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    It's hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan only shot "Liz & Dick" for three weeks, given how much buzz and hype surrounded not only her casting, but any drama that went down on set. Some of that action included a health scare after she was reportedly found unconscious in her hotel room and an investigation into the film's overzealous production from a number of Hollywood unions. That was all happening while everyone was just wondering if the actress would be able to finish the film without incident.

    In the end, she did."Liz & Dick" airs November 25 on Lifetime, and co-star Grant Bowler still can't believe how much gossip and press surrounded Lohan's involvement in the film."There is a little bit of hype about it, isn't there? People have noticed," Bowler told MTV News on Friday (November 16).

    "I was surprised [by the attention]. I had obviously, I had been aware of Lindsay. I had never been a part of a project where that kind of marketing publicity, tabloid-type thing impacted [it] from the beginning," he added. "It was interesting. It was a whole new deal."
    In a lot of ways, the production didn't veer too far from the life and times of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the headline-making Hollywood A-listers the film is based on. They set the bar for modern-day celebrity culture and the paparazzi attention that follows it, so hiring tabloid-target Lohan made all the sense in the world.

    "I think it was a very smart decision on a lot of levels," Bowler said. "And it has been interesting, because reading the press before we started, there was a lot of questioning, like, 'Why cast Lindsay as Elizabeth Taylor?' And then right from the start, by the very fact that the tabloids were running around after it, you had your answer."

    Lohan also makes for a pretty spot-on Liz Taylor, given that they both know what it feels like to always have someone speculating about your personal life.

    "I mean, these were the two most written-about people of their day, far more notorious or scandalous a relationship, if you like, than any that's gone on since. The pope made a comment on their relationship officially from the Vatican. I don't think that's ever happened again. It kind of tops a Brangelina or anything that we've got these days. They were all over the place, those two."

    Watch a clip of the interview at the Source (MTV)

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    The Vampire Diaries is once again heading back in time in an early December episode! Sure, this happens quite a bit, but this time the focus will be on the Salvatore brothers in the 1940s.

    In "We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street", Stefan tells Damon about a suspicion he has about Elena, leaving Damon with no choice but to look into the situation with his brother. The Salvatores head to New Orleans as they also have flashbacks to their time there in 1942. They're searching for someone who remembers their last visit and come across one of Damon's old girlfriends, Charlotte. The CW warns that Damon is "faced with a heartbreaking decision".

    Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline, Elena and Bonnie decide to have a girls' night, but Elena's delivery of some shocking news could throw the night off-track. Finally, Hayley encourages Tyler to confront one of Klaus' hybrids and the situation soon spirals out of control.


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    Rihanna is dominating the magazine circuit this era. After covering ‘Vogue’ for the second time, and stripping off for ‘GQ’s Men Of The Year issue, she scores Billboard‘s November 24th cover! The blurry cover is an outtake from her ‘Unapologetic’ album shoot and features the wig snatching headline ‘The World Is Hers’. Some of her astonishing achievements are listed on it. The best selling digital artist of all time has sold 8.7 million albums and 58 million tracks. Not bad for someone aged just 24, and whom has been around for just seven years!

    Rihanna is currently on her ’777′ tour, a flying seven-day trip around the globe that will bring her to intimate venues. The first show kicked off on Wednesday in Mexico, and she played Toronto last night. Today, she plays Stockholm, and tomorrow it’s Paris. On Sunday, it’s Berlin and on Monday, it’s London. Then on Tuesday, her last show will take place in New York which is when the new album drops in stores!

    source 12

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    If you think staying up till the wee hours at Nuit Blanche is a big deal, Pat Thornton’s got you beat. For the past three years, he’s taken to the stage of Comedy Bar to deliver 24 straight hours of stand-up.

    He can’t wait to do it again.

    “It’s become its own thing,” says the big, burly, bearded comic. We’re sitting in the Comedy Bar head office, which is sloppier and more lived-in than it appears in the eponymous fictional Bite TV series (now in its second season) starring Thornton, Gary Rideout Jr., Tal Zimerman, Norm Sousa and others associated with the club.

