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     photo cac396d4-026d-4e01-b323-bc5daac0e72f.jpg

    New mom Malin Akerman was spotted strolling with her 4-week-old son Sebastian in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday. The Rock of Ages actress, 35, walked alongside her mother while they pushed her baby boy in the stroller.

    This marks the first time we’ve spotted the actress out and about with her sweet son.

    Earlier this month, the 27 Dresses star was seen in a maxi dress and fedora while stopping for tea and treats in Hollywood.

    The proud new mom recently shared the first photo of Sebastian via Instagram.

     photo 2561979f-1625-40b9-a65b-9f442c15d29a.jpg

    Malin and her drummer husband, Roberto Zincone, welcomed their first child on April 16.

    “My husband and I welcomed our beautiful, healthy baby boy to this world this morning! Biggest joy of my life!!!” Malin announced via Twitter, adding three days later, “Exhausted … but loving every moment of being a new mom!”

    The Wanderlust star, who recently guest-starred on Suburgatory, and Zincone married in June 2007.

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    Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
    THEO HUTCHCRAFT fears his video shoots are "cursed"– after nearly drowning on one and coming close to losing an eye on another.

    The Hurts frontman was still sporting a livid scar and black eye when the duo popped into for a Biz Session some six weeks after a horrific accident during filming.

    The star needed eight stitches when he fell down the stairs on the shoot for the new single — ironically called Blind.

    Theo joked: “Our videos seemed to be cursed.

    “When we did a video for Stay, I nearly drowned and a female co-star broke her leg.

    “We were in the water, in Iceland, and a huge wave came over and wiped us out. We both went underwater and she disappeared – and we both had to be rescued.”

    And on the video for Blind, Theo refused doctors’ orders to stay in hospital so he could finish filming.

    He revealed: “It was about half a cm from actually losing the eye.

    “The whole town had come out to watch us make a video and all the kids were screaming. There was blood everywhere – and I went to the hospital and they stitched it up.

    “I had eight stitches and the anaesthetic didn’t work so I was in agony but I said, ‘I’ve got to go’ “The doctor said no so I waited until they left the room and I walked out of the hospital with this grotesque eye, then carried on for the next two and half days.”

    Theo admits he is quite keen on the way the scar makes him look and is busy inventing stories about saving a coach full of children from going over a cliff and battling bears to make it look even cooler.

    And bandmate Adam Anderson is full of sympathy.

    He said: “It would have been a strange fate if you’d have been blinded while filming a video for a song called Blind. I would have loved that!”
    Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
    Blind – released this week – is the second single from the album Exile which also includes the track Help, a collaboration with Elton John.

    Theo explained: ““I met him two years ago at a gig he did and he mentioned he was a fan, which made my day.

    “Then I always remembered it. Then we got round to doing the album and we thought, “Who shall we ask?” and it was like, ‘Elton, maybe?’

    “He’s one of our idols, because he is a legend. For him to have an interest and to come all the way to the studio in Camden to come and play on our song was magic.

    “He hung out, much longer than he needed to, talking about the kids and his life.”

    The dapper duo – who covered Ryan Adams’ rendition of Oasis' Wonderwall in the Biz Session – also achieved a rare feat in getting Liam and Noel Gallagher to agree on something.

    Theo explained: “We know Noel quite well and he is such a lovely person.

    “I met Liam once in a pub and I thought he would hate our music, because Noel is a big fan, which is incredible.

    “But Liam came over and told me he really liked our music. So it was two of the greatest compliments I could ever get, from my favourite band.”

    As well as releasing a new single, Theo and Adam have recently announced tour dates for the autumn.

    Known for their theatrical stage shows after three years on the road following their platinum-selling Happiness album – they promise this one will be bigger and better.

    But they also vowed not to get to the point they did on the last tour – where Adam fell asleep on stage and Theo suffered blackouts.

    Adam sais: “We were on tour for three years and didn’t have a weekend off, so it’s about managing it.

    “There was a point in that tour which was really amazing and there was a point where we were losing our minds.

    “We had so much hunger for it because we’d been taken out of a life where we’d been sitting on our arse for years, on the dole, so we milked the live shows for as long as possible.

    “But that’s how we write music too – we go on until we go mental then we stop.”

    Hurts' new single Blind and their latest album Exile are out now.
    Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing


    Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
    Theo tyfyt. :)

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    Shock is currently waving through the industry due to an article published in the recent issue of the magazine, "FLASH" (Kobunsha). A woman revealed that she was sexually abused by singer GACKT (39). GACKT already has a history of gossip surrounding him. There are rumours of tax evasion, to having a secret child and even that he has suspicious acquaintances. However, this sex scandal could be the rumour to hurt him the very most.

    The victim is a 27 year old woman, who will be referred to as "Ms. A". In September 2011, GACKT visited the cabaret club (kyabakura) where Ms. A was an employee. He stayed for about an hour and would leave around after 3 am. Since it was late, GACKT offered to bring Ms. A home. She declined, stating that her home was quite close to the club. Despite this, he forced her into his car. Once in the vehicle, GACKT had already removed his pants and showed her his erection. He grabbed Ms. A by her hair, slapped her face and forced her to do things against her will. These acts continued until they arrived to his home, around 30~40 minutes later. According to Ms. A, GACKT shaves his pubic hair and has around 30 silicone balls inserted into his genital area.

