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    "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is extending its TV family: Brody Jenner, patriarch Bruce Jenner's son, is joining the cast in the E! reality show's eighth season.

    "I'm looking forward to the upcoming season and getting to know my extended family a little better," Brody told E! News.

    The 29-year-old is no stranger to the reality cameras. In addition to several appearances on his step-siblings' show, he starred alongside ex-girlfriend Lauren Conrad and the infamous couple known as Speidi on "The Hills." He also created and starred in the short-lived "The Princes of Malibu," featuring Pratt, his brother Brandon, their mother Linda Thompson, and her husband David Foster.

    Foster himself has a guest gig on The Real Housewives with his fourth wife, Yolanda.

    Added stepsister Khloé Kardashian on her blog:"I'm always excited for each new season, but I'm especially excited for this upcoming season because you're going to be seeing a lot more of the Kardashian/Jenner clan! My stepbrothers, Brody and Brandon, and Brandon's wife Leah are going to be on the show much more, which means an even closer look into the inner-workings of my crazy, wonderful family! Get ready people!"

    Season eight of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" debuts in June.


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  • 03/05/13--16:52: Alkaline Trio Mega Post

  • It's been almost 15 years since Alkaline Trio released their debut studio album, and that time spent together has refined the band's chemistry. In their new video for "I, Pessimist," the rockers offer a revealing look into the studio as they rehearse and record the track. Their sharp punk has a bite as strong as ever, but despite the title, there are plenty of smiles and friendship here. Recording is hard work, but Alkaline Trio make it look fun and easy – even if they're singing about losing their minds to alcohol. "I, Pessimist" will be on Alkaline Trio's forthcoming album, My Shame Is True, out April 2nd.

    Go to the source if the video doesn't show up here.

    "It's kind of an unspoken feeling," Alkaline Trio bassist Dan Andriano tells Rolling Stone, breaking down how he and his bandmates know it's time to put aside their respective side projects and join forces in the studio for a new album. That feeling struck again last year: in short order, the three Chicago-native punk-rockers that comprise Alkaline Trio, including guitarist-vocalist Matt Skiba and drummer Derek Grant, made the trek to Bill Stevenson's Blasting Room studios in Fort Collins, Colorado, to record My Shame Is True – their ninth studio album, and the first with the drummer and founder of the seminal punk act Descendents serving as producer.

    Despite never having worked with Alkaline Trio, Stevenson has a long history with the cult punk band: Skiba forged a friendship with the drummer when Alkaline toured with the Descendents on several occasions over their career. Grant, meanwhile, first met Stevenson at a More gig in Detroit at age 14; the drummer happily relays a story in which he challenged the accomplished Stevenson to a drum-off. (Sadly, such a battle never came to fruition.)

    Grant says Stevenson is the "most comprehensive producer" the band has ever worked with. Skiba appreciated the producer’s candor: "He’ll tell you whether [your music] is shit or champagne," the singer says.

    Having a keen ear like Stevenson's in the fold helped Alkaline Trio cook up their most soul-baring and personal album yet. My Shame Is True, due April 2nd on Epitaph Records, retains the threesome's trademark hard-charging punk ethos, anchored by a slew of gnarly riffs. It also leans heavily on sentiment. That's not surprising: 2010's confessional This Addiction hinted at a band eager to spill its guts.

    Grant admits that when Skiba and Andriano, the band's lyricists, first brought the new songs to the table, he was a bit uneasy with the album’s blatant honesty. "It just shocked me," he says. "I was taken aback by how forward and heart-on-the-sleeve that a lot of the lyrics were."

    The band's open-book attitude is palpable throughout My Shame: amid the staccato riffing of "I'm Only Here to Disappoint," Andriano drowns himself in a whirlpool of emotion. "I'm hurting for someone else to feel this pain," he wails. Elsewhere, on the chant-aided lead single "I Wanna Be a Warhol," Skiba, 37, contemplates his legacy, imagining himself a work of the iconic artist – "I wanna be a little piece of history/ I wanna be a painting for all to see."

    "I'm not scared to share," Skiba says. The singer adds that he finds it increasingly difficult to recognize himself even only a few albums back. "I don't even know who that guy was 10 years ago," he says of the band’s breakout album, 2003’s Good Mourning.