    “It’s become this awesome community-building thing that we never expected,” says Thornton, wearing the indie comic’s de rigueur outfit of track jacket and baseball cap, giggling as he moves a dildo off a chair to sit down.

    Notice that “we.” His name might be on the event – which, by the way, is a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation – but Thornton knows the reason it’s caught on is all the support in the comedy community. Like any good improv and sketch artist, he’s aware of the importance of playing well with others.

    For the marathon, he usually begins with half an hour’s worth of material, and then other comics and fans – in the audience or via Twitter, email or the show’s live stream – will contribute jokes. Pretty soon a theme emerges and he continues to riff on that.

    “Last year’s theme,” he says, grinning, “was a love affair between Mr. Smee and Captain Hook.”

    The year before, he and the other comics went on a 20-hour bender ranting about how C-list actor Kevin Sorbo had no money and was eating garbage. The Twitter traffic involving the Hercules actor was so heavy, his name became a trending topic.

    That – and a call by Comedy Bar manager Rideout – piqued Sorbo’s interest, and a few months later he agreed to guest at a Comedy Bar weekend of sets called Kevin Sorbo’s Garbage Weekend.

    “It’s still one of the most surreal things that’s ever happened in my life,” says Thornton.

    If topics like the gay relationship between characters from a children’s classic or the ribbing of a minor celebrity seem sophomoric, well, Thornton would be the first to admit that his comedy isn’t terribly intellectual.

    “With improv in particular, there’s this idea that comedy must come from a solemn, serious place,” he says. “All I care about is funny, so I go for the joke every time. Some people are like, ‘Oh, that could be smarter.’ Yeah, sure, but didn’t we come here to laugh?”

    Thornton says everything he does in comedy is because of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s cult series Mr. Show.

    “That was a wake-up call, proof that there was this other way things could be. And I liked that its creators could do everything: stand-up, sketch, write.”

    Thornton says Comedy Bar will eventually go down as a place that creates triple threats – comics who can improvise, do stand-up and work in sketch.

    But forget the genre. As with all natural performers, something happens when Thornton’s onstage or onscreen. There’s an electricity around him, and he comes into focus. Nothing fazes him.

    That was evident early on with his sketch work in troupes like Todd’s Lunch (with Rideout and Zimerman, whom he met at Humber College) and later with the Sketchersons, who put on the long-running Sunday Night Live show.

    “I guess I’m a classic ham,” he says. “I want to be onstage. It’s how I like to party. I’d rather have a few drinks and get up onstage than just be at a party drinking.”

    His unique talent got singled out by the Comedy Network for the surreal series Hotbox, which temporarily put him in an uncomfortable spot, like a musician plucked from the band to be a solo act.

    “That was weird,” he says reflectively. “The producers were clear early on that they wanted to develop a show around me, not a Sketchersons show. And they wanted to be heavily involved in who got to be on it and who got to write it.

    “So it was difficult, coming out of the family-based system of the Sketchersons. All I could say was, ‘Okay, guys, I’ll see if I can get you in this.’”

    And he did. Rideout says Thornton is incredibly generous.

    “He’s got a soft spot for people who need help,” says Rideout. “He’s paid for friends to get headshots. We worked together to create a Comedy Week for Haiti after the earthquake and ended up raising $40,000.”

    In the end, Hotbox, like many Canadian TV shows, lasted a single season.

    “A lot of Canadian shows are created in a vacuum,” says Thornton. “You make stuff and you put it out, but you don’t get to gauge audience response. So we sort of walked away knowing everything we wanted to do in the second season, but we didn’t get a second season.”

    That was in 2010, and Thornton seems fine about it now, even philosophical.

    “I feel like the star of a show just has to die for a while, and then you get a chance to see if a career will emerge from the rubble. So I’ve been in the trenches making all the little things I can make. Just trying to be a funny guy.”

    That includes, for almost two years, taking up stand-up comedy again. He did 11 sets at the recent JFL42 festival, opening eight times for the stand-up Todd Barry, who asked for him specifically.

    Why stand-up?

    “I had to think about the likelihood of my wanting to be in a sketch troupe when I was 40,” he says. “But I knew I’d always want to perform. So it was time to start treating stand-up like a job, always having an act.”

