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    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reportedly broke up in late December but the former Disney star still thinks about the Boyfriend singer enough to worry about him and his wild antics, according to a source.

    Gomez is preparing for the release of her new film Spring Breakers, which comes out in theaters on March 22. She is expected to star in a TV movie that will be released this year and has two films currently in post-production, according to IMDb. With her busy schedule adding on top of her efforts to release a new album in 2013 with the help of producers and songwriters Roc Mafia, she is concerned about the path Bieber is going down since the couple split, an insider told HEAT magazine.

    Since separating from the actress/singer, Bieber was spotted partying with girls until 4 a.m., stripping on stage during a concert, getting into a heated Twitter war with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and mooning a camera, among other things.

    "Selena has been really worried about Justin and his out of control actions," the source said. "She's been trying to be supportive in the past few weeks."

    The insider added that Gomez's concerns are making Bieber think there is hope of reconciliation between the two singers, but that Gomez has no intention of getting back together.

    Following the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, Gomez was photographed with Bieber's friend Alfredo Flores. The insider said the Bieber arranged for Flores to bet with Gomez that night to put in a good word for him.

    "Selena knows what Justin was up to," the same source said. "She knew that Alfredo was there to put in a good word for him and fend off any unwanted attention. She didn't mind - in fact, she thought it was sweet."

    Bieber is currently on his Believe tour.


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    omg so sweet

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    Ben Affleck wasn’t the only one feeling snubbed by the Academy.

    Many Latino fans were shocked that beloved Mexican-American actress Lupe Ontiveros, who died in July, was snubbed not once but twice in the Oscar’s ‘In Memoriam’ tribute.

    With a 35-year-long career in Hollywood, including roles in such movies as "Selena,""As Good As It Gets,""Real Women Have Curves" and "The Goonies,” the Academy failed to mention Ontiveros in not only their televised tribute to the stars that had died in the past year but also in their ‘In Memoriam’ online gallery, which honored 114 stars not included in the telecast.

    While Ontiveros was not the only prominent name left out of the Academy’s tribute – Andy Griffith nor Phyllis Diller were mentioned either – the believed reason behind the slight was what had people talking.

    "Maybe @TheAcademy decided to exclude Lupe Ontiveros in the In Memoriam because she denounced racism in Hollywood,” Camila Quiroz wrote on Twitter.

    Felix Sanchez, chairman and co-founder of National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, told Fox News Latino it was a grave injustice not just to Ontiveros, but to Latinos as well.

    “The Oscar telecast tried to move forward with ‘Family Guy’ humor, but what would Consuela [the housekeeper in the animated comedy] have said about the failure to acknowledge Lupe Ontiveros' death?,” Sanchez said. “The actress, born Guadalupe Moreno in Texas, once estimated she had played a maid more than 300 times.”

    He said it illustrates the one-way relationship between Latinos and Hollywood — the Hispanic clout is limited to a select few.

    "U.S. Latino actors remain mostly on the lower rungs of official Hollywood," Sanchez said. "The catch-22 comes from the disparity of the work: Latino actors of Lupe's generation played mostly low socioeconomic roles, and despite this truth, Lupe's filmology is substantial and many of her acting film credits are from films honored by their inclusion in the Library of Congress' prestigious National Film Registry."

    The yearly list of Hollywood luminaries who have died has become one of the show's most hotly contested honors — one that has prompted aggressive, behind-the-scenes campaigning, according to a recent article in The New York Times. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences picks the most well-known artists and an additional 30 or so.

    The Twitterse lit up with people outraged Ontiveros was denied the honor.

    Ana Garcia, a Los Angeles-based television reporter, called the snub unforgivable.

    “Academy Awards: you left out a local treasure, actress Lupe Ontiveros who died in July. For many that's inexcusable,” she tweeted.

    Throughout her career, Ontiveros had been an advocate for breaking Latino stereotypes in Hollywood.
    In 2009, Ontiveros told CNN she was upset that she was continually being cast as a housekeeper.

