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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    He laid flowers and took pictures of his tomb. Medellín's mayor Federico Gutiérrez said Wiz should pay homage to Pablo Escobar's victims instead.

    source: billboard / wiz's instagram
    when will people stop romanticizing this mass murderer?

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    Camila's artist page on the Capital FM website was recently updated to include this song, and it's also listed in their Coming Soon section.


    ONTD, are you ready for this mess?

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    Livia Soprano, The Sopranos

    About: Livia Pollio Soprano was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Faustino "Augie" and Teresa Pollio, Italian immigrants from Avellino. Livia's childhood was poverty-stricken and miserable, and she spent her adult life punishing everyone for it. Marriage to the tough and charismatic Johnny Soprano was Livia's ticket out of her parents' house. Married life, however, was not happily ever after; Livia wasn't particularly interested in housework, and thought that children, including her own, were " different from dogs."

    Cagey, manipulative, and utterly self-absorbed, Livia Soprano seemingly derives little pleasure from life other than making the people around her miserable, especially her three children: Janice, Tony, and Barbara.

    baby jane

    Baby Jane Hudson, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

    About: In the 1920's, 6-year-old Baby Jane Hudson becomes an enormously successful child star in vaudeville while her older sister, Blanche, is forced to remain quietly in the background. As the two reach maturity, however, Jane loses both her appeal and her talent, and Blanche develops into a beautiful and renowned film actress. Then, at the height of her career, Blanche is crippled in an automobile accident for which the alcoholic Jane is held responsible. As the years pass, the two sisters become virtual recluses in an old mansion, where the slatternly and guilt-ridden Jane cares for the helpless Blanche. When she learns Blanche is planning to sell the house and perhaps place her in a home, Jane plots a diabolical revenge. She serves her sister trays of dead rats and parakeets, tears out her phone, and keeps her a prisoner in her bedroom.

    Margaret White

    Margaret White, Carrie (1976)

    About: Margaret White is a fictional character created by Stephen King in his first published novel, Carrie, where she is the main antagonist. She is the domineering, abusive, insane and fanatically religious mother of Carrie White, and thinks almost everything, especially related to the female body and sex, is sinful.

    Nurse Ratched

    Nurse Ratched, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

    About: Nurse Ratched is a cold, dictatorial nurse who controls a psych ward with an iron fist. From elevator music played loudly throughout the day to rigging group votes, Ratched finds ways to excacerbate the numbness the patients experience in the minds. All the patients follow who rules placidly until R.P. McMurphy joins the ward. Ratched catches on to his game and figures out ways to make his life more difficult.

    Alexis Colby

    Alexis Colby, Dynasty

    About: Former socialite turned businesswoman, married to Blake, Cecil Colby, Dex Dexter and Sean Rowan. She famously holds a torch for Blake, though she later falls deeply in love with Dex. Her children with Blake are Adam, Fallon, Steven and Amanda. Alexis is romantically attached to a number of men, including Carrington architect and estate manager Roger Grimes, tennis pro Mark Jennings, oilman Rashid Ahmed, King Galen of Moldavia and shipping tycoon Zach Powers.


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    christinaelmoussa: Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog 🐶

    Christina has been posting pics of the newest (and cutest lbr) member of her family, Cash the french bulldog. However some Internet Police are scandalized by a mom wearing a bikini in front of her daughter, leaving comments like "No modesty at all. This is what you're teaching your daughter?" I guess she didn't know she's only suppose to wear ankle length muumuus after having kids. Oh well, how about more puppy pics?!

    christinaelmoussa: Our first slumber party!! ... 6 kids, a dog and 2 moms. So fun, crazy, but so fun ... @caraclarknutrition ... love you always ❤️🙌🏼 *sorry just realized kids in swimwear again.. it's cali people it's what we do*

    She also got heat for posting this pic, girls aren't suppose to wear swimsuits either I guess.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    pls post your cute pets thank you

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    Sorkin got into trouble by asking if there were problems with diversity in Hollywood at the Writer's Guild festival.

    He issued this clarifying statement:

    Of course I am aware of the diversity problem in Hollywood. I was the one who brought the subject up Saturday morning and kept coming back to the subject. Is is because studio heads aren’t greenlighting the movies? Is it because studio executives aren’t bringing the projects to studio heads? Is that because agents are bringing the projects to studio executives? Is because agents aren’t getting the material? I was asking questions to a group of people who understand this problem firsthand.

    The fact that there’s a diversity problem isn’t news to me. One of the questions I asked was, ‘What can I do? If you had a remote control over me, what would you have me do on Monday?’ I walked away from the session with more questions than answers but I absolutely know more when I left than I did when I walked in.


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  • 03/27/17--20:00: Supergirl 2x18 Promo

  • Source

    It looks like we have a month long hiatus. No new episodes until April 24th.

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    Norman and Mother are brought together as trouble looms large; Romero convalesces with the aid of an old friend; Dylan returns home.


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    Budget ZefronPower Rangers star Dacre Montgomery will appear in the upcoming second season of Netflix's Stranger Things. The Red Ranger will don prosthetics and tattoos to play bad boy 'Billy.'

    For the role, Montgomery sent in an audition tape in just a leather jacket and a g-string, doing his best Magic Mike impression with his closest bros. Needless to say he got the role.

    Stranger Things returns this Halloween.

    Sources: @BrianPorreca (Staff Reporter @THR)

    Any relation to

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    Particularly just the shipping names related to the pairing of Betty and Jughead aka Bughead and Bethead (lord, pick better names). They filed trademarks on both names, and they're pending at the moment.