    This week he hosts Sunday Night Live for the second time since leaving the troupe three years ago. It was where he cut his teeth, cranking out a full-length evening’s worth of sketches every week.

    He’s a standout in the Comedy Bar series, where he got a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award. And he garnered some great reviews for his supporting part in the recent Picnicface movie Roller Town, where he played a dim thug named Beef.

    If you follow him on Twitter (@patthornton), you know about his fascination with Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez. He constantly re-tweets Lopez’s banal statements and pictures.

    “Most of the people I follow are comedians, and everybody’s trying to impress each other and trying to be at least interesting and entertaining. Mario Lopez is just a shining example of the other side of that.

    “His tweets are just: ‘Here’s another picture of me with a celebrity.’ All day. He’s sold himself to the universe as being this picture of wholesomeness that everyone loves. People are, ‘Yeah, I’ll follow you, just tell me nothing.’”

    It’s not just a silly stunt, however. Dig beneath Thornton’s constant re-tweeting and you get at what drives his comedy. Maybe there’s a “revenge of the nerds” dynamic at play, with Thornton as the chubby kid pretending to know the school jock but secretly making fun of him.

    “Listen, Mario Lopez is attractive and famous enough that he doesn’t have to be interesting. And I feel the other way.”

    Um, unattractive and relatively unfamous?

    “Yeah,” he says. “So I’ve spent my whole life trying to be interesting.”

    I don't know if this will get approved, but I hope it does...for obvious reasons most content on ONTD is American - this is a well-known Toronto comedian who is doing this for a good cause, it would be nice if he could et more exposure and possibly raise more money. So please no nasty people in this post


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It’s a sad day for fans of two ambitious ABC dramas that came up short in the ratings this fall: Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will soon end their runs.

    ABC will continue airing the original 13-episode orders for both shows, but neither will receive a full-season pickup.

    For 666, the writing has been on the wall for weeks. The Sunday-night supernatural drama starring Terry O’Quinn has been shedding its Revenge lead-in and been on a downward spiral since its debut.

    For Last Resort, the news is somewhat surprising. Though its ratings matched the performance of 666, Shawn Ryan’s submarine thriller was one of the best-reviewed new fall shows and, up until the past couple weeks, insiders were betting it would get a “back nine” order. But Last Resort struggled against very steep competition in its 8 p.m. slot and the show’s ratings ticked down a little further last night.


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    It's a wrap! American Idol's new judging panel just finished auditions for Season 12, and viewers will see which contestants earned golden tickets when the show debuts in exactly two months.

    Next up for the judges – who are all smiles alongside Seacrest in an exclusive new Idol photo – is Hollywood Week, when they will whittle down the contestant pool to determine which singers will move on to the live shows.

    Despite an on-set spat between Carey and Minaj during auditions in Charlotte, N.C., in early October, the judges have been getting along well during this latest round. "Mariah and Nicki sat next to each other yesterday," an Idol source said Thursday. "There really is some great chemistry among all the judges."

    The new panel has been working long hours, adds the source, but "they've found what they think is some seriously superstar talent out there." The Long Beach set had its fill of special, expressive moments too, such as when an 8-year-old girl showed up dressed like Minaj – complete with a pink and blue wig – to support her auditioning aunt.

    "Nicki told her she loved her color palette and talked to her about how important it is stay in school,"
    says the source. "The little girl sang 'Starships' for Nicki, who let the girl and her brother sit on her lap for the audition. It was really cute."

    The new season of Idol makes its debut over two nights, on Jan. 16 and 17.


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    Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and friends go to dinner in LA, 11/15/12.

    liam looking AHMAZING! and seriously is cheyne her assistant or something or does he just follow her around all the time, he was with her at the building yesterday too


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    Aired Thursday:

    Grey's Anatomy
    Last Resort (Cancelled)
    Person of Interest
    The Big Bang Theory
    Two and a Half Men
    Up All Night
    The Office
    30 Rock
    Beauty and the Beast
    Parks and Recreation
    Vampire Diaries
    Rock Center with Brian Williams
    The X Factor

    Final Adjustments: The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up two tenths, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and The Office were each adjusted up one tenth and Last Resort and Scandal were each adjusted down one tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

    Original Preliminary Ratings Text: CBS won the night in adults 18-49 and in Total Viewers.

