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    Her personality is so great. I can't wait to watch her on American Horror Story!

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    Evan Peters is the kind of actor who flies under the radar, and yet he's easily one of the most versatile stars gracing screens right now. The 26-year-old star is best known for playing creepy teenager Tate Langdon on the first season of "American Horror Story" and for his off-screen romance with Emma Roberts.

    This spring, the Missouri-native is taking a break from scary television in favor of a lighthearted turn in the Scott Coffey-directed project, "Adult World." The film, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last week, showcases Peters' talent as a comedic actor as he stars opposite his real-life girlfriend. The pair, who meet while working in a sex toy shop, dish up a sweet coming-of-age story with a little bite but not too much bark.

    Despite the fact that his star is definitely on the rise, Peters remains humble about his work, telling Yahoo! Movies that he still gets a case of cold feet when he hits the red carpet. Check out what else he shared about his role, his New York vices, and the third season of "American Horror Story."

    Tell me about your role in "Adult World."
    I play Alex, who works at a porn shop called Adult World, which Emma's character, Amy, comes to work at because she is an aspiring poet but she's kind of failing at it. We end up helping each other out and I show her where she's making mistakes and she shows me where I am making mistakes.

    Did you learn anything from your time spent in a porn shop?
    No, I didn't learn anything crazy. Well, other than those toys are expensive. They're really expensive. Who knew?

    How was working with your girlfriend on the set?
    It was awesome. She's so nice and so funny and really talented. It was really easy to work with her.

    Would you work with her again?
    Yeah. I would definitely do it again. We can't wait. We want to do a really funny movie together. We're excited. It is going to be really good.

    This role is a big departure from your role on "American Horror Story." Which do you prefer?
    I like both. It was nice because this was a little bit less to do. The roles on "American Horror Story" are so complicated. With this, we tried to add a little complexity to it, but nothing crazy. It was pretty relaxing.

    In Season 1 of "AHS," you played a kid who was involved in a school shooting. In light of recent events, would you still play that role as an actor?
    I don't know. That is a very serious question. Obviously what has been done is absolutely atrocious and horrible, but I think that it depends on the story. It depends on what the message of the film or show is. I think it would definitely have to depend on the context of what the character was.

    Kathy Bates is joining the show this season. Who would be your dream guest star?
    I wouldn’t mind working with Shia LaBeouf. I doubt that he would ever come on the show, but that would be dope. That would be really cool to work with Shia. He's a great actor. I think he's one of the best. In our age range, he's the go-to.

    Do you like the horror genre?
    Honestly, not really. Before the show, I wasn’t [a fan], but now that I've been doing the show, I'm a big fan of horror. I watch a lot of the horror movies now. I go to the theater to see them, where before I would avoid it. It gets too scary. Now that I see the behind-the-scenes, and how it is done, I appreciate it more and it is really cool.

    Do you like posing on the red carpet?
    I get very nervous before. I get very intimidated and I don't know how to stand or hold my hands or what not, so it is very scary for me. I get really panicky. I am getting better though.

    Have you ever tried street meat in New York?
    No. But I definitely want to eat it. I want a hot dog. I love the pizza. I love to go into the little pizza shops and just grab a slice. It is amazing.

    Pizza is good, but you know what is better? Bagels.
    Bagels, really? I didn't know New York was famous for bagels. Wow. Emma had some bialys today. That's not a quite a bagel though. I love bagels.

    Do you have a favorite bagel topping?
    I actually put peanut butter on my bagel. I really like peanut butter and I like to ruin the bagel. You know what's even crazier that I do sometimes? I do cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter. It is really, really out there. People say, 'Evan, don't do it! Don't put that peanut butter on that bagel.' And I do it anyway.


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  • 05/04/13--19:14: Prokreayshawn
  • You'll notice three things when you go through Kreayshawn's Instagram: a picture that says "Who needs swag when you're kawaii as fuck" (valid argument), a cat (which is freaking adorable), and a lot of selfies—specifically ones focusing on the chest upwards. Kreayshawn finally Instagrammed a pic of her from the neck down, which was a shot that revealed her pregnancy. Congrats to her.


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    Today in Studio City, CA, actor Shia LaBeof gave away hundreds of his self published, Stale N Mate comic books to the people walking up and down Ventura Blvd. He signed some copies and posed for photos with fans.

