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    A day after THR reported that Michael Arndthas been working with Lucasfilm for several months on a treatment for the new Star Wars movie, Lucasfilm has confirmed that the Toy Story 3 scribe will write the screenplay for Episode VII.

    Arndt had written a 40- to 50-page treatment that will bring the saga of the Skywalkers, the Force-imbued family comprising Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and twins Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, to a close in a new trilogy. The story is said to focus on a new generation of heroes and would feature appearances by Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in older incarnations of their beloved characters from the original Star Wars trilogy.

    Sources have said not to discount the possibility that a number of characters from previous Star Wars films could reappear — even the dead Jedis, who have a habit of showing up in spirit form.

    The next step for Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy, who is overseeing the production of the new movies for Disney, is to hire a director. One name popping up consistently amongst insiders is Brad Bird, though insiders say no choice has been made and Bird already is working on another top-secret sci-fi project for the studio.

    Arndt, repped by Verve, is described as a huge Star Wars fan and well-versed in the lore of the mythology. He won an Oscar for his script for Little Miss Sunshine and was nominated for his work on Toy Story 3, helping make the Pixar movie the most emotional of the three. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

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    Loved me some of that Morgwen Stockholm realness even though it is frakked up.
    Also was I the only one annoyed by how no one is reflecting on how horridly the knights (esp. her own brother) treated Gwen last season?

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  • 11/10/12--17:25: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from Box Office Mojo

    Last weekend's International numbers

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD?

    spoiler code:

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    Former Saved By the Bell star Lark Voorhies spoke exclusively with ET to refute claims that she is battling mental health issues. Now we've recruited a mental health professional to weigh in.

    With Lark's permission, the interview was reviewed by respected psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, who acts as the medical director of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

    "I wasn't sure what we were seeing today," said Dr. Sophy, whose major concerns were Larks's sleep patterns, previous psychiatric care and possible history of substance abuse. Without further information, Dr. Sophy wasn't able to give the most accurate analysis of Voorhies' mental health.

    Last month, Voorhies and her mother Tricia spoke to People, with Tricia claiming that the 38-year-old former teen star has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Likewise, former co-star Dustin Diamond told the magazine that he felt Voorhies "wasn't the Lark [he] knew" when he met with her in 2003 to record commentary for a Saved By the Bell box set.

    People stands by their story, telling ET that they "spent hours with Lark Voorhies and spoke to those closest to her."

    Voorhies adamantly denies being in poor mental health.


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    Kristina Robinson-Head

    Kristina is from Wakson, Texas. Her fiance tragically died April 30, 2011 in a drowning accident that almost killed Kristina who was early along in her pregnancy. She went into premature labor and her son, Lukas Todd Hight, was born on September 26, 2011.



    Kristina started dated one of Todd's friends TJ Head shortly after she had Lukas and they got married this past March before her 16 & Pregnant episode even aired.


    Kristina announced in September that she was 21 weeks along with a bay boy due in January 2013.




    Jamie McKay is from Asheville, North Carolina. She had a daughter Miah in October 2010 with her boyfriend Ryan McElrath. She posted a sonogram on twitter in late September that said RIP Angel. Many people thought she miscarried but she announced she had an abortion.


    After facing lots of criticism, she deleted the picture and posted I keep the picture in HONOR of my child. I did not make that decision for nothing. I am focusing on school and Miah. That picture is a reminder to stay focused.



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    Ryan Murphy is the king of the Bad Relationship show. The affair is volatile and frustrating, and there are long stretches when you don’t get much from it and feel like a sucker for becoming involved; but then, just when you decide you can’t take it anymore, the show does something so wonderful and surprising that you fall in love again. I’ve gone through this range of reactions while watching Murphy’s nightmare soap American Horror Story, which just started its second season, and his high-school musical Glee, which is now in its fourth. I almost bailed on AHS midway through season one, when it seemed as though it was making things up as it went along, and I’ve announced publicly that I was done with Glee at least three times. Yet here I am, still watching both. Why? Because Murphy’s shows—made in collaboration with writer-producers Brad Falchuk (Glee, AHS) and Ian Brennan (Glee)—represent TV’s virtues and faults in their most heightened form. Scripted TV can be as tonally elastic as literary fiction, cinema, and pop music; it can be “realistic,” exaggerated, even figurative or fantastic, within the space of one episode. Yet few shows indulge that freedom, going anywhere their imagination takes them, and accepting the fact that the results will be hit-and-miss. The short list includes Louie, Wilfred, Portlandia, Community, and anything by Murphy, TV’s most polarizing, problematic showrunner. For all its trashiness and willy-nilliness, Murphy’s work gives me potent highs that neater, more measured shows don’t—ones that derive from his prizing exuberance over consistency, and the juxtaposition of beautiful moments with mediocrity, which makes the great bits pop like flowers in a junkyard.

    Season four of Glee, which sent McKinley High School graduates Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) to study musical theater in New York, is a great example. I quit watching near the end of season three following a run of episodes that were half-assed even by Glee’s standards. I came back this year after friends (enablers?) told me it had gotten good again. I could spend this whole column citing this season’s missteps; at the top of the list would be the scenes with McKinley’s new freshmen, who feel like dull replacements for the aged-out original cast, and anything with glee-club coach Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and his fiancée, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), who’s been so underused recently that I keep forgetting she’s on the show. But I’d rather praise the New York sequences, which invigorate Glee even as they beg us to believe unbelievable developments, such as tight-assed Rachel transforming into a Broadway trouper, and the greenhorn Kurt’s instantly becoming the confidant and creative sounding board of his boss, a superstar Vogue editor (guest Sarah Jessica Parker). But I’m willing to live with Glee’s irritants because, at their most raw and calculatedly naïve, the New York scenes remind me of what it was like to be on the cusp of twenty: sensitive and horny and ambitious; wanting to hold on to the person that you were, even as you strive to become the person you think you’re meant to be.

