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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    • GinaMarie won the HOH competition.

    • GinaMarie chose to nominate Candice and Jessie for eviction.

    America was the MVP once again and nominated.....

    Seaworld, Racist, Bully and Bitch Amanda!!



    • GinaMarie, Jessie, Amanda, Spencer, Candice and Judd competed in the veto competition.

    Because of the veto competition....

    • Jessie won the Power of Veto.

    • Amanda is going to get spray tanned '50 Shades of Orange' in the next 48hrs every single time music plays. Based on how everyone is talking, it seems she is literally getting 50 spray tans.

    • Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas

    • Candice has to wear a clown suit all week.

    • Judd won $5 000

    • GinaMarie has to wear a cone of shame

    Source: Me watching live feeds

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    The Postal Service Announce Chicago Lollapalooza and Metro Festivals Will Be Their “Very Last” Shows Ever

    The Postal Service formed after Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) recorded a song for one of Dntel’s albums. Producer Jimmy Tamborello and Gibbard decided more collaboration was needed after the song sparked an entire EP of remixes by several big name artists.

    The band’s debut album, Give Up, which featured Gibbard and Tamborello, as well as Chris Walla on guitar and piano, and Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) on background vocals and keyboards, was released in 2003. Songs from that album have shown up in prominent commercials and television shows. “Such Great Heights” has featured as the original title song for Grey’s Anatomy, and has appeared in Kaiser Permanente and UPS commercials. It has also been covered by several artists, and remains The Postal Service’s most popular song.

    In January 2013, after years of speculation regarding the band’s return to the touring scene and a possible second album, the band announced that they were planning an extended world tour. The tour would coincide with a re-issue of Give Up that would include several music festivals, including Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

    Now fans will never get a second album, as tonight’s live streaming performance from Lollapalooza at 8:30CDT will be their second-to-last show ever. Fans can catch one last show at Lollapalooza’s grand finale at Metro on Sunday night.


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  • 08/03/13--20:15: 'Kill Your Darlings' Stills

  • A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. "Kill Your Darlings" opens in limited release on October 18th.


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    On Friday's two-hour premiere of "America's Next Top Model," a mixture of male and female models flashed their flesh for the cameras. For the first time in its history, the long-running reality show featured a theme of "Guys & Girls." Several of the young contestants also came forward as out members of the LGBT community.

    Right from the start, ANTM presented controversial gender issues when Jeremy, a 19-year-old Christian virgin, said at a group audition:

    "There's a lot of guys here. None of them are like guy-guys. Like, all of them are feminine. Me, I'm like someone who watches football. Who lifts weights, has muscles. So, I think that makes me different."

    Virgg, another 19-year-old contestant, announced early on that she was a transgender woman who had recently begun transitioning. When looking through her choices of lingerie to model, Virgg made it clear to one of the show's assistants that she didn't want "anything exposed." In an interview, she added enthusiastically:

    "I was born male, but I am going through the changes to become female. I'm going to own that transgender label because I'm proud of it. You know, if somebody on the street asks, 'Are you that transgender girl from Top Model.' Hell yes, I am!"

    The show's first challenge was have all of the men and women march out in sexy undergarments, and then to have them kiss someone of the opposite gender, on the mouth, in front of both an audience and the judges.

    Cory, a 22-year-old gay man, described himself as being "very androgynous -- a little more feminine, a little more edgy."

    When it came time for him to choose one of the female models, Cory hesitated, then surprised everyone by choosing one of the men instead."It was my turn to choose a girl," he said. "I surveyed everyone. And in that moment I was just like -- aahhh. I gotta be me. So, I just spun around, I chose Rhyan." Later, Cory told host Tyra Banks that he had been picked on for being gay in school. Classmates had taunted him with the nickname "Tyra."

    Virgg picked furry Phil for their runway kiss. Phil said he figured that there "was a 37% chance I kissed a dude." Later he charmed the judges with his openness about that intimate moment. After saying he was "straight as can be," one judge suggested he might be bisexual. "Maybe I am," he replied. "Maybe, you know -- I liked it."

    During her follow-up interview, Virgg revealed that Tyra had chosen her specifically from an Instagram contest to be on the show. Virgg told the judges that the earlier participation of Isis King, ANTM's first transgender contestant, had been of great help during her school years.

