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    Arrow Exclusive: Farscape and Stargate SG-1's Ben Browder to Play DC Comics Character Ted Gaynor

    The producers of Arrow are not being shy when it comes to bringing in characters from DC Comics, with several slated to appear in upcoming episodes – some known for their appearances in Green Arrow comics, some pulled from other DC sources.

    IGN has learned that we’ll be meeting another new DC character in the show’s 11th episode, as Ted Gaynor is introduced, played by Ben Browder.

    On Arrow, Gaynor is Diggle’s commanding officer from his first tour in Afghanistan, who now works as a bodyguard for Blackhawk Squad Protection Group in Starling City. As a series of armored truck robberies strike the city, Gaynor proves to be a polarizing figure between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey).

    Ted Gaynor first appeared in DC Comics in Blackhawk #266 in 1984, while a story arc a couple of years ago in Batman Confidential involved the former member of the Blackhawk Squadron taking on Batman, Blackhawk and Lady Blackhawk. While it doesn’t look like Arrow will be involving the Blackhawk character himself (at least not yet), there is still a big nod to Gaynor’s comic book history via the inclusion of the Blackhawk Squad name.

    Browder is well known to sci-fi fans for his roles on both Farscape and Stargate SG-1, and recently, he’s guest starred on series like Chuck (OP: Chuck barely counted, his character was so lame) and Doctor Who. This will be Browder’s second time playing a DC Comics character – he previously voiced Bartholomew Lash on an episode of the animated Justice League series.

    Browder will be seen on Arrow as Ted Gaynor in the episode “Trust But Verify”, airing in early 2013.


    YESSSSS. I don't watch Arrow, but I will watch anything for Ben Browder.

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    Tim Robbins has come on to star and direct the indie "Man Under" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Moretz on board to star as well.

    In the vein of "American Beauty" and "The Royal Tenenbaums," pic follows a Yonkers family whose lives are changed forever when a photo of them ends up in the Museum of Modern Art.

    Ann Cherkis wrote the screenplay.

    Alexandra Milchan via her EMJAG Productions, Scott Lambert from Film 360 and Aimee Peyronnet will produce.

    UTA Independent Film Group is arranging the financing and representing the film for sale.

    On the directing front, the UTA and 3 Arts repped Robbins most recently helmed an episode of HBO's "Treme." The WME and 3 Arts repped Moretz is currently filming the Universal pic "Kick-Ass 2."

    Pfeiffer, who is repped by CAA and Management 360 was last seen in the DreamWorks pic "People Like Us." She recently wrapped up production on "Malavita" alongside Robert DeNiro and Dianna Agron


    and none for johnny depp bye

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    the upload has been fixed!


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    Carice van Houten is a Dutch actress, who you’ve probably seen as the dark witch Melisandre on Game of Thrones or her award-winning role in Black Book. Carice just released her first album, See You on the Ice on iTunes worldwide. We spoke to her exclusively about the “tasty vomit” she made after years of not singing, being a music nerd, David Bowie and Dutch Cinema.

    Portable: So I just finished listening to your album. I really liked it a lot.

    Carice van Houten: Thank you, thanks.

    P: How long have you been doing music, as opposed to film and theater?

    Carice van Houten: Well I’ve always sang. Sung? Sang. And I did a theater school where I was trained to be a singer and composer, sort of like Fame, you know that series.

    P: Yes, yes, Music and Art.

    Carice van Houten: Yeah, it was theater school, not like regular theater school, like comedy acting and singing, Spanish dance, tap dance, composing, writing, and all that. And I did some rock musicals, I did the Threepenny Opera, I did all sorts of things, but then I started doing more drama, and I got off in the whole movie business, and there’s no time really to do music anymore.

    P: I think thats an issue a lot of people who are creative in different fields might have.

    Carice van Houten: Exactly. I was listening to music and driving people crazy, being a music preacher. I am very pushy and anal about my music. I’m the first one at a party to change the music, I’m very sensitive, let’s say.

    P: Do you feel the same about movies, television, theater?

    Carice van Houten: No… Well yes. Yes and no. Music is more of a bigger love of mine. I don’t know where my talent actually is, but I enjoy listening to music more than watching movies, if I had to choose. I’m very critical, very selective. I’m a detail freak. That’s the way I made this record, it’s like a little miniature painting.

