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    A Los Angeles court has barred an obsessed fan of “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively from contacting her and her mother. The honey-haired actress got a restraining order against Sergei Mifle after he repeatedly contacted her mom, claiming Lively was going through a “rough period” and he was going to “help her heal,” according to court records. On Feb. 1, the show’s security said they saw Mifle “lurking around the set all day watching her.” Mifle, who is originally from Russia, but now lives in Jersey, called the star’s mom on Feb. 6, telling her “I have to help her, she’s troubled.”

    Elaine Lively told him to send an email, which he did, writing that he has “deep concern for your daughter,” and offered to help. She received two more voicemail messages and two more emails. The mother said that she found a Feb. 8 voicemail threatening because of his urgency."You can contact me (unintelligible) so we can talk and ah um you know before it is too late, so I'm uh I would really appreciate if it uh Blake could contact me and um I just wanted to say if she's um afraid uh if she's afraid she I promise, I promise, I will um act, act very, very peacefully, and uh she'll just have a, she'll just have a wonderful time,"according to a transcript. Lively, 24, got the restraining order in Los Angeles County Court, saying she and her mother felt unsafe. Reached by phone Mifle said he felt compelled to reach out to the star again.

    "I don't want to get arrested. But the restraining order is ridiculous. I will stay away, but there will come a time when I'm going to need her. I just want to talk to her. I like her very much," he said. He said he did not wanted her to suffer the same fate of other stars. "I don't know her personally, but I know her, and I don't want to see her go the way of Lindsay Lohan. Her mind seems set on self-destruction." He said he's not under any medical care.


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    Billy Bob Thornton’s new film, Jayne Mansfield’s Car, just had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival; meanwhile, Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, got a few spotlight screenings at the fest earlier in the week. The exes were both in town in the freezing German capital, and rumors were a-blazin’ that Thornton’s next film, about a man who picks up a wild woman on a road trip, would be based on his relationship with former wild-child Angelina. Bring out the vials of blood! We caught up with Thornton at the fest to address these speculations and to discuss Jayne Mansfield’s Car, which he stars in as a disfigured war veteran with a slew of social and emotional issues.

    I wanted to ask about your new movie-in-the-works, And Then We Drove. You just announced it, right?
    No, no, no … who knows why that —

    It was in Variety.
    I was just told that last night. Yeah, Tom [Epperson] and I are gonna write another script together —

    And it’s about Angelina?
    No! Not in the least!

    Variety said it’s about your experience with Angelina — it’s about a guy who goes on a road trip and picks up a wild woman. Where did that come from?
    We have no idea. My manager told me this last night. He’s Angelina’s manager, too. He goes, “You didn’t say any of this, did you?” And I said, “The only press I’ve done was this press conference, and you were there. Everyone heard what I said at the press conference.” I mean, I was asked about Angelina because her film was playing here, if I’m gonna see her and I said, “I hope so” or something like that.

    You guys are on good terms, right?
    Oh, fantastic terms. We talk off and on all the time. Believe me, if I were gonna write a movie about her, we certainly wouldn’t announce it until it was done. We haven’t even started on this movie yet! And the idea has nothing to do with the way I met her or anything to do with her.

    Did you see her new film?
    Yes. Oh God, I was so proud of her. I’m so glad she directed a movie because I think she has a talent for it. She took on a very hard subject, and it was a very hard movie to make, and I’m so proud of her.

    Would she be upset if you made a movie about her?
    I would never do it.

    How come?
    I would never make a movie about my best friend, either, or any other ex of mine, or something. That’s not my bag. I don’t mind exposing myself, but I'm certainly not gonna make a movie about someone else.

    So you feel like it would be a betrayal of your friendship to expose parts of her that maybe she would want to keep private?
    Absolutely. If she came to me, or any of my friends came to me, and said, “I would like for you to write a film about these experiences I’ve had,” then I would consider that. But no — we don’t even know how that happened. I did an interview with Variety recently that already came out and it had nothing to do with any of this. And then suddenly we see this. People takes bits and pieces of conversations and put it all together sometimes.

