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    Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier — that is, if you know somebody who's a Daft Punk fan and doesn't mind getting presents a few days late.

    Produced by Japan-based S.H. Figuarts, these 6-inch action figures were created under the direct supervision of the French electronic duo, according to the figures' product descriptions.

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    The action figures don attire from the chart-toppers' latest album, Random Access Memories, and are crafted with "meticulous attention to detail" with "seven sets of left/right interchangeable hand parts for recreation of dynamic posing."

    The $44.99 figures of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are available for pre-order and go on sale Dec. 27 in the United States.

    The house musicians' Get Lucky is in a ruthless song-of-summer battle with Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, which has a slight edge. Pharrell, featured on both tunes, is presently at war with himself.

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    Diane Kruger is definitely not your average Hollywood blonde. Meet our stunning August cover star, here...

    On her special relationship with Chanel, Diane explains: 'I started modelling for them when I was 15. I know everyone there on a first-name basis. They were the first ones to send me clothes when I started out as an actress. And loyalty is so rare in our business that it make sense to be supportive. It's not always about money'

    When we suggest that Hollywood might be a fickle business, Diane counters.'You can be as cynical as you want about filmmaking or fashion,' she says, 'but at the end of the day fashion makes people dream, it makes women look beautiful, and it can be a wonderful creative outlet.'

    To see her and boyfriend Joshua Jackson - star of Dawson's Creek - all loved up at Coachella this year, you'd thing there were really no challenges associated with being an 'it' couple in the public eye. 'All relationships are hard,' says Kruger firmly. 'It doesn't matter what job you have, or how famous or miserable or poor you are. It's about commitment. The hard part is the timing. When you meet someone, are you ready to make them your number-one priority? I'm grateful that I met a person who feels the same not just about me, but about our relationship' She laughs. 'But therapy helps, too'.

    Scans | MarieClaire | DailyMail

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    Welcome to the O.C., dumbass. The O.C. star Rachel Bilson tells British Cosmopolitan that she's grown up a lot since appearing on the hit Fox show in the early 2000s.

    "I didn't have any idea how much The O.C. would change my life," the 31-year-old Hart of Dixie star says.

    "I thought I knew everything, but now I look back and think, 'You were a dumbass! What was your problem?'" Rachel adds.

    Rachel admits that she "went through a little bit of a wild phase... and got into trouble" as a teenager. She finally turned things around after getting into a near-fatal car crash at age 14 that left her unconscious for several days and with a scar over her right eye.

    "It definitely impacted me and how I was living my life," she says.

    Rachel also discussed her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Star Wars star Hayden Christensen, and she even hinted that might be ready for kids soon.

    "Thirty is a whole different thing; you can slow down and focus on family," she says. "Starting a family one day is definitely something I look forward to."

    "I've been in a relationship [with Hayden] for six years, and I'm happy," Rachel continues. "To have a partner is one of the greatest things. I've always been a fan of love."

    May the force of love be with you, Rachel!


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Alexander Gould completes a 10-month stay in Israel — learning Hebrew, deepening his connection to Judaism, and teaching English to schoolkids in the Negev — in welcome anonymity

    Last we saw of Shane Botwin, the middle son of pot-selling Nancy Botwin was a dirty cop with a drinking problem and a bad temper who shot up his younger brother’s bar mitzvah cake on the final episode of “Weeds,” a quirky drama about a woman who sells marijuana to support her family.

    Just a year later, Alexander Gould, the actor who played Shane from the age of 10 through 18, was sitting in a bare bones kiosk in Yeruham, sipping a bottle of peach-flavored Fuze, his favored soft drink during the 10 months he spent living in Israel while on the Nativ College Leadership program. He was at the tail end of his stay, having spent the last four months living in the Negev desert town teaching English to local elementary school kids.

    “Yeruham’s small,” chuckled Gould, looking up and down the town’s main drag. “You walk five minutes and you’re in the desert. It’s as different as I could find.”

    Those long sandy stretches of terrain provided Gould, a lanky, somewhat laconic 19-year-old, with ample room for his frequent runs and more than enough space to roam unnoticed, especially since the simple factory town, located near the “Large Makhtesh” — actually, Israel’s second-largest crater, after the Ramon Crater — tends not to attract many visitors. During Gould’s time in Yeruham, only one resident recognized him; while he was shopping at the local supermarket, a local pointed a finger and asked, “Weeds?”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Still, while Gould was picked out more frequently during the months he spent in Jerusalem, where the logjam of local Anglos, visiting students and tourists brought more than a few fans to his side, the attention was never overwhelming, and for the most part, Gould’s friends, his fellow Nativ participants, “just didn’t care” about his star status.