    P: So your album is a very complete thing, not a collection of songs, but a complete piece of art?

    Carice van Houten: Well I don’t know. This is kind of the vomit that had to come out after years of not singing, years of not creating things myself. It’s tasty vomit though (laughs). I’ve been filming so much and doing what other people tell me to do. When you’re an actor you’re just a little crater in a big hole. I just wanted more control, to be more creative and be more directive.

    P: How would you compare the feeling of finishing a day at the recording studio, with walking out of the theater at the end of a show, or walking off set at the end of the day?

    Carice van Houten: Well the thing is, I sometimes do the acting job despite of my… I feel like I do acting for the sake of the talent I have? I find acting… this might sound arrogant, what I just said, but acting can be so heavy and so… vexing… so… the whole playing with your emotions all day is tiring. When someone says it’s a wrap, that can sometimes be the best moment of my day, which is not a healthy sign. I guess I’ve been doing a little too much lately, maybe.

    Making music is just another pace. Music I can never get enough of, the whole lifestyle of being in the studio dark and warm, and I don’t have to dress up or look nice, I can look like the nerd I actually am. I’m around boys with beards and guitars, that’s what I like. That lifestyle suits me much more, to work until 3 at night and… be involved in the mixing process and make it perfect. With movies I can’t be there at the whole editing process.

    P: You do your part and walk out, its out of your hands.

    Carice van Houten: Yes and over the years I’ve had more influence, and bigger parts where I can be involved, but not until very recently. It’ll never be my own thing completely. Music has given me so much more what’s the word… not pleasure… contentment?

    P: Satisfaction maybe?

    Carice van Houten: Satisfaction! It’s such a great feeling to make something yourself.

    P: Do you shoot in America a lot?

    Carice van Houten: No. Most American movies I’ve done were shot in Europe. I’ve done one film in America, and it was a Dutch film actually. I am in L.A. now, but it’s not a place I’m regularly visiting. I’m going to be here a few months next year maybe but before that I never really did that. In my own country the roles I can play are much more interesting so far. This is why I got into acting, to play meaty parts and do stuff that is difficult and challenging.

    P: Is there a big difference in the way Americans and the Dutch view the arts?

    Carice van Houten: There’s definitely a difference between Hollywood and… there’s great stuff coming from America, and the independent stuff too, but the blockbusters… that’s just a whole other thing. And it’s difficult for Hollywood to take risks, apparently, to try other things and go with an unknown name, that doesn’t really happen nowadays. Unfortunately films like Sophie’s Choice, that kind of drama doesn’t get made so much anymore, which I think is a shame, although I quite enjoy all the Marvel stuff, there’s great stuff in there, but in an ideal world I’d love to do a Sophie’s Choice kind of film.

    P: Is that stuff getting made in the Dutch cinema world?

    Carice van Houten: I mean I have a luxury position there, I might not be representative of the rest of my colleagues, but theres more stories for women, big stories. Women’s stories there aren’t many in America.

    P: So what’s great in Dutch cinema right now? What’s the Dutch film?

    Carice van Houten: Hmm… Well, I would say most of Paul Verhoeven’s work. I did a film with him called Black Book and he did a GREAT film called Turkish Delight. There’s a lot of talent in Holland, but unfortunately many of the films don’t travel.

    P: What about music? What are your influences in Dutch music? Or any music, really.

    Carice van Houten: My iTunes library is crazy. I’m so eclectic. I’m influenced by so many different things. I was raised with Queen and Nina Simone, David Bowie. Billy Joel. A lot of classical music. The Beatles, of course, then Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. I like reggae and jazz and world music and crazy experimental music. Beach Boys. Goldfrapp. Bob Dylan. Just so much, man.

    P: If you could record an album or song with any person ever, who would that be?

    Carice van Houten: Oooooh… Voicewise? Bowie.

    P: That’d be a lot of fun.

    Carice van Houten: Oh yeah, that man’s voice. There’re a few voices I love, Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, Bowie’s voice, Howe Gelb’s voice, Sinatra’s voice, Tom Waits’ voice. I like male voices a little better. There’s more male voices I like. But then in my top 5 would be Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Goldfrapp.

