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    Yahoo recently offered to give all their employees free smartphones, with a choice between iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S3’s and Nokia Lumia 920s.

    Now Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO, has explained why, noting the company had an imperative to move their employees from Blackberries to “smartphones”, suggesting rather strongly and repeatedly that she did not consider those devices to be real smartphones.

    During an interview with Fortune’s Patricia Sellers, she explained:

    "We literally are moving the company from BlackBerrys to smartphones. One of the really important things for Yahoo’s strategy moving forward is mobile."

    Presumably she is not alone, explaining why RIM’s market share in US dropped to only 1.6%.


    shoutout to my good sis who is still using her 2 years old bb pearl imsoclassyomg<3 hope your 5 years old contract ends soon

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    Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo sit down for their first exclusive interview as a couple on The Wendy Williams Show. They talk about how they first met and if they're living together. Jordin Sparks also shares her memories of working with the late Whitney Houston in the movie Sparkle.


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    No, Dolly Parton hasn't been living a lie for the last 46 years. On Monday night's "Nightline," the country icon, who has been married to the rarely seen Carl Dean since 1966, addressed rumors that she's gay, rumors that have stemmed from her close relationship with longtime best friend Judy Ogle.

    "Judy and I have been best friends since we were like in the third and fourth grade," she says in the interview with Juju Chang. "I mean, I love her as much as I love anybody in the whole world, but we're not romantically involved."

    The rumors are similar to those that have dogged Oprah Winfrey regarding her relationship with her BFF Gayle King. Parton notes she and Winfrey have laughed about the false reports.

    "We do talk about that Gayle, her friend; Judy, my friend. They just think that you just can't be that close to somebody," she explains.

    Despite the fact that many celebs who tie the knot at a young age end up divorcing, Parton and husband Dean, who were 20 and 24 respectively when they wed are still together, in part because he tends to stay out of the spotlight. "He's proud of me. He's just basically shy about things like that. He doesn't like crowds," she said on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2010. "And I respect his privacy. I respect the fact that he loves to be out of the limelight. That's one of the reasons I think we've lasted so long."

    The couple met the day Parton arrived in Nashville in 1964. "I wasn't a star then, so I've never had to worry that he loves me because I'm a star and I've got money or make money or whatever. I know he loves me for me, and that means a lot to me," she shared during the same interview with Winfrey.

    Parton was candid about plenty of other topics during this week's "Nightline" interview, which took place at her Tennessee theme park Dollywood. When asked if she indeed originally modeled herself after the "town tramp," Parton gave a resounding yes.

    "That is an absolute truth. She was beautiful. I had never seen anybody with the yellow hair all piled up, and the red lipstick, and the rouge, and the high heel shoes," she admits. "And I thought, that is what I want to look like."

    The singer and actress has also never hidden the fact that she's undergone multiple rounds of plastic surgery over the years, explaining, "I think you should do it if it's gonna make you feel better."

    As for how her implants are doing: "I don't think they age," Parton laughs. "My girls are doing pretty good."

    And at 66, Parton is still going strong, dedicating some of her time to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, a literacy program started in honor of her father, who never learned to read or write. The nonprofit has given out 40 million books.

    As for retirement, she's not planning on it."I will never retire unless I had to," Parton insists. "As long as I'm able to get up in the morning, get that makeup on, get those high heels on. Even if I can't wear the high heels, if I'm not able to wear 'em, I'm going to do like Mae West and sit in a wheelchair with my high heels on and have somebody wheel me around."


    the queen of country and executive producer of buffy tyfyt

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  • 11/28/12--20:05: Sia covers Ri's 'Diamonds'

  • Australian singer/songwriter performs Rihanna's hit single "Diamonds", which she wrote, with famed producers Stargate at the Norweigan-American Achievement Award ceremony.


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    The warlock is offering asylum to Angus T. Jones.

    Actor Charlie Sheen says he's willing to give Jones a job on his new FX sitcom "Anger Management" if the 19-year-old actor leaves “Two and a Half Men” over his dismissal of the show as “filth.”