    After arriving at his home, he continued to violate her. Once Ms. A had rested a little bit, she was brought to his bedroom, where both of her hands were tied back. She was forced to perform fellatio for almost 4 hours. GACKT would hover over her and make her lick various objects, if she made a disgusted face or turned away, she would get hit. He even went so far as to strangle her until she was about to lose consciousness. After those long 4 hours, GACKT was still unsatisfied and removed her clothes at this point. Ms. A says that this is when he raped her. She says that this lasted for an hour and a half, and that GACKT only ejaculated once after 6 hours of these acts. After this, Ms. A asked him if she "could go home already" while crying. He told her that "the door locks itself" so she could "just go home whenever she wanted to". She went home after 9 am, feeling that she was finally liberated.

    Ms. A has reported all of this to the police, and at the end of last month, the police headquarters in Shinjuku accepted her charges of "rape" and "forced acts of obscenity" against GACKT. In her file of complaint, there is her report of the event, photos of her bruises and torn clothes that are included. If you consider the report that was handed to the police, there is probably no way that you can consider this whole situation as nonsense.

    On the topic of GACKT, last September, "Shukan Bunshun" (BUNGEISHUNJU Ltd.) published a big scoop about him and Yumiko Shaku (Tommy's Artist Company) being in a casual sexual relationship. Certain staff members had previously revealed that GACKT would have his driver circle around the town while Shaku performed fellatio on him in the back seat. Even in this case with Ms. A, he was obsessed with forcing her into dirty acts using her mouth, a characteristic of him that has now been exposed. It would seem that the credibility of the case has gone up with this.

    A weekly magazine reporter has provided some information as well. Lately, GACKT's contract with the management corporation, "Gordie Entertainment" has been cut after rumours of his tax evasion. He has since transferred to the major karaoke company, "Daiichikosho Co., Ltd.". GACKT has been in the front lines, trying to avoid being hit by these sparks. There are rumours of his previous company planning to shut him down since they did not authorize the transfer, which made them feel that GACKT abandoned them and ran away. However, this transfer actually produced a very large amount of "transfer money". On Gordie's side, this would give them nothing but satisfaction, so according to the writer, the likelihood of the "shut down" rumours may be slim.

    In the case of his sex friend relationships or of the secret child, it is merely an issue of where GACKT's responsibilities lie. If Ms. A's case is the truth, it is nothing but a complete crime. GACKT frequently ignores and keeps quiet about these rumours but, it seems only this time that a big problem will arise with the unfurling of this case.

    GACKT has also recently been removed from the artist lineup of FNS' "Uta no Natsu Matsuri" (Summer Song Festival).

    Quotes from Gackt's response:
    "And again they are writing weird stuff. What's that?? FLASHs article."
    "I am really surprised and angry that they go even so far to write something like that."
    "In the end, if it was true, that i committed a crime and imprisoned and raped her that year, then wouldn't have the police taken any action before already?"

    Source 1. 2. 3. Translation kindly provided by: tsunemi.

    (mods please reject if the cuts don't work, ty!)

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    Monica and Toya were in attendance:

    Tiny also posted a Keek from the party with a cameo from Shekinah, but I can't embed it:

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    If you've never watched, then this year, at this hinge moment for the future of Europe, is the ideal moment to take the plunge

    This week new figures showed that the eurozone remains mired in recession, the worst since the second world war, while the continent’s feckless leaders once again offered no new measures to stem sky-high unemployment or stimulate growth. From here, on the other side of the Atlantic, it is easy to look at Europe and see nothing but hopelessness. An unworkable currency union, a clueless and austerity-obsessed policy elite, spiking nationalism and extremism. Europe, it can seem, is done for.

    But there is a future for Europe – and it wears sequins. The magisterial musical showdown known as the Eurovision Song Contest has its grand final this Saturday, and at this desperate moment for the continent, it’s more necessary than ever. Eurovision is an enormous spectacle, one of the world’s biggest non-sporting events. Last year 102.8 million people, about the same number who watched the blackout-stricken Super Bowl, tuned in to watch the cavalcade of shimmying showgirls and leathery chanteurs, and this year is expected to be even higher.

    You may have heard Eurovision derided by antimodern haters as some kind of tacky, overblown kitsch festival – and in the years since the fall of the Iron Curtain, some western Europeans have not hesitated to add a racist tinge to their derision, calling it a silly display only fit for Slavs and Balts. Pay them no mind. Eurovision only looks like a singing competition. It is much more than that: it is an emergent political paradigm, a model wherein national pride and pan-European unity go hand in hand. The EU itself can only dream of this kind of allegiance. 

