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    The race is on between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, who are competing to produce two big-budget movies both set around the Bible. While the Warner Bros. project, “Gods and Kings,” remains without a director (the film just lost legendary director Steven Spielberg, though “Life of Pi” director Ang Lee may take over), however, Fox’s “Exodus,” directed by Ridley Scott, is already in its casting phase.

    Deadline is reporting that “Batman” trilogy actor Christian Bale has been tapped to play the film’s lead, Moses. Talks between Bale and producers are still in early stages, however. Steve Zaillian, the screenwriter for Scott’s “American Gangster,” will rewrite the script originally penned by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage.

    Deadline speculates as to why the production studios are suddenly so focused on the story of the Bible:

    “Fox and Paramount have surely noticed the ratings on History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ miniseries. There is certainly a global audience for a retelling of the Moses story with the technological advancements made since Charlton Heston played him in the 1956 ’Ten Commandments,’ a film that was one of the biggest blockbusters of its time.”(Um. Don't forget the animated film staring Val Kilmer, Ralph Finnes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart, Helen Miren, Ofra Haza, Danny Glover, Steve Martin, and Martin Short....)

    And, though thematically related, the two films will have very different treatments. From the Guardian:

    “Spielberg’s Moses film was previously described as an epic biopic of the Israelite leader in a gritty Braveheart-meets-Saving-Private-Ryan style. Scott, meanwhile, was expected to plump for a detailed reworking which would focus on the minutiae of his subject’s life, such as the leader’s relationship with Pharaoh Rameses II, as well as more famous episodes.”


    Moses has been done to death but if Christ Bale is on board I have no choice but to go see it. ABC News was talking about the recent interest in biblical films. You got this, the Bible miniseries, Russell Crowe as Noah, etc. I want one on Queen Esther tbh. Apparently Brad Pitt is tapped to play Pontius Pilate in a movie about the aforementioned general's life.

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    On Sunday’s Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney take things to a whole new reality TV low after they clash over a question we’re sure has been on the forefront of everyone’s minds …

    Who has the better-smelling private parts?

    Yep. Really.

    Thankfully, little sister Khloe is on hand to officiate over this vital matter and we soon learn the answer.

    It all starts after Khloe drops a tidbit that pineapples help a woman’s private parts take on a “sweeter” odor, which leads her sisters into a spirited debate about whose “bits” have the better smell: Kourtney, the mother-of-two, or Kim, who was with high-profile studs like Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, Miles Austin, and of course, Ray-J, before getting pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby.

    Testing the theory, the sisters drink pineapple juice to prepare for the compelling conclusion to the sibling sniff-out of the century.

    Still with us?

    “If I’m going to win this I need to get as much pineapple juice as I can … it makes the vag smell good,” Kourtney declares.

    “Kourtney seems very competitive about her vagina,” Kim notes. “I don’t know why Kourtney is challenging me — but she will lose!”

    As for the judging honors, the task went to the (lucky) person who was deemed to be the most impartial: Khloe — of course!

    Thankfully, to avoid yet another Kardashian sex tape-type leak, Kim and Kourtney used cloth napkins smeared with the musk of each other for Khloe to judge.

    “Do I want to be the judge of the pineapple p***y?” Khloe rhetorically asks. “Not really, but we’re sisters … if I can’t smell their p***ies, what else am I supposed to do?”

    When it comes time to judge, Khloe decides that Kourtney’s scent “was like a tropical island,” and likens Kim’s to “a flower p***y.”

    STILL with us?!!!

    If so, you obviously are dying to know – and the winner is …

    “Honestly, I will say that Kim’s p**** smells the best – she’s the kitty winner,” Khloe rules.

    Kourtney doesn’t seem too fazed by the loss though, “If Kim needs to think she’s won, then fine, I’ll let her think that – but we all know whose vagina is the sweetest of them all,” she vows.

    The world can sleep easier at night now…..

    Video at the source

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  • 03/18/13--20:11: Castle 5x18 Preview

  • source

    So, what did you think of tonight's episode?

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    With Revolution taking a break, NBC decided to try a new Monday night drama, Deception. Has it been a ratings success for the network or will it end up being cancelled like so many of their other Monday night dramas?