    “My former nephew is welcome at the Goodson Anger Management home anytime,” Sheen told

    Sheen used to play Jones' sex-crazed uncle on Angus' CBS sitcom but was fired after a drug-fueled bender and widely publicized trash-talking campaign against show creator Chuck Lorre.

    The Hollywood hellion has since rebounded, playing therapist Charles Goodson in the new series loosely based on the movie of the same title.

    Teen actor Angus T. Jones sharply criticized his show "Two and a Half Men" in a recent video and said he'd like to be finished with it, though he has a year left in his contract. He has since retreated from the remarks.

    Sheen previously gave his opinion on Jones’ own show scandal, blaming Lorre for pushing the teen into a “Hale-Bopp-like meltdown,” according to

    “I dare anyone to spend 10 years in the laugh-track that is Chuck Lorre's hive of oppression and not suffer some form of an emotional tsunami."

    Jones apologized for bashing the show late Tuesday.

    “Without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on ‘Two and Half Men’ with whom I have worked and over the past 10 years who have become an extension of my family,” he said in a release.

    “I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed,” he said.

    The video that included Jones’“filth” remark was produced by controversial Seventh-Day Adventist Christopher Hudson, who is famous for the fiery sermons he gives in YouTube videos, in which he’s compared President Obama to Adolph Hitler and claimed Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna are “in league with Lucifer.”

    “I'm not an extremist,” Hudson told The News in an exclusive interview Tuesday. “I use colorful language to cement my ideas. I don't think Obama is the new Hitler. I like Obama. I was talking about some of his policies and comparing them to the policies (of Hitler).”

    Hudson said he was introduced to Jones for the first time last week by a couple who belong to the church in Los Angeles and run their own ministry called the End Times Like These.

    He admitted to never watching an episode of “Men,” but like Jones, branded it “filth.”

    “If I was in Angus’ shoes and had his spiritual awakening, I hope I would not continue on the program,” Hudson said. “But Angus is highly intelligent. Whatever decision he makes will be between him and the maker.”

    Members of Jones’ new church in Pacoima, Calif., told The News he started attending services late last spring.

    “We love Angus!” church member Sherry Jenkins said. “He said someone told him we are a loving and Bible-based church, and he just showed up. I believe the angels sent him.”

    She said Jones attends with his dad and younger brother.

    “The family is compassionate about the community. They have donated items and their personal time to help the homeless,” Jenkins said.

    She said Jones never discussed his celebrity or profession, but she could understand how his job made him “uncomfortable.”

    “A lot of sitcoms today are just sinful, and Christian people can no longer sit down to watch programs with their family,” she said.


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    I need that duet asap. Why isn't it on iTunes?! Ugh.

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    Talk about cracking the legal whip!

    Fifty Shades Ltd., the original copyright holder of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, and Universal Pictures, which controls the movie rights, are suing the makers of a porn flick dubbed Fifty Shades of Grey: a XXX Adaptation, alleging they're violating the copyright and trademark on the best-selling trilogy and creating confusion in the marketplace.

    Per the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles and obtained by E! News, the plaintiffs claim Smash Pictures and adult video director James Lane, who's credited onscreen as Jim Powers, have engaged in a "willful attempt to capitalize on the reputation of the book."

    According to court docs, the studio and Fifty Shades Ltd. argue that Smash honcho Stuart Wall declared his intentions to essentially make a knockoff of the popular BDSM-themed novel about a college graduate named Anastasia Steele and her kinky affair with Christian Grey, a wealthy businessman.

    As evidence, the suit points to an interview Wall gave LA Weekly last summer in which the executive was quoted as saying, "Since they are going to make a mainstream [movie] of the books, too, dabbling in the adult world we're choosing to go with a XXX adaption which will stay very true to the book and its S&M-themed romance."