    What is the film about then?
    It’s a movie about a homicide detective who’s just retired and doesn’t really know quite what to do. That’s the seed of the movie. It’s a road movie in a way — that’s a bit simplistic, but anyway — it’s about a guy played by me who picks up not a crazy woman, but a mysterious girl, along the road. It’s a very ethereal story. Sort of a landscape kinda movie, and soundscape. But it has nothing do with her whatsoever.

    Not even in the back of your mind? Not even vaguely inspired by her? Is that even how you actually met her?
    No! We met each other through our mutual manager. I’ve known her since she was like 19 or 20 years old. We met in a very ordinary way and became friends and we’ve been friends ever since. And anything else is just silly.

    In Jayne Mansfield’s Car, there are a few male characters that are roughly your age. How did you choose which one you would play?
    And why do you ask that question?

    I like to think that when someone chooses a role, that there’s something that they specifically have to offer role that they don’t think anyone else would.
    I was writing a movie for me and for Robert Duvall. I knew that I was gonna be Skip, and there were gonna be two brothers, and there was gonna be Duvall as the father. I generally write with people in mind, even if they don’t end up playing the role — just so you have something to hang onto. Just like when I did Sling Blade [which he also directed and starred in]. You see, I’m an actor. I’ve done over 60 movies. I’ve only directed four features, so I’m not like Martin Scorsese or something. I’m an actor who directs his own stuff in self-defense. In other words, when I did Monster’s Ball [which he starred in only], nobody ever says to me, “Did you ever think of anybody besides you playing that?”

    My point is I’ve been asked that question on Sling Blade and this movie, the question about choosing the role for myself. Your answer makes sense to me. But these other people are like, they’re insinuating, “Hmmm, made yourself a pretty juicy role there, didn’t ya?” It’s like, Well, goddammit, I wrote the fucking thing, I can do whatever I want to do. None of these other actors wrote the thing. I did. I’m known as an actor. I act in movies all the time. So if I didn’t direct it, they would never bring that up.

    Anyway, I wrote the character that I wanted to play. So I didn’t, like, three weeks later go, “Hmmm, maybe … maybe Jack Black should play this.” You know what I mean? You get inside a character like that, and that’s not an easy character to explain to another actor. Even on the page, they wouldn’t read that character and automatically know what I was looking for. The other characters were pretty clearly drawn; you’ve seen guys like them before.

    How was Robert Duvall involved?
    I kinda know him so I wrote it specifically for him. The hard thing for him was really the part where his character does acid, 'cause he’d never done drugs, so I told him a few stories.

    A lot of the characters that you’ve played have had tics or OCD or phobias, and the character in this film seems like he has Asperger’s, the way he gets fixated on things and his direct way of talking. Do you think you’re drawn to these kinds of characters?
    Well, I have extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder that I’ve had treatment for. I don’t retain what I read, yet I can speed read. And I’m also severely dyslexic, and I don’t see well. Like, I should have glasses on right now, but I can see you across the table, it’s not like I’d think you were like Claude Rains or something.

    So if you see a through line, sometimes I do love playing those kinds of characters. For instance, in Bandits, this comedy I did with Cate Blanchett and Bruce Willis, I played a guy who had obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias, and I brought some of mine to the table for it. But in other movies where I seem to have these problems, I may be having a day in real life where my stuff is a little worse than it is on other days — and that might just come across.

    lara croft tyfyt


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    Lil’ Kim shows love to her fans with her new song “If You Love Me.”

    Here's the newest completed high art project from Photoshop Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lil' Kim.

    The group of Photoshop artists who cracked their knuckles from spending days on end touching up the cover for Kim's new single should be proud that they made her face look like an inside/out plastic lion mask decorated with lead-based varnishes.

    Kim should be celebrated as a true original, because when was the last time you saw the Beast in Beauty's dress? Nicki Minaj can stay sitting, thankyouverymuch.

