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    Vanessa Hudgens takes the December 2012 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

     The 23-year-old actress showed off an edgier side inside the glossy mag, chatting about Spring Breakers, Gimme Shelter and more. Check it:

     On Spring Breakers:“I’ve never been on spring break, I’ve never gone to college or    had this group of girlfriends to go away with. So this is kind of like the opportunity to do it. I became very, very close with these girls. We had such an amazing experience together; it felt like it was our own little spring break. We allowed ourselves to let loose and push each other and see how far we could take it.”

     On getting in the mindset of a pregnant teen on Gimme Shelter:“It was a lot of fun after I got past those initial feelings of shock at the environment and I could just hang out with the children and the moms. They were completely cool with me, they were very welcoming and they really opened up to me which was really, really sweet. They let me pick their minds and get inside of their heads. It was definitely devastating, but it’s the reality of what happens to them.”

     On looking up to Meryl Streep: “She has such an amazing, long career, and that’s the goal – a long career! She has done everything there is to do under the roof, and been brilliant at everything she does. She’s the master of her craft – and that’s her priority – her craft. She is just astonishing.”

    Cute pics from her website!

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    After 6 and a half years, Fefe Dobson's album "Sunday Love" is FINALLY being released. It was cancelled a day or two before the release date because she was dropped by Island records. Well, they are finally releasing it. It will only be a digital release and will be out on December 18th.

    Selena Gomez and Jordin Sparks have both used songs from this album on their own albums:

    As A Blonde:

    Fefe's original version:

    Selena's version:

    Don't Let It Go To Your Head:

    Fefe's original version:

    Jordin's version:

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  • 12/06/12--11:01: 2012: The Year of the Penis

  • More actors are seen going commando and full-frontal: Is this a sign they're relinquishing their masculinity?

    This may go down in history as the year the penis became omnipresent. A symbol of power since the Greco-Roman era, the phallus’s prowess in America’s post-fig leaf society has resided largely in its invisibility. But this year the penis suddenly became visible even when it wasn’t. Last month, from within his trousers, Jon Hamm’s bulge upstaged his campaign for Obama. In October, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg appeared turned on, in more ways than one, as he held a Hurricane Sandy press conference. And who can forget the Boner Rower whose Olympic bronze medal appeared to be crowned by a public happy ending? The recent swell in penises on the big screen has served to dismantle the symbolic power of the phallus and, in a time where reality and entertainment are blurred, it is little wonder that celebrities’ off-duty members are commanding our attention as much as Judd Apatow’s penile punch lines – and shedding their masculine mystique at the same time.

    A year after the sex addiction film “Shame,” people are still talking about star Michael Fassbender’s member with actress Cameron Diaz most recently giggling about the actor’s “confidence” in the December issue of Elle U.K. She is the third actor to size up the Irish star based on what hangs between his legs. After winning a Golden Globe for “The Descendants” in January, George Clooney thanked his fellow nominee “for taking over the frontal nude responsibility that I had.” “Really, Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back,” he said. Then, in March, Charlize Theron joked about her “Prometheus” costar’s package once again at a Human Rights Campaign gala while accepting her Ally for Equality Award from him. “Your penis was a revelation,” she said. “I’m available to work with it any time.”

    Michael Fassbender in Shame

    Despite initially enjoying the attention, this year Fassbender appeared to be chafing under the objectification. In GQ’s June issue, in which the magazine called him a “full-frontal phenomenon,” the 35-year-old thespian expressed concern at being judged on his penis alone. “It’s fun to a point and after a certain point you worry that it kind of detracts from the movie,” he said. Despite well-endowed “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello, who may have flashed more than his chest muscles in “Magic Mike,” claiming earlier this year that “there’s no such thing as male objectification,” Julieanne Smolinski’s November 2011 article in GQ, “XXX Men,” seemed to side with Fassbender.“Since women are now finally allowed to make fart jokes (thank you, ‘Bridesmaids’!), studios must believe that it’s high time to start letting men play sex objects,” she wrote, adding that the rise in metrosexuality may have helped to smooth the transition.

    The Men of Magic Mike

    But back in 1990, in the New York Times article “Bodies Go Public: It’s Men’s Turn Now,” writer Lena Williams had a different explanation for the penis’s expanding presence in ‘80s pop culture – from crotch-focused Gap jeans ads to “Live’s” Regis Philbin discussing a kidney stone procedure involving his member. She pegged the rise in cock party conversation on sexually progressive youths, the ’80s “fitness craze” and “the influence of gay styles that celebrate the male physique,” not to mention more frank conversations about male health.

    But frank conversation was one thing: The big question at the time was why actors were so rarely getting their frankfurters out for the cameras (Richard Gere’s revealing performance in 1980’s “American Gigolo” being an exception). In “Masculinity: Bodies, Movies, Culture,” Peter Lehman theorized that penises have largely been kept off U.S. film screens for three reasons: to maintain the symbolic power of the phallus, to avoid judgment and because of homophobia. Or, as Barbara de Genevieve so eloquently put it in the magazine Camerawork in 1991, “To unveil the penis is to unveil the phallus is to unveil the social construction of masculinity. And that is a real taboo.”

    When Hollywood members were given their close-ups, it was generally in two ways.“At one pole, we have the powerful, awesome spectacle of phallic masculinity, and at the other its vulnerable, pitiable, and frequently comic collapse,” wrote Lehman. With the release of “The Crying Game” in 1992, a third category, that of the melodramatic penis – “neither the phallic spectacle nor its pitiable and/or comic collapse”– set the stage for Fassbender’s balls out performance in “Shame” (despite his penis’s spectacular size, that was not the point of the film). But with it came the judgment that Lehman had predicted.