    Check out his twitter

    source = the free Stale N Mate

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    The twisted nature of "Orphan Black" continued in Saturday, May 4's episode 6, "Variations Under Domestication," and this time, we got to find out more about a few characters we haven’t learned much about as the first five episodes focused heavily on Sarah.

    Paranoia to a whole new level Remember how Alison set up that nanny cam in the last "Orphan Black" episode? Well, in this one, she saw that Donnie got out of bed just before 4 a.m. and hadn't returned by the time the memory card was full. So what's a wife to do when her husband's keeping secrets that are potentially related to her secret of being a clone and won't answer her questions? Well, knock him out with a golf club, of course, and bring him downstairs to the craft room for an interrogation, soccer mom-style: spinning a colorful wheel of scissors, cutting the air with a pair, and dripping hot glue on his chest when she didn't get the desired answers. Seriously, don't piss off the paranoid uptight soccer mom clone. She will hurt you. She called in Sarah for help and left her to play her while she dealt with the neighbors upstairs for the potluck. Really, if anyone ever needed to give yoga a go, it was Alison, no matter how much she said she hated it.

    Donnie told Sarah that he had gotten up to watch a game of cricket, and she had some things to tell him, which boiled don to "recognize what your wife does for this family, Donnie." Meanwhile, it was a good thing Felix came in as bartender with Donnie out of commission—and not for his bartending skills. Alison didn't need him for that; she took care of her own drinks and had enough for maybe her, Sarah, and Cosima for an afternoon potluck. He stepped in and brought her downstairs, but once there, she realized she had messed up with Donnie, though she admitted, "I whacked him, and it felt so good." Oh, Alison, maybe you need a trip to a shooting range. Drunk Alison was pretty amusing, but once she passed out, Sarah had to step in as her upstairs as well, and that meant dealing with Aynsley's marital problems and Chad's hands-on approach.

    Dark, Paul. Dark. (Yes, we feel like we're channeling Cosima just a bit with that one.) Meanwhile, Sarah and Paul weren't exactly feeling all that trusting of one another in the beginning of the episode—who could blame them—he was Beth's monitor, she was posing as Beth—and he went from insisting he was serious about leaving to adding a mixture of pills from the medicine cabinet to one of the bottles of alcohol in the cabinet after she left through a window. He then set up his plan by telling Olivier "Beth" was "right back in the dark place" and claiming he had stopped her from overdosing the night before. As long as the subject made her own choices, there were no wrong decisions, and he wouldn't have to worry about being blamed.

    It's a party in the suburbs… only not. With Donnie possibly innocent, they had to look elsewhere for Alison's monitor, and Felix suggested Aynsley. But when Vic and Paul decided to join the party, Sarah was pulled in too many directions to even think about Alison's monitor. Paul was getting more information as he first found Alison passed out, saw she didn't have Beth's scar, and learned her name, then questioned Vic about Sarah once he had him in the garage. Really, you had to feel at least a bit bad for Vic. He may be Vic the Dick, but we have to admit, he wasn't having the best of days lately. First he lost his finger, and then Paul nailed his (other) hand to a chair to keep him from escaping. On the bright side, that may have been the final nail in the coffin for Sarah to finally get rid of him once and for all.

    Meanwhile, if Aynsley isn't Alison's monitor, Sarah has to hope she thought that all the strange behavior—different shirts, passed out drunk one moment, out in the garage the next—was because of the "affair" with the "impossibly handsome""college friend" (Paul), otherwise Alison could have a serious problem on her hands.

    Time for some answers Donnie took Sarah's words to heart and apologized to Alison that night. He explained that the box had contained letters from a woman he had had an affair with while they were broken up, and she had gotten lupus. He didn't know what happened to her. Meanwhile, as Paul began to put his plan into action and was ready to give Sarah the dosed alcohol, she told him the truth: clones. "Should've just told me that in the first place," he said and took out a different bottle.

    Meanwhile, with Cosima… Cosima may have found her monitor in Delphine, who brought her along to a lecture by Dr. Leekie on Neolution. (This raised plenty of questions, as you'll see in our question list below.) "We're just fundamentally flawed human beings," he said during his lecture before calling out Cosima for her glasses. He could fix her sight so she wouldn't need them in the future. "Neolution gives us the opportunity at a self-directed evolution," he explained. "And I believe that's not only a choice, but a human right." After, Delphine insisted on meeting him, and he hoped Cosima would give him the chance to "show don't tell" what he had planned for the future. He invited them to the Dyad institute, and pretty much everything about him set off warning bells—and as it turned out, we were right to be suspicious. The episode ended with Delphine joining Dr. Leekie in his hotel room.