    The fourth episode, “The Break Up,” was Glee at its most excessive yet assured. When it became clear that it was going to bust up not one, not two, but four couples in an episode—Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss); Rachel and her old high-school sweetheart Finn (Cory Monteith); Will and Emma; and Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera)—I laughed out loud at its Glee-ness. But overall this was a somber installment, with unusually stripped-down musical numbers, the best of which were set in a piano bar called Callbacks. Finn, visiting New York after an aborted stint in the Army, watched Rachel duet with her fellow student and suitor Brody (Dean Geyer) and realized he’d made a horrible mistake by going into embarrassment hibernation and not calling her for four months. Then Blaine sat at the piano and performed an on-the-edge-of-tears rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” the song with which he’d serenaded Kurt two seasons earlier. Both numbers were about the pain of realizing that geography and maturity have opened an unbridgeable gulf in a relationship that once seemed perfect.

    American Horror Story, which I’ve described elsewhere as Glee’s evil cousin, turns some of the alienating qualities of Murphy’s shows—short attention span; uninterest in character consistency; an eagerness to get a rise out of viewers—into strengths. Early in season one, I was put off by the show’s fast-forward pace and lack of dramatic connective tissue. Every few minutes there was a Big Moment—a rape by a black-rubber-suited ghost, a deranged monologue by Jessica Lange in Tennessee Williams freakazoid mode—and the horror classicist in me rebelled. But over time it became clear that this was the show’s aesthetic, and that, whatever issues I had with it, it was something new: all-highlights horror; a glossy, soapy, trailer-ized version of a ghost story, possibly derived from the experience of watching films in ten-minute segments on YouTube.

    And in retrospect it became clear that the show was more meticulously constructed than I’d thought. For the most part, the pieces fit, the whole thing working as both black comedy–domestic satire and horror-tragedy. In the final stretch—a slide-trough to hell that showcased operatic gore worthy of Dario Argento—American Horror Story killed off every recurring character. Amazingly, that was okay, because the biggest of the show’s big surprises had to do with the format: All this time you thought you were watching an ongoing series, but you were actually watching a mini-series, one that would reboot itself with a new plot, a new location, and much of the same cast filling new roles.

    We’re just three episodes into the second season of American Horror Story, which is set at a Catholic-run mental hospital and subtitled Asylum, but already it feels like an improvement on the first. The jumpy energy and jaunty perversity are still there, but the period setting (1964) gives the story more resonance, classy pop music, and a semblance of context. Just as Glee makes a point of satirizing and sentimentalizing society’s misfits and outcasts, alternately bullying and embracing them, Asylum is about the pain of not fitting in. But the stakes are greater here. The powers that be don’t just want to shame misfits but imprison, torture, even murder them. The choice of time period is as significant here as it always is on Mad Men. Climactic social change is afoot, and the Establishment is starting to panic. There are maybe a half-dozen ongoing subplots on Asylum. All are about repression—not just the private, individual repression of “impure” thoughts, as represented by Lange’s Sister Jude, a nun who wears a red negligee under her habit, but the systemic repression of then-taboo behavior. One asylum inmate (Chloë Sevigny) is there because her cheating boyfriend committed her for having retaliatory sex with an array of lovers and admitting she loved every minute of it. An interracial couple secretly marries in violation of an anti-miscegenation law, and then gets brutally separated by what could be an alien abduction or a kidnap-murder. James Cromwell’s Dr. Arthur Arden is the show’s stand-in for the patriarchy, a surgeon who delights in performing experiments on trussed-up patients, and who might secretly be the serial killer known as Bloody Face. Sarah Paulson is a nosy lesbian journalist who starts out trying to expose the asylum’s secrets but—thanks to panicked betrayal by her lover, a “respectable” schoolteacher—ends up trapped there.

    As giddily naughty, vulgar, and demented as Asylum is, it’s a serious piece of work, and the product of a singular (if rarely neat) sensibility. I’m hopelessly in love with it at the moment, but don’t be surprised a few weeks from now when I declare that I’m done with it, or next year, when I write a piece about how I love it again. I really should rip the Band-Aid off my relationship with his shows, but I can’t bring myself to do it, because the only thing worse than Murphy at his worst is knowing that if you stop watching, you might be missing Murphy at his best. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I have watched his latest series, the Modern Family–esque sitcom The New Normal. I despised the first two episodes and swore I’d never watch again, but sure enough, as I type away on deadline, trying to finish this article, a friend e-mails to tell me I should give it another chance.

    American Horror Story: Asylum, Wednesdays at 10 p.m., Fox.
    Glee, Thursdays at 9 p.m., Fox.


    I thought that since it seems like the majority of us seem to think the same as this article that it'd be a good place to discuss. Honestly, I haven't jumped back into 'Glee' yet, I heard it's better this season and was watching it on Hulu and it froze halfway through the premiere and took it as a sign. Is it still good this season or has it started declining in consistency?

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    Now this is an interesting looking project. Start with a novel by Dennis Lehane, whose work has inspired ‘Shutter Island,’ ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone.’ Put Michael Roskam, the Oscar-nominated director of the incredible ‘Bullhead,’ in the director’s seat. Finally, headline it with Tom Hardy, easily one of the most interesting and talented actors working today. Yep, that’s all you need to get us interested in ‘Animal Rescue.’

    The project was originally in the hands of Neil Burger, but he stepped away to pursue other endeavors. The current line-up of talent is not a sure thing yet, but according to Variety, gears are turning. With luck, we could be getting a Roskam-directed, Boston-based crime drama starring Hardy, which sounds incredible. Hardy is a born leading man (and he’s had one helluva year with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Lawless’) and Roskam’s ‘Bullhead’ is one of the most unique and audacious crime films in recent memory. This is a dream team.

    As for the film itself, the story “…follows a lonely Boston bartender who rescues a puppy from a garbage can and becomes the target of the dog’s abusive and mentally unstable former owner, while simultaneously getting caught in the middle of a criminal conspiracy playing out in his mob-controlled bar.”

    Of course, things could always change. Both Roskam and Hardy are in high demand, with the former planning to direct ‘The Tiger’ and an HBO pilot called ‘Buda Bridge’ and the latter signed on for a series of other projects, including Doug Liman’s ‘Everest.’ Still, we can only hope this all comes together — everything about this one feels right.


    Hardy doing a Boston accent. Laawd.