    Despite a collective insistence on looking ahead, the three members of Alkaline Trio share the belief that their years spent together have made songwriting a far smoother process. "There's no secrets anymore," Andriano says. "It's not hard to read between the lines to [gauge] someone's reaction to a song." Adds Grant, "[The band] seems to be one of the most natural, organic things I've ever experienced in my life."

    That's not to say there aren't occasional obstacles. "You've got three guys with attention disorders that all want to play the other guy's instruments," Grant says, laughing.

    Nearly two decades on, Alkaline Trio have no plans to slow down. In fact, Skiba says he feels as fresh as ever. "I can't fucking believe we're pushing 20 years," he says. "I don't even feel like I'm 20 years old!"


    Here are some photos of Milla and Matt on the set of the video "I Wanna Be A Warhol"

    No release date for the video yet.

    source 1|source 2

    I Wanna Be A Warhol

    Torture Doctor


    A list of tour dates can be found here.

    I'll have to admit, I was more than disappointed with Warhol. I think it's probably the worst song they've ever done, but the following 2 songs have gotten me really excited! Who's going to see them on tour?

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    The studio that helped pioneer 2D, hand drawn, theatrical animation is currently at a crossroads with the process. At Wednesday’s Walt Disney Company shareholder’s meeting, CEO Bob Iger revealed none of Disney’s animation companies, which includes Disney Animation, Pixar and Disney Toons, are currently developing, or have plans to develop, any 2D, hand drawn animation for the big screen. He’s not ruling it out, but the current slate - which probably stretches 3-4 years – has none of it.

    The only place the company is currently continuing the tradition is on some of their animated television shows.

    With 3D theatrical animation becoming so lucrative for studios these days, this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. The target audience, young kids, have come to expect a certain aesthetic in their movies. The Pixar aesthetic. Even the other animation studios, such as Blue Sky or DreamWorks, have been emulating that for a while. Not to mention a younger generation of animators currently working in features are likely much more proficient on a Mac rather than with a pencil and paper.

    It makes an animation fan wonder, is hand drawn animation dead?

    Disney’s last hand-drawn theatrical feature was 2011′s Winnie the Pooh, which grossed a paltry $33 million worldwide. Iger, almost expectedly, forgot that when addressing the question and incorrectly stated that 2009′s The Princess and the Frog was their last hand-drawn film. That film was a success, grossing $267 million worldwide. However, juxtapose it to the Disney animation films that came before and after that. Bolt, which grossed $310 million and Tangled, which grossed $590 million. Obviously, that could have something to do with the quality of those films, but the bottom line surely isn’t lost on the company. (Winnie the Pooh even bolsters the point further. It was critically adored, but publicly forgotten.)

    I’d imagine, somewhere down the road, a Disney fan who works their way up in the company will come to the executives with an original, hand-drawn animated idea and it’ll be sold as Disney’s return to their roots. But according to the CEO, that isn’t happening anytime soon, especially not on the big screen. Hand drawn animation isn’t dead, but it’s certainly on life support.


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    It's a tough week to be Taylor Swift. After Golden Globes co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler gently mocked the singer's surprisingly serious reaction to their joke about her love life, Chelsea Handler added her two cents during a March 5 appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live.

    In the April issue of Vanity Fair, 23-year-old Swift recited a quote Katie Couric once shared with her when asked how she deals with "mean girls" in Hollywood: "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

    Handler, who is friends with Couric, addressed the controversy when Andy Cohen asked her to weigh in. "I think that was a bold statement, but I'm not on anyone's side because I just don't care enough," the 38-year-old Chelsea Lately host said. "I like that she's being that vociferous about something that she thinks they were out to get her. They were clearly making a joke just about her demeanor, which is embarrassing. I mean, she's just dated so many men."

    Swift -- whose famous exes include Conor Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Cory Monteith, Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner -- is currently single after splitting with One Direction's Harry Styles in January. Handler speculated exactly why the country music superstar doesn't have long-term relationships.

    "My theory about Taylor Swift is that she's a virgin, that everyone breaks up with her because they date her for two weeks and she's like, 'I'm not gonna do it.' And they're like, 'Oh, well, forget it. Then I don't want to date you,'" Handler imagined. "Every guy thinks they're going to devirginize her, and they're not. She's never going to get devirginized, ever, ever, ever, ever."

    In her Vanity Fair cover story, Swift -- who has never publicly commented on her purported sex life -- said she has dated "exactly two people" since 2010. Though she's known for penning breakup anthems about her exes, the Pennsylvania native doesn't think her love life is anyone's business.