    Exploring the unknown That's exactly what we got to do in this episode, which was just as strong as the previous ones, though it was more character-based and not so much edge-of-your-seat. Still, it did something that the others hadn't: explored the lives of Alison and Cosima to an extent that we hadn't yet seen. Other than the conversations with Paul at the beginning and end of the episode, the focus was completely off of Sarah's life, and after she had been the focus in the past five episodes, with the other clones seemingly just serving to help her out, that was definitely a good thing. That's not to say that we don't enjoy seeing Sarah's life, but the other clones deserve some attention too. Not only did it allow Tatiana Maslany to show what she can do in these two other roles, it also gave us a chance to see what Alison and Cosima's lives are like outside of clone club. That meant we got our favorite episode for Alison so far, as she went from paranoid- to crazy- to drunk- to passed out-Alison and everything in between. Something they did very well here was show Alison's shock at what she had done as she first knocked Donnie our and then interrogated him, but she continued in her search for answers. And as for Cosima, we got a chance to see what she's up to at college besides being the science geek of the group and checking in over webcam with the others.

    Meanwhile, we also got to see a bit more about Paul, and they've set him up for a tough decision moving forward. As we saw, he told Sarah he still wanted to get away. We've seen him falling for "fake Beth" and we can't help but wonder what it will mean for their relationship going forward now that the truth is out there. With this episode, we saw a very dark side of Paul, one that Dylan Bruce played perfectly, between dosing the bottle of alcohol and nailing Vic's hand to the chair. Honestly, this side of Paul is fun—and maybe something (along with his military past) the clones could use depending where he goes from here now that he knows about the clones.

    What "Variations Under Domestication" showed was that this show can slow down, go suburban for an episode, and still be must-see TV. Instead, this episode presented information that we feel could be very useful in future episodes in Dr. Leekie's lecture and characters who are clearly much more involved in the deeper mystery than is evident to others (Dr. Leekie and Delphine, definitely, with Alison's neighbors strong possibilities).

    Question time

    Where does this leave Sarah and Paul's very complicated relationship?
    What will Paul tell Olivier after this?
    Will Paul choose sides?
    Now that Paul knows he's been watching a clone, what will he do?
    How much does Paul really know, given his reaction to Sarah's revelation?
    Is this really the end of Vic, or could he show up once again at a very inopportune time (and perhaps have yet another very bad day)?
    What about those phone calls Donnie made? How can those be explained by the explanation he gave Alison?
    Will Alison still be suspicious since she did overhear that conversation when he was snooping around "for scissors"?
    If (and that's a big if as we're still not sold on his complete innocence) Donnie's not Alison's monitor, who is? Aynsley? Chad?
    How exactly are Delphine and Dr. Leekie connected?
    What's the Dyad Institute?
    Who is Cosima's monitor? Is it Delphine?
    Could Dr. Leekie be behind the experiments?
    What's happening with crazy killer clone Helena?
    "Orphan Black" season 1 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of "Variations Under Domestication"? What questions do you have after this episode?

    Holy shit balls you guys, this fucking show.

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    The Office cast has been in Scranton for the past two days for the wrap party.

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  • 05/04/13--19:34: kitty - florida
  • New song by rap game taylor swift

    Kitty debuts her song "Florida," produced by Hot Sugar, after sitting down with us on "Kinda Neat" to talk about growing up in a sleepy tourist town, a Facebook group full of future stars changing her


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    Sure, we can’t get enough of ‘90s nostalgia these days. But while we’re remembering all of our cool toys, our favorite Nickelodeon cartoons, and the now-discontinued cereals, it’s wise to think back to the baddest decade ever and remember that the ‘90s were actually nostalgic for previous decades. Take, for instance, these 15 movies: hardly just period pieces, these films made their respective past settings into characters of their own.

    Ed Wood (1994)

    Tim Burton’s biopic, also starring Johnny Depp, followed the titular cross-dressing sci-fi director as he prepared his magnum opus Plan 9 From Outer Space, which many call the worst film ever made. Shot in black-and-white, Ed Wood is not just a love letter to the auteur who inspired Burton’s aesthetic — it’s also an homage to a time when our cinematic tastes were much less refined.

