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    Finally, a short-attention-span anthology for blockbuster lovers.

    Trailer editor Vadzim Khudabets made a video titled "Eterna" that squeezes 99 popcorn movie previews into one epic trailer. It's kind of a history of the world, according to superheroes.

    In about six minutes (watch above) you will understand Hollywood. Besides, you didn't want to sit through all that dialogue anyway.


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    With “Veronica Mars” raising more than $5 million for a movie, E! News asked “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Sarah Michelle Gellar if that model could bring her character back from the dead. The response was more than enthusiastic…

    Joss [Whedon] and I always talk about [a movie],” Gellar told them. “But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film. And I mean, we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons is that the story works better over time.

    And now here comes the tiny sliver: If there was ever the right story, we would do it.

    Gellar also jokes that, “At this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in.

    C'mon Joss, make this happen! Let's have a prayer circle guys!

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    Jack White has been served a restraining order preventing him from "any contact whatsoever" with his estranged wife Karen Elson except as relates to "parenting time" with their two young children. The pair announced their divorce in June 2011 and even threw a party around the event. However, a report from Nashville's City Paper makes it unclear as to whether the two ever formally split. There is no question, however, as to the fact that it's been a tumultuous time since.

    Apparently the two have been in disagreement for months over custody issues. Elson currently cares for their children, ages 5 and 7, but White evidently wants to be more involved. But the restraining order affidavit affirms that he has a violent temper and has badgered his ex via emails and text messages. It says that "Elson fears for her and the children's safety as a result of this harassment." She alleges that he isn't fit to be share custody of the kids.

    The court documents expose a bizarre jealous streak, claiming that White once ordered Elson to pull the children out of a specific class in their private school because they were learning alongside the child of an artist he believes "ripped off" his music. He's also accused of berating Elson for attending the wedding of another musician who he felt stole from him. The affidavit points to a pattern of "bullying into submission" that contributed to their initial split.

    White has supposedly refused to enter family counseling and has been "pressuring [Elson] about the settlement terms for divorce." In one quoted email, he writes, "I'm not extending this anymore. And we're not getting lawyers involved to rip me off." The man has meanwhile been quite magnanimous elsewhere, donating $200,000 to the Congress-founded National Recording Preservation Foundation, and $142,000 to save Detroit's Masonic Temple.

    The restraining order was served on July 22. The couple face a custody hearing on August 29.


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    Susannah Grant to Adapt YA Novel 'The 5th Wave' for Sony

    The "Erin Brockovich" writer will tackle the franchise hopeful, which is being produced by Tobey Maguire's Material Pictures and GK Films.

    Columbia Pictures has tapped Susannah Grant to adapt the YA sci-fi novel The 5th Wave.

    Grant, who was nominated for an Oscar for her Erin Brockovich screenplay and is one of the studio's go-to script doctors for high-profile projects, will tackle Rick Yancey's first installment in a planned trilogy. The book, which was published May 7, has drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games because of its themes of teen romance set against the backdrop of a future in peril.

    The story follows a 16-year-old heroine who survives an alien invasion only to search for her brother, who might have been abducted by human-looking extraterrestrials. The girl is helped by a boy who also might be an alien in disguise (OP: LOLLLLLLLLL).

    The book has generated a great deal of hype in the run-up to its publication. Publisher Penguin reportedly plunked down $750,000 for the book's marketing campaign, which included a series of pricey trailers that ran before films like Man of Steel. The New York Times gave the book a rave review, calling it "wildly entertaining."

    Tobey Maguire's Material Pictures and GK Films are producing the movie.

    Andrea Giannetti and Hannah Minghella are shepherding the project for the studio.

    Grant has adapted several books for the screen including The Soloist, Charlotte's Web and In Her Shoes. She also penned a draft of Fox 2000's untitled Beach Boys project, which the specialty label is developing. Her TV credits include CBS' A Gifted Man and Fox's long-running hit Party of Five.


    'Gallagher Girls' Book Series Optioned by Producers Tonya Lewis Lee and Nikki Silver

    After waiting years—years! aaaaagh!—for things to move forward on the movie version of Ally Carter's "Heist Society" novels, we've now moved on to the "When it rains, it pours" portion of the YA adaptation news cycle: The Hollywood Reporter has some surprise, exciting dish on the Hollywood fate of Ally's other multi-book project, "Gallagher Girls"!

    The newly formed Tonik Productions has snagged rights to the literary series in the hopes that it'll be a new multi-film franchise, featuring a web of sexy schoolgirl espionage so sleek and contemporary, it'll make James Bond look like a crotchety old dinosaur in a crusty tuxedo.