    And how much better the world would be if only it were governed by the fraternal bonds of Eurovision, rather than the insane punitive diktats of Brussels and Frankfurt! It was just three years ago, when the crisis was beginning to bite, that now-dreaded Germany won it all on a surge of pan-European joy with Satellite, sung by the winsome popstar Lena in an incongruous Australian accent (and written by a woman from Oklahoma, of all places). The next year, performing in Germany, a rapper from debt-wracked Greece spat verses among Hellenic breakdancers and projected Ionic columns – and the Germans loved it! They gave Greece 10 points, the second-highest score, while their chancellor was trying to wipe out the breakdancers’ pensions.

    Eurovision has a large following far from the continent, especially in Australia – but America has been slow to get with the program. If you’ve never watched, then this year, at this hinge moment for the future of Europe, is the ideal moment for you to take the plunge. There are public Eurovision viewings in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and probably in your town too if you do a quick search of your favorite gay listings website. But if this is your first Eurovision, there are some things you need to know:

    1. Ignore the British
    As a reader of the Guardian you may have been persuaded that the Brits know a thing or two. I am here to tell you: on this one occasion at least, tune them out. Perpetual losers of the Eurovision Song Competition (they finished dead last three times in the past decade), the British have tried to assuage their pain by dismissing the show as a big joke. The grapes are so sour that one singer from Buck’s Fizz, who won the competition in 1981 with a peppy little number, has called for a UK Eurovision boycott.
    So you would do well to avoid watching Eurovision on the BBC, whose commentator offers unamusing (and sometimes straight-up insulting) barbs about nations even the most devoted Ryanair customer would struggle to find on a map. Eurovision is too important to joke about; far better to watch the simulcast in Romanian.

    2. Push the borders
    “So viel Europa war nie!” – “There has never been more Europe!”, rejoiced Joachim Gauck, the president of Germany, in a landmark speech this February on the future of the troubled continent. It is even truer than he knows. The EU now stretches from Ireland to Bulgaria, but Eurovision encompasses even more territory. In 1998, for instance, the winning country was Israel, represented by a bombshell transgendered Israeli diva singing in Hebrew.
    And five different states of the former USSR have won since 2000, most recently Azerbaijan – an only nominally democratic petrostate on the Caspian Sea, 2,500 miles from London. For disgruntled westerners this is a sign of decline. It is the exact opposite: proof of the relevance of the European political project at a moment when too many want to close up shop.

    3. Beware of disco 
    If you are American and getting ready for Eurovision, there’s a distinct chance that, like me, you are a man of a certain sexual orientation. The truth is, though, that while gay men may make up the loudest contingent of Eurovision fans, we’re a minority all the same. (If only Europe had 102.8 million gay men!) Every year there’s at least one tune that makes you want to slather glitter on your chest and throw your arms in the air. I especially liked What About My Dreams?, the Hungarian entry from 2011, which still figures prominently on my cardio mix.

    But I warn you: disco never wins. If you’re placing a bet on the winner, you’d do better to look for power ballads, peppy schlager tunes, or the occasional singer-songwriter number. This year the bookies have given the shortest odds to Denmark, represented by an dark-voiced young woman accompanied by military drummers and a fifer.

    4. Accept the gimmicks – but don’t be fooled by them 
    Yes, there are a lot of stupid acts in Eurovision – but no one said democracy was easy! Camp is a losing game, and as Herman Cain will attest, a gimmick may get you some attention for a while, but it won’t get you to the top. A good gimmick, combined with a bit of bloc voting, may be enough to get you to fifth or sixth place, but at Eurovision the best act wins more often than you’d think. Last year’s show featured a collection of bread-baking Russian grandmothers, a middle-aged Sammarinese woman cooing about Facebook, and a decrepit Montenegrin rapper who wheeled a Trojan horse onstage. But the winner, by an overwhelming margin, was Sweden’s raven-haired Loreen, who needed no set and minimal dancing to take the title with Euphoria, the best Eurovision song in a decade.

    A word about voting: each country awards points to its 10 favorite entrants, from one to a maximum of 12 points ("douze points!", as the bilingual hosts proclaim), and cannot vote for itself. But Eurovision's ballot framework makes the American electoral college look sensible. Each nation's votes have the same weight: Iceland, population 324,000, counts for just as much as Russia, population 143 million. What's more, viewers' votes only count for 50% of each country's result; the other 50% is determined by a shadowy "professional jury" of alleged music professionals. On the plus side, the tabulation of votes at the end of the show does allow you the chance to learn the names of all the countries in French. Say it with me: "L'ex-république yougoslave de Macédoine."

    5. Don’t be ashamed to be American
    On the contrary: there are Americans everywhere at Eurovision. The Slovenian entrant this year was an American (though she was eliminated in the semifinal). The best Eurovision gossip blog is edited by an American. One of my favorite performers of recent years, the showgirly Kalomira, tore up the stage with “Secret Combination” and placed third in the 2008 contest. Her killer bouzouki-backed dance moves and questionable English made me assume she was a native, but in fact, Kalomira comes from just around the way in West Hempstead, New York, where her parents run a restaurant. My fellow Americans: Eurovision is our show too.


    The final starts at  21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT

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    Bethesda Lane was jam-packed on May 17, with eager crowds trying to catch a glimpse of Jessica Alba, an award-winning actress and model who just recently published her first book, The Honest Life. The Dark Angel star traveled to Bethesda to sign copies of her book and attend The Front Row -- an annual fashion event that showcases the works of local designers.