    "It's upsetting to any culture when that is the only projection you have of that culture," Ontiveros said. "You're pigeonholed, stereotyped. That means we don't like you. We forget that this country was founded by immigrants."
    The actress, born Guadalupe Moreno in Texas, once estimated she had played a maid more than 300 times.

    People are left out of the In Memoriam tribute every year. However, the fact that they also left her off of the website, especially considering how vocal she was about racism in Hollywood really makes me think that this was intentional.

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    I'm sorry but I really dislike Nora.

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    Here’s the new CW, hd sneak peek clip from the next episode of The Carrie Diaries. Episode 1×07 of The Carrie Diaries is titled, ‘Caught.’ This episode airs on Monday Feb. 25th, 2013 at 8/7c on The CW.

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    After reports that Soledad O'Brien recently was booted from her morning show, “Starting Point,” the CNN anchor is saying she’s “really happy” with the way things turned out, even calling it a “win-win.”
    “I think it has worked out best for everyone,” she told the Huffington Post.

    “We did not get a lot of promotion. We did not get a lot of marketing. We weren’t fully staffed,” she said. “That’s just what happened.”

    “I don’t look at things as, ‘Was I disappointed to have a show that didn’t have a lot of support?’” she said. “We did a really good job.”

    Miss O'Brien said she and CNN head Jeff Zucker held different views for the future of the network. She said she knew early on that she wasn’t going to be a part of Mr. Zucker’s plan.
    CNN’s Erin Burnett and new hire Chris Cuomo likely will take over her time slot.


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    How did you feel when you won the role of Rae Earl in My Mad Fat Diary?

    All my auditions were in London with the casting director, Jane Ripley, and it was a long process.
    I had to do four or five auditions. I couldn’t believe I’d got the part. Even now, I have to pinch myself that I’m actually playing Rae!

    How important was it that the show portrayed Rae’s journals and mental illness with honesty?

    It was really important, and not just to me. I didn’t want someone who’s been through the struggles Rae has, or is currently going through it, to be thinking: “That’s not what it’s like.” It was important to make Rae as real and believable as possible.

    Do you feel a responsibility to how people react to the show?

    It would be naive to say I didn’t, of course I do.The people who have tweeted me or sent messages have all been extremely kind. It’s been overwhelming. They feel Rae is someone to look up to. If she can get there, they can get there, too. Most importantly, the majority have said how they no longer feel alone.

    Rae struggles with body image issues –are we too preoccupied with looks?

    I think sometimes we can be. It’s nice to take pride in our appearance, but looks aren’t everything.
    It’s good to make the most of what you’ve got and accept yourself.Some things you can change, some things you can’t. Sometimes we forget our good parts and focus on the flaws.We all have days where we think we look good, and days where we don’t. If I see someone when I’m out who looks great I’ll happily tell them! A little compliment can make someone who’s feeling low get a little spring in their step.

    Does TV promote an unhealthy idea of what ‘normal’ is to people of all ages?

    That’s not for me to say, everyone looks different. Some people are naturally thin the same way some people are built bigger.
    We should be aspiring to be the best we can be so it would be unfair of me to say that. I do think sometimes there’s a false idea of how people look on TV and in magazines.I think it would be nice to see a range of sizes and people on TV and in magazines.
    Realistically, if you walk down the street you see so many different shapes, sizes, haircuts and styles, so it would be good to see that reflected on screen.Sometimes the things you think make you ‘not normal’ are what other people love the most.

    How did you empathise with Rae?

    The beauty of Rae is that no matter who you are, you can empathise with her on some level.
    Everyone’s been 16. It’s a hard age! There’s a lot of hormones flying around and Rae is dealing with that, but also her personal issues.

    What was the most memorable day of filming on the show?

    The rave was a brilliant day. It was [one of] the last days the gang [Rooney and her five co-stars] would be together on set before we finished, so it was a wicked time.We all had a great day and because we had a real DJ it was like a proper party! Everyone was on great form, and the extras were all lovely, too.

    Being Glaswegian, how did you find Rae’s Lincolnshire accent?

    I hate saying this, but I didn’t find it hard. I really like doing accents, in fact I think it’s easier to do an accent because it gives you that little bit more separation between yourself and the character.