    The "Gallagher Girls" story kicks off at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, where sophomore Cameron Ann Morgan is entering her fourth year of education. But this ain't no charm school, y'all: the Gallagher Academy is an elite institution for the training of young lady spies, with a direct line from its hallowed halls to the CIA's recruiting office. And while there's plenty of boarding-school drama and romantic subplots to contend with, the "Gallagher Girls" series is also all about hardcore lady empowerment, which the head honchos at Tonik say drew them to the series as a hot prospect for Hollywood.

    With the news of the option still fresh, it'll be a while yet before we hear what's happening with the big-screen adaptation of our beloved Gallagher Girls...but like any good spy, we'll be keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes peeled for anything that looks suspiciously awesome.


    Amy Talkington Sells Ya Novel ‘Liv, Forever’; Teams With Offspring For Film

    EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter Amy Talkington has made a deal for her first novel with Soho Teen, the young adult imprint of Soho Press. The novel, Liv, Forever, will be published next March, and a film package is quickly being assembled that has Talkington attached to adapt and Offspring Entertainment producing. They will shop it to studios shortly. Talkington has a lot going on as a screenwriter, including scripting the Clay Weiner-directed Valley Girl at MGM, the Alex Timbers-directed Hotfuss at Disney and the Jonathan Levine-directed Under Cover at Lionsgate. The novel aspires to be Ghost for the Twilight generation. Liv Bloom is murdered shortly after arriving at a prestigious New England boarding school. Her spirit remains and with the help of two boys–one of whom she’s fallen for and the other she reluctantly is trusting–she tries to solve her own murder. Offspring’s Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot and Matt Smith are producing along with Arlook Group’s Richard Arlook. Talkington worked with Offspring on Hotfuss, which has also been called the untitled Shakespeare musical. The author is repped by UTA and Arlook Group.



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    This Friday sees the release of James Ponsoldt's "Smashed" follow-up, the tenderly drawn coming-of-age teen story "The Spectacular Now." Boasting standout performances from young leads Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, the film, which we reviewed out of Sundance and called"valuable and honest," evokes the growing pains of the unusually real-feeling central duo via a familiar conduit—the story of their first love. Romantics that we are at heart, we took this opportunity to sit on our sofas for a week with a bucket of ice cream and a pack of Kleenex, revisiting a slew of films that share that theme. Given the breadth of the field, we've done our best to concentrate on films that take first love as their primary theme, but it should be noted that it crops up as a subplot with astonishing frequency, too.

    Aside from finally giving more than one Playlister an excuse to watch "The Notebook," first love stories provide a neat complement to First Time movies, which we ran through last week following the release of "The To Do List." And while we basically avoided instances of crossover, it is telling to note how few real crossovers there are: usually it's pretty clear, even if circumstances are similar, whether a film is going for the heart or for the groin. If the latter is often broader and more comedic, the story of a first love lends itself to the more dramatic end of the spectrum—even the comedies we list out here tend to be of the bittersweet variety. But again, it's a near-universal situation, from the blush and awkwardness and "no one's ever felt this way ever!" of first infatuation, through the sometimes painful process of discovering if there's any hope of reciprocation, and, more often than not, to the relationship's end. Because while some films here may try to convince us otherwise, "first love" rather implies that there's a second, and maybe a third... James Garner claims in "Murphy's Romance" to be "in love for the last time in my life," but if last love is really the one we should all be aiming for, first love, often tinged with nostalgia for younger, more innocent times, is the one that exerts the real pull on our cinematic imaginations.

    “My Girl”(1991)

    Friendships between boys and girls were always met with scorn in elementary school. A boy couldn’t be your friend without being your boyfriend (literally one of the most mortifying insults that could be hurled). “My Girl” taught girls that it’s more than acceptable to be friends with boys, and that sometimes they can be the best friends you’ll ever have. Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky, who will forever be associated with the coolest name in movie history) grows up in the 1960s with a father who runs a funeral parlor and without a mother, who died during her birth. The only reliable influence in Vada’s life is her neurotic best friend, Thomas J (Macaulay Culkin). The two navigate the morass of life and death, and throughout the film, Thomas J understands Vada and never judges her quirks; she’s a hypochondriac who visits the doctor daily. The two aren’t in love, and aside from a quick experimental kiss, they never talk about being in love with each other. No, Vada’s first love is her elementary school teacher (played adorably by Griffin Dunne who gave this writer unrealistic expectations about men for decades), but by the end, even Vada realizes what puppy love feels like. Since the movie is told through Vada’s eyes, we never learn whether Thomas J loves Vada; we have to judge him by his actions, and the fact he would do anything for her only makes the climax all the more heartbreaking (I won’t spoil it for you here, but it’s fairly traumatizing). “My Girl” taught young girls that love comes in all forms, whether romantic or platonic, and that ultimately the love of a best friend is the strongest bond of all.