    Alba began the evening by signing books for moms, teens and lifelong fans who stood in an hour-long line for the chance to say a few words to the renowned television star. The 32-year-old mother of two engaged with all of her fans, laughed and smiled in photographs as she tirelessly signed every last book with as much enthusiasm as her first.

    Before her arrival, Alba shared a photo with her online followers, conveying that her trip to Bethesda would be her final book signing. The author has been traveling the country since her work was released in mid-March.

    The Honest Life shares Alba's secrets to a safe, healthy environment for a more natural lifestyle. It is based on expertise she gained through The Honest Company, which she launched in 2012 to trigger her career as a businesswoman.

    She describes the company as "a monthly service that delivers customized bundles of non-toxic, eco-friendly, adorable products directly to your front door." Just over a year after its launch, it represents a major achievement that the star said she dreamed about for a long time.

    "One of my favorite historical figures is Eleanor Roosevelt and her tenacity has always been an inspiration to me. She said, 'You must do the thing you think you cannot do.' I'm living that," Alba said after the launch of The Honest Company. "People told me I couldn't start a business like this. They told me I couldn't set the bar so high. They told me I couldn't do everything I was proposing to. At first I thought maybe they were right. Not anymore."

    And no one doubted her ability to succeed at an event that drew hundreds of spectators Friday night. Redwood Restaurant hosted a VIP party for the young author, during which she continued to diligently sign copies of her book and pose in photographs. The actress then joined the eager crowd to watch The Front Row Fashion Show on Bethesda Lane.

    Striking models walked the illuminated runway, wearing casual, sporty, and glamorous clothing from nearby retailers. On May 17, Bethesda Lane transformed itself from a narrow cobblestone street to an extraordinary runway surrounded by a sea of fashionable onlookers -- with Jessica Alba in their midst.

    Some from Instagram:

    I love her dress and hair here, I wonder what it's like to be as perfect looking as she is.  I don't think I've ever seen a bad pic of her.

    Source 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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    Zoe Saldana says she knows the reason why Britney Spears' star shined so much brighter than other pop stars of her day -- and it didn't have to do with her incredible abs.

    The 34-year-old saw the pop starlet in action on the set of "Crossroads," a 2002 MTV Films-produced flick about three best friends who go on a road trip across the country after high school. Although the movie was panned by a majority of critics, Saldana said it opened her eyes to Spears' celebrity.

    "Britney's a very beautiful human being," Saldana told Allure for the magazine's June 2013 issue. "After I worked with her, I realized that there was a reason why she was the most popular pop artist over so many other pop artists at that time who were more talented, had better voices. And it was because of her heart, her soul."

    Saldana has long been a fan of Spears. In 2011, she told the Daily Beast that she has been on Team Brit Brit since "...Baby One More Time." Although the two didn't necessarily become BFFLs while making "Crossroads," Saldana still gained a respect for her.

    "I have so much pride in that," she said. "I played a character I’d never played before—this little Southern belle—and I got to meet an artist that was at her peak at that time. She had the most amazing energy and was always positive and a very discreet person. We were young, too, and got to make a movie about three friends on a road trip. It was so much fun!"

    The "Star Trek" actress isn't the only celeb to show Spears some love. Before the MTV Movie Awards last month, Selena Gomez revealed Spears inspired her to get a little sexier with her "Come & Get It" performance.


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    Iggy Azalea performs on stage for VEVO at The Warren pop up venue on Day 2 of The Great Escape Festival on May 17, 2013 in Brighton, England.

    "Lastly, one of the most antipated sets of the weekend came from the inimitable Iggy Azalea, who left Brighton Pier long enough to perform at The Warren wearing a white sequin bra top, printed silk sweatpants and spectacular monochrome peep-toe lace up stilettos (casual), her Barbie-like mane of blonde hair swinging in a high ponytail. Her hype DJ and incredible dancers taught the crowd to twerk, Iggy-style, and the rapper of the moment had us jumping to 'Quicktime' before launching into 'Bounce' (complete with Bollywood dance moves and jumping into the crowd to take a quick photo with her fans.) Finally, smash hit 'Work' turned Iggy's set into one of the instant highlights of Great Escape 2013." - MTV

    Iggy also shared some pictures on Instagram while having fun at the festival's venue and Brighton Pier:

    Iggy Azalea answers some fan questions on her latest VEVO LIFT Video Diary #3: Q&A. Watch below:


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    Next season will likely only feature a 25-minute time jump and explore the top Gladiator's relationship with the head of B613.

    [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "White Hats Back On" episode of Scandal.]

    Olivia Pope is the daughter of … B613's boss?!

    That's right, during Thursday's season two finale of ABC's Scandal, Rowan -- the mysterious man behind the terrifying black-ops organization -- was revealed to be the father of the head Gladiator herself, Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope.

    It was a development that only Luke Skywalker could really comprehend, and came after Rowan (Joe Morton) successfully found a way to break up Olivia's rekindled relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn).