    You’re a stand-up as well as an actress. How did you get started on stage?

    My best friend’s a stand-up comedian and she got me involved. I’d sometimes do things on my own, but it was mostly together as a double act.We had great fun and I’ve made some amazing friends on the Scottish comedy scene. It helps you laugh through the stressful times.
    I think it’s easier to do something that’s really sad, though, than to make a room full of people who don’t like you laugh. Stand-up is really hard!

    The show’s Nineties Britpop soundtrack is great – what music was big for you as a 16-year-old?

    The music’s brilliant, and I’m into a lot of it now.When I was 16, I mostly listened to whatever was in the charts or whatever everyone else had on. And I was really into musical theatre.

    You auditioned for Skins before. Do you feel not getting that was ‘meant to be’ so that you could do this show?

    I wasn’t up for a particular role – it was a kind of open casting. If I hadn’t gone, I might not have met Jane [Ripley].
    My gran always says: “What is for you, won’t go by you.” And I think I believe her in that.


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    Does Amanda have a bigger play in mind or is this for real?  And Sean seems to be taking everything pretty well. I'm not on board for any Sean/Alex/Owen "triangle" silliness the show may be attempting however.

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    Audrey Hepburn is set to take our screens by storm once again this weekend, over fifty years after her heyday, in a new chocolate advert.

    Cinema's finest star is brought back to life thanks to clever use of computer generated imagery in the new commercial from Galaxy.

    The clip will debut this Sunday during ITV's Mr Selfridge and is set during the 1950s on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, conjuring up hints of Hepburn's classic movie roles - including 1953's Roman Holiday, for which she won an Oscar.

    The ad uses the soundtrack Moon River, the Academy Award-winning song written for the actress and first performed in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It also features a custom-made vintage polka dot dress.

    source 1, 2

    Edit: from a different article
    This time, Hepburn’s sons, who control her estate, authorised the use of her image, for which they will have received a fee. Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti say their mother would be “proud” of her new role, adding in a press release that she “often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit”.

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    The Hangover star Ken Jeong has joined the US remake of Sky1 comedy Spy.

    Jeong will play the Examiner - the role played by Robert Lindsay in the UK original, Deadline reports.

    Rob Corddry will star in ABC's Spy as Tim, a father of a young son (Mason Cook), who inadvertently finds himself recruited as a secret agent.

    Criminal Minds star Paget Brewster will also feature in the pilot as Tim's cold, neurotic ex-wife.

    Jeong stars on NBC comedy Community. His Spy role is in 'second position' to his current commitments, meaning that he will have to forfeit the part if Community is picked up for a fifth season.

    The fourth season of Community opened strong with 3.88m viewers, but the show's most recent episode hit a series low of 1.1m in the 18-49 demographic.

    Jeong will also be seen reprising his role of Mr. Chow in The Hangover Part III later this year.


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    CBS has cast another member of the advertising firm at the center of its buzzy comedy pilot The Crazy Ones.

    The New Adventures of Old Christine's Hamish Linklater has joined the cast of the network's Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    The single-camera entry revolves around the dynamics between a father named Simon Roberts (Good Will Hunting Oscar winner Williams) and his daughter, Sydney (Buffy's Gellar), and is set in the world of advertising.

    Linklater will play Andrew Kennedy, a neurotic and self-deprecating art director at the ad agency at the center of the potential series. He's an aspiring screenwriter and comic book writer and happens to be in love with Sydney.

    Boston Legal's David E. Kelley will pen the 20th Television pilot and executive produce alongside Dean Lorey, Bill D'Elia, John Montgomery and Mark Teitelbaum. Jason Winer (Modern Family, 1600 Penn) will direct the pilot.

    Political Animals alum James Wolk also co-stars as Zach Cropper, a copywriter at the agency.

    Repped by ICM Partners, Framework Entertainment and McKuin Frankel, Linklater played Matthew for five seasons on the network's Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy Christine. His credits also include arcs on The Big C, The Good Wife and The Newsroom.

    i loved him in 'New Christine'!