    The Queen Bee demands some action from her man instead of just talk. “If you love me, you would say it in front of the world,” sings Kimmy Blanco on the upbeat Auto-Tuned record.

    “Beyoncé and Jay, that could’ve been us/ But it’s no trust and all we do is fuss.”

    Lil Kim - If You Love Me by QueenBeeNation

    S1 S2

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    A group of disneyland visitors, this guy included, are mad because they got told off for ignoring security's requests not to take pictures of the couple, who were at the park with Justin's parents and younger siblings.

    some pics of justin, selena + family that were totally worth getting flipped off for

    twitters: 1 |2 | 3

    edit, added a better quality video

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    This is it, "Revenge" fans: The episode we've all been waiting for. Since the show's premiere back in September 2011, with it's very teaser-y preview of what's to come, there have been some huge questions. And now, we'll finally get answers.

    In "Chaos" (Wed., Feb. 15, 10 p.m. EST on ABC), we get to see what really happens at Daniel and Emily's Fire & Ice engagement party. We know there are gunshots, and we've seen Daniel Grayson fall to the sand, but how it all goes down is such a fantastically twisted puzzle.

    I caught up with the cast after screening this insane, edge-of-your-seat episode to discuss all that happens in "Chaos." And believe me ... a lot happens. Keep reading for some scoop, but warning, spoilers ahead!

    "This is it, kids. You like the show, right? Well then this is the one you've gotta see," Nick Weschler (Jack Porter) said. "You saw the pilot, you like the show ... we've been building up to this all season. You are about to find out who and how and why. This is not the episode to miss."

    Gabriel Mann, who plays the scheming Nolan Ross, agreed. "We are teasing this, to take it very heavy and intellectual, as the Rashomon Fire & Ice Ball. For the layperson," he starts with a laugh, "that implies that we show the story that you all have seen in the pilot, except we now see all the angles and offscreen and backstage that we didn't see before. It's everything you've seen, but with a very fresh take on it. Some of the same shots, interspersed with new stuff. It's kind of like adding the seventh layer on the cake -- it's already sweet and yummy, but this makes it even more delicious."

    Josh Bowman, who plays the (possibly) ill-fated Daniel Grayson, said: "It's going to be a freaking 'Revenge' fest ... It's a crazy episode ... phenomenally directed and very well-acted by the rest of the cast. We're all really close now, so to see that chemistry all coming to life, that's what's making the show. Fans should expect to see fireworks. Literally."

    Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad Grayson, teased what the episode's closure will bring. "Because it is the episode that harkens back to the pilot, there's a sense of closure, but in that closure there is a blossoming, poisonous flower. And each petal -- if we're going with the flower theme -- has a deeper color to it."

    Christa B. Allen (Charlotte Grayson) agreed that knowing now what they didn't know back then made shooting this episode even more fun. "We got the chance to play that facet of the scene which, as an actor, is such a toy to play with," Allen said. "You kind of go back and look at the pilot, and there's little glances the characters will give each other, and you didn't know what it meant at the time, but now, it fits."

    "It's such a cool idea," Wechsler said. "It's a common storytelling device, but I love the way we did it. I think [creator] Mike Kelley said something like, 'Its components aren't new, but it's how we do it that is.' The destination is common; it's how we get there that is uncommon. I was excited, even as a viewer, to see this stuff. It's like little Easter eggs and bonuses for fans."

    And Connor Paolo (Declan Porter) added that, with this episode, "everything's been justified, which is unbelievable."

    Tell us: Are you excited to see what really goes down at the Fire & Ice ball? And what do you think is next?