    Hurrican Sandy Had Mayor Bloomberg At Full Salute

    One way around that judgment was for the actor to deride his dick. In her 2009 Slate article “The Limp Dick: Hollywood’s Latest Obsession,” TV critic (now at Salon) Willa Paskin claimed that art films like “The Crying Game” and “Boogie Nights” initially shocked viewers, but, once that wore off, filmgoers realized the flaccid penis “doesn’t convey power or eroticism” but instead “looks like a finger puppet.” She believed the naked wrestling scene in “Borat,” in which Sacha Baron Cohen (who has flashed us in every one of his movies) and his manager fight nude, “inaugurated a golden age in cock-related sight gags.” Sure enough, a year later, Judd Apatow inserted a gratuitous goolie shot into “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and vowed to “get a penis in every movie I do from now on.” In 2008’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” he kept his promise, stripping a blubbering Jason Segel down to his birthday suit.

    “Flaccid penises are more than just another body part to Apatow; they’re the perfect metaphor for his characters: sissy men and overgrown boys who willfully avoid growing up and pay for it with their inability to get it up,” Paskin wrote.“Erections are what men have — limp dicks belong to the stoners, virgins, and perpetual adolescents that populate (very charmingly) Apatow’s universe.”

    In the March issue of Vanity Fair, James Wolcott lamented over what these flaccid funny men meant for the male gender. “It’s phallic authority that’s being displaced by all these actual penises, male power that’s being symbolically deflated,” he wrote, going so far as to claim their wilted wangs were “caution flags,” harbingers of a national loss of power. But his statement only betrays the sort of macho attitude that has kept penises out of the spotlight all these years while breasts and vaginas freely dance across our screens.

    Now the phallus is even making its way onto the boob tube. Cable TV shows like STARZ’ “Spartacus” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “True Blood” have all peddled their performers’ private parts. Not to mention music videos, which have moved off public television and onto the Internet, where actors like Shia LaBeouf can transform into nudists for the likes of Sigur Ros’ “Fjögur Píanó.” In fact, the Internet has become the chosen place for celebrity dick moves. Last year a slew of male stars like Chris Brown, Michael Stipe, Tito Ortiz and Anthony Weiner, as well as a number of athletes, “inadvertently” posted photos of their formerly private parts online. In November, Soulja Boy apologized for posting a photo of his little soldier on Tumblr.

    Shia LaBeouf in Sigur Ros’ “Fjögur Píanó”

    But this online striptease is not uniquely the realm of celebrities – the media has been running its own male celebrity pee-pee show since as far back as 2010. Gawker diverted attention away from Christina Hendricks’ breasts with “Jon Hamm’s Salami: A Photographic Investigation,” a feature including various photographs of what appeared to be the “Mad Men” star’s visible underwear-less member beneath a thin layer of pant material. In September, the discussion around his not-so-hidden ham heated up again after he was photographed showing a very curvaceous bulge while shopping in New York with his girlfriend (so perfect was the imprint that Gothamist questioned whether the photo was fake, only to conclude it wasn’t with a link to the Tumblr Jon Hamm’s Wang).

    And Hamm isn’t the only male celebrity with a spotlight on his crotch. This summer, U.S. Olympic “Boner Rower” Henrik Rummel was forced to deny he was erect when someone on Reddit claimed he was “particularly excited” by his bronze medal win. Awl editor Choire Sicha responded to the controversy on Deadspin with a humorous demystification of male members titled “No, Boner Rower Does Not Have a Boner: A Gay Man’s Remedial Guide to Penises for Straight Guys,” which also happened to reference Roger Federer’s “magic bulge.” Another athlete who has not been particularly shy about showing off his clothed penis is soccer star David Beckham, who proudly shows off his ample bulge in his new H&M BodyWear ads.

    Olympic Champ Henrik Rummel Questionably Erect at Medal Ceremony

    Read the rest of the article @ the source....

    Source, 2

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    Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, 19, has canceled her December 2012 appearances with the group, due to a "recurring tonsil problem," according to a Little Mix spokesperson. On December 6, 2012, Edwards tweeted: "Getting your tonsils taken out sucks! #SORE Thanks for all the lovely messages & Im sorry to miss some of our gigs! Love u mixers Perrie."

    The Little Mix spokesperson told The Sun: “Perrie is very disappointed to miss out. However, Leigh-Anne [Pinnock], Jade [Thirlwall] and Jesy [Nelson] do not want to let down the fans coming to see them so will perform at the upcoming shows, including Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 this Saturday [December 8, 2012] without her until she is well enough to return.”

    In 2011, Little Mix became the first group to win on "The X Factor" U.K.

    However, her tonsil problem could be be a non-contagious problem that would not prevent her from socializing but would prevent her from singing.

    Little Mix performed its first concert without Edwards at the radio station Key 103's Jingle Bell Ball in Manchester, England, on December 5, 2012. According to The Sun, "didn’t disappoint despite Perrie’s absence and made sure they still rocked the stage. Wearing their statement looks - baggy jeans, patterned tights and cropped tops - the girls gave it their all despite their missing bandmate."

    Little Mix's Pinnock tweeted after the concert: "Performing at @key103 for the jingle ball was insane! So good to be back in Manchester! Loved it! :D x Leigh."

    Little Mix has become an instant success in the U.K. and Ireland. The group's first post-"X Factor" single, a cover version of Damien Rice's "Cannonball," debuted at No. 1 in both countries. Little Mix's next single, "Wings," did the same.

    Little Mix's first album, "DNA," debuted at No. 3 in the U.K., and so did the album's title track. The group has also had Top 10 hits in Australia with the "DNA" album and "Wings" single.


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    Freshman series "Girls" has scored two nominations -- one for best comedy and one for best new series. The Writer's Guild of America has released the nominations for its 2013 awards.