    She explained, "For a female to write about her feelings, and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have kids with her, I think that's taking something that potentially should be celebrated -- a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way --that's taking it and turning it and twisting it into something that is frankly a little sexist."


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    Shamar got sand in his eye and tore his cornea. He had to be medically evacuated from the game.

    The favorite "Bikul Tribe" won immunity!

    Laura was voted out 6-1 over Reynold for being seen as physically weak in challenges.

    Well that's a shame. I liked Laura but I really think the tribe made the right move. The fans are now down to a tribe of 6 while the favorites have 9.

    And based off the preview for next week, it looks like the favs lose immunity while Brandon goes crazy.

    Source: TV/CBS

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    The Buckley champion boys basketball team ... and Paris Jackson, at front left —

    The Buckley champion boys basketball team ... and Paris Jackson, at front left —

    Michael Jackson’s daughter. Yet she’s no little kid anymore. Instead, she’s a 14-year-old teen with a massive Twitter following of more than 1 million fans. Evidently she’s also a varsity cheerleader, as the world learned when she tweeted out of a photo of her cheering on Sherman Oaks (Ca.) Buckley School’s boys basketball team.

    The photo was apparently taken by a MaxPreps photographer and posted to Jackson’s Twitter account days after Buckley earned the school’s first ever California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section title with a 54-46 win over San Luis Obispo (Ca.) Mission Prep.

    Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, cheers for Buckley's boys basketball team — TwitterMichael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, cheers for Buckley's boys basketball team — Twitter

    “I’m so excited for our community,” Buckley boys basketball coach Mike Hamilton told Buckley’s in-house website, “They are the reason we won CIF. Everyone has been so supportive and kind. We have been feeding off of their energy for several games now. Our fans, faculty and staff are continuing to carry us across the finish line.

    “In terms of the team, these guys worked so hard to be here. Everything they did in the preseason prepared them for this time. I’m just happy to be along for the ride. This sort of success could not happen to a better group of young men.”

    Jackson has attended Buckley for three years, largely because the private school is extremely exclusive. In theory, Buckley helps Jackson avoid the everpresent media spotlight abdicated by her father, the King of Pop, when he tragically passed away.

    Yet Twitter subverts that dynamic, with the teen sharing all different aspects of her life to a rabid following that she has cultivated en route to fame and, she hopes, a future career in movies.

    For now, the teen pseudo-celebrity has a lot more cheering to do. Buckley’s victory ensures that the school will take place in the Division V state tournament, where the team will begin against Escondido (Ca.) Calvin Christian High on Wednesday.


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    Jennifer Lawrence may have a perfect physique, but the Hollywood star has admitted that she's definitely not your stereotypical superstar and doesn't diet or love exercise. How does she do it?!

    The 'Silver Linings Playbook' actress looks stunning on the cover of the April issue of Glamour magazine and has spoken out about her love of food, revealing that she hasn't let the pressure from Hollywood to be super thin affect her.

    "I hate saying, 'I like exercising.' I want to punch people who say that in the face," Lawrence tells the magazine, adding: "But it’s nice being in shape for a movie, because they basically do it all for you. It's like, 'Here's your trainer. This is what you can eat.'"

    In terms of watching what she eats, Jen said: "I don't diet," she says. "I do exercise! But I don't diet. You can't work when you're hungry, you know?"

    The Oscar winning actress also opened up about her crazy new celeb lifestyle, saying: "I feel like I got a ticket to go to another planet and I'm moving there and there's no turning back, and I don’t know if I'm going to like that other planet or have friends there," she tells the magazine, before adding: "It's daunting."

    She admits that her life has begun to change, but it's yet to get TOO out of control: "The people who used to ignore me at parties, now they're nice to me and kissing my a--," she says.

    "But nobody's staked outside of my house. I wanted to make sure that when I said yes [to the role], I wouldn’t regret it. And I don't regret it. I would have said no because I was scared, and then I would have been that bitter actress telling my grandkids, 'I'm the one that turned it down.'"


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  • 03/06/13--23:04: JLaw Won't Be Naked in X-Men

  • Jennifer Lawrence will wear a body suit in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    The actress - who will reprise her role as Mystique in the
    20th Century Fox movie - will be spared the body paint that caused extreme reactions in her skin during the filming of X-Men: First Class.