    "I knew all along," Morton revealed Thursday night during a live reading of the episode at the Television Academy in North Hollywood. During the event, the cast watched as the sold-out crowed gasped with surprise at the stunning turn of events -- something star Kerry Washington noted mirrored the actors' response during their table read when they first learned of Olivia and Rowan's relationship.

    "Every week I would say to Joe, 'Oh I really hope we have some scenes together,' and he would smile and go, 'Do we? Do you think we do?' " Washington says of her new on-screen father. Adds showrunner Shonda Rhimes: "I've been toying with [Rowan being Olivia's father] a lot since the beginning of the second season. A lot of it was about revealing some of Olivia's past and about revealing who Olivia's father was in general, what that meant and who her mother was."

    The reveal, like many things on ABC's breakout drama, also opens up an entirely new mystery about the Popes: namely, did Rowan really put a hit out on his own flesh and blood?

    "B613 did seem to be trying to kill her, kind of," Rhimes told reporters after the reading. "At the very least, Rowan was trying to get Jake to have sex with her and then make a tape of it, which seems creepy on many levels, right? At the very least that's a little disturbing on many, many levels. I don't know if they were trying to kill her, that's up to interpretation."

    While Rhimes is remaining mum on the nature of Olivia and Rowan's relationship until the political thriller returns in the fall, she noted that the writers are considering starting season three without a time jump at all."It's not fair to drop that kind of bomb and then be like, 'Now we're going to jump ahead in time!' We actually are talking about starting next time with no time jump at all. Starting maybe 25 minutes after we leave the last season."

    Also expect to see the immediate fallout after the public learns that Olivia is indeed the president's mistress, with the writer/exec producer warning that there are a lot of people who could have leaked the news.

    "I was really adamant about the fact that if we were going to end the season with the idea that Liv has been somehow outed by some unknown force and we meet her dad, we couldn't then just say we're going to jump ahead and cheat the audience of what all that meant," Rhimes says, adding that there's a "search to be had" for who leaked Olivia's news. "We had to have a solution to that and we had to own that story. We're not going to put that away and just tidy that up and move on. We're going to have to live in that."

    Olivia's personal connection to the man pulling B613's strings also may help explain how Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was able to successfully leave the black-ops team with his life -- and continue to remain safe -- with the head of OPA likely using her pull with daddy dearest to free him. "That is highly possible," Rhimes says of the theory.

    For Olivia, however, the news of her romantic relationship with the leader of the free world going public couldn't come at a worse time, since she's cut things off with Fitz after learning just how dark the president had gone in the wake of Defiance (RIP, Verna).

    "There's no forever in Shondaland," Rhimes says when asked if the breakup will stick this time."This season was really about two things. We all do terrible things and also Cyrus said it best in this episode, 'Life is not a romance novel' and also that he was the 'only grown up in the room.' "

    Following the split, Fitz crawls back to Mellie (Bellamy Young), who despite the potential of a political career of her own, takes him back. "That was a little bit like a boy coming home to his mama, wasn't it?" Rhimes says. "It wasn't a romantic coming home. That's going to be a very interesting dynamic when we come back to next season."

    Meanwhile, the season two finale didn't always end with Fitz and Olivia going their separate ways -- Rhimes crafted three options. "There was an original scene after he says, 'What happens to us?' where [Olivia] woke up in bed and you think she's alone. We shot it and he rolls over on top of her and you realize they're back to having their secret relationship again," Rhimes says. "The problem with it was that Olivia put the white hat back on and emotionally you had felt like she had found her inner core after losing it so badly. It felt like a cheat; that we were cheating her out of trying to do something good. On top of that, we were going, 'Oh and then we're saying you're having an affair!'"

    The prolific showrunner, who prior to the reading joined the cast and a handful of reporters for a live tweet of the East Coast airing of the finale, also noted that the writers came in to season two with a blank slate. "When we started the first episode of season two, we knew where we wanted to end up at the end of 13 but we weren't sure how we were going to get there," she said, noting the writers follow the journey of the characters and make decisions based on what feels logical for them to do. "We came up with the presidential assassination late in the game -- like a lot of things -- and the idea for Fitz to kill Verna late in the game. Storywise, it was going to be Huck who killed Verna who covers it up for Olivia."

    Here are few other highlights from the lively panel:

    • "I hope not!" -- Joe Morton on whether Rowan, the guy who tossed Jake into B613's torture hole, will be nicer in season three.

    • "I'm afraid that's up to me!" -- Morton interjecting on whether Jake would be in the hole for long, after guest star Scott Foley threw the question to Rhimes.

    • "I'm happy to be alive!" -- George Newbern (Charlie) on escaping another season alive

    • "It was literally the walking dead!" -- Kerry Washington on the cast's response to seeing Matt Letscher (Billy) return from the (presumed) dead for a table read.

    • "I'm sorry, I won the election!" Tom Amandes on whether Gov. Reston is really evil.

    • Best banter of the night, not surprisingly, goes to Josh Malina (David) and Darby Stanchfield (Abby) for this exchange about filming their racy sex scene:

    Malina: "She has put her fingers in my mouth!"
    Stanchfield: "I just read it enough times to get all of those beats."
    Malina: "And then washed her hands!"
    Stancfield: "I've actually never washed my hands!"