    Boardwalk Empire, Written by Dave Flebotte, Diane Frolov, Chris Haddock, Rolin Jones, Howard Korder, Steve Kornacki, Andrew Schneider, David Stenn, Terence Winter; HBO

    Breaking Bad, Written by Sam Catlin, Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Gennifer Hutchison, George Mastras, Thomas Schnauz, Moira Walley-Beckett; AMC

    Game of Thrones, Written by David Benioff, Bryan Cogman, George R. R. Martin, Vanessa Taylor, D.B. Weiss; HBO

    Homeland, Written by Henry Bromell, Alexander Cary, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Chip Johannessen, Meredith Stiehm; Showtime

    Mad Men, Written by Lisa Albert, Semi Chellas, Jason Grote, Jonathan Igla, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Brett Johnson, Janet Leahy, Victor Levin, Erin Levy, Frank Pierson, Michael Saltzman, Tom Smuts, Matthew Weiner; AMC

    30 Rock, Written by Jack Burditt, Kay Cannon, Robert Carlock, Tom Ceraulo, Vali Chandrasekaran, Luke Del Tredici, Tina Fey, Lauren Gurganous, Matt Hubbard, Colleen McGuinness, Sam Means, Dylan Morgan, Nina Pedrad, John Riggi, Josh Siegel, Ron Weiner, Tracey Wigfield; NBC

    Girls, Written by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, Lena Dunham, Sarah Heyward, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Jenni Konner, Deborah Schoeneman, Dan Sterling; HBO

    Louie, Written by Pamela Adlon, Vernon Chatman, Louis C.K.; FX

    Modern Family, Written by Cindy Chupack, Paul Corrigan, Abraham Higginbotham, Ben Karlin, Elaine Ko, Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Dan O’Shannon, Jeffrey Richman, Audra Sielaff, Brad Walsh, Bill Wrubel, Danny Zuker; ABC

    Parks and Recreation, Written by Megan Amram, Greg Daniels, Nate Dimeo, Katie Dippold, Daniel J. Goor, Norm Hiscock, Dave King, Greg Levine, Joe Mande, Aisha Muharrar, Nick Offerman, Chelsea Peretti, Amy Poehler, Alexandra Rushfield, Michael Schur, Mike Scully, Harris Wittels, Alan Yang; NBC

    Girls, Written by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, Lena Dunham, Sarah Heyward, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Jenni Konner, Deborah Schoeneman, Dan Sterling; HBO

    The Mindy Project, Written by Ike Barinholtz, Jeremy Bronson, Linwood Boomer, Adam Countee, Harper Dill, Mindy Kaling, Chris McKenna, B.J. Novak, David Stassen, Matt Warburton; Fox

    Nashville, Written by Wendy Calhoun, Jason George, David Gould, David Marshall Grant, Dee Johnson, Todd Ellis Kessler, Callie Khouri, Meredith Lavender, Nancy Miller, James Parriott, Liz Tigelaar, Marcie Ulin; ABC

    The Newsroom, Written by Brendan Fehily, David Handelman, Cinque Henderson, Paul Redford, Ian Reichbach, Amy Rice, Aaron Sorkin, Gideon Yago; HBO

    Veep, Written by Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Roger Drew, Sean Gray, Armando Iannucci, Ian Martin, Tony Roche, Will Smith; HBO

    “Buyout” (Breaking Bad), Written by Gennifer Hutchison; AMC
    “Dead Freight” (Breaking Bad), Written by George Mastras; AMC
    “Fifty-One” (Breaking Bad), Written by Sam Catlin; AMC
    “New Car Smell” (Homeland), Written by Meredith Stiehm; Showtime
    “The Other Woman” (Mad Men), Written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner; AMC
    “Say My Name” (Breaking Bad), Written by Thomas Schnauz; AMC

    “The Debate” (Parks and Recreation), Written by Amy Poehler; NBC
    “Episode 9” (Episodes), Written by David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik; Showtime
    “Leap Day” (30 Rock), Written by Luke Del Tredici; NBC
    “Little Bo Bleep” (Modern Family), Written by Cindy Chupack; ABC
    “Mistery Date” (Modern Family), Written by Jeffrey Richman; ABC
    “Virgin Territory” (Modern Family), Written by Elaine Ko; ABC

    Hatfields and McCoys, Nights Two and Three, Teleplay by Ted Mann and Ronald Parker, Story by Bill Kerby and Ted Mann; History Channel
    Hemingway & Gelhorn, Written by Jerry Stahl and Barbara Turner; HBO
    “Pilot” (Political Animals), Written by Greg Berlanti; USA

    Coma, Nights 1 and 2, Teleplay by John McLaughlin, Based on the book by Robin Cook; A&E
    Game Change, Written by Danny Strong, Based on the book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann; HBO

    “A Farewell to Arms” (Futurama), Written by Josh Weinstein; Comedy Central
    “Forget-Me-Not” (Family Guy), Written by David A. Goodman; Fox
    “Holidays of Future Passed” (The Simpsons), Written by J. Stewart Burns; Fox
    “Ned and Edna’s Blend Agenda” (The Simpsons), Written by Jeff Westbrook; Fox
    “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” (The Simpsons), Written by David Mandel & Brian Kelley; Fox

    The Colbert Report, Writers: Michael Brumm, Stephen Colbert, Rich Dahm, Paul Dinello, Eric Drysdale, Rob Dubbin, Glenn Eichler, Dan Guterman, Peter Gwinn, Barry Julien, Jay Katsir, Frank Lesser, Opus Moreschi, Tom Purcell, Meredith Scardino, Scott Sherman, Max Werner; Comedy Central

