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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Feeling festive? 90210 star Shenae Grimes gets into the holiday spirit with her seasonal snowflake tights

    Shenae Grimes is well aware that it's the season to be jolly.

    The 22-year-old TV star stepped out for lunch in West Hollywood yesterday wearing a pair of very holiday-friendly tights.

    The slender star clad her legs in woolly snowflake-covered tights in homage to the Christmas season.

    She paired her festive leggings with a long, white sweater, black booties and a leather jacket as she joined a male friend at the LA eatery Toast.

    Both Shenae and her TV show, 90210, are celebrating the holiday early.

    The CW series will close out the year early this Tuesday with its final 2011 episode.

    In the episode, entitled O Holly Night, Grimes' character Annie will break into someone's apartment while Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) plans her arch-nemesis' birthday party.

    Navid (Michael Steger) will run into trouble regarding his uncle, and Liam (Matt Lanter) faces a life or death situation.

    Although it would seem that Grimes has immersed herself in the winter season, she's presently enjoying tropical temperatures in Miami.

    She's attending the city's Art Basel festival and launching her photography career with her exhibition, Travelers, tonight.

    She took the snaps last winter while filming her upcoming independent film, Sugar, on California's Venice Beach.

    'I started spending a lot of time on the boardwalk, and I befriended a group of traveler kids that were passing through the area at the time,' the Canadian actress told

    She said: 'After a couple of months of hanging out with them, I realised that no one really saw the beauty in them that I saw.'


    "Degrassi" Star Shenae Grimes on Bringing Her Photographs of Homeless Youth to Miami Beach
    Celebrity spotting is to Art Basel Miami Beach what bird watching is to a trip to the Amazon. For most, it’s not the main reason to go, but it’s an excellent bonus once you’re there. This year, the presence of one rising Hollywood starlet is guaranteed, and she’ll be doing more than partying and shopping at the fair: her art is for sale, too.

    Shenae Grimes, the star of the CW’s “90210” — but better known to some as Darcy Edwards on the Canadian teen drama “Degrassi” — will showcase her photographs as part of an exhibition, “Travelers,” held at the Sanctuary Hotel in Miami Beach on December 3 and co-sponsored by Bing. She took the photos last winter while filming the forthcoming independent film “Sugar," about homeless youth living in Venice Beach. "I started spending a lot of time on the boardwalk, and I befriended a group of traveler kids that were passing through the area at the time," she said. "After a couple of months of hanging out with them, I realized that no one really saw the beauty in them that I saw." So Grimes went from playing a homeless teen onscreen to photographing them in real life.

    From the hundreds of photos she took over the course of a few months, 12 will be on display in Miami, priced between $200 and $400. They are accompanied by five works donated by street artists, whose identities will remain secret until the event. “You’d know their work,” she promised, explaining that some are planning other interventions during ABMB and want to stay under the radar as long as possible. “Street art and skateboarding is such a major part of the culture these kids are a part of,” she explained. All proceeds will go to a Los Angeles shelter, My Friends Place, where Grimes filmed scenes from “Sugar.” Director Marc Singer will screen his documentary “Dark Days,” which chronicles the homeless population living in the underground tunnels of New York City, at the event, and ubiquitous musician Theophilus London will perform a D.J. set.

    Now that she's about to show her photographs in Miami, can we expect Grimes to adopt the actor-artist model, James Franco-style? (Grimes did, after all, once date Franco’s brother Dave.) Apparently not. “Not James Franco style, that's for sure, I don't like his style,” she said. (Perhaps Grimes prefers a breezy vibe like that of Mila Kunis, who recently told GQ that she doesn’t consider herself an artist.)

    Grimes said she doesn't consider herself a photographer either — she’s only taken a few classes in the medium. “The greatest thing I've learned out of this whole event is not that I'm a photographer that deserves to be displayed and sold," but said, adding, "it's given me a lot more respect for artists in general." We'll see what she thinks after seeing them misbehave in Miami.

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    WTF is this cover?

    source: 1 & 2

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    Trouty Mouth is fishing for a reunion.

    Chord Overstreet’s Sam returns to Glee on Tuesday (8/7c on Fox) and he’s determined to pick up right where he left off last summer with now-ex-girlfriend Mercedes.