    "I'm so excited because I'm going to wear a body suit," she told E!. "It will be from neck down so it will cut out time and the blisters."

    A doctor had to be called to the set to treat her during filming of Matthew Vaughn's film.

    The actress added that filming will begin around May."I haven't read the script yet," she said. "I haven't had 30 minutes. They literally gave me the script and I was like, 'I can't read this until Monday'."

    She will rejoin X-Men: First Class cast members James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult in the film.

    Bryan Singer has also secured the return of Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore from the previous trilogy, with Halle Berry "90% sure" that she will also be back.


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    Perrie Edwards apparently remained "professional" whilst the Zayn Malik cheating rumours were doing the rounds.
    The star was on tour with her band Little Mix when Australian waitress Courteney Webb came forward to claim she had a fling with Malik behind her back.
    Malik never confirmed or denied the speculation.
    The Mend, who supported Little Mix on their recent tour, said Perrie didn't let on that she was going through any trouble.
    "She [was] really good about that," said Dean. "She's professional.

    "If you're putting yourself in a job where people are gonna talk about you, that's what they're gonna do. It can't all be good."
    Speaking to AMAZEPOP, Craig added: "You would not even tell... They don't really show that side of them, and you wouldn't, would you? You've got a job to do."
    But Kris admitted that Perrie wasn't completely oblivious to what was being reported in the papers.
    "I did catch her getting a sneaky look in a newspaper, while all that was going on," he said.
    Perrie and Zayn now seem to be happy again, in any case.


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    Ubisoft has issued a response to PETA after the animal rights group criticised the game maker for "glorifying" the hunting of whales in its upcoming sequel Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

    PETA issued a complaint against Ubisoft on Wednesday, labelling the harpooning of whales in-game as "disgraceful."
    An Ubisoft spokesperson responded to the claims with the following statement:

    "History is our playground in Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is a work of fiction that depicts the real events during the golden era of pirates. We do not condone illegal whaling, just as we don't condone a pirate lifestyle of poor hygiene, plundering, hijacking ships, and over-the legal-limit drunken debauchery."

    PETA has previously attacked Pokémon by likening the way Pokémon are treated to the abuse of animals, and made what it subsequently labelled a "tongue-in-cheek" call for attention by attacking Mario for "sending the message that it's OK to wear fur".

    Memory Glitch

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    One of our all-time favorite fashion reality shows is finally back! It’s about time we get caught up with this designer’s latest plans and projects, and you can WATCH a preview of the episode before it airs tonight. Get ready for designer dresses, drama and new haircuts.

    Rachel Zoe, 41, is a household name. The stylist has launched a major brand and even her own line, all while bringing the drama right into our homes each week thanks to her hit show on Bravo, The Rachel Zoe Project. Season five of the series is set to air on March 6, and it couldn’t come soon enough!

    We’ve been there for Rachel as she stepped into motherhood, configured her very own clothing line, and threw together last minute, yet immaculate ensembles for red carpet events. So, what do we have to look forward to this season? It’s easy to predict that the stylist will find herself in the midst of situations that will provoke her infamous rants, most likely in the form of some star-studded drama. As always, we’ll get a real life look at some full throttle arguments between Rachel and her hubby, Rodger Berman, concerning the fashion line. Did anyone else notice that both Rach and Rodg are also debuting new haircuts this season? While we have yet to hear the duo acknowledge Rodg’s new look, apparently Rachel’s bangs are a major hit at fashion week.

    With 2013 Fashion Week under her belt and her uncanny presence at all of the most notable fashion shows, we can look forward to Rachel schmoozing with fellow designers, Karl Lagerfeld,Prabal Gurung, and many more, both here and across the pond. There are sure to be some celeb cameos…we already know Jaime King, 33, will be making some guest appearances. Rachel Zoe has also been in the spotlight because she dresses Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, 22. Who knows, maybe J.Law will make her debut on The Rachel Zoe Project this season! Guess we’ll have to watch to find out!


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    Figured from the stills that Rumple and Cora (and when Cora kissed Rumple in the shop) had that kind of relationship...

    Source:Television Promo's on Youtube

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    BONNIE TYLER is the UK's entry for EUROVISION 2013!!

    here is song & official video!



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    Demi Lovato scores her best sales week yet for a song download, as her new "Heart Attack" debuts at No. 4 with 215,000. Her previous best frame was earned when "Skyscraper" bowed with 176,000 downloads at No. 2 (July 30, 2011).