    Conan, Writers: Jose Arroyo, Andres du Bouchet, Deon Cole, Josh Comers, Dan Cronin, Michael Gordon, Brian Kiley, Laurie Kilmartin, Rob Kutner, Todd Levin, Brian McCann, Conan O'Brien, Matt O'Brien, Jesse Popp, Andy Richter, Brian Stack, Mike Sweeney; TBS

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Writers: Rory Albanese, Kevin Bleyer, Richard Blomquist, Steve Bodow, Tim Carvell, Hallie Haglund, J.R. Havlan, Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, Jo Miller, John Oliver, Zhubin Parang, Daniel Radosh, Jason Ross, Jon Stewart; Comedy Central

    Jimmy Kimmel Live, Writers: Tony Barbieri, Jonathan Bines, Joelle Boucai, Sal Iacono, Eric Immerman, Gary Greenberg, Josh Halloway, Bess Kalb, Jimmy Kimmel, Jeff Loveness, Molly McNearney, Bryan Paulk, Danny Ricker, Rick Rosner; ABC

    Key & Peele, Writers: Jay Martel, Ian Roberts, Keegan Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Sean Conroy, Colton Dunn, Charlie Sanders, Alex Rubens, Rebecca Drysdale; Comedy Central

    Portlandia, Writers: Fred R. Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Karey Dornetto, Jonathan Krisel, Bill Oakley; IFC

    Real Time with Bill Maher, Writers: Scott Carter, Adam Felber, Matt Gunn, Brian Jacobsmeyer, Jay Jaroch, Chris Kelly, Mike Larsen, Bill Maher, Billy Martin; HBO

    Saturday Night Live, Head Writer: Seth Meyers, Writers: James Anderson, Alex Baze, Neil Casey, Jessica Conrad, James Downey, Shelly Gossman, Steve Higgins, Colin Jost, Zach Kanin, Chris Kelly, Joe Kelly, Erik Kenward, Rob Klein, Lorne Michaels, John Mulaney, Christine Nangle, Mike O’Brien, Josh Patten, Paula Pell, Marika Sawyer, Sarah Schneider, Pete Schultz, John Solomon, Kent Sublette, Bryan Tucker, Additional Sketch By Emily Spivey, Jorma Taccone, Additional Material By Frank Sebastiano; NBC Universal

    A Complete List of the Nominations can be found here.


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    Marvel's International Vice President, Nigel Cook, took to a convention in Italy, dubbed the “Professional Cinema Days in Sorrento,” to present the first bit of (raw) footage from next year's much-anticipated Thor: The Dark World film. And roughly-translated descriptions, courtesy of @Thor2Fans and @vingadoresdepre via Lavik Web Magazine, ScreenWEEK and Primissima, have surfaced dishing out a few spoilers for the Alan Taylor-directed Marvel sequel. Check them out!

    “In the preview, a voice-over is heard with the oath of the God of Thunder as the new supreme ruler. We see a clash between Thor and the enemy army, in a world that is neither Asgard let alone the Earth. We see Chris Hemsworth wielding his hammer and Tom Hiddleston as Loki first wounded without a helmet, with long, loose hair and then imprisoned; his anger increasingly desperate and irrational. Then there's a scene later in which he is free again, but still furious.

    Against the backdrop of a forest, in the middle of a clearing, among the dust, we in fact face off anthropomorphic creatures, but also a big "gorilla" krosan tusker: a rather alien fauna varies so, although not extreme in size (there are also some envoys/ambassadors of a people mysterious, with oval face and black eyes, elongated and sunken)

    The rest of the images show glimpses of Asgard, with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman in clothes that seem more like a princess; an Asgardian princess. In between, there are images of an epic battle on horseback, who seems to have left an epic cloak-and-dagger. The threat to the Asgardians is certainly a new alien race pale (now identified as the dark elves).

    A black spaceship shaped irregularly looks like a serious threat to Asgard. More sequences show Natalie Portman then alongside Thor lying on the ground, probably overwhelmed in a clash.”

    After the clips were shown, Nigel Cook reassured the audience that Thor: The Dark World begins and ends on Earth. And he added that the sets built for the sequel were the largest ever built for a Marvel Studios movie. Cook apparently also expressed concern that the film may not receive the same attention as Marvel's first outing next year, Iron Man 3, which the executive says takes place a year after the events of Marvel's The Avengers. What do you think?

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    During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, new mom Drew Barrymore gushes about motherhood and opens up for the first time about her 10-week-old daughter Olive.

    “I never would have guessed that would of been the name,” Drew says of naming her daughter Olive. “But I was reading a book with my husband, and I was three months pregnant. They said your baby is the size of an Olive and that was it. We never looked back.”

    Always the funnylady, Ellen joked that “it could have been the size of a peanut or a grapefruit” or even “a kidney bean.”

    “It could have been. It was a lot of fruits and vegetables,” the first-time mom, 37, laughed. “Kidney’s not such a fun name.”

    The E.T. star added: “We were work shopping a few [names], as all people do who are so blessed to get to do this do. And then once the light was shed, there was just no turning back.”

    Speaking of Olive, the 10-week-old tot is “a good baby,” according to her proud mama. “I count my lucky stars every day because she is . . . really interactive and happy and like nice to people. She’s a nice person.”

    “She is selling it,” the actress said of her baby’s cuteness. “She is working it! It’s so great.”

    The proud new mom — who wed Will Kopelman, 34, in June 2012 — went on to gush about baby Olive.

    “I have met babies who are screaming and they’re crying and they’re trying to convey all these things and you get so terrified and overwhelmed. I’m very grateful to her,” she said. “She really has it together! She’s really impressing me.”

    And it seems the 50 First Dates star is adjusting well to married life as well.

    “I’m so lucky. It’s amazing!” she said of marriage. “I never take it for granted.”


    ONTD - What is the worst bb name you've heard of? For me, this takes the cake.

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    Just like Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Evander Holyfield and Brett Favre ... comedian Katt Williams is officially UNRETIRING ... just four days after retiring.