    P: If someone listens to your album for the first time, going in blind, not knowing anything about it, what do you want them to walk away with?

    Carice van Houten: Well, I’m an incurable romantic, I think it’s quite melancholic, the overall feel of it. First of all I want people to think: there’s an actor that sings too, that’s possible. People are not just one thing. All the songs are different parts of me, you might get to know me a little better. Again, there’s no reggae song on there yet, no dance song really, but I could’ve made a double album with a Brazilian song on there, or a Cuban song. I put a lot of cinematic elements in there: there’s crickets, there’s fireworks, there’s police cars.

    P: Yeah, I heard that, it’s a very unique thing.

    Carice van Houten: I approached each song like a different movie, like a different role, like a different part of me. I’m very very specific in the images I have about certain songs: one song starts with crickets, and I saw this image, I think I know where I got it from, it’s an image from the film The Bridges of Madison County, which I love. I mean, the film is not that great, but the chemistry between Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep is to die for. There’s this scene, they’re in Ohio I think, and there’s this house, and they’re on the porch, there’s crickets and it’s warm, and that’s what I wanted to put in there. So many tiny little elements, and if people can hear that? I’d be so happy. I hope people will feel the love we put in there, and our love of music.

    P: To appreciate every moment. That’s what you’re looking for.

    Carice van Houten: I’d love if people just paid attention to the details. Nothing is random. Not that we’re super slick, I love little accidents, I’m just saying we were very particular with the levels, those buttons on the mixing board that go up and down. I was very keen on the levels. That’s what I mean by a miniature little painting. That’s what I like myself when I hear music and I hear the love they put into it and the tiny details.

    P: What have movies and music taught you about eachother? Has anything from acting taught you about music and vice versa?

    Carice van Houten: Sometimes in acting, I love to act without words. There’s a lot you can say with just eyes and body language. I love silent films, I was raised with silent films, I’m very influenced by the non-verbal art. It’s the same with music. If you emphasize something too much, you take away the audience’s freedom. You just have to play it. If the feeling is right, if you’re believable, if you’re authentic, you don’t have to push it. You don’t have to show me what you want to tell me. If you feel it, I can already see it as an audience. If an actor fights against his tears, then we will cry as an audience. If the actor cries… it’s a little like that.

    P: Are you interested in scoring film?

    Carice van Houten: I was just actually asked to do a musical theater score.

    P: Ah, cool.

    Carice van Houten: Stuff like that I’d love to do. As long as I can be in the studio with my producer friend and just make music… it’s such a great feeling.

    P: So are you working on a music video at all?

    Carice van Houten: Yeah, we just did a video for “Emily”, one of the songs, that’s already on YouTube and everything. Next week we’re going to shoot the second single, “Particle of Light”, so that’s going to be exciting, the whole idea of the video is quite cool. Maybe in the future I will start directing. This whole thing is a step to a different layer. After a while I see why actor’s want to direct. It feels like I sort of directed something (the CD). Very excited to make more. The video for “Particle of Light” should be coming out on the 26th of November. We’re going to do an interactive thing with that which I can’t say a lot about right now.


    I am so disappointed Team Dragonstone won't really be in this season much. They'll get much bigger roles in season six. Hell maybe even four. She said before Hollywood makes her unhappy :(

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    What's David Arquette been up to lately?

    If you guessed spending long hours in the gym, then you'd be right. The actor tweeted an arresting photo of himself on the Detroit set of his new movie, the post-apocalyptic Orion.

    Wearing nothing but some chains, a loincloth and some facial hair, the 41-year-old actor tweeted, "Thanks for helping me get in shape for my film Orion" -- a message to his personal trainer.

    Arquette plays a hunter searching for his missing brother in the movie, also starring Lily Cole.


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    Maroon 5 Spends Eighth Week Atop Hot 100

    Like this week's other major popular competition, the incumbent remains in charge atop the Billboard Hot 100.

    Maroon 5's "One More Night" spends an eighth week at No. 1, fending off Korean rapper PSY's "Gangnam Style," which logs a seventh straight frame at No. 2.