    On CBS, The Big Bang Theory earned a season-high 5.5 up 8% from last week's 5.1 adults 18-49 rating. Two and a Half Men scored a 4.1 up 2% from last week's 4.0 adults 18-49 rating. Person Of Interest garnered a 3.1 up 7% from last week's 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. Elementary notched a 2.3 up 5% from last week's series-low 2.2 among adults 18-49.

    On FOX, The X Factor earned a 2.4, up 4% from last week's 2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Glee notched a 2.1, down 13% from last week’s 2.4 rating.

    On ABC, Last Resort earned a 1.3, down 7% from last week’s 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and tying its season low. Grey's Anatomy scored a 3.1, down 6% from last week’s 3.3. Most of your predictions were a bit too optimistic. Scandal garnered a 2.1, up 11% from last week’s 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

    On NBC, 30 Rock earned a 1.2, even with its last Thursday episode on October 25. Up All Night scored a 1.3, down 7% from a 1.4 its most recent episode on October 26. The Office tied its series low with a 2.0, down 17% from last week’s 2.4, when it had The Voice as a lead-in. Parks and Recreation, featuring a guest appearance by Vice President Joe Biden, scored a 1.7, even with last week and proving that as a sit-com guest star, he’s no match for Miley Cyrus. Rock Center garnered a 1.1, up 10% from last week's 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.

    On the CW, The Vampire Diaries earned a 1.2, down 20% from last week's 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Beauty And The Beast scored a 0.6 down 14% from last week's 0.7 adults 18-49 rating.


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  • 11/16/12--16:01: FFAF: November 16, 2012












    Thanks so much to everyone for all the entries. We'll get in contact with the WINNER!!

    And don't forget, Christmas is just around the corner!

    You know the ffaf rules, no porn/spam/huge comments/advertising/fighting

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    The 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team stopped by the White House Thursday to visit with President Barack Obama.

    McKayla Maroney, known for her jaw-dropping vault, hinted on Twitter Thursday that she may have taken her "not impressed" face all the way to the Oval Office.

    Turns out it wasn't just Maroney who was "not impressed,".

    Members of the 2012 Women's Olympic Gymnastics team, from left, Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, Gabby Douglas, and Aly Raisman, react to the wind gust caused by the Marine One helicopter, with President Barack Obama aboard, as they watch the departure from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012. Obama had met with the team earlier in private meeting in the Oval Office.

    The Fierce Five and other members of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team got a personal audience with President Barack Obama on Thursday while on tour in Washington.

    The group met with the president in the Oval Office before huddling together in the chill outside to watch his helicopter lift off. Obama was headed to New York to tour storm damage.

    The gymnasts missed a White House appearance with the rest of the U.S. Olympic team earlier this year because of their national tour schedule.

    The Fierce Five – Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, and Jordyn Wieber – claimed the gold at this summer's London Games. They signed leotards to give to the president's daughters, Sasha and Malia, during the visit.

    Source 12

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    Stepping out with boyfriend Matthew Rutler for date night, Christina Aguilera left Bouchon restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday (November 16).

    The "Dirty" singer looked trendy in a low-cut Mickey Mouse T-shirt, gray blazer, Chaplin hat, black leggings, and knee-high leather boots as she clung to her beau's arm.


    On Tuesday, the 31-year-old "Voice" judge released her seventh studio album, Lotus. As a way of introducing the album, Christina told MTV, "You'll hear on this record that I've written songs for the next generation to hopefully inspire new singers of raw talent and realness. ... I definitely wanted to have fun and make Lotus about freedom."

    Bringing in her co-judges on "The Voice" for support, two of the tracks are collaborations with Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.


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    Former Red Hot Chili Peppers axeman John Frusciante has some good, expensive news for his fans. On December 11th, he’ll reissue eight of his solo efforts on 180 gram limited edition vinyl via Record Collection. Considering the depth of his discography, the albums in question include 2004′s The Will To Death, 2004′s Inside of Emptiness, 2004′s A Sphere in the Heart of Silence, 2004′s DC EP, 2005′s Curtains, 2009′s The Empyrean, and his work with Ataxia, 2004′s Automatic Writing and 2007′s AW II.