    Dazed and Confused (1993)

    Richard Linklater’s ensemble comedy about Austin teenagers on the last day of school in 1976 was hardly a teen flick, and it featured an impressive roster of ‘90s indie actors, including Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Milla Jovovich, and Joey Lauren Adams. More importantly, it was the beginning of the ‘90s obsession with the ‘70s from the bell-bottoms up to the bongs.

    Velvet Goldmine (1998)

    Todd Haynes treats the British invasion of glam-rock with all of the glitter and sex it deserved in this cult favorite. Originally intended to be a David Bowie biopic, Velvet Goldmine stars Rhys Meyers as a composite of Bowie and Marc Bolan named Brian Slade, and it captured a slice of the ‘70s rock scene with Citizen Kane-like aspirations.

    The Virgin Suicides (1999)

    Jeffrey Eugenides’s debut novel gets the existential film treatment from writer/director Sofia Coppola, who made her directorial debut with this gorgeous adaptation starring Kirsten Dunst. With a soundtrack including Heart, Styx, ELO, and Todd Rundgren, the film is perhaps most notable in retrospect for Josh Hartnett’s amazingly feathered hair.

    The Wedding Singer (1998)

    This Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore romantic comedy was set in 1985 for the sole purpose of making fun of how stupid the ‘80s were. (1998 Billy Idol has a cameo as 1985 Billy Idol, for crying out loud.) It’s hardly historically accurate, as rapping grandmas weren’t a thing until the late ‘90s.


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    Back in January, British Vogue spilled the news via Twitter that the magazine will be launching Miss Vogue, a teen offshoot this spring: “Working on Miss Vogue this afternoon—yes you heard correctly @BritishVogue are launching a teen edition in May #MISSVOGUE exciting times!” And today, it seems the inaugural issue has landed and features none other than It model Cara Delevingne on the cover.

    “We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed working on it,” Vogue UK’s editor in chief Alexandra Shulman wrote in the issue’s editor’s letter, reported the Telegraph. “Vogue magazine appeals to all ages but I wanted to produce an edition targeted at younger readers, created with your lifestyles in mind. As with the mother magazine, the fashion is meant to inspire even if you’re a bit short on cash.”

    Shulman also touts Delevingne as someone with a “maverick sense of style and fun,” which is entirely true, making the 20-year-old an excellent choice for the cover.

    It’s not terribly shocking that, these days, fashion is catering to an increasing number of teens. Between the launch of American Teen Vogue in 2003 (which frequently features runway reports and designer shopping picks), under-18 starlets like Chloe Moretz (15 years old) and Elle Fanning (14 years old) walking red carpets in labels like Prada and Jason Wu, and the slew of young actresses being tapped to front high-fashion campaigns (Hailee Steinfeld became the face of Miu Miu at 14, Blake Lively for Chanel, Jennifer Lawrence for Dior), it’s evident that fashion brands and editors understand that teenage girls aren’t to be written off.

    It’s also clear that thanks to shows like “Gossip Girl,” and Kardashian half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner posting pics of their new Céline bags to Instagram, the world of teen-friendly entertainment and high-fashion is closely intertwined, so it make sense that there’s such a strong awareness. Which means it also makes sense that more bona fide fashion magazines for teenagers are emerging.

    According to the Telegraph, the first issue of Miss Vogue was put together by members of the existing Vogue team, but it’s not yet known whether further issues will be produced.

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  • 05/04/13--20:07: RHONJ S5 Preview

  • SRC

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    Leonardo DiCaprio shares a laugh with some of his buddies while attending the Yankees Game on Friday (May 3) at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.

    The 38-year-old actor sat right above the dugout in the first row and were pictured with player Derek Jeter standing right in front of himself and his friends.

    Leo is in town to promote his latest flick The Great Gatsby. He will attend a star-studded screening of the film at the MoMa tomorrow evening!

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    If you didn't stick around for the post-credit scene in "Iron Man 3," go back to the theater right now and remedy that mistake.

    OK, welcome back!

    Now, are you ready to talk about that scene? Cause we sure are! But don't fret; we'll kindly do so after the break, so as not to spoil anything for those scrolling our Movie Talk blog.

    Besides one of the two in "The Avengers," all of Marvel's previous post-credits scenes have teased future movies in some way. Because of this, there's been rampant speculation about what "Phase 2" (or even "Phase 3") title they might tease in "Iron Man 3."