    “The Notebook” (2004)

    Known to some as that embarrassing chick flick that Ryan Gosling made before became a worldlessly cool, toothpick-sucking vigilante, and to others as OMG the amazingly amazing story of a first love that survives everything, even senile dementia, “The Notebook” actually fizzled in theaters and really found its following on DVD. It’s so shamelessly manipulative that it’s almost shameful, but there is some gravitas brought by the older contingent of Gena Rowlands and James Garner, while Rachel McAdams and the absurdly youthful-looking Gosling are bursting with so much dewy beauty that it’s hard to stay mad at the film, no matter how cynical one’s heart. The Hallmark-style Nicholas Sparks story centers around prewar teenagers Allie and Noah (sometimes for Big Reveal purposes known as Duke), who fall in love but are separated by the machinations and letter-suppressing tactics of Allie’s snobbish parents. She eventually falls for a nice rich guy (perennial fifth wheel James Marsden), but has to choose between him and Noah when Noah reenters her life. *Spoiler alert* Of course, all of this is a story that the elderly Duke is relating to the ailing, rest-home-confined Allie in later life, and it’s in the final dance of these two, and the unbelievably sad evocation of the terrors of old-age memory loss, that the film actually did kick us in the tear duct. “The Notebook” has become famous for one thing (Gosling, swoon, etc), but its best moments come for quite another reason.

    Moonrise Kingdom(2012)

    With a stylized, aesthetically fetishized approach that nowadays attracts as many critics as fans, the insult that detractors are always ready to hurl at any new Wes Anderson movie is “style over substance.” But “Moonrise Kingdom” is a wonderful answer to that criticism—its look and setting (the never-never world-in-microcosm that is the island of New Penzance) are as uniquely Andersonian as anything he’s done, but the heart that beats beneath is universal and strangely insightful, especially for a film about a lisping boy scout who falls in love with a girl dressed as a bird. In fact, the journey of discovery and wonder that is falling in love for the first time, even as children, is perfect territory for Anderson’s ever playful sensibility, mooring his more whimsical flights of fancy to an emotional core that, while never so indulged as to become sickly, does give his style what it sometimes lacks—a certain, sweet purpose. The film swept past us in a delicious swirl of color and quirk and oddball detail, but what remained afterward was the warm heart that Anderson and his two scrupulously deadpan juvenile leads (Jared Gilman and Suzy Hayward) summoned. Here, the painstakingly assembled imagery may give “Moonrise Kingdom” its uniqueness, but the care for the characters and their completely batshit yet deeply-felt circumstances, gives it permanence.

    "An Education" (2009)

    One aspect of first loves that "An Education" dramatizes well is when you think that the relationship is one thing but it turns out to be something else. Such is the case when young Jenny (Carey Mulligan) falls in love with an older businessman named David (Peter Sarsgaard). Throughout the course of the movie, Jenny learns that David isn't what he appears to be (first some kind of shady con man, later already married) and the movie plays nicely with how these revelations affect the color of the relationship. The good parts, when she swooned with love, now seem tainted, while all of those people who warned her about her relationship with a much older man, and against rushing into something as serious as a relationship, have their opinions validated in retrospect and to Jenny's chagrin. "An Education," based on journalist Lynn Barber's memoir and adapted by novelist Nick Hornby, who excels in engaging in all the messy facets of first love and gets a number of awkward little moments wonderfully right, like when Jenny has David over for dinner with her parents (played by Alfred Molina and Cara Seymour). These are the small, delicate speed-bumps on the road to your first love that are rarely depicted, which is maybe why scenes like this resonate. Like any good first love, too, Jenny learns from her experience and it makes her a stronger, more dynamic woman in the end. It might have been her first love, but it certainly won't be her last, and not even close to her best.

    "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (2008)

    An idle daydream that we all have (especially since we're forever linked, via the wonders of social media, with the ghosts of exes past) is the what-if concerning our first love. What if we could go back in time and fix things; or what if they were to come back to us, many years later? Would that spark, that compatibility, that specialness, still be there? These are some of the questions grappled with in David Fincher's deliriously decadent and oddly poignant "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," wherein Brad Pitt plays a man who ages backwards, starting out life as a withered old man and getting progressively younger, and Cate Blanchett as the woman who falls in love with him, while watching him literally deteriorate to young age. The most powerful section of the movie is when they "meet in the middle," when they're comparably the same age and have at least some hope of living a traditionally happy lifestyle. In an overblown way, their relationship is a metaphor for the way that people change and proof that even if first love is fleeting, the bonds it forms are forever and always, like a thick length of cable running just beneath the surface of your life. Fincher, who has no time for bullshit, makes the fantastical elements feel hauntingly real, and brings the emotional elements to vivid life, too.

    More films about first love listed at the ( SOURCE )

    Confessional post! Do you remember your first love, ONTD?