    On Deception, a wealthy party girl has been mysteriously murdered. Her childhood friend, now a San Francisco narcotics detective, is convinced by her former partner to go undercover into the wealthy world she thought she’d left behind. The cast includes Laz Alonso, Meagan Good, Victor Garber, Katherine LaNasa, Tate Donovan, Wes Brown, and Ella Rae Peck.

    The series debuted in January to a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.66 million total viewers. Those were hardly impressive numbers and were less than half of what Revolution’s premiere drew a few months earlier. Year-to-year however, it was a big improvement over the ratings NBC was getting for Rock Center with Brian Williams.

    In week two, Deception’s ratings dropped more than 20% to a 1.6 demo rating and 4.14 million. That was not positive — and the ratings kept falling. As we now near the end of Deception’s 11 episode run, the ratings seem to have stabilized at a 1.1 demo rating with about 3.3 million viewers.

    Those numbers are terrible and certainly there’s no ratings justification for NBC to renew Deception for a second season. They cancelled shows like Chase and The Playboy Club and they had better numbers than Deception.

    On the positive side, at least NBC aired all of the episodes. Unfortunately, viewers are unlikely to ever get their storyline questions answered.


    That was a pretty good season finale and a really craptastic series finale.

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    Source 1 and 2
    Oh my God. :( As always this post has been brought to you by actual fanboy Mike Weston come back soon bb

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    Lil Wayne said ICU later to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood ... because TMZ has learned he was just released.

    Wayne spent 6 days in the hospital -- most of it in the Intensive Care Unit -- after suffering what appears to be a drug OD that triggered a series of massive seizures.

    Sources connected with the rapper tell us ... Wayne is feeling weak but he's a lot better.  He plans on laying low until he makes a full recovery.


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    Premiere was tonight on A&E. Did you watch? What did you think?


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    The Biggest Loser Crowns Winner

    You lose some, you win some.

    After a season of battling it out with the scale – and each other – Danni Allen, Jeff Nichols and
    Jackson Carter
    were the three left vying for the big prize Monday night on NBC's The Biggest Loser. So who was named the winner? Read on to find out!

    Danni Allen took home the title in the live finale by losing the biggest percentage of her body weight – 46.9 percent – outlasting Jeff Nichols and Jackson Carter to pick up the $250,000 grand prize.

    "At the end of the day, look at me!" she said, beaming, right before the final weigh-in.

    Allen, an advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, Ill., lost 121 lbs. in all, going from 258 to 137 lbs. (BOW!!!!) Her percentage loss just beat out Jeff Nichols, who lost 46.65 percent in going from 388 to 207 lbs.

    As host Alison Sweeney pronounced her the winner, Allen embraced her trainer, Jillian Michaels – who had returned for the show's 14th season after two seasons off – as confetti rained down on the set.

    Jackson Carter, the first openly gay contestant, finished third, going from 328 to 190 lbs. for 42.07 percent body-weight loss. Early in Monday's finale, Jackson was revealed to have won the public vote over sales executive Joe Ostaszewski to join the final three.

    Allen wasn't the only winner Monday. Gina McDonald, an attorney from Hoover, Ala., won $100,000 by losing a bigger percentage than any of the other eliminated contestants this season. McDonald went from 245 lbs. to 132 lbs. for a loss of 113 lbs. – or 46.12 percent of her body weight.

    McDonald narrowly beat out Lisa Rambo, a high school special-education assistant, who lost 43.9 percent of her body weight (going from 246 to 138 lbs.), and Ostaszewski, who lost 40.38 percent (going from 364 to 217 lbs.).

    The finale also featured appearances by all three teen contestants– the first time the show has tackled the issue of childhood obesity.

    Lindsay Bravo, an 8th grader who lost 47 lbs., performed a routine with the cheerleaders from her Fillmore, Calif., high school. Noah "Biingo" Gray of New Windsor, Md., another 8th grader, lost 43 lbs., and was surprised by the coach of an area baseball team, who revealed he had made the team. And Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar, an 11th grader from Rochester, N.Y., lost 51 lbs. and four dress sizes, and showed up in her sparkling pink prom dress.

    "My life is complete. I'm so happy," Chandrasekar said. "All it takes is a step in the right direction and some perseverance ... It's the best feeling you can ever have."


    yassss literally bowin & cryin rn!!!!

