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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Franchises collide! Gravel-voiced muscleman Vin Diesel, who's powered the Fast & Furious series into becoming one of Hollywood's most durable properties, may soon don Spandex. Yup, he revealed on Facebook that "Marvel has requested a meeting," meaning that they probably want him to play a character in one of their upcoming films. But who could that character be?

    Mind you, Diesel has been in talks with Marvel before. Once upon a time he had discussed playing the classic character Namor the Sub-Mariner, an Atlantean superhero who's kind of like Marvel's answer to DC's Aquaman — though Namor actually dates back to the 1930s, even headlining Marvel Comics #1. Considering that Diesel's Facebook message accompanies a photo of him engaging in water sports, it seems that he may indeed have resumed talks to play the aquatic hero. Those original discussions stalled because, well, Namor isn't exactly a character who could headline a film by himself. But could he be a part of an ensemble like The Avengers 2? Most definitely. The Fast & Furious films capitalize on Diesel's meathead charm, but they also integrate him into an extensive ensemble in each movie. He's pretty much teed up to join S.H.I.E.L.D.

    But there are also a few other possibilities for who he could play...

    Doctor Strange
    The healer-turned-sorcerer has one of the more tragic story arcs in the Marvel universe. It seems like the studio is very keen to give Doctor Strange the big-screen treatment for its Phase 3 movie lineup, and Diesel could fit. After Strange loses his ability to heal people conventionally, as a medical doctor, he turns to magic. It's all about his powerlessness and efforts to re-empower himself, themes for which Diesel's formidable physical presence could provide ironic contrast.

    We've been talking about Edgar Wright's film since forever, it seems like, but the fact is, the title character still hasn't been cast! Diesel could easily play Dr. Hank Pym.

    Way back before Ben Affleck signed on to play the blind vigilante in 2003, Diesel had also circled the role. It's possible, now that the rights to the Daredevil property have reverted to Marvel, that they're looking to reboot the character in a way that isn't absolutely horrible... like the Affleck version. Diesel's already been known to wear some funky eyewear as Riddick.
    And finally...

    Damion Poitier played the largely non-CGI character in a non-speaking cameo at the end of The Avengers. Could Diesel step in to at least lend his basso profondo voice to the role? He could bring silky menace to a character who embarks on an apocalyptic campaign to court Death — or, rather, a female personification of Death.

    One thing that's probably ruled out here: Fans had long imagined him playing Doctor Doom in a Fantastic Four movie, but the rights to that franchise are still held by Fox, not Marvel. And Diesel's Facebook post suggests he's definitely meeting with Marvel Studios. So do not expect to see him in the FF reboot Fox is planning for 2015.

    Who do you think he'll end up playing?

    Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Are an Integral Part of The Avengers 2

    After last month's confirmation that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be a part of The Avengers 2, director Joss Whedon spoke about how important these characters are, and how he doesn't want to know how they will be used in Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    "[They're] a huge part of [Marvel's The Avengers 2]. I'm really excited about it. I don't know what they're doing and I'm determinably not knowing. They'll do their thing. I have to do mine."

    Both 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios share the rights to these characters, with each studio following certain guidelines. Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) are the mutant children of X-Men's Magneto, with Quicksilver possessing super-human speed and Scarlet Witch having the power to control probabilities. They also appear in The Avengers comic book line, although Fox cannot mention anything that is related to the siblings' Avengers story and Marvel can't use anything in regards to their mutant lineage with Magneto.

    We reported earlier this month that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is being considered for Quicksilver in The Avengers 2. Actress Saoirse Ronan has been reported to be the "model" for Scarlet Witch, although it isn't known if they will bring her on board. Evan Peters has already been locked in as the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    Joss Whedon also spoke about his massive success as of late, and earlier projects like his failed Wonder Woman movie that never got off the ground at Warner Bros.

    "It's like grief. There's a period of anger where you're like, 'Hey! Remember all those times where I told you it would have worked? They believed me and it did! So now I'm going to get angry about stuff that I had pretty much dealt with.' You do kind of want to have a slap-line of everybody you had previously worked for. But I'm luckier than most people, so you get over that."

    Rumor has it that the sequel will begin filming in the UK early next year.

    What do we think about Diesel? Yes/no?


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  • 06/28/13--19:11: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!!

  • Kelly Sullivan Leaving General Hospital!

    the news spread quickly that General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan, who delivered remarkable performances throughout the Kate/Connie multiple personality storyline, is out at the ABC soap. Multiple sources confirm to Soap Opera Digest that Kelly, who took over the role of GH's Kate Howard in 2011, will be exiting as Kate's integrated persona, Connie.

    This week's GH promo featured Connie and Olivia and their potential love triangle with Sonny.

    Sullivan took to her official facebook page this afternoon to clarify the reason for her exit, and as she notes, it has nothing to do with contract talks, but that the powers-that-be simply chose to write her character out of the show.

    Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty. You are my life long family and I cannot express how much I appreciate each of you. You have really made my experience here on GH a wonderful adventure.

    I wanted to fill you all in on the details and try to answer some of your questions.

    I am not returning to GH after August.

    This is not a contract issue, I have been written off the show.

    I do not have any information on potential Daytime opportunities.

    Lastly, I have no ill feelings towards any of the staff or crew connected to the show or the network. I will miss everyone dearly.

    Love, Kelly

    Maurice Benard (Sonny) reacted on Twitter to the news: "This is all I'm gonna say. When an actress with that kind of ability and talent leaves the show, it hurts."

    GH has had an influx of new characters and stories in recent weeks which, on a daytime soap opera, tends to mend existing characters are on the way out.

    Katherine Kelly Lang likes THE MENTALIST and THE VOICE!

    "I like THE MENTALIST; it is such a regular network TV show formula, but I still love it because I love him (star Simon Baker). That’s the one I seem to catch the most, then I really enjoy watching THE VOICE. I love the judges. And that’s pretty much what I watch ... besides THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL."

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Part of DOMA, Dismisses Prop. 8 Case (Soap Stars React)!

    The gay rights movement saw a significant victory at the Supreme Court on Wednesday. In a 5-4 ruling in United States v. Windsor, the court struck down a provision of the 17-year-old Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that denies federal benefits -- like Social Security benefits or the ability to file joint tax returns -- to same-sex couples legally married.

    "DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority. Kennedy was joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

    Gay married couples will now receive federal benefits.

    At the same time, the court ruled 5-4 that the defendants in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which considered the constitutionality of California's same-sex marriage ban (called Proposition 8), have no standing in court. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justices Antonin Scalia, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan. Gay couples in California will now be able to get married.

    Soap opera stars immediately took to Twitter to post their reaction (so far all in support of the decisions):

    Greg Rikaart ‏(@gregrikaart):
    Not getting married anytime soon, but celebrating #equality tonight nonetheless.

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Robin Strasser (‏@robinstrasser)
    It's a GREAT DAY in the United States of America. EQUALITY is non-debatable. Some may be fearful of change. With trust that too will change.

    ALL MY CHILDREN's Cady McClain (‏@realcadymcclain):
    Wow. Congrats to all LGBT couples!!! A great day.

    DAYS OF OUR LVIES' Eileen Davidson (‏@eileen_davidson):
    @NOH8Campaign so thrilled today. Lets celebrate equal rights for all!

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Karla Mosley (‏@karlamosley):
    DOMA is gone!!!!!! I'm in tears thinking about all the people who have been working TIRELESSLY to make this happen. You are saints all of u.

    Kristian Alfonso (‏@KJAlfonso):
    ; ))))

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Tuc Watkins ‏(@tucwatkins):
    It's a good day to be an American!

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Heather Tom (@BBheathertom):
    It's a historic day- justice and sanity rule!

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Christian Le Blanc (@CJLeBlanc):
    GOOD-BYE H8!!!

    Former DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress Molly Burnett (‏@mollydollyy):
    DOMA is DEAD!!!! Get married bitchessssss ;) #TwoStepsForward #MarriageEquality

    REVENGE's Gabriel Mann ‏(@Gabriel_Mann):

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Greg Rikaart ‏(@gregrikaart):

    Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress JudithLight ‏(@JudithLight):
    Equality reigns in the land 2day! My heart is full of joy 4 my LGBT brothers & sisters Deepest gratitude 2 all who made this day possible!

    Former AS THE WORLD TURNS (and Y&R) actress Jennifer landon ‏(@jrlandon):
    #DOMAisDEAD !!! Thank you to the mighty #EdithWindsor

    GLEE's Harry Shum Jr ‏(@iharryshum):
    In all seriousness, congrats America. You win today. How this was even an issue still blows my mind. #LoveIsLove

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Blake Berris ‏(@BlakeBerris):
    Bye #DOMA. it was fun while it lasted. oh wait. no it wasn't. #NOH8 #EQUALITY #gaymarriage

    Former 90210 (and DAYS) actor Trevor Donovan ‏(@TrevDon):
    Welcome to the 21st Century America! ...sorry it took so long

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Laura Wright (‏@lldubs):
    Love is Love!!!!! #hellyeahcali

    ALL MY CHILDREN's Alicia Minshew (‏@alicia_minshew):
    Yay California!!! No more Prop 8!!! Free love for all!!!

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Eric Martsolf (‏@ericmartsolf):
    “@TIME: Supreme Court clears way for gay marriage in California |” Awesome.

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Scott Clifton ‏(@CliftonsNotes):
    It's a good day for a moral victory! #DOMA #Prop8 #equalityforall

    Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actor Terrell Tilford ‏(@TerrellTilford):
    Same Love... #MarriageEquality for ALL!!! #Vimeo @Macklemore & @RyanLewis Let YOUR Voice Be Heard!!!

    Take Heart, Steffy Fans: She'll Be Back!!

    Fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Steffy Forrester have been disheartened ever since the brunette departed L.A. for Paris, but viewers needn't count her out. In fact, she'll be airing on Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12!

    "Wouldn't you like to know?" teases Scott Clifton (Liam), when asked where his storyline with Steffy was heading now that her portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, is technically off-contract with the show. "Let me be clear — she's not gone," he clarifies. "She'll be around. If you talk to her, she'll tell you she has no intention of, like, never showing up again. She's going to be coming back."

    In the meantime, the actor says fans should sit back and enjoy what transpires in Steffy's absence. "It's going to change [things] in a very significant way," he explains. "In terms of what we're shooting now, the dynamic has already begun to change in a really cool way that I'm excited for you guys to see."

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Erika Slezak dishes on her Philly roots, says Viki will stay busy!

    Slezak had a rebellious streak during her time at the now-defunct Sacred Heart at Eden Hall in the Northeast.