    That didn't go over so well with Universal and company. "By lifting exact dialogue, characters, events, story, and style from the Fifty Shades trilogy, Smash Pictures ensured that the first XXX adaptation was, in fact, as close as possible to the original works," states the suit.

    Universal and Fifty Shades Ltd. must have procured a copy somehow, because their complaint then lists in detail the supposed violations.

    "Beginning with the first XXX Adaptation's opening scene and continuing throughout the next 2½ hours of the film, Smash Pictures copies without reservation from the unique expressive elements of the Fifty Shades trilogy, progressing through the events of Fifty Shades of Grey and into the second book, Fifty Shades Darker," reads the suit. "The first XXX adaptation is not a parody, and it does not comment on, criticize, or ridicule the originals. It is a rip-off, plain and simple."
    Another defendant named in the action is distributor Luv Moves, which has been accused of including sex toys with the DVD in a kit called Fifty Shades of Pleasure: Play Kit & Movie.

    Universal, which is in the process of developing its own big-screen version of the steamy best-seller, and Fifty Shades are asking a court to issue an injunction and award monetary damages.

    Reps for Universal and Smash Pictures declined to comment on the litigation.


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    In honor of the highly-anticipated nuptials of Liz Lemon and Criss Chross on 30 Rock, we're taking a trip down memory lane at some of our favorite TV wedding episodes. Grab some Cheesy Blasters and enjoy!

    1. General Hospital: Luke and Laura

    On November 16, 1981, 30 million guests tuned in to watch the most iconic TV wedding of all time. Luke and Laura were married in a gorgeous outdoor reception, but what made their big day special was the love that radiated from the fictional couple. But what would a soap opera be without a little drama and suspense? The evil Helena Cassadine (who was lurking nearby) cast a curse upon their relationship, setting the stage for a tumultuous future.

    2. Boy Meets World: Topanga and Cory

    Ever since they met on the monkeybars as kids, Topanga and Cory knew they were destined to be together. Their long-awaited nuptials were held in a high-end hotel thanks to the ill-advised plan that Cory’s brother, Eric, had concocted. Eric’s scheme goes awry when the real Mr. Peterman (father of the bride) shows up, abruptly ending the festivities. Meanwhile, Topanga and Cory are enjoying the honeymoon suite when the police barge in and arrest the unknowing couple.

    3. The Office: Pam and Jim

    Pam and Jim's wedding day was equal parts quirky, hilarious, and heartwarming, just like their relationship. They outsmart everyone by sneaking off and having a private ceremony on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls. After technically getting married, they felt less pressure at the public ceremony with loved ones, and were able to truly enjoy themselves. Pam and Jim weren't even upset that their coworkers broke their promise and performed the comical "JK Wedding Entrance Dance." 

    4. Friends: Phoebe and Mike

    Phoebe and Mike stole the hearts of fans as the most eccentric couple on the hit show. When their big day arrived, a massive blizzard hit New York, threatening to cancel the wedding. The priest got snowed in, so Joey stepped in as minister and the ceremony took place on the street outside of Central Perk, the gang's quintessential coffee spot. All of the "friends" played a part in the wedding: Monica served as maid of honor and wedding planner, Rachel was a bridesmaid, Ross carried Mike's dog (a "groomsman") down the aisle, and Chandler gave Phoebe away. Our favorite moment: Just before stepping outside in her gown, Chandler commented how Phoebe would be freezing. She responded, "I don't care, I'll be my something blue!"

    Watch a clip from the beautiful ceremony here!

    5. Full House: Becky and Jesse

    “The King” impersonator and his Wake Up San Francisco sweetheart almost didn’t make it to the altar in 1991. Jesse decided he should do one last irrational thing before settling down, so naturally, he chose skydiving. His last "adventure" didn’t go as planned—he wound up getting stuck in a tree and was arrested. Becky borrowed the choir’s school bus to bring Jesse back to the church while Joey and Danny stalled by holding a sing-along with the guests. Miraculously, they arrive in one piece, and the groom serenades his bride with a beautiful rendition of ‘Forever’ by the Beach Boys.