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    LET’S be honest – only two X Factor singers this year have even half a chance of pop success.

    ELLA HENDERSON and JAMES ARTHUR both combine some reasonable vocal talent with enough originality to have a sniff of a record deal.

    Don’t give me any of your JAHMENE jive. The boy is afraid of his own shadow — and that brings back images of LEON JACKSON.

    As for CHRISTOPHER MALONEY even a girlband like LITTLE MIX can see he’s not cut out for anything more than the club circuit.

    JESY from the group, who won last year’s X Factor, even offered her sympathies to his mentor, GARY BARLOW.
    She said: “Poor Gary, clinging on to Ma-phoney. We’re not fans.

    “I don’t really get it and I don’t know who is going to buy his music. I guess ‘each to their own’. But I can’t see that he’s going to become a pop star.”

    And her bandmate JADE vowed: “I’ll eat my hat if he goes the whole way.”
    Tonight, Gary defended his act and said: "He's not been in the bottom two so he must be receiving a lot of votes. He can sell records."

    Little Mix are set to give their new single, DNA, a massive boost by performing it on the show tonight — as long as everything goes smoothly.

    But PERRIE said: “I am going to puke on stage.

    “I am genuinely really worried about it. I am petrified. Really petrified.”

    It’s no wonder show bosses drafted in Little Mix and ONE DIRECTION, who appeared in a pre-recorded segment last night.

    This year has been a bit of a lame duck. Ratings are down and the non-stop deadlock politics between the judges have spoiled the show.

    I liked JADE ELLIS, while KYE SONES has clearly got talent. But beyond that, the line-up has been average.

    I’ve also enjoyed NICOLE SCHERZINGER and Gary as judges. But that’s not what the show should be about.

    I wasn’t a massive fan either of LUCY SPRAGGAN — but there was a glimmer of hope with what she managed to do this year.
    Lucy coined about £50,000 by playing her own song on the show, which earned her a decent slice of cash from downloads on iTunes.

    The only way Chris will make that kind of money is if he heads back to the cruise ships.


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    Leighton (along with Emma stone) is featured in InStyle's Dec. 2012 issue.

    More ads for Cidade Jardim

    fresh faced n' walking


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    As the big-screen iteration of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" draws to an end, it seems the fanfic her series inspired is about to enjoy its own moment in the sun.

    To wit, E L James' erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey," and its sequels have already sold more than 60 million copies worldwide, with a film version in the works. And, just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that another Twific "The Office" (retitled "Beautiful Bastard") will be making its way to bookstore shelves soon. Indeed, it's a good time to be a fan-fiction writer. All of which got us wondering which other "Twilight" takeoffs are worthy of prime placement at Barnes & Noble. We reached out to several in-the-know fanfic enthusiasts to get their opinions.

    Check out their reading lists after the jump, and sound off with your own suggestions in the comments!

    "The Blessing and the Curse"
    "If the publishing world wants another 'Twilight' fan fiction series to snap up, key in a few name changes, and sell like hotcakes, they might want to give 'The Blessing and the Curse' by The Black Arrow a look-see. In this story, Bella was orphaned at a young age and raised by Esme, Edward's mother. Though she's engaged to another man, she pretends to be head over heels for Edward for oh-so-romantic-minded Esme's sake. Only, Edward the telepath knows better and makes it a mission to make her affections real. The life-long relationship between Bella and Edward is intense—at times almost too much so—which makes for an intoxicating, roller coaster-esque read. The plot and characters are just different enough to distinguish from the saga, and people love this fic a lot."—Amanda Bell, Twilight Examiner

    "Wide Awake"
    "I was introduced to the world of 'Twilight' fan fiction back in late 2008 through our message board over on the Twilight Facebook page. To this day, I am deeply invested and utterly in love with a story called ‘Wide Awake,' written by AngstGoddess003. When talking about that story I tell others that it was so good, that staying up until 4 a.m. just reading it almost kept me from passing my classes that semester. Along with 'The Office,' that story continues to be one that I would pay money to read in print."—Lauren Suero, Twilight Facebook page

    "There Will Be Blood"
    "There are a lot of 'Twilight' fans who are fan-fiction lovers. A lot of them are quiet about their fanfic love. Others are more open about it. Personally, I read my fanfic on my eReader so no one knows what I'm REALLY reading. But embarrassment aside, fan fiction has introduced me to some amazingly talented writers. One of my favorites is JohnnyBoy7. I first read his story, "There Will Be Blood," at the recommendation of a friend and was immediately engrossed in the story about a family involved in the mafia. I'm pretty excited about the number of fan-fic authors that are getting publishing deals. I can't wait to see who's next. —Elena Raines, Twilightish

    Have you read any of these fanfics? Which ones do you want to see land a publishing deal? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!


    LOL ONTD which fanfic - twilight or otherwise - do you think should be the next big publishing hit?

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    Michael B. Jordan has landed a role in the upcoming film Are We Officially Dating? The actor joins Imogen Poots and Zac Efron in the film which is based on three New York City friends who pledge to stay single even if they find the right one.

    Jordan has been busy working as of lately. The young actor will star in upcoming Fruitvale alongside Octavia Spencer. The film which is produced by Forest Whitaker and his Significant Productions partner Nina Yang, is a movie about Oscar Grant, the young man who was wrongfully gunned downed in the train station by a police officer back in 2009. Jordan also appeared in Anthony Hemingway’s Red Tails, Chronicle and on TV had recurring roles on Parenthood and Friday Night Lights.

      Tom Gormican is directing Are We Officially Dating? from a script he wrote himself. Treehouse   Pictures’ Kevin Turen and Justin Nappiare producing along with Andrew O’Connor and Scott   Aversano. Bill Block, John Friedberg, Michael Simkin, Jason Barrett and Manu Gargi are executive   producing.

      Are We Officially Dating? is slated to open in theaters sometime next year. More details   coming soon…

    idk about that synopsis but i'm still excited

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  • 11/10/12--19:38: Lana Del Rey - Hit & Run

  • source

    What kind of jam?

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    As they prepare to release their second album, the world’s hottest boy band tell Jane Gordon about breaking hearts and storming the charts.