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    The actor has revealed that he will team up with Sir Patrick Stewart - both of whom will portray Professor Xavier - in the 20th Century Fox film.

    "It's great. It's really good and strong," he told I Am Rogue.

    "I think fans will love it. I think people who have never seen any of the [previous] X-Men films before are going to be really into it. I think it's satisfying and giving people what they want, while at the same time being challenging and giving them something different, new, and unexpected."

    McAvoy will reunite with X-Men: First Class co-stars Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult in Bryan Singer's sequel.

    "I can't wait to work with Michael again, [plus] Jennifer and Nick," he said. "It's going to be great, we got along so well the first time around. That'll be fun.

    "Then also, getting to team up with Sir Patrick. I don't know if I get to work with Sir Ian [McKellen], but it should be a real exciting time, I think."

    "I read the script yesterday," says McAvoy. "...I had my first costume fitting. He looks cool. He looks fun. I like his '70's costumes."

    "My head is all about [Macbeth] at the moment," the actor continues. "The day I finish that, I'll be firmly Chuck Xavier."

    X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 18, 2014.


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    On Monday's TODAY show on NBC, guest host, Lisa Rinna, puckered up and talked about the lips that helped make her famous. The actress was very candid and explained what she did to get her famous pout. "Here's the story. 25 years ago I had my lips injected with silicon," she said. "I saw Beaches and I did it with my best girlfriend," she explained.

    Lisa recently had trouble with the choice she made over two decades ago. "So then cut to a couple of years ago, I had a doctor remove as much as they possibly could because it got to a point where they were yucky. They get hard! I mean it's gross. So they are now just whatever that was after they took out as much as the silicon as they could."

    Lisa admits to having to deal with the effects of her injections. When asked if she still gets her lips filled, Lisa said no. "No, I don't and my lips don't go up and they don't go down." Rinna said.

    Despite the risks, Lisa doesn't regret her decision to inject her lips. "I would do it again," Rinna replied. "I never had a career before I had the lips so my lips have had their own career!" Rinna is known for her roles as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives. She has also appeared on Melrose Place.


    if you what cosmetic surgery have get y'all?

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    Peter Murphy, lead singer of British Goth rock band Bauhaus, was arrested Saturday after he allegedly rear-ended a vehicle in Glendale, injured the driver and then fled to Los Angeles, where he was blocked by an eyewitness until police arrived, officials said.

    The eyewitness followed Murphy, 55, from the crash at Central and Goode avenues in Glendale to the 3400 block of Barham Boulevard in Los Angeles because “he was afraid [Murphy] would kill someone with his driving,” according to Glendale police.

    Murphy, who was in a Subaru Forester, reportedly struck a Mercedes about 11:48 a.m. at the intersection, then drove around it and got on the Ventura (134) Freeway, police said. As he fled the scene, a witness who was washing windows, snapped a photograph of Murphy’s Subaru, which sustained moderate front-end damage.

    The driver of the Mercedes was also able to write down Murphy’s license plate number before Glendale fire personnel hauled her away on a gurney, police said.

    Meanwhile, the driver of a pickup truck reportedly followed Murphy to Los Angeles, where he pulled in front of him, blocked his Subaru and called Glendale police to tell them he was detaining Murphy.

    Los Angeles police detained Murphy until Glendale police arrived.

    Glendale officers said Murphy appeared to be at points “very confused” and had difficulty recalling the day and time.

    Murphy denied drinking alcohol that day, adding that he had only taken his regular prescription pills for depression, according to police.

    Murphy — who’s from England but lives in Turkey — reportedly admitted to being involved in a traffic collision, telling officers he was jet-lagged from a recent flight, police said.

    Inside the Los Angeles police patrol car where Murphy had been detained, officers reported finding a small plastic bag, possibly of methamphetamine, police said. Murphy denied the bag belonged to him, but officers said they believed he was trying to discard it in the patrol car.

    Murphy was arrested on suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, felony hit-and-run and possessing methamphetamine, police said.

    He remained in custody Monday in lieu of $500,000 bail, which was set after officers expressed concern that he could be a flight risk, police said.