    P.S. If you guys haven't yet voted for your celeb faves at the ONTD ORIGINAL™ : ONTD 2013 International Best Dressed List post, you can still do so! Voting ends at midnight EST @ August 11, 2013. An updated list of the nominated celebrities are already listed, so click here to read the entry and cast your votes!

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    Will Eric Northman die on "True Blood"?

    Many fans of the long-running HBO series have been worried about the fate of Alexander Skarsgard's character since "True Blood's" Season 6 key art was released, featuring a vampire, who looks a lot like Eric, screaming above the tagline, “No one lives forever.”

    During an appearance on "Access Live" on Wednesday, actress Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Pam on "True Blood," opened up about the rumors regarding her character's maker.

    Anchor Billy Bush said fans believe that Eric will die this season and asked Bauer if it's a fear of hers.

    "It is a fear of mine for a couple of reasons. I love being around him," she said, as guest host Holly Robinson Peete noted the tears welling up in Bauer's eyes. "See? She knows something,"Bush asserted."Well, I know a lot of things," Bauer said, fighting back the tears. "But I won't say ... It's a family. You know, I'm around Alex often for 70 hours a week and we laugh and laugh. It's my favorite part of the job ... So I could cry thinking about [no longer working with him] whenever -- if it's 10 years from now and I'm not next to Alex, I'll be sad."

    Bush pushed Bauer for an answer regarding Eric's "True Blood" fate, but she stood her ground. "I can't say," she replied quietly.

    Bauer's emotional interview fuels the growing rumor that Eric will die in "True Blood" Season 6. In addition the poster, shortly before the new season kicked off, showrunner Brian Buckner told Rolling Stone, "One of our principal characters will not make it all the way through the season. We’re going to stop to grieve them, and try to tell the more human side of the supernatural stories we’re telling.”

    Not long thereafter, Skarsgard had this to say of "True Blood" Season 6 in talking with Backstage: "There’s a war going on this season because for the first time in 1,000 years, humans are a real threat. Eric's been busy fighting witches and other vampires, but never humans. You’ll find out how and why, but humans have become a danger." The actor added that the most difficult scene he’s ever had to perform on the show is coming up this season. “I recently had to do a very emotional scene with a blood bag,” he told Backstage through somewhat of a smile. “I can’t talk about it too much, but that was quite difficult.”

    Below, check out the episode descriptions for this week's episode of "True Blood" and next week's, which is the penultimate episode of Season 6.

    "Dead Meet" (Episode 8)

    Sookie (Anna Paquin) faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) and Bill (Stephen Moyer). In vamp camp, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets to know Violet (Karolina Wydra), while Sarah (Anna Camp) goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Sam (Sam Trammell).

    "Life Matters" (Episode 9)
    A desperate Bill (Stephen Moyer) tries to ferry Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) away from the faerie plain, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith's (Jessica Clark) sirens.


    OH GOD THIS GIVES FURTHER LEVERAGE TO THE RUMOR. The showrunner can't possibly be stupid enough to remove the greatest source of fanservice, practically the breakout star, the poster child for the show...can he? TAKE BEEL INSTEAD, NO1CURR ABOUT STUPID MARY-SUE BEEL.

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  • 08/01/13--19:33: MasterChef Episode 17 ReCap!
  • master-chef-01

    I still can’t believe MasterChef is only on for one hour now instead of two. I’m sad, but my gut is happy considering I can’t watch this or any cooking show without competing in the Snack Olympics the whole time. Only 60 minutes of mainlining spicy croutons and Haribo raspberries instead of 120? I’m practically wasting away. Email me for more diet tips, I’m the best. So which of the Top 7 headed home tonight after failing to achieve instant prowess in preparing “a stunning! Japanese cuisine”? SPOILERS ahead!

    ELIMINATED: Eddie Jackson, a former NFL-er turned personal trainer. WTF?! Has Eddie ever even messed up before? He was one of my faves, and not just because looking at him is like the lazy person’s equivalent of taking a Xanax. I always felt so calm and grounded staring at him. Maybe it was just the heavy snacks.

    Silly me — I thought Luca would be the obvious choice for elimination in this strong Top 7. It seemed like Gordon’s very obvious crush on Luca’s naturally “gorgeous wife Kate” was what got Luca that win (and therefore immunity) on the Mystery Box Challenge featuring the contestants’ loved ones. And you gotta think that if Luca had participated in the dreaded sushi challenge, he’d have flaked so disastrously that his ouster would be a done deal.

    But no! That is not the way MasterChef works. So it’s goodbye to Eddie, and hello again to either Bri, Bime, or Sweat Rag Lynn, who’ll all return next week to for a chance to re-enter the competition.