    Plus: 10 more at the source!

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    Sherlock is called in to investigate when a supposedly uncrackable bank vault called “The Leviathan” is breached. Meanwhile, Joan is pleasantly surprised when Sherlock meets her family and defends her choice to become a sober companion.

    More pictures at the source

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    Curiouser and curiouser..

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ke$ha may have put to rest the rumors that she and Justin Bieber once had sex, but that doesn’t mean she’d rule out a future romp with the teen idol.

    In the new Rolling Stone, the provocative singer is asked, “Now that he’s single, would you consider it?”

    Ke$ha responds, “Sure. Wait, is he even legal? Could I go to jail for this?”

    Assured that Bieber is now 18, Ke$ha says, “OK, then, I would. We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf. All the things that are legal at the age of 18.”

    Informed that one doesn’t have to be 18 to play putt-putt golf, Ke$ha replies, “In Tennessee you do. They take it really seriously. But you can marry your cousin — I think that’s legal at any age.”

    Good to know.


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    Ready for more Lindsay Lohan?

    Of course you are!

    And now there's officially a LiLo comic book coming your way.

    In a case of perfect timing, coming on the heels of Lindsay's latest bust, we present Infamous: Lindsay Lohan.

    Written by New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro and illustrated by Japanese manga artist Mimei Sakamoto, the follows the troubled starlet's roller-coaster life from child star to oft-arrested (and out-of-work) actress.

    "This issue can be seen as a tragedy in motion; its last chapter has yet to be written," says Darren G. Davis, president of the publisher, Bluewater Productions. "Lohan is both a victim of the all-consuming celebrity culture and a perpetrator of bad decisions, the lack of self-control and an unhealthy sense of entitlement."

    According to author Shapiro, the biography comic book will not only detail LiLo's chaotic, mug shot-filled life, but will also try to examine the underlying causes that constantly fuel her continued downward spiral.

    Although the comic book was previously released in Sept. 2011, this is the first time it will be released digitally on Nook and Kindle. The digital version will feature updated material, including Lohan's latest car wreck and recent arrest.

    Infamous: Lindsay Lohan, features cover art by comic book artist Joe Phillips. The issue will retail for $1.99 and will soon be released on iTunes for download.

    So get your Kindle ready if you want to take a look at Lohan's life in pictures.

    Then again, after last night, we have a feeling there are some last-minute revisions going down.


    what is that artwork tho....

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    Which two contestants were eliminated?

    Last night on The X Factor, America witnessed two things. 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar is an unstoppable vocal force of nature that will, most likely, be standing at the finish line with a check for 5 million dollars in her hand.

    And 2. Britney Spears still makes more sense as a performer rather than a judge, thanks to the premiere of Will.I.Am's latest video "Scream and Shout," featuring the mega-pop star.

    Tonight, though, there is more important business to be had as the Top 8 results are in.

    Two more contestants' journeys in the competition will end, but only after a live performance from Grammy-winner Alicia Keys and runner-up Josh Krajcik.

    Vote Ranking:

    Eliminated Immediately: Paige Thomas

    Eliminated: Vino Alan(Singoff)

    6. Diamond White (Singoff)
    5. Cece Frey
    4. Fifth Harmony
    3. Emblem3
    2. Tate Stevens
    1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

    (1% seperated the top 3, and Carly won by 1/10 of 1%)


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  • 11/29/12--18:37: Harry Lloyd Interview

  • From playing a slappable Game Of Thrones villain to swigging vodka on set, actor Harry Lloyd is on his own path to glory, finds Jimi Famurewa

    It’s commonplace these days for eager young actors to dust down library books, tour police stations or employ boxing trainers in the name of method-style research. But Harry Lloyd tends to go the extra mile. He visited Sicily before auditioning as an Italian immigrant in a play. Met real sex workers ahead of depicting a rent boy. And, when faced with his final scene as blond-wigged git Viserys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones, he was determined to find the reality in his preposterously brutal demise.