    With its continued command, Maroon 5 doubles its previous longest Hot 100 reign. The group's "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Christina Aguilera, led the list for four weeks last year. (Its other No. 1, "Makes Me Wonder," ruled for three weeks in 2007.)

    The race for No. 1 wasn't as close as last week, when just 600 overall chart points separated "Night" and "Style." As "Night" declines by 4% in points and "Style" decreases by 9%, approximately 2,000 points separate the songs this week.

    Instrumental in "Night" remaining atop the Hot 100 is that it continues to gain in radio audience, while "Style" decreases in listenership for a second week. "Night" logs a fifth week at No. 1 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart with a 1% increase to 134 million all-format audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS. "Style" dips by 7% to 55 million, falling 13-14 on the ranking.

    "Style," meanwhile, maintains its No. 1 standings on the Hot Digital Songs and On-Demand Songs charts, although it and "Night" both decrease in points on each survey.

    "Style" spends a fourth week atop Hot Digital Songs, registering an 11% slide to 226,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It does, however, pass 2 million downloads sold to date (2.1 million). "Night" holds at No. 4 on Hot Digital Songs, down by 6% to 134,000.

    On On-Demand Songs, "Style" leads for a fourth week with 867,000 on-demand streams (down 8%), according to BDS. "Night" dips 2-3 on the chart (785,000, down 6%).

    The songs are the first to place at Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, for seven consecutive weeks since Rihanna's "We Found Love," featuring Calvin Harris, kept LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" at No. 2 for seven frames last November/December (after which "Sexy" switched spots with "Love" at last). "Style" is the first song to spend seven weeks at No. 2 on the Hot 100 without rising to the summit (so far, at least) since Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" tallied seven (non-consecutive) weeks peaking in the runner-up spot in 2009-10.

    Below the week's most closely-watched campaign among chart pundits, fun.'s "Some Nights" holds at its No. 3 peak in its 37th week on the Hot 100. After the band performed the song (as well as new single "Carry On") on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" (Nov. 3), it lifts 3-2 on Hot 100 Airplay (100 million, up 1%) and bullets at No. 6 for a second week on Hot Digital Songs (116,000, up 4%). With its latest weekly sales sum, "Nights" passes 3 million in sales since its release (3.1 million).

    Rihanna's "Diamonds" climbs 5-4 in its sixth week on the Hot 100 with top Airplay Gainer honors for a second week while adding the chart's top Streaming Gainer award. It rises 9-7 on Hot 100 Airplay (85 million, up 15%) and 6-2 on On-Demand Songs (807,000, up 18%). "Diamonds" holds at No. 5 on Hot Digital Songs with a 1% loss to 121,000.) The song previews Rihanna's seventh studio album, "Unapologetic," due Nov. 19.

    Taylor Swift's former three-week No. 1 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" ranks at No. 5 on the Hot 100, followed by Ke$ha's "Die Young" (4-6). Despite its positional retreat, "Young" pushes 5-4 on On-Demand Songs (781,000, up 11%) and bullets again at No. 11 on Hot 100 Airplay (71 million, up 8%). "Young" is the first single from Ke$ha's album "Warrior," due Dec. 4.

    Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" remains at No. 7 on the Hot 100 with gains in airplay and streaming. The song jumps 15-12 on Hot 100 Airplay (62 million, up 18%) and 37-22 on On-Demand Songs (432,000, up 19%). "Heaven," a non-mover on Hot Digital Songs at No. 2 (149,000, down 7%), ushers in Mars' sophomore set, "Unorthodox Jukebox," due Dec. 11.

    Justin Bieber's "As Long as You Love Me," featuring Big Sean, slips 6-8 on the Hot 100, trailed by Alex Clare's "Too Close" (8-9) and Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)" (9-10). Although it falls one spot on the Hot 100, "Learn" advances 6-5 on Hot 100 Airplay (93 million, up 7%) and 31-27 on On-Demand Songs (411,000, up 3%).


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    After breaking record sales last week, Taylor Swift's newest album "Red" still stays atop the Billboard 200 chart in its second week as it pulls in sales of 344,000 more copies. The number adds to the album's already impressive selling number of 1.208 million copies, which is the largest sales for an album in its debut week since 2002.