    “At one point, I had a serious conversation about it with one of my counselors, who said ‘I think this is the first time I’ve heard you talk about this,’” said Gould. “I’m just happy to have friends and hang out, happy to talk about it, but it’s just like someone talking about playing sports in high school. The freedom to do what I want and not be under a microscope has been a really nice change and made me happier in the long run.”

    The 10 months of a Hollywood-free existence were a kind of blessing for Gould, who’d been waiting for this very opportunity for much of his high school career. As a homeschooled child actor whose mother, Valerie, accompanied him to the “Weeds” set every day until he was 16, when he could drive himself, Gould found that the average teenage life had eluded him, though he comes from a close-knit family.

    “I didn’t have many friends until I started USY,” said Gould, referring to United Synagogue Youth, the youth organization of the Conservative movement, which he joined in his teens. “The fact that I was able to go to USY and fit in completely proved that I was normal. When you’re in the entertainment industry, you have to be more mature, be able to hang with the adults.”

    Gould’s acting career began when he was just a year and a half old, after people commented to his parents on his unusual attentiveness — a sure sign of acting ability for anyone living in the vicinity of Los Angeles and “the industry.” He nailed his first audition and has been working ever since, with his big break coming at age seven when he snagged the role of Nemo’s voice in the Academy Award-winning Pixar animation feature, “Finding Nemo.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Three years later, Gould played the role of Shane Botwin for the pilot of “Weeds,” which starred the sexy, somewhat spacey Mary-Louise Parker as a recently widowed mother of two (she later has a third child) who starts selling pot to pay the bills and ends up as a kind of alternative drug lord. Gould said he didn’t “know too much about the subject of the show at that point,” and was kept in the dark about certain aspects of its content. That clearly became more difficult when he was a teenager in real life and on the show, where, among other things, he lost his virginity to two Goth chicks and whacked another character with a croquet mallet. Still, notwithstanding the gap between Gould’s preternaturally suburban life and Shane Botwin’s bizarre existence, Gould has found that his own character has some fundamentally similarities to Shane’s.

    “We’re a lot alike, definitely in the beginning when Shane was a younger kid,” he said. “He went a lot darker than I ever would, but that made it easier. You’re kind of pulling it out and figuring it out, but a lot of it came naturally to me. I couldn’t say why; maybe just because I’ve been doing it for so long.”

    For the next eight years, Gould spent just over three months a year — 13 weeks, mostly during the summer — with his TV family: brother Silas (Hunter Parrish), mother Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker), Uncle Andy (Justin Kirk) and the rest of the revolving crew of characters from the fictional California town of Agrestic. The 12-hour days of taping were fine until he reached high school and was itching for a life away from the set.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Filming in the summer helped because I would have the school year, but it was a weird dichotomy to juggle,” said Gould.

    Most of the other actors on “Weeds” were older than him; some were “divas,” he said, making a face but not naming names.

    Even Parrish, the actor who played Silas, his TV brother, was seven years older, a sizable difference for a 10-year-old. At some point, Gould began seeking outlets outside the show, after trying to make friends on the red carpet and finding that his fellow actors weren’t his speed.

    “It’s weird,” he said, “everyone’s just fake and those who I do know who have been doing it, they don’t always seem the happiest.”

    Having been raised in a nominally observant family that always belonged to a Conservative synagogue, Alex had kept up with Hebrew school into his high school years, which was how he was introduced to USY.

    He went on the California version of the group’s USY on Wheels bus trip three times and wanted desperately to go on USY Pilgrimage, a six-week summer trip to Israel geared for tenth- and eleventh-graders. But it was too logistically difficult to reorganize the “Weeds” shooting schedule, and his contract didn’t allow for much leeway.

    “I wanted to go on Pilgrimage, and my best friend was going, and I couldn’t go because of filming,” he said. “It was always kind of a thing that if you went on Pilgrimage you knew more people on the international level and that was a big part of my life and much more important to me than acting was at the time. I kind of said okay, got over it, and said we’ll make it work next year.”

    Gould never did end up going to Israel with that USY program, and he didn’t win the international or regional board positions that he ran for, although he did become president of his local synagogue chapter during his senior year. Yet he spent nearly all of his free time during those years building friendships within USY, experiencing a certain sense of relief when new friends either had never heard of “Weeds” or didn’t care.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “It’s a relief because they’re being your friend because they want to,” recalled Gould. There were moments when he would walk into a room at a USY International Convention — held each December, and with thousands of teens in attendance — and notice people doing double takes.

    He could almost hear that whisper, “Is that Shane Botwin?”

    “It’s a little bit weird” to be that recognized person, “but kind of fun, and it’s a good talking point,” he added. “It was part of my life, and I wasn’t going to change it, so I decided I might as well embrace it. I let people know that I wanted to be there [at USY], and I tried to be as humble as possible. My friends were always great about it, and I think it was a great place to find friends because it was a community that was different than everything else.”