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    Bloomberg Businessweek has a very interesting article on the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney which includes some interesting tidbits, most notably:

    "Asked whether members of the original Star Wars cast will appear in Episode VII and if he called them before the deal closed to keep them informed, Lucas says, “We had already signed Mark and Carrie and Harrison—or we were pretty much in final stages of negotiation. So I called them to say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on.’ ” He pauses. “Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do."

    Other things from the article:

    What both sides got from the deal:
    "Part of Iger’s strategy is to acquire companies that could be described as mini-Disneys such as Pixar and Marvel—reservoirs of franchise-worthy characters that can drive all of Disney’s businesses, from movies and television shows to theme parks, toys, and beyond. Lucas’s needs were more emotional. At 68, he was ready to retire and escape from the imaginary world he created—but he didn’t want anybody to desecrate it."

    On the Pixar purchase:
    "Lucas had paid close attention to how Disney had handled Pixar, which he still refers to as “my company.” He founded it as the Lucasfilm Computer Division in 1979, and sold it to Jobs six years later. He calls Disney’s decision not to meddle with Pixar “brilliant.” If he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, he figured there might still be a way to retain some influence over his fictitious universe."

    On Lucas' involvement in the new movies:
    "Lucas announced in January that he was engaged to Mellody Hobson, a Chicago money manager, and he has been spending much of his time in her hometown. Even so, he’s attended story meetings for the new film, adjudicating the physical laws and attributes of the Star Wars universe. “I mostly say, ‘You can’t do this. You can do that,’ ” Lucas says. “You know, ‘The cars don’t have wheels. They fly with antigravity.’ There’s a million little pieces. Or I can say, ‘He doesn’t have the power to do that, or he has to do this.’ I know all that stuff.”

    Disney has final say:
    "Still, Iger wanted to make sure that Lucas, who was used to controlling every aspect of Star Wars, from set design to lunchboxes, understood that Disney, not Lucasfilm, would have final say over any future movies. “We needed to have an understanding that if we acquire the company, despite tons of collegial conversations and collaboration, at the end of the day, we have to be the ones who sign off on whatever the plans are,” says Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios."

    On getting J.J. Abrams:
    "Before the deal closed in late December, she (Kathleen Kennedy) reached out to J.J. Abrams’s agent to see if he would direct Episode VII. “He was very quick to say, ‘No, I don’t think I want to step into that,’ ” she says. “He was immersed in finishing [Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to his first Star Trek movie]. He felt that he might be exploring territories that were too similar.” Kennedy persisted. She visited Abrams at the Santa Monica headquarters of Bad Robot, his production company, with Arndt and Kasdan. “By the time we finished, which was a couple of hours later, he had really gone 180 degrees,” she says."

    There's a lot more in the full article, if you want all the details on how and when the deal went down. It's an interesting read!


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    Michael Douglas and Matt Damon's Liberace and Scott Thorson, respectively, come to life on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly this Friday:

    EW writes:

    Damon and Douglas give a frank, funny interview about filming one of the weirdest, glitziest gay love stories ever put on film, one that required both actors to do things they’d never done before onscreen. Like, say, wearing a metallic thong — and nothing else. “Every Sunday night, this girl would come to my house and I would stand in my garage and I would hike my boxer briefs up into the crack of my a– and she would give me a spray tan,” explains Damon, who spends plenty of the movie in tiny swimsuits, and wasn’t too excited about his real-life wife seeing his bronzed backside. “We’ve been through three childbirths, we’ve been in the trenches, there are no secrets. But I really wish she didn’t see that. That’s too much.”

    And this:

    As for their sex scenes together (and trust us, the movie has plenty), Damon and Douglas both say that shooting a moment of passion is always awkward, no matter who’s involved. “The scene where I’m behind him and going at him, we did that in one take,” recalls Damon, laughing.“We do it. Cut. There’s a long pause. And then you just hear Steven go, “Well… I have no notes.”

    The film this week got a teaser that didn't show any of that, of course.


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    “Game of Thrones” beauty Emilia Clarke whipped theater fans into a photo frenzy Monday when she stepped, naked into a bubble bath during her “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” debut on the Great White Way.

    Hoping to capture the image of the ravishing actress in her birthday suit, folks at the Cort Theatre audience ignored Broadway’s stringent “no photos” rule and frantically snapped shots on their cellphones, sources told The Post.