    Of course, as Mercedes is quick to remind him, she’s got a new (and rather imposing) boyfriend now and she has zero interest in being at the center of another drama-filled McKinley love triangle.

    But actions speak louder than words, and Mercedes’ actions — namely her facial expression in the final seconds of the following clip — speak volumes.

    Click the source for a better quality clip.


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    Interview with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Capt. Nicholls in War Horse, talks about:

    1. His character
    2. Working with horses
    3. Story
    4. Story of War Horse
    5. Steven Spielberg


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    Only Girl (In the World)

    What's My Name?

    We Found Love


    someone put her out of her misery

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    Kanye West may be legendary -- for good reasons as well as bad -- but does he actually expect world leaders to show up at his funeral? The answer is, yes, obviously, as Kanye has always had a flair for the unexpected.

    The British tabloid The Sun is quoting Kanye as saying quite a few deluded things about his own funeral. Hopefully, it won't happen soon since the rapper is so young and has a lot more people to offend before he dies, but if he does happen to die, Kanye already has aspirations for his funeral.

    "I was thinking about my funeral a couple of days ago. The people I want to be there are like world leaders. Ones that say, 'Kanye gave me my first shot, he told me to believe in myself'. I want to affect people like that if I pass away," Kanye West said.

    It's kind of hard to figure out which world leader Kanye encouraged to "believe" in themselves. Any ideas? He goes on (never one to stop when he's already said too much!) :

    "It's a mission in this amount of time. When the lightbulb was invented it wasn't to stop a war. I'm not saying what I'm doing is the most important thing that's happening on the planet. But it's necessary. Just like one teacher teaching in a class," he said.

    Do you think Kanye West has lost his mind (yet again)? It seems like he's aiming higher than the Dalai Lama! But, that's Kanye West for you. Always aiming to be bigger and better than someone else.

    He speaks the truth as usual.

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  • 12/04/11--14:07: 7 Clips from War Horse

  • We have 7 clips from War Horse, one of two Steven Spielberg films that will see release this holiday season.  Set during World War I, War Horse tells the story of “the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert (Jeremy Irvine), who tames and trains him.”  Based on early screenings, the drama is heading into Oscar season with very positive buzz, especially after the National Board of review named War Horse one of the best 10 films of the year.

    Tom Hiddleston, Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Peter Mullan, Niels Arestrup, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Toby Kebbell also star.  War Horse opens on December 25. 


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    Victoria Gotti did not confirm or deny to her buddy Wendy Williams that she was on Celebrity Apprentice, which means she’s on it.

    She also mentioned that she worked with a “fellow Italian woman” on a project, who is from Jersey, married, and has all girls ... Teresa Giudice!

    But Victoria didn’t just work with Teresa, she got into a major blow-up fight! She thought she would get along well with the fellow Italian from Jersey, but Victoria’s “mind got completely blown” at some point.

    The fight almost got physical at some point, and, according to Vicki, her fight with the notorious table-flipper was much worse than Nene Leakes and Star Jones’ tiff last season.

    Victoria also dished about the upcoming biopic movie about her mob boss father starring John Travolta. Despite some roadblocks, the movie is back on, and Lindsay Lohan still has a role in the movie if she can get herself together!


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    If Cinema Siren's alter ego Leslie Combemale knows about one thing, it's animation. She's been selling animation art and teaching about its history at her gallery ArtInsights, in Reston, for over 18 years, so she knows a little something about holiday cartoons.

    Whittling down the best to a top 10 wasn't easy. Further, it is hoped arguments about the top three positions won't lead any friends to fisticuffs (as Cinema Siren witnessed between two holiday shoppers in the parking lot of Walmart...ho ho ho). These entries are chosen because of their importance to animation history, the advancements they represent in the art of animation, and the warm fuzzy holiday feelings they elicit in their viewership. There's nothing like these cartoons to get us all in a good mood from the very beginning of December!

    10. Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol - 1962:

    With songs written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill, who collaborated on the famous musical Funny Girl, the talents of Jim Bacchus as Magoo, and with additional vocal greats Morey Amsterdam and Paul Frees contributing, this Scrooge is still considered by many fans as the best of the season, including the stars of the live action interpretations! It's believed to be the first holiday animated TV program ever created for Christmas.