    Many hypothesized we'd see a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sighting, as that film is due out late next summer. And ever since "The Avengers" opened up that portal of Earth-attacking aliens, Tony Stark has been designing Iron Man suits capable of going into space. Which is where one would find said Guardians.

    Others thought "Ant-Man," slated for November 2015, would be perfect for a preview, especially since director Edgar Wright tweeted that besides "The World's End," he directed one other scene in a summer 2013 movie. Of course, he later tried to squelch those rumors with another tweet, but Internet rumors die harder than John McClane.

    Alas, after all the speculation, "Iron Man 3" offers no such previews.

    What we do get is another funny relationship moment, much like the famous shawarma-eating scene in "The Avengers," when the team grubs down after the Battle of New York.

    After the credits in "Iron Man 3," we see Tony (Robert Downey, Jr.) on a couch, supposedly telling his woes to a shrink. As the camera pans out, we see Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), aka the Hulk, nodding off.

    When Tony yells at the good doctor to wake up, Banner replies, "You know, I'm not that kind of doctor."

    What's really nice about the scene is that it ties together the movie we just watched, because we finally understand why Tony Stark has been narrating this tale in the first place.

    While doing press for "Iron Man 3," Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed to Collider how the Easter egg after-credits scene ultimately came about: "We had an idea of that particular Easter egg, but frankly, hadn't cracked it. Mr. Downey helped us crack it."

    While the post-credits scene might not be a tease, it is nice to know that the Hulk and Iron Man are hanging out together. Is it safe to assume that they've been hanging out ever since we saw them last, when Tony gave Bruce a ride out of Central Park at the end of "The Avengers"?

    One thing we do know is that Iron Man and the Hulk, as well as some old friends and new, will be hanging tough again soon (not soon enough) when "The Avengers 2" opens in May 2015.

    Here's the scene. Thanks ljubavirakija for linking to it!


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  • 05/04/13--20:19: SNL Post: Zach Galifianakis

  • Quick Gifs & Caps:
    Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

    Live Links:
    (Or go to and look for NBC)

    Here is the rundown for the season so far.
    Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

    Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
    Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
    Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
    Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
    Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
    Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
    Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5
    Week 8: Jeremy Renner +7 -4
    Week 9: Jamie Foxx +3 -7
    Week 10: Martin Short +3 -5
    Week 11: Jennifer Lawrence +6 -6
    Week 12: Adam Levine +4 -8
    Week 13: Justin Bieber +5 -6
    Week 14: Christoph Waltz +5 -6
    Week 15: Kevin Hart +7 -5
    Week 16: Justin Timberlake +3 -7
    Week 17: Melissa McCarthy +4 -6
    Week 18: Vince Vaughn +6 -4

    0 0

    Warning: If you haven’t seen this week’s Smash, stop reading now — there are spoilers ahead. Otherwise, proceed without caution!

    Tonight’s Smash resolved a cliffhanger that no one — especially not optimistic young playwright Kyle Bishop — saw coming. The car that came bearing down on Kyle at the end of last Saturday’s episode ultimately claimed his life, we learned in “The Phenomenon,” an hour in which his friends and colleagues mourned his loss and flashed back to key moments in their relationships with him. Theater star Andy Mientus, who landed his first major TV role playing Kyle, said he was initially saddened by his character’s demise — until showrunner Josh Safran explained that the NBC musical drama was telling a parallel story to that of composer and playwright Jonathan Larson, who passed away right before the off-Broadway opening of his landmark musical Rent. Here, Mientus opens up about how he got the news of Kyle’s fate, what it was like shooting his final musical number (set to Jeff Buckley’s “The Last Goodbye”) and whether he had any trepidation about a storyline that so closely adhered to a real-life Broadway tragedy.

    TVLINE | “Oh my God. They killed Kyle!” How early on did you learn your character’s fate, and what was your reaction?
    They gave me plenty of notice, which was really nice. It’s not like I found out at the table read. Still, I had a complicated response. Of course, I was upset that I wasn’t going to be able to continue with the show, and I was sad for Kyle because I really love that character. At the same time, knowing the character was designed to meet his end to tell this Rent parallel story, there was a pressure to make Kyle really loveable, not a character that, when he died, people would be like “Oh, great, thank God.” After last week’s cliffhanger [with Kyle caught in the car's headlights], people really freaked out, — the kids on the Internet — and seemed really, really upset by it. That made me feel like we did our job, because if Kyle wasn’t going to be a character who people would mourn, then the whole arc of the season would be ruined.