    Things got so out of control that management at the West 48th Street theater has now beefed up security to keep the audience from sneaking further shots at the show, which started previews this week and opens March 20.

    “On Monday, it was a packed house including a huge contingent of fans of ‘Game of Thrones,’ ” said a source who was in the theater.

    “What titillated the audience . . . was a full nude scene between Emilia and [male lead] Cory Michael Smith.”

    The bath scene occurs after Clarke — who plays lead Holly Golightly in a new adaptation of Truman Capote’s novel — brings Smith home to her apartment to recuperate after he’s injured riding horses in Central Park.

    “She undresses him and he gets in the tub,” a source said. “She then goes offstage and comes back in a towel. She takes it off and gets in with him.

    “So you don’t see everything. There are bubbles strategically placed.”

    “If you’re sitting in the balcony you can see a lot more, ” another source smirked.

    Photos taken at the show don’t appear to have made it to social-media sites yet, but one fan did tweet: “I would drink Emilia Clarke’s bath water.”

    A rep for the show declined comment.

    British-born Clarke, 26 — who plays platinum-maned warrior princess Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones” — is no stranger to baring her assets in public.

    The medieval fantasy is known for its randy characters and rampant nudity and sexual romps.

    Clarke herself became an Internet video sensation after one particularly steamy scene on the show in which she slips out of a dress and walks naked into a hot bath.

    Back in 1998, actress Nicole Kidman — also in her Broadway debut — caused a sensation, and sold a slew of tickets, when she appeared nude onstage at the Cort in “The Blue Room.”

    Security was heightened for that show, too, but resourceful audience members got their fix by bringing binoculars to get a better view.


    The Heavy Mantle of Holly Golightly

    Hovering about Richard Greenberg’s new stage adaptation of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” like a beloved, chatty relative who doesn’t know when it’s time to go home is the memory of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in the 1961 movie. When the lights go down at the Cort Theater, where the show began previews on Monday, you expect her to sweep in any second, tall and swanlike, wearing her sunglasses and little black Givenchy dress and waving that ridiculous, yardlong cigarette holder.

    Instead, the Holly who shows up is tiny Emilia Clarke, best known to most of us from the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” in which she plays Daenerys Targaryen, the platinum-haired, often nude (it’s HBO, after all) queen of the Dothraki, hatcher of dragons and eater of raw horse heart.

    Like just about everything Hepburn did, her performance in “Tiffany’s” is so poised and charming it’s hard to fault, and yet as several critics have pointed out — most recently Sam Wasson in “Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.,” a history of the making of the film — she’s actually all wrong for the part. She’s too elegant and not vulnerable enough. Capote’s first choice was Marilyn Monroe, on whose background he may even have drawn for Holly.

    In his script Mr. Greenberg has taken pains to emphasize the lonely, frightened side of Holly and has not flinched from what the movie tried to ignore: that she makes her living by selling sexual favors. He has also tried to beef up the part of the narrator, a Capote stand-in known as Fred in the show.

    But though this new version is much closer to the spirit of the novella — and spells out a gay subtext for Fred that is only hinted at there — Mr. Greenberg and everyone else associated with the show is aware that the whole thing depends on Holly. It’s a part that even Mary Tyler Moore, in David Merrick’s flop 1966 musical version, was unable to pull off. Finding the right actress, Mr. Greenberg said, was “kind of like the Scarlett O’Hara search of our time.”

    The winner of that search, the 25-year-old Ms. Clarke, in real life has green eyes and auburn hair, not the bleached, strawlike mop of the Targaryens, and the self-possession of someone much older. Sitting at a table at a Chelsea hotel the other day she admitted to a couple of nervous moments as Holly, but not many.

    “The first day of rehearsal I looked out and suddenly felt very sick,” she said. “But then Dr. Theater kicked in, and mostly it’s been joy, joy, joy.”

    Aside from liking fashionable clothes, Ms. Clarke doesn’t have much in common with Holly. She grew up in England, where her mother is an executive with an information technology company, and her father is a well-known sound designer for the theater. She went to fancy schools and has the accent to prove it. And she has benefited a lot from what she calls “the mystery that is luck.”

    After being rejected by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2005 she took a year off, traveled around the world and applied to Drama Center London (sometimes called Trauma Center by its students), where she squeaked in off the waiting list.