    It's been a big year for Britain and the British. London 2012 and the Jubilee celebrations inspired a new feeling of patriotism at home and made us the focus of attention across the planet. But there is currently another British phenomenon attracting global attention. 
    Five boys aged between 18 and 20 are pushing Britain’s international standing stratospherically upwards in (and as) One Direction. 
    Harry Styles, 18, Zayn Malik, 19, Niall Horan, 19, Liam Payne, 19, and Louis Tomlinson, 20 – who all auditioned for The X Factor in 2010 as solo artists but were thrown together as a band by Simon Cowell – have (despite coming third in the final) broken recording history. They are the first UK group to reach number one in the US charts with their debut album, which means they outdo even the Beatles, and have a following that currently eclipses that of Justin Bieber.  
    In the process of conquering America and much of the rest of the world, the boys have not only earned an estimated £1 million a week between them, they have also been great for Britain. Charming, courteous, modest and hard-working, they are the Team GB of the music industry. ‘The Team GB of the music industry?’ Liam repeats in bemused tones. ‘No one has said that before but, hey, that’s a really great thing to hear.’ 

    ‘Yes, thank you, that’s really, really nice,’ adds Zayn.

    ‘Quite a lot of the girls I get photographed with are just friends and then, according to the papers, I have, like, 7,000 girlfriends’ Harry.

    But you know we couldn’t compare what we do with what the British athletes did at the Olympics. We are very proud to be British and if we have done our bit to promote Britain in a historic year for the country that’s brilliant,’ says Louis with a grin, prompting both Harry and Niall to nod their heads in agreement.

    What distinguishes One Direction (aka 1D) from the boy bands of previous generations – apart, perhaps, from Take That (who actually never broke America, but whose longevity 1D dream of emulating) – is the fact that they do not have the usual limited fanbase of fickle prepubescent girls. Grown women in their 20s, 30s and 40s will blushingly admit to a crush on one or other of the five (usually Harry Styles, who has a reputation for liking ‘cougars’ following his well-publicised affair with TV presenter Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she 32). Nor have they estranged boys – my own 20-year-old son and his university mates might not buy 1D albums, but they nonetheless like and relate to the band, and have even provided me with a list of questions to ask them. 
    One Direction’s popularity is such that between them they have, at the last count, a combined Twitter following of around 32 million and are so dominant on the internet that when I Googled Louis his name came up first – ahead of Louis Vuitton – while Harry Styles may have taken second place to Harry Potter, but was ahead of Harry Windsor.

    We meet at the end of a particularly hard couple of weeks, during which the boys have been working from ‘7am to the early hours’ to promote their new album. No easy feat for teenagers who are traditionally nocturnal creatures – later they confess that ‘sleep’ is one of the main sacrifices they have made for their careers. Aware of their fatigue (at the photo shoot I attended the previous day, Niall was asleep on one sofa while Zayn snoozed on another) and their love of sweets (it has been claimed that their publicist gives them two packets of Haribo at 5pm every day) I arrive with a box of Hummingbird Bakery sugar-loaded cupcakes. 

    ‘Wow, you are the best, these are wicked,’ says Harry as the boys open the box and distribute the cakes. Only Louis – who the others say is the ‘most body conscious’ – resists, saying politely he will save his till later. 
    While they eat I start my questions, asking if they sometimes worry that each of them has been characterised in a certain way, like the Spice Girls. 

    ‘We joke about it [Zayn’s vanity] – we’ll say, “Zayn, quick, look, there’s a mirror over there you’ve missed”’

    Is there a member of One Direction for everyone? 

    Is Niall, for example, the baby of the band and Harry the lothario?
    ‘What’s a lothario?’ asks Louis. ‘A womaniser,’ replies Zayn, who once had ambitions to become an English teacher. He pauses for a moment: ‘I think he was a character in a play by Shakespeare or, no wait, maybe he was from something such as Don Quixote.’ When I check later, ashamed of my own lack of knowledge, I discover Zayn is right, but his impressive response is quickly dismissed by the others who are eager to confirm that – never mind Harry’s status as a womaniser – Niall is indeed the baby.

    ‘There is no doubt Niall is the cute one,’ says Louis. ‘I feel really protective towards Niall,’ adds Liam. ‘Yeah, in the nicest possible way I would much rather see any of us punched than Niall,’ says Louis. ‘If you saw someone go to punch Niall you would just go psycho…’ continues Harry. ‘I’d kill him,’ Liam states unequivocally.

    ‘I don’t know what it is, but even though he isn’t the youngest, he’s the one we feel almost maternal towards,’ Zayn says. When I agree that, as a mother of a boy about their age, he makes me feel maternal too, there is a brief silence before Harry says, ‘You can take him home if you want,’ prompting a burst of laughter from everyone but Niall.

    Unlike most boys their age, the band live in their own flats in the same London block, though Harry – who shared his with Louis – has recently bought a house in North London, and Zayn in Hertfordshire. But their ‘tour bus’, they say, is as ‘disgusting’ as a student residence.

    ‘In some ways we are like students in the way we live,’ replies Liam, ‘except that we work harder. Whenever I ring any of my mates at uni – around two in the afternoon because they never wake up before then – and ask what they are doing they usually say “just hanging in halls playing Fifa”.’

    The band do play the console game Fifa – Louis and Harry are ‘the dream team’ – and they love typically student television (‘Family Guy, American Dad!, stuff that makes us laugh, and mindless TV like Jeremy Kyle, Banged Up Abroad and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’), but they are anxious to stress that there is little time for anything but grafting.‘I think of it like this: there are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all – you know, like socialites who get paid for appearing in reality shows or people who earn like a million pounds a day working a couple of hours buying and selling shares – but what we earn we earn for doing an awful lot. We are constantly working,’ says Liam.

    ‘There are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all – but we are constantly working’ Liam.

