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    June 24 (Reuters) - The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup championship on Monday by beating the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League's (NHL) best-of-seven championship final.
    * Founded in 1926, the Blackhawks are one of the "Original Six" teams that made up the league before the first expansion in 1967. The others were the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. * The Blackhawks currently play in the Central division of the Western Conference. * They have won 15 divisional titles and three conference championships (1992, 2010 and 2013). * Chicago have won the Stanley Cup five times (1934, 1938, 1961, 2010 and 2013).
    * After winning the championship in 1961, the Blackhawks lost five Stanley Cup Finals (1962, 1965, 1971, 1973 and 1992) until their triumph in 2010.
    * The Blackhawks (36-7-5) won the Central this season and were ranked first overall in the Western Conference. The also won the Presidents' Trophy for scoring the most points in the NHL. * After cruising by the Minnesota Wild 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs, Chicago faced elimination in the conference semi-finals before winning three straight over Detroit to prevail in overtime of the decisive seventh game. In the conference final, they beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings with a double overtime win in Game Five.
    * The Blackhawks' head coach is 54-year-old Canadian Joel Quenneville, a former NHL defenseman who joined the team in 2008 after coaching St. Louis and Colorado. * The captain is Canadian center Jonathan Toews. He has been selected to the NHL All Star Game twice. He won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs when the Blackhawks won their last title. He has also won Olympic gold and world championship gold medals. (Compiled by Steve Keating; Editing by Frank Pingue)



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  • 06/24/13--20:39: EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!
  • Miley just tweeted and deleted this!

    and then tweeted this!


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  • 06/24/13--20:39: Under The Dome Ep 2 Promo

  • SRC

    Even though the dialogue was cheesy at times and certain performances were cringing, I'm intrigued by the show

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  • 06/24/13--20:46: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!

  • Is Taylor going to expose Brooke & Bill's secret to Katie?!!?

    Fourth of July is right around the corner and fireworks are gonna be flying high and not only in the sky. The younger set will throw a celebration and moods will go from fun to displeasure to say the least. It’s gonna hit the fan people and it’s not gonna be very pretty.

    Wyatt has his heart set on Hope and she starts to accept the fact the Liam hasn’t given up on Steffy. So she decides to play the game with Wyatt in hopes that Liam will get jealous. Of course Liam doesn’t want to see his ex get used and tells Wyatt to back off, which only makes Wyatt more determined. Hope is kinda digging this between the two as she is the pawn in their difference of opinions. But while Wyatt is playing up to Hope he also has a back up plan with another young thing, so keep watching.

    Looks like Maya and Rick have finally have something to celebrate now that they are back together, but that won’t stop Caroline who still has some more tricks up her sleeve. This girls is a true Spencer, no doubt about it!

    Katie throws Brooke a birthday party but just as the fun begins Taylor informs Katie what has been going on behind her back. Katie goes into a fit of rage and lets Brooke and Bill have it with both barrels. Will Katie and Bill be able to return to the love they once had? Not if Brooke has anything to say about it. I can say it’s not over between Bill and Brooke and the summer is going to get hotter as these two continue to fight their passion for each other.

    Michelle Stafford tweeted “Getting ready to do my last day of work! (that was June 18th) “Have loved this job so much.” Phyllis will be around at least until the beginning of August. And that it will be a “fun” story line with many twists.

    Michael Graziadei will be reprising his role as Daniel Romalotti. Michael will air as Daniel on July 30th for 4 episodes. No word yet what the story line will be. But July is when Katherine’s funeral is to be televised so I am thinking he may be returning for that and possibly have something to do with Phyllis’s exit. But before she does her final swan song she has plans for Kyle to keep him away from Summer when they go on a business trip. Kyle leaves the room when Summer calls and Phyllis tells her he is indisposed at the moment, making Summer furious. Kyle returns and Phyllis tells him Summer called but she is going to the spa for awhile. Summer eventually calls back and Phyllis puts the speaker on where Summer hears the whole conversation and it ain’t good. Kyle talks about the beautiful women down by the pool making Summer irate on the other end. MS says that she hates doing this to Summer but feels like she has no choice but then Phyllis realizes she has to take things up a notch.

    Nick and Avery set a wedding date but do they make to the altar? And to add more to the mix anther couple is planning their wedding Dylan and Chelsea.