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  • 02/15/12--17:30: Kidnapped for Christ Trailer

  • This documentary tells the story of a group of American evangelicals who sent their gay children to a “therapeutic Christian boarding school” camp in the Dominican Republic, where they were severely disciplined so they could be “transform[ed] into healthy Christian adults

    Here's a trailer for a documentary-in-progress called "Kidnapped for Christ," which tells the stories of children whose evangelical Christian parents pay military-style boarding school to render them to an offshore facility, where they are subject to inhuman treatment in the name of reforming their wicked ways, from "discipline problems" to simply being gay:

    The film centers on the story of David, a straight-A student from Colorado who was sent to Escuela Caribe in May of 2006 after coming out to his parents as gay. Like many others, David was taken in the night without warning by a “transport service” and was never told where he was going or when he would be brought back home. While at Escuela Caribe, David had no way of communicating with any of his friends or family back home until the filmmakers arrived and he decided to ask them if they would smuggle out a letter that he had secretly written to his best friend. Once word got back to David’s community about what had happened to him, many people sprung to action and formed a plan to get him released. Getting David out of this school, however, turned out to be a much more difficult task than anyone had thought, and the trials they went through to get David released revealed just how far Escuela Caribe would go to prevent a student from leaving.

    David was not the only student whose life was impacted by the school’s severe approach to discipline. The filmmakers followed many other students who also experienced degrading punishments and who struggled to understand what was happening to them. The film also features interviews with former students, including Julia Scheeres, whose 2005 New York Times Best Selling memoir Jesusland tells the story of the disturbing physical and physiological abuse she witnessed and suffered at Escuela Caribe during the 1980s.

    The growth of the troubled teen industry, especially therapeutic boarding schools located in the United States and abroad, has given rise to many other allegations of the inhumane treatment of youth and the exploitation of families who are desperately seeking help for their teenagers. The goal of Kidnapped for Christ is to tell the stories of the students at Escuela Caribe and to give them a voice so that they may make people aware of the broader industry of schools like Escuela Caribe and the potential danger they constitute for our youth. We hope that the film will be entertaining, shocking, thought provoking and will ultimately inspire change in the way these types of schools are run and regulated.


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    For those who'd never been exposed to the South African rappers before, their appearance on David Letterman may have been slightly terrifying. For the rest of us, this was a tamer version of the shock rappers we've come to know...

    Die Antwoord took their consciously unnerving act to a mainstream audience Monday night -- the late-night television crowd. For those who'd never been exposed to the South African rappers before, their appearance on David Letterman may have been slightly terrifying, a sentiment shared by some South Africans who are uneasy with the trio representing their nation abroad. For the rest of us, this was a tamer version of the shock rappers we've come to know: Yo-Landi looked as bug-eyed as always in a pair of black contacts and long white t-shirt (Alexander Wang?), DJ Hi-Tek wore a deformed face mask, and Ninja danced frantically in a orange jumpsuit to their clubby single, "I Fink You Freaky" off their just released album, Ten$ion.

    Letterman seemed at a loss for a moment when he came up to greet the group after their performance. He recovered with a few words that could be taken as praise, or not: "Well, there's your halftime show!"

    Yolandi and Ninja remained unblinking behind him.


    ONTD: Did anyone see the Toronto show last night?  Was there an encore?  My boyf and I left after all the lights went up and they started disassembling the set, but he insisted there was going to be an encore b/c they'd only been on stage an hour.

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    While Chicago's Lollapalooza is still more than five months away from taking over the city's Grant Park, an alleged lineup for the annual music festival has already emerged.

    Anonymous Twitter account @lollaleaks on Saturday tweeted the Aug. 3-5 festival's supposed headliners -- Metallica, Beyonce, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Beck and Sonic Youth. On Wednesday, the tweeter claimed that Justice, Chromeo and Bassnectar would also be playing the festival's Perry's stage.

    @lollaleaks was not the only supposed lineup "leaker." As The Sights and Sounds reports, @thelollaleaker released more supposed additions to the 2012 festival lineup including The Shins, M83, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Gotye, At The Drive-In, Garbage, Missy Elliott, Guided By Voices, Sleigh Bells, Passion Pit, Korn, Skrillex, M.I.A., Calvin Harris and about a dozen other acts.