    "My best friends used to convince the teachers that we needed to go to the library in Torresdale to study," Slezak told me. "We would spend 20 minutes there and then we would go to the Mayfair Diner. We would eat hamburgers because the school's food would leave something to be desired."

    So what's in store for Viki Lord? "[Viewers] can certainly expect the same drama that has surrounded her life since day one," Slezak said. "I have only read a few shows in the future, but I can see where it's going. She's going to be a busy lady."

    Former PASSIONS co-stars Natalie Zea and Travis Schuldt engaged!

    Talk about passion!

    Actress Natalie Zea and her longtime boyfriend Travis Schuldt are engaged.

    After 10 years together, the couple – who met when they costarred on the soap opera Passions – are making it official after a proposal in Kauai, Hawaii.

    "He wanted to make sure he gave the car a thorough test drive before he bought it," Zea, 38, tells PEOPLE.

    Aside from his role on Passions, Schuldt, 38, also starred on Scrubs, while Zea, who played Winona on Justified, currently stars as Claire Matthews on The Following.

    Meet And Greet The Cast Of B&B!

    THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL will be holding a special Cast Meet And Greet at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, CA, on Friday, August 23, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm! Actors from the soap will be in front of the historic Clock Tower on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax, and there will be giveaways and raffles!

    Lines for admittance will open at 7:00 am, and the event is completely free and open to the public!

    For updated information about the event, keep an eye on the B&B Web site, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

    Eric Winter Joins Lifetime's WITCHES OF EAST END!

    Lifetime’s Witches of East End has cast its spell on Eric Winter.

    The Mentalist and Brothers & Sisters alum is joining the new drama in the series regular role of Dash, the JFK Jr.-esque fiancé of Jenna Dewan-Tatum‘s reluctant witch, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    He replaces Gossip Girl‘s Patrick Heusinger, who departed the project earlier this month for creative reasons.

    Lifetime handed Witches a 10-episode order back in January. The series centers on Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) and her two adult daughters Freya (Dewan-Tatum) and Ingrid (American Dreams’ Rachel Boston), both of whom unknowingly are their family’s next generation of witches.

    The cast also includes Mädchen Amick as Joanna’s sister Wendy.

    Maggie Friedman, who helmed ABC’s similarly-themed Eastwick, will serve as showrunner.

    The 60 Greatest Soap Opera Moments of All Time!

    Sordid secrets, evil twins, mind-blowing returns from the dead and love in the afternoon so lushly romantic it makes our knees buckle. We're talking, of course, about daytime soaps, which have been bubbling over with escapist thrills since 1946. Here, like sands through the hourglass, are the grandest, wildest, most shocking moments of our soap-viewing lives — the ones that made us all tune in tomorrow.

    1. Luke and Laura's Wedding, General Hospital (1981)
    A record 30 million people — many who skipped class or called in sick to work — watched as raucous rebel Lucas Lorenzo Spencer (Anthony Geary) married his earth angel, Laura Baldwin (Genie Francis). It's been 31 years and those two still make us swoon.

    2. BJ's heart, General Hospital (1994)
    After a devastating school-van accident, the heart of little BJ Jones was transplanted into her dying cousin, Maxie. Tragedy met ­catharsis when BJ's dad, Tony (Brad Maule), laid his head on his niece's chest and quietly listened to his daughter's heart, once again pulsing with life.

    3. Marlena's possession, Days of Our Lives (1995)
    Satan raised holy hell in the sleepy town of Salem, desecrating the local Catholic church and fighting for the body and soul of trusted shrink Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). In one cheesetastic scene, Marlena levitated. So did the ratings.

    4. Bert's diagnosis, Guiding Light (1962)
    In daytime's first social-issue storyline, Springfield mom Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer) contracted uterine cancer but found out in time, thanks to an early pap smear. Public response was huge and positive, proving soaps don't just entertain, they also educate — and maybe even save lives.

    5. Karen's testimony, One Life to Live (1979)
    In a scorching courtroom meltdown, Llanview hausfrau Karen Wolek (Judith Light) was forced to reveal her secret life as a prostitute. Her blindsided hubby, ­Larry (Michael Storm), immediately demanded a ­divorce. The upside: Light won an Emmy.

    6. Katherine's facelift, The Young and the Restless (1984)
    When daytime's most daring diva, Jeanne Cooper, had a cosmetic overhaul in real life, so did her rich-bitch character, Katherine Chancellor. In a pioneering preview of reality TV, graphic footage of Cooper's actual surgery aired on Y&R.

    7. Erica's abortion, All My Children (1973)
    Fashion model Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) found herself with child but chose to end the pregnancy — without telling her husband — in TV's first post-Roe v. Wade abortion. In the dumbest writer decision ever, the fetus was "unaborted" in 2005. Don't get us started.

    8. Jeff's death in a car crash, As the World Turns (1962)
    Young marrieds Penny and Jeff (soaps' first superstars, Rosemary Prinz and Mark Rydell) were all set for happiness when legendary scribe Irna Phillips abruptly ended Jeff's life. CBS's switchboards blew up, and we called it the "automobile accident that shook the nation."

    9. Viki's out-of-body experience, One Life to Live (1987)
    Ushering in the new, anything-goes era in soaps, Llanview's premier citizen (Erika Slezak) "died" during brain surgery and wound up in heaven. Fortunately, it was a round-trip. In a kooky follow-up plot, Viki visited the lost underground world of Eterna!

    10. Reva's dip in the fountain, Guiding Light (1985)
    When hot-to-trot Reva (the ferocious Kim Zimmer) was accused of infidelity by her ­bitter stepson Josh (Robert Newman), she didn't deny it. Instead, she stripped down to her undies in the country club fountain and baptized herself "the slut of Springfield."

    The Other 50:

    11. Lisa hits Oakdale, ATWT (1960)

    12. Roger rapes Holly, GL (1979)

    13. Carla is black! OLTL (1969)

    14. Tracy withholds Edward's heart meds, GH (1980)

    15. Bianca comes out to Erica, AMC (2000)

    16. The Salem Strangler "kills" Marlena, Days (1982)

    17. Robin is diagnosed with HIV, GH (1995)

    18. Nola's movie fantasies, GL (1981)

    19. Margo euthanizes Casey, ATWT (1990)

    20. Marlena is a serial killer, Days (2004)

    21. The Kristen-Susan craziness, Days (1997)

    22. David Kimble's killer forehead, Y&R (1991)

    23. Lucy Coe is a secret ho! GH (1986)

    24. Maureen dies, GL (1993)

    25. Maeve sings "Danny Boy," Ryan's Hope (1989)

    26. Mona's funeral, AMC (1994)

    27. Marty is gang-raped, OLTL (1993)

    28. Barnabas Collins is a ­vampire! Dark Shadows (1967)

    29. Caleb Morley is a vampire! Port Charles (2001)

    30. Felicia's intervention, Another World (1992)

    31. Andrea's trial, Search for Tomorrow (1968)

    32. Rachel kills Janice, AW (1981)

    33. Doug elopes with Addie, Days (1972)

    34. Cliff and Nina's wedding, AMC (1980)

    35. Stephanie succumbs to cancer, The Bold and the Beautiful (2012)

    36. Sloane faces the firing squad, Capitol (1987)

    37. Jenny dies by Jet Ski, AMC (1984)

    38. Ridge is not a Forrester, B&B (2001)

    39. Nancy and Mike break up, The Edge of Night (1976)

    40. Adam is murdered, EON (1977)

    41. Cindy loses her battle with AIDS, AMC (1989)

    42. Tina's wedding screwup, OLTL (1988)

    43. Caroline's death, B&B (1990)

    44. Bo and Hope go on the run, Days (1984)

    45. Timmy the doll becomes a real boy, Passions (2002)

    46. Reva is cloned, GL (1998)

    47. Tad the Cad beds Marian, AMC (1983)

    48. Mary is murdered by the Mob, RH (1979)

    49. The AIDS quilt visits Llanview, OLTL (1992)

    50. Doug stalks Kim, ATWT (1986)

    51. J.R. fires gun during Pine Valley party, AMC (2011)

    52. Janet pushes Natalie down a well, AMC (1991)

    53. Ryan and Vicky reunite in Heaven, AW (1997)

    54. Joan Crawford fills in as Joan Kane, The Secret Storm (1968)

    55. Vincent gets pregnant by his own father, Passions (2007)

    56. Luke and Noah kiss, ATWT (2007)

    57. Bob trysts with Susan, ATWT (1990)

    58. Mary is killed by the big C, Santa Barbara (1986)

    59. Luke rapes Laura, GH (1979)

    60. Jo has soaps' first pregnancy, SFT (1956)

    Michael E. Knight Guest Stars on Drop Dead Diva!

    Our long national nightmare is over — Michael E. Knight is back on TV! The three-time Emmy winner, best known for his multi-decade run as Tad Martin on All My Children, has landed a juicy guest gig on the July 14 episode of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva (airing Sundays, 9/8c). He'll play Charles Van Horn, a lawsuit-happy curmudgeon who is representing himself in a court case involving his dog's unplanned pregnancy. TV Guide had a chat with Knight to score some scoop on his role and, of course, to get his thoughts on the AMC Internet reboot. Will he ever return to Pine Valley?

    TV Guide: This guest shot sounds like a hoot! Are you moving into Clint Eastwood-Grand Torino territory?
    Knight: Yeah! My character is totally one of those, "Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!" kind of guys. He's the ultimate a--hole neighbor who is suing for $250,000 because somebody's Rottweiler impregnated his Maltese. He's a lawyer in a loveless marriage, a real s.o.b. whose only thrill in life is suing people. I got to cross-examine a witness for the first time in my career, which was the coolest. [Laughs] I've always wanted to do that! I had a ball because it's all played for comedy. Now that I know I've got an a--hole lawyer in me, I want to see if there's a corrupt politician in there, too.

    TV Guide: Are you a Drop Dead Diva fan?
    Knight: I love the show! And what a terrific group of people! The whole time I was grinning from ear to ear. I first had a meeting with [executive producer-creator] Josh Berman who was just fantastic. If all my meetings were that nice, I would die of sheer happiness. And it went on from there — the cast and crew were awesome and working in Peachtree, Georgia, was a trip. That show is such a beautifully oiled machine. They actually had an incredible craft service table which was a shock after my last few years in soaps where, if you were lucky, they'd throw a stale donut at you. [Laughs] After you work in a bubble for 30 years, you forget what else is out there! It all seemed to be very blessed, a God-given gift. I'm so proud to be a little part of Drop Dead Diva history.