    When the elusive trip to Israel with USY didn’t work out three summers in a row, Gould began thinking about going on Nativ, the organization’s gap year leadership program in Israel, which would have fit with the “Weeds” schedule of summer filming, although the show ultimately ended after his senior year.

    His fellow “Weeds” actors thought it was “really cool” that he was going to Israel, he said. “They were happy that I was finally able to make it.”

    Being in Israel and experiencing the particular community that is Nativ was all that Gould imagined, but what stood out for him was the “freedom to do what you want,” he said. “It’s been incredible, just so different from anything I had done before. I’ve loved it here.”

    Gould has plans to spend the summer around LA before heading off to college at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He chose the small, liberal arts college for its small size and “neat feel,” and plans on studying psychology and international relations.

    As for acting, he’s not sure what the future holds.

    “I enjoy it, I really enjoy it when I’m in the process, but I don’t like the crap that comes with it,” he said, looking off into the distance. “It’s been tough, I’ve been trying to figure it all out. Part of me says continue with it, but I don’t think I’m completely happy when I’m doing it, just being part of the whole industry.”

    For now, however, he was happy to heading home, reuniting with his family, whom he’s missed during his 10 months in Israel. He’s not exactly sure what role Israel will play in his future. But he said he’ll be back, in a country where he’s happy, as he put it, not to be “under the microscope.”


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    You can say whatever you want about K. Michelle, but one thing you can’t deny is that the girl can SANG.

    Those who watch “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are well aware of K. Michelle’s story and how she is, and honestly, this “V.S.O.P.” single is the perfect fit for her. She loves herself some brown liquor, and we all know she can’t keep

    During a recent appearance on BET’s “106 & Park,” where she debuted the video, K Michelle said the song is about a “Very Special Old Pal.”

    “It’s that old boo thang that you can’t get rid of, just that very special old pal,” the red-haired R&B singer explained. “It’s a feel-good record for the dudes and for the ladies. Pop some bottles, have some fun.”

    K. Michelle’s “V.S.O.P.” is available on iTunes now, and her debut album Rebellious Soul is due out on August 13th.


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    The new film from Nicolas Winding Refn, Only God Forgives, has always looked pretty cool. But it has reached impossible new heights of hipness in this new colour-drenched trailer, which makes the film look like it's not only too cool for school but for college and kindergarten as well.

    The film stars Ryan Gosling as Julian, a Westerner living in Bangkok. His brother is killed in revenge for slaughtering a young prostitute, and Julian's hard-as-nails mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) expects her younger son to take revenge on his killers. Only one problem: the man responsible is Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm), a terrifying retribution machine working with the city's police.

    As you'd expect from Winding Refn, it's all a lot more atmospheric and elegaic than that description might suggest, as you'll see when the film arrives on August 2 (July 19 if you happen to be in the USA). If you are taken by the music here, incidentally, it's by Suuns and the track's called 2020.


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    Your mid-twenties are a great time to connect with your mom. You're finally an adult, hopefully with your own job and home and salary, and your mother can finally enjoy your company instead of worrying you'll call her drunk at 3 a.m. begging for a ride home after too many Zimas. You can share grown-up dinners, drink wine together, and gossip about your respective book clubs like the two mature ladies that you are. Which is exactly what we imagine Anna Wintour and her 25-year-old daughter, Bee Shaffer, are doing in Paris this week — with a few couture shows here and there to pass the time.

    Bee, who moved to L.A. a few years ago to work as a producer for Glee's Ryan Murphy, arrived in Paris with her mom over the weekend. On Sunday, they popped by Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent menswear show to gawk at those skinny male models. Bee even got to wear this dress from Hedi's controversial fall 2013 collection, while Anna buttoned her pink cardigan over her shoulders like a true tennis mom.

    Yesterday, the pair enjoyed some downtime before their first show, Christian Dior, at 2:30 p.m. Look how cozy they are, all snuggled up in their seats with Anna grinning ear to ear like a proud mama bear!

    After a quick outfit change, they reconvened at Giambattista Valli, where Bee momentarily forgot to look like she was having an awesome time with her mom and sent a text message. Kids these days.

    This morning, they got up bright and early for Chanel. We'd like to think they shared some pastries and une tasse de chocolat, but in reality they probably went for a mother-daughter workout at the hotel gym.

    So, what will Bee wear tomorrow? And is she just enjoying her mom's company (and the fun clothes that come with it), or perhaps laying the groundwork for an entrée into the fashion world?


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    Actresses KIRSTEN DUNST and LENA DUNHAM have shared emails from their personal accounts for a new art project.

    The Hollywood stars allowed filmmaker Miranda July to browse their inboxes for her online artwork, We Think Alone, which gives fans a chance to peak at private emails belonging to 10 public figures.

    The first selection, sent out to July's subscribers on Monday (01Jul13), was titled An Email About Money and included a message Dunst sent from her iPhone about selling her used car to a pal.