    The news enraged festival organizer Perry Farrell, who took to Twitter to berate @lollaleaks, calling the anonymous tweeter "a red tick," "a fraud" and likely an individual with "a small penis." Farell tweeted Sunday that the festival lineup "has not been finalized."

    The festival's lineup is not expected to officially be announced until sometime this spring. A similar leak situation occurred last year and reports of rumored acts playing the festival mostly turned out to be accurate.


    I'm hoping for St. Vincent, Beck, Joan Jett, Sleigh Bells, and Jack White among others. Beyonce would be awesome to see. Who do you want to see there?

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    Gorillaz have released a teaser video clip for their upcoming new single Converse Three artists, one song series. The track titled DoYaThing, is a collaboration with Andre 3000 of Outkast and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

    Jamie Hewlett is also working on a video to accompany the track and it will include two new characters; a martial arts baboon and a masked topless man. The track coincides with the release of a new collection of Converse shoes, which were created with a heel tab design by Hewlett.

    DoYaThing will be available as a free download from the Converse website on February 23rd.

    Until then, get a taste of the track from the teaser video clip below.

    ... and a look at the shoe designs:


    Set behind a shadowy London backdrop, an 18th century dandy basks at his reflection in a mirror, next to him a Ska dude in trendy sunglasses and a fedora is scoping out the scene. Meanwhile an 80’s casual hooligan nonchalantly reaches in his coat pocket, next to him, an uppity 60’s girl puts makeup on her face. In front, a character straight out of Oliver Twist sinisterly grins while a punk rock Sid Vicious lookalike eyes down the dandy. To his right and looking stern as usual, a pinstriped gent walks away from the whole scene.

    These eclectic characters have one thing in common, well two. Each one represents an era in London’s fashion scene and they are all characters on Absolute Vodka’s new limited edition London bottle, designed by one of the UK’s elite graphic artists, Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett.

    Set in pink and dark blue, the bottle is the newest of Absolute Vodkas limited edition bottles and, personally, the most stylish and creative. Hewlett chose the seven characters because of their impact on London’s cultural scene and because they’ve influenced his art as well.

    Hewlett gained major notoriety when he formed up with Damon Albarn to create the Gorillaz, a musical and visual project with an expansive story line and cutting edge-amazing- music. The Gorillaz in the past have recruited musical heavyweights like MF Doom, The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon and Little Dragon to name a few. In 2010 the Gorillaz released their newest album Plastic Beach, Hewlett designed the adventurous music videos and illustrations for the album.

    In Hewlett’s Absolute London design, he creates a London, which should be in a Gorillaz music video, funky yet sketchy and subtly realistic.

    Absolute London will be on sale at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols on March 1, and then to retail stores on April 1. The limited edition bottle is the latest, and first European city to be in Absolute Vodka’s “cities” collection. Other “cities” bottles include Absolute Los Angeles and Absolute Vancouver.

    Absolute Vodka also announced it is launching a digital campaign to go along with the bottle as well as a promotion on Facebook. But that’s not all! If you’re dying for one of these, Absolute is holding a competition for fans to upload a picture on Instagram for a chance to win the limited edition bottle.

    source 1 2

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    He hits her around 13 seconds and pulls her either by her hair or shirt.

    Apparently the incident took place back in 2009 and Korean fans hid this video
    to protect him. Here's proof that it is him and not a security guard like
    many of his fans are now trying to claim.

    Also a video of him on the same day with the same exact shirt and hairstyle for those who are still in denial.

    SOURCE (not accessible without an account)

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  • 02/15/12--17:56: Survivor: One World

  • Kourtnie was medically removed for breaking her wrist.

    Source: CBS

    Promising looking season so far! Anything would be better than the last season...

    EDIT: Possible spoilers on page 2 for those who care...