    TV Guide: Speaking of history, we gotta talk All My Children. Have you been watching?
    Knight: Yes, and I'm just thrilled for those guys. I'm so happy it's now being run by Ginger Smith and that Agnes Nixon is back where she belongs. I wish them all the best. I've not seen a lot, but what I've seen I have loved. Debbi Morgan [Angie] and Darnell Williams [Jesse] are as amazing as ever. I love seeing Thorsten Kaye [Zach]. I really like the new Pete [Robert Scott Wilson]. I'm just so happy to see the show back in the hands of people who want to see it work, people who really care about it. I'm also very happy for the fans, who have been so patient and so damn loyal. I'm praying the show finds its niche, not just for everyone who works on it and loves it, but for the TV industry in general. Let's face it, internet programming is the future and that's where a lot of our favorite shows will wind up. But the person I'm happiest for is Aggie. This is her child, her legacy. AMC has so much of her heart in it and she's still fighting to make sure it has a place in this world. She so deserves success with this. No one in this business has affected my life as much as Agnes Nixon. I owe her everything. And God bless Prospect Park for having the balls to make this happen. This is pioneering stuff and they're figuring everything out as they go along. So I hope everyone will be patient. Give it time!

    TV Guide: Would you entertain the idea of going back for a visit?
    Knight: Oh sure, not only would I entertain it, I feel it's my responsibility to go back at some point, at least for a little bit, to explain what happened to Tad.

    TV Guide: You've left Cady McClain [Dixie] high and dry!
    Knight: Now she knows how I felt. [Laughs] She died twice and was gone for ages. Now she knows what I had to deal with! I love Cady.

    TV Guide: Wasn't it revealed that Tad's gone undercover?
    Knight: Deep under cover! [Laughs] In my mind, he's working as a short-order cook for a Mexican drug cartel.

    TV Guide: So you're really up for a visit? You're not just yanking our chains?
    Knight: For sure I will be back. You know, the reason I didn't want to continue with AMC when Prospect Park took over was that I had done the show for 20 years straight and one move cross-country in two years was enough for me. I was tired! Plus I felt I had done everything there was to do on the show. I came back from the dead. I was twins. I had amnesia. I did everything but give birth and marry Erica! But I'm definitely up for a visit so, yeah, Tad will make his presence known in Pine Valley. Maybe not really soon but someday. And I mean that.

    All My Children and One Life to Live Returning To TV!

    The Online Network just scored a coup for its daytime soaps: OWN will air the first 40 episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live for a special 10-week run. Half-hour episodes of each show will air Monday through Thursday on the Oprah Winfrey cabler beginning Monday, July 15. AMC will air at 1 p.m. ET/PT and OLTL at 3 p.m. ET/PT.

    “These shows have proven to be very popular with a significant, loyal fan base, not to mention Oprah herself is a big fan,” said Erik Logan, president, OWN, in a statement. “Many of our viewers across numerous platforms have expressed their passion for the soaps so we are especially excited to air this limited engagement on OWN.”

    “We are really excited to bring OWN viewers and our audience at large an opportunity to catch up on All My Children and One Life to Live on traditional television,” said Jeff Kwatinetz, CEO Prospect Park Networks in a statement. “We look forward to our millions of fans enjoying the first 40 episodes of the shows.”

    The news comes less than a week after TOLN was able to resolve a labor dispute that caused the shows to go on hiatus earlier than planned. Both shows will resume production on Aug. 12.

    General Hospital's head writer was grumpy about this announcment:

    Maura West is making waves 
on ABC’s ‘General Hospital’!

    Maura West should come with a warning sticker: Dangerous when sexy. The Springfield native is shaking up General Hospital as the mysterious Ava Jerome, an art dealer who may have ties to organized crime. When producers contacted West’s agent about the part, there was a hitch: The role was only scheduled to run five episodes.

    “To be honest, I wasn’t completely thrilled about it,” said West, a two-time Emmy winner best known for her 14-year stint on CBS’ “As the World Turns” as well as a year on The Young and the Restless. “What’s going to happen to her? Is she going to be killed off?”

    Her agent urged her to meet with GH executive producer Frank Valentini. “I was kind of hypnotized by him, and in a good way,” she said, then laughing. “All I got was an assurance that this was a really good part, and he said, ‘Trust me.’” West decided to take a chance.

    Something obviously clicked, because by the time she showed up for her first day of taping, she’d already been given a contract upgrading her to cast regular. And viewers are sitting up and taking notes.

    Ava is the mother to Kiki, a lost Quartermaine heir. Ava has spent the last two decades hiding Kiki from her psycho artist father Franco, but is now letting Kiki get to know her biological family — with her own eyes on the family fortune.

    “There’s a ton of mystery to Ava,” the Boston University alum said. “She’s full of strength and has undertones of vulnerability.”

    But with that surname, could she be a member of the notorious Jerome family that terrorized Port Charles during the ’80s? “I am certainly playing her and making an early assumption that she is. This woman isn’t all poise and ladylike. There’s grit under there.”

    West has been gratified by the fan support on the daytime TV message boards and Twitter. “I try not to read too much — you can be burned by that stuff — but it just put a big smile on my face,” she said.

    General Hospital tapes about three weeks ahead of air dates, she said, and she would not reveal what is next for Ava. “I can’t say. They would kill me,” she joked. “They would send the Jeromes ­after me. But I can tell you this: It’s going to be a fun ride.”

    Andrew Trischitta talks about bullying!

    The experience of playing a bully taught him a lot about what goes on inside the minds of bullies and those they harass, Trischitta says. He urges those who are being bullied as well as those who feel the need to bully others to reach out to a trusted adult for help.

    “A lot of the times, the bully is the one who is going through problems too. Maybe he has an abusive parent, or his parents aren’t there for him, or the bully may be very self-conscious about himself,” he says.

    Trischitta spoke at a school district in Massachusetts recently to bring awareness to bullying, cyberbullying and the consequences of both.

    “I think everyone has been bullied at some point in their life,” he says. “Whether it is really small things or more severe cases, it is important to remember that there is always a way through, and there is always going to be an end.”

    Young and the Restless Star Joins ABC Family's Twisted!

    A star from The Young and the Restless is heading to a mysterious world.

    Stacy Haiduk, best known as Mary Jane Benson/Patty Williams, has booked a recurring role in ABC Family's murder mystery Twisted, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. She will appear in episodes 10 and 11.

    Twisted revolves around Danny Desai (Victorious' Avan Jogia), a teen with a troubled past who reconnects with his two female best friends from childhood. He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student, Regina, is found dead in her home following a party.

    Haiduk will play Marilyn Rossi, a tough but attractive investigator at a private security firm, who is hired by the mayor to help with the investigation of Regina's murder. Her character is all business and has more than a few secrets.

    She is repped by Bauman, Redanty & Shaul and Brad Warshaw. Haiduk is also known for SeaQuest 2032 and as Lana Lang in The Adventures of Superboy, and has appeared in All My Children, the original Melrose Place and Heroes.

    Jesse Lee Soffer Joins NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’ As Regular, Gets Arc On ‘Chicago Fire’!

    Jesse Lee Soffer has closed a deal as a new series regular on NBC‘s midseason drama series Chicago PD. On the Chicago Fire spinoff, Soffer will play a young police detective who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

    I’ve learned that Soffer’s character will be introduced this fall on the mothership series Chicago Fire in a couple of episodes before segueing to Chicago PD. NBC employed a similar strategy with the other characters from the spinoff who made their debut on Chicago Fire.

    Soffer, repped by Silver Lining Entertainment and Innovative Artists, will be able to do both shows as Chicago Fire is a midseason series and goes into production later than Chicago Fire.

    I hear Soffer got the attention of NBC executives with his starring role in the network’s drama pilot Hatfield’s & McCoys this past season. Earlier in the season, he was was a regular on Fox’s Mob Doctor.

    Gersh Signs Melissa Claire Egan!

    The Young And The Restless co-star Melissa Claire Egan has signed with Gersh. Egan has received four Daytime Emmy nominations for her stints on All My Children and Y&R.

    Her primetime credits include Bones and Men At Work. She is managed by Bob McGowan at McGowan Management.

    Casey Deidrick Leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

    Casey Deidrick is leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES and the roll of Chad DiMera. The actor tweeted the news on Thursday: "Taped my final episode today on #DOOL. One more day of filming tomorrow. What an amazing experience, thank you all!"

    Deidrick will last air on DAYS in late October. He guest-starred in GLEE and REVOLUTION earlier this year.

    Days of our Lives Chrishell Stause: Her “Mystery” Character and More!

    Everyone is waiting to see the debut of Chrishell Stause in her new soap role on Days of our Lives come Mid-August. While Chrishell is still sworn to secrecy to not reveal much of her new Salem alter-ego, it is difficult not to, especially since the beautiful actress had been taping for a few months now at the NBC soap!

    On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman caught up with Chrishell at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Awards a few weekends ago for this video interview, where we ask the former All My Children star about what she can tell us about her new role on DAYS!

    Stause relates: “I can give you a little bit. So here is what I am allowed to say … she works in a hospital. She has a big secret. I work a lot with Galen Gering (Rafe) and Lauren Koslow (Kate), who I love. I can say she is very opposite of Amanda on All My Children. So I am playing something completely different!”

    At the Creative Arts Emmys, The Young and the Restless current casting director, Judy Blye Wilson won for Casting Direction, Chrishell took a moment in our interview to honor her, and relieve her casting process of getting her first soap role on AMC through Judy, who was at that time casting the ABC soap. And, that Judy was also responsible for Chrishell’s BFF, Y&R’s Melissa Claire Egan landing her soap roles as well!

    Stause recalled, “Do I remember? Of course I remember. I am from Kentucky! So is Judy Blye Wilson, and so we bonded on that. You have to remember, this is the first time I had gone through the audition process, but I had gone through a lot of rejection before that. So, I was thinking, ‘free trip to New York’, whatever. But Judy was so lovely, and made me feel special the whole time. She told me later she always had her eye on me.”

    In addition Chrishell shares her thoughts on the revival of All My Children, working with former co-star, Ricky Paull Golden (Ex-Jake, AMC, now Jesse, B&B) and more!

    The Week In The Year 2012!