    Industry forecasters suggest that the album will spend a third straight week atop the Billboard 200 chart next week, fending off new releases from Aerosmith and Ne-Yo, as well as the new "Now 44" compilation.

    The new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 14.

    "Now 44" looks to be the biggest of this week's new releases -- it's on course for a start around 100,000. While it's too early to tell exactly how many copies of "Red" Swift will sell this week, it should be enough to block "Now 44" from the top.

    The last "Now" album, "Now 43," debuted at No. 1 in August with 111,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    After the "Now 44" set, we're looking towards returning rock band Aerosmith to lock up the second-largest debut. The veteran act's "Music From Another Dimension" should launch with around 75,000. It's the first album from the group since 2004's blues covers effort "Honkin' On Bobo" debuted and peaked at No. 5 in 2004 with a 161,000 start. Thus, the new album is Aerosmith's first set of original material since way back in 2001, when "Just Push Play" bowed (and peaked) at No. 2 (240,000).

    Elsewhere next week, watch for R&B/pop singer/songwriter Ne-Yo to paint the chart "R.E.D." with his newest. It should secure the artist his fifth consecutive top 10 set (his entire output of material) with a bow in the 50,000 to 55,000 range.

    S o u r c e

    S o u r c e 2

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    Nikita is moving back to its old stomping grounds at 8pm on Fridays beginning November 30 and Arrow repeats will air at 9pm according to The Futon Critic. This Friday, Nov. 9, Nikita will still air at 9pm (America's Next Top Model airs at 8pm on Nov. 9 and from 8p-10p for its season finale on Nov. 16). After this Friday, Nikita will take the following two Fridays off before returning on November 30. The Nikita/repeat Arrow pairing will run until at least January 18 excluding Nov. 23, Dec. 14 and Dec. 21 where holiday specials are scheduled.

    Source 12

    Someone at the CW has been trawling ONTD for scheduling tips, obviously.

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    Kristen Stewart has some barefoot fun while making an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (November 7) in New York City.

    The 22-year-old actress played a game with Jimmy that seemed to be a take on beer pong with throwing giant discs into a barrel.

    Earlier in the day, Kristen wore an orange dress while appearing on Live! with Kelly and Michael to promote her new film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.


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  • 11/08/12--17:46: In Case You Missed It...

  • David Gandy Post

    Relaxing Poolside in Miami



    10 MEN Magazine by Paul Wetherell

    The Rake Magazine by Jake Walters

    1 / 2 / 3

    FYI, David has a blog on
    Also, he has a fitness app coming out soon. More details here:
    Like David Gandy on Facebook and follow him on Twitter ;)

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    Following a highly publicized scandal and questions regarding the future of Universal’s potential franchise, the “Breaking Dawn” actress tells THR there may be more to come.

    Although The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Kristen Stewart had been dropped from a sequel to Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman back in August, the actress now hints that there might be more to come.

    “No one’s positive or anything, but I think there’s a strong possibility,” she said about the potential project.

    Speculation swirled earlier this year when Stewart and her Snow White director Rupert Sanders were caught in the firestorm of a cheating scandal. But as THR previously reported, word that Stewart had been dropped from sequel plans largely was because of her huge salary -- not her highly publicized personal issues.

    At the time, many had speculated that the studio would opt for a Huntsman-focused spinoff starring Chris Hemsworth.

    A rep for Stewart could not be reached for comment.

    Stewart is promoting the final film in The Twilight Saga, opening nationwide Nov. 16, as well as Walter Salles’ On the Road, in which she plays the free-spirited Mary Lou.

    Video at src

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    Arcade Fire, Black Lips, Fleet Foxes, Neon Indian, Patti Smith, Lykke Li, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, Rooney Mara, and more
    By Evan Minsker on November 8, 2012 at 03:02 p.m.

    Val Kilmer smashes a guitar while Rooney Mara (far left, in hat) looks on, during the Black Lips' set at Austin City Limits 2012

    At the Austin City Limits festival in October, actress Rooney Mara appeared on stage playing guitar with the Black Lips. A few weeks later at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Val Kilmer also joined the band on stage, destroying an amp with a chainsaw and cutting off his own hair with a knife. What the hell was going on?

