniel Bryan nails a bridging German Suplex for 2. He goes for another and gets another 2. John Cena tries for an AA but Daniel reserves and Cena is in the Yes! Lock. John Cena tries to fight out of the Yes! Lock but hits put in a Guillotine Choke. John Cena powers out of the hold and rams Daniel into the corner but Daniel won’t let go. John is finally able to get out by suplexing Daniel Bryan onto the corner. John Cena hits the AA but Daniel Bryan kicks out at 2. John Cena goes to the top rope but Daniel Bryan catches him with a kick to the head. Daniel Bryan hits a Spider Suplex and follows up with a flying headbutt but only gets 2. John Cena rolls out of the ring but Daniel Bryan goes for his Suicide Dive, only for Cena to hit him with a massive elbow. John Cena goes to the top and hits his Top Rope Leg Drop for 2.

    John Cena picks up Daniel and places him on the top rope. He goes for the AA but Daniel counters with several elbows before trying for a Hurricanrana. John Cena hold onto him and locks in the STF. Daniel Bryan fights out of it and locks in the Yes! Lock. John Cena is clawing to the ropes and gets to the bottom rope. Daniel Bryan hits 2 missile dropkicks in the corner and as he went for the third, John Cena lays him out with a massive clothesline. John Cena and Daniel Bryan are trading Yes and No punches and kicks before they each go for a running move, taking each other out. Both men are leaning on each other to get to their feet and John Cena slaps Daniel Bryan, leading to a slap war that fires the both of them up. John Cena for the AA again but Daniel Bryan reverses it into a DDT. Daniel Bryan goes up top for another headbutt but gets caught by John Cena in a AA but Daniel Bryan rolls him up for 2 and kicks him in the head. Daniel Bryan hits a running high knee and PINS JOHN CENA CLEAN!

    WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

    Randy Orton comes out with the briefcase. HHH pedigree’s Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton decides to cash in!

    WWE Championship Match
    Daniel Bryan (c) vs Randy Orton

    Randy Orton simply covers an unconscious Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton is the NEW WWE Champion.

    WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

    HHH raises the hands of his friend Randy Orton as Summerslam goes off the air.


    Oh @ this lack of The Shield tho , pre-shows ain't gonna cut it 

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    R&B singer Raz B is out of his coma and in stable condition, TMZ has learned.

    Sources close to Raz tell TMZ ... the former B2K member came out of his life-threatening coma Sunday at a hospital in China. We're told he is stable, breathing on his own, smiling and responsive ... but has not yet been released from the hospital. He's staying a few more days to be monitored.

    TMZ broke the story ... Raz was smashed in the face with a bottle Thursday while performing at a club in China. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent minor surgery.

    But the next day, when Raz didn't wake up his back-up dancer rushed him to the hospital again. It was determined he was in a coma and placed on life support.

    A rep for Raz B tells TMZ ... Doctors say it's a miracle that he survived.


    Yes, I know it's a Lil' Fizz gif but he was my fav. Anyway, I know he can be the hottest of messes but I've met him before and he was the sweetest. The former B2K stan in me is wishing him the best.

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    On Friday, Prince used his new Twitter account to share the amazing and perfect cover art for his single, "Breakfast Can Wait." Yes, it's a picture of Dave Chappelle holding pancakes, taken from the classic 2004 Chappelle's Show sketch.

    Here's a snippet of the new song (the full version of which can be purchased here):

    The full Chappelle's Show sketch is at the source


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    Gearing up for his Atmosphere "Big Room Small Tour," Kaskade is also preparing for the release of his new album! Releasing the title track earlier this summer, the new album includes 14 songs all together.

    Taking fans on his journeys from "MIA to LAS," "LAX to JFK," and "SFO to ORD," Kaskade has collaborated with a number of artists on some of the other tunes on "Atmosphere", including Project 46, Late Night Alumni, Haley, and more.

    "Atmosphere" is set to be released on September 10th and is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

    Check out the track list below:

    1. Last Chance (feat. Project 46)

    2. Why Ask Why (feat. Late Night Alumni)

    3. MIA to LAS (Miami to Las Vegas)

    4. No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights) [Kaskade's Atmosphere Mix]

    5. Feeling The Night (feat. Becky Jean Williams)

    6. Take Your Mind Off

    7. LAX to JFK (Los Angeles to New York City)

    8. Atmosphere

    9. Missing You (feat. School of Seven Bells)

    10. Something Something (feat. Zip Zip Through The Night)

    11. SFO to ORD (San Francisco to Chicago)

    12. Floating (feat. Haley)

    13. How It Is (feat. Debra Fotheringhamg)

    14. Atmosphere (Kaskade Redux Edit)

    SOURCES ( UN ) et ( DEUX )

    So fucking ready for this next Kaskade album to slay my raver feels. I am continually being blessed with so much awesome new music later this year. Thank you, music gods! <3

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    Players and retailers may start clearing their shelves to make room for another competitor in the video game toy market.