    Earlier this week, a very emotional Katt announced his retirement on a street corner in Seattle ... insisting that he was, "kinda done."

    But now, Katt's management team says he's undone ... telling us, "Katt is definitely NOT retiring. He will be moving forward with the tour ... Friday is Texas, Saturday New Orleans, and on to Alabama."

    Management adds, "The reason why he made remarks was due to him feeling totally disrespected by all the things that happen to him in the city of Seattle. He had a moment where he felt very unappreciated. He now just wants to move forward from those unfortunate events and give his fans outstanding shows from this point forward."

    Katt has also not retired from dealing with court ... TMZ has learned Williams was just charged with 2 counts of 4th degree misdemeanor assault in Seattle stemming from a bar fight this past weekend.

    As we reported, Katt was arrested Sunday after allegedly threatening the bar manager with a pool cue and refusing to leave the establishment ... then later throwing a cigarette at a woman's eye.

    Police claim Katt also threw a rock at the woman's car as she left.

    Of course, this is just one incident in Katt's long string of bizarre behavior recently, including slapping a Target employee and leading Sacramento police on a wild three-wheeled motorcycle chase.

    Stand-up comedian Micah ”Katt” Williams was a no-show at his arraignment this morning in Seattle Municipal Court.

    Williams’ attorney, Thomas McAllister, told the judge his client was under the impression that he did not have to appear at the arraignment and has returned to California. McAllister said that Williams read a Seattle Times story in which a spokeswoman for the City Attorney’s Office said that he did not have to personally appear if an attorney was in court on his behalf.

    Municipal Court Judge Willie Gregory agreed that there appeared to be some confusion. He rescheduled the arraignment for Tuesday.

    Williams spent an eventful weekend in Seattle that included several alleged run-ins with people and a brief stay in the King County Jail.

    Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Miller said she plans to charge Williams today with two counts of fourth-degree assault.

    After Williams performed Friday night at the Paramount Theatre, some fans called police, saying Williams had attacked them when they tried to take a photograph with him, according to an item posted on the Seattle Police Department’s online blotter.

    Williams told officers the fans had tried to force their way into his dressing room and denied assaulting anyone, the blotter item says. No arrests were made.

    Though Williams told officers he planned to cancel his Saturday show and leave town, he stuck around and got into a dispute with a patron of the World Sports Grille on Westlake Avenue North in the South Lake Union neighborhood on Saturday night, according to a police report.

    Sunday afternoon, he returned to the World Sports Grille, where he allegedly screamed at patrons, threatened a bar manager with a pool cue, flicked a cigarette in a woman’s face and threw a rock at a car window, police said.

    He also is accused of being aggressive with officers, who briefly took Williams to the ground before getting him into the back of a patrol car, according to a police report.

    Williams has generated a lot of police attention in recent weeks.

    On Nov. 15, Williams was arrested by Oakland, Calif., police after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle on a tour bus parked outside a hotel, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He was booked into jail on investigation of assault and was released the next day.

    Two days after his Oakland arrest, Williams was sued by a concertgoer who said he and hundreds of fans were cheated when Williams took off his clothes and challenged people to fight during a concert in Oakland earlier in November, The Sacramento Bee reported.

    On Nov. 25, Williams led a California Highway Patrol officer on a pursuit, driving a three-wheel motorcycle on a sidewalk and running several red lights in Sacramento. The pursuit was called off because of safety concerns, but police identified Williams as the motorcycle driver, The Bee reported.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Today Page Six Magazine published a lengthy interview with Calvin Klein's former boytoy, Nick Gruber, who is about to publish a tell-all account of their relationship. An excerpt:

    Gruber claims, Klein's jealousy started to sour the affair. That spring, the designer left town, and Gruber invited a male friend to sleep over at Klein's Perry Street residence for, he says, entirely innocent reasons. When Klein returned, the housekeeper tattled about his lover's overnight guest. Despite Gruber's denials, the designer assumed the worst-and that's when things got ugly, he says. "[Calvin] picked me up in his car, drove me down to the Holiday Inn in Chelsea, and we went downstairs in the basement of the hotel," he says, furrowing his brow. According to Gruber, another man was waiting there with a lie detector. He said he was an ex-detective, and presented a business card bearing the name "Dr. Love." Gruber, indignant that Klein was accusing him of cheating, says he agreed to be hooked up to the machine and interrogated for about two hours. "He made me take a lie-detector test," Gruber says in disbelief. "I passed it. And then, you know, things were much better. But I mean, what kind of partner would make you take a lie detector test? I was like,'Did you ever cheat on me, Calvin?' I never cheated on him."

    Gruber also complains that Klein took back his $250,000 Bentley after they broke up. His book is due early next year.


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    With the news that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are in talks to reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto, respectively, in the upcoming X-Men: First Class sequel Days of Future Past, Fox made a statement: That the X-Men movies are one continuity. They also made another statement: We are morons. In a mere five films, the X-Men movie-verse has managed to contradict itself multiple times, not just in little details, but key events, major characters and more. Here are the most grievous errors the X-movies have made… so far.

    1) Professor X

    In First Class, Magneto accidentally paralyzed his friend Charles in 1962, then abandoned him and his cause of peace between mutants and humans. They must have patched things up - literally - because the two are seen palling around together in The Last Stand's flashback, where they both walk into young Jean Grey's house at some point in the ‘70s. And in 1985, according to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Professor X is still standing when he's summoning all those kids out of the mutant prison - only to be in a wheelchair when 2000's X-Men rolls around (sorry about the pun). Guess Chuck must've slipped in the shower or something.