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    Read the letter here (TMZ)

    In an unprecedented move, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller has sent an emotional letter pleading with prosecutors to help 'fix' the actress in a desperate bid to keep her out of jail.

    Written to the prosecution in Lindsay's obstruction case, steaming from a car accident in Santa Monica, California, last year, Heller reveals that Lindsay is undergoing extensive psychiatric therapy and is struggling to overcome a history of family issues.

    The lawyer pleads with Santa Monica and Los Angeles City Attorneys Terry White and Spencer Hart to join forces with him to become the team that fixes the actress.

    Sent on February 4 and obtained by TMZ, the letter was also sent to the judge presiding over the case in which Lindsay is charged with reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing police case.

    Heller wrote the letter after prosecutor Hart allegedly said 'as teammates that are part of the team that helps Lindsay Lohan.'
    The lawyer, who came onto the case after Lindsay fired her long-term attorney earlier this year, said the prosecutors need to understand that Lindsay's problems are even deeper than what is publicly known.

    Heller suggests her family history is to blame - Lindsay has accused both her parents of using drugs and has suggested her father Micheal was violent.
    'I have known Lindsay for many years and have witnessed the dynamics of her family and her experiences that are not known to general public, and which have deeply impacted her and resulted in certain events in her life that has bought her before the Court and derivatively to your attention and professional assessment,' Heller wrote in the letter.

    'Yet, as I noted at our meeting these prior events and their portrayal in the media, regrettably always results in distortion, creating a very negative public persona without consideration of what happened in Lindsay's life that bought her to that place and without considering the pain, torment and confusion which Lindsay has experienced and been affected with.'

    The lawyer promises, alongside Lindsay's psychotherapist, to reveal just how bad things have become for the Parent Trap actress as he says without knowing the worst prosecutors are 'handicapped because he could you propose to fix something without known just how broken it was'.
    'The only way we as a 'team' are going to formulate a solution is for Lindsay, her Psychotherapist and I provide a true window revealing the real problems we must solve.'

    Heller appeals to the prosecutors to consider alternatives as the 26-year-old's previous sentences - including a lengthy prohibition for stealing a necklace, which is now in jeopardy following new charges - have not 'worked'.

    'Which is why I appeal to your good conscious to join me in not rubber stamping this case but rather to be patient and understanding and open to productive alternatives as we, as a team, help fix Lindsay Lohan,' the lawyer amazingly wrote.

    Heller also asks if the Mean Girls star can meet prosecutors as she wants to introduce herself and is 'fearful and apprehensive of court' and 'would probably prefer top go to the dentist to have her teeth drilled.'

    Lindsay wants to 'personally affirm her commitment and dedication to fix the problems.'
    Prior to the meeting though, Lindsay will be alternating between therapy, drug screenings and, dedicating herself to doing inspiration talks and public service announcements.

    'Lindsay will participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of Public Service messages and periodic visits to schools hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits,' he wrote.

    Heller also reveals he plans to set up the Lindsay Lohan Foundation - a non-profit to help young people.
    However, do not expect this case to go away anytime soon, as Heller said he plans to delay the trial so Lindsay can do all her good deeds, and this will include a waiving the actress' right to a speedy trial.
    Despite the star planning to turn over a new leaf on Tuesday, Lindsay was fined $1000 for failing to make herself available in a civil case deposition, Radaronline reported.

    Lindsay was repetitively requested to attend a deposition in the civil case bought by photographer Grigor Baylan who filed the civil lawsuit claiming he was injured when a car that the actress was riding in hit him in 2010.
    Lindsay had claimed to be out of state but was in California for her criminal cases pretrial, Radar reported.


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  • 02/26/13--19:31: more crap about Teen Wolf

  • creep

    It won’t come as a surprise to fans of Teen Wolf that season 3 is already ramping up to be the biggest yet. With more episodes and cast members than ever before, the anticipation is just about as high as it can be!