    Anyway, Luca attempted to sabotage his biggest threat, Natasha (it says a lot about MasterChef that the orchestrated sabotage of a fellow contestant is not only expected, but at this point strictly enforced), by pairing her with high school bully Krissi. Didn’t work, buddy! Krissi rode shotgun on Natasha’s more sushi-experienced coattails and the two former arch nemeses (like, back in episode 2) worked together wonderfully.




    Japanese cuisine tag-teamers Jessie and Eddie

    EXERCISE FIEND OF THE NIGHT: Graham Elliot with his inspired take on the Running Man

    HOW CUTE WAS GORDON RAMSAY? I loved his split-second spouts of commentary during Krissi’s home video from her son. He explained he needed to miss the trip because of state-standardized testing (“Important!” sputtered Ramsay) and bragged about having not yet burned down the house. (“Classic!”) Gordon Ramsay is just so freaking efficient — that always gets to me. Like when he somehow stood in front of Jordan during the Mystery Box challenge and, over the course of about seven seconds of nervously shifting his weight back and forth, got a perfect sound bite out of the guy about how Jordan’s hypothetical cookbook would feature a dedication to his late mom! How does GR do it??! Ugh, how do the masters of this universe do anything that they do so well? It’s a mystery, wrapped in a box, reeking of uni still steeped in its own innards.

    HOW LOUD WAS GRAHAM? We all picture/hear Ramsay as the one screeching into our ears, but Graham Elliot operates on this ridiculously high volume level whenever he has to shout out his lines during the Elimination Test. Does he have hearing issues? I mean, that’s fine if he does. Sometimes I don’t think my right ear even works. We’ve all got problems.

    HOT TIP OF THE WEEK:“Never wash uni! No, never! Never! Come on!” (Gordon re: Jordan’s grave error)

    I’M STARTING TO REALLY LIKE NATASHA: Actually that’s been going on for weeks, but once her hug-muffin son and studly hubby entered the picture I switched from “like” to “loooooove.”


    Eddie predicted this adorable creature’s mom would win season 4. Natasha “has a lot of heart, and is starting to show it,” he said. Awww!

    I STARTED TO DISLIKE KRISSI A LITTLE LESS… But then she had to taunt Luca for really no reason at the beginning of the sushi challenge: “Neither one of us are going him today SO LUCA CAN GO F*CK HIMSELF.” Oh my! Tone it down.


    Or take a tip from Natasha and say the same thing, just as effectively, with a simple yet staggering eye roll!

    Are you outraged about Eddie, or was it his time to go? Would you have eaten that sea urchin? (I was like yo, free uni!)

    And do you want to see Bri, Bime, or Lynn return? Discuss!

    Episode 17

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    Jason Segel, 33, won over the red carpet at the CBS/CW/Showtime Party this week, showcasing his new figure in a light gray suit and his signature "I'll win your mom over, I promise" smile.

    "I've just been living healthy, exercising, eating right -- no more midnight pizzas," the actor told Us Weekly of his weight loss, explaining that he's been keeping fit for a role in a new movie co-starring Cameron Diaz, called "Sex Tape."

    Back in 2011, Segel told David Letterman of the moment that turned things around for him and caused him to drop 30 pounds. "My lowest moment came [when] I shot a movie in New Orleans," he said. "New Orleans is like, the best food and booze anywhere … I really took advantage of it."

    Segel's assistant took a photo of him one night, passed out, half naked, covered in Taco Bell wrappers, he revealed to the late-night host. That was his wake-up call to whip up into shape.

    Sure enough, it's been two years since and Segel is looking better than ever.

    Huffington Post
    always cute tbh

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    New Korean Girl Group "WASSUP" released two videos of them poorly attempting to twerk. The twerking isn't even the worst part. They are seen in a basketball court with groupies who are attempting to dress and act "black". KKK-POP wants to be a nigga but they don't wanna be niggas.

    The second video shows them in a dance rehearsal practicing their "twerk". While they practice, the group plays a rap song in the background to show they are "down". When will K-POP learn that this is just offensive and wrong?

    Oddly enough an overwhelming majority of KKK-POP fans hate this video. Why? Because they think its gross to have "black culture" infiltrate their KKK-POP like this. However, this also shows the sexist side of KKK-POP fans. When groups like BIG BANG and BAP poorly attempt to act like black rappers and act hood, it's so cool and sexy. When it's girls, it's just straight up gross and bad. They see it as a joke!

    cr: youtube

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    The British government has stepped in to stop singer Kelly Clarkson from taking a ring once owned by author Jane Austen out of the country.

    The "American Idol" winner bought the gold-and-turquoise ring at auction last year for just over 150,000 pounds ($228,000).

    But on Thursday, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey put an export bar on the item until Sept. 30 in the hope that a British buyer will come forward.