    After Hope had explained to Liam what prevented her from getting to the wedding on time, she told Liam that the note he had found had to have been from her father. Hope left Liam alone to get ready for the wedding. Steffy had been hiding in the bathroom, and she overheard the conversation. She realized that Hope would never have left Liam. Steffy and Liam shared a passionate kiss and said goodbye. Liam and Hope finally married on a bluff overlooking the water. The villagers cheered. Brooke and Ridge spoke about how much they loved Hope, and they both welcomed Liam into the family. Bill publicly apologized to Hope for all that he had done. Later in Los Angeles, Bill and Katie met with the doctor and shared some emotional time at the doctor's office where they discovered that Katie was pregnant with a boy. Bill said that he owed his life to Katie. Katie discovered that Karen and Danielle were a couple, and Karen promised to tell Bill about it. Caroline encouraged Thomas to move out of his mother's home. At Forrester, Steffy admitted to Taylor that she and and Liam had almost gotten back together. Steffy explained the confusion about the note that Deacon had left, but she added that Liam had pledged his love to Steffy. If they had left the hotel before Hope had arrived, Liam and Steffy would have been married. Taylor asked if anything more had happened between Liam and Steffy, and Steffy looked thoughtful.

    Will almost learned E.J.'s secret. E.J. met with Stefano's attorney and ordered him to keep silent about his true paternity and Stefano's new will. Sonny supported Will as he faced the town residents after the local papers revealed that he was gay. Sami and Lucas spent the day together as a couple. Nicole and Daniel made love in his office. Will informed Sami and Lucas that he intended to work for E.J. again. Sami confronted E.J. on the matter even though Lucas advised her against it. Rafe asked Nicole how she had switched the DNA tests, but she gave him a vague answer. Rafe asked Carrie to go to the police station to discuss the case, but it was an excuse to be close to her for one last time. Nicole searched E.J.'s apartment and found evidence that might implicate him in Stefano's murder. Later, Nicole and E.J. spent some time together reminiscing about her last pregnancy, but it didn't stop her from turning over the box of bullets she had found in his apartment to the police. Chad told Gabi that he couldn't live without Melanie in his life. Andrew informed Melanie that he had his own reasons for keeping her hostage, and it had nothing to do with money. Abigail noticed Gabi's attachment to Chad since Melanie was out of the picture. Kate realized that Ian was drugging Brady. Madison was furious that Brady's drug test was positive, and Brady, shocked and confused, swore to her that he was clean. Brady suspected Ian was framing him, and then left in a rage to confront him. Ian admitted to Brady that he had set Brady up, but taunted Brady with the fact that he would never be able to prove it. Kayla handed Abe a video that Lexie had recorded for him before she died. Abe, family, and friends viewed Lexie's last words as he struggled to prepare for her memorial service. Lexie's family and friends gathered to pay a final tribute to her and shared many fond memories of her time with each of them. Sami comforted E.J. as he mourned Lexie and Stefano's deaths.

    Maxie became concerned when she found a bottle of pills in the pocket of Patrick's robe, unaware that Patrick had been taking the pills frequently throughout the day. Ewen's date with Elizabeth didn't go as expected, because Jason had been visiting Elizabeth when Ewen arrived. Ewen asked Patrick about Elizabeth's connection to Jason. Patrick warned Ewen to be careful, because Jason had a way of drawing women in. Steve worried that Elizabeth was setting herself up to be hurt again by Jason. Jason and John ended up on the same flight to New Orleans. Elizabeth and Sam traded heated words at the Floating Rib. Sam joined forces with Spinelli to investigate Heather. Sam managed to get a job as Todd's assistant at the Port Charles Sun by telling Todd that she wanted a fresh start. Heather warned Todd that Sam was using the job to spy on Todd and Heather. Starr rented an apartment with Trey. Michael and Kristina were not pleased, because they suspected that Trey's determination to make Starr mad was Trey's way of flirting. Starr assured Michael that she did not like Trey and had no interest in being a part of Trey's reality show. Spinelli warned Olivia that Heather had figured out that Olivia had hired him to dig up dirt on Heather. Heather kidnapped Luke, and then stashed him at the cabin in the woods. Tracy told Anna that Luke had killed Anthony and that Luke's minions had gotten rid of the body. Kate decided to confess to the police that she had shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny objected, but Kate insisted that it was the right thing to do, because she didn't want anyone else to be falsely accused. The judge dismissed the charges against Kate after Starr spoke on Kate's behalf.

    At the gala, Chloe reported that Carmine had attempted to kidnap her. Soon after, everyone learned that Carmine had taken Abby instead. Victor flew in Ronan Malloy to get Abby back. Carmine was shocked to learn that Abby had replaced Chloe in the trunk and was diverting attention from the failed gala by claiming to be kidnapped. Carmine was a wanted man. Chelsea accepted Adam's proposal. Michael found Daisy's scarf -- with Daniel's blood on it -- at the place where he was supposed to meet her. Ricky was pleased that nobody was reporting Daisy's disappearance, then he used Daisy's credit card and phone to make it look like Daniel was covering his tracks after doing away with his wife. Daniel was arrested when the evidence piled up, including Daisy's email to Kevin, warning that if she were harmed, Daniel had done it. Daniel insisted he was innocent, but even Kevin doubted his friend. Eden investigated Ricky's connection to Daisy. In Ricky's hotel room, she found Daisy's wallet and phone. Ricky caught Eden in a lie, saw the phone and wallet, and announced that he'd have to kill Eden. When Eden failed to meet Kevin in the park, Kevin asked Paul to see if she was with Ricky. Paul used a passkey to get into Ricky's room and found Eden's knapsack. Just as Ricky was about to murder Eden, Paul burst in to stop him. Carmine begged Abby to tell the truth about the abduction before it went too far. Devon made peace with Harmony. Tucker was supportive of Ashley during Abby's disappearance. Seeing how badly Ashley wanted her back, Abby called her mom. Ricky refused to let Eden go and blamed Paul for his becoming a killer. Paul was shattered to hear that Ricky had killed Rachel and Daisy. As Ricky was about to slit Eden's throat, Paul shot the gun, and Ricky was hit point-blank, falling backwards out the window.


    Monday ("Decision")
    Sami is anxious to hear the outcome from the grand jury; Abigail has doubts about keeping Sami's secret; JJ gives Daniel a warning.

    Tuesday ("Sami's Fate")
    Sonny's friend wonders if he is making the right choice by staying with Will; Nick and Gabi reach a decision about their marriage.

    Wednesday ("Jennifer Makes Choices")
    Jennifer advises Daniel that they need time apart; JJ meets a girl who peaks his curiosity; Justin and EJ are concerned that Stefano is onto them.

    Thursday ("Mother and Son Fight")
    Jennifer loses it when she catches JJ with an older woman; Gabi shares her feelings to Abigail about her living situations.

    Abigail encounters an awkward situation when she sees Cameron and Chad; Adrienne gets close to discovering something crucial.

    Monday ("The Threat")
    Franco informs Carly that he knows the identity of the second shooter; Shawn and Alexis discuss their problems.

    Tuesday ("The Apology")
    Connie is shocked to learn that Olivia is moving in with Sonny; Laura takes Tracy aside to talk to her privately; Lucy wants Milo to work for her.

    Wednesday ("Moving In")
    Olivia worries that Connie may be envious of her new living arrangements; Kiki can't get Michael out of her fantasies.

    Thursday, N/A

    Friday ("Shawn's Descision")
    Shawn makes a decision about his job; Max backs Milo's choice; Nik and Spencer find a woman looking to be rescued.

    Monday ("Secret")
    A secret is disclosed that ruins Brooke's birthday celebration; Caroline puts her next plan into motion.

    Tuesday ("Brooke's Actions")
    Rick and Hope differ on Brooke's recent choices; Bill won't take all the blame for his actions.

    Wednesday ("Bump in the Relationship")
    Taylor and Eric hit a snag in their blissful relationship; Katie goes on a rampage.

    Thursday ("Reaching Out")
    Liam is taken aback by Steffy's explanation; Wyatt gets to know the Forrester Creations staff.

    Friday ("Consequenses")
    Liam learns that someone else is interested in Hope; Rick tells Maya that he is unimpressed with her latest job.

    • Hunter Tylo departs from this week as Taylor, a part she has played, with a three-year hiatus, since 1990. Tylo, who was unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the series, makes her final appearance on Wednesday, July 3.

    Lane bond during the holidays.

    Neil and Leslie find a surprise about Rose.

    Lauren desires for a special night with Michael.

    Billy fights to regain Victoria.

    Nikki and Victor return to GC after their honeymoon.

    Beginning next Monday, July 1, 2013, The OnLine Network will release ALL of the week’s highly-rated All My Children and One Life To Live episodes on Mondays. The new schedule means that TOLN will run all episodes on Mondays, and not stagger runs of All My Children on Mondays/Wednesdays, One Life to Live on Tuesdays/Thursdays and MORE AMC/OLTL on Fridays.

    Now viewers will be able to choose to watch one episode each day or binge view some or all of that week’s shows at once starting each Monday. Together with the MORE shows, viewers can play or save up to six TOLN programs per week—all available on Mondays – providing even more flexibility to watch anytime, and anywhere.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ke$ha once made a headdress out of her fans’ teeth, so it should come as no surprise that teeth factor heavily into her debut jewelry collection, Kesha Rose by Charles Albert.

    In fact, her “Cannibal” capsule is comprised of metal-cast human teeth for a look that’s definitely edgy. But if that’s not quite your taste (ba-dum-ching!), the star also has three other collections in the line: Kesha Rose, which features blue roses and arrowheads, the Out Alive collection which appears to reference Dia de los Muertos, with lots of skulls and black-and-red motifs, and the Wonderland collection, which features druzy stars, quartz crystals and other “magical” items.

    The star has been giving lots of sneak peeks at the collection on her Instagram, showing off the line’s rings and linking to its official Instagram to give a preview glimpse into the ad campaign. She’s even worn the pieces (including charm bracelets laden with shark teeth and evil eye charms) on the red carpet.

    Ready to take a bite (ok, sorry) out of Ke$ha’s collection? Bookmark to make sure you can scoop up all the pieces (ranging from $30 to $750) when they launch in August.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    I basically will assume that all jewelry on her instagram is for sale now, because if it isn't, like that knife earring, I shall be very put out.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Alec Baldwin insists he doesn't hate gays ... just "queens" ... and that's just the beginning of the mind-numbingly stupid explanation he just released in the wake of his homophobic Twitter rant.

    Baldwin called up a reporter for The Gothamisttoday ... to address the backlash after he called for his fans to physically attack a "toxic little queen" reporter who wrote an article about his wife tweeting at James Gandolfini's funeral.