    TVLINE | In the last three or four episodes, Kyle has really come into his own and gotten interesting. He went from a hapless writer to finding his stride professionally. He went from fawning without any hope over Jimmy to having a relationship with Blake the lighting guy, and then having an affair with Tom on the side. And he finally stood up to Jimmy as his final act. How did you feel about Kyle’s character development, and the point at which he left us.
    I’m really glad that we got to see Kyle wrapped up before he met his end. That makes it a satisfying arc. If he was still lovelorn and apologizing for himself and his work, if he was that goofy kid that we met at the beginning, then [his death] wouldn’t really mean anything. But luckily, you see him find his voice, create the musical that he wants to create. And I was really thrilled that, even though it’s not The Kyle Show, they gave him that much time before they used him as a device to affect the other characters. Because it’s about what his death does to everyone else and what it does to the musical. That’s really the story.

    TVLINE | You got to sing Jeff Buckley’s “The Last Goodbye” right before Kyle’s death. Obviously, as viewers, we see Kyle packing up Jimmy’s belongings and delivering them to Jimmy’s brother’s drug den. Kyle is taking a stand and saying a last goodbye to his best friend. But obviously you knew as you filmed the scene that those headlights were going to be bearing down on Kyle. How did you approach the moment? And was it intense knowing it was your goodbye to Smash, in a sense?
    It was really, really late at night. We’d shot all day that day. The thing that is so great about acting with music on a show like this is that the music does so much of the emotional work for you. It’s like having your own underscoring before they put it in. I was walking down the street looking at the city and hearing in my in-ear headpiece the playback of these string parts, and that made it feel very cinematic while I was doing it.

    TVLINE | Kyle’s best friend and writing partner Jimmy has been a really polarizing character — bratty and self-centered, makes so many awful choices. Did Kyle have to die to redeem Jimmy?
    Oh, absolutely. The last line that you see Kyle say in the series is in a flashback, as he and Jimmy are writing the show and they’re figuring out how to kill, or if they need to kill Amanda, Karen’s character in Hit List. And Kyle’s last line is something to the effect of “You’re right, she must die so your character can learn something.” And then it cuts back to the present and back to Jimmy, and it’s what Kyle leaves him and leaves the audience with: Someone has to die so that he can learn something. It’s definitely a parallel.

    TVLINE | Is Jimmy redeemable?
    I think so. We’ve seen snippets of the good guy that’s in there underneath all the stuff that he’s trying to work through. You see the brilliant artist and you see the good friend and the humor. Knowing that Karen has just met him recently, when people ask “Why does she feel for this guy?”, that’s a valid question. She’s only really seen him be this drug-addled, unreliable guy with an attitude. But Kyle’s known him since they were kids. And so if Kyle is a likeable character, then you have to assume that there is something about Jimmy — other than the fact that Kyle might be in love with him — that makes him stick up for him and makes him believe in him still. So I think Jimmy is redeemable and you will see that played out this year.

    TVLINE | You had Tweeted that tonight’s episode, which featured Kyle in multiple flashbacks, was your favorite. Tell me about those moments — especially the one with Tom serenading Kyle to Billy Joel’s “Vienna.” I felt like we saw perhaps a more adult side to Kyle than what had been presented previously.
    It was such a pleasure for so many reasons. A lot of the time Kyle was used [in the overall scheme of the show] just for information, just to move the story along, because like I said, he’s not one of the main, main characters. But those scenes, they are really…well, I remember Josh [Safran] being worried about them because they were grace-note scenes. They didn’t necessarily move the plot forward, and he was worried that he was going to be under pressure to cut them, because there are so many mouths to feed on an ensemble show like Smash. But luckily they made it through. They were really quiet moments that you don’t get a lot of in a show like ours that is so plot-driven. So I liked that element of them. Also they were with actors that I really admire and love to work with, like with Christian [Borle]. I really think that scene with him is an awesome, really beautiful little moment for Kyle and Tom. And it explained to a lot of people who were confused by that pairing, why that pairing works. And also I just love the episode because it tells that story that I love so much, with the Hit List cast doing that sing-through and the show turning into a phenomenon that it does.