    And because no Scandal gathering is complete without one of Malina's signature jokes, consider this one: With the sizable cast on stage with scripts to rely on and read the entire season finale to a standing-room only theater, Malina ripped out a page belonging to co-star Katie Lowes (Quinn) before guilt set in and he turned to his next victim: Goldwyn. Instead of removing a portion, Malina added a key line to a key monologue: "I'm the f---ing president!" "I almost fainted!" Goldwyn said with a laugh.


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    Yahoo! is in talks to buy New York-based social blogging platform Tumblr for as much as $1 billion, according to multiple reports. At that price, Tumblr would be pretty expensive, given that it reportedly only booked $13 million in revenue last year.

    Yahoo!’s board plans to meet Sunday to decide whether to approve a $1.1 billion all-cash offer Tumblr, AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka reported Friday.

    Tumblr has long been considered a major prize, so it’s no surprise that Yahoo! isn’t the only one interested. Tumblr has also held talks with both Facebook and Microsoft, according to Forbes.

    The site has become a major destination for young urbanites to post photos, snarky comments, and other ephemera, and then share that content with others. Tumblr is extremely popular with the 18-to-24 year-old-set, precisely the demographic CEO Marissa Mayer is targeting. Mayer wants to incorporate Yahoo!’s products — including search, email, and its popular homepage — into the “daily habits” of its users, in an echo of the “toothbrush” philosophy espoused by her former boss.

    In recent months, Yahoo! has reportedly been kicking the tires at Foursquare, Path, Pinterest, and Hulu, according to TechCrunch. “Literally they talk to everyone,” one source told the tech website.

    Earlier Friday, Yahoo! invited reporters to a “product” event in New York City on Monday at 5 pm.


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    Executive Producers J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman take you behind the scenes of ALMOST HUMAN, a thrilling police drama set in the year 2048.

    LAWD YASS at some of Karl's scenes in this sneak peak. Seriously though, it looks better than I thought it would. I'm just happy Karl Urban is getting this opportunity. He deserves it.

    Edit: The official trailer of Almost Human. Thanks to mechanically

    .Source 2.

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    it's dis big tbh

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  • 05/18/13--11:37: Eurovision Final Discussion!
  • eurovision-2013-logo-we-are-one

    who are you rooting for, ONTD?

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    What does it mean to be a feminist? Who gets to be one? And what does it take to be one? Who gets to decide who is a feminist and who isn’t?

    These questions, while perhaps important in theory, are almost always a means of excluding and demonizing those who don’t fit the white, liberal feminist narrative of what makes a woman a feminist. And nowhere is that more clear than in the feminist policing around singer/actress/media mogul Beyoncé.

    Beyoncé is featured on the spring edition of Ms. magazine, and the Facebook thread in response has been revelatory. Ms. magazine asks in their post, "Has Beyoncé 'earned' her feminist credentials?" What a loaded question. The responses, though varied, offer a window into the slut-shaming that often dominates white liberal feminists' response to Beyoncé: "It's not about being sexy, it's aboutwearing these stripper outfits onstage while dancing like a stripper all for men. How is she a good role model for young girls???"

    And yet,how often do white liberal feminists talk this way about white female entertainers?

    The comparison has been made before between Lena Dunham and Beyoncé as feminist icons. Mainstream white feminist organizations don’t question whether Lena Dunham, a self-professed feminist, is feminist enough. Though her show Girls has come under fire in more progressive wings of feminism, mainstream feminist organizations embrace her, happily framing her as a new face of feminism.

    Dunham openly swears, walks around naked, and simulates sex onscreen, but there is no larger mainstream questioning of her feminist credentials. But when Beyoncé, a fierce, independent woman of color flirts with the feminist moniker, the backlash begins. How interesting. Dunham has appeared fully naked on her show. She has both appeared in and written some highly provocative and often controversial sex scenes. Her character has been shown snorting cocaine and having one-night stands, yet no one questions Dunham’s feminist credentials. And they shouldn’t — her choice to appear naked and in simulated sex scenes is not anti-feminist. It’s a choice that she made, an artistic choice meant to explore sexuality, sexual expression, and the limits of her character. And yet, Beyoncé is often roundly criticized in feminist spaces because of her “slutty” outfits, her overtly-sexual dance moves, for her lyric choices, for using the monikerMrs. Carter, and her occasional use of the word bitch.

    Who are we, feminists? Is this who we want to be? You sound like Phyllis Schlafly. She wears a unitard — she can’t be a feminist! She is gyrating and shaking her butt — how inappropriate! She said the word “bitch” — that’s a feminist no-no! Do you hear yourselves, white liberal feminists? Do you hear what you are doing to this strong, independent black woman? Beyoncé is at the center of her own media empire, no small feat for a woman of color in a racist, patriarchal society. Equally important, she embodies empowered sexuality. When she dances, the passion and commitment exudes in her every step. Her body is her own; she owns it and uses it as she sees fit. When she wears a unitard or “skimpy” outfit, something many dancers wear, mind you, she is showing off her impeccable body, her temple, her source of strength, and all that it can do. She is forcing those of us who are clinging to our puritanical notions of propriety to sit down, shut up, and watch raw, unbridled talent and skill. And yes, she is a feminist while doing it.