    In a press release from MTV, the show is being touted as a strong follow up to the extremely successful second season. We found out last week that the show will premiere on June 3, and it has been confirmed in the press release that it will be on Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST. The general synopsis of the season is as follows:

    Season three will pick up four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson’s life and resurrected Peter Hale’s, when teen werewolf Scott McCall and his friends Stiles, Lydia and Allison begin their Junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills: a deadly pack of Alpha werewolves intent on bringing Derek into their fold.

    In addition, the release goes on to state both returning cast members and the newcomers. While none of this information is necessarily new, it is interesting to note that there is no mention of Ennis, who will join other Alpha Pack members Deucalion, Ethan, Aiden, and Kali. To date, the only information we have about him is that he will be a “force of pure brutality,” along with this head sculpt.

    The fact that the release does not mention anything about Ennis, or even who will be playing him, makes us think that, perhaps, he won’t be sticking around for the long haul. Could Ennis be a minor character that’s quickly killed off within the first few episodes of season 3? Considering there’s been plenty of hype about Deucalion, Ethan, Aiden, and Kali, there is definitely credence to this theory.

    The rest of the release is dedicated to some interesting — and promising — stats. First, they mention the hunt for the release date and first official photo of the season, saying, “the fan-driven application reached more than 10 million people, the hashtag #TeenWolfSeason3 trended worldwide and fans spent nearly double the amount of average time in the application than Hyperactivate’s previous mosaic initiatives.”

    Additionally, “the show was the #1 cable series among P12-34 in its time period,” for the second season, and had a 7% increase in numbers comapred to season one.

    Considering more people seem to have hopped on board the Teen Wolf train than ever before, we’re certain season 3 is already shaping up to be a great one.

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    Not to be outdone by her hip indie-ish American counterpart Sky Ferreira (who appears in the brand new video for DIIV's "Wait"), English star Ellie Goulding makes a cameo in the just-out clip for Diplo's "Butter's Theme." The digitally enhanced Reuben Dangoor-directed video features a seemingly endless array of balaclava-bedecked dancers displaying their moves, plus signs that say "yo" in drippy Odd Future-style graffiti. We witness glittery explosions, faces within faces, pinwheeling women, and a handful of scenes that appear to be inspired by Lebowski's "Gutterballs" trip. All in all, it's a stronger look for the POTATO YouTube network recently launched by Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak (yesterday's Detroit tribute "Bang!" was more of a fizzle).

    As for the song itself, "Butter's Theme" is a solidly Moombahton-powered club-beater amped up with thick synth spurts and chopped lady-vocals. East Coast production duo Gent & Jawns assists, though there's no sign of everyone's favorite anxious South Park resident Butters, who's merely an apostrophe placement away from owning this song.


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  • 02/26/13--19:32: 8 Actors Robbed Of An Oscar
  • The Oscars have passed us again and it’s time to get ready to complain about the winners and losers. Let’s be honest: we all love complaining about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’s decisions each year and arguing about why this actor wasn’t nominated or that actress should have won the award.

    Don’t feel bad about criticizing The Academy’s selections, though, because everyone does it. Come to think of it – everyone just loves complaining in general. In this spirit of complaining, here is a list of 8 actors, in no particular order, who were blatantly robbed of the acting world’s highest plaudit.

    There are countless blunders and oversights that are crying out to be analysed and dissected to the nth degree. In one way or another, these acting performances were all denied their rightful Oscar glory. So read on, and by all means, have a rant of your own and vent about the decisions that have really got under your skin in previous years.

    Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth, 1999)

    Cate Blanchett gives a towering performance as the young Queen Elizabeth I in Shekhar Kapur’s 1998 film Elizabeth. It is truly a commanding and revelatory turn as she channels the spirit and tenacity of one of England’s most famous monarchs. Blanchett plays, with aplomb, the part a young woman finding her way in life and learning what is required to be a monarch.

    She allowed her character to blossom before our eyes, slowly transforming from girlhood into maturity as she grasped the role of Queen, while impressively emparting her Elizabeth with great heart and tenderness.Yet she was unthinkably denied the Oscar win by Gwyneth Paltrow’s insipid and one note performance in Shakespeare in Love. Paltrow’s performance was by no means poor but it was something that you would find in an above average romantic comedy.