    Murphy is best known for his lead vocals with the group Bauhaus, which recorded four albums and ignited the Goth rock movement. The group is known for its greatest hit “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” as well as “She’s in Parties” and “Kick in the Eye.”

    After Bauhaus broke up in 1983, he helped form Dalis Car and went on to record several solo albums.


    Seriously disappointed in him, ugh

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    A Guilty Verdict in the Steubenville Rape Trial is only 1 step toward progress because the Culture of "STUPIDVILLE" Exists Far Beyond Any One Community.

    Sea to Sun Recordings' artist, Traci Lords, has recorded a powerful musical anthem with a video that is an "in your face" social outcry, in support of victims of sexual assault and is a direct reaction to the teenage rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. The case and Traci's willingness to discuss her own rape as a 10 year old in Steubenville have generated a Media firestorm in recent days including major TV Network interviews with Traci on CNN's Piers Morgan Live, and CBS's OMG! Insider as well as the initial debut on SIRIUS/XM's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick (Out-Q Radio).

    The song Stupidville was conceived when Lords, outraged by the specific details of the case, felt compelled to speak out through the power of music, in order to reflect her own experience and give a voice to the "Jane Doe's" of the world. Fellow Sea to Sun writer & artist, Sylvia Tosun (a Human Rights activist, and award winning songwriter/composer) collaborated with Traci to carefully craft her lyrical message in preserving Traci's authentic and personal feelings, while infusing a poetic touch.

    The musical track, produced by Anton Bass & Anthony Fonseca (aka Monikkr), starts with a stripped down and vulnerable delivery, but gradually stirs into chaos, writhing with a vibration that matches the intensity of the subject matter. World-class drummer, Steve Hass, adds to the fury on this recording while Traci Lords delivers a searing vocal performance, thus becoming a natural Advocate for all who have been victims of sexual violence.

    The raw intensity of the production on both the song and the video arose naturally from the need to call attention to the impending trial. With no time to waste, Traci and the Sea to Sun team wrote and recorded the song in less than a week. The video, which draws from Traci Lords' self-produced and directed short film Sweet Pea as well as current event footage and a PSA from Anonymous, was produced in less than 48 hours by Reality Engine Studios (Matyas Kelemen & Mikhail Gervits), and Chris Banuchi.

    Sea to Sun is a boutique independent record label based in New York City that specializes in well crafted songs with contemporary cutting edge productions. They have joined this cause with their Artist, Traci Lords, as a result of a genuine desire to help bring awareness and cultural change, and to instill more dignity in today's youth.

    Source: SeaToSun

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    Rocker/popster Pink may come off as one tough cookie, but it turns out the singer has an endearing soft side when it comes to her youngest fans. At her show in Philadelphia Sunday night, the singer stopped her set to comfort a little girl crying in the audience.

    Pink, who was in the middle of a song, noticed the distraught child, and told her guitar player to "hold on a second."

    She called out: "Is everything okay right here? Is this little girl all right?"

    Turns out the child was upset by a fight in the crowd. "Y'all are fighting around a little girl?" Pink--who is the mother of a nearly 2-year-old daughter--said incredulously.

    She then walked to the edge of the stage, and offered the girl a stuffed frog toy and a Rice Krispy treat, telling her "you look beautiful!" Awww.

    The youngster was too shy to come up and get the goodies, but those in front handed them back to her, to much cheers from the audience. See for yourselves:


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    fyi: will and sadie - his grandparents

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    hf dylan o'brien

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    Psy Will Alter Next Single Over Concerns It Might Offend Arabs
    Song title 'Assarabia' is a slang term open to misinterpretation

    Psy will change the lyrics of the potential follow-up to "Gangnam Style" out of concern they might offend Arabs. The song was to be called "Assarabia," or "Assaravia" in English, The Associated Press reports.

    The word is a South Korean slang term used to to express thrills and has no racial or bodily connotations, yet worries that same listeners might misinterpret the title and take offense are prompting Psy to change it.

    Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Tops One Billion YouTube Views

    Psy announced he would be changing the title, as well as some of the lyrics, on a South Korean social media site yesterday.