    9. Mickey's Christmas Carol - 1983:

    The first appearance of Mickey Mouse in a theatrical release since The Simple Things in 1953, and the last time Clarence Nash voiced Donald Duck, this Disney retelling of the Dickens classic was nominated for an Oscar for best animated short, the first for Mickey since 1948. There are lots of Disney extras (from Toon Town, no doubt) like the Big Bad Wolf collecting for charity, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Skippy Bunny and Toby Turtle, and the Three Little Pigs. Mark Henn, Mike Peraza and James Coleman, all friends of the Siren, worked as animator, layout artist and background artist respectively. These great artists who should be proud to have worked on this fun version of a classic tale. Great for fans of Disney's fab five.

    8. The Night Before Christmas - 1941:

    This Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera for MGM was nominated for an Oscar, and was released the day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. These earlier cartoons, while quite violent, have a level of kindness to them absent from later Tom and Jerry cartoons. The backgrounds are exquisite, and there's a great deal of playful experimentation with animation visible throughout the cartoon, as is a very sweet and wonderful representation of friendship. There's good reason the HB team won seven Oscars between 1943 and 1952!

    7. Pluto's Christmas Tree - 1952:

    Everyone's favorite cartoon with Chip and Dale. There are such beautifully painted close up scenes of the duo on the tree, it really captures the romance and artistry of classic Disney. The bulbs and the tree are very 1950s! The folks at Disney used the style in which Mickey was drawn for this classic when creating Mickey's Christmas Carol in 1983. I LOVE hearing Chip and Dale and Pluto all singing "Deck the Halls" at the end of the cartoon.

    6. The Night Before Christmas - 1933:

    This Silly Symphonies tidbit of lovely vintage sweetness was like a test lab for artistic experimentation for Disney greats like Hamilton Luske, Les Clark, and Ben Sharpsteen (all of whom went on to amazing work on Disney feature films of the Golden Age of Animation). The bright vintage color palate, the backgrounds created are like a candy store of visual creativity! When Santa continually finds his job as bringer of cheer worthy of a belly laugh, it's infectious! It is the joy and innocence of the holidays captured in cartoon, and in the style of early animation. An honorable mention goes to the later 1938 Fleischer short Christmas Comes But Once A Year, which also has a lovely vintage look and feel.

    5. Fantasia - 1940:

    There's something about the intensity and grandeur of Fantasia, originally called Concert Feature, which includes sequences featuring the Nutcracker Suite, Ave Maria, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, that places it on many favorites lists for holiday viewing. The movie as a whole featured more than 500 characters and over 1,000 artists, and was Disney's grand statement about animation being equal in artistry to other popular art forms. Famed animator Freddie Moore redesigned Mickey for the Apprentice cartoon by adding pupils in his eyes for more expression, re-popularizing him as a character. It is considered by some to be the best of all Disney animated features.

    4. Peace on Earth - 1939:

    This cartoon from MGM is a story in a post apocalyptic world populated only by animals, and takes place after a violent end to humanity. Creepy and beautiful, somehow finds a way to be a warm Christmas cartoon and a cautionary tale about war at the same time. While the Nobel Peace prize nomination remains unconfirmed, it was most certainly nominated for an Oscar, and was redone as Goodwill Towards Men in 1955 by Hanna & Barbera, which was also Oscar nominated.

    3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964:

    Rankin-Bass offers up the Burl Ives narrated stop-motion TV special of the misfit reindeer and the island of toys, his friend Hermey who wants to be a dentist, and the abominable snow monster (a.k.a. Bumble), all of whom we now know and love. This was the first great success for the studio and inspired many other great classics of stop motion like Santa Claus is Coming to Town (narrated by Fred Astaire), The Little Drummer Boy (narrated by the luminous Greer Garson), and Frosty the Snowman. It has been telecast every year since its release.

    2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 1966:

    We should all be eternally thankful for the determination and passion of director Chuck Jones getting this story interpreted into cartoon. He had worked with Theodore Geisel on Private SNAFU during WW2 and had fallen in love with the Grinch story at its release. No one wanted to make it. They didn't believe it would be seen as a classic, nor that it'd make any money. Millions of dollars and fans later, Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou, and the voices of Boris Karloff and June Foray, all help us get into the holiday spirit like few other movies, whether live action or animation, can. Thanks, Chuck!