    Blanchett’s performance was full of fire and steely intelligence. She exuded an inner power that lit up the screen where as Paltrow’s role, while at times charming, was bland in comparison. The Academy also chose to honor to Shakespeare in Love, giving it the gong for Best Picture over more serious contenders such as Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line and Elizabeth. There is no other rational explanation; the Academy are blatant romantics.

    Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler, 2008)

    Mickey Rourke astounded critics and viewers alike with his transformative role as a broken down professional wrestler in Darren Aronofsky’s intimate yet powerful drama. Rourke made Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson part of himself, so much so that he seemed to dissolve into his character. Its one of those performances where you have to believe that only he could have played it. As wonderful as this role was it wasn’t enough to edge out Sean Penn, who walked away with the statue for playing gay activist and Mayor of the Castro, Harvey Milk.

    The Academy is always a sucker for a performance based on a real person and this year was no exception. Make no mistake Sean Penn’s performance was one of quality. He does a fine job of capturing the immense humanism and contagious positivity of Harvey Milk. However Rourke’s role was one of rare understated beauty and nuance. It was the tiny mannerisms and almost fleeting indefinable qualities of character that made his wrestler so honest and raw.

    The parallels between Rourke’s own failing career and his down and out character lend a sensitivity and a subtleness to the performance that it into something very special. The Academy sure bungled the decision that year, even Sean Penn looked a little surprised on hearing his name read out.

    Dustin Hoffman (Midnight Cowboy, 1970)

    Dustin Hoffman is sublime as the iconic character “Ratso” Rizzo in John Schelsinger ‘s bleak and disturbing 1969 film Midnight Cowboy. Joe Buck, played by Jon Voight who is also outstanding in the film, is a naive young man who has come to New York City in the hopes of making it big by being a male prostitute. After a string of frustrating encounters Buck meets and eventually befriends crippled conman Enrico Salvatore “Ratso” Rizzo who offers to be his manager.

    Rizzo is a sleezy, coughing mess and the two lost souls find comfort in each other’s company. Hoffman is at the top of his game as the desperate and lonely Rizzo. At first Hoffman is brash and full of false confidence, as a taxi almost crashes into the pair while walking down the street he yells the famous improvised line, “I’m walking here! I’m walking here!” Yet as his role develops we sees cracks appearing in Rizzo’s facade and Hoffman delicately reveals how scared and alone Rizzo really is.

    The interplay between the two actors is truly unforgettable. It is outrageous then that Hoffman lost his Oscar to the glorified life time achievement award that was John Wayne’s Best Actor award for True Grit. At this point in time John Wayne was a legend towards the end of his career and was the archetypal image of the rugged western cowboy.

    Yet his performance in True Grit was rather uninspiring and lacking in depth compared to the exceptional Hoffman. It is such a shame that the Academy had to rewrite its wrongs by giving Wayne a belated Oscar which he should have earned for films like The Searchers, Rio Bravo or Red River.

    Edward Norton (American History X, 1999)

    Edward Norton gives a courageous and fierce performance as Derek Vinyard in Tony Kaye’s directorial debut American History X. Vinyard is a neo-nazi skinhead who is sent to prison for manslaughter after brutally gunning down two young black men who were stealing his car. The film is an uncompromising study of the realities of racial hatred and violence in America. Norton’s portrayal of Derek is forceful and persuasive.

    While Derek is in prison he gradually befriends a black laundry co-worker named Lamont who makes him question his values and misplaced faith in the white power cause. As loathesome and offensive as Derek is we are forced to pity him as he realises how destructive and useless his life has been. Norton imparts a humanity and futility to his character that makes his struggle to adapt to situations that arise on the outside heartbreaking.

    It is quite stinging then that Norton left the awards empty handed after Roberto Benigni stole the show for his role in Life Is Beautiful. Benigni was likeable in his soppy role as a father who tries to find a funny side of a Nazi death camp to protect his son yet no match for the blistering Norton performance.