    Unfortunately, by the end of the second hour, Virgg indicated that she was suffering from the effects of estrogen treatements, and she asked to be excused from the rest of the competition. Tyra Banks sympathized, and said she knew from Isis that transitioning felt like being "early pregnant. but even crazier."

    Previews of the retooled show promise a season filled with more awkward anguish, sexual tension, fear and fierceness. One contestant, Alexandra, has already predicted that Cory won't be able to compete successfully:

    "He's super fun. But I think his downfall in this competition is going to be that he needs to be masculine in these photos. And I think it's tough for him."


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    According to male users on an extra-marital dating site, Miley Cyrus is the most "Cheat-Worthy Celebrity."

    The men of have chosen Cyrus as the celebrity they would most like to cheat on their spouses with. She received 18.6 percent of the votes while Mila Kunis came in second with 12.4 percent. The top five were rounded out by Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara and Beyonce.

    Given the fact that Cyrus is not even legally allowed to drink and the average age of men who use Ashley Madison is 44 years old, we're going to go out on a limb and call "gross" on many of the 22,000 men who were asked to take this survey.

    ( SOURCE )

    Attention ONTD: now we know that we clearly have the superior taste compared to cheating DOMs. Eaux times infinity at them wanting to cheat on their wives with Miley Cystrus of all people. LOL at the fact that this flop bitch with flop non-existent twerking skills can obviously attract one of the most disgusting sections of today's society.

    Yes we all know cheating is wrong blah blah blah look at what happened to Bella and Edward blah blah blah, but hypothetically speaking as a community with (generally) better taste in celebs than DOMs... which high-profile celeb would you cheat on with your significant other, ONTD?

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    From Tegan & Sara's Facebook page: Thanks to Macklemore + Ryan Lewis for having us perform ‪#‎samelove‬ with them tonight at Osheaga It was magical, moving and terrifying. :) [source]

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    It was a good night to be a TV critic, as the Television Critics Association bestowed its annual TCA Awards on an eclectic and very worthy collection of shows and individuals in a private ceremony at the Beverly Hilton.

    "Breaking Bad" won the 2013 Program of the Year honor. (Critics were voting on the first half of season 5, which aired in the eligibility window last summer.) "Game of Thrones" was recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Drama, while "Parks and Recreation" and "The Big Bang Theory" split the Outstanding Achievement in Comedy award.

    "Orphan Black" star Tatiana Maslany, whom most people in the TCA had never heard of when she appeared before us at a January press tour panel, beat all comers for the Individual Achievement in Drama award, while "Louie" creator/star Louis C.K. won the comedy individual award.

    It was definitely a spread the wealth list of winners (see also the "Game of Thrones"/"Breaking Bad" split), with Maslany getting her individual trophy while FX's "The Americans" was named Outstanding New Program, while yet another new — and canceled — series in "Bunheads" walked away with the Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming Award. It won't bring "Bunheads" back, but it was nice to recognize it while we could.

    The Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming award went to ABC's "Shark Tank," while HBO's excellent "Behind the Candelabra" won for Outstanding Achivement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials. The Ken Burns documentary "The Central Park Five" won for Outstanding Achievement in News and Information.

    Newswoman Barbara Walters won the TCA's Career Achievement Award, while "All in the Family" won the Heritage Award, which is basically the series equivalent of Career Achievement.

    I'm writing this before the ceremony starts, but both Norman Lear and Rob Reiner are expected to be on hand for the "All in the Family" win, which should be excellent. (Reiner's father Carl was here two years ago when "The Dick Van Dyke Show" won the same award.) Dan and I should be able to sum up some of the highlights on our next podcast, whenever that winds up being.

    The complete list of winners:

    Individual Achievement in Drama: Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black,” BBC America)

    Individual Achievement in Comedy: Louis C.K. (“Louie,” FX)

    Outstanding Achievement in News and Information: “The Central Park Five” (PBS)

    Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming: “Shark Tank” (ABC)

    Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming: “Bunheads” (ABC Family)

    Outstanding New Program: “The Americans” (FX)

    Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials: “Behind the Candelabra” (HBO)

    Outstanding Achievement in Drama: “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

    Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: (Tie) “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) and “Parks and Recreation” (NBC).