    Remember that safe deposit box that holds some secrets? Avery is able to get the safe deposit box opened for Leslie. Inside they discover Gus’s will and pictures of Rose. Gus has left everything to Leslie, Tyler and Rose. This confuses Leslie and makes her more determined than ever to discover who she really is. Meanwhile the mystery person is following them around and we see that the person has the same photos that was in the box.

    Jeffrey has not been seen around Genoa City for a while now but we’ll see Gloria’s hubby again on July 8, which means his Ted Shackelford, is back! Given how meddlesome Anita has been in Chelsea’s personal life, expect Jeffrey to also get involved.

    Casey Deidrick (Chad) announced via Twitter that he is leaving the show and has taped his final episode. The role is being recast.

    Despite reports to the contrary, it doesn’t appear that Drake Hogestyn (John) has returned to the set. His daughter confirmed on Face book that Hogestyn is not taping yet.

    Sonny continues to stand his ground against Adrienne’s protests about his relationship with Will and warns her that if it comes down to a choice, she will lose. Adrienne also won’t stop making waves about Justin being on Sami’s legal team much to Justin’s chagrin.

    Sami is stunned when she realizes how important Rafe is to Kate.

    Jennifer is not happy when JJ is arrested.

    Deidre Hall (Marlena) has been scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Nick and Gabi reach an important decision regarding their marriage.

    Paula Benard (wife of Maurice Benard GH) announced on twitter “Going to get work permit for Joshua (her son) to do DOOL. Haven’t done this since Cailey played your son in a nightmare of the death of Lilly on GH 18years ago!”

    So Silas is sticking around Port Charles, seems he does have a soul after all, but he will do more for Danny then anyone could ever dream of. Silas does a radical surgery that could save Danny’s life. But he needs bone marrow from a suitable donor, could it be a Quartermaine or a Cassadine, or maybe even Sam’s Dad?

    Speaking of which I am hearing that while there is no exact story how Alexis hooked up with this man, rumor has it when she was living on Cassadine island and held as a prisoner in a matter of speaking, she snuck out one night and met a man in a leather jacket and had her fling. She had no clue who he was. But we will find that out soon, as this man is hanging around PC and keeping an eye on Alexis and Sam.

    On Friday’s episode you probably realized when Ana mentioned the bullet that shot Olivia did not come from the gun they had in evidence which goes to prove that someone else beside Shawn was out to kill Franco. Who hates Franco more then Sonny and Carly? Who had a child with Franco and is know trying to make a deal with him? Yep Ava Jerome, and there is more to Ms Jerome then meets the eye.

    More attempts on Franco’s life as he is beaten to a pulp. But upon awaking he believes he is someone else, someone close to many in PC. What will the folks in Port Chuck now think? What will the viewers think? Of course this is a set up to bring back the Howarth/Wright pairing.

    They will be some surprising departures on the show some expected, some totally unexpected, but they are coming.

    Looks like the teen scene over in Pine Valley is going to get heavy. Miranda has some big issues she is going to be dealing with. The fact that her mom is gay and that she is a product of rape and to top it off she is beginning to look at AJ in a different way. A story is coming that will be the talk of the town when she finally finds out who her real dad is and this will not sit well with the young teen. Many fans are not happy that mother and daughter are having such problems considering how close they were before the show went off of ABC. And to add more drama to AMC the show is on a 5 week turnover and the new writers are on board. We wont see these for awhile but if sources are correct it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

    From where I am sitting it appears that Todd and Blair are back to where it all started, working and trusting one another. With someone out to get their love ones they must work together to figure out what is going on. They will no doubt save the kids and the others on the list but will this be Todd’s swan song? Will he die, go missing or be presumed dead? Rumor has it that they will figure out that Victor is innocent and if he kills Todd he was forced to do so in order to save his family, just as Todd is being forced to kill Victor. Who will get to who first and who wants both brothers dead? In the monitor room it appeared Blair thinks Todd will no longer go after Victor if she did she would tell Tea. But this is Todd who never tells the truth the whole truth and it may just cost him everything if he goes through with his plans.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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  • 06/24/13--21:05: Teen Wolf - 3.05 promo
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    Kelly Rowland recently performed her new single, "Gone," ft. Wiz Khalifa, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


    This track is so hot, her vocals are on point, etc. And bow @ queen Joni continuing to influence generations of artists.