    After a massive break-out 2012 that saw "Gangnam Style" become the most watched video in YouTube's history (it currently has about 1.44 billion views), Psy said he was ready to move on to his next single after performing the smash on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

    "I'm really working hard on a new single right now, and I'm not saying ['Gangnam'] is ending on Dick Clark — I still have a lot of invitations to perform it . . . I'll be in Paris, and in February I got invited to perform in China, and I've still got to do promo," Psy said at the time. "So let me say that in America I need a new single because 'Gangnam Style' got too popular, so I've got to write a new single."


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    Viewed from a distance, the scene is picturesque and romantic.

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, playing the complicated Game of Thrones villain (xcuse u) Jaime Lannister, sits atop a lush Northern Ireland mountain top overlooking a green valley that sweeps down to the sea. It looks like a vacation postcard. Who wouldn’t want to be there? Except when you’re actually next to him, on the ground, your opinion of the scene is quite different. It’s very cold. It’s pouring rain. The wind is gusting and unceasing. You’re standing in mud — except, ugh, that isn’t mud. Even inside a cramped craft services tent, there’s no escaping the elements. And since he’s on camera shooting his scene over and over again, nobody is enduring more of Mother Nature’s hammering than Coster-Waldau. Yet when he gets a break to speak to a huddle of shivering reporters, he has a big grin. You’re suspicious of the grin. He’s an actor — is he faking this?

    “I actually really like it,” he insists. “It’s really cold, that’s not nice. But it makes the work easier. You just react to the elements and they help you.”

    And nobody has had more “help” on this show than Coster-Waldau. Last season Jaime Lannister spent nearly the entire shoot chained in a muddy cage as Robb Stark’s prisoner. Yet other actors on the show and the producers insist he always makes the best of tough environments.

    “The hardest scenes to do are sitting around a table talking,” Coster-Waldau says. “Good acting is when you don’t think. I don’t want to see the mechanics of a performance. Sometimes you can see, ‘Oh, that’s what he’s doing.’”

    Later, the production moves to a forest glade near Shane’s Castle. Ah, much nicer. No rain. Coster-Waldau sits beside a slow-drifting river, the sun reflecting off the water and throwing hypnotic shimmers onto his grey-flecked beard (this glorious fanfic rn) . This is a big season for Jaime Lannister, whose character is being escorted to King’s Landing by noble knight Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) who hopes to trade him for the Stark daughters. There’s very little we can tell you about his story at this time, and very little Coster-Waldau can say.

    “Change,” is the cryptic one-word verb that Coster-Waldau emphasizes. “For Jaime, there’s a lot of change in every way you can imagine. He’s still driving Brienne crazy. He succeeds in driving her crazy to the point where he actually gets a shot at freedom. Then everything takes a turn.”

    Coster-Waldau is called back to the set to dive into the scene. His character, shackled and parched, is tricked into drinking horse urine and vomits. He’s then knocked face down into the soupy mud by a gang of tormentors and kicked in the gut, over and over. Then he’s accidentally kicked for real — which happens during fight scenes on movies and TV shows sometimes, and Coster-Waldau is extremely nice about the whole thing. “Wow” says one of the crew members after watching Coster-Waldau give a particularly searing performance during one take.
    Coster-Waldau asks the director: How many more times?

    Oh, just a few…

    game of thrones webcast livestream starting at 7:40PST

    ugh so excited for his arc this season, I cannot wait. what are you looking forward to most this season?




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    Even more so than a good script and firm direction, chemistry is the most important thing in a movie romance; without it, audiences will be left unconvinced that they should even care about the love story unfolding on screen, and it can result in some extremely awkward cinematic moments.

    Plenty of sub-standard rom-coms have survived on the basis of their chemistry, and in many cases – see: The Adjustment Bureau – the sizzling frisson between the two stars has elevated an otherwise pretty flat film.

    However, sometimes Hollywood, so unwaveringly confident in the box office bankability of its leads, forgets to screen-test them together or even begins to entertain the thought that, you know, they might not be all that well suited.

    Whether it’s down to the casting department or the simple fact that these actors simply weren’t attracted to each other in real life, the result is the same – a stale, flaccid movie romance that flounders around on screen for all of us to mock.