    In order to keep the trademark, they'll have to use it in canon so expect Cheryl to drop another set of hashtags on the show. Or merchandise. Or even more noteworthy, the comics but in that case it would probably be the main Archie comics line rather than the Jughead line which is the only iteration where Jughead is asexual.

    It seems doubtful at this time that they'd trademark any of the shipping names for f/f or m/m pairings. It also remains to be seen if they'd C&D fans or fanfic writers like how fanfiction for Archie comics wasn't allowed on FFN (and still isn't though there is a section for Riverdale) or how the current showrunner of Riverdale once had his college amateur play shut down by the old Archie Comics guard for portraying Archie as being gay (the play also featured time traveling Archie who interacted with celebrity kidnappers and working for Pixar).

    what would you trademark for shits and giggles if you could?

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    Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.


    Nostalgia post ?

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    While she was promoting her latest film The Zookeeper's Wife :

    “I’m interested in all things where the characters are strong and dynamic, and not stereotypes or objects. I like female characters that are subjects, not objects. And so, if Poison Ivy happens to be that, sure. Throw my hat in the ring.”


    casting suggestion ?

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    • 'Vision Of Love' SCIENTIFICALLY has physiological and biochemical effects on depressed female adolescents

    • 18 #1 singles, she wrote all the tracks besides the one that was a cover (I'll Be There)

    • Longest running #1 single (One Sweet Day) at 16 weeks

    • Second longest running #1 single (We Belong Together) at 14 weeks

    • $500+ million net worth henny

    • Kickstarted Pop/Hiphop collabs with the 'Fantasy' remix that featured ODB, your favs have been using it ever since

    • Dealt with Nick Cannon's shit for a few years

    • Dealth with Tommy for almost a decade

    • Has a career spanning almost 3 decades!!!

    • Biggest comeback of all time

    • Has a season when her now 23 year old song (All I Want For Christmas Is You) charts everytime

    • Had at least one #1 single every year for 10 years straight

    • Mother of Morroccan and Monroe aka Roc and Roe/MC and MC

    • Has left an enormous legacy which has influenced an entire generation of singers

    Although Mariah Carey (born Mariah Nunez) may have more successful that your favs can handle, she is more remembered by her diva antics than her long successful career. Everything from her sassy behaviour, her selective ability to not be able to read and her inability to know certain people.


    ONTD, what do you love about Mariah Carey?

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    While promoting her new memoir "In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black And White World," Rachel Dolezal came out as bisexual.

    In the interview, Rachel states that she identifies as a pan-African, pro-Black, bisexual, mother, activist, artist, and since labeling all of that is too long, she prefers to use the term trans-Black since it is quicker.

    During the interview, she says that the focus of her book isn't her sexual orientation, stating that she is fluid in her sexuality.

    Rachel says that she has dated both men and women who are Black and white, as well as Native, and that love is love.

    Source: Twitter

    Are you fluid in your sexuality?

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    Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) will direct all 10 episodes, co-writing with Brubaker (Westworld), who will exec produce.

    Teller will play the lead role of Martin, a police officer entangled in the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles.

    Die Young tells of a grieving police officer who, along with the man who shot his partner, finds himself in an underworld filled with working-class hit men, Yakuza soldiers, cartel assassins sent from Mexico, Russian mafia captains and gangs of teen killers.

    the series will follow "killers’ existential journeys in becoming samurai."


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    • He had nothing to do with Weinstein buying the film and told the investors that sold it to him that it was a bad idea.

    • The ending for The Immigrant was widely praised and considered one of the best endings of all time.

    With The Immigrant I had final cut. So he knew he couldn’t make me change it. But he applied all the pressure he could, including shelving the film. So at that point the calculus becomes this:
    a) Do I change the film, and in my mind destroy it? His cut was 88 minutes, had a Sound of Music-style ending with a soaring camera shot, with Marion [Cotillard] and her sister walking over a mountain in LA, narration saying “I made it, I made it,” soaring music, and all that. The audience doesn’t know that that’s not your idea. You get the blame because you’re the director and the writer of it. So I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to take the blame for that.’ What would happen is that that film would get bad response critically anyway, so then it would get the bad response, the film would bomb, and it’s not my cut.
    b) Or, it’s my cut and the film never gets released. And maybe if I continue my career it becomes the legendary movie that I made that nobody could ever see.
    So I felt that option b) was way better than option a). And he felt that this was just a totally terrible, obstinate, egotistical view on my part, because he felt his view was more quote ‘commercial’. I think I’m right.
    I think actually I’ve been sort of borne out. Because when the film came out in the United States, Marion virtually won every critical prize without any support at all. Harvey could have easily gotten her an Oscar nomination, maybe even won her an Oscar, if he’d put his machine behind her.
    But, you know, part of the absurdity of Ayn Rand is this conception that people always act out of self-interest. When in fact we act very frequently out of self-destruction. A lot of times we do very self-destructive things. And Harvey burying the movie was a very self-destructive act, which was basically an extension of the rejection of him. It violated his narcissistic principles. When you don’t do exactly what he wants, it doesn’t matter that it’s in his self-interest to protect the film – he doesn’t see it that way.


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    In a recent interview, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong talked about Donald Trump.

    When asked if he was scared for his children's future, he said that he looks at his kids as the "Harry Potter Generation."

    He explained that in Harry Potter, the story's ultimate narrative arc is about overcoming an evil villain, and Harry Potter is a good role model because he defeats evil while still being a complicated human being, and this gives him a lot of hope.

    Source: Twitter

    Is Donald Trump Voldemort?

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    The good: My race-bending queen
    The bad and the ugly: Casey Affleck.
    Already mapping out my mental gymnastics to justify watching the movie.

    Source 1 |Source 2

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