    With the exception of the DC EP, which will cost $29.99, each individual LP has a hefty price of $34.99. However, there’s also a bundle available for $229.99. Fans looking to grab all of the above and Frusciante’s work this year (Letur Lefr, PBX) can throw in a little extra and take it all for $249.99.


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    On the show, the 32-year-old New Girl actress chatted about being often mistaken for singer Katy Perry.

    “I was relieved because everyone kept saying ‘this girl looks so much like you’. And then I met her and I was like, ‘thank God she’s attractive!’ I was worried she was gonna be an unattractive person,” Zooey said to host David.

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    Hollywood actor Peter Facinelli enjoyed a casual meal with actress Jaimie Alexander on Thursday — and Celebuzz has your exclusive first look at the couple’s meet-up in New York.

    Sources for Celebuzz placed Facinelli, 38, and Alexander, 28, at The Penny Farthing in the East Village, where they sat down for a nice meal just prior to the premiere of Facinelli’s latest movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part II.

    “They had a great time,” said the source, who confirmed they are dating. “They looked like a very cute couple.”

    Facinelli, who split from wife Jennie Garth in March after 11 years of marriage, worked with Alexander three years ago on the film Loosies. They reunited in Europe in August, while Facinelli was doing publicity for Breaking Dawn and Alexander was shooting Thor 2.

    They were spotted together at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, according to sources.

    A native of Greenville, SC, Alexander spent two years on the ABC Family series Kyle XY before going on to play Sif in the 2011 blockbuster Thor. She’ll reprise her role in the film’s much-anticipated sequel, Thor: The Dark Worldin May 2013.
    Alexander will also star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand, out nationwide on Jan. 18.

    This marks the first time Facinelli — who is in New York filming Nurse Jackie — has stepped out with another woman since his split. Garth, meanwhile, has been linked to multiple men, including real estate agent Jason Clark and photographer Noah Abrams.

    at the BDpart2 screening in NYC

    from Jaimie's twitter (nov 15th)

    source | source | source

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    Kim Kardashian definitely meant well—but sometimes a celebrity's good intentions get lost in translation.

    Enough people objected to two of Kim's tweets from today in which she said she was "praying for everyone in Israel" and "praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!" that she has since deleted the posts and apologized for offending anybody.

    "I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize," she wrote on her blog.

    "I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them. The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didnt choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires."

    Her tweets were in response to news reports that tensions have escalated along the Gaza Strip this week, with Palestinian militants firing rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and the Israeli military gearing up for a possible ground invasion, which would be its first in Gaza in four years.

    Three Israelis were killed in a rocket attack yesterday, while Palestinian fatalities are now at 28, including several children, a Hamas leader whose home was hit by an Israeli rocket and a man executed by Hamas for collaborating with the Israelis, according to the New York Times.

    Kardashian attended the Marine Corps Ball last night in Greenville, N.C., with Sgt. Martin Gardner.



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    source: youtube

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  • 11/17/12--12:44: X Factor UK discussion post

  • Stream:

    mods please accept this soon, the shows already started. :) Thanks

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    Paul McCartney has delivered an anti-turkey Christmas message, telling people to go vegetarian this festive season.

    The former Beatle appears in animal rights charity PETA's new Christmas advertising campaign, wearing an 'eat no turkey' t-shirt beneath the slogan, "celebrate life this holiday season, go vegetarian."

    McCartney has also recorded a voiceover for the group's latest campaign video about the meat industry titled 'Glass Walls' after McCartney's quote, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."

    Speaking about what the McCartney household eats over Christmas, he says: "We eat a veggie roast at home, so if we have traditional moments like Christmas … the roast is perfect. It's completely vegetarian, but I can slice it, so I can do all my traditional dad things. We can do our family stuff with it, and it's delicious, so I much prefer that to my memory of turkey."

    Paul McCartney is the latest musician to join PETA's campaign to promote animal rights. Joss Stone appeared naked in an anti-fur campaign.


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