    Apparently, they were filming scenes for a new movie by famed director Terrence Malick (Days of Heaven, Badlands, The Tree of Life), which has been shooting at various Austin festivals and concerts since last year. The film doesn't have a title yet (it was previously called Lawless, until another movie with that name came along) and the whole thing is shrouded in mystery.

    Here's what we know so far:

    The plot:

    - Per IMDB: "Two intersecting love triangles. Obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas."

    The actors:

    - The film stars Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender, Holly Hunter, and Skyfall Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe.
    - Val Kilmer hasn't been confirmed, though his appearance with the Black Lips at Fun Fun Fun would imply as much.
    - Benicio Del Toro is also rumored to be in the film.

    The musicians who may or may not appear in the film:

    - The Black Lips, joined on stage by Mara and Kilmer.
    - Alan Palomo of Neon Indian reportedly shot scenes for the film
    - Fleet Foxes, who were joined by Christan Bale on bongos at last year's Austin City Limits
    - Arcade Fire and Iron & Wine, who were also reportedly filmed at last year's Austin City Limits
    - Die Antwoord, who were on stage at this year's Austin City Limits while Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender reportedly shot a scene for the film.
    - Portman was also spotted at Iggy and the Stooges' set at this year's ACL.
    - YACHT and Big Freedia, who were filmed at last year's Fun Fun Fun Fest.
    -You can see Gosling and Mara hanging in the background in this "behind the scenes" video for Lykke Li's episode of PBS'"Austin City Limits" TV show.
    - Patti Smith, who allegedly serenaded Mara during a recent Austin show.
    - Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was spotted with Gosling and Mara at this year's ACL.
    - Tegan and Sara, who played the set immediately following.

    The setting:

    - Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 and 2012.
    - Austin City Limits 2011 and 2012.
    - SXSW 2012 (Palomo shot scenes there with Mara).
    - Various concerts around Austin.

    What else:

    - The reports from festivals and live shows probably won't end here. The lead actors are still being spotted around Austin.
    - Malick may be filming now, but don't expect to see it any time soon. He's a notoriously slow director: the length of time between Days of Heaven and its follow-up, The Thin Red Line, was 20 years.
    - Malick is also at work on another film called Knight of Cups. Bale, Blanchett, Hunter, and Portman also star in that film, which is about "a man, temptations, celebrity, and excess," according to IMDB. Perhaps it's just a casting coincidence, but there's speculation that the two films are linked somehow.
    - The non-musical plot point, the one about love triangles? That's pretty much confirmed by the dozens of tabloid reports showing the various actors making out in different Austin locations. Oh look, here's one from Perez Hilton!
    - One more guest star: resident Austin weirdo Eric "The Lizardman" Sprague.

    Here's Kilmer performing with the Black Lips, while Mara plays guitar on the side of the stage:


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    There's a sort of new doll trying to break on the scene again in the U.S. After being unsuccessful since its first attempt to enter the market last year. Apparently the company is hoping to be more successful this year, as AP released the details, including support and endorsements for the toy on November 8, 2012, just before holiday sales and shopping begin.

    "The Breast Milk Baby," the world's first breastfeeding baby, is a product of Berjuan Toys, LLC. The doll comes in baby boy or girl, a variety of skin tones, names, and attire. Cameron, Jeremiah, Jessica, Lilyang, Savannah, and Tony each come with a unique accessory that has also been the major obstacle in getting these dolls on the shelves in the United States. Each doll comes with a flowered halter top that has a flower shaped mechanism built in to the breast area. When the doll is held near the mechanism the baby begins to make suckling, gurgling, and burping noises.

    The doll is marketed for children ages 2 years and up. Berjuan Toys believe little girls need to learn to breastfeed. The company says that this engaging activity is healthy, natural, and allows girls to express love and affection just like mommy.

    The doll was a hit in Europe, selling millions according to the company's U.S. representative Dennis Lewis. However, last year the doll sold just under 5,000 in the states. Lewis says that retailers like the doll and believe it is an innovative toy, yet are reluctant to put it on shelves, concerned about the controversy it may cause. Feedback in the U.S. last year was that the doll is too "sexualized" for children. According to Associated Press, Lewis' rebuttal to this is, the simulation of natural activity of breastfeeding is "very much less sexualized than Barbie dolls or the sassy Bratz pack."