    The Spider-Man star writes, "My friend Jessica is buying my car for 7,000 I gave her your info for payments. She's going to pay 2,000 up front and then pay the rest as fast as she can. Thanks, Kirsten."

    Girls creator Dunham's April (13) correspondence deals with a $24,000 sofa she nearly ordered from Sweden, before she wrote to her assistant to declare the piece of furniture "just too expensive".

    July insists her celebrity contributors were happy to join in, adding, "I needed someone who would deliver, and knew that Lena Dunham would be totally uninhibited... And I was kind of surprised with Lena Dunham by how many (emails) are to her boyfriend (fun. rocker Jack Antonoff). I assume Jack knows she's doing this. And that he's cool with it... Then I chose Kirsten Dunst as an actress whose power comes from you not really knowing who she is."

    Upcoming themes include An Email To Your Mom, An Email About Something You Want, An Email that Gives Advice and An Angry Email.


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    naya at a malibu beach in june 27, 2013

    thinking about looking better than u

    looks better than u

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    Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail," which became available thrugh the Samsung app (but also leaked elsewhere) late last night, is a lot to get through on a holiday... and not just if you have a Samsung phone. (Samsung users faced difficulties when downloading the album at midnight, receiving error messages and delays.)

    With the release of his 12th studio album, Jay-Z claims to have rewritten the rules: an Instagram photo boasts "#ALREADYPLATINUM" in capital letters, having pre-sold one million copies of his album and disseminated them for free like fliers under windshield wipers.

    As an event, it's good, it's great, it's disappointing and back again. As an album, though, it tends to be safe. He's surrounded by friends, in the commercials and on the tracks: there's Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Nas, Rick Ross, Frank Ocean, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. It's in the same vein as "Watch The Throne," where there's much talk of revolution, of race and class, but - while they championed Occupy Wall Street in Occupy All Streets shirts - now, these words have been co-opted by a giant phone company.

    Jay's trying to be a lot of things to all people, as one does when as big as he is. And while it's unfair to measure Jay against others, we're living in a world where Yeezus has risen, and it feels like Jay's dipping a toe rather than fully diving in. When Kanye is heaving bombs from across the court, you can't clap so loud when Jay lobs lay-ups.That's not to say it's not good - it is - sometimes you just want to see some sweat.

    1. "Holy Grail" (Featuring Justin Timberlake)

    The album opens up with what sounds like a Justin Timberlake version of a Coldplay song before shifting into a stuttering beatbox of an instrumental by Timbaland and The-Dream, annoyed about the price of fame. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jay once again brings up MC Hammer's finances, forgetting what happened thefirst time he did that. I still can't believe that Kurt Cobain's lyrics are being released through a Samsung app. In case people (namely, Jay-Z) are unfamiliar, Cobain was the guy who was on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a shirt that said, "Corporate magazines still suck."

    2. "Picasso Baby"
    I haven't heard a Jay-Z mixtape track in years, so this brings back memories. The beat sounds like lasers have been shot through Schroeder's piano from Peanuts. Ugh, it takes one verse for Jay to compare himself to Basquiat ("I am the new Jean Michel") and bring up Warhol; for a guy who claims to spend so much time at MoMA, why does always name the same names? But regardless, this is all burying the lede, because after a brief intermission, Jay goes full throttle at the mudslingers and Fox News talking heads: "I never stuck my cock in Fox's box"; "Ni--as even talk about your baby crazy," which makes him want to "Come through with 'Ye mask on, Spray everything like SAMO." Such a great couplet. Nice to hear Jay with some fire in his voice.

    3. "Tom Ford"
    "I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford." Are the two mutually exclusive? Over a beat constructed out of machine gun sprays, Nintendo themes and bottle blows, Jay-Z appropriates MIA's flow from "Bad Girls" and raps things like, "Guns on ya Tumblrs... Fuck hashtags and retweets, ni--a / 140 characters in these streets, ni--a." Who is Jay's social media person? An uncredited Beyoncé whisper-coos to close the track. It sure sounds like a single, and maybe it is a single, but it's hard to tell when the only promotion is the idea that there's promotion.

    4. "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" (Featuring Rick Ross)
    Before we go any further, this song is great. It opens with a long intro from the late Pimp C, talking about the necessity to wear so much jewelry. Rick Ross allows the beat to breathe, or maybe it's the other way around. "Got a bad bitch, she's a masterpiece" is the most Jay-Z-esque lyric that Rick Ross says. The most Rick Ross-esque thing Jay-Z says? "Hov just landed in Rome, ni--a / All hail, Caesar's home, ni--as."