    “I asked a doctor friend,‘So if someone poured molten gold on my head, what would kill me first? Which part of my brain would it be hitting?’” laughs the 29-year-old from the sunken sofa of a noisy London pub. “Of course, in the end you forget all that and just f*cking scream.” Still, it’s this commitment that has led to scene-stealing roles in everything from Doctor Who (as schoolboy-turned-alien Baines) to new Channel 4 crime thriller The Fear. Lloyd’s destined for big things. But, as he points out, there’s always a future cashing in on a famous ancestor if it doesn’t work out..

    You’ve performed in a lot of period drama and a bit of cult TV. Was it a change of pace to play a drug lord’s son in The Fear?

    When you see a part and think, “I can’t play that,” it’s obviously something that turns you on. You challenge yourself to have a go. Before [The Fear], I was doing The Duchess Of Malfi at the Old Vic. Big, Jacobean stuff, blank verse, eye make-up and all that. So next up, I wanted to do something modern, something on TV and something funny. Two out of three isn’t bad [laughs].

    It’s pretty gritty. Did you research the Brighton criminal underworld in preparation?

    Yeah, I hung out with gangsters for a couple of months… [laughs] No, obviously it was tricky. But I went to Brighton and read autobiographies of people who were in gangs in London and Manchester in the Eighties so I could understand the background my dad [Peter Mullan plays blackout-prone mobster Richie Beckett] would have come from. My character Matty is the book guy. He takes care of the money. But if you just Google ‘Brighton drug dealer’ you realise how important the laundering is.

    Did you manage to have some fun while filming?

    Yeah, we filmed a lot of it in Bristol and it’s a great town. Lots of bars.

    Are you good at knuckling down and not getting too drunk while you’re working?

    I am, but as shoots go on, it tends to slip as you get cockier. There have been times when I’ve turned up hungover, cursing myself and the person who convinced me to go drinking, before doing a scene when I’m not really on it. Then, of course, you watch it back and it’s the best f*cking scene. It’s so infuriating. One of my first proper TV jobs was a series with Tamzin Outhwaite called Vital Signs and I’d snuck out to London for a party the night before. Tamzin actually had to act drunk in the scene so she had a bit of vodka before because everyone was being naughty and it was the end of the day. I was offered some and all the alarms were going off: be professional, this is your first job, you’re going to get fired. But I did it because I was trying to be cool and hang out with the grown-ups. Honestly, I watch it back and think it was the best acting I did in the whole series.

    You got your first TV role in David Copperfield when you were at Eton. Did it lead to any jealous bullying?

    No, because even at that point I was already a little w*nky actor. I was doing a lot of plays and I was clearly that guy, so there was no point in going, “Weirdo!” or anything like that.

    It’s strange that fellow actors Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston were a few years ahead of you at school…

    It is weird that there’s this bunch of people from the same school. I never know what to say about it, but it is interesting. I feel like I should explain it [laughs]. “Oh, actually there was this secret Asterix potion that we all had in drama lessons.” The truth is, f*ck knows how it happened and in 10 years time we might all be burned out.

    Away from that, you were briefly talked up for the starring role in Doctor Who after appearing on the show in 2007. Any truth to it?

    Someone asked [then-showrunner] Russell T Davies about me in Doctor Who Magazine and he said, “He should be the next Doctor, ha ha ha.” A throwaway comment. I was doing Robin Hood at the time David Tennant left and my agent said, “Have you seen? You’re being touted as the next Doctor. But I called them and it turns out that you’re not.” [Laughs]

    Game Of Thrones was another huge breakout role for you. Did you have any idea what a cult phenomenon it would become, both in the US and over here?

    Well, it was the biggest set I’d been on and I knew HBO was making it. I can remember shooting this scene in Malta and Roger Allam’s character [Illyrio] was meant to say something and they suddenly realised it should be said in Dothraki, this invented language. So they sent this whole speech to some guy in Canada so he could translate it and Roger could learn the new lines in his trailer… I was like, “I don’t care if no one ever watches this – it’s f*cking brilliant.” In the end, they cut the scene.

    Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones… buy yourself a blond wig and you could appear at conventions for life.

    I know, I should cash in. The greatest thing about the wig is that people don’t recognise me without it.

    Does any part of you wish your character, Viserys, hadn’t been bumped off?

    Not with a death like that. It was fun figuring out how to play such a dick. Plus, if they keep it going for seven years it’ll be like Doctor Who in that every [British actor] will have been in it at some point. It’s cool to have been in at the beginning.

    Is it true you’ve just returned from a US road trip?

    I had some meetings in the US – like a job fishing trip – and some of my mates were going on a three-month road trip so I tried to combine the two. We had lots of adventures, most of which aren’t fit for interview purposes, but we did meet these girls who were professional hula-hoopers. That was weird.

    Finally, Charles Dickens is your great, great, great grandfather. Did you sneakily mention it when you auditioned for the BBC’s recent Great Expectations adaptation?

    Yeah, I told them that in his will he’d said I should be in it and have all the close-ups on me… No, it’s a lovely bit of trivia, but I don’t have anything else to add. I’m a big fan, but so are millions of people. I was just born with it so I don’t feel I have anything to contribute. Maybe if the work dries up then I can go on the circuit and record some audiobooks [laughs].

    The Fear is on 3-6 December at 10pm on Channel 4

    Tbh all of this is worth reading and it really showed how much he researched when he played Viserys.


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  • 11/29/12--18:51: Vampire Diaries 4X08 Promo
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    Here’s What Makes a Final Fantasy, According to Square Enix

    This last weekend in Tokyo, Square Enix held an open conference centered around its real-time tech demo, Agni's Philosophy: Final Fantasy. While presenting the technical aspects was paramount in the design of Agni's Philosophy (as it was meant to showcase the detail and flexibility of Square's new Luminous Engine), its creators were adamant it feel like a Final Fantasy. But what exactly makes a Final Fantasy a "Final Fantasy"? To answer this question they put together a list of the five minimum components for a Final Fantasy.

    The first item on the list is "magic," an obvious point on the list given it is a key component in every iteration of the franchise. The second is "summoning," which has been a staple of the series since Final Fantasy III. The third on the list of needed components is "gorgeous beauty." This one is interesting as, given the sprite-based nature of the first six Final Fantasies, "gorgeous beauty" didn't really enter the equation until the PS1 era (OP: EXCUSE U THO FF6 LOOKED BOSS). Still, no doubt modern Final Fantasies are very much into being visually stunning in both design and graphics.

    The fourth thing needed in a Final Fantasy is a little ambiguous: "refinement." They didn't specify refinement of what exactly, but each game in the series has at least tried to refine the parts of gameplay that didn't work in the previous iteration. The same can be said of graphical refinement as there can be no doubt that each Final Fantasy has looked better than the previous incarnation (with the possible exception of the MMOs).

    Lastly, they stated that Final Fantasies need "change and challenge." The "change" part is obvious, with each numbered Final Fantasy taking place in a new world with a new cast. The battle system also changes from game to game as well. As for "challenge," that is a bit more ambiguous, but it could mean that each world has a challenge that must be overcome. It could also speak to finding the balance in gameplay between tedious grinding and welcome challenge.

    So there you have it: what Square Enix thinks are the basic components to a Final Fantasy. For the most part I agree with this list, though I think things like "a world threatening conflict" and "an unlikely group of heroes" are also key components to the Final Fantasy formula... not to mention Moogles. I don't know about you, but I get really angry if my Final Fantasies are Moogle-less.


    this list proves Square Enix doesn't know wtf it's talking about and will continue to run FF into the ground. Signed and fucking sealed.