    Vaizey said Austen's modest lifestyle and early death aged 41 "mean that objects associated with her of any kind are extremely rare, so I hope that a U.K. buyer comes forward so this simple but elegant ring can be saved for the nation."

    The government has the power to temporarily halt the export of works judged to be national treasures. This seems like the sort of thing that the auction house should be required to tell customers before bids are finalized.

    The author of "Pride and Prejudice" left the ring to her sister Cassandra, and it remained in the family until it was sold last year.

    The export ban can be extended until Dec. 30 if there is a British campaign to buy the ring at a recommended price of 152,450 pounds. Clarkson has agreed to sell the ring should a buyer come forward.

    Clarkson has sold millions of records since winning the first series of TV talent show American Idol in 2002.

    She told a British newspaper last year that as well as the ring she'd bought a first edition of Austen's novel "Persuasion" in the Sotheby's sale.

    Source: AP via Yahoo! Music

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    'Shameless' actor William H. Macy and his wife Felicity Huffman work up a sweat while taking their dogs for a hike on Mulholland Dr. in Los Angeles, California on August 1, 2013.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    James Marsden might be a little less recognizable as Quince in this week's 2 Guns, what with his lovely locks all shorn off, but the part of the corrupt Naval commander helped him land a gig as commander-in-chief. While he was in New Orleans for the 2 Guns shoot, he bumped into Lee Daniels on the street, as the director was in town shooting The Butler (or rather Lee Daniels's The Butler, as it's called now).

    The chance meeting prompted Daniels to call the actor's agent with a proposal, since he was on the hunt for a particularly key role: "I'm kind of thinking he should be my JFK! What's his schedule like?" Being in the right place at the right time paid off, Marsden laughed when Vulture ran into him at the Cinema Society after-party for Prince Avalanche last night. He also told us what it took to fill Kennedy's shoes and dispelled the Cyclops rumors for the next X-Men movie.

    And X-Men: Days of Future Past next year, or no? I mean, Cyclops was disintegrated, but if there's time travel ...

    No, no X-Men, unfortunately. But who knows? If this next film really works, Bryan [Singer] has said he wants to fix a few things, so hopefully that's one of them. It was great, to have a movie like that, the first two or three X-Men, and the studios in Hollywood work really hard to find a formula that's successful, and you want to keep that intact, so ...

    Did you have a chance to see The Wolverine yet? Because Jean Grey, even though she's dead, gets to have a lot of moments in it.

    No, I haven't seen it yet, just the trailer ... but I hope that lays the ground for more. We'll see. I always liked Cyclops, but they have a lot of characters that they have to parcel out, spend time with each one, make sure everyone feels like they've been given their due, introduce them appropriately, but you could do a spinoff of every one of those characters and give them so much depth to the story line.

    What spinoffs would you like to see?

    I'm old-school. I'd like to see the Magneto spinoff. I'd like to see Professor X. They bring such a weight and a gravitas, and I love those two guys.

    I'd like to see a Kitty Pryde spinoff.

    Who knows? It could happen. Maybe Joss Whedon is the guy to do that one.


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    Teresa's good friend Kim D. who's frequently featured on Real Housewives of New Jersey sat down with ET to talk about how Teresa's doing. Kim D. who talked to ET from her Posche Boutique, was in contact with Teresa yesterday, and shared that she's holding up.

    "It's Teresa, she's very strong," she says. "Is she in good spirits? I mean, I don't think she's doing cartwheels outside her house, but I think she knows -- she knows that she's innocent of these things, and I think she's gonna count on the justice [system] to say that she's vindicated, and she believes in herself. She knows she's innocent, and she's gonna hope for the best."

    She also strongly believes that Teresa will not be going to jail.

    "I really do not feel Teresa's gonna to be going to jail," she says when asked what will happen to the couple's four daughters should their parents have to face jail time. "But God forbid if anything did happen, she has the most wonderful parents and wonderful in-laws. Those children will be very well taken care of. But I truly believe it will be Teresa taking care of them."

    So is Joe to blame?

    "She happens to love her husband." Kim stresses. "She's very loyal to Joe. I like Joe, so it's a very hard question for me to answer. We'll see what happens in the end. I hope that they come out of this vindicated, and it's going to be a fairytale, and everything's going to be OK."

    Bethenny: "I Don't Feel Sorry For Teresa Giudice!"

    The 42-year-old former Real Housewives of New York City star shared her thoughts on Teresa and Joe being indicted for fraud this week, while promoting her talk show, Bethenny, at the TCA tour panel at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, July 31.

    "My first thought today was, 'Oh, if they weren't on reality TV, none of this would probably ever be exposed.' And it's just funny how certain people are [like a] moth to a flame. It's almost like -- not that you want to get caught -- but people who love to be in the spotlight often have a lot of skeletons in their closet. It's just an interesting thing."