    Although both Louis, from Doncaster, and Zayn, from Bradford, had ambitions to become teachers, forming One Direction two years ago ruled out further education. Cheshire-born Harry was only 16 when he auditioned for The X Factor and happily left school for the opportunity to join 1D. Liam – who reached the judges’ houses stage when he originally auditioned for The X Factor in 2008, but was rejected by Simon for being ‘too young’ – did a course in music technology but, had he not gained his place in the band, was about to start a job making jet parts in a factory near his home in Wolverhampton. Niall has always ‘lived and breathed music’ but admits to a keen interest in politics and dreams of one day meeting Barack Obama.

    It’s undeniable that 1D do work harder than most students, but although they might appear to live gilded lives, they remain endearingly unspoilt and typical of their generation – as the responses to my student son’s questions reveal. Do they, for example, ever ‘frape’ each other? (sneaking someone’s mobile and posting a false, often funny or mildly obscene message on Facebook or Twitter).‘We used to frape all the time but we have to be more careful now,’ says Zayn. ‘But we still do fool around. Once I shaved off Louis’s eyebrows and then Louis shaved off Liam’s and then Harry shaved his initials into the hairs on my leg while I was asleep.’

    The questions reveal that Liam is the most competitive, that Louis is the band ‘slob’ and Zayn is the most organised. They won’t reveal who can best hold their drink and in answer to ‘Do you go on the lash with Simon Cowell?’ they respond with, ‘Oh, that would be so cool!’ So clearly they don’t. They laugh when asked if they ever eat Pot Noodles for breakfast and if they all get their five a day. Who looks in the mirror most? ‘That’s probably going to be me,’ Zayn says nervously. ‘Yeah,’ the others echo in unison. ‘One hundred per cent! We make a joke about it – we’ll say, “Zayn, quick, look, there’s a mirror over there you’ve missed.”’

    For all the banter and apparent rivalry they have never had a falling out (although Liam suggests they have one during this interview ‘just so we can say that we have’). Zayn believes that one of the reasons they have bonded so strongly is that four out of the five of them are ‘the only boys in our family – apart from Niall whose brother is seven years older than him anyway’. 

    The fact that most of them have sisters (Liam has two, Zayn has three, Harry has one, and Louis has four half-sisters) not only explains why they can relate to girls, it also binds them as ‘the brothers we never had’. 

    They are all proud of their mothers, but it is Harry who has the edge on maternal pride right now as his mother Anne is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Although they all agree that Louis takes the longest to get ready, that Harry, surprisingly, is ‘taking over from Liam as the sensible one’ and they point to Zayn as being ‘most conscious of how his hair looks’.

    Today Zayn looks adorable in a wool beanie hat, but at the shoot he sported a ridiculously large, orange-tinted quiff. ‘Zayn’s quiff is almost as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro,’ jokes Harry, whose own hair still flops down over a forehead that has a small spattering of teenage spots. ‘We measured it once and it was eight inches.’ 

    The next question I must ask Harry, of course, regards the ladies. Along with a number of more age-appropriate females ranging from Pixie Geldof, 22, to model Cara Delevingne, 20, Harry has recently been linked with Natalie Imbruglia, 37, and allegedly commented that Carol Vorderman, 51, ‘is the ultimate cougar’. So, how old is too old? Well,’ Harry responds just a little nervously, ‘I used to say the age limit was any woman older than my mum – who is 43 – but…’ 

    I mention that on the internet I have seen a figure that links Harry to 492,000 women. ‘I think that’s a slight exaggeration – it’s just 490,000,’ quips Zayn.
    ‘I guess I go out in London,’ explains Harry. ‘Quite a lot of the girls I get photographed with are just friends and then, according to the papers, I have, like, 7,000 girlfriends.’ One thing’s for sure, Harry has the charm factor and the sparkle in his eye. At the shoot he claims to remember YOU’s commissioning editor Amy, who met him on The X Factor set two years ago. ‘No you don’t!’ she laughs, brushing him off. ‘I do, I do!’ he claims. Flirting, he says, has always been ‘second nature’ for him – but he won’t reveal if there is anyone – out of 7,000 or 492,000 – who is ‘special’. 
    Niall doesn’t ‘feel ready for a girlfriend yet’, but Louis has been going out with Manchester University politics student Eleanor Calder, 20, for a year and insists that he has no problem rejecting predatory fans. ‘If you are in a relationship you are in it for a reason, so why would you be interested in the kind of girl fans who pursue you?’ 

    Zayn is ‘very much’ together with Perrie Edwards, 19, of Little Mix, winners of last year’s X Factor. But it is Liam who is dominating the romantic rumours right now following the recent break-up with his girlfriend of two years, dancer Danielle Peazer, and rumours that he has ‘dated’ Leona Lewis – which they have both denied. He is reluctant to talk about his private life. ‘It’s a little bit hard to talk about. A bit tough…Danielle and I have broken up,’ he says, prompting Louis to comment, somewhat enigmatically, ‘To be continued…’

    If their relationships with girlfriends come and go over the next few years, their brotherhood, they insist, will go on for ever. They have written five of the songs on their new album and have every intention of moving from boy to man band like their heroes Take That.

    ‘When we first got together we went to Wembley to see Take That and we thought, “Yeah that’s what we want to be doing.” Fifteen years from now we want One Direction to be playing a gig together at Wembley. The tickets aren’t available yet, but hold on, because one day they will be…’ says Harry.

    As we part, all five sweetly posing for a picture with me, I don’t just want to take Niall home, I want to take them all. On a strictly maternal basis of course…

    More pics:


     ( ♥ )
    Watch the bts video at the source, it won't embed :(

    Behind the scenes photoshoot




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    Nadya Suleman's former nanny, Gina Bryson, was issued a restraining order on Friday on behalf of Nadya's 11 year old son Elijah. Child Protective Services testified that Elijah told them Ms. Bryson showed her a video of his mother's infamous solo sex tape and accused him of sexually molesting his younger sister. CPS determined the abuse claim to be unfounded.

    Bryson denies the allegations and said she was the one that found the boy watching his mother's porn on his cellphone. She also claims that Nadya is a sick woman that has her definitions confused as she has claimed that I was obsessed with her children; the correct verbiage is love, I do love them and will continue to try to protect them against their mother’s neglect, abuse and obsession to use them to make a profit from.