    5. "Oceans" (Featuring Frank Ocean)
    Some might find it crass to compare the escape from slavery to "Ocean's 11," and it probably is. It's not a completely thought-out simile, but it's here, and Jay's saying things "on holiday playing Strange Fruit" and hoping for "billies," because get it? Do you get it? And must Frank Ocean sing about going to the Basquiat show? Especially when "I hope my black skin don't dirt this tuxedo" is such a powerful thing to say. Why must Jay bury good lyrics within bad ones? I fail to understand. I need RapGenius to explain that to me.

    6. "FUTW (Fuck Up This World)"
    Jazzy, swirling chimes, like a storm is brewing. Jay-Z sees himself holding a baton in MLK's relay race. And, to hear him tell it, it makes a lot of sense; the idea that a black man could make so much money, be the face of so many things... it's inspiring. (There's some bad writing on parts of this album - see "Oceans" - but when Jay says things like, "America tried to emasculate the greats / Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes," one remembers just how good he can be. Seriously: "We have yet to see a ceiling, we just top what we top / Cause the bars don't struggle and the struggle don't stop."

    7. "Somewhereinamerica"
    This song is a perfect example of the highs and lows of the album. The production is great, a bubbling trombone loop, full cheeks and sweaty brow, conjures visions of a dank jazz club. But then there's the lyrics, which are a bit smug and a bit too cool-dad. For half the song, he insists that Miley Cyrus twerk. Why? And why to this song? Is Miley Cyrus a thing now? I guess we should just be lucky he didn't namecheck Amanda Bynes.

    8. "Crown"
    Wolf snarls, Sizzla, Travis $cott and Colecovision soundboards? Is this a left over "Yeezus" track? Jay does compare himself to a god, twice, so maybe. But there are two key differences: Kanye would never dis Scott Boras about stealing his clients, and Jay isn't truly interested in getting dirty. You know how expensive brands used to sell jeans that were already beaten up, already had holes and stains? That's what Jay's "revolution" sounds like.

    9. "Heaven"
    As corporate as the album is - and it is corporate - it can be pretty subversive. Case in point: Jay-Z interpolates R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" because he can, but also says things like, "Question religion, question it all / Question existence until them questions are solved." And yes, it's very on-the-nose, but it could also worm its way into a lot of brains long abandoned for mush.

    10. "Versus"
    "Hey sucka ni--a, where ever you are" opens this quick interlude, where Jay dismisses any rappers who think they're on his level. Try looking in New Orleans. That's probably where they are.

    11. "Part II (On the Run)" (Featuring Beyoncé)
    When they recorded "'03 Bonnie and Clyde," Jay-Z and Beyoncé were only "rumored" to be dating, which was never really a "rumor" but something that people thought was a "rumor" because the couple never talked about it. This sequel isn't exactly meant to quiet the masses; Jay tosses out a couple of retweet-ready lines: "My baby momma harder than a lot of you ni--as" and "She was a good girl till she knew me / Now she is in the drop bussin' U'e."

    12. "Beach is Better"
    Man, c'mon. The best song so far is only 56 seconds? What kind of game is that, Jay? What kind of game is that? The beat sounds so alive, and he just hogties it into submission: "I brought sand to the beach / Cause my beach is better / You can keep ya beach / Cause that beach whatever." This is Jay with a toothpick in the side of his mouth, sneering. Perfect. And the Boi-1da beat? Perfect. Everything's perfect, and then it's snatched away.

    13. "BBC"
    The recording behind this song should've been the one used in the promotional Samsung commercials. I'd rather watch Jay, Bey', P, Nas, Swizz, Timbaland and Timberlake dance around instead of seeing Rick Rubin struggle for breath, Nirvana and/or a shower... but then the commercial would've just been the music video for Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Another plus is Jay adopting Ma$e's "Feel So Good" opener. (Question: why, in Nas' verse, is the D'usse half-bleeped out? Does he have a sponsorship deal that prevents that brand being spoken, and - in that case - why bother saying it at all?)

    14. "Jay-Z Blue"
    Oof. Jay-Z really rhymed "Pampers" with "Hamptons." He's talking all "fuck joint custody" and needing a joint, there are Biggie grunts and "Mommie Dearest" quotes, which is... terrifying and uncomfortable. Weren't we all happy a few minutes ago? What the hell just happened? I feel like I'm watching my parents fight. Is this my fault? Did I do something wrong? I'm just going to go hide under the covers and pretend I'm asleep. That being said, the most brutal and honest line on the album might be "Father never taught me how to be a father." This is a song that will improve with time, but is simply too much for one listen.

    15. "La Familia"
    No. I'm still hiding under the covers, pretending to be asleep, but only because I want this song to get off my porch. Go next door, song. Jay's flow is too sparse; the beat's barely there, like it's checking text messages and half-listening. This feels like an overlong interlude. Meanwhile, there are interludes that are far too short! I wish we could swap them, but we can't, because the Samsung app finally started working and Jay-Z's album has been released.