    Here are 10 awful movie couples who have no chemistry…

    5. Dan Aykroyd & Rosie O’Donnell – Exit To Eden

    Rosie O’Donnell and Dan Aykroyd are horrendously mis-cast in Exit to Eden, though given how terrible the film is on a conceptual level alone – two detectives investigating a diamond heist end up at an S&M resort – it’s a surprise the film wasn’t even worse. Apparently director Garry Marshall hoped that we’d be so entranced by the full frontal female nudity that we’d forget about all of the film’s short-comings – oh, how wrong he was.

    If seeing O’Donnell strutting around in S&M gear isn’t enough to turn just about anyone’s stomach, the complete lack of sex appeal that the premise begets when occupied by these two actors makes the result a sterile curio and little more. They simply don’t have a spark, and their lack of appeal as a couple to audiences doesn’t help things either.

    4. Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson – Fool’s Gold

    I have to admit, I was really surprised that this pairing didn’t work; Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson seem like a great personality match – they both seem chilled out and down-to-Earth – and, of course, are both extremely good-looking.

    Somehow, it doesn’t translate into romantic chemistry on screen, however; though the script is anything but good, it at least puts the pair in enough argumentative situations and tight spots that their innate chemistry should shine through. Alas, despite making for a great movie poster, the two being paired together results in an oddly sexless film.

    Furthermore, given that the majority of the film’s production saw the pair frolicking in the sun and being paid for it, you’d think their sheer joy at that predicament would translate to something that feels real. Instead, they both seem like they have other people on their minds.

    3. Nick Nolte & Julia Roberts – I Love Trouble

    Granted, Nick Nolte didn’t look quite as haggard in 1994 as he does now, but that doesn’t mean his pairing with Julia Roberts for this old-school screwball comedy is in any way convincing. The story follows veteran reporter Peter Brackett (Nolte) and newbie Sabrina Peterson (Roberts) as they both compete to score the same big scoop, and soon undercover a bigger conspiracy that, you guessed it, brings them closer together.

    Harkening back to classic romantic comedies from the early-to-mid 20th century is fine, but it’s hard to imagine matching up two greater, more polar opposites than Nolte and Roberts; not only does the age difference make this one hard to believe, but their total lack of chemistry seals the deal. Neither actor really seems to care, instead content that their natural charisma and previous successes will see them through. Try and find a review that doesn’t decry their lack of chemistry – I dare you.

    2. Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie – The Tourist

    Here’s one that just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever; you take two of the most physically attractive actors on the planet, put them in one of the most beautiful locations in the world (Vienna), and what’s more, you’ve got the director of an Oscar-winning foreign film at the helm – what can possibly go wrong?

    Though the limp script doesn’t really help things, the truly startling thing about The Tourist is that it proves you can’t just throw together people you think will have explosive sexual chemistry on screen – you need to screen test them first!

    Depp plays a grungy character much like himself, while Jolie is the epitome of class; like so many other films on this list, it fails to reconcile their differences and explain why they would fall for each other. Plus, the love scenes – probably the main appeal for many viewers – are among some of the most sterile and dull you could possibly imagine. It’s staggering proof of how a project with even the most potential can crash and burn without due care.

    1. Hayden Christensen & Natalie Portman – Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3

    But still, they’ve got nothing on the number one spot – Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman as Anakin Skywalker and Padme in Episodes 2 & 3 of George Lucas’ “new trilogy” of Star Wars films.

    Though Natalie Portman tries her hardest while working with Lucas’ woefully melodramatic script, she’s essentially powerless against both it and her dull-as-dishwater romantic interest; Christensen’s infamous performance was widely derided in both films, and this transpires through to how he interacts with Portman’s Padme.

    Take the above scene from Episode 2; sure, Lucas’ dialogue about sand is dreadful and hardly lends itself to forging a romantic connection between the actors, but Christensen’s performance is so bland it could cure insomnia. For all of its visual splendour, these films lacked character as far as the relationships go; it’s especially important in these films given that the Anakin-Padme relationship is essentially what results in Anakin rising as Darth Vader. Just awful, awful, awful.


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    This thing keeps popping on my fb feed and I assumed it was about a 'Splash' remake but it turns out, it's a new reality show premiering tonight that consists on celebrities jumping into a pool. Yes, you've read it right. Here's the promo for it, including the likes of Kendra from Girl's Next Door, Drake Bell and Chuy from Chelsea Lately.


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    oh god they all did their best. Can you imagine the shitstorm if they actually DID do a musical?

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