    Disney Infinity combines video games and collectible action figures in a virtual world featuring the media giant's most popular entertainment franchises including Capt. Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

    A starter kit ($74.99) includes a copy of the game, a base that connects to a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Wii U, and three toys. Additional figures will be sold separately.

    Figurines placed on the base are transported into the digital world, allowing players to explore with a video game controller. Players will also receive Power Discs compatible with the base that enhance action figures in the game or customize their surroundings.

    In addition to characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, others will be available at launch from franchises such as The Incredibles and Cars, with other series such as Toy Story arriving in coming months.

    Infinity takes aim at Activision and its pioneering video game-toy mashup Skylanders, which has earned $1.5 billion since hitting stores in October 2011. The series enters its third year in the market with the launch of Skylanders: SWAP Force, which introduces figures with interchangeable top and bottom parts. The franchise has proved huge for Activision, posting a 50% surge in sales compared with last year, according to NPD Group.

    "Skylanders was kind of the beachhead," Baird analyst Colin Sebastian says. "Infinity is the next test to see whether this is really the next big phenomenon."

    Infinity features a series of playsets themed to a specific Disney or Pixar franchise and with their own unique style of play. The Incredibles places the heroic foursome in an open city where players can explore and fight crime, while Cars offers a straightforward racing experience.

    "We wanted (playsets) to feel completely different," says John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Infinity studio Avalanche Software. "Part of the reason we chose the properties we did is because they are very different from each other and they bring different gameplay mechanics to the table."

    The feature that's generated the most buzz for Infinity is Toy Box, a virtual sandbox where players can openly explore with any combination of characters and build lush Disney-themed worlds. Users with an online Disney account can upload their creations to the cloud for users of any version of Infinity to download.

    "Kids are in love with Minecraft and being able to sculpt their own worlds," says Andrew Reiner, executive editor of Game Informer. "Infinity has the potential to do that with the most iconic characters."

    Infinity will serve as a fresh gauge of the viability of the video game-toy hybrid category that Activision launched with Skylanders in 2011. As with Infinity, players purchase Skylander action figures that come to life in a video game through a special portal. Activision has sold more than 100 million toys so far.

    "It was a head-scratcher for a lot of people," says Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg of the initial skepticism that greeted Skylanders. "But what we knew that others didn't and what emboldened us was the response we were seeing from kids who were exposed to this idea. It was dramatic. "

    Industry analysts expect Infinity to find similar success. Unlike Skylanders, which launched with a lineup of unknown characters, Infinity will feature a cast of household names, from Mickey Mouse to Jack Sparrow. "The characters are well-known, so they'll be desirable because people know them," Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter says.

    The success of Infinity could also determine whether other players step into the video game toy realm. "It's still relatively new, and there are companies that want to avoid the Guitar Hero syndrome," Sebastian says. "They don't want to invest a lot of money in something that's a fad. If Infinity is successful, then I think that will be the catalyst to see a lot more of this type of game."


    This is a Disney post because the last one was deleted and also because Disney Infinity is making my mouth water and my wallet cry in pain

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    The above is a new commercial via the U.K. titled “Grandpa (Living A Healthy Lifestyle).”

    The lovely bit of splitscreen nostalgia scored by the Tom Jones toe-tapper “It’s Not Unusual” features one actor playing both parts.

    As the spot unfolds, you notice that 1950s Man’s lifestyle is simpler and more active and his diet is healthier than Mr. Modern Man. He’s just happier. As the ad ends, you discover that the men are grandfather and grandson.

    Here’s an excerpt from Coke’s press release about the spot:

    “The new Coca-Cola advert ‘Grandpa’ shows that the lifestyle enjoyed by our grandparents — moving more, eating well, taking it easy — can be beneficial. We’re committed to using our advertising to raise awareness of the importance of energy balance and helping people to make informed choices. We believe it is just one of the ways we can help make more people aware of the need for a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle.”

    I guess we can then safely infer that, since the ad is tagged with a Coke bottle (and a Coke Zero bottle), Coca-Cola would like to be a big part of this “active, healthy lifestyle.”

    The timing on this new “healthy” push is very interesting.

    A widely-published study from earlier this year concluded that diabetes can be caused by high sugar intake alone, regardless of a person’s weight. Specifically, it found that an additional 150 calories from sugar per person per day — the equivalent of just one 12-ounce soda drink — increased the prevalence of diabetes by 1% within that population.

    Coke brass have obviously decided that the best way to counter this study, and the recent rash of press about the harmful effects of even “normal” levels of sugar, is by running ads that suggest— if not outright claim — that soda is part of a healthy diet.

    Coke’s marketing team must know that this is not at all an original approach for a soda brand.

    Their message is very similar to that of Pepsi’s post-World War II “Light Refreshment” campaign.

    More details about the Coca-Cola campaign at the ( SOURCE ). Video ( SOURCE )

    Do you still drink soda, ONTD?