    Russell Crowe (A Beautiful Mind, 2002)

    Russell Crowe turns in a consummate performance in A Beautiful Mind as the genius mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. who is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The authenticity of Crowe’s role as Nash is astounding and entirely believable. He takes the audience into the world of someone who has a metal illness and shows the reality of how it affects the people around him.

    At no point does Crowe go over the top or descend into caricature but rather provides an increasingly unsettling picture of schizophrenia one that depicts the downward spiral of Nash’s mind superbly His facial expressions and tiny changes in demeanour are what make the performance. Crowe frighteningly shifts from a vacant look or a look of creative turmoil to one of bewilderment and terror, making his performance shockingly effective.

    It has to be said that Denzel Washington gave a commanding performance in Training Day and he exuded swagger with his smooth-talking, corrupt detective Alonzo Harris. However his performance had none of the range or complexity that Crowe’s had. The Academy was making things right with Denzel for their 1993 blunder when they overlooked him for Malcolm X. Crowe’s character felt singular like he had forged it from somewhere deep inside himself whereas Washington’s felt like a pastiche of other celluloid villains.


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    When K. Michelle isn’t losing her cool and slapping up folks, she’s actually out proving that she has some talent.

    This past weekend, she performed a sold out show at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC and debuted a few new tracks from her forthcoming album, Rebellious Soul. Showing off her ability to sing opera, she blessed the crowd with a song titled, “C–chie Symphony” while playing the part of the singer and orchestra conductor.

    During the performance, she received quite a few laughs before dropping a little TMI:

    I’m going through something. My c—hie has been like sandpaper. I just know I have no desire, but that’s too much information.( Is she a member of ONTD ) ?

    Later, she debuted a song titled, “My Life” where she sang about the harsh realities of what she’s been through which has resulted in her aggressive personality.

    Check out the performances below [The Opera singing may actually surprise you] :

    “C–chie Symphony”


    Dedicated to my tag team partner poop_of_death ;)

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    The expectation of a movie sequel more often than not, despite what movie trailers and posters might tell you, is that they’re basically going to be greedy cash-grabs, keen to shove the same product down the viewer’s throat for a second, third, fourth, even fifth time for a quick buck.

    One need only look at the hilariously overplayed glut of Saw sequels, or recent action follow-ups like Taken 2 and A Good Day To Die Hard to see how bad things can get, though on a very odd occasion, there will be a sequel that will manage to outdo its (already great, even brilliant) original.

    It’s a rare feat, and takes a special kind of directorial ingenuity, usually going in a completely different direction and simply offering up an alternative experience for viewers rather then rehashing the same narrative.

    However they managed to achieve it, here are 10 movie sequels that did the seemingly impossible and outdid the original…

    Spider-Man 2

    After X-2 hit at the box office, Spider-Man 2 was the next comic book film to prove that these types of pictures could be grand and majestic, not simply silly and gratuitous.

    Though it gets a tad tiresome seeing another villain who is all-too sympathetic, Alfred Molina does a bang-up job playing Doc Ock, and the film makes considerable effort to develop Peter (Tobey Maguire) as a character, nagged by self-doubt as well as his personal commitments to Aunt May and Mary-Jane (Kirsten Dunst). Furthermore, we get to see Harry Osborne (James Franco) sliding ever closer towards the dark side as he mourns his father’s demise.

    While the original was a firm foundation on which to build a franchise, the second film truly feels like a director hitting his stride. There are so many exhilarating scenes in this film – the subway fight and ensuing fallout is a classic of action cinema – that it easily bests the original, and even after two follow-ups (one sequel and one reboot), it remains the best of the series.


    Another instance that strikes up fervent debate, there’s simply no doubting that Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens are both stunning films and easily the best entries into the entire franchise. Deciding what’s the better of the two get a little dicey, though; the first is slower and a more deliberate horror suspense film, whereas Aliens is a full-tilt action movie with fetishised weaponry, larger-than-life characters, and perhaps surprisingly, a whole lot of heart as well.

    Though I love Alien, for me Aliens just about clinches it; the beefy action sequences notwithstanding, the film makes an extremely concerted effort to develop Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) as a human being.