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    He's battled robots, aliens and Satan, but now Arnold is preparing to take on the walking dead.

    Once upon a time, the announcement that Arnold was attached to star in a zombie film would conjure up visions of the Austrian Oak wading through swarms of the undead, chopping away with blades and putting bullets into flesh-craving noggins. But Black List script Maggie promises to be something altogether more low-key.

    The action star and former California governor will star in Maggie, a Black List script from John Scott 3 about a father whose daughter is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country. Henry Hobson will helm the film, and production will start in the fall.

    Schwarzenegger is also set to star in Breacher and Escape Plan, which is set to be released on October 18. He is also starring in the third Expendables film and reprising his role in the fifth Terminator film, which is set to start production at the beginning of next year. He recently sold the bodybuilding drama Pump to Showtime.

    Could this be Schwarzenegger looking to prove his acting chops in the midst of a mixed career return? He’s already tried action with The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand and has David Ayer’s Sabotage set for release next year, with plans to revisit both the Terminator franchise and comedy Twins. Smaller performances have ever been Arnie’s forte, but Maggie could be something interesting.


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    Service wants acts to support Internet radio while also seeking a huge royalty cut

    Pink Floyd's three surviving members have reunited to pen an op-ed for USA Today accusing Pandora of trying to rip off artists over royalties from online radio. "It's a matter of principle for us," Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason wrote.

    The Internet radio service is currently asking Congress to cut musicians' pay for digital radio plays by 85 percent. While a similar campaign failed last year – thanks in part to a letter signed by more than 125 musicians including Pink Floyd, Billy Joel and Rihanna – this time around Pandora is reaching out to artists and asking them to sign a letter of support for Internet radio. But according to the members of Pink Floyd, the letter does not mention the massive royalty cut, and instead reads: "We are all fervent advocates for the fair treatment of artists."

    "Fine print is one thing," Waters, Gilmour and Mason write. "But a musician could read this 'letter of support' a dozen times and hold it up to a funhouse mirror for good measure without realizing she was signing a call to cut her own royalties to pad Pandora's bottom line."

    The trio went on to chide Pandora for complaining about how much it pays for royalties, pointing out the service's impressive growth in the past two years – their IPO raised $235 million and they've doubled their number of listeners – and added, "a business that exists to deliver music can't really complain that its biggest cost is music."

    The members of Pink Floyd closed their piece by saying there is room for compromise and that they hoped Pandora and artists could work together to find common ground on the royalty issue (including finding an end to AM/FM radio's exemption for such fees). "But," they conclude, "tricking artists into signing a confusing petition without explaining what they are really being asked to support only poisons the well."

    Source: RS

    How have your experiences with Pandora been? </3 none for Canada bye.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Barnes & Noble will stop manufacturing its own Nook tablets, marking the end of its expensive attempt to compete alone with deep-pocketed rivals, Apple and Google in the tablet wars.

    The top U.S. bookstore chain reported another quarter of dismal results on Tuesday, led by a 34 percent drop in sales of Nook devices and e-books business, and said it expects sales to continue to decline this fiscal year at its bookstores.

    Barnes & Noble will still make and design black-and-white readers like the Nook Simple Touch, which it says are more geared to serious readers, who are its customers, than to tablets.
    But it is looking for a partner to make its Nooks, acknowledging that competition is too fierce to fight alone.

    "We want to move away from taking on all that risk ourselves," Barnes & Noble Chief Executive William Lynch told investors on a call. "It was very capital intensive to build our own tablets."

    In the fiscal year ended April 27, Barnes & Noble lost $475 million on the Nook business and it repeatedly had to slash prices on the Nook tablets and accept returns from retailers unable to sell the devices.

    The retreat raised fresh questions about Barnes & Noble's ability to sell its Nook Media subsidiary, created in early 2012 and made up of Nook and its college bookstore chain. The bookseller's ability to look at strategic alternatives and its position in the e-books market were also matters of concern.

    Barclays Capital analyst Alan Rifkin said in a research note the losses "reduce the likelihood" Barnes & Noble will find a buyer for its digital business.