    0 0
    0 0

    Soda Pictures has nabbed UK and Irish rights to Jim Jarmusch’s vampire drama "Only Lovers Left Alive" from HanWay Films.

    Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin and Jeffrey Wright star in the Cannes competition entry.

    It’s a very exciting acquisition for us, to work with such great talent and such a fun, beautiful and timeless, yet timely and almost omniscient, film,” said Soda managing director Eve Gabereau.

    The deal was negotiated between Gabereau and HanWay Films’ Chiara Gelardin alongside producer and Recorded Picture Company head Jeremy Thomas.

    Set in Detroit and Tangiers, the film follows the love affair between an underground musician (Hiddleston) and his enigmatic lover (Swinton), which becomes interrupted by her wild younger sister (Wasikowska).

    Soda will release "Only Lovers Left Alive" in early 2014.

    ( SOURCE )

    The American distributor for this better not be The Weinstein Company or else this vampire film will be edited and dumbed down for the "Twatlight" loving hordes in Middle America.

    0 0

    So, for folks wondering where Cannes movies like the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis," Alexander Payne's "Nebraska," James Gray's "The Immigrant" and Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive" were going to land on the fall festival circuit, they're going to New York City.

    Organizers for the New York Film Festival have revealed the rest of their 2013 slate, and adding to a lineup that already boasts premieres of Spike Jonze's "Her," Ben Stiller's "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" and Paul Greengrass' "Captain Phillips," are a slew of movies that will likely have people lining up for tickets. The highlights? In addition to the movies listed above are a number of Cannes flicks including: Hirokazu Kore-eda's "Like Father, Like Son," Arnaud Despechin's "Jimmy P: Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian," Alain Guiraudie's "Stranger By The Lake," Claire Denis' "Bastards" and J.C. Chandor's "All Is Lost."

    Hell, the entire thing is pretty impressive, so check it all out below. The New York Film Festival runs from September 27th to October 13th.

    Main Slate lineup for the 51st New York Film Festival:

    ABOUT TIME (2013) 123min
    Director: Richard Curtis
    Country: UK
    Richard Curtis adds a touch of time-travel to this hilarious romantic comedy, a perfect vehicle for the comic talents of Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Duncan, and emerging star Domhnall Gleeson. A Universal Pictures release.

    ABUSE OF WEAKNESS (Abus de Faiblesse) (2013) 105min
    Director: Catherine Breillat
    Country: France
    Catherine Breillat’s haunting film about her 2004 stroke and subsequent self-destructive relationship with star swindler Christophe Rocancourt, starring Isabelle Huppert.

    ALAN PARTRIDGE (2013) 90min
    Director: Declan Lowney
    Country: UK
    In the long-awaited big-screen debut of Steve Coogan’s singular comic creation, the vain and obliviously tactless Alan Partridge must serve as an intermediary when North Norfolk Digital is seized at gunpoint by a down-sized DJ.

    ALL IS LOST (2013) 107min
    Director: J.C. Chandor
    Country: USA
    Robert Redford as you’ve never seen him before, gives a near-wordless all-action performance as a lone sailor trying to keep his yacht afloat after a collision with a discarded shipping container in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A Roadside Attractions release.

    AMERICAN PROMISE (2013) 135min
    Directors: Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson
    Country: USA
    Two Brooklyn filmmakers follow their son Idris and his friend Suen from their enrollment in the Dalton School as children through their high school graduations in this devastating, years-in-the-making documentary that takes a hard look at race and class in America.

    AT BERKELEY (2013) 244min
    Director: Frederick Wiseman
    Country: USA
    Another masterfully constructed documentary from Frederick Wiseman, examining the University of California, Berkeley from multiple angles - the administrators, the students, the surrounding community - to arrive at a portrait that is as rich in detail as it is epic in scope.

    BASTARDS (Les Salauds) (2013) 100min
    Director: Claire Denis
    Country: France
    Claire Denis’s jagged, daringly fragmented and deeply unsettling film inspired by recent French sex ring scandals is the rarest of cinematic narratives—a contemporary film noir, perfect in substance as well as style.

    BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (La Vie d’Adèle) (2013) 179min
    Director: Abdellatif Kechiche
    Country: France
    The sensation of this year’s Cannes Film Festival is an intimate - and sexually explicit - epic of emotional transformation, featuring two astonishing performances from Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux. An Sundance Selects release.
    Please be advised that this film has scenes of a sexually explicit nature.

    BURNING BUSH (Hořicí Keř) (2013) 234min
    Director: Agnieszka Holland
    Country: Czech Republic
    A passionately brilliant Czech mini-series from Agnieska Holland about the events that followed student Jan Palach’s public self-immolation in protest against the Soviet invasion after Prague Spring.

    CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (2013) 134min
    Director: Paul Greengrass
    Country: USA
    Paul Greengrass has crafted an edge-of-your-seat thriller based on the true story of the seizure of the Maersk Alabama cargo ship in 2009 by four Somali pirates, with remarkable performances from Tom Hanks and four first-time actors, Barkhad Abdi, Faysal Ahmed, Barkhad Abdirahman and Mahet M. Ali. A Sony Pictures release.