    16. "Nickels and Dimes"
    For a pretty good album, the last couple of tracks are a real bummer, just chock full o' holes. The hook - based around a Gonjasufi sample - sounds like the old lady from the "Titanic," stumbling through a sentence. Meanwhile, Jay's doing that thing he always does when he beats wordplay into the ground: "Can't see it taking food out my little monster's mouth / That will drive me gaga." Jay's incredibly smart, but he doesn't need to underestimate his audience the way he does. And it's too bad, because he opens with "Got a thing for nickel plated nines and pretty dimes, Mac-11 I squeeze like lemon limes." This is "Oceans" all over again.

    Overall, the album sounds great, there's just no denying that. Jay-Z's lyrics, however, ping-pong between great to serviceable, clever to unforgivable. Do I expect too much? Am I quibbling? It's entirely possible. But Jay put those lyrics out as a series of advertisements for the album, and so they're asking to be examined through forks and knives. Is it a "#classic"? Unsure. A "Magna Carta Holy Fail" (as tweeted by some)? Probably not. It's closer to the former, with flashes of the latter. Even if it burns out quickly, people love fireworks on July 4th.

    What is your favorite song on the album?

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    'Geordie Shore' star Gaz Beadle has become the latest celeb to become embroiled in an internet sex scandal after explicit pictures of him allegedly performing a sex act appeared online.

    The MTV reality star appears to be *ahem* enjoying the pleasure of himself in a steamy session on an internet chat service.

    Images of the star - who claims to have bedded nearly 1000 women - with his trousers down somehow seem to have been captured and tweeted out via the account @celebritybusted

    The pics have since gone viral on Twitter, but Gaz is still to speak about the scandal.


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  • 07/05/13--00:20: Amy Winehouse news

  • Amy Winehouse's private life is on display at a new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London. Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait was created in collaboration with Winehouse's brother, Alex, who hopes the exhibition will show a rarely-seen side of the singer, reports Reuters.

    The exhibition's curator, Liz Selby, says that the Winehouse family tree is revealed through the display of intimate items owned by the singer, showcasing her cultural beliefs.

    "Amy herself said that her Jewishness is really about family, and I think that really comes across very strongly in the exhibition," said Selby. "You get to see lots of exhibition related to her family life. In terms of her Jewishness, she was more of a cultural Jew, but she and her family did partake in religious ceremonies."

    Winehouse struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and died in 2011 at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning. As the two-year anniversary of her death approaches, Winehouse's family hopes that the exhibition presents the singer from a fresh perspective.

    "I think what we're trying to do in the exhibition is show her as a well-rounded person," said Selby. "A person with faults, [but] a person with some great, positive traits as well."

    Dionne Bromfield claims her late godmother Amy Winehouse came to her as a butterfly.

    The 17-year-old singer - who was signed to Amy's label Lioness Records in 2009 - believes the singer was at her own funeral in spirit and has written the song 'Black Butterfly' about the 'Back to Black' hitmaker, who tragically died in 2011 aged just 27.

    Dionne exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "The butterfly was at Amy's funeral service. The butterfly came at the beginning of the service and sat on one of the guests shoulders for the whole service and when they rolled up the coffin the butterfly flew out with it. Everyone knows that a butterfly would not sit on a shoulder for nearly 30 or 40 minutes and I've never seen a black butterfly in my life - so I thought it was pretty crazy. It was almost like she was the butterfly and she was there with everyone even though she wasn't."

    Dionne - who was guided and inspired by Amy when she started her career - considers the emotional track "probably one of the best songs" she's ever wrote.

    She explained: "When you hear it you won't even need to know what I have to say about it because it speaks for itself - it's very personal and it's very graphic. When you hear the actual song itself you can picture exactly what I'm saying and understand the whole story of it - it's like an anecdote really."

    The soul singer insists her music has changed now that she is older but remains thankful to her godmother Amy for everything she did to help her career as "without her none of it would have actually been possible".

    Dionne - who was speaking to promote 'The Sims 3 Island Paradise', which is available to buy from today (28.06.13) - said: "Every time something good happens musically I'm always like, 'Amy's probably watching over or maybe Amy helped that happen'."

    Amy was last seen in public when she joined Dionne on stage at The Roundhouse venue in Camden, north London.

    Amy Winehouse's mother didn't ever expect the late star to make it into her 30s. Janis Winehouse insists she "wasn't surprised" when her daughter died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 aged just 27 because she couldn't ever imagine the 'Rehab' hitmaker, who would have been celebrating her 30th birthday in September, as an older woman.

    She said: "When I think Amy would have been 30 this year, it doesn't feel right. I'm not saying I always foresaw this but I wasn't surprised. I couldn't see Amy as an older person. She was this young girl who exploded into the world like a firecracker and then it was, 'OK, I'm done -- I'm off'. Amy was never meant to be 30."