    Last year, Microsoft took a 17.6 percent stake in Nook Media, and British publisher Pearson Plc bought 5 percent. Barnes & Noble owns the rest.

    Barnes & Noble shares shot up in May on unconfirmed reports that Microsoft wanted to buy Nook.

    Barnes & Noble, the largest U.S. bookstore chain, launched the first version of the Nook e-reader in 2009 to take on Inc's market-leading Kindle and secure a place in the fast growing e-books market.

    E-books now account for about 20 percent of book sales, according to the Association of American Publishers. By Barnes & Noble's estimates, it has a 27 percent share of the U.S. e-books market.


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    Madonna's latest video project is causing controversy for its depiction of gun violence.

    In the trailer for her new video, simply titled "Secret Project," Madonna shoots a dancer in the head, an image that is garnering controversy in the wake of violent shooting deaths at places like Sandy Hook Elementary.

    Madonna worked on the video's imagery, which also features beatings and prison cells, with photographer Steven Klein. Based on the trailer, "Secret Project" echoes some of the gun use that received criticism during her MDNA tour last year.

    When asked whether she would have considered removing some of that gunplay from her tour documentary, Madonna told ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas that guns were part of the story she wanted to tell.

    "That would be like asking people to not have guns in action movies,” the 54-year-old performer said of her decision to keep guns in her tour.

    “I mean the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people," she added, quoting a popular phrase often used by pro-gun politicians.

    When Vargas mentioned movies that put off release after the Newtown massager, Madonna replied, "well that’s not going to change the situation."

    “This all comes from fear and ignorance, and people not really raising their children, or not paying attention to what’s going on," she said.

    Source: UPI


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    One thing about Emma Watson: She has never been arrested. Nor, so far as anyone knows, has she ever eloped, been kicked off a movie set, or unleashed an angry rant on Twitter. Under normal circumstances, none of this would be particularly noteworthy. But Emma, 23, doesn't live under normal circumstances, and she hasn't for a very long time. Instead, the Paris-born, Oxford-raised actress is a self-made young Hollywood success, and more to the point, she is exceedingly famous thanks to a decision she made when she was only nine (and, of course, the dozen-odd years of hard work that followed).

    "I think, in a way, I was very protected during Harry Potter, because I was working all the time," Emma muses, taking a sip of tea. Dressed in a pair of dusky gray jeans, two layered cotton T-shirts, and a chic black blazer, she's sitting in the corner of a posh but deserted hotel restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side, open just so we can conduct the interview for her fourth Teen Vogue cover. "I would get in the car, go to the studio, and go home," she says. Whenever possible, she continued to attend school and hang out with her childhood friends.

    As a result, Emma explains, it took an improbably long time for her to understand how unusual her existence had become. It wasn't until she enrolled at Brown University, in 2009, that she began to grasp the enormity of her renown. "It sounds stupid," she admits, "or completely unbelievable, but that was when I really realized that I was famous. There are still days when I deal with it horribly and there are days when I deal with it really well." She felt as though everything had been "turned upside down."

    It throws her latest role into sharp relief: Emma plays Nicki, a fame-hungry would-be reality star, in this summer's ripped-from-the-headlines crime caper The Bling Ring. Based on the true story of a group of image-obsessed teenage burglars who targeted the homes of Tinseltown's best dressed, the film, written and directed by Sofia Coppola, offered Emma the opportunity to take on a completely different kind of character: a mildly villainous party girl who'd do almost anything for a taste of the kind of attention Emma's been dealing with for more than a decade. It also gave her the chance to utter the sure-to-be-timeless line, "Come on, let's go to Paris's. I want to rob."

    1, 2

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    In the latest Jane Austen-themed romcom "Austenland," Keri Russell plays Jane Hayes, a woman who becomes obsessed with the BBC miniseries of "Pride and Prejudice" and travels to an Austen re-enactment theme park to find herself a dashing gentleman, ideally someone along the lines of Mr. Darcy himself. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Hale. Moviefone debuted the poster today, which shows Keri Russell geeking out over Mr. Darcy (join the club, honey). Hopefully she's also read the book if she's going to survive in the world of Austen.