    2) Emma Frost

    In the ‘60s-set First Class, Sebastian Shaw's second-in-command is the pro-lingerie Emma Frost, who can turn into diamond (and acts almost as well as one, but whatever). Yet at the end of Wolverine, set in 1985, we clearly see a young girl who can turn into diamond at the mutant prison facility. Is she a relative of Emma's? Another girl with the same mutation? Well, the cast lists for both movies name each girl Emma Frost, so it's probably just a fuck-up.

    3) Beast

    In the ‘60s, Hank McCoy looks like a regular dude… who turns into a blue cat person. In X-2, he's fully human again (and played by Steve Bacic). And then in The Last Stand, he's blue and furry again and talks like Frasier from Cheers… but he's clearly a furry blue human, not a cat person. His mutation must be mutating!

    4) The Summers Brothers

    In First Class, Xavier and Magneto recruit Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havok, a.k.a. Scott Summers' brother. Since Cyclops is a main part of Professor X's 2000 team, that means his brother is about 40 years older than he is (although technically Havok is Cyclops'younger brother in the comics,). Except when Professor X uses Cerebro in First Class in the ‘60s, he sees a kid who is pretty clearly Cyclops - and he definitely sees a young Storm. Which means both Cyclops and Storm should be about 50 when X-Men starts in 2000. They aren't.

    5) Sabretooth

    When Wolverine meets Professor X and Sabretooth in X-Men, he doesn't know them. Of course, he was recruited by Xavier - very briefly - in the ‘60s, and spent most of the 20th century with his half-brother Victor Creed. I don't begrudge Wolverine not remembering someone he met (but didn't even look at) for 30 seconds in the '60s, and regarding Sabretooth, Logan has the excuse that someone shot a magic amnesia bullet into his brain (which is a plot device so stupid even the X-Men comics never used it). But even if we assume Professor X is playing it cool when Logan finally joins his team 40 years later, what the hell is Sabretooth's excuse for not recognizing his half-brother in X-Men? Also, why does he look completely different?

    The rest at io9.

    So what do you guys think? Personally, I agree. It's one of the reasons why I could like the Marvel movies more, they have a proper timeline going on even after Banner's recast. I wish Marvel could acquire the rights back from Fox but I don't see that happening anytime soon. =/

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    On tonight's episode of the CBS drama series ELEMENTARY titled “You Do It To Yourself”, Sherlock uses his trademark deductive reasoning skills to find the killer of a college professor, Meanwhile, Watson gets a call from a former lover who needs her help. The episode airs 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Get a sneak peek below!

    Watch the sneak peek here because it won't embed.


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  • 12/06/12--11:50: Ke$ha BJ Photo LEAKED

  • Well, well, well!

    SOMEBODY's Twitter handle just got a whole new meaning!

    While Ke$ha is more than open about her SEX-capades with undead spirits and silicone rubber appendages that she affectionately dubbed her "boyfriend," it appears that when it comes down to the nitty gritty, she likes her men with corporeal, all-natural private parts!

    Well, maybe not so PRIVATE after all!

    Ch-ch-check out an EXCLUSIVE, **** and VERY XXX photo of the pop star with her mouth full of more than just rhymes and glitter…AFTER THE JUMP!!

    Sex post!?


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    He's been hard at work filming physically taxing scenes for the second movie in The Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire.

    And Josh Hutcherson made sure to make the most of a break from filming as he kicked back on the beach with his co-stars.

    The shirtless hunk certainly seemed to be enjoying his tropical surroundings as he took some time out on location in Hawaii, using the short break to take a refreshing dip in the ocean.

    The 20-year-old actor, who plays Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games trilogy, was showing off his newly-acquired anchor tattoo, which he had inked on earlier this year, as he soaked up the sun in his black swimming shorts.

    After enjoying a swim, Josh took to the sand for a game of frisbee with his co-stars, and seemed to be demonstrating his fair share of prowess at the sport as he darted about the beach in an expert manner.

    In recent days, Josh and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence - who plays leading lady Katniss Everdeen in the adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel - have been spotted eating fresh fish and brandishing a bow and arrow as they film the second installment in the series.

    In a recent interview, Jennifer said she was looking forward to reprising her role as Katniss.
    'The new movie will be very real, which is what I’m excited about,' she told 24 Frames of Catching Fire, to be directed by Water for Elephants' Francis Lawrence.

    'I really like his take, which is a lot of what I liked in Gary Ross,' Jennifer added about the new director. 'It’s the realistic grasp of the story instead of all the details of the imaginary things.'

    The film sequel also introduces several news characters and cast members including Philip Seymour Hoffman as head Gamesmaker Plutarch Heavensbee and Sam Claflin playing heartthrob tribute Finnick Odair

    'He's wonderful. He's really sweet, a great, wonderful actor. He's got a great American accent,' Lawrence told MTV about Sam's addition to the cast.


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  • 12/06/12--12:11: Well that sucks... for her.
  • Martha gets salmonella from turkeys

    December 6, 2012
    Martha Stewart was stricken with salmonella after handling too many Thanksgiving turkeys. The domestic diva told us while shopping for art at Art Basel Miami that she came down with the infection late last month, forcing her to cancel a series of appearances and meetings. While perusing paintings at Lehmann Maupin gallery’s booth — and taking photos of some well-dressed buyers for her blog — Stewart told Page Six: “I never get sick, but I came down with salmonella. I think I caught it because I was handling so many turkeys around Thanksgiving. I was on the ‘Today’ show, I did a number of other [Thanksgiving] appearances. It really hit me hard and I was in bed for days. It was terrible.” But a now-healthy Stewart added there was a bonus: “I lost some weight, though.” She added, “I haven’t bought any art yet, but I might if I see something I like.”

    pic from google search.

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    The cast of "Argo" will receive the Ensemble Performance Award at the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival's Awards Gala, PSIFF organizers announced on Wednesday.