    When white women get to decide who is “feminist enough,” particularly around women of color, they are perpetuating racism. They are policing the boundaries of who is acceptable and who isn’t. This is nothing more than a tool of racist patriarchy wrapped in feminist rhetoric. Yes, racist. It is decidedly racist the way white mainstream feminist organizations police women of color’s feminist credentials, the way white liberal feminists reduce Beyoncé to a gyrating slut with a potty mouth. If white feminists want to be seen as inclusive, as truly revolutionary, as working to end all oppressive power systems, they must stop perpetuating those oppressions themselves. Exclusionary boundaries of who is an acceptable feminist and who isn’t does nothing for feminism except perpetuate racism, heterosexism, cissexism, classism, and other forms of bigotry and oppression. The incessant questioning of Beyoncé’s character and choices is simply a reflection of the latent bigotry that exists in feminist spaces. Until white feminists stop policing women of color’s feminist credentials, they are doomed to repeat the same racist patriarchy we are supposed to be combating.



    Mrs Carter and her "stripper" shorts thank you for your time.

    Mods, I use a re-submitted with a smaller gif

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    Graceful on the outside, intensely competitive on the inside. Don't miss the summer premiere of Breaking PointeMonday, July 29!


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    Behind the Scenes of "The Name of the Doctor":


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    Amanda Bynes has remained relatively under the radar lately — for her — which has her friends and family feeling optimistic about the 27-year-old’s future with one source exclusively telling, “She’s doing much better.”

    The former Nickelodeon actress hasn’t been tweeting as much as she once used to and those close to Amanda say it’s because she’s been in a better headspace.

    “Amanda’s been doing a lot better lately,” an insider told Radar.

    “She’s always been a sweet, down to Earth girl, but just lost herself for a while. She’s slowly coming back to us.”

    As was first to report, reconnecting with her parents was a huge first step for Amanda, even if it was only a phone call.

    “Her parents are good people who are genuinely concerned for her,” the source previously said. “And Amanda misses them, so she finally called them up.”

    According to one of the few people still close to Amanda, the old Amanda is slowly coming back.

    “I see more of the old Amanda in her. She’s not acting quite so odd,” the source said.

    “She seems to have a better grasp on herself lately and we all hope it sticks.”


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    You might expect the author of epic, fantasy saga Game of Thrones to have grown up on similar tales of mystical kingdoms and dragon warfare. As it turns out, George R.R. Martin is a Great Gatsbyaficionado.

    On his personal blog, the author has posted a glowing review of Baz Lurhmann's latest adaptation of a novel he calls “one of my favourite books.” Martin admits “This is a book that has vast personal meaning to me, one that has affected me deeply.”

    The Great Gatsby opened the 66th Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday and has been receiving mixed reviews. Addressing the critics, Martin says “Count me with those who loved it. I think this is a great film.”

    He writes: “Visually, this Gatsby is just amazing, something even its harshest critics have been forced to allow… I don't think it would be correct to say that it brings 1920s New York to life, since I doubt that 1920s NYC was ever so saturated with colour, life, sound. This is a dreamscape, everything bigger, brighter, noisier..."

    Martin goes on to praise a string of “terrific” performances and speaking of Carey Mulligan’s Daisy, he admits “I would have been obsessed.” The author also had high praise for Leonardo DiCaprio, preferring the actor to Robert Redford who he calls “too handsome, graceful, self-assured, and in command of every scene to be convincing as Jay Gatsby.”

    DiCaprio, however, perfectly embodies Martin’s idea of Gatsby. He adds: “this is a new, mature Leonardo, as I have never seen himself before, and he does a great turn here. The Kid and Jack and all of those vanish, and there's only Gatsby... trying so hard, dreaming so fiercely.”


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    Japanese singer-songwriter Gackt’s management has denied allegations that he had sexually assaulted a 27-year-old nightclub hostess in September 2011, reported Japanese media.
    A Japanese tabloid had recently claimed that Gackt had sexually assaulted the hostess for six hours at his home.
    However, Gackt’s management said Monday, in a statement on his official website, that the report is “completely false”, and that Gackt intends to sue the publication for defamation.
    The singer’s lawyer has since met with the police to give his side of the story, after the hostess filed an official police complaint against him in April.
    The hostess had explained that she did not approach the police at the time as she had just started going out with her new boyfriend, and did not want him to know.
    Gackt’s management dismissed her claims as being “untrue”, and said they are now “considering taking legal action” against her.

    A translated version of GACKT's OHP response is below.
    "We wish to deliver an explanation concerning the article about GACKT that has been published in the May 13th issue of the weekly magazine "FLASH", among others.
    The various acts of violence that were presented in the contents of this report are not facts,
    and in regards to "FLASH"'s sales agency, Kobunsha, we are going through with our arrangements to sue them for defamation.
    Moreover, given that we have confirmed that the statements from the female victim are not facts,
    we are discussing whether or not to take legal actions in relation to this.
    We are aware of the worry we caused all of the fans and to our business partners as well,
    we plan to work together with our law consultants as to not cause more worry to everyone so,
    we ask for your understanding, thank you very much."