    Career Achievement Award: Barbara Walters (ABC)

    Heritage Award: “All in the Family” (CBS)

    Program of the Year: “Breaking Bad” (AMC)


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    Remember that awesome Australian movie The Sapphires? You know the one I mean – about that white dude who has four slightly tanned back-up singers? The standout star was Chris O’Dowd? Some skinny Aussie girls were in it?


    Allow me to refresh your memory:

    Remember that movie? Yeah – me either. But that’s the DVD cover about to be released across the USA and Canada.

    I do remember an awesome film about an Australian indigenous girl-group who performed for the troops in Vietnam, while exploring issues of race, identity, love and relationships. I do remember Chris O’Dowd being fabulous in his role of manager as one part of an ensemble cast in which the incredible indigenous women were the stand-outs.

    Am I crazy, or did the person who designed that cover see a different film to me?

    This is the movie I watched:

    Why not use that cover?

    Yeah yeah – I get that Chris O’Dowd has a bit of a name in the US and the distributor, Anchor Bay, is just trying to sell as many copies as possible. But Muriel’s Wedding was huge in the US and that was advertised off the back of an image of a then-unknown Toni Collette’s face. Shine used a then-unknown Geoffrey Rush.

    But there’s more going on here than simply using a recognisable name to sell more DVDs.

    The negative implications of making a film about black women look like it’s about a white man should outweigh any marketing concerns. This film is not only about women, it’s about Indigenous women. That fact deserves to be celebrated.

    Hiding those women and the colour of their skin under a veil of blue in a ridiculously photoshopped background – behind a man – is absurd.

    The actresses’ names are Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Sharri Sebens and Miranda Tapsell. They are women. They are indigenous. And they are the stars of this movie.

    That should be a selling point, not something pushed into the background.

    Also. Chris O'Dowd tweeted about this:


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    As a renowned party animal, she doesn't need many excuses to let her hair down to excess.

    So Rihanna took to the Barbados carnival scene with aplomb, partying through to the early hours of Saturday morning in the island's capital Bridgetown.

    And the 25-year-old singer looked typically striking in a nearly sheer white monokini, decorated with sparkling metallic panels.

    Green face paint, blue and silver sunglasses, practical baseball boots and a white veil over her new short curly hairdo completed the look.

    The star clutched a drink in one hand as she grinded behind several other partygoers at The Foreday Morning Jam party.

    At one point, she also showed off the backless detail of her ensemble, getting down on all fours for some kind of breakdance move.

    The bash, which took place on the street, began at midnight and ended at 6am, with Rihanna seemingly in it for the long haul.

    'Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!! #Barbados #FOREDAYmorning CROP OVA almost here!' she wrote on her Twitter on Saturday after her night out.

    However, there was time for recovery for the singer, who tweeted that she was back to work, taking part in a new cover shoot - 'Glam starts now,' she wrote.

    Rihanna was showing off her new curly hair style, switching from a menagerie of long wigs she has been sporting on stage during her Diamonds tour.

    The star is currently on a two-month break from her world tour after recently jetting back home to Los Angeles from Europe.

    She will travel east next month for shows in Macau, Manila and Singapore.


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    and some instagram pics

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    Lady Gaga‘s exclusive New York City restaurant is infested with mice, seen by horrified diners on the very day her dad boasted about it being given a full bill of health.

    Patrons at Joanne Trattoria were shocked to see rodents roaming around tables inside the eatery and in the patio area of the Central Park-adjacent establishment on the evening of July 31.

    At one point, diners were pointing at the mice in horror and taking pictures while still trying to enjoy their pastas and salads.

    One customer managed to take photos of the mice, which were coming into the restaurant through a hole in the wall next to the patio and were nibbling on bits of bread on the floor and even getting up on tables!

    The Gaga family opened the restaurant in February, 2012 to appalling reviews .

    One food critic accused the Italian restaurant of serving “calamari like leather” and it was like eating “airplane food.”

    In June, the restaurant ran into new problems when it was downgraded to a ‘B’ grade by the New York health department.

    Dad Joe Germanotta went on a Twitter rant and blamed the bad hygiene report on having “one bad potato” in a storage bin of dozens of veggies.

    Ironically, on July 31, the restaurant was upgraded back to ‘A’ status again – and Joe went on to tweet about his victory, saying: “Were got it back. Never give up!”

    He then went after his critics tweeting: “Got its A grade back. funny how @nypost doesn’t cover that. Where’s Mr Potatohead now?”