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    4x16 Jerry's Sweet 16

    4x17 Campaign Shake-up

    Source 1 2

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    Miranda Kerr

    When a model goes on an audition, aka a go-see, she often has a Polaroid picture taken of her by a casting director, on the spot, without any makeup on. This is done so that the modeling agency can take a look at the model's face that serves as a blank canvas. (I know all of this from my many expert years of watching America's Next Top Model.) COACD casting director Douglas Perrett has saved his personal collection of instant-images over the years and just recently released a limited edition book packed with Polaroid photos of models, when they were just starting out.

    The book, titled Wild Things, features a number of raw shots of some of today's most successful and recognizable faces including Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Candice Swanepoel. If you weren't jealous of these stunning women before, you are now, at the very least, baffled by their natural beauty. Without a stitch of makeup on, these women glow, boasting radiantly smooth skin, a glimmer in their eyes, and unfairly fantastic bone structure.

    To accompany Perrett's catalog of favorite Polaroids from 2000 to 2010 are his personal first impressions of each of the fresh-faced girls. Highlights include his single-word commentary of "Meh" to then-newcomer Elettra Wiedemann and his hilarious recollection of his first encounter with the late Daul Kim: "We just connected in a nerdy bloggy kind of way; lots of staring and grunting sounds." His very candid criticism and immaculate memory of these young models is terribly fascinating. It's too bad there were only 250 copies of the book printed, but here's to hoping that the success and buzz demands a mass reprint.

    Chanel Iman

    Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley

    Arizona Muse

    Candice Swanepoel

    Elettra Wiedemann

    Abbey Lee Kershaw

    Daul Kim

    Hilary Rhoda (OP note: Stunning!)

    Liu Wen


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    It's been six months since Taylor's estranged husband killed himself and Radar has exclusively learned she's already moved on with one of her attorneys who is married with kids.

    The man is John Bluher, 54, and he's helping the star handle a lawsuit she's involved in.

    "John traveled with Taylor while she was doing her book tour and the two of them hit it off, in more ways than one".

    "She's been seeing him for almost two months and has confided in a handful of friends about the affair."

    "It's a bit of a complicated situation. John is still technically married, even though he no longer lives with his wife in Colorado and spends the majority of his time with Taylor in Southern California."

    "There's a very strong connection between the two, but Taylor doesn't want to be known as the other woman, period."

    Radar was unable to reach Taylor for comment, but when we got John's wife Stephanie on the phone she said, "I don’t have anything to say to you. You can take it up with my husband."

    John provided Radar with the following statement: “This story is a complete fabrication by someone that wants to hurt Taylor and damage my reputation. To place my name in an article that says Taylor or I are having an affair is libel.

    “There is no affair nor has there been one. Taylor would not have said it to anyone because it hasn’t occurred. Neither she nor I have any relationship other than my working as her legal counsel.

    Dana Wilkey: Too Boring For A Third Season Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?!

    A show insider tells RadarOnline exclusively that they’d be “very surprised” if Dana gets invited back for the third season.

    “Now that the reunion has aired, I think the writing is on the wall,” the insider tells Radar.

    “Both Dana and Brandi, who were billed as ‘friends’ of the Housewives, spent nearly all day taping the reunion back in January.

    "But while Brandi ended up being included in the majority of the show and causing a firestorm with her comments – only about five minutes of Dana made it on air. The husbands got more air time than she did! She just didn’t add anything.”

    “None of the housewives really took to her this past season and, to be honest, she just wasn’t that interesting," the source says. "Yes, she’s wealthy but she doesn’t cause or get involved in any drama, which is really what producers are looking for.

    “Lately, she’s been trying to pick online fights with Brandi in a bid to create some scandal, but I think it’s too little, too late. She’s a very nice woman but no one in the cast is expecting she’ll be asked back.”

    Lisa on the Negativity this season: “I Have Been Deeply Disappointed”

    Lisa Vanderpump can’t catch a break. Most of the Real Housewife’s trusted confidants turned out to be far more frenemies than friends this season, from ex-bestie Kyle Richards selling her out, to Adrienne Maloof twisting an innocent comment into a publicized fiasco.