    Janis believes the singer was "bored" of performing the same songs at her gigs, and insists the 'Back to Black' hitmaker - who battled alcohol and drug addiction - went through life thinking she was "immortal".

    She explained: "Amy was getting there. She had kicked the drugs but I also know she was bored -- bored with doing the same gigs and same music. I would definitely say Amy was bored with life. I believe in life after death and that when Amy passed she probably met with her grandma, who said to her, 'You see, I told you this would happen! I told you to stop your mad way of life.' And Amy probably said, 'Oops, I didn't mean to do that.' I think she surprised herself. She probably thought she was immortal."

    Janis - who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) - let Amy eat what she wanted because she didn't feel strong enough to fight her, but the 58-year-old retired pharmacist thinks her daughter often looked like a "concentration camp victim" because she was so thin after going on crazy diets.

    She added to The Sun newspaper: "Her attitude to food was also very upsetting because she was always trying a dreadful diet. She'd say, 'I found a really good diet Mum, I chew the food and spit it out'. So she'd get her favourite KFC every night and spit it out. She lost 2st until she was stick thin, like a concentration camp victim. I don't know whether I would have been a different mother if I hadn't had MS.

    "I would certainly have had more energy and more fight against Amy."

    Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty plans to sell cigarette ends smoked by Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse at a stall in a London market.

    The rocker, who is reportedly sharing a flat in Paris with Macauley Culkin, told NME he wants to set up a stall in Camden Market to sell off "all kinds of sh*t", including memorabilia linked to Moss, an old flame, and Winehouse, his late friend.

    "I've got fag butts that belong to Bobby Gillespie, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse, and I've got Christmas paper that [former Coventry City goalkeeper] Steve Ogrizovic sent to the guy from Black Sabbath," Doherty said.

    The revelation comes a year-and-a-half after the Libertine famously displayed a collection of rubbish from his Wiltshire mansion at a Camden gallery, including paintings made from his own blood.

    Doherty is also planning a headline UK tour in September, in support of a new Babyshambles album slated for release in the same month.

    July 23rd marks the day of Amy's death. Two years already... Personally, I can't even believe she's not alive anymore. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

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    Dizzee Rascal Releases 2013 Album Debut Track 'H Town' Ft. Bun-b And Trae The Truth.

    Dizzee Rascal is back and as he prepares to unleash his monster new album 'The Fifth' due this summer, he drops debut track 'H-Town' featuring hip hop legend and godfather of the dirty south, Bun-B and Houston's king of the streets Trae The Truth.

    Shot in Houston, Texas over the mammoth All Star Weekend, Dizzee took to the streets with Bun-B and friends Trae Tha Truth, Truck Buck and The Trill Gladiators to make the video. Produced by Oligee and turntable wizard and Kanye go-to A-Trak. 'H-Town' first debuted on Dirtee TV The Mixtape Vol.2 earlier this year. Dizzee said ' the collaboration for this song started with Bun, I came to Houston and had a good time and it stuck with me, I was doing a mixtape at the time and I ended up writing about it and recorded it, I sent it to Bun and he got on it straight away. When I came to Atlanta to record the album I saw Trae in the studio and we decided to do the video.'

    It's hard to believe ten years have now passed since Dizzee Rascal's Mercury prize-winning debut album Boy In Da Corner set fire to the UK Garage and Brit-rap rulebooks to leave listeners basking blissfully in the toxic fumes.'The Fifth' , Dizzee's first album since signing a multi-million pound worldwide deal with Universal, forsakes the UK urban comfort zone by putting together "a crack team of experts" on a Dirty Dozen-style mission to "go for the global jugular".

    With countless accolades and industry awards under his belt including coveted Mercury Music Prize, Ivor Novello, Brit and most recently a landmark performance at the 2012 Olympics, broadcast to an estimated nine hundred million people; watch yourselves, Dizzee is back.


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    Exciting news, Marshmallows! Zap2it has some scoop on the "Veronica Mars" movie.

    A source tells us that James Franco is scripted to appear ... as himself. He'll be one of several celebrities in the movie who have been victims of a hidden camera scam. No, not like on "Duped!" -- "one of those reality shows where people get duped into doing stupid things like giving some stranger their car or a bunch of money."

    But the kind of scam where someone hides cameras in famous people's houses and tries to sell the videos. Sounds like a case for everyone's favorite pint-sized private eye.

    While reps for Franco and the movie could not be reached due to the holiday weekend, the actor is just the latest in a long line names attached to the project, including familiar faces and newbies. The "Veronica Mars" movie is slated for a 2014 release. Are you getting excited, VMars fans?


    If the "Logan's girlfriend gets murdered and Logan is accused" plot is legit and not a fake plot, I guess this is how Veronica gets Logan off, there will probably be a camera in Logan's place.