    TVLINE | On that note, you mentioned your character’s arc and the parallels to Rent and its writer Jonathan Larson. There was a mix of reader comments at the end of our recap last week — some suggesting that maybe it paralleled real life too much, and to that end, was disrespectful. Did you ever have a worry about that?
    Jonathan Larson and his story is something that I really don’t take lightly. He was such genius. Rent is the reason why I am trying to be an actor and trying to be a writer, and there is such a tragedy [to his death] that is still so palpable. I did Rent about two years ago with the director Karen Azenberg, who knew him, who knew his family and was invited to that famous sing-through the night that he had passed away, and couldn’t go because it was too close. And members of her family worked on Rent. She said [Jonathan] was present [in spirit] every day, it felt like, and how that tragedy was still looming over her because of the kind of person he was. So, I was very nervous, sure, but it is a great story and it is something that really happened and you know, hopefully Kyle has mirrored Jonathan Larson’s enthusiasm and his light and positivity in a way that will make that parallel something that’s a tribute and not exploitative. It’s about this kid who loves this art form more than anything, and has worked so hard and struggled so much to get the show to where it is, and then can’t be there to see it through. Hopefully that’s the story that we’re telling.


    Tumblr is losing their shit over the episode. I can't bring myself to care about anything on this show other than Ivy/Megan tbqh

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    After keeping the same hairtsyle for months (which is rare!), RiRi decided to change it today in New York City. Take a look at a few photos after the jump.

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  • 05/04/13--21:10: Payzer is DUNZO... again
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    FEW stories can make Twitter go into meltdown quicker than a ONE DIRECTION story.

    So LIAM PAYNE’s split from long-term girlfriend DANIELLE PEAZER will dominate the social networking site today.
    The couple have been dating since meeting on X Factor in 2010.

    But they made the mutual decision to break up after a two-hour chat a couple of weeks ago.

    They’d been struggling to keep the relationship on the right track because of Liam’s hectic work schedule.

    They initially ended their relationship last September, blaming long-distance woes as the reason for the split.
    But they reunited just before Christmas when backing dancer Danielle flew out to watch her ex and the rest of the band perform in Madison Square Garden in December.

    She joined LOUIS TOMLINSON’s missus ELEANOR CALDER on a weekend trip to New York to see the group play, along with ZAYN MALIK’s girlfriend PERRIE EDWARDS and TAYLOR SWIFT, who was HARRY STYLES’ other half at the time.
    Danielle and Liam were already talking about sharing a gaff a month after the trip and in March this year they bought a pet dog together. A source said: “They have been trying for months to make it work but it just hasn’t. They had a big chat last month and decided there wasn’t any point in dragging it out.

    “Liam’s on tour until November and Danielle’s very busy so they basically never see each other.

    It was extremely amicable though, which is good because there’s a strong chance Danielle will still be in the lads’ upcoming 3D film.

    “The boys are still filming it and editing is going to go right down to the wire.

    But she’s been there for most of the filming so it’ll be tough to cut her out and Liam wouldn’t want that anyway.

    Liam and Louis were mobbed by One Directioners after being spotted out shopping in Amsterdam at the weekend.


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    Horror hunk Eli Roth has revealed he loves scary movies because they are the best way to seduce girls.

    "People love to be scared in a movie setting, it's the best date movie," he insisted.

    "If you don't know when to make your move and you're watching a horror movie she's grabbing you and then doesn't want to sleep alone so it's a great way to close the deal. There will be Aftershock pregnancies nine months from now."

    Asked if he would want those babies named after him, Eli added: "I think they will be called gore, gash, blood wound or death by ice pick, all named after a favourite death. Somebody has to name their baby zombie.

    "It's so much fun being head to toe in blood, beautiful girls, people running and screaming, it seems that is when I'm happiest."

    The 41-year-old produced and co-wrote the Aftershock script but handed over the directing reins to Chilean filmmaker Nicolas Lopez, at the urge of Quentin Tarantino.

    Eli played Sgt Donny Donowitz in Quentin's movie Inglorious Basterds and revealed: "Quentin said I could write a great part for myself so it was fun to do that.

    "I like to change jobs every movie and I like making movies and telling stories, I love acting."

    Source 1 and 2
    This movie is probably going to end up being a hot ass mess but I want to see it anyway. I'm kind of a sucker for movies with natural disasters.

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    Milk does a toddler good! Danica McKellar -- who used to play Fred Savage's love interest, Winnie Cooper, on Wonder Years — is finally weaning her 2 1/2-year-old, she told Us Weekly at the Thursday, May 2 launch bash for Milky, Tia and Tamera Mowry's new herbal tea supplement to boost milk production in nursing mothers.