    CHILD OF GOD (2013) 104min
    Director: James Franco
    Country: USA, 2013
    James Franco’s uncompromising excursion into American Gothic, adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s 1973 novel, about an unstable sociopath in early 60s rural Tennessee who descends into an animal-like state - not for the faint-hearted.

    GLORIA (2013) 110min
    Director: Sebastián Lelio
    Countries: Chile/Spain
    A wise, funny, liberating movie from Chile, about a middle-aged woman who finds romance but whose new partner finds it painfully difficult to abandon his old habits.

    HER (2013)
    Director: Spike Jonze
    Country: USA
    In Spike Jonze’s magical, melancholy comedy of the near future, lonely Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his new all-purpose operating system (the voice of Scarlett Johansson), leading to romantic and existential complications. A Warner Bros. Pictures release.

    THE IMMIGRANT (2013) 120min
    Director: James Gray
    Country: USA
    In James Gray’s richly detailed period tragedy, set in a dusty, sepia-toned 1920s Manhattan, a young Polish immigrant (Marion Cotillard) is caught in a dangerous battle of wills with a shady burlesque manager (Joaquin Phoenix). A Radius release.

    INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (2013) 105min
    Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
    Country: USA
    Joel and Ethan Coen’s picaresque, panoramic and wryly funny story of a singer/songwriter is set in the New York folk scene of the early 60s and features a terrific array of larger-than-life characters and a glorious score of folk standards. A CBS Films release.

    THE INVISIBLE WOMAN (2013) 111min
    Director: Ralph Fiennes
    Country: UK
    Ralph Fiennes directs and stars as Charles Dickens in this adaptation of Claire Tomalin’s revelatory 1992 biography, which brought the upright Victorian author’s secret 13-year affair with a young actress to light. A Sony Pictures Classics Release.

    JEALOUSY (La Jalousie) (2013) 77min
    Director: Philippe Garrel
    Country: France
    Another intimate, handcrafted work of poetic autobiographical cinema from French director Philippe Garrel, in which his son Louis and Anna Mouglalis star as actors and lovers trying to reconcile their professional and personal lives.

    Director: Arnaud Desplechin
    Country: France
    In Arnaud Desplechin’s intelligent and moving depiction of a successful “Talking Cure,” the encounters between patient (Benicio del Toro) and therapist (Mathieu Amalric) are electric with discovery.

    THE LAST OF THE UNJUST (Le Dernier des injustes) (2013) 218min
    Director: Claude Lanzmann
    Countries: France/Austria
    This moral and cinematic tour de force from the creator of SHOAH will cause you to reconsider your understanding of Adolph Eichmann and of Benjamin Murmelstein, the last Jewish elder of Theresienstadt and the film’s central figure.

    LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (Soshite Chichi ni Naru) (2013) 120min
    Director: Hirokazu Kore-eda
    Country: Japan
    Hirokazu Kore-eda’s sensitive drama takes a close look at two families’ radically different approaches to the horribly painful realization that the sons they have raised as their own were switched at birth. A Sundance Selects release.

    THE MISSING PICTURE (L’image manquante) (2013) 92min
    Director: Rithy Panh
    Country: Cambodia
    Filmmaker Rithy Panh’s brave new film revisits his memories of four years spent under the Khmer Rouge and the destruction of his family and his culture; without a single memento left behind, he creates his “missing images” with narration and painstakingly executed dioramas. A Strand release.

    MY NAME IS HMMM… (Je m’appelle Hmmm…) (2013) 121min
    Director: agnès b
    Country: France
    In this deeply personal, incandescent first feature from designer agnès B, a young girl holding her family together and bearing the weight of sexual abuse runs away from home and enjoys a carefree idyll with a kindly Scottish trucker.

    NEBRASKA (2013) 115min
    Director: Alexander Payne
    Country: USA
    This masterful film from Alexander Payne, about a quiet old man (Bruce Dern) whose mild-mannered son (Will Forte) agrees to drive him from Montana to Nebraska to claim a non-existent prize, shades from the comic to multiple hues of melancholy and regret. A Paramount Pictures release.

    NOBODY’S DAUGHTER HAEWON (Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon) (2013) 90min
    Director: Hong Sang-soo
    Country: South Korea
    A young student at loose ends after her mother moves to America tries to define herself one encounter and experience at a time, in reality and in dreams, in another deceptively simple chamber-piece from South Korean master Hong Sang-soo.

    NORTH, THE END OF HISTORY (Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan) (2013) 250min
    Director: Lav Diaz
    Country: Philippines
    Filipino director Lav Diaz’s twelfth feature - at four-plus hours, one of his shortest - is a careful rethinking of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, with a tortured anti-hero who is a haunting embodiment of the dead ends of ideology.