    Jennifer Coolidge plays Jane's buxom sidekick who is sure to get a few laughs in. Also starring is J.J. Feild, a period piece vet who played Henry Tilney in "Northanger Abbey," and seems a likely contender for Jane's hero. Rounding out the cast is unlikely period pick Bret McKenzie ("Flight of the Concords"). Can he pull off the breeches and top hat enough to compete with Feild? Time will tell.

    No trailer yet, but two clips from the movie have already been released. "Austenland" is out August 16.


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    The pop superstar who has been noticeably absent from twitter recently has taken the time out to tweet several tweets over the past few days in support of #DOMA being overturned. It's no secret Lady Gaga is a self-imposed advocate for the gay community, but did she take it too far today? This afternoon Gaga tweeted fans asking them who the "Abe Lincoln" of today was for the gays. Is she the Abe Lincoln of 2013? Is it fair to compare gay marriage to freeing the slaves? Where would the gays be without Gaga?

    Of course she was flooded with replies saying that she is indeed, the Abraham Lincoln of our days. Check them out after the cut, with Gaga's original tweet


    oh man

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    Kanye West wants you to know as little as possible about him but one thing he has to tell you is he is a deep, deep thinker who can’t express himself well, so sometimes the things he says are — his word — “retarded.”

    Oh good point, Mr. West!

    (Hey, anyone remember when Jennifer Aniston used the word “retarded”?)

    In a new interview with W Kanye let’s loose, and says he appears on the Kardashian reality shows (reluctantly) only because Kim is the love of his life and then gives a glimpse into his giant intellect.

    “God’s little practical joke on me—as an intellect (lol) who doesn’t like to read a lot—is like, I’ll say some superphilosophical sh*t, but I’ll say it the wrong way. I’ll use the wrong word, so it goes from being really special to completely retarded,” he says,“laughing.”


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    TORONTO - For 25 years, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod have been a relentlessly cheerful presence in Canadian homes through their brief "Body Break" fitness vignettes — chipper little missives designed to get Canucks sweating with a smile.

    Well, now that the couple has signed up to be contestants on the intense cross-country competition "The Amazing Race Canada," things might change. Viewers will now likely see Johnson and McLeod when they're exhausted. And when they're stressed. And perhaps even when they're — gasp — fighting?

    "It's funny with social media because there's been so many people tweeting and putting on Facebook and that sort of thing: 'Are Hal and Jo going to fight? I don't want to see them fight!'" said Johnson with a laugh in a recent interview prior to taping the reality series, seated next to a smiling McLeod. "You know, I think the biggest thing is we respect one another first."

    "We don't do that in our real life," agreed McLeod.

    "So what you see in 'Body Break' is certainly a part of us. It's not all of us," added Johnson. "You're going to see us tired. You're going to see us in different situations that we've never done before. But I don't perceive that we would fly off the handle — because I just never do that."

    Indeed, the couple is speaking several weeks back just prior to taping of the race-around-the-country competition (the show premieres July 15 on CTV). In the adjacent room, the pairs that Johnson and McLeod will face off against are scattered about, sitting quietly under strict instructions not to speak to each other. It's a tense scene.

    But Johnson and McLeod are all smiles. They said taking this challenge on seemed like fortuitous timing, given that they're celebrating a quarter-century of "Body Break." Similarly, Johnson and McLeod have spent their lives trying to inspire Canadians to activity — and now they see an opportunity to prove what's possible at an, ahem, advanced age. Johnson is 57 and McLeod 54, and they have something to prove.

    "There are some teams in this race that their cumulative age does not add up to mine," laughed Johnson, who played college baseball for the University of Colorado. "Really, it's about showing that it doesn't matter how old you are. You can go out and do anything."

    Listening to Johnson and McLeod strategize, it's clear they intend to win. Neither speaks French, so they talk about cozying up to a team that is bilingual. To counteract the perceived advantage in age, they'll be careful to sleep and eat right while hoping that others aren't doing the same. Johnson also points out that they've been plastering their clothes and gear with the "Body Break" logo, to increase the odds that they're recognized and — they hope — helped along by starstruck fans in a way that other teams wouldn't be.

    Even their age, viewed through the duo's perennially positive filter, seems like a good thing.