    On Monday, July 29, Teresa, 41, and Joe, 43, were charged in a 39-count indictment with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statement on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud.

    "I haven't paid that much attention," Frankel explained of the Giudice's legal woes. "Do I feel sorry for them? No, I don't. Not so much, because it broke the law. You broke the law and you went on television. That's not really that smart."

    But Frankel, mom to 3-year-old daughter Bryn, who is going through a divorce from husband Jason Hoppy, does feel sorry for the Giudices' four daughters. "I feel badly for them because they have kids," she explained, "and their kids didn't sign up for this."

    The Giudices -- parents to Gia, 12, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 7, and Audriana, 3.

    Teresa Poses In First Public Appearance Since Fraud Indictment, Declares ‘You Can’t Stop Living’

    Teresa isn’t going to let something like a federal indictment stop her from shilling her products and has exclusive photos from her first public appearance since her legal troubles began.

    Teresa was at the Beauty Buster Awards in NYC Wednesday night where she posed for pictures and chatted with guests at the party, seeming to have put the stress of the indictment behind her.

    Teresa was at the event promoting her Milania Hair Care line and she posed for pictures for photographer Lora Warnick who exclusively told that Teresa was candid when she talked to her about appearing at the event.

    “You can’t stop living,” Teresa told Lora about showing up at the event.

    Wearing a blue dress with her hair down, Teresa was “in good spirits,” Lora observed and said Teresa was talking with other guests and “didn’t seem depressed at all.”

    RadarOnline, US, ETonline

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    upgrade but I hate the font for "Yours Truly"

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    It seems Jennifer Aniston isn’t a fan of Katie Couric.

    During an appearance on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” the actress slammed the newswoman when host Chelsea Handler began talking about her.

    Handler mentioned that Couric had recently questioned her about Aniston’s relationship.

    "Katie Couric was asking me on her show about your wedding and I had to act like I didn't even know you were engaged because I didn't know that was out," Handler said. "Then she was like, 'Well, everyone knows about it!' So, I felt really stupid."

    Aniston seemed peeved by the story and didn’t hide her feelings.

    "What's Katie Couric? Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloidy? Wasn't she on the ‘Today’ show?" Handler quipped back: "She was on the ‘Today’ show. She got a demotion to her own show."


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    The actress looked sensational in a satin strapless dress in a deep plum hue, which clung to her enviable figure.
    The 44-year-old appeared far younger than her years – and certainly not double Emma’s age – in the tight frock, which boasted a sweetheart neckline, keyhole cut-out and fell mid-shin.
    The Friends star wore her famous honey blonde locks glossy and bouncy and gave herself a boost in teetering grape-coloured stiletto sandals.

    Baby bump?

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  • 08/01/13--21:40: ka†e up†on pos†

  • Kate proved she can make anything look good. The 21-year-old model has turned turned the world of dull, beige underwear right around. Instead of using the nude bra as a way of hiding its presence under a white top, the model made her's the centre of attention on Monday night. The Sports Illustrated cover girl stepped out in New York proudly flashing her flesh coloured strapless bra. And this was not a case of wardrobe malfunction but rather by design with Kate wearing the bra under a black shear dress.

    With sheer panels just across the chest, the 21-year-old was always going to be making a statement under the soft flowing black and white flowing dress.


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    It's Jeopardy! Kids Week, which is heartrending enough with the amount of pressure put on small children—there's more than a little bit of the Roman Arena in tuning in to watch tiny dreams be crushed. But last night's Final Jeopardy was a shitshow from top to bottom.

    Thomas was in second place heading into Final Jeopardy. The question was: "Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, 'a fit and necessary war measure.'" Thomas knew the answer. He just spelled it wrong.

    He added a "t" to "Emanciptation Proclamation," and for what seems like the first time ever, theJeopardy! producers ruled a misspelling a wrong answer. Thomas was crushed.

    Then Thomas had to watch Skyler—who is a HUGE Civil War buff—nail the answer after wagering $30,000. Skyler had more than twice Thomas's score, and could have guaranteed a victory with a small wager. But he went for it, and ended up with $66,600, a kids' record and the third-largest one-day total in the show's history.

    And then Thomas had to stand there, fighting back tears, as the credits rolled. Life isn't fair.

    Video Of The Poor Boy Crying And On The Verge Of Tears At The Source.  Plus The Smug Ass Smiles Of The Winners Parents -_-

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    The world of paparazzi photography is cut-throat to say the least!

    The right snap at the right time can earn a photographer an absolute fortune, so it’s not surprising a paparazzo will go to great extremes to secure it.

    In part one of an OK! Investigates special feature we take you inside the world of paparazzi—blowing open how they get that elusive money shot, the lengths they will go to, what they earn and which celebrities actually tip them off for a cut of the profits—or just for the publicity.