    Here's what Baldwin had to say:

    "The idea of me calling this guy a 'queen' and that being something that people thought is homophobic ... a queen to me has a different meaning. It’s somebody who’s just above. It doesn’t have any necessarily sexual connotations. To me a queen ... I know women that act queeny, I know men that are straight that act queeny, and I know gay men that act queeny. It doesn’t have to be a definite sexual connotation, or a homophobic connotation. To me those are people who think the rules don’t apply to them."

    Alec is full of crap ... and here's why: In the same Twitter rant in which he attacked the reporter, George Stark, Baldwin included the threat ... "If (sic) put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

    So let's do some math.  Queen + enjoying a foot up your ass = homophobic slur.


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    Lady Gaga made her first public appearance since undergoing hip surgery in March at this year's NYC Gay Pride Kick Off Rally tonight, June 28, 2013. Click below to listen to her speak and perform "The Star Spangled Banner"!

    The international superstar also spoke at the event, which was hosted by "RuPaul's Drag Race"s Pandora Boxx at New York's Pier 26 between 7 and 10pm tonight. As reported by Billboard, the singer said in her speech: "We are not a niche. We are part, a big giant part of humanity. It's time for us to be mainstream. I demand the rights! To safe streets!"

    The recording artist, who is a staunch supporter of gay rights, recently canceled the remainder of her 'Born This Way Ball' tour due to a serious injury which required the surgery. Since that time, she has not made a public appearance.


    Beyoncé could never.

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     photo 620-AlecBaldwinPaulaDeen-jpg_223617_zps5164d1ad.jpg

    Why does Paula Deen lose half her empire for her statements, but Alec Baldwin tweets a homophobic rant and nothing happens? Does racism trump homophobia in Hollywood or something?

    No. Otherwise Mel Gibson would still have A-list status in the United States. And he doesn't.

    According to experts in the field of celebrity shilling (and there's a whole industry there), it’s not so much about the offense as it is the offender and the potentially offended. Felonies (Martha Stewart), cheating scandals (Tiger Woods), racial cluelessness (Brad Paisley), violence against women (Chris Brown), misdemeanors (everybody) — it doesn't really matter what the transgression is. What matters is who did it; how it was done; what kind of reputation the offender had in the first place; and how the star behaves during the fallout.

    Paula Deen didn't have a real big image as an ignorant good-ol'-gal before last week. But she sure does now. You can bet that her sponsors didn’t see it comin'. And if there's one thing a corporate sponsor hates, it's a surprise.

    And a self-pitying blubberfest on a nationally telecast morning talk show.

    Compare that scandal with Baldwin, who lashed out with a homophobic rant on Twitter this week. Baldwin may be a vindictive man-child, but he's a consistent vindictive man-child. Has been for decades.

    "His temper is almost seen as a part of his fun personality," explains Kathy Armistead Olen of Atticus Brand Partners. In other words, if the Capitol One people didn't know what they were getting when they first hired the "30 Rock" alum to do commercials, then their brains are probably as plastic as their credit cards.

    The "how" matters, too. Brad Paisley still has an ongoing partnership with Chevy, Olen says. And that's even after releasing "Accidental Racist," in which Paisley essentially wonders why his Confederate flag T-shirt has to make people so dang offended. It's a cringeworthy sentiment. But it was expressed through the medium that made Paisley a respected star: music.

    "They appreciate that this was an expression coming from an artist," says Olen, who has helped broker deals between Paisley and the car company. "This wasn't acted out in public setting. It was in a song."

    Are you starting to see a pattern here?

    Consider Martha Stewart. She still has a thriving career even after doing jail time. Did she have a rep as a stone-cold criminal before she was convicted on charges related to insider trading? No. But as soon as she got sprung, she avoided the self-pitying interviews favored by Chris Brown types (and the disastrous press conferences favored by Tiger Woods) and instead went right back to doing what she did before— teaching us how to make watering cans even more twee than they already are. And her business partners noticed. And they showered upon her their dollars.

    If you're still chapped about Baldwin getting an apparent pass, know this: It may not last.

    "If Capitol One were to check out the word on the street," says another branding expert who asked not to be named, "and if it sees a huge negative public reaction [to Baldwin], they'll totally dump him."


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    Summary: A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.


    oh lars. what are you up to.

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    As he gets closer to his album release, Jay-Z breaks down yet another song off his album Magna Carta Holy Grail, available to Samsung Mobile users on July 4. He raps about fatherhood and his own father’s absence on “Jay-Z Blue (Daddy Dearest),” inspired by his daughter Blue Ivy.

    “It’s something that we both created,” he says of his child with Beyoncé. “We still marvel at her. It’s most obvious on a song called ‘Jay-Z Blue,’ and it deals with my pop left when I was young so he didn’t teach me how to be a man nor how to raise a child or treat a woman. So of course, with my karma, the two things I needed I don’t have and I have a daughter. It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.”

    He will perform atop the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee in New York for “The Late Show with David Letterman” on July 8. He was granted special permission from the mayor for the rooftop set.

    rap up

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    Henry Cavill & Zack Snyder Australian Interviews

    The MAN OF STEEL himself, Henry Cavill talks to GO POP's Topher and Sophie about Zack Snyder's new superhero flick and which comics inspired his version of Superman.

    With Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL in cinemas, Sophie and Topher sat down with the director to see how he went about adapting this superhero classic.


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    Today, news broke that Game of Thrones finally cast Oberyn Martell, a highly anticipated character from the books whose nickname is “The Red Viper.” Pedro Pascal, a Chilean actor who attended Orange County High School of the Arts and is currently playing a recurring character on USA’s Graceland, won the coveted role.

    Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said of the role:

    The Red Viper is sexy and charming, yet believably dangerous; intensely likable, yet driven by hate… We found a fellow who can handle the job description and make it seem effortless. He wasn’t easy to find and he won’t be easy to stop.

    Okay, acting ability (or non-ability, since Pascal has yet to prove himself) aside, why am I so upset about this casting?

    For starters, A Storm of Swords, the third book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, is explicitly clear in regards to the way people from Dorne – the region in Westeros where House Martell is from – look. As told from Tyrion’s point-of-view:

    The salty Dornishmen were lithe and dark, with smooth olive skin and long black hair streaming in the wind. The sandy Dornishmen were even darker, their faces burned brown by the hot Dornish sun. They wound long bright scarfs around their helms to ward off sunstroke. The stony Dornishmen were biggest and fairest, sons of the Andals and the First Men, brown-haired or blond, with faces that freckled or burned in the sun instead of browning.

    From this passage, we can assume that Dorne is a multi-racial region, consisting of people who are both light-skinned and dark-skinned. The following excerpt describes where Oberyn Martell lies on the color spectrum:

    The princeling removed his helm. Beneath, his face was lined and saturine, with thin arched brows above large eyes as black and shiny as pools of coal oil. Only a few streaks of silver marred the lustrous black hair that receded brown his brow in a widow’s peak as sharply pointed as his noise. A salty Dornishmen for certain.

    As described in this passage, Oberyn Martell is dark and olive-skinned. Even George R. R. Martin has stated before that Nymeria Sand, one of Oberyn’s bastard daughters, looks like Janina Gavankar, an actress of Indian and Dutch descent who has a fairly olive-skinned complexion. So the author himself doesn’t see House Martell being white or light-skinned (with possibly one or two exceptions).

    Appearance-wise, Pedro Pascal does not fit the criteria of a “salty Dornishmen.”

    Here are a few, common reactions I’ve been reading on the Internet so far:

    1. He’s Chilean! That means he’s not white… right?

    Actually, no. There are white Hispanics and white Latinos with predominately European features who do exist, which means people from South America can be white and light-skinned. Just turn on any Spanish-language telenovela and you’ll see the over-representation of white Latinos. It’s both disingenuous and extremely troubling to cast a white Latino in a role and then try to pass it off as groundbreaking, non-white casting.

    Other white Latino actors include Cameron Diaz, Martin Sheen, and Alexis Bledel.

    2. Skin color doesn’t matter!!!

    This is a common argument made in any discussion of race.

    First of all, pointing out Oberyn Martell’s whitewashing in Game of Thrones is not the same thing as complaining about Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in the Thor movies, for example. Unless it’s to show them as thugs, violent criminals, and the like, POC representation in media is few and far between, whereas white people have been over-represented in the media. The few roles that are available to actors of color are often passed over to white and lighter-skinned actors, instead, as is the case with Oberyn Martell.

    Second, all of the major characters in Game of Thrones have been white, except for slaves, slavers, and savages. This is especially disturbing in light of the white savior fiasco involving the character of Daenerys Targaryen that’s been going on since season 1. (This came to a head in the season 3 finale where she’s hoisted up by a sea of brown people calling her “mother.”)

    Not only is POC representation few and far between, but the few POC that do exist on this show have been put into subservient roles, killed, or erased completely.

    3. He was the best actor for the role.

    The idea that talented actors of color don’t exist is absurd.

    There’s also this handy dandy clip of Pedro Pascal during an audition, so judge for yourself.

    4. Use make-up to darken his skin.

    I’m not kidding when I say that some people have suggested this as a serious option. If you know anything about the problematic history of attempting to make white actors look “more ethnic” (see: blackface, yellowface, brownface), then this would never even cross your mind.

    So, what does this mean for future casting? Pedro Pascal’s pale complexion probably means that the rest of House Martell will also consist of pale-skinned actors, which means even more whitewashing. At this point, I would not be surprised.

    I’m curious as to what George R. R. Martin thinks of the casting. His books aren’t exactly ripe with people of color and there are plenty of problematic elements in regard to race and ethnicity (see: Dothraki), but House Martell was one of the few, definitive opportunities to cast actors of color and not have Game of Thrones consist entirely of lily-white British actors.


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    To hold fans over from the delayed "Art of Letting Go My Schedule Slip", Mariah Carey released one of the two planned dance remixes for Beautiful. This time, we get the Louie Vega Dance Remix. The Puerto Rican DJ somehow shortens the song into just under three minutes. Give it a play!


    It's okay. Nothing special. It sounds like something that would loop during Mario Party. I give it a 10 on the pH scale cause it's pretty basic. Also, perhaps more importantly, this is my first ONTD post! yaaaaaaay!

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  • 06/28/13--22:46: Strange Sex Plots in Movies
  • Is this the year of the sex movie? We've just glimpsed the eyebrow-raising trailer for the scandalous movie "Adore,""50 Shades" is well on its way, and every last detail about Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" is true to its hyped-up salaciousness.