    The restaurant is named after Gaga’s aunt Joanne, a painter who died of lupus at the age of 19, and is the one relative the pop icon says was her “inspiration.”

    Chef Art Smith teamed up with Gaga’s father, Joe, to open the restaurant, with Joe telling the New York Daily News: “This has been a lifelong dream, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally happening.”


    What's your restaurant horror story?

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    AFI's '17 Crimes' is a single from their upcoming album 'Burials', out October 22nd [18th in Australia]. This track is out in the UK now and will officially release everywhere 8/6 -- the same day it hits radio.


    b o w

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    Ke$ha insists she is a lot cleaner than many people think.

    The outrageous singer is adamant that some aspects of her public persona couldn’t be further from who she really is. She caused a stir when she showed off a ladylike makeover at last year’s American Music Awards (AMAs), with her blonde hair styled in waves and her make-up immaculate.

    The star insists she isn’t as grimy as people seem to think.

    “I’m a little bit of a freak about that. I know people think I’m really dirty, but I actually shower four times a day, obsessively! I love water. I would live in the ocean if I could. Every time I take a shower, I change my knickers,” she told British magazine Heat.

    The star has been on tour recently and the rigorous dance routines in her shows have helped her tone up. She is pleased to be in good shape and although she tries not to judge her mental state on her body, it has made her feel more confident.

    “I think that what really matters is you should always wear what you look good in and feel comfortable and confident in. But, more importantly, if you’re a good person and having fun, why not be confident?” she mused.

    That said, the 26-year-old star would like to change some bits of herself if she could. She doesn’t focus on that though and hopes to get her fans to follow her lead.

    “There are tons of things, but I’m at that point right now where I’m trying to accept every little bit of me,” she said. “Trust me, I don’t have the perfect body, but I don’t have anything else to work with, so I might as well accept it. I think it’s like that with every woman; you just have to try and accept it.”


    Showering 4 times a day? Gurl.

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    These ads for The Trevor Project are a powerful collection of images that will definitely make you stop and think.

    Coming from Miami Ad School in San Francisco, the campaign promotes the focus behind The Trevor Project, an organization focused on suicide prevention in the LGBTQ youth community. While all of the images are equally thought-provoking and shocking, I think the most impactful ad of the series is the one of a slit wrist illustrating a commonly used derogatory term. The concept and copy behind this campaign is "words can kill," an entirely true statement that most people tend to forget.

    The Trevor Project ads remind everyone that words can kill, but the campaign simultaneously proves that choosing your words can prevent suicide as well.

    Rest Of Images At Source Warning VERY TRIGGERING

    Src 2 Same Images

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    In the past we've seen fan documentaries for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises, as well as Return of the Living Dead, and now it's time to shine the spotlight on one of my personal favorite films...

    ...a movie that forever erased the happy memories the name Zelda at one point in time instilled in me; Pet Sematary.

    Super fans and filmmakers John Campopiano and Justin White have been hard at work on Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Sematary, a thoroughly extensive documentary about the making of the film that's set for release sometime later this year.

    In the meantime, check out the just released trailer, and learn more on the Unearthed & Untold Facebook page!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about horror documentaries and just Stephen King's work in general. I'd be interested in seeing someone do a doc about It since it traumatized so many people... although apparently so did Zelda.

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    Between his YouTube and Twitter pages (@hotdamnirock on each), Kain Carter has hundreds of thousands of fans and followers. Too bad the material used to win them all was stolen from the late comic Patrice O'Neal.

    People on Twitter caught wind of Carter's fraud via this YouTube video making the rounds on social media. (Note: Contains explicit language.) The video contains audio and video clips of Patrice O'Neal's work played immediately before some of Carter's videos, which often contain O'Neal's routines word for word.

    In the midst of the controversy, Carter made an attempt to save his behind by making a video claiming that in reproducing the late comic's material without credit or permission, he sought only to "keep the material alive." What a pretty sentiment. An immoral, reprehensible, illegal pretty sentiment.

    News of Carter's line crossing reached O'Neal's camp, including his widow, and they retweeted several people condemning Carter for what he did. There's no word yet on whether O'Neal's estate will be pursuing legal action, but you can bet that with more than 95 million YouTube views, Carter might owe someone a dollar or two.