    “There were a lot of beautiful, blond, gorgeous girls in my year who got the Juliets and the like,” she said. “I got the Jewish grandmothers and all the farcical parts, which was actually really, really good because it made me aware of my capabilities as an actor.”

    “Game of Thrones” was her first real job, and the call (to replace an actress from the pilot) came out of the blue, she said, during “a rather depressing year” when she was struggling to pay the rent. “I had never heard of the books” by George R. R. Martin, she added, “and so I spent 48 frantic hours Wikipedia-ing.”

    At her audition she was given just two brief scenes: the one, early in Season 1, when Daenerys first stands up to her brother, Rhaegar; and the season finale, when she steps into the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal Drogo.

    “This is going to sound odd or bizarre,” she said. “But just from those few lines I felt I understood the character. She’s a young girl trying to do good and to realize her own capabilities.”

    Initially “Game of Thrones” was all that Sean Mathias, the director of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” knew about Ms. Clarke. In London in 2009 he directed another version of the play, with a script by Samuel Adamson and starring Anna Friel, which received decent reviews.

    He thought he could do even better, he said, and he liked the idea of doing the play in New York. “It’s a New York story, it deserves a New York production,” he explained. And what appealed to him when Ms. Clarke’s name came up was precisely that she was young and unknown.

    “In the book Holly is 18 years and 10 months,” he pointed out, “and I said to the producers, ‘What you really want here is to discover someone new.’ Then, when I met Emilia, I got excited by her beauty and her quality. She’s a tremendous mixture of truth and style, of heart and comedy, and you need that for Holly.”

    He added: “I think a more established actress might be too daunted to take on the mantle that belongs to Audrey. A younger actress like Emilia — she’s more an open slate. It’s like what Michelle Williams did with Marilyn. It was so natural it wasn’t an impersonation.”

    Mr. Greenberg said of Ms. Clarke: “I’ve only been a visitor to rehearsals, but I’ve never seen her daunted. She’s so tiny and exquisite and ebullient. She gives off a sense of being unlike other people. There’s only one of her.”

    On the last day before moving into the theater (where the show opens on March 20) Ms. Clarke for the first time rehearsed the play’s final scene with Cory Michael Smith, who plays Fred. She was thoughtful and deliberate, sometimes pausing for a long moment to think over and absorb Mr. Mathias’s suggestions, and at first she edged into the scene, growing bolder with subsequent tries.

    “I’m very scared, buster,” she said. “Yes, at last. Because it could go on forever. Not knowing what’s yours until you’ve thrown it away.” Pursing her lips, she worked particularly hard on the following line, “My mouth’s so dry, if my life depended on it, I couldn’t spit.” Mr. Smith mentioned Marco Rubio, and the reference went right over her head.

    Afterward Ms. Clarke said that she had been obsessed with Hepburn since she was 5, when she watched “My Fair Lady” nearly every day after school. But she said of the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” film: “What you’re seeing up there is perfection, and you can’t mimic or copy perfection. You can take that and add it to your inspiration board, but then you want to go to the source, the novella, and break that down to its most finite part, which is that Holly is a girl who’s a product of the Great Depression, the great drought. You start there, attempting to understand her world, and then you realize that the stakes were so high for her because she has to stay mysterious, and the only way she can do that is by keeping on running.”

    She smiled and added: “There’s not much I can do about all the people who come in and hope for Audrey Hepburn. I just hope they’re not terribly disappointed.”

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    Has anyone gotten a chance to see this in previews?

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    When Justin Bieber first posted a
    selfie on Instagram wearing a gas mas,
    we thought it was ever so slightly odd.

    But after recent events, it somehow seems
    like the most normal thing in the world.

    And the mask's now had its second outing, making it *the* most talked-about piece of pop headwear since Zayn's Badger Quiff.

    Never one to draw attention to himself, El Biebo donned the disguise as he arrived back to his hotel following a meal. AND THANK GOD HE WASN'T NOTICED.

    Now the main issue we have with the Gas Mask Chic trend is working out what the frick to wear with it. But Biebz has that sorted, too. Yup, it goes PERFECTLY with your nan's rug and PVC trousers.


    What do you think? Are you dying to copy JB's look on a budget?

    So pretty much, Biebs is living it up in London right now.


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    His Handsomeness starting the morning out right on the Lorraine Show:

    Is it really almost time for The Hobbit to be on DVD?  Whoo.


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