    Another major concern is the price of the doll. Retail Suggested Price for "The Breast Milk Baby" is $89. However, a 50% holiday season discount is available at

    Would you buy this doll for your daughter? Do you believe it is too "sexualized?" Do you believe it is a good fun aid for breastfeeding mothers whose daughters may imitate them anyway with regular dolls?


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    ‘Adventure Time‘ Season 5 begins on November 12th, just three weeks after the Season 4 finale aired and thank God because we probably couldn’t have waited much longer. So what do the next 26 episodes of ‘Adventure Time’ have in store for us? We’ve got the details! And the trailer! Oh. my. GLOB.

    If you haven’t been watching, ‘Adventure Time’ has slowly morphed into the best sci-fi/fantasy show currently on TV. And we don’t just mean for kids. If you felt a void in your life after ‘Lost’ or just like a smart, sweet, funny and quirky TV show, you’ll want to make sure you catch up in anticipation of the Season 5 premiere.

    Debuting on Cartoon Network on Monday, November 12th, ‘Adventure Time’ returns with a two-part, half-hour episode titled “Finn the Human” and “Jake the Dog.” The episodes are essentially Parts 2 and 3 to Part 1, the Season 4 finale titled “The Lich,” which ended mysteriously with an alternate universe Jake and Finn set on presumably pre-Great Mushroom War version of Ooo/Earth (if this is confusing, it will all make sense when you watch the show).

    In addition to the conclusion of that storyline, Season 5 will also see the return of the gender-swapped universe of Fionna and Cake (with Neil Patrick Harris returning as Prince Gumball and Donald Glover guest-starring as Marshall Lee), the birth of Jake and Lady Rainicorn’s baby, another Lumpy Space Princess episode and the further exploration of the complicated relationship between the Ice King and Marceline.

    Below is a list of all the ‘Adventure Time’ Season 5 episodes with run dates still to come.

    1014-105 Finn the Human

    1014-106 Jake the Dog

    1014-107 Five More Short Graybles

    1014-108 Up a Tree

    1014-109 All the Little People

    1014-110 Bad Little Boy (glad that we are going to get the Fionna and Cake ep early)

    1014-111 Jake the Dad (fuck yeah puppies!)

    1014-112 Davey

    1014-113 Mystery Dungeon

    1014-114 Little Dude

    1014-115 All Your Fault

    1014-116 Vault of Bones

    1014-117 The Great Bird Man

    1014-118 Simon and Marcy (OH MY GLOB :O )

    1014-119 Puhoy

    1014-120 A Glitch Is a Glitch

    1014-121 One Last Job

    1014-122 Princess Potluck

    1014-123 BMO Lost

    1014-124 James Baxter the Horse

    1014-129 Shhh

    1014-130 The Suitor

    1014-131 The Party’s Over, Isla de Senora

    1014-132 Another Five Short Graybles (More Graybles? interesting...)

    1014-133 LSP Gets Robbed (More LSP the better tbh)

    1014-134 Only Wizards Allowed

    And if you’re wondering where episodes 125-128 went, they were reportedly part of an epic hour-long episode that is still being worked on and still pending.
    Adventure Time, the most notable work from creator Pendleton Ward, is unlike anything else on TV; it has the ability to be both plainly stupid and whip smart at the same time, making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages. If you’re not familiar with the show, which now airs on Cartoon Network, the best place to start is with the utterly crazy pilot from a few years back, which went viral on YouTube.

    Adventure Time has been a huge success, but Ward is beginning to branch out. His newest project is Bravest Warriors, a web series that could do for the sci-fi genre what Adventure Time did for fantasy. The first episode of the series has been released on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.

    Bravest Warriors, which revolves around the adventures of a young team of heroes in outer space, works on a basic level as a saccharine cartoon adventure through the cosmos. However, there is a lot of brilliant comedy hiding underneath, perhaps to an even deeper level than Adventure Time. The inexperience and ultimate failure of the team (the warriors simply abandon their mission to avoid risking death) works as a brilliant satire of nepotism (the Bravest Warriors’ parents were much more distinguished heroes.) I’ll stop before I sound too elitist and hipster-y, but suffice it to say, the series is enjoyable on multiple levels.