    In her latest Bravo blog, the 56-year-old restaurateur addressed her friendship woes. We all know Lisa V. is one tough cookie, but even the thick-skinned Brit felt the burn of her catty, backstabbing co-stars this season.

    She writes: “I have few regrets this season, but I have been more deeply disappointed when watching the footage of some of the negativity. I would never allow, out of allegiance to my friend, somebody to repeatedly trash a friend of mine who was totally unaware of the situation until it had been aired. That is something I just can't fathom.”

    Phaedra Parks of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ at Jeremy Scott NYFW Show

    The Jeremy Scott fashion show during New York Fashion Week is always part runway spectacle, part disco party—and the event on Wednesday afternoon was no exception. Before the show a crowd of photographers descended on Joe Jonas, who was sandwiched next to Leigh Lezark from the Misshapes. Power publicist Kelly Cutrone was right in the middle of them all, picking reporters from the crowd to talk to Jonas.

    Then we spotted Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, chatting in the front row next to Paper magazine editor Kim Hastreiter in a tan puffer jacket with a fur hood. As the lights dimmed, the usual parade of over-the-top crazy outfits began to make their way down the runway. There was Simpsons underwear, a My Little Pony–inspired dress, and a frock made out of rainbow horsehair. It was a pop-culture throwback to the early 1990s—and even the AOL jingle “You’ve Got Mail” blared over the loudspeakers.

    But our eyes were fixed squarely on Parks, who made her emotions known as every look passed on the runway. She danced to the thumping beat of ’90s Japanese techno; raised her eyebrows in disbelief and mouthed “OK!” when she saw a look she just didn’t understand; furrowed her brow in disgust when she truly hated something.

    If there’s one thing you can learn from New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, Phaedra, it’s poker face. But then, when one sparkled bustier passed her on the runway, she pointed and whispered to her seatmate: “Now, that I could wear.”

    After the show, we asked her what she thought. Anything wearable? “Absolutely,” she said. “I’ve never seen that many skirts on men outside of Atlanta!” And then she kissed and hugged us, and was swallowed by the crowd.

    Gretchen Rossi: Vicki Gunvalson Needs a Makeover!

    Given the chance to makeover any of her Real Housewives of Orange County costars, Gretchen Rossi, 33, would choose frenemy Vicki Gunvalson, 49.

    "I love her and she's very sweet," Rossi said during a recent visit to Us Weekly's New York City offices, "however I think we need to step it up on a few things."

    "I would first and foremost change her lipstick color. She's been wearing the same lipstick color for the last seven years!" Rossi said of Gunvalson's favorite nude shade. "I want to see a bright color on her."

    The women of the Bravo hit are known for their over-the-top wardrobe and beauty looks -- especially Rossi and costar Alexis Bellino, 34.

    "We all love the glitz and glam, doing our hair and makeup and all that, but I think it's a different level of maintenance that we each do," Rossi explained. "Vicki might not care as much about looking perfect when she walks out of the house, but Alexis and I might be a bit more in tune with every last little detail, from our mascara to our perfectly matched shoes to the jewelry."

    RadarOnline, TheDailyBeast, WetPaint

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    On last night's Valentine's Day episode of Glee, Amber Riley's character SANG Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." The episode was shot prior to the death of Houston's death. Riley spoke about meeting her idol

    “I just met her Thursday. I was really nervous. We were at Kelly Price’s pre-Grammy party, and I was battling if I wanted to go over there because she is such an icon and such an inspiration to me. And I went over and I thanked her for letting us use her music and entrusting it with us on Glee. And she said, ‘What show are you on, baby?’ And I said Glee. And she said you’re welcome. And she rubbed my hand and said ‘God bless you.’”


    P.S. Mods, the audio was posted, not the actually clip from last night's show.

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    Nicki Minaj set out to leave an impression and even boasted her performance would "be like nothing you've ever seen." She was wrong. Lady Gaga and Madonna have both been down that same road with the Catholic religion. In fact, Lady Gaga has already done the male alter ego thing too, so where was the ingenuity so many were expecting?