    "[We] actually just finished breastfeeding a couple of weeks ago," McKellar said of her toddler boy Draco. "I’m a huge fan of breastfeeding, and I love the fact that Tia and Tamera came out with this product."

    The actress, 38, who made headlines post-Wonder Years for being a math wiz (she even has a theorem named after her -- the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem-- and is the author of math books for girls, including Kiss My Math and Girls Get Curves), explained how she was able to maintain her milk supply for such a long time. "If I were having to pump, it wouldn't work. I don't get that much when I pump. When he nurses directly, it's no problem. Supply and demand. I've been really fortunate that way," she shared.

    The transition was a slow and steady one. "[Draco] still asks for it sometimes, but he's ready to be independent. He asks, but only in the morning when he's still half asleep. He doesn't ask during the day at all," McKellar told Us. "It's like an automatic response, but then he starts playing and forgets."

    Though McKellar and her husband Mike Verta finalized their divorce earlier this year, the actress, who most recently starred in Lifetime's Love at the Christmas Table, is open to having more kids. "I'm divorced so I have to find the father, but it's definitely an option. It's something I think about sometimes and if it's right, I would definitely go for it."

    Last June, she wrote about the split on her blog. "The end of a marriage has got to be one of the saddest events one can experience -- I've heard that the pain is second only to an actual death in the family, and that sounds about right… However, I am so grateful that my relationship with my ex, Mike Verta, has been nothing but amicable…. We are both totally in love with our little boy, and believe this is the best thing for him."


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    Just as cute as the actor

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    In a move to expand the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences membership's involvement in Oscar voting, the organization announced Saturday during its first general membership meeting that it will allow all members to vote in the foreign language film and documentary shorts category.

    This changes the previous rule that required members to see the nominated films in both categories in a theater in order to vote. The academy's board of governors approved a plan that will now allow members to see the nominated documentary pieces in either a theatrical screening or on a DVD.

    The announcement was made at a meeting in Beverly Hills at the academy's Goldwyn Theatre and simulcast to locations in Emeryville, Calif., and New York City.

    "The main reason to host such an event was to have a relaxed, casual gathering with our membership and let them know about all of our programs," Dawn Hudson, the academy's chief operating officer, said in a post-meeting interview.

    "It was a real dialogue and there was great member engagement," academy President Hawk Koch said.

    Approximately 1,000 members attended the meeting, which was led by Koch and Hudson, the academy said. Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo spoke about the academy's international outreach efforts. Academy governor and producer Kathy Kennedy discussed plans for the new film museum, screenwriter Susannah Grant discussed  the Nicholls writing fellowships, and director Bill Kroyer discussed the organization's technology efforts.

    Actor Ed Begley Jr. applauded the organization's efforts to "green" the recent Oscar telecast.

    Koch received specific shout-outs from members during the meeting for scheduling such an event -- the first of its kind for an organization not historically known for its transparency. Afterward, members were complementary of the event's professionalism and the amount of information shared with the members.

    Notable attendees of the satellite meetings included directors Brad Bird and Pete Doctor in Emeryville in the Bay Area and Michael Moore and Melissa Leo in New York at the Lighthouse Theater.

    A couple of attendees said the meeting, which was closed to the media, became heated when one member questioned the nomination rules for voting on foreign-language film, criticizing the current process whereby six finalists are chosen by a volunteer committee of members, while another three of the films are chosen by an executive committee.

    Koch said former foreign language chairman Mark Johnson explained the rules to the angry member.

    The one-year president added that one of the most-asked questions of the meeting centered on the foreign-language category, with members questioning why they can't see those films on DVD when others can be screened in that manner.

    As part of the rule change, the organization will provide its members with DVDs of the nominated films in five categories: foreign language film, documentary feature, documentary short subject, animated short film and live action short film.

    The strong turnout and positive feedback left organizers predicting that the meeting will become an annual event.

    "From the reaction from all three places, it’s a good bet we will do it again," said Koch.

    Last year’s controversial Oscar telecast, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, wasn’t discussed at length at the meeting. Koch mentioned the show’s ratings — which were high enough to warrant the return of producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. He also said he discussed the process behind the "In Memoriam" segment of the show, whereby a committee of members chooses 40 individuals to honor from 300 requests for inclusion.

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