    OMAR (2013) 96min
    Director: Hany Abu-Assad
    Country: Palestinian Territories
    A tense, gripping, ticking clock thriller about betrayal, suspected and real, in the Occupied Territories, from Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now).

    ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (2013) 123min
    Director: Jim Jarmusch
    Country: USA
    Jim Jarmusch’s wry, tender and moving take on the vampire genre features Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as a centuries-old couple who watch time go by from separate continents as they reflect on the ever-changing world around them.A Sony Pictures Classics release.

    Director: Ben Stiller
    Country: USA
    Ben Stiller stars in and directs this sweet, globe-trotting (but New York-based) comic fable about an up-to-the-minute everyman, co-starring Kristen Wiig as the woman of his dreams, Sean Penn as a legendary photographer and Shirley MacLaine as Walter’s mother. A Twentieth Century Fox release.

    THE SQUARE (2013)
    Director: Jehane Noujaim
    Country: USA/Egypt
    Jehane Noujaim’s tense, vivid verité portrait of events as they unfolded in Tahrir Square through Arab Spring and beyond, in a newly revised, up-to-the-minute version.

    STRANGER BY THE LAKE (L’Inconnu du lac) (2013) 97min
    Director: Alain Guiraudie
    Country: France
    Alain Guiraudie’s lethally precise, sexually explicit film, which unfolds entirely in the vicinity of a gay cruising ground, is both a no-holds-barred depiction of a hedonistic subculture and a perverse and unnerving tale of amour fou. A Strand release.
    Please be advised that this film has scenes of a sexually explicit nature.

    STRAY DOGS (Jiao You) (2013) 138min
    Director: Tsai Ming-liang
    Country: Taiwan
    Tsai Ming-liang’s fable of a homeless family living the cruelest of existences on the ragged edges of the modern world is bracingly pure in its anger and its compassion, and as visually powerful as it is emotionally overwhelming.

    A TOUCH OF SIN (Tian Zhu Ding) (2013) 133min
    Director: Jia Zhangke
    Country: China
    Jia Zhangke’s bloody, bitter new film builds a portrait of modern-day China in the midst of rapid and convulsive change through four overlapping stories of marginalized and oppressed citizens pushed to murderous rage. A Kino Lorber release.

    LE WEEK-END (2013) 93min
    Director: Roger Michell
    Country: UK
    A magically buoyant, bittersweet comedy drama about a middle-aged and middle class English couple who go to Paris for a weekend holiday, starring two of Britain’s national treasures, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan. A Music Box Films release.

    Director: Corneliu Porumboiu
    Countries: Romania/France
    A rigorously structured and fascinatingly oblique new film from Corneliu Porumboiu that examines the life of a film director during the moments on a shoot when the camera isn’t rolling.

    THE WIND RISES (Kaze Tachinu) (2013) 126min
    Director: Hayao Miyazaki
    Country: Japan
    The great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki’s new film is based on the life of Jiro Hirokoshi, the man who designed the Zero fighter. An elliptical historical narrative, THE WIND RISES is also a visionary cinematic poem about the fragility of humanity.

    ( SOURCE )

    Woohoo! Philippine cinema represent with "North, The End of History" and "Only Lovers Left Alive" is also included! The 2013 NYFF is gonna slay so hard!

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  • 08/19/13--20:20: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!

  • Past & Present citizens of Genoa City say goodbye to their most beloved friend, Katherine Chancellor, this week on The Young & The Restless!

    Finally TPTB are going to address Jeanne Cooper's passing in a story. Now it's time to read the will, this will take a few weeks but the question here is what is in the will and what and who does Katherine leave all her assets to? Melody Thomas tweeted that she is very excited about this upcoming story and that Katherine may leave her something very interesting. Keep in mind the name "Chancellor Park". I am also hearing Nikki turns to Paul for help, the good thing about this particular story is we get to see Nikki and Paul's 30 year friendship. For the 2 episodes we will be seeing many folks turn out and talk about their beloved Katherine. Her real life son Corbin Bensen will be on had to do his eulogy as Father Todd, Brock, Nikki, Victor, Jill along with Murphy and many more stand up and remember Kay. One no show will be Tucker as expected. Also returning is Amber played by Adrienne Franz.

    And what about Sharon is it a brain tumor or something else? I feel bad for Sharon Case, the writers had many opportunities to write her character a good story, but noooooooooo they choose to make her a psycho. And what about Summer will she figure out what really happened to Phyllis?

    Word on the street is that HW Griffith has chosen to leave the show due to creative differences. No surprise there and just when things were starting to heat up and the actors were loving their stories.

    FYI: The show has gone dark for a month so info may not be as fruitful for awhile.