    "We know it really is a mind game, so it's a matter of being patient," Johnson said. "If I have to put together a piece of Ikea furniture at home, I know I will never do it the first time. So when I mess it up, I go, 'Oh.' I do it in reverse. I take it all apart and put it back together. And I never get mad. I expect to screw up.

    "Whereas some of the younger competitors might be impatient, and then start yelling."

    The show's executive producer, John Brunton, marvels that the presence of the pair represents "spectacular casting," calling them "special (and) unique."

    Still, he shrugs off the idea that their celebrity could give them a leg up in the competition, where bewildered competitors often have to rely upon the kindness of strangers for a nudge in the right direction.

    "I think it can work to your advantage and disadvantage sometimes and some people might want to send them on a wild goose chase because they might get a kick out of it, and others might want to help them," said the Insight Productions CEO.

    "Certainly, the other teams have made it perfectly clear they want to kick their ass. And Hal and Joanne aren't exactly spring chickens either. They're getting on a little bit. They're not exactly senior citizens, but they're inching their way there. And we have some young bucks that think they can run faster. On the flip side, Hal and Joanne, they're in good shape, those two. I wouldn't want to arm-wrestle Joanne. She'd kick my ass."

    Among the young bucks are the duo of 28-year-old David Schram and 32-year-old police officer Jet Black, a two-time North American Physique champion. But, growing up as they did in the late '80s-early '90s, they had only love for the famous "Body Break" pair.

    "They're a team that I would love to work with — they seem nice," Black said, smiling. "Are they a team that's going to want to work with us? I doubt it. They have an image to uphold. We're going to weigh them down.... It's a sad reality."

    There's another youngster firmly in Johnson and McLeod's corner: their 14-year-old daughter.

    Mostly, McLeod says their teen's biggest concern is "being embarrassed that we get eliminated in the first (leg)." Johnson says she just wants them to win her a car — "red, she specified."

    But she mostly wants them to keep their heads and work together, whether curious viewers at home want the same or not.

    "(She) gave us a checklist for the race and she put it in our bags before we left," McLeod said. "It was five points. And one of them was to stay calm.

    "And that's why," she added, holding up her hand, "I've put a piece of tape on my finger to remind me to stay calm."

    I loved these two SO MUCH when I was younger.


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    State senator Wendy Davis has made nation-wide news by deciding to speak for 13 straight hours without sitting down or having a bathroom break to attempt to kill a bill that reduced access to abortion on Tuesday (June 25) in Texas.

    In Texas, the state House of Representatives passed a bill that doesn’t allow abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, “severely limits access to medication-induced abortions and regulates first-trimester abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical centers.”

    Wendy‘s actions have lead many celebrities to offer their words of encouragement while she attempted a 13-hour filibuster to delay the Texas’ 20-week abortion ban.

    However, the filibuster was suspended two hours before midnight with Republicans claiming that Wendy went off topic.

    Also add to the first sentence that she couldn’t sit down

    Elizabeth Banks:“Truly inspiring to watch @WendyDavisTexas standing up for women’s rights in Texas. #standwithwendy.”

    Piers Morgan: “Another reason to love Texas… #wendydavis.”

    Mark Ruffalo: “#standwithwendy This is better then any movie I have seen in a long long time. Never forget. We the people have the power we have always had the power we just need to gather and take it! #standwithwendy. What a dirty dirty trick the Texas GOP played on a woman tonight. 13 hours of standing, won fair and square then cheated. NO GUTS.”

    Ricky Gervais: “Whatever the outcome, @WendyDavisTexas efforts entered her into the pantheon of American heroes tonight. #standwithwendy.”

    Katie Aselton:“whoa, i’m a little late to the party, but what’s happening in texas is insanely exciting! #standwithwendy.”

    Martha Plimpton:“Do you #StandWithWendy? Wear your scarlet A and say so, every day, all the time. @AIsForOrg.”

    Emily VanCamp: “Yes. Thank you Wendy.”

    Evan Rachel Wood: “WTF is going on in texas right now?!”

    Thomas Sadoski:“Congratulations TX legislature. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are watching you live up to your ugly stereotype.”


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     photo People-Halle-BerryJPEG-0c454-300x204.jpg

    Pregnant actress Halle Berry appeared before a legislative committee in California on Tuesday to testify in support of a new anti-paparazzi bill preventing snappers from taking pictures of celebrity children.