    Nadya is currently in Rehab battling an addiction to Xanax. Bryson also claimed that she was buying medication off the street and it was left out where the children could accidentally ingest it, becoming seriously ill. CPS concluded that she does have a current prescription and all over the counter and RX's were in a locked medicine cabinet with proper child safety caps.

    Here's a picture of the Octuplets from Halloween. Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah will turn 4 in January.



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  • 11/10/12--20:22: SNL Post: Anne Hathaway

  • Quick Gifs & Caps:
    Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

    Live Links:
    (Or go to and look for NBC)

    Here is the rundown for the season so far.
    Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

    Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
    Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
    Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
    Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
    Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
    Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
    Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5

    SKIT RUNDOWN 9The Hader Count is a pivotal part of the SNL posts)
    Opener: Romney on Election Night (No Hader)
    Monologue: Sunday is great sung to "One Day More" (Hader)
    Girlfriends Talk Show (No Hader)
    The Legend of Mokiki (No hader)
    Homeland (Hader)
    McDonalds layoffs (Hader)
    Rihanna performs. I did not like it at all.
    Weekend Update (Hader)
    Ellen (No Hader)
    American Gothic (No Hader)
    Made Up Allergies (Hader)

    Hader Skits

    NonHader Skits

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    In the late summer of 2001, Michael Jackson’s family were after him again. It was two days before his scheduled departure for New York, where his 30th Anniversary concerts were to be staged at Madison Square Garden.

    Performers would include Destiny’s Child, Ray Charles and Whitney Houston, and friends Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando had been recruited to deliver televised speeches.

    Michael wanted his family in New York as well; his brothers to perform a medley of hits from their days as the Jackson 5, while his parents sat in special box seats. The Jacksons insisted that they should receive appearance fees and it was agreed that family members would get honorariums of $250,000, even those who would just be there to watch the show.

    Just days before the first concert, though, Jermaine Jackson read an article that said his brother would be making as much as $10 million from the two shows and convinced his parents that Michael should pay the three of them another $500,000 apiece.

    Jermaine and his father Joe drew up a contract and, with mother Katherine in tow, chased Michael around California to try to get him to sign.

    Michael took refuge for several days at the house of his friend Marc Schaffel, co-producer of the event, then made a dash north to Neverland Ranch. He and his two young children, four-year-old Prince and three-year-old Paris, had barely set foot inside the house when Joe, Katherine and Jermaine appeared at the gate.

    Michael told the security guards to tell his family he wasn’t there. Joe Jackson, though, refused to budge. ‘I’m his father,’ Joe told the guards. ‘I need to use the bathroom. His mother needs to use the bathroom. Let us in.’

    Frantic, Michael phoned Schaffel. If they got through the gate, his family would hound him to sign this contract, he explained. But he couldn’t keep his mother locked outside when she was pleading just to use the bathroom.

    He told Schaffel he would instruct the guards to tell his family again that Mr Jackson was not on the premises, but to admit them so that they could use the facilities.

    But as soon as Joe and Jermaine were through the gate, they drove to the main house and pushed their way inside. ‘They literally ransacked the place,’ Schaffel remembered.

    Michael retreated with Prince and Paris to a hiding place concealed behind a secret door at the back of his bedroom closet and phoned Schaffel from there. He was in tears, literally whimpering into the phone.

    ‘You see what they do to me? Do you understand now why I don’t want anything to do with my brothers, why I hide from them and refuse to answer their phone calls?

    ‘I’ve supported my brothers, supported them all,’ Michael cried. ‘I’ve put their kids through school. But they still come after me, still wanting more. It never ends. And my father’s worse than they are.’

    Michael choked up, Schaffel recalled, and then sobbed: ‘The worst part, the part that kills me, is that I have to lie to my own mother. Do you understand, Marc?’ Michael asked. ‘Do you understand now why I am the way I am? How else could I be?

    For someone who so often professed his loneliness, Michael Jackson spent a remarkable amount of time avoiding people. He wore disguises, broke off relationships, and changed telephone numbers, but still paparazzi, delusional women, and desperate men pursued him. The saddest part, though, was that the people Michael took the greatest pains to elude were the members of his own family.

    Until the time he found a way to live off his sons’ talent, his father Joe had worked the four-to-midnight shift as a crane operator amid the blast-furnace heat of the Inland Steel Mill, in Gary, Indiana. He earned barely enough to sustain the family home – a tiny aluminium-sided cube in which 11 people shared a bathroom.

    Michael’s memories of early rehearsals all centred on the father/manager who bellowed at them constantly, smacking his sons or throwing them into walls if they made a mistake.

    When the band signed to Motown, Michael was quickly singled out as the star. Jackie and Tito possessed only modest musical talent and Marlon had none at all. Jermaine had an adequate singing voice.

    Such was Michael’s talent that just one year after signing with the label, the group delivered a debut record, I Want You Back, that shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

    In February 1970, the Jackson 5 released their second single, ABC. And with The Love You Save and I’ll Be There, they became the first group ever to send their first four releases to the top of the charts.

    Between tours, Joe and his sons returned home to a five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in the Los Angeles enclave of Encino. There was an Olympic-size swimming pool, sports facilities, luxury cars and servants’ quarters.
    By the mid-Seventies, the Jackson 5 were in professional decline – in sharp contrast with Michael, the true star of the group.

    His brothers had wanted to work on the Off The Wall album with him, but Michael refused, even when his mother attempted to convince him that he owed them. Released in 1979, it sold nearly seven million copies worldwide.

    Then came the release of Thriller in December 1982, which turned him into, as Rolling Stone put it, ‘quite simply, the biggest star in the pop music universe’. Off The Wall had already made him wealthier than the rest of his family put together, now he would earn more than $200 million from sales of the Thriller album.

    No longer his manager, his father was as calculating as ever. He knew that playing the boys against one another was a winning strategy. What a great idea it would be, he suggested to Jackie, Tito, Marlon, and Randy, to capitalise on the success of Thriller by including Michael in a ‘reunion tour’.

    Michael resisted. He was tired of touring, he said, tired of all the attention, tired of travel and hotel rooms. Tired of his family, period.