    If you haven't figured it out by now Brill is a go and if this is not your cup of tea then maybe it's time to watch another show, not only do these two continue their affair they move in together also. Yikes! The good news here is we will see more of Don Diamont, the bad news is this is a instant replay for Brooke. As for Katie, not to worry she is obviously torn up by what her husband and sister do but I am hearing that won't last long. A new man is coming into Katie's life that will take away the pain. Could it be the new man they're casting, a debonair, sexy control man like Ridge Forrester used to be and no it's not Ridge. I have been told they aren't bringing back Ridge Forrester anytime in the foreseeable future. Seems Brad is over the top with the Brill pairing that he has decided to put Ridge on hold.

    Poor Thorne and Thomas just when they think they have won, it all falls flat a twist occurs that surprises everyone and Rick wins thanks to Caroline. No surprise there he is a Logan after all.

    Liam and Hope move in together while they wait in his divorce, but that doesn't stop Hope from having a wandering eye for Wyatt. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Sonny and Gabi find themselves at odds.

    Sami makes a decision about the plea bargain and EJ begs her to reconsider.

    JJ is furious when he catches Jennifer in a close moment with Daniel.

    Kate confronts Stefano about his real plans for Rafe.

    Theresa and Vargas go on a date that doesn't end well.

    Nicole tells Daniel that Jennifer is pregnant.

    Kristen makes a slip of the tongue.

    Chad recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, sustains an injury during a brawl at the club which alarms Cameron.

    This is the final week for Connie, someone walks into the room where Connie is and she realizes she knows that person. not wanting to be discovered they shoot Connie and take off. Sonny finds Connie at deaths door and pleads with her to tell him who did this to her, but before she can answer him she dies. Now I ask who could this person be that Connie is such a threat that they have to murder her?

    Franco has a melt down after processing so much news after his surgery. He realizes what he has done in his past and the daughter he thought was his all these years isn't and the fact he can not help Danny makes things even worse. Just when he is about to do something drastic to himself Ellie Trout comes along and talks him down and makes him realize there are other options. And speaking of Ellie we will soon start to learn more about Ellie and her past.

    Julian realizes he is Sam's father and keeps that information to himself, at least for the time being so he can get to know Sam and Alexis, now the question is does Julian know about his son Lucas?

    Will Tad return in time before Dixie is swept off her feet by Dr Anders?

    Allison Perkins, who knew she would be related to Carl Petersen played by the magnificent Ron Raines. And Jeffrey I am so disappointed in you but very delighted you are not all sweet and innocent. My next question is what about Michelle, Matthew's new squeeze, is she in on it and working with the organization. Is she and Jeffrey playing along with Carl and working together?

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

    0 0

    Here’s a film we haven’t heard about in some time. ”Dark Places” originally started making casting announcements earlier this year when they revealed that Chloe Moretz and Nicholas Hoult had joined Charlize Theron in the production. Then, just when it seemed like things were picking up, the news stopped coming.

    However, now we finally have a new casting announcement. This time in the form of a young newcomer to Hollywood. Tye Sheridan, who recently starred in “Mud”, has joined the cast as Ben: a “16-year old accused of molesting young girls and murdering his family before being sentenced to life in prison.”

    The film is currently being written and directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, a French-director whose previous films include “Sarah’s Key” and “Walled In.” ”Dark Places” is based off a book written by Gillian Flynn about Libby Day (Charlize Theron) a woman who is forced to re-face the twenty year old massacre of her family when a group known as the “Kill Club” begins to investigate what really happened the day Libby’s family was murdered.


    0 0

    We’ve talked a lot lately about “blockbuster fatigue”the notion that audiences got so burned out on giant action movies this summer that they stopped going to them altogether— but if there were an upside to all of those expensive flops, it’s that they made room for counter-programming. The indie-film sector enjoyed an expansive, successful season this summer, with a healthy handful of indies earning breakout status. But did you see everything you should have? Here are the indies that worked this summer and the ones that didn’t ... plus a handful of films that deserved to do better.

    What Worked
    Before we get into all the conventional indie hits of the summer, respect must be paid: By far, the most action under 1,000 screens this summer came from Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, one of the most successful stand-up comedy films ever. With a box-office take of $32.2 million, it more than quadrupled the $7.7 million gross of Hart’s last stand-up film, 2011’s Laugh at My Pain; when Lionsgate/Summit puts out the next stand-up effort from Hart, expect it to grab way more than 876 screens. A valuable supporting ingredient in films like Think Like a Man, the 34-year-old Hart will finally get his first big leading-man test next year when he buddies up to Ice Cube in the action-comedy Ride Along, and you have to wonder why it took Hollywood so long to capitalize on Hart’s significant heat.

    Coming into this summer, indie-film expectations were highest for The Way, Way Back, Fruitvale Station, and Blue Jasmine, and all three of those anointed titles have delivered on the hype. The Way, Way Back enjoyed a record-breaking Sundance sale of nearly $10 million back in January, and that buy has paid off for Fox Searchlight: The crowd-pleasing coming-of-age comedy should finish its theatrical run with around $20 million in the till. Fruitvale Station was the other hot title at Sundance this year, taking home the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize for dramatic feature; the fact-based tearjerker about a young black man gunned down in Oakland, whose plot sparked comparisons to the concurrent Trayvon Martin case, has grossed a robust $14.6 million so far. And then there’s Blue Jasmine, which is running just a smidge behind Woody Allen’s all-time best-grosser Midnight in Paris— an impressive feat, considering that Sony Pictures Classics is rolling the movie out at a much more careful pace, far later in the summer. Older audiences should sustain the film well into September and October — it’s still at just 229 screens and climbing — so the $9.5 million Blue Jasmine has made so far is just the beginning.