    What do they earn?

    When it comes to money there are three categories of paparazzo—the rookie, the intermediate and the veteran pro.
    Rookie paps are really relying on luck if they have any hope of making bank—while learning the ropes, gathering intel and finding their feet, the rookies work extremely long hours for next to nothing—often they are following the herd, meaning any photos they do manage to get will be far from exclusive and therefore far less valuable.

    Intermediates have a few tricks under their belt and some good solid knowledge—often they will work in a staff position for a paparazzi agency who sends them out on assignments and they earn a flat salary of anything from $80,000 – $250,000 depending on their ability.

    Veteran paps earn in excess of $250,000 – $300,000 a year depending on the quality and exclusivity of the photos they get. The majority of the established paps are freelance, meaning they are not employed full time and therefore retain the rights to shots that they get—but have a “first look” deal in place with a paparazzi sales agency who will syndicate their photos worldwide—a typical deal will be 60% to pap and 40% to agency which can make for a very sweet pay day.

    Case in point, the pap who took the exclusive photos of Kristen Stewart making out with Rupert Sanders last year syndicated them through pap agency, Fame Flynet, who initially sold the exclusive rights to US Weekly for $60,000 for a set period, then went on to sell them around the world—they are estimated to have raked in a cool $1 million so far, and still charge media outlets up to $500 per picture to this day.

    How do paps get their pics?

    It’s a combination of several different factors:
    Experience and solid knowledge of the celebrity world, knowing where the celebs hang out, where they live, where they shop, where their kids go to school, where their friends and family live, what the hot spots are for catching stars.

    Sources, sources, sources! A successful pap has a whole ton of sources at the hottest hotels, clubs, restaurants, shops and bars on the payroll—valet parkers, waiting staff, bar tenders, front desk staff, maids, security—they can all earn a cut of the profits if they tip off a pap when a celebrity arrives and it results in a good photo. They will also have stars’ family members, neighbors and friends on the payroll.

    Celebrity co-ops: Ever wondered why a star is fully made-up with perfectly styled hair when “unexpectedly” caught on camera by a pap while out jogging? Nine times out of ten it’s because they’ve tipped the photographer off! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have both been known to complain about “intrusive photographers” but both have worked closely with paparazzi agencies in the past—tipping them off to where they will be and then splitting the profits of any resulting photo sales.

    And, it’s not just the D-listers who have been known to tip off the paps! It’s not unusual for even an A-list couple who are reportedly on the outs to tip off a pap to snap some pics of them engaging in a little “private” PDA in a bid to prove the reports wrong. And, who can forget those now famous photos of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Maddox on a remote beach together in Kenya back in April 2005? Various sources confirm that a publicist, acting on the orders of Angelina herself, tipped off a trusted paparazzo to take the photos which were the couple’s way of going public with their romance.

    Paid assignments: Paps will often be sent out to take photos on behalf of a photo agency or media outlet who have been tipped off themselves.

    Pure, simple luck: There’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time with your camera ready to go!

    What lengths will they go to to get THAT pic?

    Paparazzi are a patient bunch—there’s often a LOT of sitting around in a large SUV with blacked out windows just waiting….and waiting…..and waiting… for the right moment.

    They’re also not adverse to risking life and limb—literally—to seal the deal.

    One pap resorted to extremely dangerous measures in his bid to get an exclusive Britney pic back in the day. The pop star was holed up at a Miami Beach hotel and was rumored to be with then fledgling love interest Kevin Federline.

    The photographer and a reporter managed to book into the hotel room directly above Britney’s and spent the next few days staking her out—to no avail—as she didn’t leave the room once, ordering in and hunkering down for some one-on-one time with K-Fed. After three days straight of no sightings, the frustrated pap decided on a plan—he firmly secured his ankles to the balcony railings with some rope and then, with the assistance of the reporter, he hung himself upside down, with his long lens camera, from the balcony so he had a clear shot into Spears’ love nest below—unfortunately for the unlucky pap…. her curtains were firmly drawn!

    One story that just sounds way too insane to be true—but is!—is the lengths paparazzi went to to get exclusive photos of Michael J Fox’s wedding to Tracy Pollan back in 1988. With the Back to the Future trilogy under his belt and a starring role in Family Ties, Fox was a huge name at the time and photos of his wedding would have equated to a major pay day. Unfortunately for the baying paps, the actor rented a very private and remote location for his wedding, which was surrounded for miles by a Llama farm, making it very easy to spot any trespassing paps. But, what about trespassing paps dressed in Llama costumes? Not so easy—And that’s exactly what the intrepid paps did—hired Llama costumes, entered onto the farm and mingled with the herd, allowing them ample access to photograph the nuptials!


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