    1. A Charlie Brown Christmas - 1965:

    Need I say anything about this classic? The music. The blanket. The tree... We've all seen this Peabody- and Emmy-award winning special, and will see it again. There are charming scenes of skating, Snoopy playing just a dog, Linus telling the story of Bethlehem, and a lesson about loving a sad, lopsided tree. Bill Melendez, who also provided the "voice" for Snoopy, does a wonderful job of interpreting Schulz's characters in cartoon form in his first Peanuts TV special. During its premiere in 1965, half the TVs in the nation were tuned to it! Many of the kids voicing characters in the show couldn't read yet, so they were fed their lines one at a time, giving rise to the now familiar Peanuts style of vocal delivery.

    So there they are. There are certainly some harder edged specials like Ren and Stimpy that might have their fandom, but for getting us all in a mood for drinking eggnog and decorating the tree, you can't beat these cartoons. If you are looking to get in the spirit, watch any one or all of these, and before long you'll feel your heart grow to three times its size. Don't call the doctor, be grateful... You'll smile through even the worst holiday traffic.

    and this cute little jewel I came across lol, not a cartoon but it was too cute

    Source 2

    The holiday savior is here once again to spread cheer across ONTD :D
    What are your fav holiday toons ONTD?

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  • 12/11/11--18:25: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE

  • Weekend chart from The Numbers

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your weekend, ONTD?

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    Miley Cyrus and her beau Liam Hemsworth appeared at the CNN Heroes All Star Tribute red carpet earlier tonight at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. The tribute, hosted by Anderson Cooper, is in its fifth year and honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions to help others. Miley joined other celebrities including Jerry Seinfeld and Ice Cube in honoring 10 everyday people who are changing the world. 

    During the show Miley will be also be performing her triple-platinum hit "The Climb."

    Source 1

    Source 2

    She looks gorgeous! Tyfyt. <3

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    Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo and Chiwetel Ejiofor are said to be in negotiations to star in a big screen adaptation of Hatian American author Edwidge Danticat's 3rd novel, The Dew Breaker.

    French producer Illan Girard's Paris-based Arsam Intl. and Canada's Transfilm will co-produce the movie and are working on a co-production deal with a U.K. company. The director and screenwriter will be Dominic Savage, who has only made TV movies for the BBC thus far in his career.

    The $5 million budgeted drama tells a series of related stories around a shadowy central figure, a Haitian immigrant living in Brooklyn, NYC, who reveals to his artist daughter that he is not, as she believes, a prison escapee, but a former prison guard, skilled in torture and the other violent control methods of a brutal regime - specifically the Tonton Macoute, the paramilitary force that worked for the Papa Doc Duvalier dictatorship in the 1960s.The movie will be filmed in Guadeloupe and Montreal.

    Source & Source

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    With Morgana at the head of a vast Southron army, a deadly net is closing in around Camelot. When the sorceress strikes, the ferocity of her attack forces everyone to run for their lives - even Arthur. But Morgana won't let him escape that easily. And so begins a chilling hunt.

    Can Merlin save the King from Morgana's clutches? Or has Arthur's luck finally run out?

    Episode 13
    Saturday 24th December 2011

    Morgana and Helios have successfully captured Camelot, and Merlin and Arthur are outlaws on the run. Trapped in Ealdor with a ruthless army closing in, their situation becomes desperate.

    Arthur must take control before Camelot is lost forever. But faced with Agravaine's betrayal and the strength of Morgana's force, the young King has lost his conviction.

    Only Merlin can restore his faith, and only an extraordinary act can prove to the King that he was born to rule. Will the young warlock convince Arthur before his dreams of Albion fall to pieces?


    ngl, this looks exciting

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  • 12/11/11--19:56: The Amazing Race 19 Winners!

  • Ernie and Cindy!

    And here they are in speedos:

    Pretty bland season overall but I'm glad they won over Jeremy/Sandy who were flat out boring the entire season. I would have been with Amani/Marcus winning but he choked on the 4th down or some other inane football reference.

    Source: CBS TV

    Bring on season 20 and the potentially amazing trainwreck that will be Brenden/Rachel!