    The star has frequently clashed with photographers, and she has taken particular issue with members of the media camped outside her daughter’s school waiting to get photos of the Oscar winner.

    Speaking before the Assembly Committee on Public Safety at the Capitol in Sacramento, she revealed that her 5-year-old daughter Nahla no longer wanted to go to class because of the presence of the paparazzi.

    She told the lawmakers, “My daughter doesn’t want to go to school because she knows ‘the men’ are watching for her. They jump out of the bushes and from behind cars and who knows where else, besieging these children just to get a photo.”

    Berry said she was speaking out as a “mother of a daughter and the baby boy in my belly” and added, “If it (the law) passes, the quality of my life and my children’s lives will be dramatically changed.”

    Her testimony helped to win the bill the approval of the Committee members and it will now be passed to officials on the Assembly Judiciary Committee to clarify the language of the law which will limit the ability of the paparazzi to snap images of the children of celebrities and public figures without the permission of a legal guardian.


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    A Texas state senator tried Tuesday to block an abortion bill by attempting a 13-hour filibuster, but appeared to fall short after 10 hours when the chairman ruled she had gone off topic.

    But a member of the Senate then moved that the ruling be appealed, and the status of the ruling was in doubt.

    Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis, 50, took to the floor of the chamber late Tuesday morning to criticize the bill, which would be among the nation's most restrictive. Rules called for her to stand, unaided, until midnight (1 a.m. Wednesday ET), for the filibuster to succeed.

    At the outset, Davis said she was speaking for families whose "personal relationships with their doctor and their creator" would be violated by the bill.

    "These voices have been silenced by a governor who made blind partisanship and personal political ambition the official business of our great state," she said. "And sadly, he's being abetted by legislative leaders who either share this blind partisanship or simply do not have the strength to oppose it."

    Davis had a snack and a small amount of water before beginning, her office said. She was not allowed to lean or take a bathroom break.

    At about 10 p.m. (11 p.m. ET), Davis talked about the abortion pill, RU-486, and the chairman ruled that her comments were off topic. Earlier in the evening, a fellow senator helped Davis put on a back brace, which angered some lawmakers who said it violated filibuster rules. That view was upheld in a vote, and she was given a warning.

    Before that, she had been ruled off topic.

    Davis was allowed three warnings before the Senate was to be allowed to vote on whether she must stop her filibuster.

    The sneaker-wearing senator spent much of the time reading testimony and messages from women decrying the bill and recounting stories of the struggles they, their friends or relatives faced in the days before birth control and abortion were legalized.

    "Women realize that these bills will not protect their heath," she said. "They will only reduce their access to abortion providers and limit their ability to make their own family-planning decisions."

    The bill would ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and tighten standards on abortion clinics and the doctors who work at them. Critics say it would shut most of the abortion clinics in Texas.

    It has passed the state House of Representatives, and Gov. Rick Perry, a former Republican presidential candidate, has said he'll sign it.

    "In Texas, we value all life, and we've worked to cultivate a culture that supports the birth of every child," Perry said. "We have an obligation to protect unborn children, and to hold those who peddle these abortions to standards that would minimize the death, disease and pain they cause."

    While Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, they don't appear to have the votes to thwart a filibuster.

    Abortion rights advocates were rallying behind Davis online, pushing the hashtag #standwithwendy on Twitter.

    "Like never before, people in Texas are standing up to demand that politicians respect women's ability to make our own personal medical decisions, and the whole country is watching," Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement on the filibuster.

    Richards -- the daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards -- said, "This bill is dangerous and deeply unpopular, and it will hurt a lot of women. We won't go back, we won't back down, and we won't forget when these politicians are on the ballot."

    "Partisanship and ambition are not unusual in a state capitol, but here, in Texas, right now, it has risen to a level of profound irresponsibility and the raw abuse of power," she said in a statement on her website.

    Davis was elected to the Texas Senate in 2008, defeating a longtime Republican incumbent.

    Last year, she staged a filibuster to force a special session in an attempt to stop $5 billion in cuts to Texas public schools, according to her website.

    Davis, who became a single mother at age 19, went on to graduate with honors from Harvard Law School, it says.


    UPDATE:  It's official: voting on the Bill was done so after midnight, making it invalid!


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