    Former Square Honcho Calls Square Enix a “Complete Failure” with “No Vision”

    With Square Enix posting losses in its latest earnings, former Square Co. boss Hisashi Suzuki thought this would be good a time as any to kick the company while it is down.

    Via Twitter, Suzuki didn't hold back, claiming that the total value of publicly traded stock is not higher than it was before Square joined with Enix. According to Suzuki, "The merger was a complete failure. There's no vision for the future." He ended his tweet by pointing to Square Enix's recent losses, adding that development costs were heavy.

    Suzuki was the president of Square from 2000 to 2002, before the company merged with Enix to form Square Enix. He was a Director at Square Enix from 2003 to 2005, and he is currently a Director at Sega, a former Rakuten senior exec, and a blunt Twitter user.


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    Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t understand why people think she’s young as she sees “the years attached to her face”.

    The 27-year-old Canadian singer is often amazed when people presume she is in her early twenties. She tries to be flattered when she is told she has a baby face, although she can’t understand the comment.

    “If people think I look younger, then that’s great; I’m stoked,” she told Cosmopolitan. “But I turned 27 in November, and when I look in the mirror, I see all of the years attached to that face, and I’m content with me.”

    Carly understands part of the problem is that she favours fun and flirty clothes. She insists she has a different take on fashion when she is out of the spotlight; although she makes no plans to let people see her chic side.

    “I love being classy and as elegant as possible in my apartment. But when I’m onstage, I can’t dance in four-inch heels, so I’ll generally sport flats. I’m 5-foot-2, so yeah, I’m going to look a little bit more playful. But I don’t think that means I’m trying for an age younger than I am,” she insisted.

    The singer appeared in the 2007 series of Canadian Idol and this year achieved worldwide success with her track Call Me Maybe. Although being recognised around the globe is nice, it’s not the most important thing for the star. Instead, she wants to make music which is relevant for a wide audience.

    “For me, the goal of music has never been ‘I need to be the biggest superstar in the world.’ It was ‘I want to spend my life doing this, and I want to make a career that I can live off of so I don’t have to tend bar and waitress to make this fly,’” she said. “I don’t want to be Cinderella for a night. I want to be Cinderella for life.”


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    TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out?

    I wasn’t too shocked. I figured it was going to happen eventually. I heard rumblings of it at the end of last year. There aren’t too many things that shock me about the storylines. [Laughs] After nine seasons, I’ve pretty much heard it all.

    TVLINE | Meredith, meanwhile, is understandably a little on edge about it.

    For sure. She’s super-nervous because she’s had a tricky past with that miscarriage. That’s why she decides not to tell Cristina or anybody else until after the first trimester.

    TVLINE | How does it eventually come out?

    [The whole gang] goes to dinner but [Mer] can’t drink and she’s forced to tell them why.

    TVLINE | What is Cristina’s reaction?

    I imagine she would have mixed feelings. In that one scene we shot she seems genuinely happy. We haven’t filmed any scenes yet where we discuss it. She actually figures it out on her own [before that], because she sees me eating, and [notices] my boobs got big — which is funny because, obviously, my boobs didn’t get bigger. [Laughs] But Cristina says to Derek, “I know. I already know. She’ll tell me when she’s ready.” A lot has happened between Cristina and Meredith. They had that fight outside the firehouse when Cristina said, “You’re not my person. Owen’s my person.” She recanted it, but a lot has happened and I don’t think it’s the same between them. Ultimately, they have to grow up. The older you get the more realistic it is that you’re significant other is your significant other. I mean, you’ll always have your girlfriends or your guy friends, but the person you’re married to is usually you’re No. 1.

    TVLINE | Barring another tragedy, I imagine you’ll be sporting a fake belly for much of the season. Thoughts?

    Oh, I don’t care. [Laughs] I’ve had goop squirted in my eyes and in my hair, I’ve been submerged in water tanks, I’ve been blown up… I’ve pretty much done it all, so it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of what I’ve had to do in the past.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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  • 11/29/12--19:12: Glee Promo: "Swan Song"
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    Love Bird

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