    Additionally, GACKT has taken to his blog to respond to these claims.
    Let me introduce a little of what I posted on the blog magazine.
    Give it a read.
    Go here to read it all.
    [cropped here for length]
    By the way.
    Something strange has come out again.
    What is it? That FLASH article.
    FLASH is a gossip and photo tabloid, and they reported that,
    “Several years ago I kidnapped and violently raped a girl from a hostess club…”
    I haven’t heard that one before…
    That they’d go that far in making up a story,
    I went straight past anger and was so dumbstruck my jaw hit the floor.
    Furthermore, the contents of the article totally have a touch of a pornographic novel to them.
    That too was so moronic I laughed at it.
    Releasing an article like that to collide with my tour
    is obviously aimed at increasing sales figures…
    But my people here feel like
    the live tour has been given a blow.
    [photo: My team are all guys who put KiAi into it, every single one of them]
    Knowing that all my fans bought tickets,
    and have been anicipating their chance to see it all over the country
    they decided to smash it.
    They came to pick a fight with me
    and all my fans awaiting this tour all over the country.
    There’s no greater blasphemy.
    Shall we give the tabloids the fight they’re after?
    There’s probably DEARS and fans who think that.
    In short,
    If it was true that I had kidnapped and violently raped a woman several years ago,
    wouldn’t the poilce have moved to arrest me immediately?
    Even a business man who takes an upskirt photo of a school girl
    is swiftly arrested in this country.
    Furthermore, the woman calling herself the victim in all this…
    Well, to get back on topic, she suddenly sent a demand for 10 million yen
    full of lies.
    It’s ridiculous.
    Don’t we call that “extortion” and “blackmail”?
    There’s a ton of it in this world.
    I replied via a lawyer,
    “There’s no way in hell I’d pay you over such a complete fabrication!!!”
    and there was no reply at all,
    next thing it’s in the tabloids… what the hell?
    And the article says she just wants an apology?
    Hey, hey, didn’t you JUST send me a demand for money, dumbasses?
    I have no idea how many people are involved in this scam,
    but you guys sure are amateurish, aren’t you?
    So I want to say it loud and clear.
    Everyone in the world prick up your ears and listen.
    “I’m not so desperate for women
    that I have to tie one who doean’t like me up
    and demand that she satisfy me!!!!”

    Seriously, what is with this drama?
    Honestly it’s so f**king stupid I don’t even want to engage with it.

    Then some TV stations
    whispered, “We’re worried about our sponsorship…” and that was it.
    Seriously, give me a break.
    I’ve assembled three excellent lawyers to counter this.
    Because I’ve actually lost Music Fair and other TV appearances over this.
    It’s a real f**king pain.
    Here’s your victim, over here!!!
    I’ve decided that this is obvious slander against me,
    and a scheme of those who want to crush the artist GACKT.
    Even though I’m very patient, if you treat me like a beast,
    that patience is sure to run out.
    Seriously, it’s a huge waste of money too.
    If I was going to spend that much money I’d drop it on my concerts.
    Can I permit such a fabrication?
    Can I just let something like this slide?
    What’s always stomped on by these things,
    are the hearts of all my fans who always support me purely.
    I’m already too used to it and can laugh it off.
    There are 8 year old kids who joined DEARS after watching “Akumu-chan”.
    There are lots of parents and kids who are both fans.
    [photo: Even though the concerts everyone was waiting for had just begun.]
    A lot of you reporters have kids too, right?
    Nothing mattering but sales,
    the idea that if you can write for the mass media, you win,
    isn’t there something wrong with that?
    Don’t you have any morals and shit?
    Can’t you tell the difference between shit and soup?
    [=Japanese idiom for being unable to distingish what’s worthless and what’s valuable]
    Don’t we artists have rights?
    Do they think that artists are someone you can write anything about and it won’t cause problems?
    Do you think that just writing anything will sell?
    Do you think bashing us is a kind of justice?
    It’s a vicious cycle.
    They know that tabloid sales are dropping.
    So they write exaggerated stories.
    Readers stop believing them.
    So they have to write even more exaggerated stories.
    Then they’ll stop selling and be cancelled.
    This is something you’d realise if you thought about it,
    but recenly the tabloids are too lacking in morals.
    I want to throw a stone aginst the rotten tide in this country.
    There should be at least one artist who fights it head on.
    You guys, my blog magazine family,
    each and every DEAR, fight with your anger.
    If we’re blasphemed, the swords come out.
    If we’re crushed, we’re crushed.
    If I’m going to be insulted by these fabricated reports
    treated like a beast, and even have my rights trampled,
    even if you chop my arms and legs off and burn out my eyes, I’ll fight.
    At this rate, I’ll really end up hating Japan.
    What the hell is with this country?
    Isn’t it getting stranger and stranger?
    I’ll make public a bit of my lawyer’s response.
    That’s all.
    It’s moronic.
    I don’t want to waste time on such worthless things.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 (translation of 3)

    (hey, is this alright? hoping the formatting isn't all messed up.)

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