    Bonus video of hotdamnirock calling out his copycats. Skip to 1:49.

    For more info on Patrice O'Neal, check out this article from New York Magazine and Patrice O'Neal Unreleased on iTunes August 20!


    Sorry if there are any problems. This is my first post!

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    Hanging out in a location other than a film set, Zachary Quinto and Alice Eve enjoyed a night out at the Chateau Marmont on Saturday (August 3).

    The 31-year-old actress wore a speckled sweater, black pants, and clog heels, as her "Star Trek Into Darkness" co-star sported a gray and navy blue sweatshirt and brown pants.

    Soon, fans can catch Alice in "Cold Comes the Night," in which she plays a single mom who finds herself entangled with a Russian gangster who is going blind and needs to retrieve his cash.

    Directed by Tze Chun, the thriller co-stars "Breaking Bad's" Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston. "Cold Comes the Night" hits theaters on Setpember 20th in the UK.

    Chris Pine supports the L.A. Dodgers as he walks through LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Saturday night (August 3) in Los Angeles.

    Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan goes shopping on 8/1

    Sources: 12

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     photo orange_zpsbf648f95.jpg

    Maybe it was because you saw an ad for it in the subway and wanted to see if Laura Prepon still had it in her. Or perhaps you were won over by House of Cards, and wanted to see if the next Netflix original (that horror thing that we did not watch does not count) lived up to the raised bar. Or — very likely — one of your girlfriends urged you, begged you, to watch the show. "You'll watch all the episodes in one day," she might have warned. "It's the best thing, ever."

    However you came to this point of complete Orange Is The New Black obsession, it doesn't matter. It's clearly a very good thing that Chapman, Vause, Red, Nichols, and the other inmates of Litchfield are a part of your life. Your psyche, eve. For a show that's staged in an environment that the majority of women will (hopefully) never experience, the themes hit very close to home. Who can't relate to damaged relationship that just won't quit? Feeling proud for your BFF who's rising to success but hurt that she won't be able to take you along with her? Feeling held down by forces you can't change? And also, feeling all the joy and empowerment that comes along with moments of human connection — and the micro-moments of triumph that happen in the most ordinary of lives.

    So, we're taking a moment to say this: Thank you to the actresses, writers, and producers for creating a show with such nuance. Women are complicated creatures, and rarely do we get to see such a candid (and relatable!) take on female careers, sexuality, relationships, race, and religion as we do in Orange Is The New Black. Thank you for having a real transgendered actress portray a transgendered inmate; for nerdily planting a "Spock" joke with Star Trek alum, Kate Mulgrew; and for giving us the chance to see early '00s stars Natasha Lyonne, Taryn Manning, Jason Biggs, and Lauren Prepon really shine. many sleeps until Season Two?


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    The Civic Sessions: Jack Gleeson

    This is a 15 minute podcast interview with Jack Gleeson. It won't embed, so you can either go to the source or CLICK HERE to listen. And since I certainly don't expect you fine folk to listen to the whole thing (altho if you've got the time then yeah), I have summarized it below:

    - Considers his work on GoT a "job" that he just shows up to, does his work, and then leaves when it's done
    - Likes his theater work because it's more collaborative: "not about the professional aspect of it, but making theater with my friends"
    - Doesn't consider himself an academic, but someone with academic interests
    - Talks about devised pieces vs. improvised pieces vs. scripted pieces
    - Talks about the collaborative creative process his theatre company adopts (he gets kind of technical here)
    - Says he doesn't dislike scripted work (aka work like GoT)
    - His dream role is Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream: "I've never got to play him, but I feel like my personality would lend itself well to playing Puck."
    - Talks about how pleasant people are who come up to him and how humbling it can be (people in pubs are the friendliest, lol)
    - Talks about Collapsing Horse's new piece The Event, which is a sci-fi play centered around the rarity of paper in the future
    - His theatre company, Collapsing Horse, has been given a residency at the Civic Theatre. So they're basically just being given a space to create and preview shows, which is totally awesome.
    - They're also going to teach puppetry classes to young people because puppetry is cool.

    Collapsing Horse also features Writer: Eoghan Quinn / Puppeteer: Aaron Heffernan / Design: Colm McNally / Music :Danny Forde / Performer/Ass. Producer: Jack Gleeson / Producer: Matthew Smyth

    And here is Jack with a puppy because cute:

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