    The festival release promised that cast members Ben Affleck (who also directed the film), Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston will attend the gala; the film's cast also includes John Goodman, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, Scoot McNairy, Kyle Chandler, Clea DuVall and others.

    "Argo features a plethora of colorful characters brought to life by an outstanding acting ensemble,” said festival chairman Harold Matzner in a press release announcing the award.

    With the Palm Springs honor, Affleck has completed a January film-festival double-play; he is also being honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the other early-year fest that pays tribute to the past year's accomplishments and tries to assemble a lineup of potential Oscar nominees.

    The Awards Gala will be held on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013.


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    What would HBO’s gritty, Emmy-nominated fantasy epic Game of Thrones look like if it aired on teen-friendly network The CW? There’d be fewer boobs, for one thing, and less edge — but even more angst. Just for fun, we made a fake promo for Westeros’s hottest soap.


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    First photo from There and Back Again (out July 18, 2014), with Orlando as Legolas and Bard the Bowman (Luke Evans).

    Why Legolas is back:

    “He’s [elven king] Thranduil’s son, and Thranduil is one of the characters in The Hobbit, and because elves are immortal it makes sense Legolas would be part of the sequence in the Woodland Realm,” director Peter Jackson explains.

    “Bard is an interesting character, but [in the book] he’s kind of a random character who comes in after the fact,” says screenwriter and producer Philippa Boyens. “We take more time introducing him. We know from what follows that he was a father, so we [explore] that. I don’t think we take liberties, because it’s all there in the storytelling.”


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    Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste Upset About Grammys, Justin Vernon Reminds Him Grammys Are Bullshit

    Last night, the nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards were named. Frank Ocean, Fiona Apple, Jack White, M83, the Black Keys, and many more are up for awards. But not Grizzly Bear, which appears to have upset the band's Ed Droste, who expressed his feelings in a string of Tweets last night. His thoughts provoked Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, who took home several awards last year, to reply with words of encouragement for Droste and disdain for the Grammys. It seems winning those Grammys has not changed Vernon's feelings towards them.

    Here's how the conversation went down. First, Droste described his sad (":(") feelings:
    - 2k12 has been a mixed vibe.
    - We won't win the Grahmees! :(
    - So the Grammies are literally based off sales and nothing else?#bummerzone
    - Super relieved Taylor Swift is up for another award. Was worried she didn't have enough! #phew

    He then @-replied Vernon:
    - @blobtower bb, want to know the Grammy secret! <3
    - Don't know how you managed to infiltrate @blobtower, what's the secret?
    - or maybe we gotta make better music :/ point is a year ago I was so excited you were nominated, and nobody from "our world" :(

    Vernon then explained why he hates the Grammys:
    - this is why i hate the grammies. because it allows you to question what you've done. don't question what you’ve done Ed.
    - y'alls music is pure as fuck and there is nobody making music like you and i think it's truly unique. the grammies aren’t a measure of much that is calculable or quantifiable by our own contexts for music. why you create is most important.
    - All this being said, FUCK those morons for not knowing enough about GB [Grizzly Bear] #jordongotcutfromhighschoolbasketball
    Finally, Droste said, "thanks boo! Not really questioning what we've done, definitely questioning other things tho."


    RIP BonnyBear's Grammy legacy

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    Before Cory Monteith came on the show today, Ellen played a clip from Glee in which his character Finn and Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester fight over the Glee team’s Nationals trophy, which Sue Sylvester declares she wants to run over with her car.

    Cory Monteith and Ellen discussed the last time he was on the show, when they did a segment where Cory Monteith wore an ear piece and Ellen told him what to say to prank a yoga instructor. Ellen said it was the only time they did that segment where someone got so mad they left.

    Cory Monteith said he really enjoyed doing that segment.

    “I just have to say, I don’t even have to be a real guest, I’ll come back any time you want,” he said.

    Ellen congratulated Cory Monteith on the People’s Choice award. She said she knew how hard it must be to do the show with both acting, dancing and singing, but that they seemed like they had fun.

    “We’re like this family. At first we didn’t know how the show was going to do.” “We were all coming from this different places in life. Then all of a sudden, our lives were changed.”

    Ellen read a tweet from a fan of the show who said, “Can you imagine if Ellen asked Cory if he knows what Monchele is? I would die.”

    “Of course I know what Monchele is,” Cory Monteith said. Monchele is a fan combination of Cory Monteith’s name and fellow Glee actress Lea Michele, who have been rumored to be dating for a while.

    Ellen said, “People think that you’re a couple.”

    “We are,” Cory Monteith said, “Of course we’re a couple.”

    He then shared the story of his weekend with Lea Michele. The two went snowboarding in Canada for Lea Michele’s first time. He said he thought she did very well and the snowboarding instructor agreed with him.

    Cory Monteith stayed around to play a holiday came called “Stuff Your Stockings” with an audience member. The girl chosen from the audience was very excited and gave him a big hug when she got down to the stage.

    For the game, they both had to put on giant parachute pants that Ellen called, “granny panties” and stuff as many giant Christmas balls into their pants as possible.

    The audience member won and received a Canon L Camera as a prize.

    source, youtube

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    Might as well start at the beginning! The “breakdown” for the role (that is, the notification that goes out to agents and actors as to what casting is looking for) read something like, “4-5 feet tall, possibly malformed, childlike.” Now, I’m short — 5 feet exactly. But I’m proportionate, darn it! There’s not much I can do to prepare for that! So I suited up in my best baby doll dress, and I walked into the audition waiting room to find a room full of little people. My first thought was that I needed to have a sit-down with my agent, explain the difference between “little” and just “not big.” So I already felt like I was at a disadvantage. Besides, it’s American Horror Story! They’re going to cast the real freak! And, well, they cast me. The audition itself was unusual in that they didn’t give us Pepper’s actual part to read. But that’s of course because the role was under such tight wraps. I didn’t know well after I was cast what the role even was! They basically had us read one of Constance’s (Jessica Lange’s) monologues from the first season, which had obviously already been cast, and then do a short improv, as if we were a child. I think they just wanted to see if we could act. I remember feeling like I’d nailed it, for a giant. But still didn’t expect a call back. 