    The brothers first tried using guilt to sway him. Marlon was going through a divorce and couldn’t even make his mortgage payments. Maybe he should sell up and buy a smaller house, Michael suggested. The brothers then called a meeting at which they showed up with a life-size poster of Michael and told him they were going to put it onstage in his place. Michael wouldn’t relent. It was time to play their ace in the hole.

    During a private meeting Katherine requested with Michael, she implored him to join his brothers on the tour. They needed the money, she told her son. Finally, when all else failed, she pulled out the big gun: ‘For me, Michael, please?’

    It was a choice between the only two things Michael had, his mother’s love and his career. He chose his mother’s love, of course.

    At the first stop in Kansas City, Jermaine told a reporter: ‘Even though Michael is very talented, a lot of his success has been due to timing and a little bit of luck. It could have been him, or it could just as easily have been me.’

    Michael distanced himself from his brothers as the tour progressed, refusing to stay on the same hotel floor with them. He insisted his attorneys be present at the business meetings that, within the first few dates, became the only conversations he had with his siblings. The other Jacksons insisted upon collecting their payments immediately after each show.

    No one in his family, though, was prepared for the shout-out Michael gave on December 9, 1984: ‘This is our last and final show. It’s been a long 20 years and we love you all.’

    Michael looked at the shocked expressions on his brothers’ faces and couldn’t suppress his smile.

    Now established as one of the most famous families on the planet, life among the Jacksons was becoming a soap opera, and a sordid one at that. Michael was determined to distance himself.

    The public humiliations seemed endless. In 1983, Jackie’s affair with Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader and future television talent-show judge Paula Abdul blew up his marriage. In March 1987, Jermaine showed up for Marlon’s birthday party carrying his three-month-old son by a woman named Margaret Maldonado, while his wife looked on with an expression of bewilderment.

    During their divorce, Jermaine’s wife Hazel would allege that her husband had attempted to rape her.

    By 1990, Michael had moved to Neverland, his personal amusement park in Santa Barbara County, California.

    He made no comment when newspapers reported that Randy’s wife Eliza was accusing her husband of beating her throughout her pregnancy. The Jackson brothers were all just like Joe, Eliza told a reporter, except for Michael.

    Though they depended on his money, usually dispensed through their mother Katherine, his siblings weren’t averse to criticising their brother in public.

    Michael’s relationship with his sister La Toya was shattered in December 1993, when she responded to the Jordan Chandler scandal by holding a press conference in Tel Aviv, at which she declared her belief that the accusations against her brother were true.

    'I can’t remain silent,’ she squeaked into a bank of microphones. ‘I will not be a silent collaborator in his crimes against small, innocent children.’

    [Jordan was a 13-year-old boy whom Michael has been accused of sexually molesting. The claims, which Jackson always denied, resulted in a payment of more than $18 million to the boy’s family. He would later describe the decision to make a deal with the Chandlers, his lawyer said, as ‘the worst mistake of his life’.]

    In 2003, when Michael’s world was collapsing all around him, amid his arrest on further child molestation charges, of which he would be acquitted two years later, Jermaine had gone to New York publishers with a ‘tell-all’ book proposal.

    The Jacksons viewed youngest brother Randy as the most conniving among them. He was a chip off the old block, far more like Joe than any of his brothers, visitors said – and that wasn’t intended as a compliment.

    Joe Jackson had been hiding from creditors since 1987. He was living mostly on hand-outs from Katherine (who divvied up the $25,000 cheque Michael sent to her each month among needy family members) and was incessantly looking for opportunities to draw his most famous son into business deals.

    In his closet at Neverland, Jackson kept a big jar of fake noses of various shapes and sizes, surrounded by tubes of stage glue.

    ‘He told me they were for disguises,’ recalled Adrian McManus, one of his staff at the ranch. At this point, Michael was disguising the result of at least six rhinoplasty operations: a pair of nostrils surrounded by a rim of shrivelled, shrunken, discoloured cartilage.

    The singer had been a skilled make-up artist since his teens, and in 15 minutes at the mirror could create an appearance that fooled most people.

    Plastic surgeons had been speculating on TV since as early as 1990 that the tip of his nose had been replaced by a prosthetic of either bone or plastic.

    By about 2001, the way his nose changed from year to year, sometimes from week to week, had given him away.

    But he managed to salvage something from this personal disaster: at least he could now have the nose he had always wanted – Bobby Driscoll’s. The most famous child star of the late Forties and early Fifties, Driscoll had for years been an icon of Jackson’s to rival Shirley Temple.

    There is footage from 2002 of Jackson standing amid an enthralled crowd outside the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, New York, his Bobby Driscoll nose raised to the sky as if to declare: ‘I am Peter Pan.’

    ‘They all looked to Michael as an ATM machine,’ observed the Los Angeles attorney and radio host Leo Terrell.

    Within hours of Michael’s death on June 25, 2009, the battle over the estate began. The King of Pop was going to be worth a billion dollars, maybe two billion, maybe more. The women of the clan initiated what became a week-long occupation and search of the Carolwood Drive chateau in Los Angeles where he died.

    The first night, La Toya Jackson and her boyfriend Jeffre Phillips demanded to be admitted to the house. Three hours later, Katherine went inside after them.

    It was mid-morning in London when Michael’s children’s former nanny Grace Rwaramba received a call from Katherine.

    According to Rwaramba, Katherine began the conversation: ‘Grace, the children are crying. They are asking about you. They can’t believe that their father died. Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house? I’m here. Where can it be?’

    But security guards said it was La Toya, along with her boyfriend, who loaded black rubbish bags filled with cash into duffel bags and placed them in the garage. La Toya would later insist that nearly all of Michael’s money was gone by the time she arrived at the house.

    It did not become obvious that the Jacksons intended to remove whatever valuables were inside the house until the next morning, when Janet Jackson arrived at the front gate and demanded that it be opened to admit the moving van behind her.

    A couple of hours later the van left with La Toya’s boyfriend Phillips at the wheel.

    Katherine and her daughters made it clear they wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. ‘They camped out for most of a week,’ the head of the security firm recalled, coming and going ‘whenever they felt like it.’