    It would be more fun if Franco is in that 09er club hanging out, but whatever. I just really hate the "Logan's girlfriend gets murdered AGAIN and he's accused of being involved AGAIN" plot.

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    Anyone remember this show??? It premiered in Canada on MuchMusic and in the U.S. on The CW last year and then got canceled last December due to low ratings. :(  I believe it's currently airing on MTV in Europe, Central and South America and Asian right now. The show stars Cassie Steele (Degrassi), Jewel Staite (Firefly, Flash Forward), Chelan Simons (FD3, Kyle X) and a bunch of other Canadians except the Aussie dude and the actor who plays the gay rapper.

    Anyway, the entire series is getting a DVD release on August 13th! Not sure which stores will be carrying it but you can preorder it on Amazon right now. A special version will be released sometime this month at Target according to the source.

    Here's a description of the show: A diverse group of aspiring performers pursues fame and stardom in L.A. Moving into an apartment-style motel (the Lux) for displaced dreamers, each dubbed “most likely to succeed,” they all face the challenges and opportunities of a lifetime. But it’s not as easy as it looks. For every bona fide starlet, there are countless cocktail waitresses. For every true rock star, there are hundreds of street performers on the pier. For every comedian with a hit sitcom, there are dozens of guys cracking jokes while pouring your coffee. In L.A., life can change in the blink of an eye. If they work hard enough, and stay long enough, they know someone’s gonna make it…the question is: who?

    It was one of the best shows to have aired on The CW so I was crushed when they canceled it. Who knows, maybe someone will start a Kickstarter to revive it. Haha.

    To the 5 of you on here who watched this show, go sign this PETITION I just found!

    To the ladies and men who love black masculine men on men action...

    My favorite character:

    Source: linklink

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    Robert Pattinson picks up some groceries with a friend at a local supermarket on Friday (July 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    The 27-year-old actor picked up beer, Snapple, toilet paper, and more during this afternoon shopping trip.

    Rob was seen for the first time since it was revealed exclusively on that he and Riley Keough are not dating.

    Many believed rumors that Rob and Riley were dating after people came to the assumption that she was the mystery girl in his car over the weekend, but her rep confirmed to us that it was not her.


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    Josh Henderson cooks some burgers while hosting a Fourth of July summer party at the 90265 Beach house on Thursday (July 4) in Malibu, Calif.

    “Happy 4th!! #theresApongballinmyhand #beerpong,” the 31-year-old Dallas actor wrote on Instagram along with a photo of himself playing beer pong at the bash.

    Josh was joined at the party by pals Chord Overstreet, Cassie Scerbo, and Christina Milian.

    FYI: The party was sponsored by KIA Motors, Asphalt Yacht Club, Tea of a Kind, Franks Red Hot Sauce, Sabra, Barefooters, and Voli Light Vodka.


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    It was recently announced that Cartoon Network is joining forces with production company Angry Filmworks to begin development of a live-action Captain Planet movie, based on the popular environmental superhero animated series from the 1990s. Now that our nostalgic heartstrings have all been tugged it’s time to think about who we want to star in a live-action Captain Planet film.


    Ron Perlman as Captain Planet

    Ron Perlman is the quintessential action adventure movie guy. His characteristic look, voice, and demeanor would be perfect for the hulking Captain Planet.
    Rupert Grint as Wheeler
    Rupert Grint has been kind of MIA since Harry Potter ended and needs a kickstarter. His loveable expressions and fiesty personality would be perfect for Wheeler.
    Luis Armand Garcia as Ma-Ti
    Garcia was adorable on George Lopez and hasn’t done anything since. Now that he’s a little older he’d be perfect to play the team’s most lovable member.
    Ellen Wong as Gi
    Ellen Wong is spunky and cute, just like Gi and has done enough fun films that she would probably fit right in with this one.

    Edi Gathegi as Kwame
    Gathegi is perhaps best known for his role in X-Men: First Class in which he proved he can play a smart and tough hero; just like Kwame.

    Emma Bell as Linka
    Emma Bell is a capable actress who shows up here and there in movies and TV but has yet to have a role that defines her. Linka could be that role.

    Vanessa Williams as Gaia
    Gaia is the glue that holds the team together and the force that keeps them going. She is beautiful, regal and strong, just like Vanessa Williams.


    Please let this movie die.

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    It must be an exciting time to be Robin Thicke. The singer has the pop song of the summer, Blurred Lines," which features T.I. and Pharrell.

    So when the album, which is also called Blurred Lines, drops on July 30th, expect big first week numbers from the singer.

    The single "Blurred Lines" has been huge, with the song topping the Billboard charts. With the album's release date a couple of weeks away, Interscope has released the snippets for all the songs.

    And after listening to the snippets, we're not gonna lie: this thing is sounding special.

    Stream the snippets below. You won't regret it.


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