    Though Ward is billed as the creator of Bravest Warriors and brings his signature animation style to it, the writer and director is Breehn Burns, who wrote the Mondo-distributed Dr. Tran series. “Breehn is really passionate about making sure all the scifi elements are there, that everybody loves.” said Ward in an interview with io9. “They’re going to make it super funny. If you know Dr. Tran, it’ll have that really fast-paced super-bizarre vocabulary that Breehn uses.”

    Cartoon Hangover bills itself as “the home for cartoons that are too weird, wild, and crazy for television. ” With that in mind , expect Bravest Warriors to push the envelope in a way that Adventure Time cannot. This series is going to be totally mathematical.

    Already loving Bravest Warriors, ngl, and I'm so excited about the next season I need to know how this three parter is going to end!


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    9:02PM EST November 8. 2012 - "The results are in!" said Mario Lopez.

    Co-host Khloe Kardashian Odom was right by his side for Thursday's first X Factor elimination show. "Please don't let me cry tonight when we send someone home!" she tweeted just before going on the air.

    But before we got to any results, the squealing started early and quickly as the crowd went crazy, crazy, crazy for teen heartthrob band One Direction —- who were contestants on the X Factor U.K. when Simon Cowell signed them and launched them to stardom. The guys took the stage to sing Live While We're Young as red and white balls bounced around them.

    "Awesome performance," said Mario.

    "How hot is One Direction!?" yelled Khloe to the crowd.

    Then we got to see a new Pepsi ad featuring One Direction and NFL star Drew Brees. Product placement synergy!

    And then came the first results. The acts all made their way on stage with their celeb mentors. Xix of the Top 12 were revealed:

    Arin Ray, 17
    Paige Thomas, 22
    Diamond White, 13
    Vino Alan, 40
    Jennel Garcia, 18
    Emblem3, the group of three guys from Huntington Beach, Calif.

    One Direction came back to send fans swooning with soft song, Little Things. And we saw the Pepsi ad again.

    And then more results. Going through:

    Carly Rose Sonenclar, 13
    Tate Stevens, 37
    Beatrice Miller, 13
    Lyric 145
    Fifth Harmony

    All of Britney's acts and all of Simon's acts made it through to the Top 12. It came down to the bottom two - Demi Lovato-mentored Cece Grey, 21; and L.A. Reid-mentored Jason Brock — just as we figured!

    Cece opted for Cher's You Haven't Seen the Last of Me, with the hope of making it come true.

    Jason poured his heart into Total Eclipse of the Heart (and for once, the crowd got silent and listened)!

    Demi, of course, voted to send Jason home, while L.A. Reid voted to send Cece home. Britney, without hesitation, voted to send home Cece. And Simon voted for Jason. So it came down to America!

    And America sent Jason Brock home. Part of what he said seemed to have been bleeped, or his mic wasn't working. He said, "I want to say I did it for the gays and Japan." He hugged L.A., who said, "I'm still proud of him. Every time he sang, he sang from the heart. He is very entertaining and I really loved working with you."

    And then to spice things up, the show unveiled a leaderboard— a first for a singing competition show, noted Mario — based on the public vote. Here's how the acts stacked up:

    1. Tate Stevens "Obviously people in America don't get out a lot," said Tate, laughing.

    2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
    3. Vino Alan
    4. Diamond White
    5. Fifth Harmony
    6. Emblem3
    7. Jennel Garcia
    8. Paige Thomas
    9. Lyric 145
    10. Beatrice Miller
    11. Arin Ray
    12. Cece Frey



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    Kristen Stewart and her co-star Garrett Hedlund attend a screening of their film On the Road on Thursday (November 8) at the Dolby 88 Screening Room in New York City.

    The 22-year-old actress was also joined by the film’s director Walter Salles and IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring.

    On the Road, which also stars Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, and Elisabeth Moss, will hit theaters in limited release on December 21.


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  • 11/08/12--19:02: Vampire Diaries 4x06 Promo
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  • 11/08/12--19:18: Glee: Glease promo

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