    Michael’s will came to light about a week after his death; its executors were to be a lawyer, an accountant and a former record company executive named by Michael. It stipulated that 40 per cent of his estate was to be held in trust for Prince, Paris, and his third child Blanket. Another 20 per cent would be assigned to various charities; the remaining 40 per cent would be used to support Katherine, who would be guardian of Michael’s children. After Katherine’s death, her share would revert to the children.

    In the meantime, the executors had ‘absolute discretion’ to decide how the money from the Katherine Jackson Trust would be distributed. There was no provision for Michael’s father or siblings.

    Over the next two years, the clamour among Katherine’s children to collect their mother’s share of the estate grew ever more threatening. For some time, almost nothing was left over for Katherine’s children; according to the executors, Michael had made it clear that he did not intend to provide for his siblings.

    Even when Katherine’s monthly stipend was increased to $8,000, several of her children demanded that she challenge the estate’s administration.

    The opening act of the craziest Jackson family drama since Michael’s death began on July 14, when Katherine, 82, was flown to a spa resort in Tucson, Arizona, without the knowledge of her grandchildren, but accompanied by a group of her children.

    Within a few days, the media were reporting on a letter that had been signed by five of Michael’s siblings – Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie, and Tito – demanding that the executors of Michael’s will resign and stating that the will itself was ‘fake, flawed, and fraudulent’.

    [The American courts have upheld the will. Yet the allegations, dismissed by the executors as wrong and defamatory, surfaced again last month when David Gest, a longtime friend of Michael, spoke out in support of the siblings’ claim.]

    The adults responsible for Michael’s children, including his nephew TJ Jackson, became convinced that Michael’s brothers and sisters intended to gain a conservatorship [a legal form of control in America] over Katherine, possibly by demonstrating her incompetence to serve as the guardian of the children. The money, as everyone knew, would follow those three children.

    Still more outlandish, though, were the events of Monday, July 23. Shortly after 1pm, Prince and Paris were in an SUV returning home to the Calabasas estate through the double gates when another SUV, loaded with passengers, pulled right up to its bumper.

    Randy Jackson was at the wheel of the tailing vehicle, which made it to the inner gate just as the barrier was coming down.

    ‘He just drove through and broke the arm off,’ recalled Sandra Ribera, an associate of Katherine’s lawyer, who was watching from the pool house. ‘All of a sudden the doors open and there’s this swarm of people pointing cameras all around.’

    Ribera said the people in the driveway were Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and several of Prince, Paris, and Blanket’s cousins. It was friendly at first, with hugs all round.

    But Katherine’s security team, who were guarding the house, quickly realised that the other Jacksons were there to take Michael’s children. Janet went for her niece Paris, while Randy approached Prince and Jermaine engaged the guards, all three of them still using their cell phones as video cameras. When Janet and Randy told Paris and Prince they were coming with them, both teenagers flatly refused to go.

    Prince turned his back on Randy, but Jermaine pulled the boy aside and told him this was something that had been in the planning for three years and that it was important for him to join in with the rest of the family.

    Prince shrugged off Jermaine and continued walking toward the house. Paris, meanwhile, made it clear to Janet that she wouldn’t be leaving.

    The TMZ entertainment website would initially report, based on anonymous sources, that Janet told Paris she was a ‘spoiled little bitch’ and that Paris answered: ‘This is our house, not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out!

    When security guards blocked his way, Randy, who had been smiling up until then, began to snarl warnings about not interfering in a family matter.

    One of the guards suggested perhaps he should leave the property and Randy became enraged, cursing in the man’s face, which was when Trent Jackson, a cousin and a member of the security team, grabbed him. The two grappled, then the bull-strong Trent put Randy in a headlock.

    The scuffle ended when Trent withdrew with Prince and Paris into the house. Those who were staying at Calabasas would say later that the saddest thing about the entire scene was the way Jermaine had used his sons.

    ‘Jermaine is cursing as bad as you can curse in front of these kids and fighting and doing all this stuff, and he’s telling his kids to videotape it,’ Ribera recalled. ‘And Jermajesty [Jermaine’s son] . . . is just sobbing. His face is covered in tears. He’s taping, but he’s sobbing.’

    A sheriff’s car answering an emergency call arrived at the front gate and everyone froze. The sheriff’s deputies persuaded Randy, Janet, and Jermaine and their group to leave.

    ‘Gotta love fam,’ Paris tweeted to her followers shortly after they were gone.

    On July 26, Katherine was finally brought home. That series of clumsily plotted scenes left her brood more divided than ever. But it was a comfort to her to know that, in the end, they would all be together again.

    Katherine’s deal with Forest Lawn Cemetery to acquire Michael’s crypt in the Sanctuary of Ascension had included the purchase of 11 other burial spots. In death, Michael Jackson would be surrounded by the family he had tried to keep at a distance for most of his life.


    I know we all know these stories but put together makes it really shocking and sad.

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    Flawless queen pulls out her...iPhone I think it is? Oh and LOL @ the random trunk opening in the foreground.

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    "Chicago Fire" has gotten a full Season 1 from NBC.

    "We all love this thrilling new drama with its sexy breakout cast. We are excited to see it gaining traction on our schedule," Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. “Executive producer Dick Wolf and all the producers have done an amazing job developing a high-stakes series with lots of great heroic characters whose exploits are depicted in Dick’s typically epic storytelling style. We are incredibly invested in this one and can’t wait to hear about their plans for the rest of the season."

    According to NBC, "Chicago Fire" has been averaging a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8 million viewers overall. The show hails from executive producer Dick Wolf and creators Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.


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    A tweet from Tara before the show in Rio.


    lolol, i loove these!!! :3

    Posts on LM & Twitter after the show.


    A pic from Tara's twitter after the show.


    unf, my babies!!!

    Gaga loved Rio so much she decided to get a tattoo to commemorate it.


    Candids from today.


    Gaga leaveing the tattoo studio.


    i love the bathing suit top. its soooo pretty & colorful.

    Later on today.


    aww, all 3 of my babies. <3

    Tara got a Rio tattoo too.


    i like hers more tbh.

    A beautiful performance of Hair last night. <3

    it brought me to tears tbqh. :")


    Taga thanks you for your time. <3


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