    Next came a meeting with the special effects makeup department. They took dozens of pictures of my head, asked me all sorts of covert questions, i.e. “Are you claustrophobic?” “Will you cut your hair?” Again, they couldn’t let on to what they were doing until I was officially cast, but I could tell this was not your typical “nurse number 3 to the left” type role!

    Then, once it was official, I underwent a series of makeup meetings and tests. They had evidently manipulated the photos of my head to see what I would look like with the prosthetics, and that’s how the role was cast. Now, knowing what I would look like, I could begin to research this condition (microcephalia) and prepare for the role. I watched Tod Browning’s Freaks, and anything and everything “Schlitzie.” (He was the inspiration behind this character, after all.) I do a lot of comedy — big, over-the-characters mostly — so it was no mystery as to why I’d landed this part. But at the same time, I knew this was more than some silly, three-minute sketch at the Groundlings (where I performed many years, whose work I love and respect). This was a real person with a real condition, so it was important I play her very straight, without an inkling of mockery or making fun.

    I find the makeup really informs the character. You get those big ears and nose and brow on, and boom! It’s Pepper-time! The entire process takes about two and a half to three hours, and that’s with two men working the entire time! Those first makeup tests especially took much longer — Mike Mekash, Christopher Nelson, Jason Hamer, Eryn Krueger Mekash — the entire Tinsley makeup crew is incredibly meticulous. They literally place freckles and veins like I’m a work of art! But then, that’s what makes for an Emmy-nominated makeup crew. There’s really nothing they can’t do. The prosthetics consist of a forehead complete with punched-in eyebrows, a nose, ears, and even a bumpy little spine-piece for my back. Again, depending upon the wardrobe, no one even sees that, but that’s the level of detail we’re talking about. I have fake teeth, which of course change the shape of my face (and speech). There’s even a wacky lens for one of my eyes. It’s subtle, but effective (it’s disturbing having someone look at you, but not quite look at you, you know?). It blinds me in that eye, and you know how they say, “Good acting is all in the eyes”? Well, in my case, it’s all in the eye!

    Come to think of it, the only thing that’s truly mine is the hair (or what little they left of it). At first they toyed with a bald-cap — and believe me, it looked phenomenal. I personally saw no need to shave my head. But better to leave the makeup questions to the makeup professionals. Besides, given Pepper’s condition, it was important to make my head look as small as possible, so it was obviously better to not have to stuff a bunch of hair into a cap. I think at one point they’d talked about using CGI to actually shrink my head, but I’m sure it was easier and cheaper to have me shave my head. Besides, the makeup crew takes great pride in not having to rely on such tricks. It was quite clever of them actually. Instead of making my head small, they built up my body by putting me in a fat suit. (And all that time spent slaving at the gym!). Ultimately, the end-product is well worth sacrificing my hair and sitting countless hours in the makeup chair. It’s a true gift of a character, on a major hit show. I didn’t think twice about it. I figured I’m an actress first, a person with hair second. And well, they provided me with a wig identical, if not better, than my actual hair. Now everyday is a great hair day!
    I remember that first big shave so clearly: I was cackling hysterically, the hair/makeup crew was chanting my name, and later went on and on, calling me “the bravest actress in the world.” I’m not saying it wasn’t a tad nerve-wracking. I worried I’d never get laid again! But then my fears subsided when I got asked out through a car window the very next day. And now it takes me all of three minutes to get ready in the morning! Not to mention I’m in this special, little club with Natalie Portman and Siggy Weaver. And while I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Pepper when the season is over, I look forward to pulling a Britney in the window of some chichi salon!

    Another challenge was not being able to talk about it! My friends and family knew I got a part — and that something was up or I wouldn’t suddenly be wearing this wig around — but I never let on as to what that role was. They just assumed I had a penis coming out of my head! Even on set they kept me a secret. Until the first episode aired, I had to walk around the lot with a shroud over my head (and a PA to guide me). I’d zip by in a golf cart, and tourists would assume they’d seen Lady Gaga!

    Then of course all my on-set time-wasters are gone. I can’t take phone calls because my ears are buried in silicone. I can’t text because the iPhone doesn’t recognize my silicone fingers. I can’t graze at the craft services table, because that would require taking out my teeth. I’m not complaining. It’s just part of the unusual circumstances of being Pepper.

    But that’s not the half of it. That first day on set, no one wanted to make eye-contact with me. They assumed they’d cast a real microcephalic. Then, they began to warm up, figuring, “Oh! It’s an actress! In makeup! We’re shooting a TV show!” Immediately the hierarchy of star vs. guest star vs. co-star vs. background was dispelled. Everyone wanted to know what I actually looked like, how long it took, did it itch, etc. Then Ryan Murphy came over, took one look, and said, “Pepper is the best.” He was referring to the makeup, of course, but still, it made me feel pretty good! I remember that first day was very hot, so my two makeup guys were on hand, fanning me. I remember Chloe [Sevigny] and some of the other stars asking, “Yo, how do I get a fan?” Everyone has been so friendly and nice. Early on, Jessica Lange brought her grandchildren over to meet me. That was a highlight.

    I got recognized on the street for the first time recently. I was immediately hit with a rush of mixed feelings: pride/personal achievement and complete self-revulsion. Do I really look like Pepper?! Obviously not. Still, it’s great that she’s so popular. … Now if Pepper will just share her success with Naomi!


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