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    no youtube yet will add it when it's uploaded
    WARNING stay out if you don't want to be spoiled

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    The internet was created for us to easily express our contempt and malice. We love to hate people, and the internet makes it easy to do so without wearing pants. A prime target? Videos. Here are the most loathed ever.

    Rick Perry has recently made headlines for something other than being a simpleton and unconfirmed drunk—his campaign video is going viral! Viral in the bad way, like herpes all over your face and neck. But he's just the most recent initiate in a long history of YouTube lynch mobs. Let's celebrate the best of the worst.

    #5 — Justin Bieber "Baby" Music Video

    Over two million people have deliberately clicked to say that they dislike this. Two million. It's pretty easy to pile on to Justin Bieber—he's richer and probably having more sex at his tender age than any of us. Does he really deserve scorn on the scale of a total war? Maybe for the hair. But tweens need something to scream about, lest they run amok and start destroying infrastructure. Bieber fulfills that role for our society. And yet, the hair, and his whole dipshit cool guy routine. Here's to three million.

    #4 — Rebecca Black "Friday" Music Video

    The black horse of internet culture, Rebecca Black seems to polarize humans into the "so awful it's amazing" and "so awful it's awful" camps. It's definitely "awful," in that it's a horrendously produced video—and this alone has raked in 256,999 dislikes after it was pulled and re-uploaded this fall. Had it coasted on its original tsunami of shit-talk, it would probably in the tens of millions by now. We'll never know. Instead, Rebecca has faded out of the public eye, retiring her role as internet whipping girl, probably at the mall buying a Razor Scooter right now or something.

        #3 — Jessi Slaughter

    The video that ruined a life! Jessi Slaughter, the trash talkin', swear hurlin', internet rebel of platonic heights, was an 11-year-old so objectionable that she actually made a very large part of the internet think it was okay to constantly harass an 11-year-old. 4chan got on the case, and shortly thereafter Jessi's existence fell apart under a torrent of threats, mockery, abuse, and general 4chan sleaziness. Sure, she's an obnoxious little shit, but so are most 11-year-olds, with or without a webcam. Slaughter now lives in foster care, and her father, who hit her in the mouth, is dead. The re-uploads sit as monuments to her brief flash as the most detested child on the planet.

    #2 — Rick Perry "Strong" Campaign Ad

    Now this is a lot easier to justify! Rick Perry's desperate grasp for attention as he's flushed down the GOP nomination hole is worth hating. It confusingly disparages gays in the military, and draws some bizarre opposition to our country's poor children, who allegedly are not allowed to openly celebrate Christmas. That last part is news to me. The hateful, insipid rambling is a black hole of loathing, currently sitting pretty at 435,000 dislikes after just three days. At least he was sober in this one!

        #1 — GOD IS SO GOOD


    Speaking of tsunamis, hey, this lady's sure fucking insane! With a video that's so crazy you might be tempted to think it's a viral ad for Wheat Thins or something, GOD IS SO GOOD celebrates the Japanese earthquake and resultant tsunami disaster as a message to atheists. "It's so amazing that God can answer prayers like this," she smiles, horselike. After this obviously resulted in wide outrage, she admitted it was all just a fun bit of "trolling." Religious fanatic or troll: fuck you. The original video is gone, but the ratio of dislikes on subsequent uploads reflects this tanktop imbecile just fine.

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  • 12/11/11--20:40: Ass-ume the Position

  • An Interview with Mrs. Hugh Jackman

    It was 1994, and Mick Jagger had just rolled into Melbourne. Deborra-Lee Furness' friends were urging her to join the rocker's party, but the Australian actress had other plans. "I'm having dinner with Hugh Jackman," she told them. "Hugh who?" they replied. That was 17 years ago, a century in showbiz terms, before X-Men and Wolverine and light-years from Broadway's The Boy from Oz, in which Jackman's pitch-perfect take on the late Peter Allen sparked rumors about which team he bats for.

    Standing in the eye of this storm is Furness, Jackman's wife of 15 years. By all accounts—from their friends,their hairdresser,the people who work with them for the children's relief organization World Vision and other charities—she's his best friend and soul mate.Try telling that to his fans.

    "I've been almost pummeled as people try to get to him," says Furness, a quick-witted 56-year-old with a ready smile. "Literally, they will push you out of the way." To which she's tempted to say, "Hi, I'm chopped liver. How do you do?"