    Will any of these films join the pantheon of strange sex plots that have populated various movies through the years? We have two mothers getting it on with each other's sons, a BDSM story whose book triology has sold more than 70 million copies and a movie about sex addicts that's slated to feature graphic copulation scenes. Are any of these plots wild enough to join our roundup of film's many unsettling sex conundrums? We're banking on yes, but take a look and determine for yourself.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Black Snake Moan&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (2006)
    After being left for dead on the side of the road, a nymphomaniac (Christina Ricci) is rescued by a fanatically religious farmer (Samuel L. Jackson) who attempts to cure her and absolve her sins by chaining her to his radiator.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Crash&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (1996)
    Easily one of the most bizarre fetishes depicted in film, David Cronenberg's "Crash" offers a subculture in which car accidents serve as instant Viagra. After a film producer (James Spader) has a head-on collision, he and his wife (Deborah Kara Unger) enter the illicit world in hopes of enhancing their sex life.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Lolita&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (1962)
    The most classic creepy-sex story, "Lolita" features 36-year-old Humbert Humbert pursuing a relationship with 14-year-old Lolita (Sue Lyon).

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sleeping Dogs Lie&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (2006)
    This list wouldn't be complete without a touch of bestiality. "Sleeping Dogs Lie" provides a portrait of a woman whose engagement ends in disaster after she finally admits she gave her dog oral sex in college.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Spanking the Monkey&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (1994)
    David O. Russell's Sundance favorite makes all other strange mother-son relationship stories look tame. When a teenage boy (Jeremy Davies) is forced to stay home for the summer and take care of his ailing mother who broke her leg (Alberta Watson), the two embark on an incestuous relationship.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The House of Yes&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (1997)
    A former psychiatric patient (Parker Posey) flips when her brother (Josh Hamilton), with whom she had sexual relations as a teenager, returns home with a fiancée (Tori Spelling).

    The rest of the list can be found at the source. As far as sex storylines go in movies I don't think these are that far out there but I thought that it could lead to a good discussion. What are some movies that made you go, "What the fuck?" at some of the sex plots? Have you had a, "What the fuck was that and why did I watch it?" moment? 'Boxing Helena' anyone? Share your strange sex stories!

    0 0

    British street artist Dean Stockton, mostly known by the moniker D*Face, has almost sold out his solo show. The exhibition is hosted by StolenSpace Gallery, the space he has been maintaining for seven years which will be demolished soon. Many buyers came to snatch up some of his works, one of which was Christina Aguilera.

    You may be wondering why Vocaltina Mostinfluencialera would want to buy D*Face's work. Well it just so happens that the artist has worked with Legendtina before, helping create the wonderful cover for her set-the-future album for Gaga and Other pop tarts to follow, Bionic. Perhaps she thought she would help out an old friend or please believe when i say, Momma's got Cash from NBC The Voice.

    Another buyer of D*Face's work was Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. All in all, the artist took in around £1 million ($1.3 million) which will go towards the relocating of his new bigger place.

    [via Telegraph]

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    Good child actors are something of a rare commodity, with good reason: it’s a lot to expect from a kid. They have to have the intelligence to read, understand, and memorize dialogue. They need the maturity to show up on set and actually put in a day’s work, while other kids their age are playing video games with their friends. And most importantly, they need to be able to convincingly pretend to be someone else. There’s a perfect storm of temperament, talent, and luck that results in a particularly good child actor.

    Most of the time, you see kids basically playing a version of themselves. They’re hams and they love attention, so it’s not exactly a huge stretch for them to get in front of the camera and be their big, boisterous selves. But then there are some that can really play with the big boys, so to speak. They hold their own with the adult actors and sometimes even steal the spotlight with their raw talent. So every time you sit through a film with a kid who has a serious case of child actor-itis, think of the people on this list and remember that sometimes, when the stars align, kids actually can turn in tour-de-force performances.


    Christina Ricci (Addams Family Values)


    Most child actors really struggle with any comedy other than juvenile, in-your-face humor. That’s why Christina Ricci, the adolescent queen of sardonic wit, is such a breath of fresh air. She elevates deadpan delivery to an art form in both of the Addams Family movies, but especially in Addams Family Values, where she’s given more to work with.

    Can you even imagine how horrible it would have been if there was another little girl playing Wednesday? How cringe-inducingly awful some of her lines would have been? They truly lucked out with Ricci, who was seemingly born to inhabit the role of everyone’s favorite macabre princess. You only have to think of the scene at camp where Wednesday, cast as Pocahontas, sets fire to the First Thanksgiving to realize the sheer genius that girl brought to the table.

    Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot)


    Jamie Bell pulls double-duty in this film, which makes his performance even more impressive. He not only has to pull off the acting role of Billy Elliot, an angry, rough-around-the-edges boy who feels alienated from his family, but he also has to be a good enough dancer that a ballet teacher would notice his raw talent and take him under her wing.

    Bell is a revelation in this role, believable as the tough kid raised by miners, totally unwilling to express his emotions. But we can also sense his confusion and vulnerability that lies just below the surface. It’s this duality that elevates his performance into something that any adult actor would be proud of.

    Ivana Baquero (Pan's Labyrinth)


    Pan’s Labyrinth, for the five or ten of you out there who haven’t seen it, is a dark fairy tale about a bookish young girl during the Spanish Civil War. Surrounded by harsh reality, she finds herself escaping deeper into a world of fantasy than she ever intended. It’s a pretty intense film, which requires a pretty intense young actress to star in it. Luckily, Ivana Baquero is more than up to the task.

    Regardless of your own personal interpretation of the story (whether or not the events of the film actually occur), it’s undeniable that the role of Ofelia requires an unusually complex and nuanced performance. Like some of the other actors on this list, Baquero carries the entire film squarely on her shoulders. Sure, we’ve got impressive costumes and make-up design, but Ofelia needs to be the heart and soul of the story. Baquero pulls it off, creating a warm and sympathetic character in the middle of Guillermo del Toro’s special brand of madness.

    Tom Holland (The Impossible)


    Tom Holland is another talented young actor who got his big break with the role of Billy Elliot, this time in the popular West End musical. Two months after leaving his stage debut, he booked a leading role in the film The Impossible. He brings equal parts maturity and vulnerability to the character of Thomas, a boy trying to survive the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand and find his family.

    Holland has great chemistry with Naomi Watts as his mother, but he also shows real range and star quality in the scenes where he is alone. His performance when he is separated from his wounded mother in the hospital is reminiscent of a young Christian Bale, which assures me that Holland has a bright future ahead of him.

    Kirsten Dunst (Interview With A Vampire)


    Age is one of the hardest things to pull off convincingly, which is why actors are frequently cast as younger rather than older. They can remember being a certain age and access that frame of reference to inform their performance. A younger actor, on the other hand, hasn’t experienced that part of their lives yet, and will most likely have a harder time in the role. So when you ask a 12-year-old actress to play a vampire who’s been around for a century…well, that’s not something just anyone can do.

    Kirsten Dunst knocks it out of the park in Interview with the Vampire. She perfectly portrays an adult woman in the body of a child, and her chemistry with co-stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise would put to shame actresses three times her age. You can see her playing a woman who is both frustrated by the fact that she can’t age yet still uses an appearance of wide-eyed innocence to her advantage, and it’s honestly some of the best work Dunst has ever done.

    ( SOURCE )

    Rest of the (now grown up) kids at the source. Decent list overall, but still SMH at the obvious whiteness of this list. How can they leave out other talented POCs like my flawless Queen Quvenzhane?!



    Do you agree/disagree with the list? What are your fave child performances, ONTD?

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     photo armie-hammer-435_zps427022e7.jpg

    "'True love leaves scars. You don't have any.' And then she tried to stab me with a butcher knife. Of course I promptly broke up with her. Seven months later."

    – Armie Hammer, recalling one of several ex-girlfriends who were "bad, bad news," to Elle

     photo channing-tatum_zpsb7d0519d.jpg

    "I've never been so excited when something poos."

    – New dad Channing Tatum, embracing life with 3-week-old daughter Everly, on Good Morning America

     photo victoria-beckham-435_zps7875c99e.jpg

    "See I told you she smiles."

    – David Beckham, sharing a giggling photo of wife Victoria, on Facebook

     photo kristen-bell-435_zpsfca4ca48.jpg

    "DOMA is dead. Prop 8 is dead. Now let's bring my big, gay marriage to @IMKristenBell to Life!!!!"

    – Dax Shepard, showing his support for the Supreme Court's historic ruling and reaffirming his (and fiancée Kristen Bell's) desire to wed when same-sex marriage became legal in California, on Twitter

     photo michelle-obama_zpsd4275a74.jpg

    "My first instagram!"

    – First Lady Michelle Obama, in her first photo post on the social media site during a trip to Africa, on Instagram

     photo paula-deen-2660_zps7cd8400d.jpg

    "Pork severing ties with Paula Deen is like spinach cutting ties with Popeye."

    – Jimmy Kimmel, on Smithfield Foods' decision to terminate their endorsement deal with Paula Deen, in his monologue

     photo snooki_zps5a11ec28.jpg

    "#fitMom #damnproud"

    – Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, showing off her toned physique, on Instagram

     photo jamie-foxx-435_zps8ae461bc.jpg

    "I like to call it Anglo Saxon Down as well. Just to stay politically correct … I like to say Caucasian House Down."

    – Jamie Foxx, joking about the title of his latest flick, White House Down, on the Late Show with David Letterman

     photo sandra-bullock-660_zps6d55027a.jpg

    "You became jealous of how large my pixilation was. Isn't that right?"

    – Chelsea Handler, reminiscing about her 2012 nude shower sketch with Sandra Bullock, on her talk show

     photo kanye-west-660_zpsbb335714.jpg

    "I made that song because I am a god … I don't think there's much more explanation."

    – Kanye West, on the meaning behind the song "I Am a God" from his new album Yeezus, to W magazine


    HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!Have funatPride,BayArea Peeps!  :-)

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    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s go way back. What did you think the moment you first heard of Dexter?
    HALL: I finished Six Feet Under in the spring of 2005. I got a call about a new pilot. I was reluctant to the idea of doing another television series in general. When I heard it was about a serial killer who only killed criminals … I didn’t roll my eyes, but I did think, “Do I want to be surrounded by dead bodies for another indeterminate number of years?” And second, I wondered how tonally you’d pull something like that off. But once I looked at the book and the pilot script I realized it was a totally unique character and I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t take the leap. The show’s sense of humor helps sell it, I think.</b>

    EW: When asked about Dexter’s morality, you once said he “should be given a medal and then beaten to death with it.”
    MCH: I’m reluctant to come down on one side or another, with this or any character. I like that he operates in a morally gray area. He’s moving toward the light in some ways, but as a result the darker stuff is all the darker because of it. I like that the spectrum between the light and dark of the character has broadened. He has an undeniable and insurmountable compulsion.