    Nicki has cornered the market on pink hair and Barbie references. That is her niche, and that is where she should stay. Why did she feel the need to encroach on Lady Gaga's territory? She may have been able to pull it off if Gaga's stunt had been several years ago, but it wasn't. It was less than a year ago Gaga ticked off the religious folks in the world with her "Judas" song and video. Only a few months ago, Gaga showed up as her male alter ego at the VMAs.

    Oddly enough, Nicki is actually happy with her performance and takes credit, or the blame to be more accurate, for her demonic Grammy performance. As expected, the Catholic League is raging mad. In a press release, they admonish The Recording Academy and make a good point, "Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam." For whatever reason, the Catholic religion and the symbolism associated with it are like magnets for stars who want to stir up controversy. The problem is, it is so overdone; nobody even cares.

    It wasn't only the religious community that was not fond of Nicki's performance. Twitter users took to the site to voice their opinion on the performance and most of it tended to be negative.

    One user wrote, "Weird with talent...can work. (see Lady Gaga). Weird in place of talent...does not (see Nicki Minaj)."

    Another tweet, "Nicki Minaj, WTF? This is terrifying. I totally blame Lady Gaga for this-every since she gave birth onstage, everyone."

    And lastly, the tweet that seems to sum up the feelings of Nicki's fans, "Nicki Minaj gotta get back to rap...she Lady Gaga'ing too much."

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    'Mark Ronson and Coca-Cola traveled the world to create a new dance track using the sounds of sport from 5 Olympic hopefuls!'


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    Everyone's favorite Jonas taking a break from his hugely successful solo venture to attend some shows at Fashion week.

    Simon Spurr show (w/ Kellan Lutz)

    Fashion Take Note Valentine's party

    Jeremy Scott Fashion Show

    source: 1 2 and 3

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    (February 15, 2012- New York) Usher is set to release a brand new single entitled “Climax” on February 28, 2012 from his forthcoming album set for release later this spring.

    Written by Usher Raymond along with co-writers Redd Stylez, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Diplo, who also produced the single, “Climax” is a genre-defying track and his first release since his recent chart-topping collaborations– “Without You” by David Guetta which held the #1 spot on the Pop charts and “Promise” with Romeo Santos which held the #1 spot on the Latin charts.

    His seventh studio album will be released later this spring on RCA Records.

    Usher has been ranked by the RIAA as one of the best-selling artists in American music history, having sold over 43 million albums worldwide. He has won numerous awards including seven Grammy Awards and was recently named the number one Hot 100 artist of the 2000s decade. Billboard named him the second most successful artist of the 2000s decade, with his career-propelling 2004 album Confessions being ranked as the top solo album of the 2000s decade. Usher has attained nine Hot 100 number-one hits (all as a lead artist) and has attained seventeen Hot 100 top-ten singles.

    yasssss! this is slaying my life!!

    1, 2

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  • 02/15/12--19:55: Remember this POS?
  • Noted gay-rights advocate Brett Ratner now working for GLAAD

    And cue the damage control. Brett Ratner stepped down from producing the Oscars after he remarked last November that "rehearsal is for fags." (I mean, obviously. What kind of producer rehearses a show?)

    But now it seems Ratner is trying to make amends with the gay community by producing and directing a new campaign for GLAAD. According to GLAAD, the campaign will "feature Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians, and politicians 'coming out of the closet' as supporters of equality. They will share personal stories about why and how they support the LGBT community and call on Americans to do the same."

    Ratner must be hoping this new gig gets him back in the good graces of about half the people in Hollywood. During the initial blowup, he released an apology for his comments along with a shout-out to the organization saving his show-biz ass. "I am grateful to GLAAD for engaging me in a dialog about what we can do together to increase awareness of the important and troubling issues this episode has raised and I look forward to working with them," Ratner said. Somewhere, some GLAAD executive is raising his martini glass and muttering, "That's right. Grovel."

    I'm glad he's doing this instead of just brushing it off like so many other people do. I still hate him because of that blind item.


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