    "It's almost like another persona: the Movie Star," she says. "Mind you, I do think he's the sexiest man alive, and I'd hope every woman would think her husband was." She lets out a low, dirty chuckle. "I was always saying I'd marry somebody sensible, like a stockbroker. So he dresses up for that fantasy for me occasionally."

    "They're really focused on their children," says Dr. Jane Aronson, a children's advocate who met the couple seven years ago and has since teamed with them on charitable projects. "She doesn't think of herself as a celebrity, and neither does he. They're lovely together."

    The couple met in 1991 on the set of the Aussie TV show Correlli. Furness played a prison psychologist; Jackman was one of the inmates she counseled. It wasn't love at first sight, she says, but there was "an instant rapport, a recognition." When he was gone from the set, she found herself disappointed.

    Never mind that her New Year's resolutions that year included no more dating actors—and, for that matter, no more men under 30. Jackman, 13 years her junior, was 26 at the time. "Famous last words!" she laughs, shaking her head. She took him home to dinner, where her mom looked askance at his tattoos and bad haircut—he was playing a prisoner, after all. Without being asked, Jackman did the dishes. "Marry him!" her mother demanded. And that she did.

    "It was early on for me when I knew she was the one," says Jackman, who gives Furness frequent shout-outs in his Broadway show. "I want to say two weeks into dating. But I decided to wait six months before asking Deb to marry me. After about four months I realized six months was a stupid rule, so I asked her. I never knew anything with as much surety as knowing Deb was the one."

    They knew they wanted kids, and several miscarriages didn't change their minds. "Hugh and I were always going to adopt," she says. "We were going to have one [child], adopt another. When we didn't have one, we adopted two." So difficult was the process in Australia, with its history of abducted aboriginal children ("it's the A-word there," she says, a frown crossing her sunny features) that they adopted here, where the family has a home in the West Village.

    "I know them like the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker," Furness says nonchalantly. "They're actually very nice guys. I say to the kids, 'There's the trees, there's the paparazzi.' It's just part of their world."

    "The age thing!" she cries. "Truth be known, Hugh is much more mature than me, so we balance each other out. And heaven forbid I have a human experience and carry a little weight. "I resent magazines that say they write for women and all they do is ridicule women. They've got a close-up of a star's cellulite and it's like, 'Oh, happy day!'"

    Nor is it pleasant to hear strangers discuss their love life or the rumors that he's gay.
    "The line I heard was, 'Wolverine? Who would have thought?' " sherecalls dryly. "Hugh and I don't pay much heed. It's kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than gossip about people they don't know." Those wondering where Furness was on Nov. 10, the night Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway opened in New York, can rest easy: She was across the world, prodding Australia's leaders to make adoption as easy there as it is here.

    "I can't bear to think of a child not being cared for," she says. "I tell my own children it was their destiny to come to us." She's not the disciplinarian. That role, she says, goes to Jackman. Seems the star of Real Steel is really steely. "My kids need it," she says, with a laugh. "I'm thrilled he's so strict. We have a son about to go through puberty. Kids need boundaries, and I'm a softie."

    And there's no one harder on Hugh Jackman, she says, than Hugh Jackman, who really didn't know how to sing or dance until he had to do both in the mid '90s, when he played shows like Sunset Boulevard and Beauty and the Beast in Melbourne.

    "He trains hard," she says. "If he has to tap dance, he learns to tap dance. If he has to ride a horse, he rides a horse." He's also a good cook, she adds.

    Is there anything he can't do?

    She has to think about that one.

    "He's not handy around the house," she concedes. "I have the tool belt."

    A small price to pay for being married to New York's favorite song-and-dance man, who'll be wooing crowds here until January 1.

    "I took the kids to the show Sunday, and everybody we saw looked so happy," she says, her voice growing warm with the memory. "He said to me the other day he's thrilled they pay him to do this. And I think people pick up on that. They feel his joy."

    Clearly, so does she.

    And, Deb, if you want your husband to stop having gay rumors, he needs to not ever take pictures like this again:


    While I don't want to upset his wife any further, her husband has my ideal body type, and a handsome face, and is perfect in every way. I will continue to lust.

    Mods: TextSource fixed.

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