    EW: Do you ever lose sympathy for him?
    MCH: No. No. I wish that he could be liberated from his compulsion. I have sympathy for him because of that.

    EW: Do you have any compulsions that help you relate to the character?
    MCH: [Pause] I’d acknowledge that they exist, but I wouldn’t [reveal] them.

    EW: Every time he veers from the code, as you’ve pointed out, innocent people die.
    MCHArguably the tragedy of Dexter is that it’s not his homicidal behavior that’s gotten the people in his life in trouble but it’s his appetite to play at becoming a human being — his desire to have real relationships. I guess a lesson that’s emerged is that you can’t have your cake and kill it too.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have your feelings changed toward character, or the show, over the years?
    HALL: Dexter was like a baby when we first met him. Now he’s kicking and screaming into adulthood. A very tense adulthood fraught with uncommon issues. I still have a fondness for the character. It’s nice to play a characters who’s such a go-getter, who’s always moving forward. But life was simpler before his appetite for humanity had been whetted. When his life was compartmentalized and no one aside from his victims were suffering for his sins. You know, he is remarkably capable in certain ways and phenomenally clueless in others. It’s fun to play somebody who can be both those things. He still likes to eat, but we don’t see him eat much any more. Once he discovered he had the ability to have sex, that may have replaced it.

    EW: Did surviving cancer midway through the series impact how you felt about such a death-soaked show?
    MCH: Not really. It’s a show that’s death-soaked, but it’s what I’ve been doing with my life so it feels more vitalizing than anything else. I was just thankful I got through it and was able to go back to work. If I were playing an oncologist or cancer patient it would have had more resonance.

    EW:I read that after having to shave every day for Six Feet Under, you lobbied for Dex to always be unshaven, and sold the idea to producers by saying the character is a serial killer, yet hates the sight of his own blood. Are there any other anecdotal stories like that behind creating the character?
    MCH: One thing I’ve always felt is the character needn’t be bound by his voice-over. I’ve always thought that he wasn’t the most reliable narrator. There might be some voice-over beyond the voice-over that we don’t hear. I’ve also wondered where this voice-over coming from. Who is he talking to? Early on, I imagined Dexter had died and he had gone to purgatory and they were playing back footage of his life and he had to narrate the footage in such a way that justify his admittance into heaven. I don’t know if I believe in heaven or hell, but it was fun to think about. That idea will only go so far — because sometimes the voice-over is expository.

    EW: What’s your favorite part of shooting the show?
    MCH: There’s always a sense of catharsis and completion whenever we shoot kill scenes. He’s vanquishing some unchecked external manifestation of his internal darkness and that always feels good. And any scene where things come to a head with someone who Dexter has indulged in a relationship with — Thanksgiving with Trinity, or having it out with Lila, or the rooftop with Jimmy Smits’ character. It’s fun to play someone who’s pulse slows when the heat rises and perhaps he even cultivates chaos in his life because it’s the only place where he is calm. I can also say that anytime I have to put a wetsuit on under my wardrobe and jump into the salty waters of San Pedro is not one of my favorite [parts to shoot].

    EW:And now we’re up to the final season. How is Dexter at the start of season 8?

    MCH: Well, of course, Deb found out [he's a serial killer]. Then over the course of the seventh season we saw Dexter managing the way that’s changed their relationship and seeing maybe that, perhaps, she can live with that information and he can continue [his pattern]. With the cliffhanger that ends the seventh season, all bets are off. For the first time the person who’s always revered and looked up to him is turning his back on him, and that’s sent him into a bit of a spiral.

    EW: He’s also been increasingly seeming more like a regular killer covering up tracks.
    MCH: I’ve always been interested in challenging the audience’s affection for the character. I’m all for it.

    EW: Is there a romantic interest this season?
    MCH: Yes, but the primary relationship with a female is a more maternal figure.

    EW: Yes, Dr. Vogel [Charlotte Rampling]. He gets to “meet his maker,” so to speak.
    MCH: The presence of Dr. Vogel in his life, this woman who did as much as anyone to fashion the code [when he was a kid], she’s encouraging Dexter to believe his humanity is a misguided indulgence and who he’s really meant to be is a psychopath and all the other stuff is bogus. It’s a reasonable argument. Dexter isn’t so good at being human. He’s always been an effective killer. His appetite for humanity has compromised his effectiveness. But something that’s always existed in him is an appetite for rebellion. So if he’s told he can’t be somebody, he’s going to want to defy that diagnosis — to his and many people in his world’s peril.

    EW: How was directing?
    MCH: The thing I liked about it the most is it forces you to be decisive. You have to be decisive or other people can’t do their jobs. It required a more welcome opening energy on the set. I probably relished most the scenes I wasn’t in.

    EW: Yeah, rather than trying to direct that Michael C. Hall guy.

    MCH: You have to be a little less precious about your own work.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’ve heard you were an advocate for ending the show.
    HALL: I’ve been an advocate for having a dialog with the writers and having a sense of how to best bring this story home. Not wrap everything up with a tidy bow, necessarily, but find some sort of conclusion. We based the first season on [Jeff Lindsay's] first book. We didn’t base subsequently seasons on subsequent books because we didn’t want to do a different version of the same thing. There was a desire to explore the blurred line between his emerging humanity and his psychopathy. So there has to be an end game. Once Deb found out, it felt like we were moving toward a place where the world as we knew it would have to end.

    EW: I was told you said even if Showtime backs up a Brink’s truck full of money to your house, you were done.
    MCH: I don’t know that I ever said that exact statement. After Six Feet Under, the last thing I wanted was another television show and then I ate my words with this. So I never say never. But everyone is focused on bringing the eighth season to a sense of overall conclusion.

    EW: Do you know the ending?
    MCH: [Smiles] I have a good sense of the broad strokes…

    EW: And you like it, I can tell.
    MCH: I do! I’m pleased. I’m intrigued and compelled where things are headed. The end is not something I pitched or lobbied for. I don’t aspire to write this show. I talk about where I imagine Dexter to be or where he’s coming from. There are many people [involved with the show] who inform what he ultimately ends up being. I’m along for the ride.

    EW: So how you do you feel about this show you’ve worked on for so many years ending?
    MCH: At this point I have an anticipatory feeling more than anything else. I look forward to finding out what life feels like without Dexter. It’s been something we’ve done 5.5 months out of the year. It’s a constant preoccupation. I think it will be a pretty broad-spectrum experience. I think there will be some wistfulness, some relief, some pride, some sadness…

    YEW: ou’ve been nominated for an Emmy six times but haven’t won. Is winning important, at this point?
    MCH: [Dryly] If someone gave me one I’d go get it. [Awards are] its own sort of animal. They don’t seem to have had much to do with our grander trajectory. Having been in that conversation has been gratifying, especially since he’s a dicey character.

    EW: What is your plan after Dexter?
    MCH: I don’t have one. I’m focused on bringing this home. I don’t have an itinerary for life beyond [production wrapping on] July 1.

    EW: So if your agent calls with a script all excited, you won’t read it?
    MCH: Not on July 2! But I’ll read it, sure.

    EW: So you’re not swearing that you’re going to take a break from TV.

    MCH: I don’t imagine I’ll jump right back into something. But to rule it out entirely would be silly.

    Dexter Season 8: What's in Store
    "Dexter" returns Sunday for its eighth and final season, when Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) relationship with sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is more fraught than ever before. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead.)

    Last season ended with a shocker -- Deb shooting her boss, Captain LaGuerta, dead after she'd uncovered Dexter's secret serial killer life.

    The new season picks up six months later, and Deb is not taking her transformation from cop to killer well.

    "Deb and Dexter are estranged from one another at the beginning of the season," Hall revealed in a Showtime Q&A. "Deb won't talk to Dexter. She's avoiding him. So Dexter tells himself that things are good, his problems have been solved. On some level they have, but on another level, a lot of unresolved issues still come into play. And the subterranean stuff is starting to bubble up as the eighth season begins."

    "You made me compromise everything about myself that I care about," she tells him. "And I hate you for it. I shot the wrong person in that trailer."

    "Deb is really struggling," Hall said. "She's working as a private investigator and has left the police department. She is using the new job to plot, going deep undercover. Deb's hanging out with a pretty shady character, doing drugs to convince him of her authenticity and to self medicate. She is in the midst of an ongoing post traumatic stress episode. And it's a real mess."

    This season will also introduce a new character who holds a key to Dexter's state of mind. We'll meet Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), a neuropsychiatrist who helped Dexter's father fashion the "code" he lives by.

    And it wouldn't be a season of "Dexter" without a big case for Miami Metro and our favorite serial killer to solve. This year's baddie is dubbed "The Brain Surgeon," so nicknamed because victims are found with pieces of their brains missing.

    one day omg

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    Geeky standup Dan Mintz is awkward as all get out, and that's not a detriment in the slightest. In fact, the comedian and humorist's ill-at-ease stage presence, deer-in-the-headlights gaze, and ultra-deadpan delivery while performing are all part of his bizarre charm. It also makes the often-surreal non-sequiturs -- including many strange and painfully self-conscious barbs about failed relationships or awkward social situations -- he delivers during gigs seem that much more hilarious.

    That's especially true when Mintz's weirdness is coming straight from the mouth of Tina Belcher, the gawky teenage girl that he voices on FOX's animated hitBob's Burgers. The character, who's the queen of uncomfortably awkward quips, seems like a perfect fit for the comedian and his often-bizarre humor. We discussed Mintz's apt portrayal of Tina during a recent phone interview with the comic prior to his appearance at Stand Up Live this week, and asked him about how he developed his particular comedy style and the upcoming episode of Bob's Burgers that he penned.

    You appeared on David Letterman back in February. What was that experience like?
    It was really exciting. I'd been wanting to do that for a really long time. I had to buy a suit for it. And I didn't realize until like a day before that I needed the suit so it was kind of insanity running out to get one.

    Did you get Letterman to laugh at your jokes?
    I don't know if he laughed at my jokes as I had to look at the cameras the whole time. But hopefully he liked them. I guess I'll find out if I ever get asked back.

    Did you interact much with Dave? Or did you do your set and just go back to the green room?
    Yeah, you just come out and do it and right after he comes and shakes your hand on camera. Everyone says he's just kind of shy and doesn't really talk to people. And then, on my way out I kind of took a wrong turn and ended up running into him after the show. And he was kind of taken aback. He was very polite.