    Two black-and-white comedies took home a lot of green this summer, too: Noah Baumbach’s buzzy Greta Gerwig vehicle Frances Ha made $4 million, while Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing scored $4.2 million ... not bad for a microbudget Shakespeare film that Whedon had originally intended to release online. Radius-TWC’s 20 Feet From Stardom is another summer success story: The backup singer documentary has earned a remarkable $4 million so far, and the jubilant hit is well-positioned for Oscar consideration down the line. Let’s hope awards voters also remember the rapturously reviewed Before Midnight, which has taken home almost $8 million since May, a sum higher than either of the Ethan Hawke–Julie Delpy romances that preceded it.

    What Didn’t Work
    Too embarrassed to buy your ticket to see Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons? Would you rather enjoy a porn star biopic like Lovelace in the privacy of your own home? You’re not alone: The video-on-demand market has transformed the theatrical trajectory for indies boasting copious amounts of sex and violence, and that’s where the real money will come in for films like Lovelace (which averaged a meager $1,564 screen average on its theatrical opening weekend), The Canyons (limping to $31,162 so far), and the ultraviolent Only God Forgives (which won’t even make it to $1 million in theaters, falling well short of the $35 million earned by Drive, director Nicolas Winding Refn’s previous Ryan Gosling vehicle). Studios keep their VOD figures close to the vest, but one thing is obvious: The VOD format is squeezing the life out of many indies that would have enjoyed a more lucrative theatrical run in years past. Is it even worth it to release these films to theaters anymore?

    Last week, we pointed out how well female-fronted comedies have done at the big studio level this summer, but the picture wasn’t quite as rosy in the indie sector. CBS Films initially planned a splashy wide release for its Aubrey Plaza sex comedy The To-Do List, but after a bout of cold feet, the studio slashed the theater count to 591 screens and ended up with a limp $3.5 million. Faring even worse was Kristen Wiig’s Girl Most Likely; though Wiig leveraged her Bridesmaids success to get this passion project made, the movie formerly titled Imogene was met with poor reviews and grossed only $1.3 million. And then there was dark comedy Violet & Daisy, which seemed to have everything going for it on paper: The directorial debut of Oscar-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher (Precious), it teamed Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel as teenage assassins and threw in costar James Gandolfini for good measure. Still, all that talent added up to a seriously anemic $17,186. Maybe girls with guns had already been done more lucratively in March’s Spring Breakers?

    What Should Have Done Better
    Speaking of Spring Breakers, distributor A24 was no doubt hoping for comparable returns from its thematically similar Sofia Coppola crime caper The Bling Ring, but Bling made just $5.8 million, far less than the $14.1 million Spring Breakers took in three months prior. With its tabloid-skewing subject matter and Emma Watson’s buzzy turn as a bad girl, this should have been catnip for young women, but perhaps the director’s approach was just too arty for its mainstream target audience. As far as Coppola’s films go, it’s a figure more in line with her debut, 2000‘s The Virgin Suicides ($4.9 million), than it is with her biggest success Lost in Translation ($44.3 million in 2003), or even 2006‘s Marie Antoinette, which grossed a then-disappointing $15.9 million. If Coppola needs an auteur to commiserate with, maybe Pedro Almodóvar can lend her a shoulder: His sex comedy I’m So Excited! was heralded as a return to the ribald films he began his career with, but its box-office gross was barely a sliver of what his late-career dramas have brought in. At $1.27 million, I’m So Excited! is Almodóvar’s least successful film in the United States since 1996’s The Flower of My Secret.

    And while you spent the summer complaining, “Where are all the good movies?” it turns out that there were four terrific entries that more of you should have seen. One of them, Sarah Polley’s family-secret flick Stories We Tell, pulled in decent numbers for a documentary — $1.57 million — but deserved bigger breakout status. Two skillfully directed indies were both released on the same day, Zal Batmanglij’s eco-thriller The East and Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s clever coming-of-age comedy The Kings of Summer, but have only managed $2.27 million and $1.3 million, respectively, since May 31. And then there’s Crystal Fairy. This wily little Michael Cera–Gaby Hoffman drug comedy got plenty of press and love, but only managed $167,081 at the box office. Were you unmoved by all those plaudits ... or did you simply decide to catch it on VOD instead?

    ( SOURCE )

    What were the spring/summer indie films that were a hit or miss for you, ONTD?