    Particularly in the Director’s Cut, we’re able to feel the disconnect she has due to the death of her daughter while she was in stasis, and how this transpires through to the touching maternal bond she has with young colony survivor Newt. So well-received was Weaver’s performance that she ended up being nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, a milestone in this science-fiction and action genres that has yet to be met.

    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

    We all love the original Star Wars, but even ardent fanboys tend to agree that the second film, The Empire Strikes Back, is an improvement, delivering a ridiculous number of iconic scenes, the most memorable of which is unquestionably Darth Vader’s utterance of “No, I am your father”.

    With the wealth of fuzzy Ewoks and awesome space battles, Star Wars all comes down to this single quote, which has essentially given the franchise its longevity – the entire prequel trilogy is about how Darth Vader went to the dark side in the first place – and ensures it has remained a pop culture staple.

    And of course, how could we forget the introduction of Yoda, easily the most colorful addition to this sequel, whose famed quote “Do, or do not. There is no try” will forever live on in the annals of film history. Often it is great characters who can help propel a sequel to exceed the original film, and perhaps no more is that true in than in our next entry…

    The Dark Knight

    Batman Begins was a fantastic film in its own right, reinventing Batman for a new generation and doing away with the silliness that came to define Joel Schumacher’s take on the character. Christopher Nolan created a serious, dark, gritty world in which Bruce Wayne’s existential issues could play out parallel with his quest to save Gotham City from a reign of terror. How could they top this for the sequel, The Dark Knight? It’s all about a playing card…

    Yes, the Joker card at the end of the first film was a haunting hint of what to come, though few could have expected that it would have been quite this successful. Even though Nolan turned to the likes of Heat and The Departed to fashion a movie that was less a superhero action film and more a crime drama epic with overtones of a Greek tragedy, it was Heath Ledger’s show-stopping portrayal of The Joker that really made the film excel, earning a superhero film its first ever acting Oscar, as Ledger was posthumously awarded the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award.

    The Dark Knight changed the blockbuster landscape forever, and we can see the ripples in forthcoming superhero pics like Iron Man 3, which appears to have a far more downcast tone than the previous films. If the grosses of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises proved anything, it’s that audiences love a little bit of misery alongside their explosions.

    Terminator II: Judgement Day

    And yet, not even Christopher Nolan’s indefatigable directorial prowess could take the #1 spot away from what is without question the best movie sequel of all time. James Cameron’s The Terminator was a thrilling low-budget action thriller that engaged with the notion of time travel in an arresting manner, and told a story that was practically begging for a sequel.

    Boy, did James Cameron deliver or what? Terminator 2 ups the ante in every way possible – there are two machines instead one, specifically – thanks to an increased budget, allowing for state-of-the-art visual effects which bring the antagonist of the picture, Robert Patrick’s T-1000, to life in ways previously thought unimaginable.

    The action crackles, but what really makes the film work is the character development; Cameron is confident enough to take lengthy downtime to flesh Sarah Connor out especially, and the potentially snoozy scenes in Albuquerque are actually some of the best in the entire film.

    Terminator 2 didn’t just up the game; it set a bar for action movies that still hasn’t been topped today.


    0 0

    McKayla Maroney is finally satisfied.

    The Olympic gymnast, who became an Internet sensation over the summer for her sour face, is scowling all the way to the bank.

    This week the Dr Pepper Snapple Group has announced a partnership with Maroney, and the drink company claims to have found something that impresses her. It is unveiling five new soft drinks, each with 10 calories, and they have Maroney turning her frown upside down.

    "What we're hoping is the fact she's finally impressed" will "get digital buzz across the Internet," Regan Ebert, senior vice president for marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple, told the New York Times.

    The new drinks are 10-calorie versions of 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, RC and Sunkist, joining Dr Pepper Ten in this category.

    Maroney will not appear in advertisements for the new drinks, but she will be in New York on Thursday in a section of Penn Station that will be renamed "Ten Station." For several hours she'll meet the public, and people are encouraged to take photographs of their "impressed" face.


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