    Why are you so droll and deadpan in your humor?
    That's always been the kind of the way that I deliver. I've always spoken pretty monotone and when I first started being able to make people laugh was when I was in high school. And I just had the voice that I have and I noticed that I would say sexual things in my voice and people would laugh. And I kind of just worked from there. It was less like deciding, "Okay, these are the jokes I'm going to tell, and now how am I going to tell them? Am I going to tell them in this voice or this voice?" it was more like, "This is my voice, what jokes work best with that delivery?"

    Why do you think awkwardness and awkward humor is sort of big right now in pop culture?
    I wonder if it just has to do with that, in general, nerds are cooler now. And everyone kind of has part of their mind stuck back in high school. And it used to be that to be accepted in high school you had to be super outgoing and popular, and now you can kind of be your own person and be different.

    And it's also sort of always gone through cycles like that in Hollywood. People like watching one type of person and think that's funny in comedy. And when that gets old, all of a sudden, there's something totally different that people want to see. And since likeArrested Development and The Office, people have really just fallen in love with that kind of comedy and hopefully they'll stay in love with it for at least awhile longer...for my benefit.

    How much of your jokes and standup material is an ext!
    ension of your actual personality?

    It's not really me exactly, but it's kind of just the way I naturally am when I'm in front of people, 'cause I do naturally have this stage fright. And that was the great thing about starting stand-up, being able to use that and having it work to my advantage. [When] I did debate in high school or if I was a play or anything, I would just be so nervous and not confident and it would just really get in the way. Then all of sudden when I did stand-up, I was like, "Oh, this is actually working for me; The more nervous I am the better."

    Comedy has plenty of assholes and insult comics. You seem almost like the antithesis to all that.
    Yeah, I know. I almost have like a submissive relationship with the audience. If someone heckles me, I'll usually just kind of laugh at it and go like, 'Well, I'll think I'll give them the chance to feel good,' so I laugh at their joke.

    Your trademark is to use a completely normal setup before taking screaming left turn and hitting the audience with some surreal or effed up punchline, correct?
    Yeah. The hardest part is coming up with a normal setup, because it's almost like you don't want the setup to be too interesting. Because you want them to kind of be lulled into, oh, this relatable thing before you twist everything in the punchline.

    Do you try to get as bizarre as possible with the punchline and therein lies the humor?
    Um...kind of. Once I have a premise that I think would work, I kind of just try to look at it from as many angles as possible. You know, you want it to be somewhat bizarre or there won't be any comedy to it, but you also have to make sure its not too out there and there's still some stakes for people to latch onto.

    Were you cast as Tina in Bob's Burgers because your humor meshes well with that character?
    I was actually originally cast as a boy, like the second son in the family, and then FOX wanted to change the character to a girl because it was thought to be too similar to Eugene Mirman's character [Gene Belcher]. I was just kept in that because I was friends with Jon Benjamin and he recommended me to Loren [Bouchard], who's the creator. And I think for all of us, he kind of built the characters around us and our comedy.

    Do you have much input into the writing of Tina?
    Yeah, once we start recording they encourage us to improvise. So we always, if we think of a good line, get that in. But usually we don't see the script until we do a table read and it's already written. Over time I've really enjoyed when I've had the chance for Tina [to grow]. At the beginning, she was more just kind of monotone and into saying a lot of weird things. So it's been fun when they actually started giving her actual arcs where she had emotions and had a goal she had to achieve. I've really tried to do the best I could at that and show them I could do that, then that allowed them to have more episodes like that.

    She used to be queen of the non-sequiturs.
    Yeah, exactly.

    Is it fun being in the same room recording dialogue with comedians like H. Jon Benjamin and Kristen Schaal riffing off each other?
    Yeah. It's kind of almost intimidating for me being a shy person around these four super-outgoing people. In terms of improvising. I probably would never improvise if it were up to me, but I'm in a scene with them and they go off-script, I kind of have to follow them. And it's fun that I get forced into doing that.

    Is there secretly an awkward 12-year-old girl inside you that comes out every time you record?
    I think there's one inside all of us. But yeah, I guess. I was worried I wouldn't know how to play a female character, but actually because Tina is so kind of straightforward, I think she is easier to play for a man. You usually think of a woman, her sexuality being like super complex and hard to understand, and like Tina's is so simple. She's just attracted to this and knows what she wants.

    Do you think she's the breakout character of the show?
    I would like to think that. When we started I knew that I had a head start because it's just a gimmick to have my voice coming out of a girl. And I think, in many ways, she started out as like as kind of the least-relatable character and she ended up being the most-relatable because she's just someone, I think people relate to having someone that is just a little invisible to the world, but you know, wants to make a connection to people. And I think she's had really like pure emotions and she's happy if she gets what she wants or sad if she doesn't.

    Do you have any places you want to take the character? Or are you at the whim of the writers?
    I'm kind of at the whim of the writers there. I guess, huh...I mean, it was really fun when they started giving her some success in love, like when she has her first kiss. It would be fun to see more of that.

    Do you think she will wind up with her big crush, Jimmy Junior?
    I don't know. I feel like, doesn't that always ruin a sitcom when the people end up happy together?

    It depends.
    Maybe in the series finale, that would be nice.

    What's been your favorite episode thus far?
    Maybe like the "Topsy" episode? I don't know. My favorite episode to do might have been like "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks."

    Where she's driving?
    Yeah. And then my favorite to watch -- and Tina plays a small part in it -- was the "Topsy" episode. I think it was just like the music was so good that it just seemed almost like it was too good just for a cartoon. There's just the moment where they were doing the climactic musical.

    A lot of people try to imitate Tina's trademark moans. Got any tips on how to do it properly
    Um...[moans like Tina for a second]. It's like way in the back of your throat. [Moans again] I'm trying to do it. That's a sound I just have kind of made in my life when I'm frustrated or nervous. And one day Loren said, "Oh, we need a sound for this," and I tried different things and that's the one he picked.

    You've been a writer on a number of extremely funny shows that unfortunately didn't last very long...
    Yeah, I wonder if I'm like a curse on the show.

    Well, or is it something like that sort of humor isn't mainstream enough?
    Well, Nathan For You got picked up for a second season, so I'm excited about that. I just think it's just rare in general in Hollywood for shows to last more than a season or two. It's just the odds are against everything. But yeah, it's the hardest thing to pull off is a show that is different than anything people have seen before but that has the greatest reward if you can pull it off.

    Is it frustrating when funny shows like Important Things with Demetri Martin or Jon Benjamin Has a Van don't stick around longer?
    It's not that frustrating if you're just a writer on a show. It's really painful if it's your show that you created. I mean, as a writer, you feel proud of what you're part of, but you're also like you just kind of walk into every job assuming it's only gonna be a one-season thing and then you move on. And if it's more than a season that's great, but you never think that it will be.

    Do you have any desire to write for Bob's Burgers or are you content with just playing a role on!
    the show?

    Well, I actually just did a script for them, which we're recording next week and that was really fun.

    How much of it did you write?
    Well, it's all collaborative but I was like... each script has someone who's considered thewriter of the script and it will say, written by so-and-so. You know, and even then it gets rewritten a lot and at every stage you show them an outline and they give you notes and back and forth. It's hard to say how much made it in to the end product, but I was kind of shepherding it along through each step.

    Getting you script dissected by other writers sort of happens a lot when writing for television, right?
    That's kind of just how it goes. The first time it happens it's really painful and you kind of like, how could I have done everything wrong? But after you start noticing that it's happening to everyone, you just realize that it's just the process.


    Table reads for the fourth season:

    Other future episodes include :
    "A River Runs Through Bob"
    "My Big Fat Greek Bob"
    and "Fort Night".

    Renewed through the 2013-14 season (the show's fourth of 22 episodes) on 10/16/12

     (from FOX's press release, May 2013) The animated comedy BOB'S BURGERS returns for a well-done fourth season. The cult-hit animated show about a man, his family and their burger joint follows the ups and downs of BOB (H. Jon Benjamin), who runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob has big ideas about burgers, but his family falls short on service. Despite the greasy counters and lousy location, Bob and his family are determined to make every "Grand Re-Re-Re-opening" a success. Bob's wife, LINDA (John Roberts), stands by her man, though she's easily distracted. Their eldest daughter, 13-year-old TINA (Dan Mintz), has minimal social skills and is a hopeless romantic. Middle child GENE (Eugene Mirman), the only boy in the family, is an aspiring musician with a thirst for life. LOUISE (Kristen Schaal) is the bunny ears-wearing youngest daughter with an off-kilter sense of humor that makes her somewhat of a liabilit!
    y in the kitchen - and with the public. In the upcoming fourth season, Bob subs as a home-ec teacher at the kids' school;Linda sings at her high school reunion; the family creates a local Super Bowl commercial for the restaurant; and the kids set a trap for Santa. The fourth season will feature guest voices from some of the top names in comedy, including Molly Shannon, Bobcat Goldthwait and Jordan Peele, as well as returning guest voices Kevin Kline, Megan Mullally, Ken Jeong, Rob Huebel, John Michael Higgins, Will Forte, Paul F. Tompkins and Sarah and Laura Silverman. On May 1, 2013, Adult Swim acquired the off-network rights to air the series starting June 23rd. The Fourth season premieres on September 29.


    can't wait!

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  • 06/28/13--23:50: Hot Men of Advertising

  • Anderson Davis
    We've never wanted a salad more after seeing the hunky Zesty Guy. Just don't tell that to One Million Moms, who think the naked picnic ad for Kraft dressings is a little too sexy. For the record, we're totally fine with the new ad campaign. Remember, you should always use a condiment.

    Isaiah Mustafah
    This guy will forever be known as the Old Spice Guy. And he's not only hot, he's funny, too!

    Chris Evans
    If we're guilty of one thing, it's being mesmerized by the Captain America star's eyes in these Gucci ads.

    Benjamin Millepied
    Natalie Portman's other half landed himself a gig as the face of YSL's cologne for men. Can you resist the Frenchman's dashing good looks?

    Tyson Beckford
    The 42-year-old hunk started modeling for Ralph Lauren Polo back in 1993 and is just as sexy today, 20 years later.

    David Beckham
    David Beckham in Armani underwear. Enough said.

    William Levy
    The Latin heartthrob's dimples make even M&Ms melt.

    Tom Brady
    Gisele Bündchen's man is undoubtedly hot, especially when he's getting down and dirty on a bike.

    Bradley Cooper
    Last but not least, our pal Bradley Cooper. How can we forget his steamy Häagen-Dazs commercial? In fact, let's watch it now!

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  • 06/29/13--00:53: Emblem3 Cover 'Get Lucky'

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