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    Camille Rutherford as Mary, Queen of Scots in Thomas Imbach's upcoming film

    The Guardian:Since 1971 film-makers have tried to emulate the Oscar-winning success of Mary, Queen of Scots, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson as the tragic Scottish queen and her nemesis, Elizabeth I. Aborted later attempts include one by Hollywood's actress-producer Scarlett Johansson and British director Alexander Mackendrick.

    Two UK productions are still at early stages, but a Swiss film-maker has beaten them to it with a sympathetic psychological portrait set to be an art-house hit. Zurich-based Thomas Imbach has directed, produced and co-written the film, with Camille Rutherford playing Mary, which has been singled out for this season's festivals at Locarno and Toronto.

    Mary, Queen of Scots (2013)

    More than 400 years after she was executed by Elizabeth, the Protestant Queen of England, Mary Stuart remains the most enigmatic royal in Britain's history. Imbach said he has tried to represent her as "neither a saintly heroine motivated by Catholicism nor ambitious queen obsessed with power, but as a modern woman, passionate and fragile". The film is based on Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig's 1935 biography, Mary Stuart, a long-term bestseller in Germany and France but out of print in the UK and the US for decades until 2010.

    Other forthcoming films include one by Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan, the team behind hits including Notting Hill. Irish actress Saorsie Ronan is reportedly cast in the title role. The production will be directed by Oscar-winning Danish film-maker Susanne Bier. The co-scriptwriter, Michael Hirst, collaborated on the Oscar-winning Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett as the Virgin Queen.

    David Forsyth, senior curator at National Museums Scotland, whose exhibition on Mary is drawing record crowds, said: "In Britain, she's divisive. Mary continues to have her supporters and detractors who take up quite polar positions. Because there are important episodes where the historical evidence is deliberately tampered with, missing or lost, people can weave their own narratives. In Europe she's seen as possibly a Catholic martyr.

    The great-granddaughter of Henry VII, Mary was born in Scotland and grew up at the French court. After the death of her French husband, Francis II, she returned to Scotland, ruling for seven years. Her marriage to Lord Darnley, with whom she had a child (the future James VI of Scotland and James I of England), ended with his murder.

    She then married the Earl of Bothwell, who was accused of involvement in Darnley's death. She fled to England but, feared as a Catholic threat to the throne, she was eventually declared guilty of treason and beheaded in 1587. ...

    Forsyth said Mary's story shows human beings at their best and worst.The exhibition presents Mary as enigmatic, leaving open whether she was betrayed or was an adulteress with her husband's blood on her hands. "We wanted to re-establish her as a vital, living queen," said Forsyth.

    Full article here.

    The trailer for Imbach's Mary, Queen of Scots (2013) can be viewed here.

    The film is scheduled to have its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this fall, but no word yet on a wider release.

    sources: article [x]/image [x]

    Which of the upcoming Mary, Queen of Scots film or television treatments are you most interested in, ONTD? Is anybody actually interested in 'Reign'? Which is your favorite portrayal of Mary in film or television so far?

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    If there's something ONTD is known for, is for its exquisite taste in footwear (and love for food porn). Let us pray for those souls in need for enough common sense to pick at least a pair of decent looking chanclas for those Starbucks runs.

    Let's start from the bottom of the Basic Barrel:

    Adrienne Bailon

    "But Judgemental...", you say, "Those are just black pumps! They never go out of style!"


    Elle Fanning

    Look sis, we know you didn't wear these because you hate your sister for making you attend the premiere of that Twilight movie she was in, chances are you actually liked them. It's not like that was the first time committed shoe crime...

    Julianne Moore

    Honey just... no.

    Megan Fox

    Baby, I can give you my employee discount card for some flip flops at Old Navy <3

    Britney Spears

    But we already knew this... Just go through her tag and all you will see is ugly shoes everywhere.

    Lady Gaga

    idgi how can she walk on those---


    Miley Cyrus

    The ONLY thing Miley has ever been constant with in her entire life is with her love of ugly ass shoes.

    And I could just go on and on forever...

    Olsen Twins

    Because high fashion and stuff.

    Brad Pitt

    Did he just walk out with his house slippers idgi

    Mischa Barton

    Another offender with multiple charges. Just be glad I cared enough to include you on this list.

    Willow Smith

    But she's like 10 and qt, so it's okay.

    Courtney Stodden***

    u need to stop imo, you will never be queen Shauna <3

    Henry Cavill

    The best thing about being Henry Cavill is that no one is going to notice your shitty taste in shoes because of that perfectly hand crafted face by the Gods you have right there. You know I still love you, right?

    And the OBVIOUS winner is (this wasn't even a contest)...


    Wait for it...

    Get ready...

    Almost there...


    Sources: Me + google + my imgur account.

    What are the WORST shoes you've ever seen, ONTD? Who did I miss?
    And yeah, I tried to include men but it's hard when most of them almost wear the same thing but I'm sure you guys will know some.

    **added, oop @ me for forgetting her

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  • 08/19/13--20:36: Lady Gaga VMA promo

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